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Zombie Apocalypse 2.0


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Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse 2.0!

This Halloween event is taking place on the Event server at e.nerd.nu, and will last from its launch tonight until November 1st. Quite a few people asked for more time in the Zombie Apocalypse gamemode and here it is! Though unlike the fundraiser, all other nerd servers will remain up during this event.

This version of the apocalypse takes place in the Spawn City of Creative Rev 26. There are lots of great builds to explore and some interesting secrets to find. The map also has natural ore and cave generation so you can mine if you feel like it, though the zombies will definitely follow you down.

We are largely using the balancing from the end of the fundraiser event, though the gun drop rates have been raised slightly. Check the Apocalypse section of the fundraiser wiki page and this balance update post for more info. Drop rates may be changed as the event goes on.

Wither skulls have been hidden around the map. Combine them with soul sand drops from zombies to fight a wither and make a beacon for your base! Some other goodies have been hidden around and more will occasionally be added.

VillagerRescue is back! Find villagers around the map and return them to the inner courtyard in spawn to get prizes.

Spawn is the only thing that is protected, all the other premade buildings are fair game to harvest for materials or turn into a base. We will not be doing protections, though LWC is enabled to keep your stuff safe.

SafeBuckets is disabled! Which means you can place flowing lava and water.

If you think something is broken please make a /modreq and we will look into it.

Finally, a big thanks to Dumbo52 for updating and fixing plugins and getting things running.

Have fun!

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