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New Moderator Voting: Ruthlesssss



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  1. 1. Ruthlesssss

    • Yes, I support this player becoming a moderator.
    • No, I have concerns and/or feel this player is not yet ready to become a moderator.
    • I don't know this player well enough to make a decision.

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  • Poll closed on 05/23/2018 at 09:01 PM

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Please add your vote for Ruthlesssss - this poll will stay open for two weeks until Thursday 24th May or when 75% of staff have voted (39 people) whichever comes first.

If a staff member votes 'no', it is expected that their accompanying comments have been previously made known either within the feedback thread or directly to head admins. If not, we will get in contact with the staff member to get more detailed reasoning.

If this vote is successful:

  • We will contact the player to ensure they would like to join staff. If they would:
  • We will contact techs to update player permissions in game, and update forum, slack etc. permissions across our services.
  • We will arrange basic training and inform server admins when new moderators are ready for additional server-specific training.
  • We will move this voting post to public mod forums, and inform the playerbase via the Head Admin changelog.

If this vote is unsuccessful, or the player declines, we will inform staff within the post, and move it to the private closed nomination forum.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ruthless has passed the vote and has accepted the staff position. We're working on updating his permissions and setting up training.

Welcome to the team!

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