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List of Approved PvE Mods and Macros

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List of Approved Mods and Macros:

All client modifications on this list are allowed on PvE. This list may be updated over time to accommodate changes. Certain features or aspects of mods may not be allowed however, and will be noted below. If you have any questions /concerns about client modifications or certain features and whether or not they’re allowed feel free to contact a PvE Admin:

  • Waypoint/Minimap Mods: Player radar is allowed in all cases. Mob radar is not. Cave mapping is treated as xray and is bannable.

    • Rei’s Minimap

    • Journeymap

    • Zan’s Minimap

  • Schematica:  Print function feature has been disabled via server configs.

  • Optifine

  • WE CUI

  • Watson

  • Purely Cosmetic Mods:

    • Shaders

    • Cape mods

    • Player Model Changing Mods

  • GammaBright

  • InventoryTweaks

  • ArmorStatusHUD

  • StatusEffectHUD

  • Monster Spawn Highlighter

  • Zyin’s HUD

  • bUpload

  • TabbyChat


  • Macro/Keybind Mod: Since it is difficult to come up with a comprehensive list of macros/scripts, these are some general guidelines and examples for what is/isn’t allowed in terms of automation. If you are unsure what constitutes an allowed macro or script, contact a PAdmin.

    • using a macro to perform a single command is allowed

    • using a macro to announce a spleef countdown is allowed

    • using a script to repeatedly punch (at a humanly possible rate) at a grinder would be allowed

    • using a script to punch and move forward would be allowed

    • using a script to punch and move around (eg. at the End grinder moving up and down the row of Endermen) would not be allowed

    • using a script to move the player and replant a field with crops would not be allowed

    • movement other than that in a straight line with a script would not be allowed

    • autocrafting is not allowed

    • anything that does more than invtweaks/mojang shift-double-click inventory mechanics is not allowed
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