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Virgin Maze Arena!


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Start mining and grinding for the first maze arena of the revision!  Beginning at 7p CDT this Saturday, April 11th on Survival (calculate your time here), be ready to kill your friends in a Portal inspired fight to the death!  Everyone is welcomed to attend!  Don't want to join the blood bath?  You can still cheer in the stands!


The matches will be as follows (if unspecified, it will be a kitted match):




4vMinotaur (Gear supplied)

1v1v1v1 (Bring your own gear)

8vMinotaur (Gear supplied)

4v4  (if enough attendees)

1v1v1v1 (Bring your own gear)



1v1v1v1 (Police hats and time switched to night)

FFA (kitted)



A reminder of the rules:


Kitted Match: Fight to the death where the gear is given.  Last participant standing wins the prize!

Minotaur Match:  Team match of four participants against an admin in special gear.  The goal is to use team work to defeat the Minotaur.  Killing your teammates will result in you being removed from the match.  If the team of participants kills the admin, all participating players will be given the prize.

Bring Your Own Gear (BYOG) Match:  Bring your own gear.  Any gear is allowed.  Fight to the death match with the last standing person in the arena being the winner.

Police Hats:  Kitted match including a police hat.  Fight to the death.  Must keep the police hat on the entire duration of the match or you will be disqualified.

FFA:  No gear or items, fight to the death.  Last person standing wins.


Interfering with any of the arena matches will result in a warning kick.  If you persist in being ornery after being kicked you will be moved to time out.  All other general server rules apply.



Curious as to what the prizes are?  They vary but include your standard diamonds, a mob egg of some sort (in some cases you get to choose!), ghast tears and more!  Win certain matches and you might receive some jungle tree saplings!



Questions or comments?  Reply here or shoot me a PM!

Can't wait to see you all there!!  :D

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