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End of Rev Mini-Golf Competition


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Who: You.
What: Mini-golf Competition.
When: This Friday immediately after tiC and ice's Firework show.
Where: Piraeus Mini-golf Course.
Why: For fun.

Rules: Lowest score wins. You throw the snowball towards the hole by pressing "q". Once the snowball stops moving you pick it up and throw again. If the snowball does not land in water you take a penalty and have to try again. For more rules, see the rule board at the Piraeus Minigolf Course. We will be playing from the gentlemen's tee

Anyone wishing to compete in the mini-golf, please let me know.

Right after we finish watching the firework show we will head to Piraeus to start the games.

Also if anyone wants to help judge that would be great.
Last time we did this we had three groups of five, with a judge in each group.

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