Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
678 Oct22@1428h AndyJF claim this area please Open
677 Oct22@0207h Cosmicmuffin22 I need this protected, please Open
676 Oct21@2359h Gamermoments6793 I'd like for my build to be protected. Closed Bardidley Statue protected!
675 Oct21@2051h Jamoodles i'd like to make some water flow for an elevator test. Open
674 Oct21@1610h AndyJF fix the water stripes here please. Thanks! Closed zedadex *used rain dance*
673 Oct21@0901h AndyJF Would it be possibe to have access to /tool cycler ? Thanks Open
672 Oct20@2315h cDragonFirec protection Closed marting11 protected
671 Oct19@1102h AndyJF I just found two mobs armed with crossbows right here. I was able to kill them though Closed marting11
670 Oct19@0825h AndyJF there are lots of animals near spawn Closed marting11 mobs removed
669 Oct18@1532h FarfallaCC remove me from the ownerember list of this region "weeklybuild_0043" pls Closed Verros
668 Oct18@1144h AndyJF can I unclaim weeklybuild plot 43 and change ownership to FarfallaCC Closed zedadex Ownership transferred!
667 Oct18@0553h Heartshine random holes Closed Verros out of logs, attempted repair
666 Oct17@2351h zedadex is the info in re: bonemeal still accurate (bonemeal isn't changing logs), and if not can it be removed from the MOTD? ty :D Closed zedadex demons exorcised
665 Oct17@2220h assasymphoni i'm trapped Closed zedadex sasy magic'ed out :D
664 Oct17@2209h Lilah427 flow Closed tadrogers Alllll flowed ( ( (;o;)
663 Oct17@1810h Snogglesworth I'm building a fort at -1570, -370 and am requesting protection, thanks. Closed zedadex protecc'd!
662 Oct17@1747h tadrogers can we get more building plots? sorry thank you! Closed tadrogers durrr there's lots of plots
661 Oct17@0224h PPGOME please clear the plot and open it for claiming Closed marting11 plot cleared
660 Oct17@0149h Smirkules please flow water in the 3x3 space in this conduit Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
659 Oct14@2120h Lilah427 flow water on the top of my weekly build foutain Closed marting11 flowed
658 Oct14@1638h AndyJF clean the lighting in this area please? Cleanlight command won't clear it. Thanks Closed Verros I think I fixed it?
657 Oct14@1141h AndyJF player mado9 and Crow_kun spamming and building redstone contraptions here Closed Verros thanks for the helpful report
656 Oct14@0347h King_of_queso please set this block to vine growth deny Closed marting11 vine growth disabled
655 Oct14@0255h TheMeeBovie disregard the last modreq, i need the entire claim jungle-ified Closed Bardidley Entire claim jungle-ified
654 Oct14@0244h TheMeeBovie setbiome jungle (-1831,64,-1877) to (-1789,64,-1846) Closed Bardidley Region biome set to jungle
653 Oct13@1102h FarfallaCC flow these 2 water block pls Closed FarfallaCC cancel
652 Oct12@1739h Smirkules Please can you remove leaves from outside the plot here? Closed schererererer leaves removed!
651 Oct12@1156h dobreira waterflow in all the holes Closed schererererer waters flowed!
650 Oct12@1019h Greymore1234 Can you flow the water at 42 65 -77? Closed zedadex flowed!
649 Oct12@0946h Greymore1234 Can I get the biome of my build contest plot turned into a savannah? Greymore1234 Closed zedadex TIL //setbiome :P
648 Oct12@0915h dobreira water blocks on the left were flowing previously, the one on the bottom right is flowing weirdly Closed zedadex safebuckets oddness x(
647 Oct12@0207h JCS617 Flow water plz Closed marting11 flowed
646 Oct12@0048h tadrogers can you protect this build and turn off vine growth? thaaanks <3 Closed Bardidley Build is already protected and I just turned off vine growth.
645 Oct11@2356h dobreira flow water in the 4 corners Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
644 Oct11@2356h dobreira remove this part of the out of bounds tree too Closed RukiaKuchiki_ tree fixed!
643 Oct11@2112h dobreira tree got out of bounds Closed RukiaKuchiki_ deleted out of bound tree
642 Oct11@2103h dobreira waterflow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
641 Oct11@1921h Tomzski flowing water for this square Closed tadrogers flowed!
640 Oct11@1913h dobreira change biome of plot to mooshroom island pls! Closed tadrogers complete. Please wait for restart to see the change. Changes tom mushroom_fields
639 Oct11@1905h dobreira water flow 4 corners again, thanks! Closed tadrogers flowed 4 corners
638 Oct11@1850h Tomzski flowing water (sorry for so many waterfalls lol) Closed tadrogers water flopw
637 Oct11@1830h Tomzski flowing water Closed tadrogers All Flow'd
636 Oct11@1820h Tomzski flowing water in waterlogged stair block Closed tadrogers
635 Oct11@1757h dobreira waterflow in all 4 corners please and thank you! Closed tadrogers
634 Oct11@0204h PPGOME bonus round please Closed PPGOME no u
633 Oct11@0204h Lilah427 please bonus round please Closed Verros bonus round
632 Oct11@0204h Lilah427 bonus round please Closed Verros bonus round
631 Oct11@0204h Lilah427 bonus round Closed Verros bonus round
630 Oct11@0147h Lilah427 bonus round please Closed fazaden don't spam modreq
629 Oct11@0147h PigPoopBalls bonus round Closed PigPoopBalls
628 Oct10@2323h RukiaKuchiki_ i cant build in plot Closed marting11 contest opens at 10pm eastern
627 Oct10@0337h PPGOME claim pls Closed Verros protected
626 Oct09@1915h GoogleUltron2 claim Closed Verros region set
625 Oct09@1618h AndyJF Any chance of a warp? From this viewpoint, called PirateBay? Thanks Closed marting11 warp granted! :D
624 Oct08@1925h firedragon0829 Protection at -2331 2416 to -2144 2250 Closed Bardidley Region protected!
623 Oct08@1913h AndyJF a player is using the name BraunEva Closed marting11 thanks for reporting
622 Oct07@1451h AndyJF player INO1111 is a potential hacker / griefer. mentioned using wurst Closed Verros resolved
621 Oct06@2249h Lilah427 nerdplot claim thingy Closed Verros contest opnes Saturday October 10th
620 Oct05@1924h Tetetristan MrTDO is grienfing things including our statue. is it possible that action will be taken against him? best regards Tetetristan and funderwood6 Closed Verros situation has been resolved
619 Oct05@1343h Tedbear player W32_ might be utilizing exploits to crash other players. (Requests players to TP to them, upon doing so, they are forcibly disconnected, and unable to log back on without being auto-kicked) Closed Verros situation has been resolved
618 Oct05@0453h trisabean i can't build in my claimed plot Closed marting11 that's normal. the contest opens only on saturday 10 oct
617 Oct04@2109h GreyM4tter GreyM4tter Closed marting11 not sure what you need but I already protected your build yesterday
616 Oct04@0221h TheMeeBovie Also, I'd like to build a station along this rail line. Is that ok? Closed Bardidley Region covers this section of cta.
615 Oct04@0218h TheMeeBovie I have no idea what this is, and I'd like to claim here. is it ok to move this stuff? Closed Bardidley Protected!
614 Oct04@0034h Bunnicraft pls protect my area where ima make a slime trampoline Closed marting11 protected
613 Oct03@2338h wyguy2014 yet another clock apparently without an off switch Closed marting11 clock deactivated. thanks for reporting
612 Oct03@1633h cope80 clear Closed marting11 duplicate request
611 Oct03@1615h GreyM4tter protect Closed marting11 protected
610 Oct03@1611h cope80 protect Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
609 Oct03@1517h Waxted Warp request, Dockyard Closed marting11 warp granted :D
608 Oct03@0329h Lilah427 protect Closed marting11 squid
607 Oct03@0155h wyguy2014 someone left a clock running that has no off switch Closed fazaden cleaned up
606 Oct03@0141h Bardidley give warp. Closed marting11 warp granted!
605 Oct02@2353h marting11 /warp BardComplex :DDD Closed Bardidley Congrats on the warp!
604 Oct02@2343h CrackerVolley claim Closed marting11 protected, I made your protection a bit larger, don't hesitate to take some space :)
603 Oct02@0545h AndyJF machine was created by user Tyramy and is at -727,64,2142 (see last modreq) Thanks Closed marting11 thanks
602 Oct02@0544h AndyJF has the redstone machine that is breaking the server been removed? Closed marting11 yes the offending player is banned but another machine was made. we are banning shulker boxes to prevent this problem
601 Sep30@2346h PPGOME protect, please Closed Verros I did it!
600 Sep29@1436h AndyJF I cleaned up the griefing (see last modreq) thanks Closed Bardidley Not sure what the griefing near your border was, couldn't find anything in logblock. Was it entities?
599 Sep29@1329h AndyJF DaBomb1065 is harrasing me with fireworks and griefing around the edge of my build. Thanks Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
598 Sep27@0926h mjjmAB Some grief stuff nearby my plot, apparently looked like a huge thing with redstone. No owner though. (222 * -1509) Closed Verros no rollback available so I repaired this manually
597 Sep26@0931h AndyJF could we have the 10 radius sphere brush back? 5 is a little small. Thanks Closed Challenger2 It should be extended after the next restart.
596 Sep24@0610h AndyJF forget modreq 595, it's not an issue anymore. Thanks! Closed Verros ok
595 Sep21@0916h AndyJF could I have the water in this region changed to flowing water please? thanks Closed Bardidley Hey Andy, I don't see where you want the flowing water =X
594 Sep20@1005h mjjmAB There's a blue-wooled border near my claim, a small railway close to the large main one, if possible please claim for me Closed marting11 protected
593 Sep20@0917h mjjmAB replace ice in my area with water source, if possible Closed Bardidley Water placed.
592 Sep20@0253h DrTim58 protect and call "tim_spaceship" Closed marting11 protected
591 Sep20@0134h Heartshine always the eyes Closed marting11 ?
590 Sep19@1254h AndyJF could you delete this yellow square please? I don't want to claim this area any more. Thanks. Closed marting11 claim removed
589 Sep19@1143h AndyJF claim this area please, thanks Closed marting11 protected. can't wait to see your new project!
588 Sep13@0149h Stormmblade flow water for speed build please Closed Verros closed for Challenger2
587 Sep13@0131h zedadex flow Closed Bardidley flowed.
586 Sep13@0115h zedadex I'm embarassed of this please destroy it D: Closed Verros itll be gone in a minute
585 Sep10@0614h mjjmAB location at 184, -1591, with blue wool, hope to claim (other mod request is bad one) Closed Verros region created
584 Sep10@0613h mjjmAB mjjmAB Closed Verros duplicate
583 Sep09@1457h Hilol1000 Flow request for the two water souce blocks in my build's garden please Closed Bardidley Water flowed!
582 Sep07@2257h Hilol1000 Protection please Closed Bluuefuzzy protected!
581 Sep07@2134h Amador33 request world edit in my redstone plot Closed Bardidley duplicate request.
580 Sep07@2134h Amador33 request world edit Closed Bardidley You should be able to use WE here with /wand
579 Sep06@2045h MysticalLizard flow Closed schererererer flowed 2 source blocks
578 Sep05@0426h N1ght_0w1 request establishing a claim border, pls & ty Closed Bardidley Protected!
577 Sep05@0426h N1ght_0w1 request Closed Bardidley Request completed.
576 Sep04@1921h JCS617 done 574 Closed JCS617
575 Sep02@2021h JCS617 same guy, nsfw Closed JCS617
574 Sep02@2019h JCS617 Saw a new guy come and destroy the flags that were here, they arent mine Closed JCS617
573 Aug30@0122h PPGOME allow drops in plot pls Closed Challenger2 Should be enabled now.
572 Aug30@0105h PPGOME add me to plot please and what's the theme? Closed Bardidley added, Birds
571 Aug26@2332h Osomewolfgamer how do i find a claim id Closed Bardidley Stand inside the claim and type /rg i
570 Aug25@2343h TotteryGlint08 can you turn this armorstand into a hologram Closed Verros this is a vanilla Minecraft server sir
569 Aug23@0218h Andromeda4210 protect shacktown Closed Verros protected
568 Aug23@0211h Andromeda4210 grief Closed Verros block placements too old, thanks for reporting
567 Aug20@0503h CyanWine1234 schererererer Can you please set my claim Closed schererererer region protection created! you can now use worldedit within
566 Aug19@0037h SkrapssparkS grief Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting!
565 Aug17@1312h Duckdy duckdy sorry to bother you guys but how do i prevent my builds from getting deleted Closed Verros check spawn, it expalins how to there
564 Aug17@1255h Duckdy duckdy please can you make it daytime Closed Verros try /nv or /ptime day
563 Aug16@2156h TreeNinjaInATree region creation Closed Verros protected by cujobear
562 Aug16@0026h Verros reduce size of rdstonetrxz_build? covers entire mountain Closed marting11 region trimmed
561 Aug16@0018h iceberg76 can i have this area be a region for the cta to world edit in, this is a station for light blue line Closed Verros region has been made
560 Aug14@2248h Andromeda4210 grief? Closed Verros resolved
559 Aug14@2247h Andromeda4210 grief Closed Andromeda4210
558 Aug14@2154h 09sharkboy2010 can i plz have a plot for world edit?\ Closed Verros find an area and outline it, for more details read spawn
557 Aug14@2138h imaiden_B Never mind, but I also need something else. a plot removed. Closed Verros removed from plot 0580
556 Aug14@2117h imaiden_B Can I get WorldEdit in /warp redstone? Closed Verros see 557
555 Aug12@0129h Verros delete region pali, no edits in 30 days, nothing built Closed marting11 region removed
554 Aug12@0128h Verros reduce size of cxptainbrexit_build, specifically the east that has a span of 500 blocks unused and the south if possible Closed marting11 region chopped on the eastern side
553 Aug12@0125h Verros delete region cxptainbrexit_build2, nothing has been done with the area, no edits within 30d Closed marting11 agreed. region removed
552 Aug12@0122h Verros reduce size of winchester in north and south, see livemap for reference. MrCTA no longer active on, no plans for expansion Closed Verros region redefined
551 Aug12@0121h Verros reduce size of winchester in north and south, see livemap for reference. MrCTA no longer active, removed himself from region Closed Verros typo
550 Aug12@0117h Verros reduce size of this claim, player not active Closed Verros resolved
549 Aug11@1530h iceberg76 is it possible to have the signs connected to links to take you to a website? if so, for website sign, as youtube, discord Closed Bardidley Links added to msg.
548 Aug11@0349h Heartshine they keep removign the eyes Closed Verros no logs of change, I recommend asking for protection
547 Aug10@2227h JCS617 Expand region plz Closed Verros expanded
546 Aug10@1402h SkrapssparkS protection "Nuke Site" If too large an area I can try to scale down Closed Verros protected
545 Aug10@0649h JCS617 Can geplant be removed as an owner on my region? Closed Verros removed
544 Aug09@0124h Heartshine snow on the ground Closed Verros fixed
543 Aug09@0028h Heartshine please delete my mumble certification Closed zburdsal Done!
542 Aug08@0856h TedVito17 can you make it so coral blocks dont die in region even if not in water? Closed Bardidley unfortunately it's not possible =(
541 Aug07@2323h nobel1 claim Closed Bardidley Adjust your border into a rectangle (4 corners) and submit another /modreq claim
540 Aug04@0319h BlackghostLT request Closed Bardidley Build protected!
539 Aug03@2320h wyguy2014 i would like to unclaim this plot in the redstone world Closed Bardidley Removed from plot 433.
538 Aug03@2106h RedCrystaISword hey can you help me claim my plot? the coords of it are 542 70 1080 Closed Bardidley Protected!
537 Aug03@0023h Lilah427 flow Closed Verros done
536 Aug02@2145h wyguy2014 please expand the wyguy_build region to include the outermost stone boundary Closed Verros region redefined
535 Aug02@1937h 100Tristan claim Closed Verros protected
534 Aug02@1901h 100Tristan protct Closed Verros
533 Aug02@0150h Blockyslime can I claim number12 again please Closed Challenger2 Perms added
532 Aug02@0133h Verros flow water Closed Bardidley Flowed
531 Aug02@0129h Blockyslime can I get plot 12 Closed Challenger2 Added
530 Aug02@0107h Verros fill with water please Closed Bardidley Filled
529 Aug01@2335h SkrapssparkS Not sure if it's been me by mistake somehow but minecart spam Closed Bardidley Removed carts
528 Jul31@1245h SkrapssparkS unable to remove the cart Closed Verros dropped into void, the line is not part of the zone so it will do this at times. please be careful
527 Jul29@0631h GreenLizard8745 plot protection -3178 111 -2464 Closed Verros claimed
526 Jul29@0630h GreenLizard8745 plot protection Closed Verros area protected
525 Jul28@2306h CartoonsAreDed21 protected Closed Verros protected
524 Jul28@1740h 1073 can i claim this plot of land? Closed Verros area protected
523 Jul27@1708h Cnj30 cnj30 plot Closed Verros protected
522 Jul27@0325h Lilah427 remove jcs and wyguy as owners from my region Closed King_of_queso owners removed!
521 Jul26@1907h OpenRangeMC protection Closed Verros region created
520 Jul25@0140h AllenMrTech protection pixelart 1544 2 -1130 biggest minecraft bubble Closed marting11 bubble granted with protection bubble
519 Jul24@1855h bagelmold heklo can i have the unmiute ploease i will be super nice and ocool Closed Verros ive unmuted for now
518 Jul24@1353h stigster claim Closed Verros area has been protected
517 Jul24@1352h stigster stigster Closed Verros duplicate
516 Jul24@1349h stigster verros Closed Verros duplicate
515 Jul23@1754h Oxion_ grief? maybe? Closed Verros indeed, user is already banned
514 Jul23@1553h AllenMrTech protection pixelart torch and redstone 2d art 1353 3 -1130 Closed Verros region expanded
513 Jul23@1442h Xinomorf claim expansion (just expand the green part im building underground in that section) Closed Verros area redefined
512 Jul23@1100h StrxngeThing region Closed Verros region area updated
511 Jul22@1935h AllenMrTech can i build my trampoline in the overworld i made it in redstone Closed Bardidley Builds like this should stay in the redstone world unless its incorporated into a build. Also you need to fix this so it has a proper off switch.
510 Jul22@1753h StrxngeThing protect Closed Verros region protected
509 Jul22@1656h StrxngeThing protect Closed Verros protected, forgot to close
508 Jul22@1128h Xinomorf Xinomorf Closed Verros Xinomorf
507 Jul22@0312h AllenMrTech protection redstone 102 22 -15 Closed marting11 redstone plots are already protected ;)
506 Jul22@0229h AllenMrTech protection testbuild -124 22 -496 Closed marting11 protected
505 Jul22@0221h SkrapssparkS flowing water Closed Verros water already flowing
504 Jul22@0130h Heartshine uhh Closed Verros yes?
503 Jul21@1739h SkrapssparkS protection Closed Verros protected
502 Jul20@0038h _Ubuntu_ nevermind Closed Verros ok then
501 Jul20@0034h _Ubuntu_ region please Closed Verros see 502
500 Jul19@2030h Aurel_Guthrie claim Closed Verros region set
499 Jul19@1924h AllenMrTech i'd like to claim this chunk Closed Verros protected
498 Jul19@1644h AllenMrTech I would like to protect this pixelart and possibly include it in a warp Closed Verros protected
497 Jul19@0112h PPGOME add 2 pl0t pl3as Closed Challenger2 added
496 Jul19@0031h AllenMrTech hi can i stream on twitch Closed fazaden go for it, just be sure to follow the server rules (no griefing, etc)
495 Jul18@1757h Hydralisk flow the last few blocks to create a waterfall Closed Verros flowed
494 Jul18@1745h Hydralisk area within the lime wool boundaries Closed Verros region established
493 Jul18@1738h _Ubuntu_ can you set up a midsize claim for me and EmperorMagma here? Closed Verros region established
492 Jul18@1548h Potate_Overlord claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
491 Jul17@0038h _Ubuntu_ region plz Closed Verros dont spam modreq plz
490 Jul17@0037h _Ubuntu_ claim area pls, will mark out space i want claim Closed Verros region made
489 Jul16@0207h kittensrkool protection Closed Bardidley Your build is now protected. Remember to /sethome
488 Jul16@0124h SkrapssparkS protection please :) Closed Bardidley Protected!
487 Jul16@0035h _Ubuntu_ permission Closed Verros
486 Jul16@0034h _Ubuntu_ can i have a plot at /warp bigtown Closed Verros region created
485 Jul15@2348h kittensrkool claim Closed Verros region has been set
484 Jul15@2117h JCS617 disregard previous req Closed Verros nah
483 Jul15@2113h JCS617 dont know if this is considered a lag machine or not Closed Verros as long as you can turn it off
482 Jul14@2126h iceberg76 pls add impeccablebulk to my land claim Closed Verros you should be able to do that yourself, ive added him as a member for now
481 Jul14@1408h Ironic_WINNER claim Closed Verros
480 Jul14@0757h Minagreste check on DiscordOrSkype , they griefed on P and might have griefed on C too. Closed Verros found and roll'd back
479 Jul12@2321h The3GenericWords claim Closed Verros area protected, you can sumbit much larger claimed than that if you want