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Revision 20: Blog Post III

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Welcome to the third blog post of revision 20! We are now over 90 days into the revision with much more still to come! Once again, we'll be reviewing P related news, enjoying some interesting stats and highlighting areas of our community.


Iron Golem Spawner Costs Reducing

For the final time this revision, the iron golem costs for obtaining and upgrading have been lowered. For all the details, you can read the post here to view the new costs.

We Updated to 1.12!

A big thank you to Dumbo52 for getting us updated to the latest version. Dumbo poured in countless hours with updates and even had to put up with me for a few hours one morning during testing!

If you've been living in a world without colour then you can view the 1.12 update notes here.

Changelog Reminder

We've moved our changelog from the buried location of the pve suggestion forum and moved it up into Community News on the forums to be easier to find. We aim to keep this up to date, listing the changes big and small that come to P.

Here is a direct link to our latest changelog update.


Adventurer's Guild: NITWITS

Thirteen days ago, the NITWITS adventure opened up at spawn for you to participate in! You can find the adventurer's guild at spawn by running /place AdventurersGuild. Take the left-hand doorway into the guild and turn left into the room for the NITWITS clues.

Finding five clues will allow you to modreq for and claim a parrot egg! There are currently a total of 8 clues to find with more being added every other day through at least the month of July.

Cujo is looking to add further prizes at other clue milestones! Keep an eye out for future notice on these.

Read the original post here.

Spawn Apartment Contest

At spawn, we have a number of apartments open for claiming and decorating! To encourage some extra sprucing up here, you can claim an apartment and decorate the interiors to be automatically submitted into our contest. All participants will receive a parrot egg! The winner of the contest may even find their apartment travel across the boundaries of time and space...

The event runs from July 8th through to August 5th. We're nearly halfway through already!

Read the original post here.

Admin Hunts

Our admin hunts are going to change. While we're not yet at a point to reveal details, we are happy to share this image. This may give you a familiar taste of where we're going for our next admin hunt.

Next weekend, we're looking to get our admins testing out the event in private to try to iron out any issues. Following the results of this, we will look to release a post detailing all of the changes as well as a scheduled time for our first admin hunt of the revision!


If you're free on Saturday, 5pm central then head over to Hermit's Rest at -1000, 1730 via the Southern Continental Route or from the handy rails at Laketown!

The original announcement has come from Herr_Fawkes! Let Hermit's Rest know of your interest by responding here.

Trivia Run

Just 12 questions lie before you. However, should you get one wrong then you'll be dipped into lava! Not your ordinary trivia. Go check out tict0c's Trivia Run East of spawn at 100, 280.

The latest post for the trivia is available here.

Future Events

We've had some very troubling news on the horizon. It seems that in the near future, our revision will be passing through a meteor shower. This may have a catastrophic impact for us but if we're lucky, we may be able to safely mine these meteorites for valuable resources.

Keep an eye out for news of this meteor shower event which will lead directly into a new scavenger hunt.


This facts section is brought to you once more from Pez's assistance in providing the raw data but Didy has converted a selection of stats into a fancy infographic!



It's been a rather busy month from all the happenings on P! We're going to take a look into what individuals and groups have been up to before we move onto our focus piece for this blog.

There have been quite a number of events happening this month! We've seen the creeper grinder be developed from our creeper hunters event.

Following an unfortunate incident, a Fellowship of the Wing formed to aid Azumarill in the restoration of her equipment through a spot of dragon slaying. Their efforts were successful!

We've seen impromptu fireworks for July 4th take place and a horse racing tournament prepare for participants There was even a tease of future events to come.

A number of people headed down to relax at Lazuli Shores for the game night by participating in a number of different events. Take a look through the highlights of the night here!

Progress images are always a pleasure to see. We've had two updates from Hermit's Rest, the first you can see here and the update is accessible here. Haven has also provided progress images here. Sometimes though it's nice to see an entire town get together for a meal. Wrapping up, we have the part 2 of the Revision 20 album here.

The grand horse expedition hosted not one but two expeditions across the land. Take a look and see what they saw during both of their journeys. There has been some individual exploration on horses continued too as you can see here.

There have been some posts which serve to highlight community resources or ideas. Firstly there is the Horsebreedery - the name is on the tin! SamboBaggins has mapped out a path to the end for any lost travelers. An optimistic idea for a cheap, automated rail system was put forward here. Finally, Silversunset is seeking for you to share details of settlements and more from past revisions to add to a nostalgic version of the deadmap.

In the world of the odd, we can confirm that they were here. Surely this can't be related to the clones which have been evolving?  DJ Pez has been relaxing from his latest contribution to the music scene, titled "Villagers got groove" by Inder321

At long last, we have birbs! Which leads us neatly onto...


We asked the creators of Orion a number of questions regarding their experiences on P, particularly with their town this revision. All images are provided by Didy!

How did you choose your style for this revision?

CARnivore_nds: Most all our builds are modeled after horror movies this revision
OleToothless: At first we toyed around with the idea of building our town in a skull and bones filled network of catacombs, which slowly morphed into building things from our favorite horror movies.
Riveri: We enjoyed building for our Art-Deco theme last rev and decided to do another themed town this revision. After some brainstorming we came up with a horror theme, the main building being the Overlook hotel and hedge maze from The Shining. We decided all of the builds in town would be from different horror movies, books, or landmarks.

Which materials do you love to build with for Orion?

CARnivore_nds: The Overlook is mostly bone, but we use whatever's needed.
OleToothless: Brick and bone blocks. Just kidding. When we realized that our central build was going to require about 10,000 bone blocks, we had a little panic until we were lucky enough to find a double skeleton spawner.
Riveri: We have a love-hate relationship with quartz. Also bone block now.

How did you choose your current location to settle down in?

CARnivore_nds: we missed the portal...by that much! we actually were seeking particular ground for the builds to help set a scene
OleToothless: We knew we wanted an area near a portal with nice, gently sloping hills so we could have builds at varying elevations. The custom trees in our area were also a big plus!
Riveri: Initially we were trying to find a swamp biome (and snag a nether portal if possible). We were fortunate enough to find a a great flat section of swamp close to the Hermes nether portal.

Who has contributed to Orion and which contributions has each person made?

CARnivore_nds: all townsfolk have made major contributions
OleToothless: Us three mayors (OleToothless, Carnivore_nds, Riveri) have built most of Orion, but ConmanGryphon has his impressive Hollywood Tower, and BrianHerman has his giant (derpy) shark from Jaws in the lake. Other players like Just_Chaos, Im_a_Ninja_13, Defiex, Termanator553, and a couple of others have helped us with materials and ideas.
Riveri: Riveri - The Overlook Hotel, Hedge Maze, the Stable, Villager Trading area OleToothless - The Asylum, Hedge Maze, the Plaza, the sewer system CARnivore_NDS - The Bates Motel and House, Mausoleum and Cemetery (leads to villager trading), the Water Tower, farms underneath The Overlook, the sewer system, Skellington Fuels and Grinder ConmanGryphon - The Hollywood Tower brianherman - Jaws

Where do you draw inspiration for your builds from?

CARnivore_nds: Horror movies this revision. the Overlook hotel is from the Shining, there is the Hollywood hotel, the bates motel, and Norman's Mother's House, a mausolem ( that serves as the entrance to our village trading area) the Asylum from seven, the Standpipe from IT, and south of town a bit, an abondoned gas station from the Stand that acts as an entrance tto our Skelleton Grinder. we also have "jaws" in the bay east of us!
OleToothless: I like big, epic builds. I had a sculpting teach in high school tell me, "If you can't make it good, make it red. If you can't make it red, make it big." So, my insane asylum this revision is both big and red (and hopefully good!). Also, building things for your town-mates to use and enjoy can be fun and rewarding.
Riveri: For this revision we are drawing inspiration from horror movies, books, and landmarks.

How long has it taken to put together these builds?

CARnivore_nds: we found the skeleton grinder very early, this helped get us rolling on the Hotel, our "town building" if you will.
OleToothless: I don't know if I'd call them put together quite yet! The Overlook Hotel (white building) and the associated hedge maze went up pretty quickly once we got our skeleton grinder set up. I think we "finished" it within the first month of the revision, although there is still minor interior work to be done. Carnivore_nds has been rather prolific this revision and it seems like he's built something new every week. My Asylum has taken longer than expected, having laid down the foundation the first week of the revision and the last block of the roof a few days ago. It's empty inside though (for now.... come back in a month!). In addition to the builds you can "see", we have a continuously expanding tunnel system that runs to every build in town (seriously, every build) as well as a functioning sewers and water mains.
Riveri: Essentially all rev so far, with the bigger builds still being worked on in between smaller builds.

Which has been the greatest challenge in building so far?

CARnivore_nds: we decided to connect all builds with sewers and underground passages.
OleToothless: Organizing our chest room. We never get it just quite right!
Riveri: With the larger builds, we've had the ever-obvious challenges like getting the materials to build and finding the motivation to finish. We are a smaller town so each build is usually only done by one person which takes longer to finish. Although we do help each other out when we can!

Would you care to share any of your plans going forward, further into revision 20?

CARnivore_nds: more horror based builds! detailing the current builds, the asylum needs floors!
OleToothless: No plans yet, but we'll be around!
Riveri: We would like to finish the main builds in town completely (populating hotel rooms, creating a maze/puzzle for the Asylum, etc.). Riveri would like to make the Queen Mary eventually. Other than that, we'll be creating more builds based on our theme


Do you have any tips for interior decorating?

CARnivore_nds: weird. we used lava as blood on the fourth floor elevator. some of the lighting in the sewers is a glowstone with a cobble fence directly in front of it, looks interesting in that setting
OleToothless: How you are going to light up a build should be part of your plan, not something done after-the-fact.
Riveri: Go steal Rose's ideas

Which resource packs are best to view Orion with?

CARnivore_nds: I use Vanilla, I'm a purist.
OleToothless: Vanilla, baby!
Riveri: Vanilla

Which were your most memorable work-place related deaths on site?

CARnivore_nds: when we found the skeleton "fortress", we opened a lava flow on one of our residents... while surrounded by skeletons !!
OleToothless: Watching a creep drop down on Carnivore_nds while he was helping me with the roof of the Asylum. That's why you should play with in-game sound, kids.
Riveri: All of town. You're not an official member of Orion until you've died here.

Are there any hidden secrets in Orion (blink twice if yes)?

CARnivore_nds: for sure ! the Town is not necessarily safe from mobs... by design
OleToothless: :-) ;-) :-) ;-) :-)
Riveri: The sewer system is a great secret, try to find an entrance and have fun exploring! Also, good luck finding our chest room from the front of the Overlook.

Would you all plan to build together for next revision too?

CARnivore_nds: yep, this is our fourth revision together i believe
OleToothless: Yep, for sure!
Riveri: Absolutely!

Would you like to mention anything further regarding Orion?

CARnivore_nds: this is the first rev that we have chosen a theme, tell US what you think !
OleToothless: Orion's original name was "Two Lips" because we are goofballs and our first town was built around a tulip flower-generating machine.
Riveri: If anyone has a great idea for a horror build and wants to come build (must have motivation to finish though), you're welcome to do so! Just contact Riveri, OleToothless, or CARnivore_NDS if interested. :)



Orion is available to explore at /place Orion, just East of the Hermes (South) portal.

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