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promaxxe [Hollifer] - Banned for supposed griefing


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Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to get unbanned, I was banned for "completely removing another player's build to claim an area." I made a claim for an area in the jungle to the East of Spawn City, and apparently there was another player's build inside that area. I was looking around the area, making borders on the ground assuming I could have access to the area. I reached a treehouse in a tower, and assumed that I should start undoing my claim, but I left my laptop alone for a half hour to take a shower, and the only thing I can assume is that (presumably) my brother came to my computer and destroyed the build in the screen, assuming it was mine. When I came back, I immediately had to log off as I had to leave the house, not assuming anything was wrong. I apologize for my carelessness and I promise, if I am to become unbanned, I will make sure there are no other builds in the area if I make a claim. I am very sorry, and hopefully I will see you all soon. 

 - promaxxe

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Hello Promaxxe.

Thank you for appealing, i'll try to explain why I made this ban the best I can.

So let's lay out the events.

At approx 2/13 - 6:30 server time , LogBlock shows you making destructive edits to the treehouse, starting from the bottom up. Then shortly after a border built up in the sky with a modreq. The modreq way delayed from being taken because of the size, so it needed Cadmin approval, and that's where I come in.

Right away I noticed things were wrong.

I started by initially declining the request because of minimum distance protection rules, and then used WE to just help move over the borders when I saw you login, I figured it would save you the trouble, and I went ahead and protected the region. Since it was a large region, my LogBlock request was a taking a while to check for edits, and that's when it dawned on me there was a treehouse before, and it was suddenly gone. After making smaller LB queues and rolling back your edits, Surprise, there was a whole treehouse sitting there smack in the middle of the region.

After confronting you, you claimed you had no idea anything was there, and perhaps your brother had removed something while you stepped away. Here's all the things that discredit this claim:

  • You state in your appeal that you knew of a treehouse, yet requested protection anyways.
  • You showed no concern for said treehouse magically disappearing without your knowledge.
  • Evidence shows your story is not linear about seeing the treehouse after building up borders. Borders were created after the treehouse's removal.
  • LogBlock shows that it was extremely unlikely that your brother had destroyed the treehouse in the time frame before you started building your borders (they were started almost instantly after edits to the treehouse).
  • The coincidence of your brother deciding to grief something that would benefit your ability to claim a large area.

Here are some screenshots that show your edits:




In the end, this is your account, and making sure that others do not have access to your personal computers is not our responsibility, it is yours. I advise that you start password protecting your computer or logging out of minecraft when you are not active.

I'd like to see a reply from you, addressing the inconsistencies that I mentioned above, then we will discuss an unban date.

Perhaps these links will also be of use to you: http://www.redditpublic.com/wiki/Rules




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I understand a mistake was made. I have decided to take full responsibility of my mistakes and I cannot blame my mistakes on others. I stand by my story, that I have no present idea of what happened, and I will take responsibility for leaving my computer unattended. I apologize for the mistakes I have made, and I fully understand if I am not unbanned. Thank you for taking the time to respond thoughtfully and I will be careful not to have this happen again. 

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