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Introducing Instagram for nerd.nu

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As part of the Community Meeting earlier this year, it was suggested that we put together some form of 'social media' team - in an effort to both round out our community as well as extend our reach into types of media exposure we'd either lacked in, or had yet to really explore.


We have a lot of projects that are being worked on to try and meet both of these goals. Our twitter page is now being actively managed, both the subreddit and wiki have been given a bit of extra love (which we hope to continue!), and we're looking at new ways to bring the whole nerd.nu community together in a more uniform fashion so that we can present our best selves to the world.


So this brings me on to Instagram in particular. It's a very niche market for companies to tap into, and especially more so for a Minecraft server. Instagram isn't the first thing you reach out to when you think of Minecraft, but we're looking at it in the same vein as posting to the likes of the main /r/minecraft subreddit. We're sharing the amazing constructions you guys make, and we're hoping folks will click through to check us out! The bonus of Instagram is that we're not banned from advertising our server address directly, so there's no extra barrier holding people back from connecting. It's low effort, and at the end of the day, it's nice to be able to see your project showcased or check out some builds you might not have seen before!


You can find our Instagram page here - there's not much there just now, but we're going to build on it and we're definitely looking for player submissions! If you have a great picture that you want us to share, feel free to leave a comment here or get in touch with me via any nerd.nu services and we can get it added. We may deny pictures on a case by case basis but really it should only be if it presents something that is not in line with server rules/paints the server in a bad light (e.g. promotes griefing) or is too spammy. As iconic as - say - an Instagram full of 'molons' and Ooer faces would be, we would like to be fair in dedicating time to promoting all parts of the server and its culture.

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