Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
245 Mar26@2356h cmdrtebok protection por favor Closed Bardidley Protected!
244 Mar26@2254h CxptainBrexit final area extension claim from 1005, 181, -2704 to 1977, 181, -3600 Closed Bardidley Protected!
243 Mar26@1356h ArkaneSpirit CTA connection 5/5 sorry if i do some mistake in the position of the corner. thank ^^ Closed Bardidley Discussed in chat.
242 Mar26@1355h ArkaneSpirit CTA connection 4/5 Closed Bardidley Discussed in chat.
241 Mar26@1355h ArkaneSpirit CTA connection 3/5 Closed Bardidley Discussed in chat.
240 Mar26@1355h ArkaneSpirit CTA connection 2/5 Closed Bardidley Discussed in chat.
239 Mar26@1354h ArkaneSpirit CTA connection 1/5 Closed Bardidley Discussed in chat.
238 Mar25@1114h MasterCommaThe grief Closed Bardidley Fixed!
237 Mar25@0128h LetsBFehr Please flow the water -- thanks! Closed Bardidley Flowed!
236 Mar24@0102h PigeonSquared Ready to claim land Closed Bardidley Protected!
235 Mar24@0038h PigeonSquared helpppppp i cant get worldedit to work Closed Bardidley Behold, you have been given the POWER of World Edit!
234 Mar23@2009h Flaming_Fantom claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
233 Mar23@1832h Flaming_Fantom claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
232 Mar23@0423h Apogee Can you protect this quaint vacation destination from goobers please? Closed Bardidley Protected!
231 Mar22@2220h BlackDragon852 BlackDragon852 i am not in creativemode Closed Bardidley Do /mode
230 Mar22@1256h Wiktorek7 claim Closed totemo duplicate of 229
229 Mar22@1248h Wiktorek7 claim Closed totemo protected
228 Mar22@0935h AndyJF can this region have one name please called - ajf_terminal - at the moment I have a region within a region. Thanks! Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
227 Mar22@0354h nlax123 land claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
226 Mar22@0027h fazaden protect this region please Closed fazaden region 'Rhaknam' created
225 Mar21@1016h AndyJF to here please (see last modreq). thank you Closed fazaden see 224
224 Mar21@1015h AndyJF claim this region from here Closed fazaden protected
223 Mar20@2014h LetsBFehr Protedction request -- surrounded by purple wool Closed Bardidley The care of this ancient monument is upon you.
222 Mar20@1946h Troublebear unprotect Closed Bardidley Region removed =(
221 Mar20@0819h Apogee Can you change the flags so people can't flip the trapdoors and fencegates? Closed Bardidley Interact flag set to deny, neat build!
220 Mar19@0040h dbut extend this lil nook Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
219 Mar18@2351h dalyn56 please protect my area it will be a good build i promise you that one Closed Bardidley Protected!
218 Mar18@1031h dalyn56 check Closed dalyn56
217 Mar18@1031h dalyn56 request protect please Closed Bardidley Protected!
216 Mar18@0424h Apogee Protect this tower pretty please. Closed Bardidley Protected!
215 Mar18@0245h zzke protection Closed Bardidley Protected!
214 Mar18@0152h mookers31 mookers31 Closed Bardidley Protected!
213 Mar17@1804h bearhuntr rename rg from konandreas to southington Closed Bardidley Region recreated with new name and flags!
212 Mar16@2353h AccelShark protect, pink wool. will be used for town build with a park in middle. Closed Bardidley Claim granted! have fun.
211 Mar16@1843h QuentinB357 pls unban tommyhoy368 he got banned for no reason Closed Bardidley Ban appeals must be dealt with through the forums at
210 Mar15@1919h NastyHabits was that a grief or smth? Closed marting11 builder griefed his own build!? removed
209 Mar12@1930h SwiftM0nkey please protect my region "Tropic" Closed Bardidley Protected!
208 Mar12@0906h AndyJF claim this area please, call it andyjf_terminal. Thanks Closed Bardidley Protected!
207 Mar10@0834h nickeox can I also have the vertical space below my area? Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
206 Mar09@0909h nickeox can I get this entire orange rectangle protected, and if it's too much to request at once, just to the red line call it hockeytown Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region hockeytown created!
205 Mar09@0741h nickeox rulebook references wiki link as which does not work. Open
204 Mar08@2329h Rad_Phoenix claim all this for me pleasethanks Closed Bardidley protected!
203 Mar07@2134h Troublebear protect Troubletown Closed Bardidley Protected!
202 Mar07@0836h SwiftM0nkey exposed redstone Closed Bardidley It's ok if its not running.
201 Mar07@0657h Omega_Orion Can I have a protect on the orange area plz, its an aviary :D Closed Bardidley Protected!
200 Mar07@0235h Hollifer Can you expand the region to the new border? Closed marting11 region extended
199 Mar06@2212h BaglarTheWizard protection pls Closed Bardidley Protected!
198 Mar06@1453h Waxted expand region waxted_build or connect it with Ted50 and Tedbears region. (Light blue wool) Closed Bardidley New region created. waxted_buildnorth
197 Mar06@0930h Hollifer Please remove owner "SwiftMonkey" from AKB, typing error. :), the correct one is SwiftM0nkey, so please keep that one. Closed Bardidley Region owners updated!
196 Mar06@0314h Hollifer Can this be protected under the name AKB? Closed Bardidley Protected as AKB!
195 Mar05@2055h Tin_OS unclaim plot "redstone_0536" i was just testing something Closed Bardidley Region unclaimed
194 Mar05@2049h Tin_OS claim from -1382 19 1850(black concrete) to 31216 256 1709 Closed Bardidley I'm not seeing a border for your claim. Please make a rectangular border in the air and resubmit your modreq.
193 Mar05@0236h Heartshine greif Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting!
192 Mar05@0004h wyguy2014 please expand the wyguy_build region to these new boundaries (outermost stone rectangle) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region expanded!
191 Mar04@0139h RukiaKuchiki_ some pillagers spawned in a wall at my old base in /warp revision34 Closed Bardidley I can't seem to find them. Try using /butcher radius -f
190 Mar03@2207h PPGOME o h n o I found a no no Closed gk_ryo user banned, all edits removed
189 Mar03@1505h PatchyPretzel A tree on 737 443 is cut in half. May I rebuild it? Closed Bardidley unfortunately not. This land is owned by iNerd71
188 Mar03@0240h Rad_Phoenix can you stop coral from dying? Closed Bardidley Yes, put them under water. The only way unfortunately.
187 Mar03@0155h Abitcat hey i can't find a way to stop farmland from become dry, please change rg flag to keep farmland moist ty ily Closed Abitcat actually figured it out nvm
186 Mar02@0236h Smirkules please protect the area marked with blue glass Closed Bardidley Protected!
185 Mar02@0232h Serenfal thor tim Closed Serenfal no dont
184 Mar01@1757h AndyJF claim this area please. Thanks! Closed schererererer region expanded to new borders
183 Mar01@1303h sockendieb protect my lighthouse please (red concrete markers) thx Closed fazaden protected ^_^
182 Mar01@0434h Mr_CTA Test. This is just a test. Thank you. Closed Challenger2 Test modreq received.
181 Mar01@0139h AmazingBrotato can i expand my plot please Closed Bardidley Expanded!
180 Feb28@0247h axslayer33 can I get this art protected so I can WC copy it to new? Closed Bardidley Protected and moved.
179 Feb27@1848h axslayer33 I thought last rev pixelarts were being transferred to this one? Closed Bardidley You have to go to /mv tp world34 and find you pixelart, request to have it protected so that you can copy it with World Edit, then go to /warp pixelart and make a claim then you are able to paste it from the old world.
178 Feb27@1623h Master4000 claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
177 Feb26@1917h jonamessi claim Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
176 Feb26@1007h AndyJF to here (see last modreq) thank you! Closed iNerd71 See 175
175 Feb26@1006h AndyJF claim region from here Closed iNerd71 I saw there was a sizable region of yours within the new claim boundaries, so I've gone ahead and expanded it to the new boundaries!
174 Feb26@0340h LetsBFehr Protect please thanks! Closed Bardidley Protected!
173 Feb26@0334h LetsBFehr can you flow this water? Thanks! Closed marting11 flowed
172 Feb26@0322h Lotmom please protect :3 Closed Bardidley Sorry but this does not meet the criteria for a land claim protection.
171 Feb25@2155h wyguy2014 please expand the wyguy_build region to these new boundaries Closed marting11 region extended
170 Feb24@2358h RukiaKuchiki_ pls to extend my region to dat there conduit over yonder Closed Bardidley You may extend your region.
169 Feb24@1538h Waxted protect region (red wool) Closed Bardidley Protected!
168 Feb24@1335h AndyJF change the spawn for 2049 to this postion please Closed marting11 warp spot changed
167 Feb24@0323h bearhuntr protect with name "konandreas" pls Closed iNerd71 Protected!
166 Feb23@2218h RukiaKuchiki_ could this be a warp? name "regret" Closed marting11 sorry but warps are usually for larger scale builds, not a bad start though!
165 Feb23@1811h fazaden expand region a few blocks in each direction please Closed fazaden expanded
164 Feb23@0811h limeyptwo iNerd71 can you give me another rulebook i lost mine Closed iNerd71 try /rulebook, or alternatively try /help rules
163 Feb23@0811h limeyptwo iNerd71 Closed iNerd71 duplicate of 164
162 Feb23@0525h wowguyepic to expand region to include WWI trench built by Tedbear and Ted50 Closed iNerd71 Protectus Expandus!
161 Feb23@0424h Block86 request Closed iNerd71 Protected!
160 Feb23@0339h PPGOME expand please Closed iNerd71 Expand-a-band-band!
159 Feb23@0318h Haiku pls expand rg thank yu Closed iNerd71 protectus expandus!
158 Feb23@0122h marting11 TEST! Closed schererererer RESULT!
157 Feb23@0027h assasymphoni Can I please have 'Welcome!' set in light blue text? Closed marting11 sorry but we have no way to do this, you will have to start over and use the /stand name modifier with the & color code in front of the stand name
156 Feb22@1910h PPGOME flow the water on top and in the bottom thing please! Closed buzzie71 flowing!
155 Feb22@1826h Block86 request Closed buzzie71 region claim set! sorry it took a while ._.
154 Feb21@2054h Papaplopalot i have a plot marked out from x-670 and z-70 to x-770 and z-6. please can i claim it? Closed Bardidley Protected
153 Feb21@0846h zedadex done testing, if you could rollback this or move it elsewhere. ty! Closed Bardidley Removed.
152 Feb21@0814h schererererer warp request at your pleasure: 'Kur-Ziraktum' Closed marting11 warp set as KurZiraktum (can't use hyphens). really nice work!
151 Feb21@0806h zedadex could I get the region btwn these gold blocks as 'zedtest' or such plz Closed schererererer region created
150 Feb21@0753h zedadex flow Closed schererererer flowed
149 Feb21@0327h PPGOME Is it possible to allow anybody to harm mobs in this region? Closed schererererer flag set to allow damage to mobs
148 Feb19@0407h LetsBFehr please protect my yellow region thanks! Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
147 Feb19@0335h Obnoxious hi id like to request an unmute, I am not the sole perpetrator and if I am punished I believe the other players should also face punishment, such as moontoad. Closed Bardidley You are unmuted.
146 Feb18@2352h Maniac_playsMC protect Closed Bardidley Protected!
145 Feb18@2228h Haiku may I have my ship protected? thankyu~~ Closed Bardidley Protected!
144 Feb18@2102h PaladinFeyarch protect Closed Bardidley Protected!
143 Feb18@2048h xX_Redstroyer_Xx claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
142 Feb18@0937h AndyJF custom heads don't copy / paste with the correct texture. Thanks Closed Bardidley I don't think this will work anymore =X
141 Feb18@0446h PPGOME expand, please! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region expanded!
140 Feb18@0314h PPGOME flow the water in these stairs, please! Closed fazaden flow'd
139 Feb18@0232h PPGOME expand please! Closed fazaden expand'd
138 Feb18@0118h PPGOME protect please! Name: PPHoc Closed Bardidley Protected!
137 Feb18@0004h RukiaKuchiki_ pls extend region 1block down Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region extended!
136 Feb17@2014h Abitcat i do kinda want old clifton bacc Closed Bardidley Protected!
135 Feb17@1703h Mr_CTA I cant build in my CTA corporate box in spleef. Help? Closed Bardidley Nerdplots have not been created yet, stay tuned.
134 Feb17@1610h Weird_Grim make water flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!
133 Feb17@0521h Smirkules please help me remove leaves that grew outside my claim :( sorry Closed fazaden all cleaned up ^_^
132 Feb17@0419h AmazingBrotato is there any waay i can get a netherportal here or is that not allowed Closed schererererer nether portal blocks placed
131 Feb17@0339h DonaldDrumpJR protect Closed Bardidley Protected!
130 Feb17@0137h LetsBFehr please flow water thanks! Closed schererererer flowed!
129 Feb17@0103h LetsBFehr Can you expand my region from the blue wool to the red border? Thanks! Closed schererererer region expanded
128 Feb16@2317h schererererer region expansion of kur-ziraktum to S and E to this corner please Closed marting11 extended
127 Feb16@1828h MrMinecraft1423 Can you please extend the region "winchester" to the new borders please? Thank you! Closed schererererer created 'winchester2' and childed to winchester region to cover expanded area
126 Feb16@1253h ArkaneSpirit i accidently build over my claim's limite, it's possible to extend the claim for few block in the east please? Closed fazaden expanded
125 Feb16@0401h AmazingBrotato Bored_of_my_Life is over here placing what i think are hacked items just checking if these are allowed? Closed marting11 chests removed
124 Feb16@0313h Andromeda4210 this sb plot didn't get reverted Closed marting11 fixed
123 Feb16@0303h Verros have my buidl moved to my zone plz Closed Verros build has been moved
122 Feb16@0053h AmazingBrotato can i get this place claimed Closed iNerd71 Region protected!
121 Feb15@1650h MrMinecraft1423 plz make rg name cta lookout Closed schererererer cta_lookout region created
120 Feb15@1644h cheezychicken region for mah church plz Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
119 Feb15@1621h MrMinecraft1423 can you put back sign here plz? Closed cheezychicken discussed via /m
118 Feb15@1146h AndyJF claim this area please Closed schererererer andyjf_claim region expanded to cover new border
117 Feb15@1106h jb29fr claim Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
116 Feb15@1006h Mr_Reunion claiming area Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region created!
115 Feb15@0429h RukiaKuchiki_ can this region be like bigger, im trying to paste a thing and region is too small Closed fazaden region expanded 20 blocks in each direction (including vertical), modreq again if you need it bigger
114 Feb15@0337h DrTim58 hey we can't place minecarts in the old rev world Closed Bardidley The old map is set to read only, sorry m8
113 Feb15@0222h SkrapssparkS Region protection Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
112 Feb15@0116h wowguyepic Hi, I'd like a region here named Dinnertown Closed marting11 protected
111 Feb15@0020h Ted50 looking to get this region expanded on the new black concrete border Closed marting11 expanded
110 Feb14@0430h RukiaKuchiki_ region here, marked by gold blocks Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region created!
109 Feb13@1628h tobylane Flowing/filled water please Closed Bardidley Water has been fixed!
108 Feb13@0822h AndyJF FAO marting11 re: your email, from this position / angle please. Thanks! Closed marting11 warped!
107 Feb13@0435h Flame623_ Protection (Name USP Oakwood) pls Closed iNerd71 Protected!
106 Feb12@1914h AndyJF any chance of a warp called 2049 ? Closed marting11 warped!
105 Feb12@1736h CxptainBrexit a man has fallen into the river in lego city, start the new rescue helicopter Closed Bardidley Not sure what you are asking for in this request but ok.
104 Feb12@0435h Smirkules please remove my claim in the desert Closed Bardidley Removed.
103 Feb12@0331h iNerd71 I request a fairly large region expansion for Argoth, please! It will be put to most glorious use Closed Bardidley You have our blessing to expand your claim!
102 Feb12@0329h Smirkules please protect this area, I plan to copy buildings from my other claim and then abandon that one Closed Bardidley Protected!
101 Feb12@0145h DancingBolt protect please Closed marting11 protected
100 Feb11@0523h FireBlazer523 please protect my build Closed marting11 protected
99 Feb11@0250h Heartshine It was a terrible idea lettign this terrifying beast be here and thus in the final map Closed Bardidley Restored the original Spawn CTA entrance.
98 Feb11@0223h Verros protect this tiny thing plz Closed marting11 protected
97 Feb11@0201h AugDim protection Closed marting11 expanded 20 in each direction
96 Feb10@2035h Raffone_Bros Not sure whats going on here but my FPS drops to 1. Figured somebody needed to know about it Closed marting11 should be fixed now, there was armor stand spam in the area
95 Feb10@0929h PrismiteDutchie claim Closed marting11 protected
94 Feb10@0536h Rileycol TB313 Closed marting11 can't find griefing here
93 Feb10@0300h MrMinecraft1423 spruce wood planks* Closed Bardidley duplicate
92 Feb10@0259h MrMinecraft1423 replace the roof w/ spruce wood execpt the lights Closed Bardidley Spruce plank ceiling professionally installed. You will be billed for this.
91 Feb10@0018h Smirkules please expand my claim to the edges of the red glass (will move structures later) Closed marting11 expanded
90 Feb09@2202h Heartshine Uhhh is this a generation mistake? Closed marting11 nope, free pyramid for anyone who wants it ;)
89 Feb09@1019h mischievous_doge claim Closed fazaden protected
88 Feb09@0719h AugDim protection Closed fazaden expanded :)
87 Feb09@0519h kittypuppet unable to //set and //replace blocks "0 blocks changed" Closed Bardidley Should be able to. Make sure you are standing inside of your region when you run commands.
86 Feb08@2043h ArkaneSpirit protect region Closed Bardidley Protected!
85 Feb08@1930h Verros please protect this tunnel Closed Bardidley CTA line to Spleef connected!
84 Feb08@0250h Verros can this get moved a few blocks to the side, its rather in the way Closed marting11 derp moved
83 Feb08@0224h Verros lava grief Closed marting11 fixed
82 Feb08@0033h Ted50 I just need the colors of concrete on this ship connected to each other with a //line of black stained glass panes. thanks! Closed marting11 line'd
81 Feb07@2321h AugDim protect Closed marting11 protected
80 Feb07@2152h LetsBFehr can I have my region expanded to the blue wool? Thanks! Closed marting11 region extended
79 Feb07@1803h kittypuppet protect "world crack" Closed marting11 protected
78 Feb07@1025h djtrogy I cant seem to use worldedit just tells me im not permited when trying to do anything Closed marting11 please use a wooden shovel instead of //sel, temporarily players only have access to //cut //copy //paste //set //replace //undo //redo
77 Feb07@0837h Tedbear rename region "Vyborg" Closed marting11 not renamed ;)
76 Feb07@0346h derpherpington Am I supposed to be able to paste out of region border Closed marting11 we are aware of it, fix is coming soon, in the meantime please don't abuse it ;)
75 Feb07@0235h DrTim58 protect and call mining_district (it's ok they'll have some houses and underwater living accomadations. Maybe a pool?) Closed Bardidley Protected!
74 Feb07@0231h derpherpington create region! "derp_bayshore" Closed marting11 protected
73 Feb07@0152h derpherpington /pets instead of /pet on sign Closed marting11 fixed! thanks for reporting
72 Feb07@0146h Andromeda4210 can this 1 block long strip of road be stacked to the end of the white line pls? Closed marting11 stacked
71 Feb06@2245h Rad_Phoenix clam Closed Bardidley Protected!
70 Feb06@1333h texb protect pls :) Closed Bardidley Protected!
69 Feb06@0924h djtrogy Can I get this protected thanks Closed Bardidley Protected!
68 Feb06@0435h shanty_sniper protections and basic WE for outline filling please :) Closed Bardidley Protected!
67 Feb06@0251h wyguy2014 please protect this region Closed Bardidley protected!
66 Feb05@2331h thermodynamicist i need worldedit in this large additional section to my claim Closed marting11 worldedit enabled
65 Feb05@2258h AnonymousDapper please also protect this pink wool Closed fazaden protected
64 Feb05@2104h thermodynamicist append this area and name the whole thing aquarius Closed fazaden protected
63 Feb05@2028h AnonymousDapper Please protect the red wool Closed fazaden protected
62 Feb05@1416h CxptainBrexit area claim from 1270,181,-3304 along the blue lines Closed marting11 region extended
61 Feb05@0252h Serenfal can i get someone to come do //center 0 between these two pink blocks on the floor? Closed Bardidley Center placed
60 Feb05@0117h Serenfal hello STAFF of SEE DOT NERD DOT EN YOU, PLEASE stand on these grass blocks and do smth like /fill smooth_stone 300 or 400 or whatever Closed marting11 filled
59 Feb04@1223h AndyJF will we be getting a bigger copy buffer? I'm struggling with the 50,000 block limit Closed Bardidley If you are pasting a lot, try using /paste -a
58 Feb04@0138h Verros add iceburg76 to space_program Closed fazaden added
57 Feb04@0136h RukiaKuchiki_ extend region here plox Closed marting11 extended
56 Feb03@2359h LetsBFehr please flow these 3 blocks thank you Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
55 Feb03@2237h SONICO4 May I have the skycabin protected? Closed marting11 please build a border around the area you wish to claim
54 Feb03@1214h AndyJF claim this area please! Closed marting11 region extended
53 Feb03@0823h schererererer claim region request: (2950, -675) to (3499, -1600), named Kur-Ziraktum Closed marting11 protected, nice spot you picked there
52 Feb03@0449h RukiaKuchiki_ flow Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
51 Feb03@0423h RDstonetrxz water flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
50 Feb03@0323h Verros extend space_program region to the east by 40 blocks because I'm bad at maths Closed marting11 extended
49 Feb03@0319h Haiku pls flooooow Closed marting11 flooooowed
48 Feb03@0241h Haiku pls /fixwater thnakyu Closed marting11 all fixed up
47 Feb03@0235h Smirkules please protect my sandbox area here Closed marting11 protected and discussed via /msg
46 Feb03@0230h Serenfal pls make diamond border the new athel rg, love u Closed marting11 region moved