Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
1016 Sep28@2213h swina I Somehow managed to glitch myself into survival mode and I don't know how to get back. Open
1015 Sep25@1438h Fluffhead555 schween Closed AndyJF I can't see anything nsfw here?
1014 Sep24@1641h Fluffhead555 make a new subregion here, name it "fluff_temple_theatre" Closed fazaden protected \o/
1013 Sep24@0519h 1085_ place water and fish in my aquarium in my base Closed AndyJF You can place water blocks yourself with the bucket, mobs are not permitted on creative server
1012 Sep24@0447h 1085_ you cant place netherite blocks? Closed AndyJF you can't place any blocks in someone's protected land claim
1011 Sep23@0124h Omega_Orion Could vine growth be enabled in this plot? Thanks Closed fazaden growing
1010 Sep19@2213h AdmiralAntilles flow pls Closed Oxion_ flowed! (i believe you can use /flow in regions you own)
1009 Sep19@1659h AlexEngine95 AlexEngine95 Closed AndyJF Please detail what you are requesting and resubmit, thanks
1008 Sep18@1654h Fluffhead555 player named SpeedyZoomHoot is doing some item duping across the border. theres also some minecart spam a bit further west Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
1007 Sep18@1635h CoolBurgers can I have a redstone plot Closed Bardidley Absolutely. Find a free plot and type /nerdplot claim while standing in the plot.
1006 Sep17@2256h Xenot7 claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
1005 Sep17@1901h Fluffhead555 can you check on who placed this stuff here? i need their names to add to a wiki page about rev36's highways Closed Bardidley Looks like Loganawesome6, Pickle_Lover420 and mehrath
1004 Sep17@1415h EnderAO Pls can you expand my claim. Closed AndyJF region expanded to orange pillars!
1003 Sep17@1412h EnderAO request Closed AndyJF Duplicate request?
1002 Sep17@1400h Fluffhead555 lag machine Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
1001 Sep17@0355h Xenot7 claim Closed AndyJF Region Claimed!
1000 Sep16@2114h EncryptedDvjjrxv are structure voids allowed? Closed Bardidley No, but you can request a moderator to place barrier blocks for you. You just have to indicate where you would like them placed, then resubmit a modreq.
999 Sep16@0719h Xenot7 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
998 Sep15@0453h Xenot7 claim Closed AndyJF region expanded into new area!
997 Sep13@1148h Fluffhead555 final claim for the stone line Closed Bardidley Protected.
996 Sep11@2141h PPGOME claim please :) (name: pptest2) Closed AndyJF region claimed!
995 Sep11@2047h Fluffhead555 can the region "stoneline_06" be expanded so that it reaches the blue line here? Closed Bardidley Region redefined.
994 Sep11@1534h Fluffhead555 i accidentally broke the lever that was on this trapdoor because im a curious idiot :P place another one here pls Closed Bardidley Fixed! Maybe they should have interact set to deny
993 Sep11@1417h Fluffhead555 another claim for the stoneline Closed AndyJF line claimed!
992 Sep11@1408h Fluffhead555 claim for stone line Closed AndyJF line claimed!
991 Sep11@0742h Xenot7 claim Closed AndyJF Claimed!
990 Sep11@0736h Xenot7 claim Closed AndyJF Region claime!
989 Sep11@0712h Xenot7 claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
988 Sep11@0032h Xenot7 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted.
987 Sep10@2107h Xenot7 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted
986 Sep10@1444h Fluffhead555 create new regions for the stone line, connecting up to the Yarden build Closed AndyJF regions created!
985 Sep10@1026h AndyJF remove this undeveloped claim? Player not been online for over a year Open
984 Sep08@1209h hulkjedi2956 could you claim the area in the cobblestone area Closed AndyJF region claimed!
983 Sep07@2014h UnusualOtter may I please have one of my (UnusualOtter)'s and Klipspring's player heads? thanks! Closed UnusualOtter
982 Sep07@1955h Loganawesome6 land claim for future build Closed Bardidley Claim granted. Enjoy!
981 Sep07@1908h UnusualOtter I would like to have my land at 621/64/-450 claimed. Its bordered in deepslate. My ign is UnusualOtter Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
980 Sep07@0202h Loganawesome6 request land claim Closed AndyJF Pixelart Protected!
979 Sep06@2203h Mystifox_Tech protect area at 3208, 3070 Closed Bardidley Claim granted. Nice spot!
978 Sep06@2048h Fluffhead555 another claim, this time for a stoneline hub Closed Bardidley Protected!
977 Sep06@2044h Fluffhead555 create a region here for an upcoming stone-themed cta line :) Closed Bardidley Stoneline protected!
976 Sep06@1930h Xenot7 claim Closed Bardidley Claim protected. Nice build!
975 Sep06@1848h PyBie4000 build with worldedit Closed Bardidley Please mark your claim with a rectangular border so we know what size to make your region for World Edit then make another modreq.
974 Sep06@0100h Xenot7 claim Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
973 Sep05@1932h Fluffhead555 someone also griefed this tree too Closed Bardidley Thanks.
972 Sep05@1930h Fluffhead555 someone griefed the sears entrance a bit :P Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
971 Sep05@1927h Fluffhead555 can i be added to the region "cta_yellow04" pls Closed Bardidley Added.
970 Sep05@1923h Fluffhead555 can a new region be created here called "fluff_canal_shops"? Closed Bardidley Protected!
969 Sep05@1913h Mystifox_Tech protect area at -135 -1119 Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
968 Sep05@1447h Fluffhead555 new region to be expanded 100 blocks north (you can name it fluff_temple_library) Closed fazaden protected ^_^
967 Sep05@1442h Fluffhead555 can my area be expanded by around 100 blocks north? Closed fazaden there's a rail line just north of your region in the NW corner. But if you mark off the open area you want to expand into, I can protect a second region and make it a child of fluff_temple
966 Sep05@1438h SubsonicFoil126 protect this claim Closed fazaden claim has been protected
965 Sep05@1435h Netheriter a tree i built near a plot i'd like to plot Closed fazaden good news, I already included that tree in your claim :)
964 Sep05@1414h Netheriter plot Closed fazaden your build now has a protection region on it! only you may build here :)
963 Sep05@1238h Fluffhead555 this bigtown statue is off a *tiny bit* and it is angering me more than it needs to Closed AndyJF better?
962 Sep05@1225h Fluffhead555 entering this region lags my game down to 1fps Closed Fluffhead555 andyjf took care of it
961 Sep05@1218h Fluffhead555 i took the book out of the lecturn to examine it, and it isnt allowing me to put it back since the area is protected (i still have it in my inventory) Closed AndyJF Fixed, sort of!
960 Sep05@0556h OOOKKKi -940 100 2193 is what i ment Closed AndyJF duplicate modreq
959 Sep05@0555h OOOKKKi -940 2193 100 Closed AndyJF region claimed!
958 Sep05@0050h Xenot7 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
957 Sep04@2320h Xenot7 claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
956 Sep04@2220h PyBie4000 protection Closed TemporarilyAlive protected
955 Sep04@2151h Cwindows protect Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
954 Sep04@1810h Mystifox_Tech I'd have an area protected -573 264 -3221 Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
953 Sep04@1623h AticGaming I want to claim something Closed AndyJF region protected between the yellow blocks
952 Sep04@1623h AticGaming I Closed AndyJF region protected between the yellow blocks
951 Sep04@1611h Frag_Tix claim Closed AndyJF duplicate request
950 Sep04@1602h Frag_Tix claim Closed AndyJF duplicate request
949 Sep04@1558h DarManComics hey i wanna claim a bit of land Closed AndyJF build protected!
948 Sep04@1554h Fluffhead555 is it possible to replace this campfire in the item frame with a fire block? Closed AndyJF Sorry it cannot be done :(
947 Sep04@1552h OneTrain73 claim Closed AndyJF build protected!
946 Sep04@1550h OOOKKKi coords Closed AndyJF Please supply more info and resubmit please
945 Sep04@1547h Frag_Tix claim Closed AndyJF area claimed between the magenta blocks
944 Sep04@1544h Frag_Tix claim Closed AndyJF area claimed between the magenta blocks
943 Sep04@1533h OOOKKKi -850 100 2160 can i have the land in t he red lines bc i have built sometiing there alr Closed AndyJF region expanded!
942 Sep04@1521h Kr4ka Hi, I'd like to claim the area between the two wool blocks please. Thanks Closed fazaden region Skogsbyn has been created :)
941 Sep04@1458h Flightmonkey Flightmonkey Flightmonkey Flightmonkey Flightmonkey Flightmonkey Closed AndyJF Please only use modreq for requests. Thanks
940 Sep04@1437h Marble_1 Marble_1 Please help increase the size of my plot Closed fazaden
939 Sep04@1436h Marble_1 Marble_1 Closed fazaden expand'd
938 Sep04@1427h OOOKKKi -855 2209 Closed AndyJF region protected!
937 Sep04@1417h Flightmonkey Flightmonkey Flightmonkey Flightmonkey Flightmonkey Flightmonkey Closed fazaden your Bigtown statue is now protected, and you're the only one that can edit it
936 Sep04@1338h Naciou request I made my skin at the bigcity, it has a sign that says "Naciou", can I get it protected and have perms on it? Closed fazaden done, but in the future you only need to make one modreq
935 Sep04@1338h DrMaddMan 6clix Closed Bardidley Please be more specific in your modreq.
934 Sep04@1338h Fluffhead555 protect Naciou's player statue Closed fazaden done
933 Sep04@1338h Naciou request a Closed fazaden Your statue has been protected, now you're the only one that can edit it
932 Sep04@1337h AlluringWater can i claim this land Closed fazaden claim granted, you can now worldedit inside your region
931 Sep04@1240h Fluffhead555 can you also expand my bigtown region here into this next plot? thx! Closed Bardidley Region redefined.
930 Sep04@1239h Fluffhead555 can we get a few more rows for bigtown? its filling up currently Closed Bardidley Will add another row to BigTown.
929 Sep04@1155h Nephic_ protection of land Closed Bardidley Land protection granted! Enjoy.
928 Sep04@1125h xblacky11 claim Closed AndyJF please draw a border to show where you want to claim and resubmit, thanks
927 Sep04@1123h Fluffhead555 more flying machines here, with tnt this time Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
926 Sep04@1122h Fluffhead555 random flying machine Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
925 Sep04@1119h EnderAO request Closed AndyJF region claimed!
924 Sep04@1111h SpeedyZoomHoot request can I please claim land from x: -9111 z: 295 to x: 937 z: 275 - thanks Closed AndyJF region claimed!
923 Sep04@1110h SpeedyZoomHoot request Closed AndyJF region claimed!
922 Sep04@1105h MiniMyers11 hi id like to claim a plot Closed AndyJF We don't have plots. Please claim some land elsewhere and resubmit thank you
921 Sep04@0947h 6clix i wish to protect this 100x100 plot Closed AndyJF region claimed!
920 Sep04@0856h KillerAndMX Create a Warp to my Mexico map Closed Bardidley Warp granted. Nice work!
919 Sep04@0847h Witchliah claim Closed AndyJF region created!
918 Sep04@0748h InfoBlock Claim Region Closed AndyJF build protected!
917 Sep04@0658h Bumpine request Closed AndyJF build protected!
916 Sep04@0546h _tuned land claim Closed AndyJF region created!
915 Sep04@0546h _tuned lanbd Closed AndyJF duplicate request
914 Sep04@0532h SimplyCmd SimplyCmd Closed AndyJF region protected!
913 Sep04@0455h GatoDJ you can increase my protection radius, I was building and when I finished I realized that a part of my construction was outside :3 Closed AndyJF region expanded to blue corners!
912 Sep04@0321h GatoDJ claim this area plis :3 Closed Bardidley Area protected! see red corner markers.
911 Sep04@0321h GatoDJ claim Closed Bardidley Duplicate, see 912.
910 Sep04@0305h BASE_13 flow lava Closed fazaden flowed :D
909 Sep04@0254h 2716 i need my claim please Closed fazaden claim has been set, happy building ^_^
908 Sep04@0238h BASE_13 protect Closed Bardidley Discussed claim details in chat.
907 Sep04@0131h PPGOME flow water pls :D Closed Bardidley Flowed.
906 Sep04@0127h PPGOME enable drops in plot plms Closed Challenger2 Drops enabled
905 Sep04@0112h PPGOME hippity hoppity may this plot please be my property Closed Challenger2 Added
904 Sep03@0404h TreeNinjaInATree grief Closed AndyJF fixed as best I can, thanks for reporting
903 Aug30@2106h TreeNinjaInATree grief Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
902 Aug30@0052h zburdsal world edit doesn't work? Am I missing something? What changed? Closed Bardidley Because of WE abuse in redstone we had to make it by request via modreq. I have set your WE flag. FYI the flag is: worldedit -g owners allow
901 Aug28@0744h Tedbear Ev'ry Spig shall Sparg Closed zburdsal I saw a license plate yesterday that was "Razzy". Just... yeah. that happened.
900 Aug20@1618h Fluffhead555 potentially griefed building Closed Bardidley It probably is, unfortunately the edits are now out of the logs.
899 Aug19@0019h Neuxs Can you fix this please? i can break part of my plot border, i marked where with stone brick slabs. Closed Bardidley Fixed!
898 Aug18@2112h Fluffhead555 can this pinkline region be expanded to x=-2511 pls :> Closed Bardidley Region redefined.
897 Aug17@2000h Fluffhead555 potential grief Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
896 Aug17@1619h Fluffhead555 hacked by my mom :( Closed Bardidley Removed.
895 Aug15@1753h Fluffhead555 make a region here, name it "mengerplots Closed Bardidley Region created!
894 Aug13@1730h Fluffhead555 can i be added as a member of this region so i can make a path go by it? Closed Bardidley temporarily added.
893 Aug12@1437h Fluffhead555 can i be added to this greenline region? Closed Bardidley Added.
892 Aug11@1636h Fluffhead555 protect my qr code pixel art (and while you're at it, you might as well scan it, right? ;) Closed Bardidley Lol, protected.
891 Aug11@1540h Fluffhead555 replace these two glass blocks with barrier blocks pls Closed Bardidley barriers set.
890 Aug07@0112h PPGOME flow is allowed plms Closed Bardidley Flowed/
889 Jul26@2003h Fluffhead555 large claim, name it fluff_fractal Closed AndyJF region created!
888 Jul25@1626h Fluffhead555 this region has been inactive for a while, so im thinking that we should try to use it for groupbuilds instead of letting it rot here Closed Bardidley Thanks, we might do this soon.
887 Jul25@1622h Fluffhead555 head trail spam Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
886 Jul25@1455h Fluffhead555 grief Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
885 Jul25@1452h Fluffhead555 tnt mess Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
884 Jul25@1450h Fluffhead555 grief? Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
883 Jul24@0023h Fluffhead555 we should switch the biome of speedbuild back to deep ocean. its the middle of the summer, and yet its still cold here apparently Closed Bardidley Changed back to deep ocean.
882 Jul23@1654h Fluffhead555 roll back the region to before 12:50 EST if u can. i messed up some stuff Closed Fluffhead555 i managed to fix all the damage; ignore this now
881 Jul21@1907h Fluffhead555 this block is wrong and it brings me pain. Closed AndyJF Removed, hope you are feeling better soon.
880 Jul20@1432h Fluffhead555 replace these glass blocks with barrier blocks pls Closed AndyJF blocks replaced!
879 Jul19@1821h Fluffhead555 (for andyjf only) you can build a shop here along this wall Closed AndyJF thank you!
878 Jul19@0138h Neuxs Can you make this water flow please? Closed AndyJF area cleared!
877 Jul19@0135h Neuxs since the new update came out, the plots are deeper, so can you hollow out the deepslate please? Closed AndyJF area cleared!
876 Jul17@2254h Fluffhead555 can i get a warp for my build here? i can discuss it with you on discord Closed Bardidley Warp "Caverna" set!
875 Jul12@1212h Fluffhead555 create a region for the pink line, going from here to the world border (make the region dominant too, it wont go directly through this build Closed AndyJF region created!
874 Jul10@1936h PigeonSquared Expand the region, please. :) Closed AndyJF region expanded!
873 Jul10@1453h Fluffhead555 grief on this house Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
872 Jul10@1439h Fluffhead555 clear this region of grass blocks, theres signs saying that they can't figure out how to clear it Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting!
871 Jul10@1313h THUMBTOE protect Closed AndyJF build protected, nice ship!
870 Jul09@2053h iceberg76 can i have this tunnel go through to the world border? Closed Bardidley Temporarily added to djtrogy_station for region bypass. Let me know when you are finished.
869 Jul07@2145h Verros requesting region removal and tree removal Closed Bardidley Seems pretty derp. Removed.
868 Jul07@2143h Verros old region, unfinished building, requesting permission to finish building Closed Bardidley You have permission to take ownership of the land and it's contents.
867 Jul04@1554h CBZZBC request Closed AndyJF region protected!
866 Jun29@2030h PigeonSquared Neede to claim this region down to bedrock, named PigeTest Closed Bardidley Protected!
865 Jun26@2324h Neuxs -380 11 152(coords) idk why but the redstone that brings the people to the exit timings aren't right anymore. Could you fix it or figure out why? i've already tried but came out with nothing. Closed Bardidley Not sure if we can solve this for you. Might need to find a big brain redstoner.
864 Jun20@2106h PigeonSquared Region for DarkrootTest Closed AndyJF region created!
863 Jun19@0111h Fluffhead555 also add me to cta_yellow05 pls :) Closed AndyJF Added to region!
862 Jun19@0108h Fluffhead555 add me to cta_yellow03 Closed AndyJF Added to region!
861 Jun19@0053h Andromeda4210 can I have perms for my spleef plot pls? Closed Bardidley Added
860 Jun12@0136h Andromeda4210 pls fix /s so players can use it. Current message from it: "Hey! Sorry, but you can't use /s here." Closed Challenger2 I *think* this is complete. We need a regular player to test.
859 Jun09@0200h Stick_Lock Yo, wazzup mods! I want to claim this build I did. You like king gizzard and the lizard wizard? Closed AndyJF Build Claimed! King Gizzard are pretty good actually, I like their use of microtonal scales
858 Jun09@0157h Stick_Lock Stick_Lock Closed AndyJF
857 Jun05@1351h gabrielsusalt flow water Closed AndyJF water created
856 Jun05@1319h AndyJF created a plot for player gabrielsusalt Closed AndyJF region created
855 Jun05@1220h Tedbear hey Bard, check this out Closed Bardidley Money!
854 Jun01@1536h Fluffhead555 another highway claim. expand north to z = 800, and move anything thats in the way out of the way. Closed AndyJF region created!
853 Jun01@1505h Fluffhead555 move this house out of the way of the road Closed AndyJF old structure, moved it south slightly
852 Jun01@1503h Fluffhead555 create a region for the road here, and make it end at x = 1200 Closed AndyJF region created!
851 May29@0125h RukiaKuchiki_ worl edit in this here spot marked by 2 cobbles Closed Bardidley Testbuild region protected
850 May28@1506h Fluffhead555 add me to this region too pls Closed AndyJF Added to region!
849 May28@1504h Fluffhead555 claim for an iceboat track Closed AndyJF Region Claimed!
848 May25@2204h Odin_Rainbow protect Closed Bardidley Protected!
847 May25@1734h Nicky25113 requests hi Closed Bardidley Please be more specific in your modreq.
846 May25@1734h Nicky25113 requests Closed Bardidley Please be specific in your request
845 May24@2325h axslayer33 .....I think you had a post-match riot in here. Someone ripped out the toilet. Closed Bardidley It's a mystery! I have reinstalled the toilet.
844 May23@2056h Fluffhead555 clean up the tracks here pls Closed Bardidley Removed.
843 May21@2327h THUMBTOE protect Closed Bardidley Protected!
842 May21@1926h Fluffhead555 part 2 of the claim Closed Bardidley Done.
841 May21@1926h Fluffhead555 part 1 of claim for western highway (make the region be non-dominant to my battlespleef regions) Closed Bardidley Highway protected and region priority set.
840 May21@1333h Fluffhead555 create a region called "CHA_HQ" Closed Bardidley Protected!
839 May17@1103h Fluffhead555 large claim in space world Closed AndyJF region created!
838 May16@1923h Fluffhead555 can i get a starting block here? Closed AndyJF block placed!
837 May15@1636h axslayer33 can I make a suggestion for this room? <blockname>[axis=y] or [axis=z] will rotate the block. Useful for logs. Closed Bardidley Added.
836 May15@1614h Fluffhead555 create a region for the second bend, and another for the last stretch to black mesa Closed AndyJF Region created!
835 May15@1548h Fluffhead555 create a second region for the road Closed AndyJF region created!
834 May15@1548h Fluffhead555 create a region for this first bend Closed AndyJF region created!
833 May15@1534h Fluffhead555 make a region for this road Closed AndyJF region created!
832 May15@0153h PPGOME build perms plms Closed Bardidley Added
831 May15@0139h Verros flow water Closed Bardidley Flowed!
830 May14@1402h Fluffhead555 expand the fluff_north region to the new glowstone border pls :> Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
829 May08@2208h axslayer33 where the hell did he come from? Closed AndyJF I don't know but he's gone now!
828 May04@0244h axslayer33 can I get the red border protected up to 215 in height? Thanks. Closed AndyJF region claimed!
827 May04@0236h axslayer33 ....never mind. I think we have our answer..... Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting, removed
826 May04@0236h axslayer33 I have no idea if this is even worth mentioning. Not sure where two lost minecarts could have come from on an empty server... Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
825 May02@1010h Fluffhead555 expand the fluff_canal region's width to the yellow concrete pls Closed AndyJF region expanded!
824 May01@0124h PPGOME was outside of plot, build perms pls :) Closed Bardidley Added
823 Apr27@2357h Fluffhead555 can i be added as a member to the region "zakethedragon_build"? i just need to expand this road past it and to springfield Closed Bardidley Added as member.
822 Apr26@0129h Fluffhead555 can i be added to this redline region? i want to expand this road over it Closed AndyJF added!
821 Apr25@1951h Fluffhead555 clean up the rails on the rainbow line pls Closed AndyJF minecarts removed!
820 Apr24@1706h Juliieen please could you allow drops in my pyramid Closed Bardidley Drops set to allow
819 Apr24@0758h Juliieen please could you protect my pyramid? Closed AndyJF Region Protected!
818 Apr24@0313h iceberg76 can i have a warp set here? Closed Bardidley Warp set!
817 Apr23@2353h Fluffhead555 tnt spam and block destruction Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting