Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
981 Apr21@1824h Fluffhead555 expand region pls :> Closed AndyJF Region expanded!
980 Apr20@2232h Fluffhead555 claim Closed Verros region set
979 Apr20@2020h joshcarls please expand my eastern border to -1830, so new reg should be -2035,0,500 -> -1860,255,-381 thank you :) Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
978 Apr20@1605h Fluffhead555 griefed build Closed AndyJF too old to repair but thanks for reporting
977 Apr20@0930h thomasalans04 claim Closed AndyJF Region claimed!
976 Apr20@0035h Tycrate1 please protect this region Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region created, you can now use world edit inside it!
975 Apr19@1824h PROLOX_MC protect Closed Bardidley Protected!
974 Apr19@1433h unnamed205 set flag "use" and "interact" for redstone_0418 to allow Closed Bardidley Region flags updated.
973 Apr19@1426h unnamed205 claim Closed AndyJF world edit enabled
972 Apr19@1419h unnamed205 claim Closed AndyJF region already claimed
971 Apr19@1414h unnamed205 claim Closed AndyJF region protected
970 Apr19@1410h unnamed205 claim Closed AndyJF cancelled at request of player
969 Apr17@1850h Fluffhead555 can i get permission to build on these two tracks since i helped build both of them? Closed Bardidley Added.
968 Apr17@1733h unnamed205 request Closed Verros you need to type in what your request is
967 Apr17@1316h Kapouille pls can you connect my city to the main rail line Closed AndyJF It appears to be already connected
966 Apr14@1552h Maletoov this thing might have been griefed Closed AndyJF too old to fix but thanks for reporting
965 Apr12@1846h Eishaar claim pls :) Closed AndyJF Region protected
964 Apr12@1834h Kapouille why is there flowing water Closed marting11 not sure of the purpose of your request? this water is not flowing
963 Apr12@1623h Maletoov claim Closed AndyJF region protected!
962 Apr11@1634h NastyHabits possible grief Closed Verros too old to fix
961 Apr11@0233h Heartshine someoen broke the sand that was here before or something Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
960 Apr11@0131h Verros flow water Closed Challenger2 Flowed
959 Apr11@0130h PPGOME flow pls Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
958 Apr10@1827h Maletoov also, should i clean up random block clumps that i find? (such as 1 block tall towers or random blocks all over the place) Closed marting11 no please leave that decision to a moderator. don't remove stuff that isn't yours,
957 Apr10@1821h Maletoov probably griefed build Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
956 Apr09@1320h Kapouille please protect the ancient debre border in the nether Closed marting11 protected
955 Apr08@1800h Kapouille how b i g can i make the text Closed Bardidley As long as you want (I think).
954 Apr08@1710h Maletoov potentially griefed build Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
953 Apr08@1638h Maletoov griefed house Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
952 Apr07@1410h Kapouille how do i set up a holographic text thing Closed Bardidley File another modreq, let us know the text, colour and placement. An admin will create it for you.
951 Apr06@2148h Maletoov is it possible to make it so only i can open/close this door, while still having the other doors in the area interactable? Closed Verros locked with /cprivate to player Maletoov
950 Apr06@2025h Maletoov flow both of these water blocks Closed NastyHabits flowed!
949 Apr06@1516h joshcarls please extend the southern border of my claim to the em block tower, thank you :) Closed AndyJF Region expanded!
948 Apr06@1256h Maletoov protect this area pls :) Closed AndyJF region protected!
947 Apr06@1208h Kapouille sorry i didnt realise all of this had been made into one big plot sorry for the prev 2 modreqs Closed AndyJF thanks for letting us know
946 Apr06@1208h Kapouille ah. i can place blocks now sry Closed AndyJF ok
945 Apr06@1207h Kapouille ok so there's this tesco's that hasn't been developed in over 2 months, but i cant modify/finish it as the owner has A.) not been on in quite some time and B.) i don't have claim rights. Closed AndyJF You have permissions in that area
944 Apr05@1758h Kapouille i accidentally unflowed to decorate, pls can you reflow Closed AndyJF duplicate request, water flowed!
943 Apr05@1758h Kapouille pls flow Closed AndyJF fixed flowing water
942 Apr03@1318h Kapouille theres an unused red concrete obrder that's been here since the start of the tescos can i use it? if so pls claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
941 Apr02@1606h ironcrafter54 claim Closed AndyJF region protected!
940 Apr01@1952h ironcrafter54 ironcrafter54 Closed AndyJF Could you supply more information please - protect or whatever it is that you need, thanks!
939 Mar27@2304h aboundedgibbon how do i give permission to timfuji to build on my land? Closed Bardidley I have added timfuji for you. In the future use /rg addmember REGION PLAYER
938 Mar27@2025h Maletoov can i get build access for this small area so i can make the stairs go to the bottom? Closed marting11 ask the owner of the region, but I doubt they will grant you permission for that
937 Mar27@1708h aboundedgibbon protect Closed AndyJF Your pyramid is protected, nice build!
936 Mar26@1322h joshcarls i dont recall what my region is, but please make the corners be the gold blocks Closed Verros region redefined, check region with /region info or right click a block with a wooden sword
935 Mar26@0752h Starfishcraft can you help me find a place to bulid? Closed AndyJF Use /randloc to find an undeveloped area, if I see you online I'm happy to give you a hand getting started!
934 Mar25@1627h Maletoov another griefed build Closed AndyJF Build restored and protected, thanks for reporting!
933 Mar25@1626h Maletoov griefed build Closed AndyJF Build restored and protected, thanks for reporting!
932 Mar24@0236h Bubbaguy1234 we want to expand our region, its at -331 -1011 Closed AndyJF Region Protected!
931 Mar22@1943h Kapouille pls protecc the blue glass border Closed AndyJF Region protected!
930 Mar21@1357h ironcrafter54 ironcrafter54 dispenser acces Closed marting11 sorry, dispensers cannot be placed currently.
929 Mar21@1244h Kapouille what are pet Id's? Closed AndyJF pet ids are numbers assigned to pets as you spawn them
928 Mar21@0652h Bubbaguy1234 Making my house protected, its at -390 -1060 Closed AndyJF Region protected!
927 Mar21@0512h Bubbaguy1234 Bubbaguy1234 Closed AndyJF
926 Mar20@2029h Kapouille i mean the train station Closed Verros duplicate request
925 Mar20@2027h Kapouille pls can you prorecc the tren esctacion with the sandstone border around it? Closed Verros region set
924 Mar20@1453h Kapouille i've finished the border, pls can you protecc it? Closed AndyJF Region protected!
923 Mar20@1429h Kapouille could you pls protecc the blue glass border next to the parkign lot Closed AndyJF Duplicate modreq
922 Mar20@1233h Kapouille never mind i figured it out, sorry Closed AndyJF Ok
921 Mar19@1921h Maletoov someone tried to grief w/ lava near spawn Closed AndyJF Lava removed, thanks for reporting
920 Mar19@1817h Kapouille the warp you suggested doesn't work Closed AndyJF Can you please elaborate and resubmit the request? Thanks!
919 Mar18@1827h Kapouille would it be possible to copy a build? as in if a new revision came out a build could be copied. Closed Bardidley Yes, you will be able to copy your build to the new map. This map will be available at /warp Revision35 next rev.
918 Mar18@1518h Ryder3 Protect the "XXTRA RAIL" rail line Closed AndyJF Please draw a border around the area you wish to protect thanks
917 Mar17@2217h Maletoov shorten this border's height a little bit pls :> Closed Bardidley Created small region to override existing.
916 Mar17@1224h DreamGamerYT claim Closed AndyJF Your region has been protected!
915 Mar14@1857h Oak_Craft I have a build at 247 70 31 in the End I would like to be protected. Closed Bardidley Protected! Nice job!
914 Mar14@1333h Kapouille how to make a warp to you's place Closed Bardidley Use /sethome NAME and then /home NAME to get there. Warps are reserved for finished builds.
913 Mar13@0222h LetsBFehr Can I get this area protected? Closed Bardidley Protected!
912 Mar07@1341h Nagyid081119 tpa Closed AndyJF submitted by accident?
911 Mar07@1341h Nagyid081119 tp Closed AndyJF submitted by accident?
910 Mar07@1341h Nagyid081119 claim Closed AndyJF to claim a plot in redstone area, stand in an empty plot and type /nerdplot claim
909 Mar05@1901h Kapouille claim pls protect the blue glass border Closed AndyJF Region Claimed!
908 Mar05@1838h Kapouille how do i add owners Closed AndyJF You can add owners with /rg addowner <region name> <player name>
907 Mar05@1835h Poxl3 Bard, another one of the guys might be named "Eishaar" Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
906 Mar05@1833h Poxl3 let bard know I found more of the heads Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
905 Mar05@1654h Poxl3 expand please Closed AndyJF Region expanded!
904 Mar05@1239h Ringes request can i use world edit on C Closed AndyJF You need to claim some land to use WE. Draw a rectangle around the land you want to claim and then use /modreq claim
903 Mar05@1234h DuckMcQuackinton flow watur Closed AndyJF Water set to flowing
902 Mar05@0220h Poxl3 4785 using exploits/ exploited skull to (probably) scam players Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
901 Mar04@1939h Zopir claim Closed AndyJF It's not clear what area you want to claim. Can you draw a border around your claim and resubmit your request? Thanks!
900 Mar04@1939h themurph1000 claim Closed AndyJF region protected!
899 Mar04@0618h CaptainShivy Worldedit for my redstone plot please Closed AndyJF World edit appears to be already enabled
898 Mar03@2232h arsMoriendi reset claim or whatever Closed Verros region reset
897 Mar02@2351h Maletoov nsfw in the pixelart :/ Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
896 Mar02@2252h Liam0914 how do i get a plot of land? Closed Bardidley Find land that is available and start building, make a rectangular border to claim land before building
895 Mar01@0118h ChilePicante Hi, can I have a region here por favor Closed marting11 protected, no habla espanol
894 Feb28@2247h Poxl3 please remove these Closed marting11 moved elsewhere, expand your claim if you don't want that to happen ;)
893 Feb28@1852h Poxl3 Raiff and Skybabyy are TPing to players trying to grief with power tools. Closed marting11 thanks for reporting
892 Feb28@1743h SkrapssparkS grief Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
891 Feb28@0256h cybertronian plot plz Closed Challenger2 Perms added
890 Feb28@0234h cybertronian plot plz Closed Bardidley Added!
889 Feb28@0215h wyguy2014 please flow this water Closed Bardidley Flowed!
888 Feb27@2209h Lilah427 remove shivy from owner from my redstone plot Closed Bardidley Region owners updated.
887 Feb26@2334h Poxl3 claim for the pirates Closed Bardidley Protected!
886 Feb26@2144h MacMiniUser_702 MacMiniUser_702 Please protect my land! Closed Bardidley It's already protected
885 Feb26@2123h MacMiniUser_702 MacMiniUser_702 I am ready for my land grant Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
884 Feb26@2120h MacMiniUser_702 MacMiniUser_702 I would like a bigger area Closed Bardidley Region redefined.
883 Feb25@1434h TotteryGlint08 claim Closed AndyJF Your deity is protected!
882 Feb25@1228h finster1247 protect Closed AndyJF Your build is protected
881 Feb24@1854h GalaxyMaster114 claim Closed AndyJF modreq cancelled at your request
880 Feb23@0016h DrTim58 expand my region into the blue border Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
879 Feb22@0227h Maletoov broken part of the new obsidian highway, not sure if anyone knew Closed Bardidley I think it's already been fixed.
878 Feb21@0350h bloopfloop hey can this be made a region? I am building something on water and want to fill this in. Would like to use world edit here :D Closed Bardidley Protected!
877 Feb21@0249h RukiaKuchiki_ drops enable pls Closed Challenger2 Drops enabled
876 Feb20@1920h Kapouille claim the extended border Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
875 Feb20@1407h XeTrain phallic build Closed Bardidley Removed block spam.
874 Feb20@1045h MidWizMB i do still need that side plot but also i need a back plot for another part of the computer Closed Bardidley duplicate req.
873 Feb20@1035h MidWizMB i would like to expand my plot in redstone area becuase it is not wide enough for my ALU which im making a 32 bit computer Closed Bardidley We can move your build into one of the larger plots if thats suitable? Let us know.
872 Feb20@1012h MidWizMB im making my own city so can i pls have this claimed? Closed Bardidley Protected!
871 Feb20@0054h InTellIgenT8923 InTellIgenT8923 Closed Bardidley We have moved part of your track, we don't want new tracks built alongside existing CTA lines, focus on helping the CTA staff build new branches of the official CTA line.
870 Feb19@2324h Poxl3 claim please Closed pez252 All set!
869 Feb19@1728h DrTim58 expand the region into the red borders Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
868 Feb19@1347h XeTrain lag machine(s)? Closed Bardidley They seem to be redstone experiments with on/off switches, so they are ok.
867 Feb19@1346h XeTrain lag machine? Closed XeTrain
866 Feb18@1558h Kapouille may i please have my border extended Closed Verros see 864, one request only for same issue
865 Feb18@1533h XeTrain could Frontier region be extended over to this house Closed Verros region redefined, check if thats better
864 Feb18@1347h Kapouille claim actually i'd like my land protected again, please Closed Verros updated are added 2 eishaar and nowplayingmc as members
863 Feb17@1415h Kapouille i want my skyscraper deprotected so i can collab with mah freinds Closed Bardidley Instead of unprotecting you should just add your friends to the protection. Use /rg addowner kapouille_claim NAME
862 Feb17@1155h Ryder3 Claim a region 4 my house Closed Bardidley House protected.
861 Feb16@2046h Eishaar1701 I have a building i'd like to protect, the border is the black, white and red wool Closed Verros region created
860 Feb16@2041h nowplayingmc nowplayingmc Closed Verros that is your username yes
859 Feb16@2025h Kapouille claim Closed Verros region set
858 Feb16@1619h imaiden_B racist armor stand at -423 52 -23 Closed Verros unfortunately armor stands don't have logs
857 Feb16@1057h AndyJF Muszen5000 griefing near the car park over there Closed Verros thanks for the report :)
856 Feb15@1714h XeTrain who tf filled my house with birds O_o Closed Verros Stormmblade did
855 Feb15@1638h D1zZyB0Y claim Closed Verros region set
854 Feb15@1537h Verros I think argoth claim should be a lot smaller Closed Bardidley Region redefined with new eastern border
853 Feb15@1319h Kapouille claim Closed Verros duplicate request
852 Feb15@1311h Kapouille claim Closed Verros region created
851 Feb14@2005h nowplayingmc nowplayingmc Closed marting11 region protected
850 Feb14@1634h _Poke_ request Closed Verros region created, next time be more descriptive
849 Feb14@0928h AndyJF these strange heads Closed Verros not considered illegal yet but if seen placed randomly or as spam we will delete
848 Feb14@0124h GamerCaleb199 claim Closed Verros region set
847 Feb13@2241h XeTrain any chance the region in this area could be changed to Frontier? Closed Verros region replaced
846 Feb13@2210h XeTrain pls flow ty :) Closed Bardidley Protected
845 Feb13@2141h DuckMcQuackinton protect hamburgar Closed Bardidley Protected!
844 Feb13@0230h GamerCaleb199 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
843 Feb12@2353h Verros protect, very large build with no region Closed Bardidley Protected.
842 Feb12@2018h XeTrain could this be protected? Closed Verros It can and shall! protected
841 Feb11@1724h Bot_melker claim Closed Bardidley Please adjust your border so that it is a rectangle (4 corners) and re-submit your /modreq
840 Feb11@1701h AndyJF player FARTBALL69420 Spamming minecarts here Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
839 Feb10@1227h danik475 Build Protection Closed Bardidley Build protected. Nice work so far!
838 Feb10@1222h danik475 I need my region protected Closed danik475
837 Feb09@1955h KT1399 I'd like to get a building protected :) Closed Bardidley Claim granted. Looks great so far!
836 Feb09@1243h phicaba5565 AndyJF Closed Bardidley Please be more specific with your modreq.
835 Feb07@1604h Kryten523P someone has place a shulker box somehow near spawn Closed Bardidley Seems that it was just a pet, thanks for reporting.
834 Feb07@1330h AceMarconi lets call this home for now. Closed Bardidley Protected
833 Feb07@0352h LetsBFehr please flow water Closed Verros flowed
832 Feb06@1721h Bot_melker claim Closed Bardidley Your blue border needs to be adjusted to a rectangle (4 corners). Please adjust and resubmit your modreq.
831 Feb04@2141h Lilah427 sheep grief Closed Verros removed
830 Feb03@2237h Vivid_Nightmare protect and add spiceeylatte and DrTim58 as owners Closed Verros region created
829 Feb03@1811h AndyJF would it be possible to have a warp to this postion called UKTown ? Closed marting11 Warp set! Incredible work!!
828 Feb02@2314h CaptainShivy hi verros Closed CaptainShivy
827 Feb02@2218h Verros want a second opinion on whether this is legal or not Closed Verros
826 Feb02@1549h Maletoov claim Closed Verros region set
825 Feb02@1351h Kryten523P re: my last modreq username is EvoIve Closed Verros player banned earlier
824 Feb02@1312h Kryten523P there's a problem with the map at 1059,64,-170 possible caused by user Evolve. crashes when you go there Closed Verros player banned earlier
823 Feb02@1227h texb extend region protections Closed Verros extended
822 Feb02@0249h RukiaKuchiki_ a possible lag machine? Closed Bardidley Removed. Thanks for reporting.
821 Feb01@2149h Maletoov griefed build Closed Verros thanks for the report
820 Feb01@1216h Bot_melker claim Closed Verros region created
819 Feb01@0835h texb region extension : ) Closed Verros expanded
818 Feb01@0008h bbriana could I get my claim protected? thank you Closed marting11 protected!
817 Jan31@2247h Maletoov claim huge trans flag bc its big, accidentally made another claim before so srry :/ Closed marting11 protected!
816 Jan31@2247h Maletoov request Closed marting11
815 Jan31@1929h Verros region is completely unused, requesting deletion Closed marting11 abandoned claim deleted
814 Jan31@1902h Solvarr protect house Closed Verros protected
813 Jan31@0039h iceberg76 this place need protected, its greifed Closed Bardidley Grief fixed and protected.
812 Jan28@1305h L_E_ claim enlargement on the back of the castle pls thank you :) Closed Bardidley Claim granted. Looks awesome keep up the good work!
811 Jan28@0317h LordFatzberry could I get the protection on my statue increased more on the Y axis? it stops at the diamond blocks for some reason Closed Bardidley Fixed.
810 Jan26@1229h L_E_ claim enlargement Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
809 Jan25@2021h Bot_melker claim Closed marting11 region expanded 50 blocks south
808 Jan24@1931h Tetetristan As a follow up on my previous message we are located around 539 -459 Closed Verros see /check 807
807 Jan24@1930h Tetetristan Dear moderator, Since last year, funderwood6 and I have been building in this world.Today we discovered we can’t build anything at the place we’ve been building on all year. This is probably because someone claimed our land. Could you help us out? Closed Verros added as owners, region was locked due to area being unclaimed and constant grief
806 Jan22@2106h Bot_melker claim Closed Bardidley Please make your border into a rectangle. Regions can only have 4 corners, please revise and resubmit your modreq.
805 Jan22@2040h Bot_melker claim Closed Bardidley This is already protected.
804 Jan22@1815h Bot_melker claim Closed fazaden region created!
803 Jan22@1536h Bot_melker claim Closed fazaden expanded
802 Jan21@1446h Bot_melker claim Closed fazaden your region's been expanded
801 Jan20@2019h LordFatzberry *cough* interesting style... Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting m8
800 Jan20@1822h LordFatzberry Protection pls :D Closed Bardidley Protected.
799 Jan20@1653h Bot_melker claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted
798 Jan19@0059h _Jacob_Playz_ claim Closed King_of_queso claim protected!
797 Jan18@2051h robr possible grief machine, rollback? Closed Bardidley Removed. Thanks for reporting.
796 Jan17@1402h texb protect area, thanks :- ) Closed Norami Region created :)
795 Jan14@1516h LordFatzberry possible grief Closed zburdsal Fixed.
794 Jan14@1117h L_E_ claim enlargment Closed zburdsal Enlarged!
793 Jan14@0217h AnonymousDapper check Closed AnonymousDapper accident
792 Jan14@0217h AnonymousDapper Please expand the "castlefirebrick" region to include the yellow wool as well <3 Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
791 Jan13@1819h AndyJF got a message saying - wafflemaster3 is op Closed Bardidley According to logs they just used the /me command to say "wafflemaster3 is op"
790 Jan13@1512h LordFatzberry the rule may have changed, but just incase, there is a redstone clock in this build...Not sure if this has been allowed in newer Revs Closed Bardidley You are allowed to have a redstone clock if it has a on/off switch.
789 Jan13@1013h Tetetristan someone performed some griefing activities (around 677 -425) is it possible that someone can fix this? Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
788 Jan13@0516h LordFatzberry several griefed builds here at the pixel art Closed LordFatzberry Bard fixed it, but never closed the Modreq :P
787 Jan12@1815h LordFatzberry Whoa! Cool fountain! Closed Bardidley Removed.
786 Jan12@1814h LordFatzberry interesting tattoo...(nsfw) Closed Bardidley Fixed, thanks
785 Jan12@1814h LordFatzberry This is quite a NSFW pacifier... Closed Bardidley Fixed, thanks
784 Jan12@1550h LordFatzberry Protection pls :) Closed Bardidley Protected!
783 Jan12@1536h LordFatzberry yoooo he is packing!! I don't think the builder wanted this exposed though... Closed Bardidley This is the worm protector
782 Jan12@0124h L_E_ claiming land ? Closed Bardidley Claim granted!