Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
843 May21@2327h THUMBTOE protect Closed Bardidley Protected!
842 May21@1926h Fluffhead555 part 2 of the claim Closed Bardidley Done.
841 May21@1926h Fluffhead555 part 1 of claim for western highway (make the region be non-dominant to my battlespleef regions) Closed Bardidley Highway protected and region priority set.
840 May21@1333h Fluffhead555 create a region called "CHA_HQ" Closed Bardidley Protected!
839 May17@1103h Fluffhead555 large claim in space world Closed AndyJF region created!
838 May16@1923h Fluffhead555 can i get a starting block here? Closed AndyJF block placed!
837 May15@1636h axslayer33 can I make a suggestion for this room? <blockname>[axis=y] or [axis=z] will rotate the block. Useful for logs. Open
836 May15@1614h Fluffhead555 create a region for the second bend, and another for the last stretch to black mesa Closed AndyJF Region created!
835 May15@1548h Fluffhead555 create a second region for the road Closed AndyJF region created!
834 May15@1548h Fluffhead555 create a region for this first bend Closed AndyJF region created!
833 May15@1534h Fluffhead555 make a region for this road Closed AndyJF region created!
832 May15@0153h PPGOME build perms plms Closed Bardidley Added
831 May15@0139h Verros flow water Closed Bardidley Flowed!
830 May14@1402h Fluffhead555 expand the fluff_north region to the new glowstone border pls :> Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
829 May08@2208h axslayer33 where the hell did he come from? Closed AndyJF I don't know but he's gone now!
828 May04@0244h axslayer33 can I get the red border protected up to 215 in height? Thanks. Closed AndyJF region claimed!
827 May04@0236h axslayer33 ....never mind. I think we have our answer..... Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting, removed
826 May04@0236h axslayer33 I have no idea if this is even worth mentioning. Not sure where two lost minecarts could have come from on an empty server... Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
825 May02@1010h Fluffhead555 expand the fluff_canal region's width to the yellow concrete pls Closed AndyJF region expanded!
824 May01@0124h PPGOME was outside of plot, build perms pls :) Closed Bardidley Added
823 Apr27@2357h Fluffhead555 can i be added as a member to the region "zakethedragon_build"? i just need to expand this road past it and to springfield Closed Bardidley Added as member.
822 Apr26@0129h Fluffhead555 can i be added to this redline region? i want to expand this road over it Closed AndyJF added!
821 Apr25@1951h Fluffhead555 clean up the rails on the rainbow line pls Closed AndyJF minecarts removed!
820 Apr24@1706h Juliieen please could you allow drops in my pyramid Closed Bardidley Drops set to allow
819 Apr24@0758h Juliieen please could you protect my pyramid? Closed AndyJF Region Protected!
818 Apr24@0313h iceberg76 can i have a warp set here? Closed Bardidley Warp set!
817 Apr23@2353h Fluffhead555 tnt spam and block destruction Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
816 Apr23@1740h Juliieen please could you extend the sears region roughly around the border marked by sea lanterns Closed AndyJF region redefined!
815 Apr23@0342h axslayer33 can I get the gray box protected? Yup, that's right. I'm back with the big 'uns. Closed AndyJF protected!
814 Apr23@0151h axslayer33 Can you clear the protection I had here? Moving to PixelArt. Closed Bardidley Claim removed.
813 Apr22@1655h Fluffhead555 can a region be created for the fulchester outskirts here? the roads aren't protected currently Closed AndyJF Roads protected and added you and kapouille as owners!
812 Apr22@1450h AndyJF add Fluffhead555 as owner of this highway Closed AndyJF done!
811 Apr21@2330h Fluffhead555 griefed build(?) Closed Bardidley Removing because it is old and wrecked
810 Apr21@1342h Fluffhead555 remove me as an owner for speedbuild, since im done building lines Closed AndyJF removed!
809 Apr21@1339h Fluffhead555 add as an owner instead of member? i need worldedit for pink line so it doesnt take 2 decades to build Closed Bardidley Added as owner
808 Apr20@1638h Fluffhead555 also add me to the bardcomplex region pls :> Closed Bardidley Added!
807 Apr20@1637h Fluffhead555 create a region here for the pink line Closed Bardidley Pink line protected!
806 Apr20@0337h axslayer33 please protect within the red wool Closed Bardidley Protected!
805 Apr19@2313h Fluffhead555 claim for froge :) Closed Bardidley Protected!
804 Apr19@2248h Fluffhead555 rocketship Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
803 Apr14@1626h AndyJF expand Klonerdeamer 3 chunks west Closed AndyJF done
802 Apr13@2309h MasterGamer18 can u protect my area i am building a city Closed AndyJF Area protected!
801 Apr13@2308h MasterGamer18 can u protect my area Closed AndyJF Area protected!
800 Apr13@2112h antlermagick You did such a good job protecting my last build... I challenge you to protect this one too! I've marked it with yummy sticky pistons. Thank you Closed AndyJF Pic Protected, nice work!
799 Apr09@2126h antlermagick Hi, can I get this area protected up to world height please? Have marked it with rather fetching melon blocks. Thanks! Closed Bardidley Pixelart protected!
798 Apr05@1200h XBlaiseX i would like to claim this area and name it Blaise Claim Closed AndyJF Duplicate request see 797
797 Apr05@1152h XBlaiseX i want to claim here Closed AndyJF Region claimed!
796 Apr04@2337h RukiaKuchiki_ this is pretty sus Closed Bardidley Removed just in case it's meant to be what we think.
795 Mar27@1532h Drybones_33 claim Closed AndyJF please draw a border to show where you want to claim and resubmit, thanks
794 Mar25@2110h Fluffhead555 shorten region "cta_red01" so that j0hn33y can continue his build here Closed AndyJF region redefined!
793 Mar24@2121h Juliieen please could you protect my scale model mall>? Closed Bardidley Protected!
792 Mar21@2236h j0hn33y j0hn33y allow to tunnel or build under CTA line? -74,52,866 -66.59.874 Closed Bardidley Permissions temporarily set.
791 Mar17@0158h j0hn33y protection of Build corners marked with red and white wool towers X-263,Z1223:X-455,Z1050 and X-333,Z1223:X-263,Z1304 Closed AndyJF Regions Protected!
790 Mar16@0803h Memerology can you help me and my friend grab a peice of nice overworld, reguler terrain for creative? Closed AndyJF try using /randloc to tp to a random place on the map. Also try the livemap here
789 Mar14@1812h Heartshine Grif? Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
788 Mar14@1811h Heartshine grif Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
787 Mar14@1141h Hollifer i need WE here, can i get this protected and biome changed to swamp please Closed AndyJF Region claimed and biome changed!
786 Mar13@0756h AlexKovacik AlexKovacik Closed AndyJF please supply more information and resubmit. thanks
785 Mar13@0355h Tedbear Bardidley should become a tedbear Closed Bardidley tedbear is my spirit animal.
784 Mar13@0354h Haiku could you replace theee glass with barrier blocks <3 Closed Bardidley Barriers set!
783 Mar13@0144h Fluffhead555 failed lava cast(?) Closed marting11 removed work of "art"
782 Mar10@2359h ACEMonkeys gfdsgwe Closed AndyJF please only use /modreq for actual requests
781 Mar10@2358h ACEMonkeys gfdsgwe Closed AndyJF please only use /modreq for actual requests
780 Mar10@2358h ACEMonkeys gfdsgwe Closed AndyJF please only use /modreq for actual requests
779 Mar10@2358h ACEMonkeys gfdsgwe Closed AndyJF please only use /modreq for actual requests
778 Mar10@2358h ACEMonkeys gfdsgwe Closed AndyJF please only use /modreq for actual requests
777 Mar08@0907h FreshAurora claim Closed AndyJF region created!
776 Mar06@1610h iceberg76 can this be extended to the orange wool, the claim will probably have to go around the 2 builds not built by me Closed AndyJF region widened!
775 Mar06@1450h Fluffhead555 protect this island & add everyone on this board as a member Closed AndyJF region created and owners added!
774 Mar06@1424h Fluffhead555 expand pink line here too Closed AndyJF region extended!
773 Mar06@1421h Fluffhead555 make the region here slightly wider to protect the entire line Closed AndyJF Region expanded
772 Mar03@0150h iceberg76 can this be claimed again? Closed Bardidley Region expanded east by 2 blocks.
771 Feb28@0138h Diskanskiy check Closed AndyJF Please only use /modreq for actual requests
770 Feb28@0138h Diskanskiy testing message Closed AndyJF Please only use /modreq for actual requests
769 Feb28@0138h Diskanskiy f Closed AndyJF Please only use /modreq for actual requests
768 Feb28@0110h LeDolphin request Closed AndyJF region claimed!
767 Feb28@0048h Fluffhead555 grief Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
766 Feb28@0047h Fluffhead555 grief and water spam Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
765 Feb28@0047h Fluffhead555 grief Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
764 Feb27@0135h Sloppily claim Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
763 Feb26@2341h MrMinecraft1423 w/e to ctahq Closed Bardidley Discussed via PM
762 Feb26@2339h MrMinecraft1423 transfer these builds to rev36 Closed Bardidley Discussed via PM
761 Feb26@2336h MrMinecraft1423 claim winchester rev 35 Closed Bardidley Protected!
760 Feb26@1647h iceberg76 can i have this pink wool line claimed for pink line? Closed Bardidley Pink line protected.
759 Feb26@1519h Fluffhead555 use the command to clear all the carts from the map, pls :) Closed AndyJF 250 carts removed!
758 Feb24@1802h Fluffhead555 can i be added as a member to the spleef region so that i can put in some shops here? Closed Bardidley Added
757 Feb24@1608h Fluffhead555 expand potato region just a little further, since it still cuts off the rail here Closed AndyJF region expanded!
756 Feb24@1540h Fluffhead555 expand potato region until it hits the worldborder, or just merge it with the other region Closed AndyJF
755 Feb22@2200h Jeremby Hi, I'm wanting to make a land claim request for the Creative world. My proposed size is marked by two orange wool pillars located @ X-1212 760 & @ -16 1571. For any further questions please DM me on Discord, Coder#9902. Thank you, and have a good Closed marting11 you will have to rework your claim as you are claiming other people's builds. start with a smaller claim with nothing built up in it, then expand as needed
754 Feb22@0239h DrTim58 expand region into northern expanse Closed AndyJF region expanded!
753 Feb22@0234h Haiku pls expand my Haiku_build rg Closed marting11 region extension granted up to posted corners. any further expansion south (green claim) could be granted upon current claim being significantly built up.
752 Feb18@0206h Heartshine what happened to these speedbuild winner plots Closed Bardidley There was only 1 round of SB due to lack of participants. You need to join next time!!!
751 Feb14@1415h ElectroTheDragon I'd like these two warped hyphae blocks to be replaced with barriers please. Closed AndyJF barriers placed!
750 Feb14@1247h AndyJF claim this area Closed AndyJF done
749 Feb14@1137h Fluffhead555 add me to yorsha too pls Closed AndyJF Added as owner!
748 Feb14@1136h Fluffhead555 create 2 new regions for blue light yorsha station Closed AndyJF regions created !
747 Feb14@0135h Heartshine Grif or just weird hair? Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
746 Feb10@1541h ElectroTheDragon I have 4 red mushroom blocks in this room I would like replaced with barrier blocks. Thanks! Closed AndyJF barriers place, I got all 4!
745 Feb10@0220h Andromeda4210 pls change sludgeville2 region to swamp Closed AndyJF biome changed!
744 Feb10@0026h Andromeda4210 please switch sludgeville biome to swamp Closed Bardidley Region set to swamp.
743 Feb09@1844h AndyJF claim this lego area Closed AndyJF region claimed
742 Feb09@1610h Andromeda4210 protect Sludgeville Closed AndyJF region created!
741 Feb08@1904h ElectroTheDragon I'd like these red mushroom blocks to be barriers, thanks! Closed Bardidley Barriers set!
740 Feb08@1342h ElectroTheDragon I'd like the diamond blocks in this shaft to be replaced with barrier blocks. Closed AndyJF blocks replaced!
739 Feb07@2133h ElectroTheDragon I've got one last set of bedrock I'd like converted to barriers back here. Closed Bardidley Barriers set. Looks great! Nice detail.
738 Feb07@1928h ElectroTheDragon I would like the bedrock here to also be barrier blocks. Thanks! Closed Bardidley Barriers set.
737 Feb07@1859h ElectroTheDragon I'd like the bedrock behind the ladders to be barrier blocks. Closed Bardidley Barriers set.
736 Feb07@1430h Haiku pls expand my claim Closed AndyJF region expanded!
735 Feb06@2004h Fluffhead555 large claim w/ glowstone border in testbuild Closed AndyJF region claimed!
734 Feb06@1655h Fluffhead555 teleport players to x=-860, y=65, z=2529 (facing west) when they stand here Closed AndyJF teleport created
733 Feb06@1652h Fluffhead555 teleport players to x=645, y=183, z=-2977 (facing north) when they stand here Closed AndyJF teleport created
732 Feb06@0323h iceberg76 can this be claimed as my testbuild? Closed AndyJF region claimed!
731 Feb05@1710h Fluffhead555 expand region to the new red border pls Closed AndyJF region expanded!
730 Feb02@1748h AndyJF expand my snow area Closed AndyJF expanded
729 Feb01@1428h AndyJF claim this area Closed AndyJF claimed
728 Jan31@1837h Fluffhead555 expand the two purple line regions a little more here, as this corner is unprotected Closed AndyJF region created!
727 Jan31@1543h Fluffhead555 i got perms for the region now via discord (re: 726) Closed AndyJF added to region!
726 Jan31@1528h Fluffhead555 add me as an owner of "radgrassyfield" so i can finish rainbow line and connect it to green line Closed AndyJF Could you get the owners permission and resubmit please. Thanks
725 Jan31@1528h Fluffhead555 claim 2 for rainbow line Closed AndyJF region claimed
724 Jan31@1527h Fluffhead555 claim 1 for rainbow line Closed AndyJF see 726
723 Jan31@1501h Fluffhead555 add me as an owner of the regions "rainbow_city" and "civiccampus" so i can bring the rainbow line underneath it Closed AndyJF added to regions!
722 Jan30@2220h iceberg76 can this be claimed for the boat highway? Closed Verros region set
721 Jan29@1914h Fluffhead555 expand region to new sea lantern border, and also rename region to "fluff_temple" pls :) Closed Bardidley Region expanded and name changed.
720 Jan29@1655h Fluffhead555 water-based grief Closed Bardidley Ok this might have been me =P
719 Jan29@1644h Fluffhead555 grief Closed Bardidley Removed abandoned build.
718 Jan29@1626h AndyJF restore this abandoned / griefed build Closed AndyJF region claimed
717 Jan29@1623h Fluffhead555 is it possible that a warp can be created here for the Alpha Water Dome? i just finished it a few days ago Closed Bardidley Warp granted!
716 Jan29@1309h AndyJF expand adon1003 region Closed AndyJF region expanded
715 Jan29@0346h DarkTheCaraio add protection to the building Closed Verros region set
714 Jan28@2056h Fluffhead555 create region for a short path here Closed Bardidley Protected!
713 Jan28@2052h Fluffhead555 potential grief Closed Bardidley Could be, unfortunately its old grief and out of the logs.
712 Jan28@1720h SwissDomi93 claim Closed AndyJF Region claimed!
711 Jan27@1028h AndyJF there's something in this area causing lag Closed AndyJF Minecarts causing lag, removed
710 Jan26@0220h Prince_Akuma27 claiming help for a large area Closed Bardidley All claims must be indicated with a border.
709 Jan26@0155h Prince_Akuma27 request plot claiming Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
708 Jan25@2047h Fluffhead555 expand this region (highway_north) further north until it reaches fulchester's region Closed Verros region set, highway_north set to parent of bluestation as it intersects now and has more owners
707 Jan25@1917h Fluffhead555 can u make it so players who right click this sign get teleported to x=-967, y=73, z=2410 ? (CTA HQ coords) Closed Bardidley Easy sign created!
706 Jan25@1727h Fluffhead555 make region for descending light blue line that will connect to brown line Closed Verros region set
705 Jan25@1726h Fluffhead555 make new region for brown line Closed Verros region created cta_brown1
704 Jan25@1547h Fluffhead555 create new regions for brown line Closed AndyJF Lines created !
703 Jan25@1355h TheLordAlan warp Closed AndyJF Made in error?
702 Jan25@0204h Fluffhead555 make region for purple station, call it "vimana_purple_station" Closed Verros region created
701 Jan25@0132h Fluffhead555 griefed vehicle Closed Verros out of logs, vehicle repaired and protected
700 Jan24@2318h iceberg76 can all the buttons for cta stations be checked for perms? Closed Verros resolved
699 Jan24@1959h Verros looks like this used to be a large obsidan structure, the grief is not in the logs. want a second opinion on whether this should be removed Closed Bardidley Thanks for letting me know, removed.
698 Jan24@1856h Fluffhead555 can i be added as an owner of the region "cta_yellow01" so i can work on these unfinished walls? Closed Verros sure
697 Jan24@1850h Fluffhead555 this build in the testbuild is griefed Closed Verros out of logs
696 Jan24@1842h Fluffhead555 protect this rail & give ownership to ironcrafter54 Closed Verros added regions and set parent for full perms
695 Jan24@1739h Fluffhead555 another grief here. rollback & protect it Closed Verros out of logs, roughly fixed
694 Jan24@1738h Fluffhead555 there used to be a sword pixel art here, but now its completely gone. try to see if u can roll it back if it was griefed out of existence Closed Verros the hilt is still here but the blade is out of logs
693 Jan24@1737h Fluffhead555 this was griefed, also protect it since its been griefed multiple times Closed Verros out of log, roughly fixed
692 Jan23@2337h Fluffhead555 this build got griefed a little Closed Verros rolled back
691 Jan23@1831h Fluffhead555 expand this region 15 blocks to the glowstone thats further away pls Closed Verros region expanded
690 Jan23@1701h AndyJF repair this griefed build, move it here and protect it Closed AndyJF complete
689 Jan23@1633h Fluffhead555 claim for large multi-rail cta station Closed AndyJF station created!
688 Jan23@1632h Fluffhead555 claim part 2 for purple line Closed AndyJF see 687
687 Jan23@1620h Fluffhead555 claim part 1 for purple line Closed AndyJF line created and priority set to 1
686 Jan23@0241h Poxl3 save this Closed Verros I have brought all 3 builds back seperately, copy with WE and move accordingly
685 Jan22@1813h Fluffhead555 create regions for purple Closed Verros regions have been created
684 Jan22@1742h Fluffhead555 can i also be an owner of the "cta_red_south3" region? Closed Verros done
683 Jan22@1739h Fluffhead555 can i get ownership for the region "highway_east" and "highway_north" so i can use it for the purple line? Closed Verros this has now been set
682 Jan22@1639h Fluffhead555 expand region "fluffhead555_flag" so that it touches the light blue line's region pls :) Closed Verros region expanded to border of light blue line
681 Jan22@1534h Fluffhead555 create region for light blue going into this valley pls Closed AndyJF region created
680 Jan22@1502h Fluffhead555 remove these deactivated lag machines before someone tries to turn them on Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting, removed
679 Jan22@1501h Fluffhead555 this looks like it was griefed Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
678 Jan22@0512h Teqor the location is 1404 X, 153 Z its a wooden house with a gravel wool path and some lamp posts Closed AndyJF I found it
677 Jan22@0511h Teqor Teqor Claim the area around the redstone blocks please Closed AndyJF Region Claimed!
676 Jan21@1642h F_SOSAA can i delete my homes? Closed AndyJF You can delete a home with /delhome <name>
675 Jan21@1613h F_SOSAA theres unprotected house Closed Verros protected
674 Jan21@1319h AndyJF expand my dune region Closed AndyJF region expanded
673 Jan21@1112h adon1003 <message> Closed AndyJF
672 Jan21@1110h adon1003 Why Closed AndyJF
671 Jan21@1109h AndyJF protect this area for player adon1003 Closed AndyJF region protected
670 Jan20@1715h AndyJF protect splendor's temple Closed AndyJF build protected
669 Jan19@1456h F_SOSAA theres unprivated house Closed AndyJF Could you supply more information please
668 Jan19@1456h F_SOSAA theres unprivated house Closed AndyJF duplicate
667 Jan19@1429h F_SOSAA сan u please rename this rg with Da Big Chungus Closed AndyJF region renamed!
666 Jan18@1905h F_SOSAA Hey, can i somehow rename my rg Closed AndyJF Yes, just resubmit your request with the new name
665 Jan18@0315h iceberg76 greafed Closed fazaden please make your modreq at the location of the grief, I can't see anything griefed here
664 Jan18@0301h Neuxs can you make my plot where people can use blocks but cannot destory or place them? Closed Bardidley interact allow flag has been set.
663 Jan17@2004h F_SOSAA Hey, can u try to add plugin to create custom music discs, to get soundtracks in a buildings? Closed Bardidley It can be done by creating your own custom resource pack. That is the only way here.
662 Jan17@1645h AndyJF Would it be possible to have a warp her called Dune? Closed Bardidley Warp Dune granted!
661 Jan16@2301h Verros request removal of region rogue_highway, no activity Closed marting11 moved rogue_highway protection underground except for start and end & removed claim border. shortened to actual built up part
660 Jan16@1903h F_SOSAA one more unclaimed thing Closed Verros thank you for the report
659 Jan16@1900h F_SOSAA here's unprivated house, maybe u need to claim it so noone brokes it Closed Verros already protected as part of smegbear_build
658 Jan16@1900h F_SOSAA here's unprivated house, maybe u need to claim it so noone brokes it Closed Verros
657 Jan16@1032h Marble_1 claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
656 Jan16@1031h Marble_1 request Closed AndyJF
655 Jan15@1857h Fluffhead555 griefed build Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
654 Jan15@1730h unnamed205 andy nevermind its supposed to be z241 to z529 please fix it Closed AndyJF The region is now exactly aligned for a 3 by 2 mapart, each square=1 map
653 Jan15@1659h unnamed205 change bounds of region to x2069 z244 (instead of z271) and x2455 z529. region name: "welshflag" creator: Bardidley Closed AndyJF region redefinded!
652 Jan15@1152h AndyJF protect Latencjo build Closed AndyJF protected
651 Jan13@1926h Fluffhead555 can u claim this large area for me? Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
650 Jan12@1623h Fluffhead555 someone griefed this pixelart Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
649 Jan11@1940h Fluffhead555 also make a region for the light blue line going out (make it go from y=195 to y=185) Closed AndyJF line created!
648 Jan11@1938h Fluffhead555 create a region for this descending blue line Closed AndyJF region created
647 Jan11@1905h AndyJF expand my desert region Closed AndyJF done
646 Jan11@1904h Fluffhead555 make a new region here for a lightblue-green line intersection Closed AndyJF region created!
645 Jan11@1727h Fluffhead555 also put the blue line's region priorities over others Closed AndyJF priority set to 1!
644 Jan11@1725h Fluffhead555 add me as an owner of "cta_green_east11 Closed AndyJF Added as owner!