Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
1295 Jun27@0426h Mewcifer [TECHS] Crash packets in this chunk? Player paulzas spawned chest and book with the intent to crash clients. Open
1294 Jun27@0350h paulzas protection Closed iNerd71 Please build a border around the area you wish to claim before requesting protection.
1293 Jun27@0148h vexillologist420 would xxxtentacion eat mashed potatoes yes or no Closed fazaden please only use modreq for serious requests
1292 Jun27@0027h PPGOME make the monopoly board a child region and enable drops, please Closed marting11 protected and drops enabled
1291 Jun26@2116h nuke15 claim bruh Closed Bardidley Protected!
1290 Jun26@1136h SevenSolaris reclaim. This area has not been used, and it was claimed over six months ago. It's blocking me from my own build. Closed Bardidley Your build is thousands of blocks away. Make your expansion claim much smaller please.
1289 Jun26@0413h SevenSolaris claim I need this little area privately protected. Closed iNerd71 Rules protected!
1288 Jun26@0327h Rainedayss request Closed MasterCommaThe protected!
1287 Jun26@0257h PPGOME make this a child region of the yeetroit one and enable drops, please! Closed iNerd71 Protected with drops enabled! (I think)
1286 Jun26@0200h SevenSolaris done 1283 Closed SevenSolaris
1285 Jun26@0159h SevenSolaris done Closed SevenSolaris
1284 Jun26@0159h SevenSolaris claim Yeetroit (Sorry, the last one had the wrong name) Closed marting11 yeetroit yeeted with protection
1283 Jun26@0158h SevenSolaris claim Yeetown Closed marting11 cancelling as requested
1282 Jun26@0045h vexillologist420 move the warp for my region to this spot instead? Closed Bardidley Warp moved.
1281 Jun25@2314h PPGOME gold to barrier please Closed iNerd71 Barriers added for this... thing....
1280 Jun25@1926h Stongduke Hello! Can you delete the region halsteadkorinth-highway? I have completed this section of the highway and am ready for people to be allowed to build on it. Thank you! Closed marting11 region removed
1279 Jun25@1924h Stongduke Hello! Can you delete the regions stonghighway3 and stonghighway2? I have completed the highways here and am ready for people to be allowed to build on them. Thank you! Closed marting11 regions removed
1278 Jun25@0533h Krazykev1562 claim Closed iNerd71 Duplicate of 1277
1277 Jun25@0532h Krazykev1562 claim Closed iNerd71 Protected!
1276 Jun25@0502h vexillologist420 make it so when you leave my plot so the text is red? /rg flag vex_plot farewell Come again soon. Closed Mewcifer made it red
1275 Jun25@0311h SevenSolaris help Closed marting11 duplicate request
1274 Jun25@0311h SevenSolaris claim Head Museum Closed marting11 protected!
1273 Jun24@2310h maxobeman protection Closed marting11 protected
1272 Jun24@2140h fazaden protect this pixel art, border in black Closed fazaden protected
1271 Jun24@1718h Ghlue claim Closed DrTim58 duplicate of 1270
1270 Jun24@1700h Ghlue can I have my build claimed Closed DrTim58 protected! Only send one modreq next time :P
1269 Jun24@1032h SevenSolaris claim Shpongle Closed fazaden expanded
1268 Jun24@0945h Tedbear i think this is a dick with three testicles Closed Tedbear
1267 Jun24@0859h SevenSolaris claim Closed fazaden protected :)
1266 Jun24@0721h SevenSolaris claim Closed iNerd71 Protected!
1265 Jun24@0658h jadedeconomist This player was "told to rotate the builds to the east" (req 1240) and it was rotated back west for some reason despite having been set east for a few days. Req 1240 was the original request for this to be rotated and it was completed by Bardidley. Closed Bardidley Build appears to have been removed by the owner. Region removed.
1264 Jun24@0427h vexillologist420 Please give Abitcat a little ban, you said yourselves no slurs, and he used one. Closed iNerd71 It has been dealt with
1263 Jun24@0258h promaxxe 1. what is this 2. who made it 3. why is it here 4. can it be removed Closed iNerd71 Situation resolved
1262 Jun24@0251h promaxxe dissolve yellow region and combine yellow region with new red region to the west under name sta_2 Closed Mewcifer yellow dissolved, new area set to sta_2, owners of 'standrews' copied to 'sta-2'
1261 Jun24@0250h PaladinFeyarch protection Closed marting11 protected
1260 Jun24@0239h promaxxe expand contents of yellow border to fill new red border to the west Closed promaxxe rephrasing
1259 Jun23@2226h promaxxe remove owner abitcat Closed marting11 removed
1258 Jun23@2214h timopaz pls the area within the border for my region -3280, 5536 Closed marting11 region created
1257 Jun23@2145h Verros grief Closed marting11 fixed
1256 Jun23@0221h Verros can I get my winning speedbuild (camping theme) pasted here Closed Challenger2
1255 Jun23@0218h Verros can I get the beach I made a modreq for placed here Closed Challenger2 Yup
1254 Jun23@0156h iNerd71 hotflow again Closed MasterCommaThe Flowed more
1253 Jun23@0153h iNerd71 hotflow Closed Challenger2 Flowed
1252 Jun23@0152h Verros add me to this plot plz Closed Challenger2 Added
1251 Jun23@0140h Verros sorry I want this one too Closed Challenger2 Saved to Speed Build Museum
1250 Jun23@0137h PPGOME set plot time to night, please! Closed Bardidley Sorry we dont change time in sb plots
1249 Jun23@0122h Verros definitely want this build copied over to my area later plz Closed Challenger2 Build copied
1248 Jun23@0108h iNerd71 speedflo Closed Challenger2 Flowed
1247 Jun23@0045h PPGOME expand ples owo Closed fazaden expand'd
1246 Jun22@2203h cmdrtebok please to region this por favor Closed fazaden protect'd
1245 Jun22@1736h SpruceClient8 Can this build be protected? Closed DrTim58 protected!
1244 Jun21@0216h Verros broken cta line Closed Bardidley Fixed.
1243 Jun21@0057h admanta bardcomplex_northeast Closed Bardidley Protected!
1242 Jun20@0406h jadedeconomist this build is trolling my region and id like it to be moved Closed jadedeconomist
1241 Jun20@0249h Haiku pls protecterino thankue Closed DrTim58 okily dokily
1240 Jun20@0156h Tedbear the owner of this region has rotated its fleet, and it now appears to be "attacking" the CAGR region. Originally, the ships and aircraft were facing the opposite direction. I have suspicions that there is malicious intent behind this edit. Closed Bardidley Player has been told to rotate the builds to the east. Thanks for letting us know.
1239 Jun20@0026h Jake_The_Gamer help claiming land Closed marting11 this is jadedeconomist's land, either ask him if you can build here or find some free space elsewhere
1238 Jun19@0137h StarFoxCafe Border plz you r a saint boio u w u Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
1237 Jun18@0400h Haiku gib reigon father timothy Closed Mewcifer i hate u
1236 Jun18@0222h admanta the command /john no longer shows the correct face. Open
1235 Jun18@0057h Abitcat claim these regions (they're connected) for the cta (me and chall) (name - "cta_green_17" add 1 to the "17" for each new region) Closed marting11 cta_green_17 to 20 created
1234 Jun18@0009h BaglarTheWizard protect Closed MasterCommaThe Modreq 1234 completed...that's a terrible password.
1233 Jun17@2159h BaglarTheWizard can you change this to flowing water Closed MasterCommaThe With some mild assumptions I think I flowed the water you wanted. Please place a sacrificial block next time to clearly identify the space.
1232 Jun17@2044h Abitcat claim for cta (me,chall) Closed fazaden protected
1231 Jun17@0338h promaxxe can i have this claim bordering me removed Closed Mewcifer not claimed and out of lb--feel free to just build over it. i sincerely doubt its going to be developed
1230 Jun17@0053h promaxxe remove owner abitcat Closed marting11 removed
1229 Jun17@0005h Nineteenblock92 protect claim Closed marting11 protected
1228 Jun16@2300h Dragonlance416 protect Closed DrTim58 protected! Don't forget to use /sethome to get back to it!
1227 Jun16@1944h Abitcat extend the claim to blue Closed DrTim58 expanded
1226 Jun16@0257h RDstonetrxz barrier blocks (replace orange wool)? Closed Mewcifer barriered
1225 Jun15@1810h CodeNameTassoni area claim Closed marting11 can you mark the corners of the area you want and modreq again?
1224 Jun15@1609h _Despayeeto yeah can i get uhhhhh one landclaim pls Closed marting11 protected, nice build!
1223 Jun14@1615h Verros can we get some more lighting in this room? Open
1222 Jun14@1526h Verros need these green glass replace with barrier block (166) Closed Mewcifer barrier'd
1221 Jun14@0510h jadedeconomist can this military build be moved away from my city thank you Closed Mewcifer Discussed with Bard via DM.
1220 Jun14@0455h jadedeconomist can i make a claim Closed Mewcifer No. There is open land elsewhere.
1219 Jun14@0118h RDstonetrxz protection? Closed marting11
1218 Jun13@2150h jadedeconomist can /shrug = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Closed jadedeconomist
1217 Jun13@2106h Stongduke could I have this area surrounded in white concrete? It's for the highway. Yes, they can overlap. Thank you! Closed Mewcifer see 1215
1216 Jun13@2106h Stongduke could I have this area surrounded in white concrete? It's for the highway. Yes, they can overlap. Thank you! Closed Mewcifer see 1215
1215 Jun13@2106h Stongduke could I have this area surrounded in white concrete? It's for the highway. Yes, they can overlap. Thank you! Closed Mewcifer stonghighway1 2 and 3 created
1214 Jun13@2048h WaxTed expand border (green wool) Closed Mewcifer protected as waxted_green_exp (east to west shorter than original rg)
1213 Jun13@1925h jadedeconomist i cant use any tp commands (home bacc etc) in spawn :( Closed jadedeconomist
1212 Jun13@1924h Mewcifer testing 1 2 3 Closed Mewcifer we got em boys
1211 Jun13@1907h jadedeconomist this idiot is griefing bard's flag Closed Mewcifer n u k e d
1210 Jun13@1907h SextDexy Murays is griefing this flag and bragging about it Closed Mewcifer dunno why hed brag abt only 590 blocks of damage
1209 Jun13@0733h Heinrike_The_God COCK WHORE MOTHERFUCKER Closed Mewcifer i love trolls
1208 Jun13@0733h Heinrike_The_God you fuck kids Closed Mewcifer
1207 Jun13@0732h Heinrike_The_God unmute me cocktease slut Closed Mewcifer no ty
1206 Jun13@0517h Stongduke Hello! Could I claim this area outlined in white concrete? This is the first stretch of the highway between me and Prom. Thank you! Closed Mewcifer protected as halsteadkorinth-highway with promaxxe added as owner
1205 Jun13@0022h SextDexy add gray border area to region "oasis" please Closed marting11 region extended
1204 Jun12@0332h SextDexy can i have perms to build here to make little pillars for copying and pasting a full build Closed MasterCommaThe Instructed on WE commands. suggested WE CUI
1203 Jun12@0324h Mumberthrax please protect the wool-enclosed area as something like Mumberthrax-farm Closed Mewcifer farm';deawD
1202 Jun12@0318h SextDexy protect the whole city for copying and pasting please Closed Mewcifer protected :)
1201 Jun12@0119h vexillologist420 Extend my region to this island here? thakns Closed MasterCommaThe Region expanded, long may it reign.
1200 Jun11@2232h PPGOME protect please! Name: PPOLY Closed marting11 protected
1199 Jun11@2109h SextDexy protect gray border area with region name Oasis please Closed marting11 created region oasis and removed smaller region inside
1198 Jun11@1859h crispy_crungus protection Closed marting11 protected
1197 Jun11@1731h Leolaus Hello. i am asking to claim part of my bridge still under construction, to avoid it being griefed. Thanks. Closed MasterCommaThe I'm sorry, this area is strictly reserved for 2D builds. Please remove the structure or it will be removed and you will be billed our standard demolition fee. Seriously, sorry, you can't have this here. Maybe rebuild it outside PixelArt Valley.
1196 Jun11@0453h vexillologist420 phantom lighting :p please fix? Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed!
1195 Jun11@0305h Stongduke Hello! Whoever made these red glass blocks into barrier blocks didn't finish the job. Please can you do it? Thank you! Closed marting11 fixed, sorry
1194 Jun11@0238h Stongduke Hello! Could I get this red stained glass replaced with barrier blocks? Thank you! Closed marting11 barriers placed
1193 Jun11@0223h SextDexy protect gray concrete area pwease UwU Closed marting11 protected
1192 Jun09@2300h promaxxe also change region name to standrews instead of halstead Closed marting11 created region standrews, added same owners and flags as previous region
1191 Jun09@2258h promaxxe change warp name for halstead to st. andrews Closed Bardidley Warp name changed!
1190 Jun09@2126h Rad_Phoenix clam Closed marting11 closing for DrTim58
1189 Jun09@2051h Rad_Phoenix bigly claim bby Closed DrTim58 claim is bigly claimed
1188 Jun09@2010h Abitcat claim for cta (me, challenger) Closed DrTim58 yellow boi made
1187 Jun09@1822h Haiku pls relocate 'Saphira' warp here thank Closed Bardidley Warp relocated!
1186 Jun09@1822h Haiku pls relocate Closed Haiku
1185 Jun09@0500h vexillologist420 fix the phantom lighting in my region again? thanks! Closed Bardidley Fixed.
1184 Jun09@0236h somethinbetter can i have these pillars and that block pallete b moved to pp's new region thanka u Closed marting11 moved
1183 Jun09@0230h PPGOME protecc pls Closed marting11 protected
1182 Jun09@0056h SextDexy can i claim this plot please? it is completely empty and i'd start on it today Closed marting11 this plot was claimed less than a week ago, please choose another one
1181 Jun09@0054h SextDexy can i claim this plot? the only blocks placed here are spam and the user hasn't been on in over a month Closed SextDexy
1180 Jun08@1657h somethinbetter is this griefe Closed marting11 grief fixed
1179 Jun08@0206h promaxxe lighting glitches Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed!
1178 Jun07@2133h MegaCactus27 Hello! Can I claim this area surrounded by yellow woll? Thank you! Closed marting11 protected
1177 Jun07@2022h Pauline844 Hi can I get this marked area protected? Thanks. Closed fazaden protect'd
1176 Jun07@2008h promaxxe protection with name halstead_test3 Closed fazaden protect'd
1175 Jun07@1946h admanta NSFW build Closed fazaden fixed, thanks for the report
1174 Jun07@1731h Mr_CTA claim land Closed fazaden protect'd
1173 Jun07@1711h vexillologist420 place 2 barrier blocks here? i kind of broke them by accident Closed Bardidley Fixed.
1172 Jun07@0409h Tedbear pet me Closed DrTim58 I petted you and jaded, I demand bonus money!
1171 Jun07@0404h Mr_CTA flowwwww Closed DrTim58 Dispenser now flows water
1170 Jun07@0154h jadedeconomist these flag poles look like penises Closed Bardidley Not human ones.
1169 Jun07@0134h DragonfireX7 protection pls Closed marting11 protected
1168 Jun06@0518h StarFoxCafe border (making it larger) Closed MasterCommaThe Very cool underground structure. Expanded.
1167 Jun06@0210h Mr_CTA flow Closed MasterCommaThe The way you had it constructed the water spilled out destroying the button. Assuming that was unintentional and you meant the dispenser to be replaced I made a small addition to maintain the lighting.
1166 Jun05@2339h CanaGooseFur protected area and worldedit Closed marting11 protected, you can now use worldedit in your region. nice build already ;)
1165 Jun05@2323h admanta remove promaxxe as owner of bardcomplex Closed marting11 removed
1164 Jun03@0014h jadedeconomist pls disable compassing in jadedeconomist_pinkzone Closed DrTim58 Compasses are hereby banned for all non-owner
1163 Jun03@0013h jadedeconomist pls disable compassing in loving_city_ext Closed DrTim58 compass = denied, I swear
1162 Jun02@2246h Mr_CTA i want to reserve a space in spawn city city hall Closed Bardidley These rooms are not available yet, you can claim a City Representative Office on the upper floor if you like.
1161 Jun02@1705h Mr_CTA cant find cta hq on rev 33 Closed Bardidley Its on the mountain straight out of the front entrance of spawn building. Building has a curved roof.
1160 Jun02@0310h Abitcat hey mates. Is it alright if me and haik expand our region this way from region line to that highway? jaded isn't using this area at all, and its been empty for months. Closed Bardidley Seeing recent activity increase, we will wait 1 month and see if something happens with the empty land, there's plenty of free space!
1159 Jun02@0249h Mewcifer [TECH] jaded's reported this before (i have quarantined this plot), but he can stack outside of regions. i think everyone can with the right weasling around? iron blocks are the stacked blocks Claimed totemo
1158 Jun02@0236h vexillologist420 1. please make the spleef arena down below extend to the bottom ish, 2. please change the colors on the scoreboard i cannot fix them Closed Mewcifer region extended, buildability fixed (my b)
1157 Jun02@0216h jadedeconomist can I claim this island? its near my main claim and I want to build a small port on it Closed Mewcifer jadedport made
1156 Jun02@0046h jadedeconomist remove abit from this region Closed Mewcifer he gon
1155 Jun01@0454h Haiku pls expand rg thanks mother dearest Closed marting11 e x p a n d e d
1154 Jun01@0439h Haiku this land also appears to be barren of anything for more than 6 months almost, can it also be freed up for development? Closed Mewcifer we did not get a chance to review this before he began developing landscape :shrug:
1153 Jun01@0145h HillBillyCletus Portection for my area Closed fazaden region created, happy building!
1152 Jun01@0141h HillBillyCletus i need protection on my area of land Closed marting11 please make a border around your area and /modreq while you are at your build
1151 Jun01@0052h Andromeda4210 penis build Closed marting11 removed
1150 May31@2333h DT_Ooof can I have water flow to make a waterfall? Closed marting11 flowed!
1149 May31@0431h vexillologist420 ban Bardidley he said the f word Closed marting11 banned!
1148 May30@0539h Denovic land claim Closed Mewcifer claim'd :)
1147 May30@0530h Denovic i wanna claim this penusiula i dont have it marked though Closed Mewcifer modreq again when your border's rdy :)
1146 May30@0159h DT_Ree_eee_eee a region from -2698, 175, -640 to -3494, 175, -1090 Closed Mewcifer region claimed, friends added
1145 May30@0048h DT_Ree_eee_eee can you make the whole lake flow at -2738, 112, -911 Closed Mewcifer discussed worldedit, will get back to you on this when your rg is made and ready
1144 May30@0043h promaxxe i found this full of lava and theres a path of lava going far.. grief? Closed Mewcifer rolled back and dealt with
1143 May30@0042h promaxxe expand blue rg Closed Mewcifer expanded
1142 May30@0007h promaxxe remove texb from owner as well Closed Mewcifer see #1141
1141 May30@0006h promaxxe remove owner abitcat from halstead region Closed Mewcifer abitcat and texb removed
1140 May29@2133h DT_Ree_eee_eee can I get a water flow at -2794, 110, -900 Closed Mewcifer yes flowed
1139 May29@0258h StarFoxCafe border Closed Bardidley Protected!
1138 May28@2146h Haiku protect father Closed DrTim58 UwU I gib u river slut
1137 May28@2146h DrTim58 lighting bitches need stiches Closed Mewcifer i think theyre gonna need more than just stitches
1136 May28@1831h mischievous_doge if i can i'd like to have water and lava flowed in my region please :) i'm a bit nervous lol its the first time i done a mod request Closed Mewcifer discussed :)
1135 May28@1824h mischievous_doge i have found a place and marked the border with stone bricks (I'd like it claimed at all heights and depths) idk ive never done a /modreq before and i'd like to have a region here please Closed Mewcifer claimed
1134 May27@2251h somethinbetter can i b added to my rev 33 regions as well ty Closed DrTim58 old boi is reclaimed
1133 May27@2245h Stongduke could I claim this region (outlined in liteblue wool) and have it be called "stonghighdenstest"? Thank you! Closed DrTim58 the region itself is not high density, but you may test your densities of large exposure to marijuana
1132 May27@1932h StarFoxCafe border Closed DrTim58 protected
1131 May27@1720h AussieWeeb i need to rename an item but i don't want it to dissapear when i try to get it Closed DrTim58 item drops enabled
1130 May27@1713h MrMinecraft1423 I have a area to claim Closed DrTim58 area claimed
1129 May27@1709h AussieWeeb i need protection Closed DrTim58 trojans boug- err I mean, region granted!
1128 May27@0354h Toastedbush83 Can i have a claim, its the US flag at spawn. I destroyed my old build that was there, so i could make this and need to expand the area claimed. Closed buzzie71 see 1127 :O
1127 May27@0337h Toastedbush83 Can i have a claim Closed buzzie71 I expanded your previous region here to encompass the new border, and sign :O
1126 May27@0238h Abitcat extend region Closed buzzie71 additional region should be under perms of your region now :O
1125 May27@0204h Abitcat claim this place for the minor league spleef league arena Closed Abitcat scratch that looking for better area
1124 May26@0347h Toastedbush83 can you claim my area please? Closed Mewcifer build dispute resolved, claim set a bit to the north as toastedbush_treehouse
1123 May26@0342h MrMinecraft1423 I have a border around my area can i have it Closed MasterCommaThe claimed
1122 May26@0302h steezliner Could I please get a plot at /warp trees ? Closed marting11 added!
1121 May26@0236h devbat8712 claim Closed Mewcifer claimed, dwayne added
1120 May26@0223h jadedeconomist can this become new /warp spleef Closed Mewcifer We could set a warp spleef here for a one time special event, but we won't make this build the official warp spleef. We may at some point host a spleef arena contest though!
1119 May26@0136h Haiku pls gib sbeepuild plot Closed Challenger2 Perms granted
1118 May26@0136h PPGOME add me to sb plot please! Closed Bardidley Added.
1117 May26@0123h Haiku could a few of these reigons be pared down? they seem to be largely empty for existing for 5 months Closed Bardidley Land owner has kindly withdrawn part of the claim.
1116 May26@0115h jadedeconomist this zone is __global__ even though it should be in my plot. why arent any of my plots skylimit to bedrock by default? D: Closed Mewcifer not sure why it didnt go to bedrock. fixed.
1115 May25@1941h MrMinecraft1423 Floowwwwwwww Closed Challenger2 Water fixed
1114 May25@0345h Fundeful protect please Closed marting11 protected, nice house
1113 May25@0234h Fundeful unclaim Closed marting11 unclaimed
1112 May25@0031h arsMoriendi claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
1111 May24@2246h vexillologist420 make it so when you step on the snow you are put into survival mode? thanks Closed Mewcifer all rgs and flags set up properly (i think). happy snow breaking
1110 May24@0236h MrMinecraft1423 I want to have 2 plots Closed Bardidley Duplicate.
1109 May24@0233h MrMinecraft1423 I want to build something in Spawn City Closed Bardidley Removed and claimed other plot.
1108 May24@0214h MrMinecraft1423 there are random minecarts on the red line Closed Bardidley I think I got them all
1107 May24@0206h Tedbear sbarg region 100 south please Closed Bardidley Expanded 100 blocks south
1106 May23@0333h admanta This should be the new spleef warp Closed Bardidley We can consider it if it meets requirements.
1105 May20@0300h somethinbetter shadow fixe pls [probably would make sense to do one for the entire weeklybuild tbh] Closed Bardidley Fixed!
1104 May20@0007h vexillologist420 remove MrMinecraft1423 from as owner of my plot? thanks Closed Bardidley removed.
1103 May20@0006h MrMinecraft1423 i want to destroy my house Closed Bardidley Go ahead.
1102 May19@2251h somethinbetter can i b added here as well thank a u Closed marting11 added
1101 May19@2042h Pixl3 add to trees plz Closed marting11 added
1100 May19@2031h cmdrtebok its a penis! Closed marting11 removed. hi tebok!!
1099 May19@1924h MrMinecraft1423 wolf keeps trying to kill my pet Closed DrTim58 Your pets can't die without the input of a command, there's nothing to worry about
1098 May19@1824h jadedeconomist someone built a penis house Closed DrTim58 Penis deletis
1097 May19@0826h EGE12 claim Closed DrTim58 build your border in the form of a rectangle
1096 May19@0344h jadedeconomist why was i able to paste this plane but the space isnt in my region? idk how this happen Closed Mewcifer reported to techs also extended this rg to y=256