Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
385 May26@1844h Mr_CTA actually name it cta_light_blue test please Closed zburdsal Done
384 May26@1710h Mr_CTA Protect and name cta_lightblue_example please! Closed zburdsal Done
383 May25@1125h mischievous_doge Even on claims that I know are still mine, for example in the redstone world still wont work with world edit. Know why? Let me know if you have anything to say. Thx! Open
382 May24@0820h Vikhedgehog claim tower_construction_site Closed Bardidley Protected!
381 May24@0523h _NCTea_ hello! was just wondering if i could get my build protected? was also wondering if there was any fast way to remove all the trees within my marked space? thanks - _NCTea_ Closed Challenger2 Region granted. You can use //replace to replace trees.
380 May24@0450h iLikeMinecraft27 a lot of pixel art is griefed, and there's also some sort of house Closed Bardidley Build moved from Pixelart.
379 May24@0447h iLikeMinecraft27 also someone covered pixel art in poop Closed iLikeMinecraft27
378 May24@0446h iLikeMinecraft27 someone griefed this squidward i think, it's not my build but still it's not cool Closed iLikeMinecraft27
377 May22@0743h ElMango69 request Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
376 May20@2018h Mr_Underhill protect 1397, ..., 791 to 1383, ..., 805 Closed Norami Region made :D
375 May20@1342h Tedbear wegion expansion pwease! ^-^ Closed marting11 wegion expanded
374 May19@2239h Lotmom there was a sign on the back wall that was accidentally broken, do you think you could get it back? Closed Norami The only edits to this sign which show up are yours. the other sign must be out of logs, so it cannot be retrived the original sign. Sorry about that.
373 May19@1435h JacobTheWizard request Land claim Closed Norami region made \o/
372 May19@1435h JacobTheWizard request Closed Norami duplicate, see 373
371 May18@2341h zedadex training + req - how do I reset this plot? Closed marting11 plot cleared & discussed
370 May18@2259h Tedbear remove "tedbear" from region please Closed Bardidley Removed!
369 May18@2151h Serval Looking to claim this region, thanks! Closed Bluuefuzzy region created!
368 May18@0053h BlooSupremacist please create region Cod_shipment Closed marting11 protected
367 May17@2250h Vikhedgehog claim Closed zedadex created
366 May17@2244h Mr_CTA Someone is using a hacked client. Their name is Twisted_Fyre. Closed Bardidley Will have to check them next time.
365 May17@2236h Mr_CTA Can you make the region Winchester allow item drops like when you want to drop something it appears? Thank you! Closed Bardidley Drops set to allow!
364 May17@1406h Papaplopalot request: sorry, didn't mean to send the second one... Closed Bardidley Duplicate
363 May17@1405h Papaplopalot list Closed Bardidley Duplicate
362 May17@1404h Papaplopalot request: can i have marked out a plot of land at 794, 85, -50 please can i have it protected. by the way, the plot next to it is also mine, i am just extending it Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
361 May17@0210h Mr_CTA Test. Please complete this, Chall. Closed Challenger2 Done
360 May16@1952h Papaplopalot request: can i have a second plot if i have used most of my first plot?# Closed Bluuefuzzy you can have your plot expanded, just be sure to put a border around the area
359 May13@2256h kittypuppet randloc spawns me inside blocks Closed Bardidley Yes that is normal, just run command again or compass out.
358 May13@2249h kittypuppet what is this? I see a handful all over the map Closed Bardidley Not sure, but I have removed the ones I could see.
357 May13@1535h CodeRedStone Protection for my build at 832/77/985, enclosed by Acacia Fences Closed Bardidley Protected!
356 May13@1450h CodeRedStone Ban ljusstake2000, he is griefing my houses. Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
355 May13@1450h CodeRedStone Ban ljusstake2000 Closed CodeRedStone
354 May13@0455h nolanater1735 protect these works of art pls Closed Sapphric ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
353 May12@0734h monfmonf is it possible to add the /hud plugin that PVE has? Closed Challenger2 /hud added.
352 May12@0613h LavaCakeLover protection for build Closed Verros protected build
351 May12@0424h nummers9 im newer to the server and i wanted to claim land and from what i read this is how i do it i will try and make a clear to see border of how much land i want i shouldent be to much Closed marting11 protected
350 May11@1052h Zomise /warp testbuild doesn't exist. (there's still an alert for it being a thing) Closed Challenger2 World loaded
349 May10@0240h iLikeMinecraft27 my pixel art was griefed Closed marting11 your pixel art is fixed
348 May10@0055h Andromeda4210 grief Closed marting11 fixed
347 May08@0856h Lilianae requesting protection extention to fit world editing of a single large building, ty :] Closed schererererer region expanded
346 May07@0111h Jaden1228 please protect Closed Bardidley AFTER
345 May06@0324h TreeNinjaInATree someone broke the rails Closed marting11 fixed
344 May05@2333h Bluuefuzzy pls give region Closed Bluuefuzzy region given!
343 May05@2332h NoBrksJustBlakes NoBrksJustBlakes Closed Bluuefuzzy region created!
342 May05@0817h FallenAgnostic i accidentally broke those honey blocks on top Closed Verros not an issue, it can just be replaced next time we do spleef here
341 May02@1850h zedadex y'know, technically I couldn't find the rule this breaks in, but I'm pretty sure it breaks one. lol Closed Bardidley "Don't build or be a dick" Removed. thanks lol
340 May01@1528h Thyuglyone Thyuglyone Closed Verros protected the build
339 May01@1351h Maciox_ Can I claim more land? Closed Verros region size has been updated, please only submit 1 request for the same issue
338 May01@1351h Maciox_ Can I claim more land? Closed Verros region size has been updated
337 May01@1244h XxRedWolfxXYT i want to clear some land for a plot for me Closed Verros find a empty space and outline it, then we'll protect it for you. /randloc will help you find empty space
336 Apr29@1058h Maciox_ I want protection on my terrain. -513 66 428 Closed Verros duplicate mod request
335 Apr29@1058h Maciox_ I want protection on my terrain. -513 66 428 Closed Verros region created
334 Apr29@0158h HyperLite2014 request Closed Verros thanks for the report
333 Apr28@1249h water_jet theres loads of minecarts all over mine and others plots here Closed schererererer fixed, thanks for reporting
332 Apr27@0726h Zomise I was extending our claim and noticed this unfinished structure at the bottom of the ocean. Possible to get this removed? Closed Verros claim expanded and build moved
331 Apr27@0148h Vikhedgehog can you rollback this griefing? Closed Vikhedgehog
330 Apr26@0158h FallenAgnostic flow Closed Bardidley No flowing lava in the arena, sorry
329 Apr25@1807h FishyWishyEF FishyWishyEF claim at about -1875 -1250 Closed Bardidley Duplicate closed.
328 Apr25@1806h FishyWishyEF FishyWishyEF Closed Bardidley Protected! Good start so far, have fun!
327 Apr25@0934h nolanater1735 first wild grief ive seen in years Closed Bardidley Cleaned up lava spam.
326 Apr24@1513h Raffone_Bros Please replace polished granite blocks with barrier blocks. Thanks! Closed Bardidley replaced!
325 Apr24@0010h zedadex ShinriKiyaru brought this to my attention as they were concerned. I see their point Closed Bardidley Thank you for reporting.
324 Apr23@2041h zedadex requesting temporary WE testing region! Closed schererererer voila! edit away!
323 Apr23@1743h Name_Humor can i have protection? thank you Closed schererererer region expanded to cover new area
322 Apr23@1142h Waxted Can this small strip of land between me and Tedbears plots be added to one of the regions? its annoying having a space in the middle we cant use WE in Closed schererererer tedqueensland expanded to cover the strip of land
321 Apr23@0326h Steverfever2000 protection Closed Bardidley Protected!
320 Apr22@0226h Verros protect new area of blue line plz, cta_blue_1,2,3 Closed marting11 protected
319 Apr21@1855h ArkaneSpirit i found this, with apparently phone numbers and link to website. I don't know what it that but it may be dangerous ou forbidden in the serveur. Closed marting11 dealt with, thanks for reporting
318 Apr21@1158h Waxted Requesting a warp for my recreation of the ship RMS Olympic(sister ship of Titanic) and the surrounding city (city is still a wip, but the ships interior is almost done) Closed Waxted Rethinking some things, Will request sometime later
317 Apr21@0130h Verros grief Closed Bardidley Fixed!
316 Apr20@2340h Verros protection for this section of blue line Closed Bardidley Protected!
315 Apr20@1035h Waxted New user on the server with offensive name, his name is Schutzstaffeln88, Schutzstaffeln = the Nazi SS and 88 is 4chan slang for Heil Hitler Closed totemo player banned, swastika and other builds rolled back
314 Apr20@0649h zedadex does wg work in nerdplots? tried //set and no luck. (testing a temp build and I kept randwarping next to *actual* builds lol) Closed Bardidley It should work in your own plot. Make sure you are standing in and your selection is within your plot.
313 Apr20@0643h zedadex I no longer need this plot, is there a way I can reset/remove myself from it or does it need to be req'd :o Closed Bardidley Plot reset!
312 Apr19@1820h Verros been finding stuff like this all over the map recently, was wondering if it's all by the same user and if it can be rolled back? Closed Bardidley Removed this one.
311 Apr19@1455h Verros replace all the lapis with flowing water please Closed marting11 replaced
310 Apr19@1151h Meiv Meiv Closed marting11 you have to let me know what you need in the modreq message
309 Apr19@1149h Waxted any chance the waterflow around this ship could be fixed? its driving me crazy having to swim around fixing it all by hand Closed marting11 water fixed
308 Apr18@1308h cheezychicken expand cathedral region to out here plz thx <3 Closed Spook6 expanded
307 Apr18@1242h ChildOfThorin123 how do i get a plot? Closed marting11 please read the signs at spawn, this is not a plot server. just claim an area and start building
306 Apr18@0310h Greg_TheTurtle waterflow Closed marting11 flowed
305 Apr17@0145h Verros need access to the clifton region, I have an agreement with abitcat over discord Closed marting11 added as owner
304 Apr17@0128h SuperBlume12 BuildProtect for Wolrdedit Closed marting11 protected, you can now use worldedit
303 Apr16@1933h Verros protect area around rail, owners should be ArkaneSpirit and Verros, cta_orange with number plz Closed Bardidley Protected!
302 Apr16@1511h JustGrayForge claim plz Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
301 Apr15@2345h PurplePunkinPie 70 how do i clear this stuff Closed schererererer region created; you can now use worldedit to clear blocks with //set air inside your region
300 Apr15@2057h Ozeh nether portal Closed schererererer if you want nether portal blocks, modreq after denoting where you want them, e.g. with a placeholder block; if you want to get to the nether dimension, use /mvtp world_nether
299 Apr15@1619h Mr_Underhill protect -21, -2597 to -64, -2584 Closed schererererer protected
298 Apr15@1503h veuxu veuxu Closed Bardidley Closed.
297 Apr14@1950h veuxu veuxu Closed schererererer your build here already has a protection; if you need something else, you can explain specifically in the modreq text
296 Apr13@2023h veuxu request Closed Bardidley Region protected.
295 Apr13@1255h Verros someone has changed my sign here and plastered flags in the area Closed Bardidley Removed.
294 Apr13@0655h Ammi_f request: //set not working "0 block affected" Closed Bardidley Duplicate request.
293 Apr13@0314h TheDeadlyEagle79 protection Closed marting11 protected
292 Apr12@2248h Mr_CTA can you also make this region so only owners and members can come inplease? Thank you. Closed marting11 discussed in pm
291 Apr12@2156h Mr_CTA Can there be a region named spawn_stn_yellow_depot and make me and iceberg76 owners please? Thank you. Closed marting11 region already covered by the CTA spawn station protection. WE will not be enabled for this region, confirmed with Chall
290 Apr12@2027h MrNarwal claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
289 Apr12@0718h Hanstra can I get this claim expansionated? Closed marting11 region expanded. I moved your build. check /mail for details
288 Apr12@0152h iNerd71 could I get this plot real quick pls? Closed marting11 just build you are a mod lol
287 Apr11@1954h Troublebear protect island Closed Bardidley Protected!
286 Apr11@1136h OddGeometry please protect the giant mush room (the beacon temple nearby is not mine) Closed Bardidley Protected!
285 Apr11@0126h spycyborg12345 spycyborg12345 Closed marting11 protected & friend added too
284 Apr10@2330h Heartshine Possible Greif Closed marting11 original owner of the statue did that but it's been like that long enough. removed
283 Apr10@1136h Zomise //setbiome not working, says not permitted to do that. Pls change the biome of this island and the other one to the east to jungle. Closed marting11 biome changed
282 Apr10@1016h Zomise Pls protect claim as kirstzom, owners me and Spathe Closed Spook6 region made
281 Apr10@0833h Hanstra Can I get a region for the caution stiped area? Thanks! Closed Spook6 protected
280 Apr08@1737h cheezychicken region expanded to the terracotta pillar thing over that way a bit Closed schererererer region expanded!
279 Apr07@2221h Name_Humor hey guys i need protection on my build Closed fazaden We can see the first req, please don't make multiple for the same thing
278 Apr07@1830h Name_Humor hey guys, i need protection on my build... can you guys help me? Closed fazaden duplicate request
277 Apr07@1756h Name_Humor protection please Closed fazaden protected :)
276 Apr07@1138h WhiteAtomic claiming area Closed fazaden your area has been protected, happy building!
275 Apr07@0332h Verros extend cta_green_5 to world border, no other regions are in the way Closed marting11 region extended
274 Apr07@0020h TedVito17 protecc stripped log area Closed Bardidley Protected!
273 Apr06@0347h iceberg76 can my border have protections, and say welcome to springfeild in chat? Closed Challenger2 Springfeild region granted.
272 Apr06@0215h iceberg76 can you move this elytra port in winchester 2 blocks back from the street and put it up 1 block higher? Closed marting11 you are an owner in this region, therefore you should be able to use worldedit to do it
271 Apr05@2336h bedrockbed protect Closed Bardidley Protection granted!
270 Apr05@2242h xRubix_Girlx protection Closed Bardidley Protected!
269 Apr05@2054h Mr_CTA Can we please have a /warp Winchester? Thank you! Closed marting11 we have decided that this is not ready for a warp yet. you may make another request later on, when it's more built up
268 Apr05@2008h JCS617 claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
267 Apr05@1800h DextrousSoup water Closed Bardidley Flowed!
266 Apr04@2147h DextrousSoup protect Closed Bardidley Protected!
265 Apr04@0329h Verros inappropriate content Closed marting11 removed, thanks for reporting
264 Apr04@0237h logancs77 protection Closed marting11 protected
263 Apr04@0041h Verros replace jungle wood with flowing water Closed marting11 flowed
262 Apr04@0000h DrTim58 shrink to blue border pls Closed marting11 shrunk and old border removed
261 Apr03@2026h Verros protect area orange_interchange Closed Bardidley Protected!
260 Apr03@0842h HannaXGaming i mean its not like they did anything wrong but its not pixel art xd Closed Bardidley Removed. Thanks
259 Apr03@0022h p00pvolcano protection Closed Bardidley Protected!
258 Apr02@2334h Verros protect between the purple wool plz Closed Bardidley Protected!
257 Apr02@2208h Verros unclaim massive region, only top of volcano has anything built Closed marting11 discussed with owner, size of claim significantly reduced
256 Apr02@2207h Lilianae could I get protections for WE inside this rectangle? thanks <3 Closed Bardidley Protected!
255 Apr02@2206h Verros section should be unclaimed, not used, large, WE spam Closed marting11 discussed with owner; still has plans to finish it
254 Apr02@0133h DrTim58 I get notifications when folk are banned as well it seems Closed Bardidley Techs know about it, we'll see if they can fix it.
253 Apr02@0049h Verros can I get some regions for the CTA tracks in building here? there a few turns so just ask me about details Closed marting11 CTA green line protected up to 2k
252 Apr02@0046h Rad_Phoenix claim name 'Rads Warcrime Center' Closed marting11 protected
251 Apr01@0239h Verros can I get added to region cta_spawn_ew as well? Closed Bardidley Added!
250 Apr01@0118h Verros cta_red_1 is not a child of spawn so blocks can't be broken here to complete the rail Closed marting11 fixed, sorry
249 Apr01@0105h schererererer move KurZiraktum warp to here please Closed Bardidley Warp moved!
248 Mar31@2332h Verros extend this zone too plz Closed marting11 should be alright now
247 Mar31@2104h Verros extend zone to encompass the rest of this path and the turn in the path Closed marting11 extended
246 Mar29@0000h Leapinz protection Closed marting11 protected
245 Mar26@2356h cmdrtebok protection por favor Closed Bardidley Protected!
244 Mar26@2254h CxptainBrexit final area extension claim from 1005, 181, -2704 to 1977, 181, -3600 Closed Bardidley Protected!
243 Mar26@1356h ArkaneSpirit CTA connection 5/5 sorry if i do some mistake in the position of the corner. thank ^^ Closed Bardidley Discussed in chat.
242 Mar26@1355h ArkaneSpirit CTA connection 4/5 Closed Bardidley Discussed in chat.
241 Mar26@1355h ArkaneSpirit CTA connection 3/5 Closed Bardidley Discussed in chat.
240 Mar26@1355h ArkaneSpirit CTA connection 2/5 Closed Bardidley Discussed in chat.
239 Mar26@1354h ArkaneSpirit CTA connection 1/5 Closed Bardidley Discussed in chat.
238 Mar25@1114h MasterCommaThe grief Closed Bardidley Fixed!
237 Mar25@0128h LetsBFehr Please flow the water -- thanks! Closed Bardidley Flowed!
236 Mar24@0102h PigeonSquared Ready to claim land Closed Bardidley Protected!
235 Mar24@0038h PigeonSquared helpppppp i cant get worldedit to work Closed Bardidley Behold, you have been given the POWER of World Edit!
234 Mar23@2009h Flaming_Fantom claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
233 Mar23@1832h Flaming_Fantom claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
232 Mar23@0423h Apogee Can you protect this quaint vacation destination from goobers please? Closed Bardidley Protected!
231 Mar22@2220h BlackDragon852 BlackDragon852 i am not in creativemode Closed Bardidley Do /mode
230 Mar22@1256h Wiktorek7 claim Closed totemo duplicate of 229
229 Mar22@1248h Wiktorek7 claim Closed totemo protected
228 Mar22@0935h AndyJF can this region have one name please called - ajf_terminal - at the moment I have a region within a region. Thanks! Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
227 Mar22@0354h nlax123 land claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
226 Mar22@0027h fazaden protect this region please Closed fazaden region 'Rhaknam' created
225 Mar21@1016h AndyJF to here please (see last modreq). thank you Closed fazaden see 224
224 Mar21@1015h AndyJF claim this region from here Closed fazaden protected
223 Mar20@2014h LetsBFehr Protedction request -- surrounded by purple wool Closed Bardidley The care of this ancient monument is upon you.
222 Mar20@1946h Troublebear unprotect Closed Bardidley Region removed =(
221 Mar20@0819h Apogee Can you change the flags so people can't flip the trapdoors and fencegates? Closed Bardidley Interact flag set to deny, neat build!
220 Mar19@0040h dbut extend this lil nook Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
219 Mar18@2351h dalyn56 please protect my area it will be a good build i promise you that one Closed Bardidley Protected!
218 Mar18@1031h dalyn56 check Closed dalyn56
217 Mar18@1031h dalyn56 request protect please Closed Bardidley Protected!
216 Mar18@0424h Apogee Protect this tower pretty please. Closed Bardidley Protected!
215 Mar18@0245h zzke protection Closed Bardidley Protected!
214 Mar18@0152h mookers31 mookers31 Closed Bardidley Protected!
213 Mar17@1804h bearhuntr rename rg from konandreas to southington Closed Bardidley Region recreated with new name and flags!
212 Mar16@2353h AccelShark protect, pink wool. will be used for town build with a park in middle. Closed Bardidley Claim granted! have fun.
211 Mar16@1843h QuentinB357 pls unban tommyhoy368 he got banned for no reason Closed Bardidley Ban appeals must be dealt with through the forums at
210 Mar15@1919h NastyHabits was that a grief or smth? Closed marting11 builder griefed his own build!? removed
209 Mar12@1930h SwiftM0nkey please protect my region "Tropic" Closed Bardidley Protected!
208 Mar12@0906h AndyJF claim this area please, call it andyjf_terminal. Thanks Closed Bardidley Protected!
207 Mar10@0834h nickeox can I also have the vertical space below my area? Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
206 Mar09@0909h nickeox can I get this entire orange rectangle protected, and if it's too much to request at once, just to the red line call it hockeytown Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region hockeytown created!
205 Mar09@0741h nickeox rulebook references wiki link as which does not work. Closed marting11 rulebook fixed!
204 Mar08@2329h Rad_Phoenix claim all this for me pleasethanks Closed Bardidley protected!
203 Mar07@2134h Troublebear protect Troubletown Closed Bardidley Protected!
202 Mar07@0836h SwiftM0nkey exposed redstone Closed Bardidley It's ok if its not running.
201 Mar07@0657h Omega_Orion Can I have a protect on the orange area plz, its an aviary :D Closed Bardidley Protected!
200 Mar07@0235h Hollifer Can you expand the region to the new border? Closed marting11 region extended
199 Mar06@2212h BaglarTheWizard protection pls Closed Bardidley Protected!
198 Mar06@1453h Waxted expand region waxted_build or connect it with Ted50 and Tedbears region. (Light blue wool) Closed Bardidley New region created. waxted_buildnorth
197 Mar06@0930h Hollifer Please remove owner "SwiftMonkey" from AKB, typing error. :), the correct one is SwiftM0nkey, so please keep that one. Closed Bardidley Region owners updated!
196 Mar06@0314h Hollifer Can this be protected under the name AKB? Closed Bardidley Protected as AKB!
195 Mar05@2055h Tin_OS unclaim plot "redstone_0536" i was just testing something Closed Bardidley Region unclaimed
194 Mar05@2049h Tin_OS claim from -1382 19 1850(black concrete) to 31216 256 1709 Closed Bardidley I'm not seeing a border for your claim. Please make a rectangular border in the air and resubmit your modreq.
193 Mar05@0236h Heartshine greif Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting!
192 Mar05@0004h wyguy2014 please expand the wyguy_build region to these new boundaries (outermost stone rectangle) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region expanded!
191 Mar04@0139h RukiaKuchiki_ some pillagers spawned in a wall at my old base in /warp revision34 Closed Bardidley I can't seem to find them. Try using /butcher radius -f
190 Mar03@2207h PPGOME o h n o I found a no no Closed gk_ryo user banned, all edits removed
189 Mar03@1505h PatchyPretzel A tree on 737 443 is cut in half. May I rebuild it? Closed Bardidley unfortunately not. This land is owned by iNerd71
188 Mar03@0240h Rad_Phoenix can you stop coral from dying? Closed Bardidley Yes, put them under water. The only way unfortunately.
187 Mar03@0155h Abitcat hey i can't find a way to stop farmland from become dry, please change rg flag to keep farmland moist ty ily Closed Abitcat actually figured it out nvm
186 Mar02@0236h Smirkules please protect the area marked with blue glass Closed Bardidley Protected!