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Admin Hunt: Choose the next location

Future Admin Hunt Locations - Choices are shown from the images in the post below.  

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  1. 1. Which is your top choice?

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We've taken the time to find 6 locations that we feel should work well for an admin hunt. There are two locations from revisions 14, 15 and 16 to choose from and we'd like your help deciding on where we go next! This poll is likely to be the first in a series of such polls, so if you have suggestions from past revisions that did not make this poll, we'd love to hear from them below too for future consideration.

Note that we will be using a limited area from each of these locations and will be adapting them for the event itself (though we will strive to maintain the original area as much as we can).

This poll will run for two weeks, where we will then move forward with preparation for the next admin hunt. It may take some time between the poll closing and the first admin hunt of the revision.

Following are each of the six locations we've picked out, with images and cartographs included to see them:

Option 1 - Catsenberg - Revision 14


Option 2 - Yowie - Revision 14


Option 3 - Ambrosia - Revision 15


Option 4 - Argoth - Revision 15


Option 5 - Brom - Revision 16


Option 6 - Port Aperture - Revision 16


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Guest Former Staff

This poll is now closed, thank you for voting. We will look to use Option 1 for our next admin hunt location. We'll ensure to publish updates as we get nearer to hosting the first admin hunt of the revision!

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