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[03/07/15] Saturday Chaos Arena Announcement(Gear Provided!)


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Saturday night at 9:00PM EST the Sarena team will be hosting an Arena on the Survival Server. Gear will be provided to players in most brackets and we will also be hosting a BYOG(bring your own gear) bracket. At 9:00 PM EST you will be able to warp to the arena with a command, and at about 9:05-9:15(depending on player turnout) we will begin the first round. This is an official arena, and the winners of each bracket will be rewarded with a special prize :D.


The Current Fights are Planned as Followed:

  • Itemless FFA
  • 1v1 Kitted Tournament
  • 1v1 BYOG Tournament
  • 2v2 Kitted Tournament
  • 4v4 Kitted Tournament(time and player amount willing)
  • Kitted FFA
How the Fight Schedule Will Work:

Sign ups this week will be completely at-will. Before each match in a bracket, players will be given a special word to type and then contestants will be chosen completely at random. Once the initial rounds of a bracket have been completed the bracket will move in to semi-finals and the followed by finals where the winners can duke it out until only one contestant(or team) remain.



The Sarena team looks forward to hosting yet another arena and we really hope you'll join us this Saturday(3/07/15) at 9:00 PM EST. If you have any questions please feel free to PM here, on reddit under the username iamdarb, or in-game. You can also contact Avadakedavra03, or Veltoss for more information.



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