Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
32 Jul19@0423h THUMBTOE warp, Name: Middle Ages Closed AndyJF Great build! I'm not sure it's big enough yet for a warp but I will discuss it with the other admins.
31 Jul18@2134h THUMBTOE new claim, corners marked with emeralds Closed Bardidley Request put on hold.
30 Jul18@1858h THUMBTOE claim expansion, one of the corners is on the mountain Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
29 Jul16@2333h Oak_Craft May my row house plot be expanded 1 block in the +X direction? That way, it would be an odd number of blocks wide and there would be 3 blocks of sidewalk on either side. Closed Bardidley Discussed via pm.
28 Jul14@0010h TedVito17 region flag tree growth/vinegrowth false Closed Bardidley Vine growth set to deny. trees wont grow by default.
27 Jul13@2324h TedVito17 set water-flow flag to false Closed Bardidley region flag added.
26 Jul12@0139h TedVito17 protect region out to redwool block corners name "Hunt Library" Closed Bardidley Protected!
25 Jul11@0231h LetsBFehr can I get this region, have a nice piece of art I'd like to "move" Closed marting11 you smell
24 Jul10@2050h antlermagick something fishy going on, "i will get banned prob" but not sure what's happening Closed Bardidley I'm not sure what you are trying to say here. Can you be more specific?
23 Jul09@1842h iceberg76 can i have dropped objects here? Closed Bardidley Drops set to allow!
22 Jul07@1818h LetsBFehr Can I get this rowhouse plot? I'm at my limit of nerdplot claims :) ty! Closed AndyJF You have been added as owner!
21 Jul02@0333h DrTim58 pls make a read-only region for my giant ominous tower, a good way to tell how far out it goes into the water is to look at where the red sand meets the normal sand Closed Bardidley Did not end up needing a region.
20 Jul01@0651h gemurk claim region FART Closed Bardidley Region claimed!
19 Jul01@0637h gemurk claim region Fart Closed Bardidley Duplicate request.
18 Jul01@0417h Poxl3 expand Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
17 Jun30@2224h Windrip can i claim this white box for a tunnel Closed Bardidley Claim protected.
16 Jun29@1954h DafiTheGhost in need of a claim (might not be online so the coords are around x 1800 /z 700) Closed Fluffhead555 area protected! :>
15 Jun29@1518h Poxl3 e x p a n d Closed AndyJF region expanded!
14 Jun29@0625h DrTim58 my ass messed up the border size for the CTA region, can it be expanded into the concrete corners? Closed AndyJF region expanded!
13 Jun29@0551h DrTim58 protect this baby space for muh CTA station Closed Andromeda4210 ctastopia baby region protected!
12 Jun28@1931h LetsBFehr Can i unclaim this spawn plot? Thank you! Closed Bardidley Plot unclaimed.
11 Jun28@0420h Colossal_E protect Closed Andromeda4210 protected!
10 Jun27@2011h XeTrain lag masheen? Closed TemporarilyAlive nah
9 Jun27@1441h Poxl3 change region name to bethle Closed AndyJF region renamed!
8 Jun27@1440h Poxl3 change region name to Bestle Closed AndyJF cancelled by player
7 Jun27@0428h Andromeda4210 non-building build in downtown plot Closed AndyJF removed build and owner from plot. Backup of vehicle is in testbuild
6 Jun27@0423h Andromeda4210 rollercoaster & beacon in downtown plot Closed AndyJF spoke with player and moved to a house plot. Backup of plot is in testbuild
5 Jun27@0404h admanta protect my crimson fleet Closed Andromeda4210 protected
4 Jun26@1946h DrTim58 part of my region is now outside the world border Closed Bardidley Sorry about that! Should be fixed now.
3 Jun26@0448h Poxl3 expand Closed AndyJF region expanded!
2 Jun26@0409h Windrip I cant move around in this map world for some reason- world border might be too small Closed AndyJF world border is fixed until the plots are all filled. If you cannot find a big enought plot please submit another modreq thanks!
1 Jun26@0329h Challenger2 First modreq \o/ Closed Challenger2 \o/