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Swgnmtry [cujobear]

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Hello, to make it brief, im sorry about what i said online about a month ago. Me being me, i was eager to tell a edgy joke and didnt think about where would be the right place to post it, and me forgeting the rule continuing to say it on the discord. im sorry i said such a thing on a server that is really trying not to be toxic, and i wont do it again

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In the future, if a mod or admin online tells you no repeatedly when you ask if it is ok to use certain language, it is not the right place to tell your "edgy joke".

You have also been warned for inappropriate builds, and muted for inappropriate language.

Please take a moment to read the rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/  and confirm you understand.  Once you respond that you have read and understand the rules,  I will go ahead and unban you.

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