Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
196 Feb06@2128h Fluffhead555 massive claim for "asriche" Open
195 Feb05@2240h minecat654321 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted.
194 Feb04@1839h tobylane Water flow please Closed Fluffhead555 water fixed!
193 Jan31@0530h LocoQT claim Closed AndyJF Region Claimed!
192 Jan29@0447h marting11 banana car Closed AndyJF removed
191 Jan28@1713h ironcrafter54 have water flow in this plot please I am planning on doing a lot of waterworks Closed Fluffhead555 flowed
190 Jan27@0047h Fluffhead555 big old claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
189 Jan24@2051h RedWasPaused cancel Closed Fluffhead555 duplicate request
188 Jan24@2034h RedWasPaused request Closed Fluffhead555 done
187 Jan22@2018h Fluffhead555 claiming for a town near spleef Closed Fluffhead555 region made
186 Jan22@1513h Seedin7 can you please claim some land for me so i can world edit? Closed AndyJF region claimed, you can remove the border if you like!
185 Jan19@0238h THUMBTOE tp sign Closed Bardidley Easy sign placed
184 Jan19@0034h RedWasPaused claim Closed Andromeda4210 duplicate request
183 Jan19@0031h RedWasPaused claim Closed Andromeda4210 Please create a border outside of spawn and create a new modreq in it to own it as a claim of land
182 Jan16@1905h Fluffhead555 massive claim in the spaceworld Closed Fluffhead555 cleared by bard in discord dms
181 Jan14@0120h calamitias remove me as owner Closed Fluffhead555 removed!
180 Jan11@2124h Andromeda4210 turn vine growth on in this region pls Closed Fluffhead555 vine growth enabled!
179 Jan11@1207h CreeperPanda2 Debug Stick pls Closed AndyJF debug stick not available, equip a iron shovel and use /tool cycler , it does basically the same thing, thanks
178 Jan11@0320h AndenGamer claim Closed Andromeda4210 Please create a border outside of spawn and create a new modreq in it to own it as a claim of land
177 Jan07@0421h Lotmom please flow Closed AndyJF flowed!
176 Jan05@0123h Klonerdeamer A player named Forkdude won't show up on the live map. Just getting sure that person is not out of bounds or doing something else? Closed Andromeda4210 Thank you for reporting. They are in another one of creative's multiverses from spawn
175 Jan04@2310h Kent_Tore_ request Closed Fluffhead555 region created!
174 Jan04@2250h Kent_Tore_ request Closed Fluffhead555
173 Jan04@0206h Flegham Protection (pls name ddj_flx6) thanks :) Closed Andromeda4210 ddj_flx6 protection region created!
172 Jan03@0429h Logano64 i can only build on half my plot Closed AndyJF Should be working now
171 Jan02@0040h iceberg76 can the empty stone rooms me nerdplots? Closed Bardidley New Shop plots added!
170 Jan01@0236h Andromeda4210 can we have the new mobs added to /pet? Closed Challenger2 Many more mobs have been added.
169 Dec31@0209h Fluffhead555 warp request for my scp build here Closed Bardidley Warp granted, congrats!
168 Dec31@0115h nicooxxd this might be stupid but i like to know how to get a region (i think its called that) Closed Bardidley Sorry I was afk when you joined. You can make a rectangular border around land you want to claim. Then do /modreq claim
167 Dec30@1733h Fluffhead555 can an invisible AND invincible armour stand be placed ontop of this red block? Closed Bardidley Stand placed.
166 Dec30@1657h Hollifer please protecc statue Closed Fluffhead555 statue protected!
165 Dec30@0153h Andromeda4210 boat spam Closed Bardidley Boats removed
164 Dec28@0547h SkrapssparkS Grief, looks like a fun one to roll back :D Closed Fluffhead555 it was a fun one to roll back :)
163 Dec28@0455h djtrogy This isnt mine but looks like its been greifed Closed Fluffhead555 rolled back
162 Dec27@2034h Fluffhead555 empty claimed park plot, owner was last seen over 3 weeks ago Closed Fluffhead555
161 Dec27@1458h Fluffhead555 claiming region "2fort" Closed Fluffhead555 claimed
160 Dec25@0210h ultramana join GroupBuild Closed Andromeda4210 added to the region, have fun!
159 Dec24@1906h Fluffhead555 can an invisible armour stand be placed ontop of this red block? Closed Bardidley invs stand placed!
158 Dec24@1503h Fluffhead555 making region here called "YEM" Closed Fluffhead555
157 Dec23@1154h nickeox replace blank sign with "build lead NEVAstop" Closed Bardidley Interesting. I haven't seen this sign before, looks like it was changed a long time ago for some reason. I have updated it and also made a proper contributor out front of the arena. cheers
156 Dec22@2103h fazaden test req, please ignore Closed Andromeda4210 first modreq test complete!
155 Dec22@2029h Fluffhead555 empty nerdplot that was claimed weeks ago Closed Bardidley the player was online only 4 days ago, will wait a little longer before clearing this one.
154 Dec21@2047h DrTim58 could timtransition1 be removed? Closed Fluffhead555 region removed!
153 Dec21@2041h DrTim58 could timtransition2 be deleted? Closed Fluffhead555 region removed!
152 Dec21@1720h OOOKKKi claim Closed Fluffhead555 region redefined!
151 Dec21@0705h DrTim58 protect timtransition2 Closed Fluffhead555 duplicated modreq
150 Dec21@0658h DrTim58 protect as timtransition2 (I will delete this region asap no worries!) Closed Fluffhead555 region created, just make sure you don't hold on for it for too long
149 Dec21@0622h DrTim58 protect as timtransition1 (I will request to remove this region later) Closed Fluffhead555 region created!
148 Dec19@2326h Fluffhead555 claiming a region for orange station w/ verros Closed Fluffhead555
147 Dec19@0110h Poxl3 expand Closed Fluffhead555 region expanded :)
146 Dec18@1448h Fluffhead555 replace air with barriers from [-1470, 71, -406] to [-1410, 71, -294] Closed Bardidley barriers set.
145 Dec18@1447h Fluffhead555 replace air with barriers from [-1470, 71, -406] to [-410, Closed Fluffhead555 i accidentally sent it before i was done typing lmao
144 Dec18@1247h OOOKKKi claim Closed Fluffhead555 region created!
143 Dec18@0236h kibblegameplay move to pixelart valley Closed Fluffhead555 pixel art moved! check at the valley to see it
142 Dec18@0100h Andromeda4210 can you change the biome for my home plot to snowy_taiga and turn weather on by default in the region? Closed Fluffhead555 region updated! snow time B)
141 Dec17@2305h fazaden test req,please ignore Closed fazaden Test complete!
140 Dec17@1721h iceberg76 starterblock Closed Fluffhead555 starter block created!
139 Dec16@1735h Fluffhead555 expand the "cardinal_road_east" region south by 7 blocks Closed Fluffhead555 region redefined
138 Dec16@1634h Fluffhead555 can i be added as an owner of speedbuild so i can connect the road up to it? Closed Bardidley Added!
137 Dec16@0153h fazaden elevate me please Closed fazaden
136 Dec16@0140h fazaden [training] I'd like to relinquish ownership of this Spawn City plot Closed Fluffhead555 fixed
135 Dec15@1728h Fluffhead555 claim the pink region for "shivy_airport_road" Closed Fluffhead555 insert close claimed with help of faz!
134 Dec15@1318h Fluffhead555 should this suburb plot get rolled back? theres only an "uwu" sign thats unrelated to anything, and the player who owns the plot only has 14 minutes on the server Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
133 Dec14@2136h Fluffhead555 can the "scp_facility" region be expanded to this orange corner? Closed Bardidley Region redefined.
132 Dec14@0448h Boxorox claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
131 Dec14@0433h Poxl3 please have them move this claim further away before its given to them Closed AndyJF player is claiming a bigger plot further away
130 Dec14@0431h Poxl3 check Closed Poxl3
129 Dec14@0428h Boxorox claim Closed AndyJF Closing this as you have claimed a bigger area elsewhere
128 Dec14@0423h Boxorox claim Closed AndyJF You cannot claim here, this area belongs to another player
127 Dec14@0344h Poxl3 extend Closed cujobear region expanded
126 Dec13@1121h Just_Sayaka claim Closed AndyJF could you draw a border showing the area you wish to claim and resubmit, thanks
125 Dec12@2143h Fluffhead555 mob spam Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting!
124 Dec12@2142h Fluffhead555 swastika Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
123 Dec11@1542h texb expand region :) Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
122 Dec11@1156h Zomise I was told this plot could be raised? :) Pls do so! Closed AndyJF region height raised to 320!
121 Dec11@0352h iceberg76 can this claim be claimed as "the corruption" Closed AndyJF region claimed !
120 Dec11@0118h PPGOME someone did a swear help Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
119 Dec10@1351h Fluffhead555 can this region be expanded to the northern world border? Closed Bardidley highway region expanded!
118 Dec08@1934h Juliieen please could you place a starter block at x100 z-100 in space please Closed AndyJF starter block placed !
117 Dec08@1146h Waxted protect region, red wool border Closed AndyJF Region Claimed!
116 Dec08@0622h Zomise Is this plot supposed to be this low? D: I wanted to make a department store. Closed AndyJF It appears the height limit is deliberate, if you want to unclaim and build somewhere else please submit a /modreq
115 Dec06@0531h jadedeconomist can the region I had before be expanded to include the purple wood box I added? this is the last expansion - when I was building on the top of the mountain I thought maybe I could make a nicer neighborhood if I had more of it to build on. thank you Closed Bardidley Expansion granted.
114 Dec06@0518h jadedeconomist can you rename this region to nazareth Closed Bardidley Region renamed to nazareth.
113 Dec05@1936h MysticalLizard i have marked the corners with lime concrete Closed Bardidley Thanks! Your build is now protected.
112 Dec04@2030h MysticalLizard please may you claim x1800 z800 to x2000 z645 Closed Bardidley Please mark your claim with a rectangular border or at least have 4 corners that are clearly marked and resubmit your modreq.
111 Dec04@2021h MysticalLizard is there a way to reset plots, if so please reset plot suburb_0003. i dont want it anymore Closed Bardidley Removed from plot.
110 Dec04@1929h MysticalLizard list Closed MysticalLizard
109 Dec04@1929h MysticalLizard check Closed MysticalLizard
108 Dec04@1926h MysticalLizard could you claim from x-495 z3217 to x-659 z3406 Closed MysticalLizard
107 Dec04@1545h Fluffhead555 playspleef warp is up, so this should be open Closed Bardidley Portal updated.
106 Dec04@0205h RazielCorpus_ claim Closed marting11 whole build protected. you can now use worldedit to clear some of that stone ;)
105 Dec04@0125h Andromeda4210 can I have my spleef skybox plot back pls? Closed Andromeda4210 you the man, bard
104 Dec03@2338h Andromeda4210 protect Kirov in the polished diorite border Closed Bardidley Protected.
103 Dec03@2046h ironcrafter54 (for verros) I have completed the desing for the subway, so could I have acces to all of spawn city to construct it? Closed Verros perms set
102 Dec03@2005h LetsBFehr can I have my region expanded to the pink borders? Thank you! Closed Bardidley Region redefined! Arena looks great so
101 Dec03@1825h Fluffhead555 claiming region for "scp-610" Closed Bardidley Claim granted.
100 Dec03@1603h Fluffhead555 expand the desert_road_west region to the lime green concrete pls Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
99 Dec03@1315h Fluffhead555 can you replace all the airblocks under this sponge with barrier blocks? goes down to y=-46 Closed AndyJF air blocks replaced!
98 Dec03@1118h Fluffhead555 can you expand the cardinal_road_east region so it reaches x=2400? Closed AndyJF region expanded!
97 Dec03@0436h Verros warp region missing for cta underground -> above-ground Closed Bardidley cta_warp2 region fixed.
96 Dec03@0322h Rad_Phoenix make a region in the sponge area, named expo_center_entry. Put a region entry message that says 'Welcome to the Pulse Arms Expo Center, your Gateway to the Future.' Closed Bardidley Done.
95 Dec03@0227h Rad_Phoenix expando regiono please Closed marting11 region extended
94 Dec03@0142h Fluffhead555 can you make it snow in this region? Closed marting11 snow set, relog to see
93 Dec02@2252h Fluffhead555 expand the region 100 blocks east pls Closed Bardidley Region redefined
92 Dec02@2034h la1440 I'd like to build two residential floors on top of these shops. Could you expand these two plots vertically by 10 blocks or so? Closed Bardidley Both shop plots extended by 10 blocks.
91 Dec02@2014h Ignotiou request Closed Bardidley World edit added to your plot.
90 Dec02@1705h jadedeconomist can i have this claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted! Welcome back
89 Dec02@0315h Andromeda4210 our full region was not claimed and someone built immediately on where we had intended to have claimed from the border; can you please move their build and adjust the region? Closed Bardidley Region redefined to correct border alignment. Other build moved.
88 Dec02@0254h Andromeda4210 protect plateau_buffer in the light gray concrete border Closed AndyJF region protected!
87 Dec02@0248h Andromeda4210 protect transit_region2 in the green concrete border Closed AndyJF region protected!
86 Dec02@0248h Andromeda4210 protect transit_region1 in the yellow concrete border Closed AndyJF region protected!
85 Dec02@0025h Fluffhead555 make a region called "scp-354" pls Closed Verros region created
84 Dec01@1954h Juliieen please could you claim my bedrock border? Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
83 Dec01@1046h texb claim area (texb_city) Closed AndyJF region claimed!
82 Dec01@0346h Poxl3 please remove chest, nyan wont break it Closed Verros nyan removed chest, we don't usually do this and you are both region owners so nothing is preventing this from repeating
81 Dec01@0308h Flegham Protection [name region "flegham_facility" Closed Verros region set
80 Dec01@0258h Andromeda4210 can you flow this water for me pls? I cannot because of the overlapping region with perms Closed Verros water's flowing
79 Dec01@0158h Fluffhead555 make a region for a desert road Closed AndyJF region created!
78 Dec01@0141h Fluffhead555 expand the "cardinal_road_west" to the western world border pls Closed AndyJF region expanded
77 Dec01@0056h BaronHarkyn May I claim the region of land between these hay bales, please? (The other two are north of here.) Closed Verros protected
76 Nov30@2228h Verros need this plot in the redstone world reset to go back on nerdplot, it was only used to build a "cock and balls" Closed AndyJF nerdplot owner removed
75 Nov30@2054h LetsBFehr Please protect thanks! Closed Verros region set
74 Nov30@2034h oostrangerthings i found an innapropriate plot in the redstone world Closed Verros cleared, thanks for the report
73 Nov30@2013h oostrangerthings Claim Closed Verros claim protected
72 Nov30@2004h Poxl3 lava spam Closed Verros solved
71 Nov30@1926h Ignotiou claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
70 Nov30@1619h CaptainShivy new claim border (blue) Closed Verros region redefined
69 Nov30@1607h CaptainShivy claim region as "shivy_airport" Closed Verros protected, quite a large area, might want to leave some room near the edge of the world for the CTA
68 Nov30@0517h Rad_Phoenix expando regiono Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
67 Nov30@0344h DrTim58 pls gib space block Closed Challenger2 Space block placed.
66 Nov30@0216h Andromeda4210 tech adminreq: the lock command is broken. Error message: An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command Closed totemo fixed by LWC upgrade
65 Nov30@0054h Andromeda4210 remove region island_wip and replace it with region isle_de_la_paradisio Closed Bardidley Region removed and new one named.
64 Nov30@0013h Andromeda4210 expand region to resized border pls Closed Verros region resized
63 Nov29@2307h Rad_Phoenix claim region name it WarcrimeDeptEntrance Closed Verros region set
62 Nov29@2247h Steve779977 cancel Closed Bardidley cancelled.
61 Nov29@2247h Steve779977 unclaim Closed Bardidley This one belongs to upsideken
60 Nov29@2243h Steve779977 unclaim Closed Bardidley Removed.
59 Nov29@2131h OOOKKKi 1650 -32 3017 Closed Verros you dont need to include coordinates, just tell us what you want
58 Nov29@2120h Chef_Zuul Please create a build region inside this marked claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
57 Nov29@1938h BaronHarkyn So I can use worldedit, may I claim the slice of land between these hay bales, please? It extends to the north. Closed Verros region set
56 Nov29@1808h Ignotiou request Closed Verros please include the request within the modreq
55 Nov29@1240h BaronHarkyn For worldedit, could I have a region here extending south to the other haybales, please? Also the nearby "baronharkyn_pixelart" region can be removed/reused now. Closed AndyJF region created!
54 Nov29@0950h BaronHarkyn May I claim this plot, please? Closed AndyJF region claimed!
53 Nov29@0058h Fluffhead555 make a teleport where im standing that transports the player to 3487, 102, 2879, facing west Closed Fluffhead555 not possible; closing
52 Nov29@0057h Fluffhead555 make a teleport where im standing that transports the player to 3487, 86, 3012, facing east Closed AndyJF teleport created!
51 Nov29@0056h Fluffhead555 make a teleport where im standing that transports the player to 3483, 86, 3012, facingwest Closed Fluffhead555 not possible; closing
50 Nov29@0056h Fluffhead555 make a teleport where im standing that transports the player to 3493, 102, 2948, facing east Closed AndyJF teleport created!
49 Nov29@0005h Poxl3 Please at Nyankitty193 as region owner here Closed Verros owner added
48 Nov28@2103h JumboBubbles827 can someone help me i added my friend to my plot and he keeps on putting mustaches on it will u remove him pls from my plot thx Closed Verros removed, also got rid of the moustaches
47 Nov28@2008h Oak_Craft I whish to claim the statue plot at around -286 68 -541 Closed Verros region set
46 Nov28@1915h iceberg76 can this sculk here be replaced with end portal blocks and have it teleport back to the entrance? Closed Bardidley portal and tp set up.
45 Nov28@1828h Klonerdeamer Asking for a claim on the Creative Server,starting at -3326,230,2371 (whole copper frame) Closed Bardidley Protected.
44 Nov28@1752h JumboBubbles827 request JumboBubbles827 Closed Verros I have no idea what you want, formot modreqs like "/modreq [insert request here]"
43 Nov28@1652h OOOKKKi 300 70 123 Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
42 Nov28@1221h Fluffhead555 claim for a bridge area of the northern CHA highway Closed AndyJF region claimed!
41 Nov28@0212h wyguy2014 again, even if you had switched into creative mode prior to logging out, is rather annoying (sorry for opening two modreqs for this: i couldnt fit the text of the situation into just one) Closed Bardidley Thanks, we are working on a fix.
40 Nov28@0210h wyguy2014 players are put into survival mode when they enter the redstone world. while i can see a use for this in making players read the rules, the fact that you still get put into survival mode after you have done so, set a home, logged out, and back in a Closed Bardidley Thanks, we are working on a fix.
39 Nov28@0104h BaronHarkyn could you protect the area surrounded in the haybales, please? i'll request a removal of the protection when i finish. i do this by hand, so any "unwanted improvements" would really throw me. Closed Bardidley Pixelart protected!
38 Nov28@0048h dmz2112 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
37 Nov27@2320h ironcrafter54 could I please have this space for some testing Closed Verros area between both beacons has been set as region
36 Nov27@2310h ironcrafter54 could I please claim this land temporarily so I can test subway ideas Closed Verros temporary copies should go into /warp testbuild, please find a spot there and remake modreq
35 Nov27@2144h Andromeda4210 can you pls change this region to warm ocean biome? the //setbiome command does not seem to be working for me Closed Verros biome changed NOTE due to size of region, only surface of water changed
34 Nov27@1739h Fluffhead555 claim for the northern CHA highway Closed fazaden protected \o/
33 Nov27@1706h Fluffhead555 claim for "minigame_park" Closed fazaden let the minigames begin \o/
32 Nov27@1704h tobylane Region for this claim please Closed fazaden claim created :D
31 Nov27@1636h Fluffhead555 create region "spawn_southern_loop" (part two) Closed Bardidley protected.
30 Nov27@1636h Fluffhead555 create region "spawn_southern_loop" (part one) Closed Bardidley Protected.
29 Nov27@1611h oostrangerthings claim my dragon pls Closed Verros region set
28 Nov27@1608h Fluffhead555 create region "spawn_eastern_loop" (part two) Closed Verros see 28
27 Nov27@1608h Fluffhead555 create region "spawn_eastern_loop" (part one) Closed Verros region created
26 Nov27@1507h Fluffhead555 create region "spawn_northern_loop" (part two) Closed Bardidley Claim granted.
25 Nov27@1507h ironcrafter54 can I build the overhand onto the street at tadd please Closed Bardidley Expanded by 1 block.
24 Nov27@1507h Fluffhead555 create region "spawn_northern_loop" (part one) Closed Bardidley Claim granted.
23 Nov27@1459h Fluffhead555 expand the cardinal_road_east region to the lime blocks Closed AndyJF region expanded!
22 Nov27@1432h Fluffhead555 create region "spawn_western_loop" Closed Verros region created
21 Nov27@1416h Fluffhead555 can i be added to the spawn city region? i need worldedit access to make parts of the highway since it would go inside the area a bit Closed AndyJF added!
20 Nov27@1359h Fluffhead555 expand the cardinal_road_west region to the blue lines Closed Verros new proportions set
19 Nov27@1338h Ignotiou claim Closed AndyJF plot claimed
18 Nov27@1335h Fluffhead555 replace these sponge blocks with barrier blocks pls Closed AndyJF barriers placed!
17 Nov27@0843h Xenot7 claim Closed AndyJF Region Claimed!
16 Nov27@0839h Neuxs My plot was removed but it still says that i have the maximum number of plots. Closed AndyJF Should be working now
15 Nov27@0713h Neuxs Can i have my plot removed? I got a plot before i looked around and now i want a diff unclaimed plot. Closed AndyJF unclaimed!
14 Nov27@0703h Xenot7 claim Closed AndyJF Region claimed!
13 Nov27@0700h Poxl3 My first region of the rev. please :) Closed zburdsal Created!
12 Nov27@0457h Haiku pls claim region 'haiku_island' Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
11 Nov27@0450h Andromeda4210 delete new_seoul region and create a new region called island_wip Closed Verros new_seoul removed, island_wip added
10 Nov27@0448h Andromeda4210 rename new_seoul region to island_wip Closed Verros regions cannot be renamed, they must be remade to change the name
9 Nov27@0436h Andromeda4210 redefine new_seoul region to the red concrete blocks pls Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
8 Nov27@0404h la1440 protecc Closed Bardidley Protected!
7 Nov27@0323h Fluffhead555 claim part 2 for my scp_facility (bottom left corner) Closed fazaden claim made!
6 Nov27@0323h Fluffhead555 claim part 1 for my scp_facility (top right corner) Closed fazaden
5 Nov27@0319h Xenot7 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
4 Nov27@0318h fazaden I'd like to claim this area please! :D Closed fazaden claim'd
3 Nov27@0316h DrTim58 protect and call timsekretspecialhole Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
2 Nov27@0316h THUMBTOE claim land Closed fazaden claim is ready!
1 Nov27@0315h Andromeda4210 protect CMOScow region in the black concrete border Closed Bardidley Claim granted.