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Revision 24 Suggestion Box Responses


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17 Aug 

  1.  Make a server announcement when raids are triggered? <Player> triggered a raid at <coords>!

    • At this time we don’t see a benefit of this. If you would like help with a raid you can call for help in genchat, but some players/towns may want to do raids without notifying everyone in game.

  2.  Fix /signtext to check region parents

    • We have passed this onto the techs to look into

  3. gimme a command to "reload" my horse - grab its stats and current health, despawn it, and respawn it

    • Currently the best practice is to relog in to P with /lobby and /pve. We feel a command like this would increase the likelihood of your horse disappearing permanently due to a bug.

  4. this "juicy fruit" item should definitely just trade for a stick of gum

    • We like the way you think

  5. more horse jump xp for doing max height jumps - takes timing, more paying attention/effort

    • We will mention it to totemo, however as we understand it jumping levels are gained from horizontal distances in the air.  

  6. levitation arrows purchaseable at spawn (low gravity! it's space themed)

    • Thanks for the suggestion. We like the idea, and will look to see if it is possible 

  7. unique unbr.X sword that can only break bamboo (pretty sure this is a vanilla feature, limiting mineable blocks) and will absolutely not accept any more enchants (pretty sure this is a nbt tag)

    • Interesting suggestion. We will discuss 

  8. start tracking people intentionally/unintentionally using some of the unique items (planting "small beans" for example)

    • The names and lore on custom items are just visual, the game does not see them as anything other than the items they truly are so there is no way to track this. 

  9.  Make a "read-only" LWC protection type for lecterns so players can read the book, but not take it off of the lectern.

    • It looks like lwc has been updated. Use /cdonation to allow players to read books but not take them

  10.  the plugin on chaos where you can skip the night if half the server sleeps

    • We will take this into consideration. This is more of a change to be discussed/voted on by the community before we make a final decision

  11.  make the alerts go back to purple, the blue is too hard to see which makes it distracting to look at because you have to spend way too much time trying to read it

    • We feel this is a matter of personal preference and the blue is within this rev’s theme. As such we’ll be keeping the alerts blue.

  12. set the chairs plugin to OFF by default, as that is the vanilla mechanic. Let people turn them ON if they want to, not the other way around.

    • There doesn’t seem to be an option within the plugin for this. 

  13. please update the wiki with the correct golem spawner mechanics. spawners must now be in the floor of the grinder or they will not work.

    • Oops! We will make sure that gets updated [Edit 08/25: Updated!]

  14. unique heads for every potion effect spider

    • The spiders with different potion effects do not have unique textures, so there is no difference between the heads.

  15. Custom saddles that turn the horse into the player riding it.

    • There may be some new updates to saddles soon, but we don’t want to say much more than that

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7 - Sep


  1. Bring back fun infographics. Tip: Canva.com can be used for them!

    • They are in the works, we hope to get the first out soon!

  2. Can we tone down the gear and heads from the nether mobs? They completely clog inventories

    • We have toned the drop rate just a bit.

  3. New lobby when? And if not soon can you fix the messed up blocks in the lobby? This command doesnt work there…

    • We will pass this over to the heads

  4. add stonecutter to list of chairs

    • 1. Ouch! 2. Why?  3. Would that even be possible to do since you right click to use the stonecutter and also right click to sit? 

  5. A region with people who have played for more than 5-10 hours in that rev, so you have a lesser chance of being robbed.

    • Not sure what you are asking for here. Did you mean players that have played for less than 5-10 hours? Even so, it is not something we would like to implement.

  6.  Can we get an area to place shulker boxes that is near spawn traders, please?

    • There are shulker locations in the lab and in the commissary. Hre are pictures of the locations in the commissary and the labs: https://imgur.com/a/TrsRaFE

  7.  Make nether-side glowstone trees replantable, but expensive, so the entire map isn't wiped of them by mid rev.

    • The trees were added in the nether for the purpose of being harvested. We have never had a problem of total wipe out during a rev

  8. one of these: (a) being near your spawn bed resets sleep timer (b) warnings on sleep timer (c) lower global volume on those fuckers

    • We have continued to monitor phantoms and have discussed a few ways to handle them. 
  9. Can we get an easier way to craft dark prismarine? e.g. with black ink from wither roses.

    • We do not want to add recipes for blocks that already have a vanilla recipe. Squid grinder is working!

  10. Add a teleporter room to the ship that allows fast transport to specific functional locations in the ship (map room, traders) and to spawn outside. The ship is hard to navigate.

  11. spawn traders should sell heart fragments

    • Instead we have included heart fragments to the possible drops you get while mining ores. We may also have it available for trade soon™

  12.  please fix bubble columns to flow properly, they currently are not recognized as a 'flowable' block in SB, but they should be in order to maintain vanilla water mechanics.

    • We have passed this onto the techs. 

  13. Would it be possible to incentivize rail creation? Perhaps some custom recipes or a rails villager at spawn. A lot of cities could benefit from being interlinked, but it's sometimes hard to find the materials for long hauls. Thanks!

    • With the plumped ores and a massive number of iron farms across the map, resources are not the issue for rail creation. We don’t believe selling rails at spawn will be the tipping point to players deciding to build a rail. The massive time spent digging the tunnels is probably the bigger issue.

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