Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
809 Jan25@2021h Bot_melker claim Open
808 Jan24@1931h Tetetristan As a follow up on my previous message we are located around 539 -459 Closed Verros see /check 807
807 Jan24@1930h Tetetristan Dear moderator, Since last year, funderwood6 and I have been building in this world.Today we discovered we can’t build anything at the place we’ve been building on all year. This is probably because someone claimed our land. Could you help us out? Closed Verros added as owners, region was locked due to area being unclaimed and constant grief
806 Jan22@2106h Bot_melker claim Closed Bardidley Please make your border into a rectangle. Regions can only have 4 corners, please revise and resubmit your modreq.
805 Jan22@2040h Bot_melker claim Closed Bardidley This is already protected.
804 Jan22@1815h Bot_melker claim Closed fazaden region created!
803 Jan22@1536h Bot_melker claim Closed fazaden expanded
802 Jan21@1446h Bot_melker claim Closed fazaden your region's been expanded
801 Jan20@2019h LordFatzberry *cough* interesting style... Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting m8
800 Jan20@1822h LordFatzberry Protection pls :D Closed Bardidley Protected.
799 Jan20@1653h Bot_melker claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted
798 Jan19@0059h _Jacob_Playz_ claim Closed King_of_queso claim protected!
797 Jan18@2051h robr possible grief machine, rollback? Closed Bardidley Removed. Thanks for reporting.
796 Jan17@1402h texb protect area, thanks :- ) Closed Norami Region created :)
795 Jan14@1516h LordFatzberry possible grief Closed zburdsal Fixed.
794 Jan14@1117h L_E_ claim enlargment Closed zburdsal Enlarged!
793 Jan14@0217h AnonymousDapper check Closed AnonymousDapper accident
792 Jan14@0217h AnonymousDapper Please expand the "castlefirebrick" region to include the yellow wool as well <3 Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
791 Jan13@1819h AndyJF got a message saying - wafflemaster3 is op Closed Bardidley According to logs they just used the /me command to say "wafflemaster3 is op"
790 Jan13@1512h LordFatzberry the rule may have changed, but just incase, there is a redstone clock in this build...Not sure if this has been allowed in newer Revs Closed Bardidley You are allowed to have a redstone clock if it has a on/off switch.
789 Jan13@1013h Tetetristan someone performed some griefing activities (around 677 -425) is it possible that someone can fix this? Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
788 Jan13@0516h LordFatzberry several griefed builds here at the pixel art Closed LordFatzberry Bard fixed it, but never closed the Modreq :P
787 Jan12@1815h LordFatzberry Whoa! Cool fountain! Closed Bardidley Removed.
786 Jan12@1814h LordFatzberry interesting tattoo...(nsfw) Closed Bardidley Fixed, thanks
785 Jan12@1814h LordFatzberry This is quite a NSFW pacifier... Closed Bardidley Fixed, thanks
784 Jan12@1550h LordFatzberry Protection pls :) Closed Bardidley Protected!
783 Jan12@1536h LordFatzberry yoooo he is packing!! I don't think the builder wanted this exposed though... Closed Bardidley This is the worm protector
782 Jan12@0124h L_E_ claiming land ? Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
781 Jan11@2125h CaptainShivy Guy is griefing Closed RukiaKuchiki_ user dealth with, grief undone
780 Jan10@1521h AndyJF could I please claim this area? Thanks Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
779 Jan09@1958h iceberg76 i need a region for light blue line here untill plains biome,theres a region in the way though Closed Verros regions created
778 Jan09@1628h axton900 can i claim this for WE? its going to be an underground build Closed buzzie71 protected!
777 Jan09@1439h venom20078 I want to claim this red rectangle and possibly further east if the roller coasters can be removed Closed Bardidley Claim granted. You can expand your border past the tracks and we can remove them.
776 Jan07@1246h Star_boy_cz claim Closed Bardidley Please mark a rectangular border around the land you want to claim and then make a new /modreq claim
775 Jan07@0617h Lilah427 remove captainshivy as owner of my region please. Closed Bardidley Removed as owner.
774 Jan06@1047h venom20078 Claim Closed Verros region created
773 Jan03@0224h Lilah427 flow Closed Challenger2 Flowed
772 Jan03@0213h Lilah427 flow Closed Bardidley Flowed.
771 Jan03@0213h assasymphoni flow Closed Bardidley Flowed!
770 Jan03@0211h Lilah427 FLOW PLS Closed Challenger2 Flowed?
769 Jan03@0209h Verros flow lava Closed Challenger2 Flowed
768 Jan03@0209h wyguy2014 please flow this lava Closed Challenger2 Flowed
767 Dec31@1058h BlooSupremacist i built this boat last rev, can i get perms to copy and paste it to the overworld? Closed Bardidley Perms granted!
766 Dec23@0236h LetsBFehr can you flow the 5 water blocks above here? Not sure if I can do it Closed Bardidley flowed!
765 Dec22@2307h Mr_Underhill protect -106, 1966 ... -141, 1989 and allow user access: rokakaka_ Closed marting11 protected & friend added
764 Dec21@0016h Lilah427 accidentally broke sign Closed marting11 fixed by Bard
763 Dec20@2335h ZhenWan Please could you shift my statue 6 blocks right (away from BT) ty Closed Bardidley Moved. We would prefer the statue be moved into the actual bigtown plots.
762 Dec20@2211h ZhenWan Believe this is inappropiate? Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
761 Dec20@0038h Lilah427 claim/protect pls Closed Challenger2 Region expanded to new limits.
760 Dec20@0014h Lilah427 claim/protect Closed Bardidley Protected!
759 Dec20@0013h NerdiAuthorGirl claim Closed Challenger2 Claim granted
758 Dec19@2354h Lilah427 flow pls Closed Bardidley Flowed!
757 Dec17@2255h QMan2016 I would like to claim the area sorounnded by these player heads Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
756 Dec17@2250h QMan2016 QMan2016 I would like to claim this land Closed Bardidley Duplicate modreq
755 Dec17@2239h QMan2016 QMan2016 Closed Bardidley Duplicate modreq
754 Dec16@1711h DrTim58 I can't use worldedit in my test region Closed Bardidley Flag added again, seems to be working now.
753 Dec15@0125h arsMoriendi claim Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region created!
752 Dec08@1837h PPGOME expand the region, please :D Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
751 Dec08@0146h 8bitc4t a little recovery mission. my old account (Abitcat) is still associated with this rg, and want to work on finishing this mess. please add me to the clifton rg, pls Closed Bardidley Added!
750 Dec06@0828h PPGOME protect please. Name: PPG_Challenge Closed zedadex protecc'd!
749 Dec06@0749h PPGOME expand please Closed PPGOME I'm stoopid
748 Dec06@0208h Lilah427 sba setfloorr command doesn't work Closed Challenger2 The computer has gained sientenance and is being difficult right now.
747 Dec05@0809h cDragonFirec Im just wondering can i use a end gateway for some decoration in this area? Closed marting11 no, sorry
746 Dec02@2249h CutterWill expand claim Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
745 Dec01@0950h AndyJF HannahIsMrSeal spamming armor stands here Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
744 Dec01@0945h AndyJF swastika here Closed Bardidley Removed.
743 Nov30@2259h CutterWill claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
742 Nov27@0907h AndyJF player Zer0D8y griefing in Bigtown Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting. Cheers
741 Nov27@0841h AndyJF player Zer0D8y griefing in pixelart area Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
740 Nov22@1543h AndyJF has the size of the copy buffer changed? I can't seem to copy more than 100000 blocks anymore. Could it be restored? Closed Bardidley We won't be changing the limit due to the recent crashing.
739 Nov22@0807h TheCoachAdair make this place my home please: Thunderdome Closed fazaden region created!
738 Nov22@0318h TheMeeBovie claim Closed fazaden region created!
737 Nov22@0208h assasymphoni speedbuild Closed Bardidley added.
736 Nov22@0143h wyguy2014 please expand the wyguy_build region to include the outermost stone boundaries Closed schererererer region expanded
735 Nov22@0050h WizardLizard1234 claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
734 Nov21@2044h TheMeeBovie expand birbtower_iv 60 blocks east and then make entire region biome jungle pls Closed Bardidley Region redefined and biome set to jungle.
733 Nov21@0304h HyperspaceJester Claim Closed cheezychicken region created
732 Nov21@0247h TheMeeBovie setbiome in all of btiv to jungle Closed TheMeeBovie
731 Nov20@2308h Waxted Protect region blue border, region name ''Cyberpunk'' Closed Bardidley Cyberpunk region created!
730 Nov20@2132h Waxted Is this Island actually being used by anyone or can i claim it? seems someone has put down torches in spots on it but i havent seen any actual buildings and theres no land claim here. Closed Bardidley Appears to be unclaimed, it's all yours!
729 Nov19@1859h AndyJF armour stand spamming here, thanks Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting
728 Nov19@1341h Waxted Protect region (red wool border) Closed schererererer protected
727 Nov18@1808h AndyJF player Derneox_ may have deliberately crashed server somehow Closed Bardidley Looks like it may have been a coincidence, from what I can tell it was a planned restart. Thanks for reporting suspicious activity.
726 Nov17@0248h codeman5488 codeman5488 is spleef today? if so why is nobody here? Closed Bardidley Creative events are on Saturday at 9PM EDT
725 Nov16@2033h AndyJF there's a KKK at -2750,64,3408 Closed Bardidley Removed.
724 Nov15@2241h AzulaTheFireLord May I have my region expanded northwards to include this new area outlined in blue wool Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
723 Nov15@0220h Optimus759 are elytras allowed in creative? Closed Challenger2 Yes. You can use them anywhere unless playing spleef.
722 Nov14@1017h AndyJF boat spamming in this area, could these be removed? Thank you! Closed Verros cleaned
721 Nov14@0614h AzulaTheFireLord May I please have this area outlined in blue wool made into a Fire Nation region? Closed King_of_queso region created!
720 Nov14@0244h TheMeeBovie just letting yall know that /prain is broken Closed Bardidley RIP
719 Nov14@0128h TheMeeBovie expand btiv 60 blocks south (I have permission from Serenfal for this) and allow me to use WE in this expanded area Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
718 Nov12@2148h RukiaKuchiki_ region here Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region created
717 Nov12@2127h CaptainShivy claim region Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region created
716 Nov12@2126h RukiaKuchiki_ region here for castle build Closed RukiaKuchiki_ nvm
715 Nov12@1352h Maatricht I would like to claim this land Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
714 Nov11@2204h Maatricht I'd like to claim this land please Closed marting11 protected!
713 Nov10@0823h ArkaneSpirit claim plot Closed marting11 spaceship claim ready!
712 Nov10@0015h TheMeeBovie setbiome in all of birbtower_iv to jungle Closed marting11 biome set
711 Nov09@1301h AndyJF more armour stands here that need removing please. Thank you! Closed marting11 removed
710 Nov09@1259h AndyJF could these armour stands be removed please. Thank you! Closed marting11 wow this guy really likes you... removed
709 Nov09@0303h Cosmicmuffin22 I need this protected, please. Closed marting11 protected
708 Nov09@0010h TheMeeBovie can birbiv's claim be expanded 25 blocks to the east, 60 to the west and up against Dogweed to the south? Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
707 Nov06@1159h AndyJF MustacheGirl853 spamming armour stands near 415 64 -156 Closed marting11 cleaned up
706 Nov05@1316h AndyJF LiamGoud griefing here Closed marting11 minor grief fixed
705 Nov05@1057h dobreira can I get a protection so I can use world edit? Closed marting11 protected
704 Nov05@1004h AndyJF player 1569C spamming mobs at -3431,64,-2151 Closed marting11 cleaned up
703 Nov04@1602h AndyJF player MrslimesmasherYT may have deliberately crashed the server Closed marting11 After investigation I believe player is clean
702 Nov04@0933h AndyJF player SefaTurkoz griefing / redstone here Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting
701 Nov04@0927h AndyJF player Smhx_griefing here Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
700 Nov02@1040h AndyJF claim this area please Closed marting11 protected :) a new andy project
699 Nov01@0200h xMidxNightshade can I be ummuted please Closed Bardidley unmuted.
698 Nov01@0153h xMidxNightshade why me mute? Closed marting11 because of your childish trolling attempt
697 Nov01@0148h xMidxNightshade why must I be mute? Closed marting11 you know.
696 Oct30@2246h Smirkules please can I abandon this weekly build plot Closed marting11
695 Oct29@0854h AndyJF possible griefing here from a new player Closed marting11 fixed, thanks for reporting
694 Oct28@1038h AndyJF should all these snowmen things be here? Closed marting11 after verification, snow golem are fine
693 Oct26@0312h JCS617 Flow lava Closed marting11 flowed
692 Oct26@0139h Lilah427 flow Closed Bardidley Flowed!
691 Oct25@2147h Cosmicmuffin22 I need this area to be protected, please. Closed marting11 protected, nice build!
690 Oct25@2127h LE0037 i need to claim my prismarine border Closed marting11 area protected!
689 Oct25@0213h RukiaKuchiki_ pls set region to night and raining Closed marting11 night and rain set
688 Oct25@0153h DancingBolt add me to plot pls Closed Challenger2
687 Oct25@0152h DancingBolt add me to plot pls Closed Challenger2
686 Oct25@0152h DancingBolt add me to plot pls Closed Challenger2 Added
685 Oct25@0151h DancingBolt add me to plot pls Closed Challenger2 Added
684 Oct25@0114h zedadex please enable item drops for my build and if possible (tried this with nametag) name the villager "Started from the bottom... :D" thanks! Closed marting11
683 Oct25@0104h RukiaKuchiki_ delet this region Closed marting11 region deleted
682 Oct24@2039h TheMeeBovie There's some space here that I could potentially later on have some value for. Would it, theoretically, be possible to move this a bit north, as the owner has not been on since May? If not please let me know Closed Bardidley Build can be moved. Let us know when you are expanding.
681 Oct24@1644h MrS041 AndyJF Closed Bardidley Please use /modreq only for moderator requests.
680 Oct24@1017h AndyJF would it be possible to change the spawn point/view for /warp PirateBay to here? Thanks Closed Bardidley Warp point changed!
679 Oct23@0556h Webdevnut protection Closed schererererer protected!
678 Oct22@1428h AndyJF claim this area please Closed Bardidley Protected!
677 Oct22@0207h Cosmicmuffin22 I need this protected, please Closed Bardidley Protected! Nice house!
676 Oct21@2359h Gamermoments6793 I'd like for my build to be protected. Closed Bardidley Statue protected!
675 Oct21@2051h Jamoodles i'd like to make some water flow for an elevator test. Closed Bardidley Water flowed!
674 Oct21@1610h AndyJF fix the water stripes here please. Thanks! Closed zedadex *used rain dance*
673 Oct21@0901h AndyJF Would it be possibe to have access to /tool cycler ? Thanks Closed Challenger2 Access granted.
672 Oct20@2315h cDragonFirec protection Closed marting11 protected
671 Oct19@1102h AndyJF I just found two mobs armed with crossbows right here. I was able to kill them though Closed marting11
670 Oct19@0825h AndyJF there are lots of animals near spawn Closed marting11 mobs removed
669 Oct18@1532h FarfallaCC remove me from the ownerember list of this region "weeklybuild_0043" pls Closed Verros
668 Oct18@1144h AndyJF can I unclaim weeklybuild plot 43 and change ownership to FarfallaCC Closed zedadex Ownership transferred!
667 Oct18@0553h Heartshine random holes Closed Verros out of logs, attempted repair
666 Oct17@2351h zedadex is the info in re: bonemeal still accurate (bonemeal isn't changing logs), and if not can it be removed from the MOTD? ty :D Closed zedadex demons exorcised
665 Oct17@2220h assasymphoni i'm trapped Closed zedadex sasy magic'ed out :D
664 Oct17@2209h Lilah427 flow Closed tadrogers Alllll flowed ( ( (;o;)
663 Oct17@1810h Snogglesworth I'm building a fort at -1570, -370 and am requesting protection, thanks. Closed zedadex protecc'd!
662 Oct17@1747h tadrogers can we get more building plots? sorry thank you! Closed tadrogers durrr there's lots of plots
661 Oct17@0224h PPGOME please clear the plot and open it for claiming Closed marting11 plot cleared
660 Oct17@0149h Smirkules please flow water in the 3x3 space in this conduit Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
659 Oct14@2120h Lilah427 flow water on the top of my weekly build foutain Closed marting11 flowed
658 Oct14@1638h AndyJF clean the lighting in this area please? Cleanlight command won't clear it. Thanks Closed Verros I think I fixed it?
657 Oct14@1141h AndyJF player mado9 and Crow_kun spamming and building redstone contraptions here Closed Verros thanks for the helpful report
656 Oct14@0347h King_of_queso please set this block to vine growth deny Closed marting11 vine growth disabled
655 Oct14@0255h TheMeeBovie disregard the last modreq, i need the entire claim jungle-ified Closed Bardidley Entire claim jungle-ified
654 Oct14@0244h TheMeeBovie setbiome jungle (-1831,64,-1877) to (-1789,64,-1846) Closed Bardidley Region biome set to jungle
653 Oct13@1102h FarfallaCC flow these 2 water block pls Closed FarfallaCC cancel
652 Oct12@1739h Smirkules Please can you remove leaves from outside the plot here? Closed schererererer leaves removed!
651 Oct12@1156h dobreira waterflow in all the holes Closed schererererer waters flowed!
650 Oct12@1019h Greymore1234 Can you flow the water at 42 65 -77? Closed zedadex flowed!
649 Oct12@0946h Greymore1234 Can I get the biome of my build contest plot turned into a savannah? Greymore1234 Closed zedadex TIL //setbiome :P
648 Oct12@0915h dobreira water blocks on the left were flowing previously, the one on the bottom right is flowing weirdly Closed zedadex safebuckets oddness x(
647 Oct12@0207h JCS617 Flow water plz Closed marting11 flowed
646 Oct12@0048h tadrogers can you protect this build and turn off vine growth? thaaanks <3 Closed Bardidley Build is already protected and I just turned off vine growth.
645 Oct11@2356h dobreira flow water in the 4 corners Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
644 Oct11@2356h dobreira remove this part of the out of bounds tree too Closed RukiaKuchiki_ tree fixed!
643 Oct11@2112h dobreira tree got out of bounds Closed RukiaKuchiki_ deleted out of bound tree
642 Oct11@2103h dobreira waterflow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
641 Oct11@1921h Tomzski flowing water for this square Closed tadrogers flowed!
640 Oct11@1913h dobreira change biome of plot to mooshroom island pls! Closed tadrogers complete. Please wait for restart to see the change. Changes tom mushroom_fields
639 Oct11@1905h dobreira water flow 4 corners again, thanks! Closed tadrogers flowed 4 corners
638 Oct11@1850h Tomzski flowing water (sorry for so many waterfalls lol) Closed tadrogers water flopw
637 Oct11@1830h Tomzski flowing water Closed tadrogers All Flow'd
636 Oct11@1820h Tomzski flowing water in waterlogged stair block Closed tadrogers
635 Oct11@1757h dobreira waterflow in all 4 corners please and thank you! Closed tadrogers
634 Oct11@0204h PPGOME bonus round please Closed PPGOME no u
633 Oct11@0204h Lilah427 please bonus round please Closed Verros bonus round
632 Oct11@0204h Lilah427 bonus round please Closed Verros bonus round
631 Oct11@0204h Lilah427 bonus round Closed Verros bonus round
630 Oct11@0147h Lilah427 bonus round please Closed fazaden don't spam modreq
629 Oct11@0147h PigPoopBalls bonus round Closed PigPoopBalls
628 Oct10@2323h RukiaKuchiki_ i cant build in plot Closed marting11 contest opens at 10pm eastern
627 Oct10@0337h PPGOME claim pls Closed Verros protected
626 Oct09@1915h GoogleUltron2 claim Closed Verros region set
625 Oct09@1618h AndyJF Any chance of a warp? From this viewpoint, called PirateBay? Thanks Closed marting11 warp granted! :D
624 Oct08@1925h firedragon0829 Protection at -2331 2416 to -2144 2250 Closed Bardidley Region protected!
623 Oct08@1913h AndyJF a player is using the name BraunEva Closed marting11 thanks for reporting
622 Oct07@1451h AndyJF player INO1111 is a potential hacker / griefer. mentioned using wurst Closed Verros resolved
621 Oct06@2249h Lilah427 nerdplot claim thingy Closed Verros contest opnes Saturday October 10th
620 Oct05@1924h Tetetristan MrTDO is grienfing things including our statue. is it possible that action will be taken against him? best regards Tetetristan and funderwood6 Closed Verros situation has been resolved
619 Oct05@1343h Tedbear player W32_ might be utilizing exploits to crash other players. (Requests players to TP to them, upon doing so, they are forcibly disconnected, and unable to log back on without being auto-kicked) Closed Verros situation has been resolved
618 Oct05@0453h trisabean i can't build in my claimed plot Closed marting11 that's normal. the contest opens only on saturday 10 oct
617 Oct04@2109h GreyM4tter GreyM4tter Closed marting11 not sure what you need but I already protected your build yesterday
616 Oct04@0221h TheMeeBovie Also, I'd like to build a station along this rail line. Is that ok? Closed Bardidley Region covers this section of cta.
615 Oct04@0218h TheMeeBovie I have no idea what this is, and I'd like to claim here. is it ok to move this stuff? Closed Bardidley Protected!
614 Oct04@0034h Bunnicraft pls protect my area where ima make a slime trampoline Closed marting11 protected
613 Oct03@2338h wyguy2014 yet another clock apparently without an off switch Closed marting11 clock deactivated. thanks for reporting
612 Oct03@1633h cope80 clear Closed marting11 duplicate request
611 Oct03@1615h GreyM4tter protect Closed marting11 protected
610 Oct03@1611h cope80 protect Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!