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My sincere apologies, and a note on what happened.


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Firstly, I do apologise for intentionally crashing the server. I did that because I was mad at the server. I was not mad at you guys on creative, I was mad at some people on PvE. Since that day, I wanted to forget about nerd. 

    It all started one day in Ambrosia. I was caught stealing things and selling them for nerdcoins. My membership was revoked, and I moved to Rose. When I moved they sorta welcomed me. Then came the bad part, the part that made me crash the server. I was smelting their raw diamond ore. They caught me and got mad at me. Why? Because I didn't mine it with a pickaxe. They never told me, but I'm not putting the blame on them, I'm putting the blame on myself. I got so mad I wanted to quit. Although there are some nice people (for example UpsideKen, hi if you're still there,) these were the people I got mad at. I wanted to get my revenge, so I figured i could crash the server with W/E. I later got banned, which I still am. I also did this because I wanted to forget about nerd. I sincerely apologise for this. 

    This is not a bribe to unban me, it's just why I wanted to get banned. I did this on purpose, intentionally to get banned. I have today reflected on it, and realised it was only good for me. 

    If you wonder what I'm doing now, I still play Minecraft. I am also a big fan of TV idents (ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, and most recently I'm interested in Australian news intros like Nine News (love their theme), and the Australian ABC.) Thank you for reading all of this. Thank you to the admins for fixing the server. Thanks to everyone in the CTA (mostly chall lol.) Thank you for the good memories.

MrMinecraft1423 (Mr_CTA.)

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