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The 2019 Nerd.Nu Fundraiser Approaches, Help Us Pick the Date!


Help us pick the date!  

40 members have voted

  1. 1. Which dates are you available for the fundraiser event? (pick all that work)

    • 8/30-9/1 (Labor Day Weekend)
    • 9/6-9/8
    • 9/13-9/15

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Greetings fellow nerds!

It's time for our annual fundraiser! For the newer users out there, this is a weekend-long event where we close down the other servers and hold a big party. (And if you so choose, you can even donate to help with our server costs for the upcoming year.)

In order to make it the best event it can be, we'd like input from you, the community, on when you can make it. The poll above shows the weekends we're considering; please vote for the dates that work for you (you can choose multiple weekends). The poll will close this Monday, August 19th, shortly after 10PM Eastern Time. [EDIT: Due to constant ties, the poll has been extended an extra day]

I know you're all itching for some details, so here's a little taste before the big post: In honor of our community's 10th anniversary, we're going with a Museum theme! Expect to build, fight, and play your way through the spawns of many of our previous maps. More to come Soon™!

The Head Admin team

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extending poll date by one day
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