Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
1523 Aug24@1551h Haiku please help i just set my entire reigon to 155:1 and cant undo Closed Haiku just kidding i lied im a pro gamer
1522 Aug22@0041h Pixl3 claim Closed buzzie71 protected!
1521 Aug21@1859h spycyborg12345 claim Closed Bardidley duplicate request.
1520 Aug21@0412h spycyborg12345 claim Closed Bardidley Region created! You can now use World Edit with the wooden shovel.
1519 Aug21@0041h super_steven_17 super_steven_17 Closed Bardidley Please use this only for mod requests.
1518 Aug18@0203h Hollifer ok clear the plot please im done and i don't want it sitting here Closed Bardidley Removed =X
1517 Aug18@0159h Hollifer please replace my stone with water Closed Bardidley no world edit not even by req
1516 Aug14@0309h r0xstar r0xstar Closed Bardidley Region created!
1515 Aug12@1557h AndyJF please fix the lighting in this plot, thanks! Closed Dumbo52 Fixed!
1514 Aug12@1104h AndyJF can you fix the lighting in these caves please! Closed Dumbo52 Fixed!
1513 Aug12@0345h bizzle19 protect inside red square with worldedit perms Closed Dumbo52 Protected!
1512 Aug12@0321h bizzle19 protect...i built this, i guess just ask dad65 next time hes online to let me build in this area! thx Closed Bardidley Forgot to add, you are added now.
1511 Aug09@1618h WaxTed warp for Chernobyl,[ Its not completely done yet but im back from vacation now so i have time to finish it finally now! so it will be soon] Open
1510 Aug09@1503h AndyJF could you please fix these lighting errors? I made a complete mess I'm afraid. Closed Bardidley I think I got all of it.
1509 Aug09@0154h dad65 please add to region. red wool corners Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
1508 Aug08@2230h MajorBruh list Closed MajorBruh
1507 Aug08@2230h MajorBruh check Closed MajorBruh
1506 Aug08@1952h Papajohns_com request Closed DrTim58 protected, but when making a modreq you have to specify your request instead of just saying "request"
1505 Aug08@1924h AndyJF fix lighting in this area please Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed!
1504 Aug08@1738h X_GirLTerrorDoom "Hey Bardidley! I will not accept that you decide to deny my warp because of my cloud/heaven up in sky. You are unfair, disrespectful, and mean. Other warps have something above heads and that is not glass. Take /spawn for example. Closed Bardidley Discussed via mail.
1503 Aug08@1725h AndyJF still having problems with lighting like here. Also when digging tunnels they are too bright. This doesn't happen outside my region Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed.
1502 Aug08@0824h X_GirLTerrorDoom Hey Bardidley. What type of light do you mean? And why do you deny my warp? If you mean that i will replace whole entire giant cloud with glass, so forget it. but i can replace or delete those blocks on that area that spawn, boats and water. etc... Closed Bardidley Sorry to see you removed your build, I was hoping you were going to work on it some more..
1501 Aug07@0907h MajorBruh Hey, uhh. So the /horse thing is broken, and it won't let me despawn, then it decouples the spawned horse. So there are a bunch of horses that have my name on them at my location that I need removed. Closed Bardidley It looks like they are gone now, I don't see them.
1500 Aug07@0038h dad65 extend region to include red wool corners. i had some unfriendlies turn town into termite feast Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
1499 Aug06@1308h X_GirLTerrorDoom "Continue from last message. I have place a stand to show a example how it's looks like if and when players warp to my region." Closed Bardidley Closing part 2
1498 Aug06@1255h X_GirLTerrorDoom "Hello. I wish and want to have a '/warp' thing at my region. What i have understood is, it's strickt rules to have a '/warp'. Please accept and create a '/warp' right here and players facing that way "east" and 'warp' will be /warp XGirLandMrMyth" Closed Bardidley First thing that would need to be done is fix the lighting, I recommend replacing the snow blocks with white glass to allow light to pass through. Then we can revisit your request.
1497 Aug06@1022h AndyJF please ignore last modreq about sea lanterns. It seems to be a quirk of 1.13 and trapdoors Closed Bardidley Closed.
1496 Aug06@1019h AndyJF I can't delete sea lanterns in certain places, like here Closed Bardidley Closed.
1495 Aug04@1024h cmdrtebok not sure if you guys know but the new version boke the live map and carto Closed Bardidley They appear to be updated now.
1494 Aug04@0935h AndyJF Sorry to be a pain but I'm still having problems with lighting in my region. This tunnel i dug today should be in darkness. I don't think it's a case of just fixing the lighting, there is something fundimentally wrong with how lighting is being c Closed Bardidley Lighting reset globally.
1493 Aug04@0255h DoovidToonet would the words "vapid whore" in my meme build violate the rules? Closed DrTim58 feel free to use the term as freely as you'd like in your build
1492 Aug04@0155h PPGOME let me build, please! :o Closed Dumbo52 Added!
1491 Aug04@0134h Singitqueen water floor pls Closed Dumbo52
1490 Aug04@0125h DoovidToonet I have this area that was claimed before, been a while since I developed it an was wondering if it's still mine? Closed Bardidley Existing region has been updated with your new name.
1489 Aug04@0115h Bluuefuzzy can you flow my water? :( Closed Mewcifer no (yes)
1488 Aug03@1348h AndyJF I can't see block IDs even with advanced tooltips on, thanks Closed Bardidley There are no longer block ID's in 1.13, you must go by block name.
1487 Aug03@0948h AndyJF all the lighting in my entire region is broken and 'washed out'. can it bt fixed please? Closed Bardidley Fixed lighting
1486 Aug03@0823h _Despayeeto Protection Closed Dumbo52 Protection expanded!
1485 Aug03@0634h auctionrylee land claim Closed DrTim58 protected!
1484 Aug03@0231h Andromeda4210 dick made out of sea pickles Closed Andromeda4210 he changed it
1483 Aug03@0039h DexsLaboratory protect cyan terracota region please Closed Dumbo52 Protected
1482 Aug02@2325h cmdrtebok my region is missing, can i have a new one on the outline? I cant use worldedit anymore Closed Dumbo52 Region restored
1481 Aug02@2010h sijesn somehow after the update our city is no longer protected, can u protect pls !! name is Oasis Closed Dumbo52 Sorry about that, it got lost in the update! Your region has been restored.
1480 Aug02@1504h AndyJF WE commands aren't recalculating the lighting when you make edits. Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed.
1479 Aug02@0929h AndyJF is there an issue with world edit? undo doesn't seem to work Closed Bardidley It should be functioning properly can you report back if not?
1478 Jul31@0154h Haiku expand pls son Closed DrTim58 Expanded my own region...... Nani?
1477 Jul31@0029h cmdrtebok can you expand my region to includ what i started to outline in bricks Closed marting11 expanded
1476 Jul30@2235h Apogee There's a lighting glitch on the side of this tower, can you fix it for me? Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed!
1475 Jul30@0031h Grimwaltz just reporting minor griefing I detected in bigtown in case others were affected Closed fazaden fixed, thanks for the report
1474 Jul29@0312h MrTheKing extend north pls Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
1473 Jul29@0137h Singitqueen thats ok, I was actually talking about the walls when i asked for the expansion. I marked it out more this time. Can I claim this now? Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
1472 Jul28@2005h Singitqueen can you help me expand this like a lot? I realistically want to turn this into a warp but I want to make it a lot bigger and cooler first. If not thats ok, either way thank you :) Closed Bardidley My best advice to you is to have more atmosphere such as paths and scenery. I really can't tell someone what they need to make a warp. it just has to be good and interesting.
1471 Jul28@0417h MrTheKing redefine region in yellow with the northern green corners Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
1470 Jul28@0219h admanta looks like a player skull and armor stand got broken. Closed admanta
1469 Jul28@0019h axslayer33 Permission to push this wall back by three? It cuts into the surface zone of the rail Closed Challenger2 Region expanded over the rails.
1468 Jul27@2008h MrTheKing remove road connection Closed Bardidley removed.
1467 Jul27@1027h SUPERTEO2000 Make a rg plz Closed fazaden region created, keep up the great work!
1466 Jul27@0933h MrTheKing protect im not developing around pixelart ill leave it untouched it just overlapped Closed Bardidley Protected!
1465 Jul27@0911h MrTheKing rpotect Closed fazaden
1464 Jul27@0808h MrTheKing protect Closed fazaden protected
1463 Jul27@0104h MrTheKing fix lighting around this tedco pls Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed
1462 Jul26@0629h MrTheKing can this be abandoned region pretty pretty pretty pls Closed Bardidley No, this region is /warp Giantville
1461 Jul26@0627h MrTheKing can this be moved somewhere remote pretty pls Closed Bardidley No sorry this has a region.
1460 Jul25@2332h SamTheSam I am here, requesting protection of a region in TestWorld, please. Closed DrTim58 protected!
1459 Jul25@1957h PaladinFeyarch expand Closed DrTim58 expanded my dong
1458 Jul25@1630h SUPERTEO2000 I need to make a rg Closed DrTim58 make the modreq at the area you want protected, but make sure to have a rectangular border around that area!
1457 Jul25@1630h SUPERTEO2000 SUPERTEO2000 Closed DrTim58 see 1456
1456 Jul25@1630h SUPERTEO2000 s Closed DrTim58 Use modreqs to request things such as region protections or report grief
1455 Jul25@1510h mischievous_doge Remove SevenSolaris's owner perms from this region, as they are inactive Closed DrTim58 Seems to me that someone already removed him but didn't close this modreq
1454 Jul25@0404h Apogee remove Singitqueen as an owner of CaGR and re-add as a member, please. Closed DrTim58 done the o'l switcharoo
1453 Jul25@0232h MrTheKing can i have this corner for my urban tedco relocation Closed Bardidley Sorry but this space is for an upcoming Group Build.
1452 Jul25@0106h MrTheKing can i get this road connected yet Closed MasterCommaThe junction made
1451 Jul23@1930h HobbesSF didn't mean to send the last thing-- i'm making a city and was hoping for WE and protection on it Closed Bardidley Duplicate.
1450 Jul23@1930h HobbesSF help Closed Bardidley Appears to already be protected under eagle_city with you listed as an owner. Your WE will work
1449 Jul23@1516h mischievous_doge Claim region for me to build giant oven XD Closed Bardidley Protected.
1448 Jul23@0348h Apogee lighting glitch here Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed!
1447 Jul23@0139h Abitcat ok actually i needed more space northwards, extend rg to -2460 Z Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
1446 Jul23@0123h promaxxe req 1445 cont'd here Closed Bardidley Removed.
1445 Jul23@0122h promaxxe what is this redstone treachery Closed Bardidley seems old and abandoned. out of logs.
1444 Jul22@2305h Abitcat extend region "interchange_stong" southwards to red line (-2142 Z) Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
1443 Jul22@1854h BlueXP Please may I claim this area around -5633 127 5441 marked with blue wool? Thank you! Closed fazaden region claimed, happy building!
1442 Jul22@1817h BlueXP It's at -4215 120 2168. (If I'm doing this wrong, please forgive me, I pretty much just came here) Closed BlueXP
1441 Jul22@1816h BlueXP Please can I claim this area? Closed BlueXP
1440 Jul22@1430h CodeNameTassoni claim please Closed fazaden claimed
1439 Jul22@1107h AndyJF I don't want to own this region (ajf_flat) any more, thanks Closed fazaden region removed, along with its orange border
1438 Jul22@0349h Tedbear region Eagle_City please, with Tedbear, HobbesSF and jadedeconomist as owners Closed fazaden region created, happy building!
1437 Jul21@2010h axslayer33 can I get this saved? Might make it a plotted city Closed MasterCommaThe Region protected.
1436 Jul21@1747h UpsideKen oh sorry, I thought we need to do /modreq Closed DrTim58 So long as you know how to claim don't sweat it
1435 Jul21@1746h UpsideKen I need one redstone for experiments logic gate Closed DrTim58 See #1436
1434 Jul21@0553h somethinbetter can these shadows b gone thank u Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed.
1433 Jul21@0153h PPGOME wool to barrier please Closed Mewcifer im so sorryryr
1432 Jul21@0127h Verros change floor at speedbuild to lava Closed Bardidley set lava
1431 Jul21@0115h Abitcat make spruce barrier Closed Abitcat actually nvm
1430 Jul21@0040h SkrapssparkS not sure if spam or if it's actually meant to be here Closed Mewcifer mate rlly likes his block messes-clean't
1429 Jul21@0004h jadedeconomist more grief Closed Mewcifer wow this building dead dead i gotchu
1428 Jul21@0004h jadedeconomist road grief Closed Mewcifer i have called the cement men and they have fixed it
1427 Jul20@2223h Singabelsing flowing water underneath this, Closed Mewcifer i think i did
1426 Jul20@2056h MrTheKing redefine muh region in the magenta woolio Closed Mewcifer i did it
1425 Jul20@2048h MrTheKing remove region cause expanding main Closed Mewcifer kil
1424 Jul20@1852h jadedeconomist this shouldnt be in suburbs it should be in testbuild Closed jadedeconomist
1423 Jul20@0223h Mr_CTA can you make a /warp Winchester please? Closed Mewcifer discussed via /msg
1422 Jul19@0105h MrTheKing protecc Closed Bardidley Protected!
1421 Jul19@0058h MrTheKing protecc Closed Bardidley Protected!
1420 Jul19@0038h MrTheKing protecc Closed Bardidley Protected!
1419 Jul18@0423h Tedbear (tech) this is a request to disable the movement of other players via fishing rod Closed Tedbear
1418 Jul18@0153h Singabelsing i dont know if you can fill this, but if you can can you fill this glass area with water? Water flowing? Thank you either way :) Closed Mewcifer watered
1417 Jul18@0126h promaxxe lighting fixes in this area Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed!
1416 Jul18@0122h YourAdulthood protection Closed Bardidley Duplicate request
1415 Jul18@0121h YourAdulthood request Closed Bardidley Protected!
1414 Jul18@0119h jadedeconomist can u please reset some of da lighting in the area around here Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed!
1413 Jul17@0420h Singabelsing these shadows are weird and i heard i could modreq that so uhhh yeah shadows Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed!
1412 Jul17@0345h Singabelsing water flowin pls Closed Bardidley Flowed!
1411 Jul17@0106h MrTheKing temp perms for interchange Closed Bardidley Added.
1410 Jul17@0055h MrTheKing gfeef Closed Bardidley Fixed!
1409 Jul16@2311h Raffone_Bros protect area inside lapies Closed Bardidley Protected!
1408 Jul16@2150h BlackDragon852 request Closed Bardidley You can make your request once you have made a rectangular border around your land claim.
1407 Jul16@1730h TechCamper53 can you add me to winchester im Mr_CTA Closed Bardidley You will have to confirm this on the Mr_CTA account as I cannot verify you and Mr_CTA are the same person.
1406 Jul16@0732h MotherDucker Area claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
1405 Jul16@0314h admanta greefied? Closed Bardidley work in progress (ppgome)
1404 Jul16@0313h Zamberry Need my Skyscraper protected Closed iNerd71 This skyscraper is already protected, since it is in a downtown plot in Spawn City!
1403 Jul15@1431h Yoopicul request Closed Bardidley Build protected.
1402 Jul15@0345h LordFatzberry Save the forest!!! Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting!
1401 Jul15@0329h LordFatzberry I didn't realize that we had a nuke on the server O_O Closed Bardidley Removed tnt spam, thanks
1400 Jul15@0327h Purecrystals large land claim for protection Closed Bardidley Protected!
1399 Jul15@0315h LordFatzberry random lava's spicy Closed Bardidley Removed.
1398 Jul14@2122h Purecrystals large land claim Closed marting11 protected and added Nelven to the region
1397 Jul14@1920h Singabelsing status Closed DrTim58 only make one modreq per whatever you need done. Making multiple will not get your request done faster
1396 Jul14@1908h Mr_CTA I have my region flag extended. Can you make it part of my region please? Closed DrTim58 expanded
1395 Jul14@0804h Tedbear admin can I get a /warp OCWS? Closed Bardidley Warped!
1394 Jul14@0651h MrTheKing i need this lowes copied just the building Closed Bardidley You have a region and perms you should be able to copy.
1393 Jul14@0616h MrTheKing im getting wicked lag right here idk why Closed Bardidley Seems ok now.
1392 Jul14@0332h Singabelsing new claim Closed DrTim58 claim is now claimed!
1391 Jul14@0012h Zamberry Need help unclaming plot Closed marting11 unclaimed
1390 Jul13@2143h Verros change lapis lazuli blocks (22) int flowing water Closed Bardidley Flowed!
1389 Jul13@1622h Mr_CTA i made my region flag extension. Closed Bardidley Region extended.
1388 Jul13@0444h Mr_CTA I need to extend my region flag Closed Bardidley adjust border to indicate new border size
1387 Jul13@0212h somethinbetter can i get this group of leaves removed ty Closed marting11 removed
1386 Jul13@0155h L_Morningstar_ flow pls uwu Closed marting11 flowed
1385 Jul13@0137h Verros remove owo sign Closed Bardidley advised to remove.
1384 Jul13@0129h Verros check lightblue wool to flowing water Closed fazaden flow'd
1383 Jul13@0128h somethinbetter can u remove sih from zoo region ty uwu i did a typo Closed fazaden fixed
1382 Jul13@0038h somethinbetter can i get uhh added to my old reagion thank u Closed Bardidley Added!
1381 Jul12@1652h D1zZyB0Y request: protection Closed DrTim58 protected!
1380 Jul12@0822h jadedeconomist someone destroyed the floor of the market thing Closed Bardidley it's really messed up someone can volunteer to fix it.
1379 Jul12@0822h Tedbear this is anal Closed DrTim58 Dummy thicc?
1378 Jul12@0444h MrTheKing can i combine this red white and blue regions into one Closed DrTim58 red white and blue are now America!
1377 Jul12@0417h somethinbetter rail didnt connec Closed Bardidley Fixed!
1376 Jul12@0357h jadedeconomist this spawn plot looks inactive -- can it be opened for new players? Closed Bardidley We will clean up more plots
1375 Jul12@0356h jadedeconomist this spawn plot looks inactive -- can it be opened for new players? Closed Bardidley We will clean up more plots
1374 Jul12@0355h jadedeconomist this spawn plot looks inactive -- can it be opened for new players? Closed Bardidley We will clean up more plots
1373 Jul12@0355h jadedeconomist this spawn plot looks inactive -- can it be opened for new players? Closed Bardidley We will clean up more plots
1372 Jul12@0355h jadedeconomist this spawn plot looks inactive -- can it be opened for new players? Closed Bardidley We will clean up more plots
1371 Jul12@0306h PPGOME accidentally added JalapenoHippo as an owner when I meant to add jade, please remove! :) Closed Bardidley removed.
1370 Jul12@0304h admanta some how the floor of group build got fucked up. Closed Bardidley if you want to rebuild it, we can turn on the build perms
1369 Jul11@2356h Askonn Please claim my (huge, about 150x200) region, there should be my nick inside the border, thanks in advance Closed marting11 protected
1368 Jul11@2352h Askonn request Closed marting11
1367 Jul11@2126h D1zZyB0Y protection Closed Bardidley Please make a rectangular border out of wool to mark your claim, then make a new /modreq
1366 Jul11@0534h MrTheKing can i have this yet Closed Bardidley Abandoned build removed.
1365 Jul11@0202h Verros replace redstone bloc with flowing water please Closed marting11 flowed
1364 Jul11@0152h somethinbetter spawn market has a lot of dirt problem Closed Bardidley Fixed!
1363 Jul10@2028h somethinbetter can i get uhh shadow fix in my region ty Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed.
1362 Jul10@0423h somethinbetter smh someone grief the this building Closed iNerd71 See previous req
1361 Jul10@0422h somethinbetter a type of grief smh Closed iNerd71 Grief rolled back, player banned. Thanks for reporting!
1360 Jul10@0324h jadedeconomist these need delete Closed Bardidley Fixed. thanks for reporting
1359 Jul09@0835h mischievous_doge rewrite my room sign correctly (this is ArkaneSpirit's region) i asked him to do so and he just spelt it worse Closed Bardidley ArkaneSpirit will have to correct it as this is their region.
1358 Jul09@0027h BadChuKun claim Closed marting11 protected, you can now use WorldEdit within your area
1357 Jul09@0014h _Reinforcements claim this small area please Closed marting11 protected
1356 Jul08@0033h Mr_CTA land Closed marting11 protected
1355 Jul07@2000h Mr_CTA please ban me. i deserve it. Closed marting11 no you don't deserve it... although please only use /modreq for serious requests
1354 Jul07@1945h Mr_CTA i acedently grefed a french flag. Im very sorry again. Sincerely, Mr_CTA Closed fazaden no need to make duplicate modreqs
1353 Jul07@1933h Mr_CTA i accdently destroyed a french flag. can you roll it back? Sorry. Closed fazaden restored
1352 Jul07@1930h jadedeconomist I think a flag was deleted from here Closed fazaden restored
1351 Jul07@1841h Mr_CTA can i claim land here Closed marting11 discussed with fazaden earlier, claim moved
1350 Jul07@0508h vexillologist420 fix phantom lighting glitches? thanks Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed!
1349 Jul07@0252h jadedeconomist pls protecc this sealant corner and the other sealantn corner as region thankyou Closed iNerd71 Protected as region thankyou
1348 Jul07@0120h Verros I want to save the skeleton build for my area later Closed marting11 skeleton saved
1347 Jul07@0103h Verros rollback to what I had built, someone deleted and built this boring space over it Closed marting11 rolled back, signs and banner need to be fixed by hand
1346 Jul06@0520h Singabelsing claim?? Closed iNerd71 Protected!
1345 Jul06@0325h iNerd71 Could I get the armor stand with the fish turned invisible please? Want the fish to look like it's being thrown Closed Challenger2 Floating fish created
1344 Jul05@2143h PPGOME expand please Closed iNerd71 Region expanded!
1343 Jul05@1845h HuskyMudkipper claim Closed Bardidley Make a land claim by finding emtpy land and marking a rectangular border, then use /modreq to get it protected.
1342 Jul05@0510h admanta attempted greifing Closed Bardidley fixed.
1341 Jul04@0813h mischievous_doge claim Closed DrTim58 claim is now claimed
1340 Jul04@0535h PPGOME expand, please! Closed DrTim58 e x p a n d
1339 Jul04@0513h somethinbetter owo can i get these uwu and variants mowoved to a newe lowocation Closed DrTim58 discussed via pm
1338 Jul04@0512h PPGOME move the owos please Closed DrTim58 discussed via pm
1337 Jul03@2257h somethinbetter someone made a hole smh Closed iNerd71 Hole fixed
1336 Jul03@1120h peterlyberth griefing Closed marting11 couldn't find griefing here. please only build pixelart in this area
1335 Jul02@0554h Mumberthrax Please protect the wool-bounded area here. Closed iNerd71 Protected!
1334 Jul02@0547h Haiku pls upd8 the lighting glitches here thankyou fathermom Closed Bardidley Lighting fixed!
1333 Jul02@0516h somethinbetter half me airship b gone for some reason Closed MasterCommaThe fixed!
1332 Jul02@0413h PPGOME merge these two plots please! Closed iNerd71 Plots merged!
1331 Jul02@0149h promaxxe destroy polarbear please Closed promaxxe jaja
1330 Jul01@1915h Verros need new child region for my zone, outlined new area Closed DrTim58 Region expanded!
1329 Jul01@1629h SevenSolaris The chests in my own region seem to be locked by someone besides me, and I don't know how that happened. Closed SevenSolaris
1328 Jul01@1300h AndyJF claim this region and call it ajf_flat please Closed DrTim58 flatboi is now ready to be flattened
1327 Jul01@0924h ZalorCakeLord end city portal broke? Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
1326 Jul01@0423h PPGOME protect please! Name: PETA Closed iNerd71 Wildlife protected!
1325 Jul01@0417h promaxxe lighting glitches Closed Mewcifer glitches nuked
1324 Jul01@0313h jadedeconomist can this space (both sealantern corners) be protected as jade_mountain ty Closed iNerd71 Protected!