Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
555 Aug12@0129h Verros delete region pali, no edits in 30 days, nothing built Closed marting11 region removed
554 Aug12@0128h Verros reduce size of cxptainbrexit_build, specifically the east that has a span of 500 blocks unused and the south if possible Closed marting11 region chopped on the eastern side
553 Aug12@0125h Verros delete region cxptainbrexit_build2, nothing has been done with the area, no edits within 30d Closed marting11 agreed. region removed
552 Aug12@0122h Verros reduce size of winchester in north and south, see livemap for reference. MrCTA no longer active on, no plans for expansion Closed Verros region redefined
551 Aug12@0121h Verros reduce size of winchester in north and south, see livemap for reference. MrCTA no longer active, removed himself from region Closed Verros typo
550 Aug12@0117h Verros reduce size of this claim, player not active Closed Verros resolved
549 Aug11@1530h iceberg76 is it possible to have the signs connected to links to take you to a website? if so, for website sign, as youtube, discord Closed Bardidley Links added to msg.
548 Aug11@0349h Heartshine they keep removign the eyes Closed Verros no logs of change, I recommend asking for protection
547 Aug10@2227h JCS617 Expand region plz Closed Verros expanded
546 Aug10@1402h SkrapssparkS protection "Nuke Site" If too large an area I can try to scale down Closed Verros protected
545 Aug10@0649h JCS617 Can geplant be removed as an owner on my region? Closed Verros removed
544 Aug09@0124h Heartshine snow on the ground Closed Verros fixed
543 Aug09@0028h Heartshine please delete my mumble certification Closed zburdsal Done!
542 Aug08@0856h TedVito17 can you make it so coral blocks dont die in region even if not in water? Closed Bardidley unfortunately it's not possible =(
541 Aug07@2323h nobel1 claim Closed Bardidley Adjust your border into a rectangle (4 corners) and submit another /modreq claim
540 Aug04@0319h BlackghostLT request Closed Bardidley Build protected!
539 Aug03@2320h wyguy2014 i would like to unclaim this plot in the redstone world Closed Bardidley Removed from plot 433.
538 Aug03@2106h RedCrystaISword hey can you help me claim my plot? the coords of it are 542 70 1080 Closed Bardidley Protected!
537 Aug03@0023h Lilah427 flow Closed Verros done
536 Aug02@2145h wyguy2014 please expand the wyguy_build region to include the outermost stone boundary Closed Verros region redefined
535 Aug02@1937h 100Tristan claim Closed Verros protected
534 Aug02@1901h 100Tristan protct Closed Verros
533 Aug02@0150h Blockyslime can I claim number12 again please Closed Challenger2 Perms added
532 Aug02@0133h Verros flow water Closed Bardidley Flowed
531 Aug02@0129h Blockyslime can I get plot 12 Closed Challenger2 Added
530 Aug02@0107h Verros fill with water please Closed Bardidley Filled
529 Aug01@2335h SkrapssparkS Not sure if it's been me by mistake somehow but minecart spam Closed Bardidley Removed carts
528 Jul31@1245h SkrapssparkS unable to remove the cart Closed Verros dropped into void, the line is not part of the zone so it will do this at times. please be careful
527 Jul29@0631h GreenLizard8745 plot protection -3178 111 -2464 Closed Verros claimed
526 Jul29@0630h GreenLizard8745 plot protection Closed Verros area protected
525 Jul28@2306h CartoonsAreDed21 protected Closed Verros protected
524 Jul28@1740h 1073 can i claim this plot of land? Closed Verros area protected
523 Jul27@1708h Cnj30 cnj30 plot Closed Verros protected
522 Jul27@0325h Lilah427 remove jcs and wyguy as owners from my region Closed King_of_queso owners removed!
521 Jul26@1907h OpenRangeMC protection Closed Verros region created
520 Jul25@0140h AllenMrTech protection pixelart 1544 2 -1130 biggest minecraft bubble Closed marting11 bubble granted with protection bubble
519 Jul24@1855h bagelmold heklo can i have the unmiute ploease i will be super nice and ocool Closed Verros ive unmuted for now
518 Jul24@1353h stigster claim Closed Verros area has been protected
517 Jul24@1352h stigster stigster Closed Verros duplicate
516 Jul24@1349h stigster verros Closed Verros duplicate
515 Jul23@1754h Oxion_ grief? maybe? Closed Verros indeed, user is already banned
514 Jul23@1553h AllenMrTech protection pixelart torch and redstone 2d art 1353 3 -1130 Closed Verros region expanded
513 Jul23@1442h Xinomorf claim expansion (just expand the green part im building underground in that section) Closed Verros area redefined
512 Jul23@1100h StrxngeThing region Closed Verros region area updated
511 Jul22@1935h AllenMrTech can i build my trampoline in the overworld i made it in redstone Closed Bardidley Builds like this should stay in the redstone world unless its incorporated into a build. Also you need to fix this so it has a proper off switch.
510 Jul22@1753h StrxngeThing protect Closed Verros region protected
509 Jul22@1656h StrxngeThing protect Closed Verros protected, forgot to close
508 Jul22@1128h Xinomorf Xinomorf Closed Verros Xinomorf
507 Jul22@0312h AllenMrTech protection redstone 102 22 -15 Closed marting11 redstone plots are already protected ;)
506 Jul22@0229h AllenMrTech protection testbuild -124 22 -496 Closed marting11 protected
505 Jul22@0221h SkrapssparkS flowing water Closed Verros water already flowing
504 Jul22@0130h Heartshine uhh Closed Verros yes?
503 Jul21@1739h SkrapssparkS protection Closed Verros protected
502 Jul20@0038h _Ubuntu_ nevermind Closed Verros ok then
501 Jul20@0034h _Ubuntu_ region please Closed Verros see 502
500 Jul19@2030h Aurel_Guthrie claim Closed Verros region set
499 Jul19@1924h AllenMrTech i'd like to claim this chunk Closed Verros protected
498 Jul19@1644h AllenMrTech I would like to protect this pixelart and possibly include it in a warp Closed Verros protected
497 Jul19@0112h PPGOME add 2 pl0t pl3as Closed Challenger2 added
496 Jul19@0031h AllenMrTech hi can i stream on twitch Closed fazaden go for it, just be sure to follow the server rules (no griefing, etc)
495 Jul18@1757h Hydralisk flow the last few blocks to create a waterfall Closed Verros flowed
494 Jul18@1745h Hydralisk area within the lime wool boundaries Closed Verros region established
493 Jul18@1738h _Ubuntu_ can you set up a midsize claim for me and EmperorMagma here? Closed Verros region established
492 Jul18@1548h Potate_Overlord claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
491 Jul17@0038h _Ubuntu_ region plz Closed Verros dont spam modreq plz
490 Jul17@0037h _Ubuntu_ claim area pls, will mark out space i want claim Closed Verros region made
489 Jul16@0207h kittensrkool protection Closed Bardidley Your build is now protected. Remember to /sethome
488 Jul16@0124h SkrapssparkS protection please :) Closed Bardidley Protected!
487 Jul16@0035h _Ubuntu_ permission Closed Verros
486 Jul16@0034h _Ubuntu_ can i have a plot at /warp bigtown Closed Verros region created
485 Jul15@2348h kittensrkool claim Closed Verros region has been set
484 Jul15@2117h JCS617 disregard previous req Closed Verros nah
483 Jul15@2113h JCS617 dont know if this is considered a lag machine or not Closed Verros as long as you can turn it off
482 Jul14@2126h iceberg76 pls add impeccablebulk to my land claim Closed Verros you should be able to do that yourself, ive added him as a member for now
481 Jul14@1408h Ironic_WINNER claim Closed Verros
480 Jul14@0757h Minagreste check on DiscordOrSkype , they griefed on P and might have griefed on C too. Closed Verros found and roll'd back
479 Jul12@2321h The3GenericWords claim Closed Verros area protected, you can sumbit much larger claimed than that if you want
478 Jul12@0324h Wolfvero claim Closed marting11 region protected, you can now use WorldEdit within your area
477 Jul11@2220h gui_wosniak i need a protection on 388 65 -3555 Closed Bardidley Protected!
476 Jul11@1952h AndyJF DtB_JavaBoi using racist language Closed Bardidley Duplicate.
475 Jul11@1952h AndyJF DtB_JavaBoi using racist language Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting!
474 Jul11@1950h SquaresThere DtB_JavaBoi Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
473 Jul11@1928h SquaresThere somebody took away my rainbow beacon, wtf!!!! :( :( :( Closed Bardidley It was removed because this is Pixel Art Valley. Only 2D 8bit builds allowed here. Look for the green border.
472 Jul11@1709h TheoCGaming request worldedit won't work, I'm attempting to fill a small area, but it it not filling. Closed Bardidley First you need to make a land claim. Make a rectangular border out of wool around your area, then use /modreq claim for it to be protected. This will grant you access to WE.
471 Jul11@1709h TheoCGaming request Closed Bardidley Duplicate.
470 Jul11@0029h schererererer please move /warp KurZiraktum back to here - I added a board of /home warp points Closed Bardidley Moved!
469 Jul10@2256h Heartshine Not Pixelart Closed Verros build has been moved outside of pixelart area
468 Jul10@2254h Heartshine peopel b like: greif the border Closed Verros unfortunely out of logblock record range, thanks for the report!
467 Jul10@2253h Heartshine Nope, Still go int othe ground when doing randloc Closed Verros contact a tech admin
466 Jul10@1740h Master13123 I can't speek in chat please help Closed Bardidley You are not on the muted list you should be able to chat.
465 Jul10@1717h _Edb hey can i get my build protected? Closed schererererer build protected!
464 Jul10@0221h CutterWill claim Closed zedadex region created!
463 Jul10@0152h CutterWill unclaim Closed Verros region removed
462 Jul10@0056h Minagreste griff, swastikas everywhere Closed Verros grief has been corrected
461 Jul10@0046h Hugon2010 can you protect my build? Closed fazaden region created! you've now got worldedit permissions in this area
460 Jul09@2257h Hilol1000 Region Protection Please Closed schererererer region created!
459 Jul09@2223h Hilol1000 grief Closed Verros problem has been resolved
458 Jul09@1544h CartoonsAreDed21 CartoonsAreDed21 Closed CartoonsAreDed21 i didnt know how to use the command
457 Jul09@0218h ze7044_ i need to be teleported to an unclaimed chunk Closed Verros use /randloc, you appear to be in one at the moment
456 Jul09@0102h SkrapssparkS possible spam Closed Verros now it's art
455 Jul09@0015h gui_wosniak request can i have a region on -2011.643 /128.50000 /-3226.146? size in sky Closed Verros region created
454 Jul08@2111h Verros removal of several hundred armour stands left over from removed build Closed Bardidley Removed!
453 Jul08@1725h Serval hoping to expand this claim "serval_claim" marked by the magenta concrete, to include the area marked by the orange concrete, thanks :) Closed Verros region expanded
452 Jul08@1719h The_Pagemaster holy armor stands batman, whats this about? Closed Verros lag machine removed
451 Jul08@1540h DarkWombat claim Closed Verros region created DarkWombat_House
450 Jul08@1539h DarkWombat claim Closed Verros duplicate request
449 Jul08@1535h DarkWombat claim Closed Verros duplicate request
448 Jul08@1532h Lilah427 DarkWombat wants his area protected to build but he does not speak english so I am doing this for him. Closed Verros region set
447 Jul07@1747h AndyJF don008 building a giant redstone experiment here Closed Verros build has been removed
446 Jul07@1659h AndyJF haiau and don008 appear to be griefing with lava Closed Verros banned users involved
445 Jul07@0619h Lilah427 some guy here forgot to protect his build Closed Verros no block changes in the last month, protected with temp region
444 Jul06@0632h Foetrd i would like to claim the space outlined in green terracotta. It isn't inside anyone else's space Closed Verros region created
443 Jul06@0625h Foetrd claim Closed Verros duplicate
442 Jul05@0447h Lilah427 make jcs not a coowner Closed Bardidley Owners updated.
441 Jul04@2331h Lilah427 i needed to expand my original claim with red blocks. I outlined the area and it's not invading any other claims. Can i please have this expanded? if not that's fine thank you:D Closed marting11 region extended
440 Jul03@0505h Heartshine /randloc keeps putting me in the ground Closed Bardidley Try again maybe? Must just be you.
439 Jul02@0417h Lilah427 somebody forgot to protect their build Closed schererererer protected for the builder, thanks for letting us know
438 Jun29@1948h Lilah427 just replace the red block with the flowing water thanks! :D Closed Bardidley Flowing water placed!
437 Jun29@1948h Lilah427 hi i need some flowing water by my build but i'm unable to do it. I left a red blockwhere i want it and made a home warp labeled "home red" so you guys know where. Closed Bardidley Flowing water placed!
436 Jun29@0642h Armas_DSasi i'd like to claim this space in the end ( ... can i do that?) Closed schererererer protection region created
435 Jun29@0231h JCS617 flowing water plz Closed Bardidley You have discovered the fountain of youth!
434 Jun24@2145h dun_dun_dun request Closed Bardidley Please be specific in your request. If you are looking to protect the area, make a rectangular border around the land you want then use /modreq claim
433 Jun24@1848h Carrotapple someone littered pixelart w/ lava Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting!
432 Jun22@0515h CutterWill claim Closed schererererer region created
431 Jun21@2235h Heartshine holes in the head Closed schererererer fixed
430 Jun21@2235h Heartshine Missed a spot Closed schererererer fixed, thanks for reporting
429 Jun21@0154h PPGOME wool to barrier pl0x Closed Bardidley set to barrier
428 Jun19@2122h Heartshine Grif Closed schererererer fixed, thanks for reporting
427 Jun18@1458h Lilah427 claim Closed marting11 duplicate request
426 Jun18@0423h Lilah427 claim Closed marting11 region protected
425 Jun16@2022h Loczek999 Loczek999 Closed Bluuefuzzy repeat modreq!
424 Jun16@2022h Loczek999 Loczek999 Closed Bluuefuzzy region granted!
423 Jun16@1418h AndyJF i'm not the owner of this region - la_east. Thanks Closed schererererer added as owner
422 Jun16@1150h Papaplopalot please can I expand my already claimed land. the border is at x:795 and z:-106 it is in gray concrete Closed schererererer region expanded
421 Jun15@1857h Heartshine grif Closed Bardidley Fixed and protected.
420 Jun14@0216h Serenfal replace the spong with barrier pls (also hi) Closed marting11 replaced (420 blaze it yolo)
419 Jun13@1050h Papaplopalot please can you protect a plot at x: 3107 z: 1670 Closed Bardidley Protected!
418 Jun12@1518h thatguyouknow18 i need a build proted Closed Norami Home region created :)
417 Jun11@1029h AndyJF claim this area please. Also see my previous modreq. Thanks! Closed Bardidley Region LA_east created!
416 Jun11@1027h AndyJF someone built this redstone thing and then spammed it with about 100 minecarts. Can it be removed? Closed Bardidley I'm not sure who spammed the minecarts but it appears to be missing along with the minecarts? If you know more details let us know
415 Jun11@0402h Lilah427 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted.
414 Jun10@0150h EndboundNPC flow the salmon pond Closed Bardidley Flowed.
413 Jun09@0351h Rad_Phoenix interact deny flag thing pls Closed Bardidley interact set to deny.
412 Jun09@0343h Rad_Phoenix expand the border this was just a smidge more Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
411 Jun08@2238h Osomewolfgamer border expasion Closed Bardidley Expanded.
410 Jun08@2220h Osomewolfgamer hey can someone redo my border Closed Bardidley Only 1 req is required.
409 Jun08@2135h Osomewolfgamer hey someone did my border wrong Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
408 Jun08@2009h Osomewolfgamer can you allow The_Mighty_No to build on my region Closed Bardidley Looks like they are already added as an owner.
407 Jun08@2000h Osomewolfgamer how do i find the name of my region Closed Bardidley stand in your region and type /rg i
406 Jun08@1924h Osomewolfgamer area claim Closed zedadex region created!
405 Jun07@2224h Serval could I have my current region 'serval_claim' extended to also include the area now marked with red wool? thanks :) Closed zedadex expanded!
404 Jun07@2057h Rad_Phoenix expand it moooooooooooore please Closed zedadex expanded!
403 Jun07@1531h mischievous_doge worldedit don't work even on claims that I had checked with a sword are mine. any suggestions? Closed marting11 Starting now, WorldEdit will be available at request in the redstone world (this is to prevent abuse) I have enabled worldedit in the plot you made this request (redstone_0003)
402 Jun06@0703h blood232raider I accidentally took a book out of a lecturn at KurZiraktum in the south hall. I just wanted to let you know, so that you could take care of it if you wanted to. Closed Verros book has been returned
401 Jun06@0701h blood232raider request Closed Verros duplicate for 402
400 Jun06@0543h zburdsal setpoint pls ignore Closed zburdsal shhh
399 Jun05@0631h Rad_Phoenix expand region to new end border pls Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
398 Jun04@0119h WertyBill what is this Closed Bardidley This is spawn
397 Jun03@0850h Konata_Nagato hey I stumbled across what looks like a griefed build. Not sure if anyone has reported this yet. Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
396 Jun02@0157h wyguy2014 please expand my region to cover the outermost stone outline Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
395 Jun01@2217h Urlog922 space Closed Bardidley Protected!
394 Jun01@1525h Troll_OP Troll_OP flow all please Closed Bardidley Flowed!
393 Jun01@1509h Troll_OP pls flow Closed Bardidley Flowed!
392 May31@0015h Tedbear logblock this modern art please Closed Bardidley Out of logs.
391 May29@2153h Mr_CTA Can you please protect this and name it cta_lightblue_line_goron40_bridge please? Thank you! Closed Bardidley Protected!
390 May28@1930h Mr_CTA He is also building in a small chunk. Closed Challenger2 Done. See #389.
389 May28@1929h Mr_CTA The owner of the region across Winchester has not been here for 3 Months. Can you please move it somewhere because his claim is really big and has not been active for 3 months. Thank you! Closed Challenger2 There is no region within 50 meters of that location save winchester.
388 May28@1921h Verros remove region orange_interchange, it is no longer needed Closed Challenger2 Region removed
387 May28@1808h Mr_CTA Make a parent priority region named CTA_control_room here please! Thank you! Closed Bardidley Done.
386 May28@0232h lookawilduser claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
385 May26@1844h Mr_CTA actually name it cta_light_blue test please Closed zburdsal Done
384 May26@1710h Mr_CTA Protect and name cta_lightblue_example please! Closed zburdsal Done
383 May25@1125h mischievous_doge Even on claims that I know are still mine, for example in the redstone world still wont work with world edit. Know why? Let me know if you have anything to say. Thx! Closed marting11 looks like the region in which you made this modreq belongs to another user? see other modreq for answer about redstone world
382 May24@0820h Vikhedgehog claim tower_construction_site Closed Bardidley Protected!
381 May24@0523h _NCTea_ hello! was just wondering if i could get my build protected? was also wondering if there was any fast way to remove all the trees within my marked space? thanks - _NCTea_ Closed Challenger2 Region granted. You can use //replace to replace trees.
380 May24@0450h iLikeMinecraft27 a lot of pixel art is griefed, and there's also some sort of house Closed Bardidley Build moved from Pixelart.
379 May24@0447h iLikeMinecraft27 also someone covered pixel art in poop Closed iLikeMinecraft27
378 May24@0446h iLikeMinecraft27 someone griefed this squidward i think, it's not my build but still it's not cool Closed iLikeMinecraft27
377 May22@0743h ElMango69 request Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
376 May20@2018h Mr_Underhill protect 1397, ..., 791 to 1383, ..., 805 Closed Norami Region made :D
375 May20@1342h Tedbear wegion expansion pwease! ^-^ Closed marting11 wegion expanded
374 May19@2239h Lotmom there was a sign on the back wall that was accidentally broken, do you think you could get it back? Closed Norami The only edits to this sign which show up are yours. the other sign must be out of logs, so it cannot be retrived the original sign. Sorry about that.
373 May19@1435h JacobTheWizard request Land claim Closed Norami region made \o/
372 May19@1435h JacobTheWizard request Closed Norami duplicate, see 373
371 May18@2341h zedadex training + req - how do I reset this plot? Closed marting11 plot cleared & discussed
370 May18@2259h Tedbear remove "tedbear" from region please Closed Bardidley Removed!
369 May18@2151h Serval Looking to claim this region, thanks! Closed Bluuefuzzy region created!
368 May18@0053h BlooSupremacist please create region Cod_shipment Closed marting11 protected
367 May17@2250h Vikhedgehog claim Closed zedadex created
366 May17@2244h Mr_CTA Someone is using a hacked client. Their name is Twisted_Fyre. Closed Bardidley Will have to check them next time.
365 May17@2236h Mr_CTA Can you make the region Winchester allow item drops like when you want to drop something it appears? Thank you! Closed Bardidley Drops set to allow!
364 May17@1406h Papaplopalot request: sorry, didn't mean to send the second one... Closed Bardidley Duplicate
363 May17@1405h Papaplopalot list Closed Bardidley Duplicate
362 May17@1404h Papaplopalot request: can i have marked out a plot of land at 794, 85, -50 please can i have it protected. by the way, the plot next to it is also mine, i am just extending it Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
361 May17@0210h Mr_CTA Test. Please complete this, Chall. Closed Challenger2 Done
360 May16@1952h Papaplopalot request: can i have a second plot if i have used most of my first plot?# Closed Bluuefuzzy you can have your plot expanded, just be sure to put a border around the area
359 May13@2256h kittypuppet randloc spawns me inside blocks Closed Bardidley Yes that is normal, just run command again or compass out.
358 May13@2249h kittypuppet what is this? I see a handful all over the map Closed Bardidley Not sure, but I have removed the ones I could see.
357 May13@1535h CodeRedStone Protection for my build at 832/77/985, enclosed by Acacia Fences Closed Bardidley Protected!
356 May13@1450h CodeRedStone Ban ljusstake2000, he is griefing my houses. Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.