Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
350 Feb23@1746h Owen_Bane claim Closed Fluffhead555 region claimed!
349 Feb22@1719h POOTISMACHINE can i expand my territory to this size? Closed Bardidley Region expanded.
348 Feb22@1423h Za_Zaa please can i have this area inside the mushroom border...thanks! Closed Fluffhead555 region claimed!
347 Feb18@1450h schiavo2 how do i find my plot in creative redstone? Closed Bardidley Your active redstone plots are at (462, 257) and (26, 300). Use /sethome redstone1 and redstone2 to save the locations.
346 Feb10@1744h Poxl3 cant break blocks here? Closed Fluffhead555 i messed with the regions, try it now
345 Feb07@2056h RukiaKuchiki_ protec house and set region time to midnight with rain plz Closed Fluffhead555 region made, time & weather set! :)
344 Feb07@0241h Za_Zaa i claimed this plot but cant seem to place blocks- send halp XD Closed AndyJF try now, should be fixed
343 Feb03@0132h dougdimmadong69 please protect my house Closed PPGOME What if I didn't?
342 Feb03@0127h luck800 claim Closed marting11 my friend you are in spawn, ask again when you find a plot of land you like ;)
341 Feb02@1750h DrTim58 I accidentally broke my giant nether portal again, could it be replaced? Closed marting11 fixed, I hope you are proud of me
340 Jan30@2207h DrTim58 can I get a warp for my giant, ominous tower jutting out of the ocean and can it just be called "Citadel"? Closed AndyJF Warp Created!
339 Jan24@2254h PandaDonut85 fill this pool please Closed Verros filled
338 Jan21@0602h Heartshine expane my bigtown claim to these back 3 plots as well pls Closed Bardidley Region expanded!
337 Jan17@0009h ironcrafter54 add item drop flag please Closed PPGOME Item drops added to region!
336 Jan11@0853h zburdsal Tunfy stop reading these modreqs, weirdo Closed PPGOME Get dunked on kid
335 Jan10@2015h 123ALAN1 CLAIM Closed PPGOME Duplicate of modreq 331.
334 Jan10@2015h 123ALAN1 CLAIMK Closed PPGOME Duplicate of modreq 331.
333 Jan10@1731h 123ALAN1 cliam Closed PPGOME Duplicate of modreq 331.
332 Jan10@1731h 123ALAN1 cliam Closed PPGOME Duplicate of modreq 331.
331 Jan10@1731h 123ALAN1 cliem Closed PPGOME Cannot claim, please build a border around the area (made of any block) you wish to claim and resubmit a modreq.
330 Jan10@1339h 123ALAN1 claim Closed AndyJF player mistake
329 Jan10@1339h 123ALAN1 claim Closed AndyJF player mistake
328 Jan10@1338h 123ALAN1 claim Closed AndyJF player mistake
327 Jan10@1332h 123ALAN1 claim Closed AndyJF player mistake
326 Dec27@0205h DrTim58 the link I get for using /vote in the lobby doesn't take me to the page for the server, just Closed Bardidley Head admins are aware of this. Should be fixed soon!
325 Nov29@0504h Lilianae Disable snow in claim, please! It's difficult to see while building. Closed Bardidley Snow disabled!
324 Nov27@0722h Lilianae Claim please, second point is to the southwest (-1856 X, 3343 Z)! Closed Fluffhead555 region created! :>
323 Nov25@0301h PPGOME replace all armour stands with invisible ones with /stand pose rightarm 180 0 0 please Closed PPGOME they have arms!
322 Nov24@1844h Windrip can I have this plot for a driveway/road connection Closed Bardidley Protected for road access.
321 Nov24@0250h Windrip can I have this space outlined in red for a hotel/casino? Closed Bardidley Region protected
320 Nov10@1936h Oak_Craft I'd like a claim created in testworld from -1856, -1856 to -1729, -1729 (marked by the gold blocks of the beacon) Closed Bardidley Protected!
319 Oct29@0145h tunfy please replace glass panes with barrier Closed Andromeda4210 barriers added!
318 Oct29@0143h Za_Zaa i was here pleasde allow build :) Closed Bardidley added.
317 Oct26@2241h DrTim58 make the center sign take you to -420 280 292 Closed Fluffhead555 sign warp added!
316 Oct26@0214h Fluffhead555 inactive plot Closed AndyJF Plot reset!
315 Oct26@0213h Fluffhead555 inactive plot Closed AndyJF Plot reset!
314 Oct22@1426h ironcrafter54 could I build something out here like some woods or something? Closed AndyJF This area is for city builds, we have zoned the area so feel free to claim a plot!
313 Oct15@0108h Za_Zaa i cant build on myu plot Closed Andromeda4210 fluff dun good
312 Oct14@2334h Andromeda4210 protect andro_map3 Closed Andromeda4210 protected!
311 Oct12@0027h Windrip can you please set the region city_0011's biome to warm ocean Closed Bardidley Done. You may need to relog to see update.
310 Oct11@0439h DrTim58 I accidentally broke the nether portal here, could it be replaced to fill the eyeball shape? Closed Bardidley Portal repaired!
309 Oct07@1808h Heartshine heartshine_bigtown_wingextension new region Closed Fluffhead555 region created!
308 Oct02@2327h Mondayart claim Closed AndyJF Region claimed!
307 Sep27@0256h IFearModder protection Closed Bardidley Protected!
306 Sep25@1706h THE_SUSSY_CHANEL i want to make it so pepole can interact with stuff on my redstone plot Closed AndyJF Done!
305 Sep22@1800h THE_SUSSY_CHANEL plot found with inapropiate symbol Closed XeTrain thank you for reporting
304 Sep20@1727h DemonterYouTube Is the IIE mod allowed on the server? Closed Bardidley It's ok as long as it's not being used to make items meant to crash users.
303 Sep20@1625h DemonterYouTube How to create region? (WorldGuard) Closed Bardidley Build protected!
302 Sep19@0822h TiseleQpl claim Closed AndyJF WE enabled
301 Sep19@0053h Oak_Craft Claim Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
300 Sep14@0018h RukiaKuchiki_ region for this build to allow worldedit pls Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region created!
299 Sep12@1713h DrTim58 can the ice be replaced with nether portal blocks? Closed Bardidley Your wish is my command!
298 Sep11@1739h THE_SUSSY_CHANEL sign found at redstone saying "KILL YOURSELF NOW" in 2 plots Closed Fluffhead555 thanks for reporting! :>
297 Sep10@0554h SimplisticX2 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
296 Sep09@2336h THE_SUSSY_CHANEL i found a bunch of redstone loops that are on in the redstone world Closed Fluffhead555 thanks for reporting :)
295 Sep09@1420h TemporarilyAlive Please can this plot be made taller? we didnt realise the height limit when we started and we need to add 2 or 3 more floors on to it! Closed Fluffhead555 the region has been expanded! :>
294 Sep06@0636h Heartshine i believe there was some stuff here as well Closed AndyJF Fixed, thanks for reporting
293 Sep06@0616h Heartshine wasnt there a second balloon here a bit ago Closed AndyJF There was, it's been fixed, thanks for reporting
292 Sep05@2311h RukiaKuchiki_ expand region to here pls Closed RukiaKuchiki_ E
291 Sep05@2247h RukiaKuchiki_ region of worledity here pls Closed XeTrain madey
290 Aug31@2229h RukiaKuchiki_ make region here like double in size, to fi2 like 4 more builds Closed XeTrain EXPANDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
289 Aug30@2326h RukiaKuchiki_ regiony thing Closed XeTrain madeded
288 Aug22@1821h DrTim58 flow water pls Closed Bardidley Flowed!
287 Aug15@1635h Oak_Craft I would like a build protected in space at 263 110 266 Closed XeTrain region created! :)
286 Aug14@2224h Oak_Craft I'd like a starting block in space at 250 100 250 Closed Bardidley Starter block placed!
285 Aug09@2033h Flegham claim (pls name Fleg_Yacht) :) Closed Bardidley Protected!
284 Aug06@0127h Verros flow lava please Closed Challenger2 flowed
283 Aug01@1845h JoLiKMC So, I found an oddity in the Pixel Art Valley on the Creative sub-server. There's a massive area, between 3444, -2236 and 3496, -2090, which is locked from building. I don't see anything in this area, so I was curious what it's for. Cheers. Closed Bardidley The reason that area is locked is to keep the Pixel Art sign from getting blocked by large pixel art. It is to encourage players to build their pixel art further West as this whole valley is for Pixel Art.
282 Jul27@1416h XeTrain Grief? Closed Bardidley Grief is old but thanks for checking anyway. I manually fixed it as it is out of logs (30+ days)
281 Jul24@0441h kakmilly request Closed XeTrain Please include your request in your modreq (/modreq [Message here])
280 Jul23@0048h Andromeda4210 non-shop in shop plot, region shop_0028 Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
279 Jul22@1111h AndyJF protect this flag Closed AndyJF Done!
278 Jul16@1753h Sebastiaan___ claim Closed Bardidley Please mark where you would like your claim using red wool to mark 4 corners and then submit a new modreq.
277 Jul16@1721h XeTrain pls expand Rosetanical Gardens claim to new fence lines. Closed XeTrain Expanded
276 Jul16@1718h XeTrain pls expand Rosetanical Gardens claim to new fence line :) Closed XeTrain Ignore this one
275 Jul15@1124h StrawberryTheCat request Closed Fluffhead555 please attach more info to your request. use it like this: /modreq [reason]
274 Jul14@1639h missoryx request Closed XeTrain Please state your request in your modreq. Like this: /Modreq [Message here]
273 Jul13@1954h WoofTubeYT claim anotherlospolloshermanos Closed XeTrain Done Diddly Done!
272 Jul13@1947h XeTrain pls extend clame to new fence lines around wooden outline Closed TemporarilyAlive embiggened
271 Jul13@1850h XeTrain Pls claim fencing with name "Rosetanical-Garden" Closed Fluffhead555 region created!
270 Jul13@1842h WoofTubeYT claim Closed XeTrain Claim created! (Named WoofTubeYT-build for now, let me know if you want a different name)
269 Jul12@1648h WoofTubeYT claim chickenresturaunt Closed AndyJF region claimed!
268 Jul11@2118h Andromeda4210 protect volcano_test Closed Andromeda4210 region created!
267 Jul11@1957h WoofTubeYT some guy made huge text saying "Hi goose from a sub" next to some goose guys house in the subarbs and the big text isnt a house Closed AndyJF removed!
266 Jul11@1926h WoofTubeYT protect A tiny hut Closed Andromeda4210 protected!
265 Jul11@1816h DrTim58 protect and call tims_special_marinara_sauce (the name isn't related I just want either spaghetti or breaded mozarella sticks rn, both of which require marinara. Idk don't you judge me I'm hungry!) Closed Andromeda4210 region protected, special marinara made super!
264 Jul11@0309h Carrotapple remove region in purple border Closed AndyJF I see no region?
263 Jul11@0300h Carrotapple claim purp wool. Temp claim. Closed Bardidley test region created.
262 Jul08@0454h admanta protect my pixel art Closed AndyJF Protected!
261 Jul06@1635h Heartshine can i get my area expanded to these diamond blocks so i can move one of my statues to make room, i'll make a new one in the previous spot as well Closed Bardidley Region expanded!
260 Jul02@1825h KiddoDeluxe I need flowing water to make a fountain, so I'm requesting a region to do that. I'ts around x503, y104, z1356. Thanks! Closed Verros region set
259 Jun30@0459h Heartshine greif i thinkw Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
258 Jun29@0555h Heartshine im talkign all the way to the sand btw Closed Bardidley Duplicate
257 Jun29@0525h Heartshine can i get thsi emerald block area plus the floor Closed Bardidley Protected!
256 Jun17@2259h Andromeda4210 protect roulette Closed Andromeda4210 protected!
255 Jun17@1505h Waxted claim region (name it Ships) (or Dockyard or something like that) Closed Fluffhead555 region created!
254 Jun12@2225h Andromeda4210 protect test_region_and_zombies Closed Andromeda4210 region protected!
253 Jun11@1850h Fluffhead555 change spawnpoint here Closed LadyCailin
252 Jun10@2143h Andromeda4210 protect horse_training_stairs Closed Andromeda4210 protected!
251 Jun10@2110h Andromeda4210 pls change region biome from snowy_taiga to warm_ocean Closed Andromeda4210 biome changed!
250 Jun10@1029h Waxted expand region (blue wool border) Closed Fluffhead555 new region created!
249 Jun10@0306h Andromeda4210 pls flow lava for me andro Closed Andromeda4210 lava flowed, love andro
248 Jun09@1342h jamium request Closed jamium
247 Jun05@0128h Andromeda4210 non-city build in city plot Closed AndyJF Removed!
246 Jun03@1649h Juliieen can you please claim this region, i build a smooth quartz border Closed AndyJF region created!
245 May30@2215h LadyCailin NATO, please protecc Closed Bardidley Protected!
244 May30@1811h Patrior_CZ Can you please expand our claim like 50 blocks north, I started building a grocery store and I ran out of space. Closed Fluffhead555 region expanded!
243 May30@0028h Andromeda4210 protect Project_Z in the green concrete border Closed Andromeda4210
242 May29@0104h fxmboi claim between areas 1855, -1661; 2043, -1494 pls and thanks Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
241 May28@1053h Fluffhead555 claim Closed Fluffhead555 claimed!
240 May24@1804h Sebastiaan___ claim Closed AndyJF Can you provide more information? Thanks
239 May24@1747h Sebastiaan___ support Closed AndyJF can you provide more information? Thanks
238 May24@1228h Sebastiaan___ claim Closed AndyJF You now own the area marked by sea lanterns, if you need more room please place more markers and resubmit
237 May23@1738h Sebastiaan___ request Closed Bardidley Please be more specific in your request.
236 May23@0352h Andromeda4210 add the /lock command to barrels Closed AndyJF Should be working now!
235 May21@2251h LadyCailin This door won't open for regular users Closed AndyJF Fixed, it was a perms issue with spawn region
234 May21@2058h ironcrafter54 plot inactive remov claim Closed AndyJF Owner removed!
233 May16@2141h Fluffhead555 is it possible for you to retrieve this ted's head and bring it to me? its from rev36, so i cant pick it up Closed Bardidley Afraid not, they cant be copied because they are on an armour stand (entity)
232 May13@2354h la1440 claim Closed Andromeda4210 region created!
231 May10@0708h dougdimmadong69 grielf with a question mark Closed PPGOME Out of logs :(
230 May08@0212h Weazol pls create a region names pink_wool Closed AndyJF Region Created!
229 Apr29@1819h Layla_Moon I'd like to claim this area Closed AndyJF area claimed
228 Apr29@1738h Layla_Moon <area protected> Layla_Moon Closed AndyJF area claimed
227 Apr29@1416h AndyJF protect this claim Closed AndyJF region protected
226 Apr29@0002h DrTim58 super minor thing here, but the lobby doesn't have /list-all like c or p do. Not super relevant tbh since most people arent there for more than a couple minutes unless they're afk, but figured id point it out Closed AndyJF The command /list all (no hyphen) works in the lobby, C, and P
225 Apr28@0055h Andromeda4210 protect andro_lux_plane Closed Andromeda4210 Protected, well done
224 Apr24@0021h dougdimmadong69 this track isnt working Closed PPGOME Seems like someone forgot the redstone torches lol
223 Apr24@0021h dougdimmadong69 someone left a cart here Closed PPGOME Cleaned up :P
222 Apr16@0137h XeTrain am I supposed to modreq for this sign to be changed as ive claimed the plot? Closed Fluffhead555 sign updated! :)
221 Apr16@0039h iceberg76 can i have claim access to this? Closed Bardidley Added
220 Apr07@1913h THUMBTOE warp Closed Bardidley Warp given!
219 Apr07@1912h THUMBTOE claim Closed Fluffhead555
218 Apr03@2122h Fluffhead555 claim island for future CTA station Closed Fluffhead555 claimed
217 Apr02@0002h aWiseOwl Hi, i'd like to have a region claimed to use worldedit. I've marked it with two orange pillars. Thanks! Closed Andromeda4210 Region created, have fun!
216 Apr01@1500h hiasenbauer request Closed Fluffhead555 This area is already claimed by another player. If you want to build, do it outside claimed build borders
215 Mar26@0018h Andromeda4210 teleport on sign click to the lit circle above Closed Bardidley Added!
214 Mar19@1954h Fluffhead555 claim the areas marked with a sea lantern and purpur block border as "containerport1/2". pls and thank you :> Closed AndyJF Regions created!
213 Mar19@1336h j0hn33y claim 767,57,1012 to 1012,120,1023 FED Closed Fluffhead555 region created!
212 Mar11@1557h j0hn33y claim 604,57,1151 to 688,130,1115 Crosley Building Closed AndyJF region claimed!
211 Mar10@1335h djtrogy Can I claim this plz Closed Fluffhead555 region created!
210 Mar07@0011h ironcrafter54 could my fountian be flowed please Closed pez252 FLooooooooow
209 Mar06@2325h Poxl3 claim Clones Closed pez252 Done (hopefully right)
208 Mar05@2250h ironcrafter54 I messed up and added my friend to spawn city to help with subway and relized it was a mistake please remove him (gamingbanna476) Closed Fluffhead555 player removed!
207 Mar05@1856h CarvedPumpkin17 CarvedPumpkin17 Closed Fluffhead555 plot claimed!
206 Mar02@0038h j0hn33y claim 671,110,1169 to 530,60,1211 Closed Fluffhead555 region made! make sure to be standing at the claim next time
205 Feb26@2328h ironcrafter54 could we expand our plot into the empty place so we have more room for an underground interior Closed Bardidley Sorry but these plots are set to a maximum size, the suburb homes are meant to fit inside.
204 Feb24@1631h OOOKKKi elyrta Closed AndyJF region expanded!
203 Feb24@1056h OOOKKKi expantion Closed AndyJF region expanded!
202 Feb19@2245h ironcrafter54 we have to connect these 2 plots I can't belive our neighbor did this it was completly uncoordinated Closed Bardidley The suburb plots are meant to have a suburb type house on the plot, anything else is subject to be moved outside of the suburb.
201 Feb19@1332h Fluffhead555 large expansion for the region "minigame_park" Closed AndyJF No problems, go ahead and create the region!
200 Feb15@2154h Andromeda4210 protect testbuild region in blue concrete borders Closed Fluffhead555 region created!
199 Feb15@1947h Andromeda4210 the /lock command does not work with crimson trapdoors Closed AndyJF Should be working now!
198 Feb15@1908h Andromeda4210 turn snow off in this region pls Closed AndyJF weather cleared!
197 Feb09@1922h Juliieen ive claimed city_0026, but it's not letting me build on it: im the sole owner of the plot Closed Fluffhead555 fixed! (hopefully)
196 Feb06@2128h Fluffhead555 massive claim for "asriche" Closed Bardidley Claim granted.
195 Feb05@2240h minecat654321 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted.
194 Feb04@1839h tobylane Water flow please Closed Fluffhead555 water fixed!
193 Jan31@0530h LocoQT claim Closed AndyJF Region Claimed!
192 Jan29@0447h marting11 banana car Closed AndyJF removed
191 Jan28@1713h ironcrafter54 have water flow in this plot please I am planning on doing a lot of waterworks Closed Fluffhead555 flowed
190 Jan27@0047h Fluffhead555 big old claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
189 Jan24@2051h RedWasPaused cancel Closed Fluffhead555 duplicate request
188 Jan24@2034h RedWasPaused request Closed Fluffhead555 done
187 Jan22@2018h Fluffhead555 claiming for a town near spleef Closed Fluffhead555 region made
186 Jan22@1513h Seedin7 can you please claim some land for me so i can world edit? Closed AndyJF region claimed, you can remove the border if you like!
185 Jan19@0238h THUMBTOE tp sign Closed Bardidley Easy sign placed
184 Jan19@0034h RedWasPaused claim Closed Andromeda4210 duplicate request
183 Jan19@0031h RedWasPaused claim Closed Andromeda4210 Please create a border outside of spawn and create a new modreq in it to own it as a claim of land
182 Jan16@1905h Fluffhead555 massive claim in the spaceworld Closed Fluffhead555 cleared by bard in discord dms
181 Jan14@0120h calamitias remove me as owner Closed Fluffhead555 removed!
180 Jan11@2124h Andromeda4210 turn vine growth on in this region pls Closed Fluffhead555 vine growth enabled!
179 Jan11@1207h CreeperPanda2 Debug Stick pls Closed AndyJF debug stick not available, equip a iron shovel and use /tool cycler , it does basically the same thing, thanks
178 Jan11@0320h AndenGamer claim Closed Andromeda4210 Please create a border outside of spawn and create a new modreq in it to own it as a claim of land
177 Jan07@0421h Lotmom please flow Closed AndyJF flowed!
176 Jan05@0123h Klonerdeamer A player named Forkdude won't show up on the live map. Just getting sure that person is not out of bounds or doing something else? Closed Andromeda4210 Thank you for reporting. They are in another one of creative's multiverses from spawn
175 Jan04@2310h Kent_Tore_ request Closed Fluffhead555 region created!
174 Jan04@2250h Kent_Tore_ request Closed Fluffhead555
173 Jan04@0206h Flegham Protection (pls name ddj_flx6) thanks :) Closed Andromeda4210 ddj_flx6 protection region created!
172 Jan03@0429h Logano64 i can only build on half my plot Closed AndyJF Should be working now
171 Jan02@0040h iceberg76 can the empty stone rooms me nerdplots? Closed Bardidley New Shop plots added!
170 Jan01@0236h Andromeda4210 can we have the new mobs added to /pet? Closed Challenger2 Many more mobs have been added.
169 Dec31@0209h Fluffhead555 warp request for my scp build here Closed Bardidley Warp granted, congrats!
168 Dec31@0115h nicooxxd this might be stupid but i like to know how to get a region (i think its called that) Closed Bardidley Sorry I was afk when you joined. You can make a rectangular border around land you want to claim. Then do /modreq claim
167 Dec30@1733h Fluffhead555 can an invisible AND invincible armour stand be placed ontop of this red block? Closed Bardidley Stand placed.
166 Dec30@1657h Hollifer please protecc statue Closed Fluffhead555 statue protected!
165 Dec30@0153h Andromeda4210 boat spam Closed Bardidley Boats removed
164 Dec28@0547h SkrapssparkS Grief, looks like a fun one to roll back :D Closed Fluffhead555 it was a fun one to roll back :)
163 Dec28@0455h djtrogy This isnt mine but looks like its been greifed Closed Fluffhead555 rolled back
162 Dec27@2034h Fluffhead555 empty claimed park plot, owner was last seen over 3 weeks ago Closed Fluffhead555
161 Dec27@1458h Fluffhead555 claiming region "2fort" Closed Fluffhead555 claimed
160 Dec25@0210h ultramana join GroupBuild Closed Andromeda4210 added to the region, have fun!
159 Dec24@1906h Fluffhead555 can an invisible armour stand be placed ontop of this red block? Closed Bardidley invs stand placed!
158 Dec24@1503h Fluffhead555 making region here called "YEM" Closed Fluffhead555
157 Dec23@1154h nickeox replace blank sign with "build lead NEVAstop" Closed Bardidley Interesting. I haven't seen this sign before, looks like it was changed a long time ago for some reason. I have updated it and also made a proper contributor out front of the arena. cheers
156 Dec22@2103h fazaden test req, please ignore Closed Andromeda4210 first modreq test complete!
155 Dec22@2029h Fluffhead555 empty nerdplot that was claimed weeks ago Closed Bardidley the player was online only 4 days ago, will wait a little longer before clearing this one.
154 Dec21@2047h DrTim58 could timtransition1 be removed? Closed Fluffhead555 region removed!
153 Dec21@2041h DrTim58 could timtransition2 be deleted? Closed Fluffhead555 region removed!
152 Dec21@1720h OOOKKKi claim Closed Fluffhead555 region redefined!
151 Dec21@0705h DrTim58 protect timtransition2 Closed Fluffhead555 duplicated modreq