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Capture The Flag - Date and Time Set


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JohnAdams had been planning to post the details of this event, so I’ve used most of her post to announce this event. We had taken our time since the last attempt to ensure that we were ready this time which includes a new map and plugins, which is also why we have held back on giving a date until now.


That's right folks, we're (finally) doing another Capture The Flag event! OK, maybe not news at this point as we’ve all been waiting for a long time for it to actually happen. There’s been a bit of hype about it as we’ve waited and hopefully it lives up to expectations!


For years now, we all have worked and played hard to make these servers awesome, but the fight continues - we need to yet again to play Minecraft until our hands feel as if they’re about to fall off, and of course it’s for the fun, the friends, the hours of entertainment, and the community nerd.nu has brought to all of us! The event is also a fundraiser - the servers need your help to keep running for the next 12 months and beyond. So, time to roll up your sleeves, laugh in the face of fatigue, and play Minecraft for all you’re worth! (And donate if you’d like, details will be in server announcements.)


Date/Time: [starting Saturday September 21st @ 3:00am BST (Convert this to my time zone!) for 48 hours.


Details: None! Just kidding - it’s CTF like in the past, but with a new map, new bases, and new natural obstacles. We took into account the ton of feedback we’ve gotten from the last event and have incorporated what we could, coupled with several twists of our own! Keep your eyes to the subreddit for possible teasers ;)


All funds raised during this event will be used to fund future hosting and hardware purchases for the MCPublic/nerd.nu servers.

It’s going to be be big! It’s going to be great! Don't miss it. Tell your friends. Tell your plants.

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