Creative requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
485 Oct24@0057h Haiku can u pls replace thee sponge with barrier blocks, thank u <3 Closed Bardidley Barriers placed!
484 Oct20@1902h ElectroTheDragon ADMIN I require use of the //perf command to make a WE edit without block updates. More details are provided in a lecturn. Closed Bardidley Done!
483 Oct17@1731h NastyHabits flow this Closed NastyHabits flowed
482 Oct17@1131h a_speedruner pls i can place a block? Closed schererererer we need to know where to put a starter block for you in the space world - please remake your modreq at the location you want to start building (I have made a starter block at (0, 200) if you want to start building immediately)
481 Oct13@0406h Andromeda4210 lag machine Closed AndyJF removed
480 Oct10@1846h Juliieen please could you protect my region at z-1941? Closed AndyJF Build protected!
479 Oct09@1757h Kapouille please could you add a warp to my mall structure Closed Bardidley Warp granted! Hope to see it finished!
478 Oct09@1503h ZakeTheDragon ZakeTheDragon Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
477 Oct09@1036h LenniedFace claim Closed AndyJF statue protected!
476 Oct08@0148h MasterCommaThe Are unrestricted clocks allowed? Closed Bardidley Yes as long as they aren't causing lag and they have an off switch. Welcome back!
475 Oct02@0028h NJY200 plot claim maxed out, would like this one Closed Bardidley Plot granted!
474 Sep30@0717h Neuxs yeah, ges the rectagle Closed Bardidley Region gaps have been filled. You are all set.
473 Sep30@0316h NJY200 njy200 accidentally overgrew a tree branch onto another plot. Please remove as i dont have permission. Sorry and thank you! Closed Bardidley Tree fixed.
472 Sep28@0823h Neuxs can i have these plots merges? coords if you need them, -36 163 and they all have a 3 block hole in them Closed Bardidley I have removed the player from plot 0452 if you want to claim it I can merge 4 plots in a rectangle, 3 plots in this configuration cannot be merged.
471 Sep28@0818h Neuxs cancle Closed Bardidley Done.
470 Sep28@0818h Neuxs i claimed this plot but the spot to make a 4x4 is already taken Closed Bardidley Looks like you have full permissions for this whole plot.
469 Sep26@2211h Andromeda4210 continue from modreq 467: I also get the same message again but with Closed Bardidley /stacc has been fixed!
468 Sep26@2210h Andromeda4210 check Closed Andromeda4210
467 Sep26@2210h Andromeda4210 can you please fix //stacc? When I use it, I get the message "ms.lang.InsufficientPErmissionException: You do not have permission to use the bind function. at <<main code>> Closed Bardidley Chal is aware of this, we'll see if fixable.
466 Sep26@1637h TemporarilyAlive please can i claim this skyscraper plot Closed TemporarilyAlive
465 Sep25@1318h Spook6 can i have this plot Closed TemporarilyAlive - claimed
464 Sep25@0602h NJY200 NJY200 expand land claim? if that is possible, if not thats okay :) Closed AndyJF Region Claimed!
463 Sep25@0600h NJY200 NJY200 expand land claim? if that is possible, if not thats okay :) Closed AndyJF Duplicate modreq
462 Sep24@2324h TemporarilyAlive please claim this plot for me Closed Bardidley Added!
461 Sep22@1738h NJY200 NJY200 landclaim pretty pls Closed AndyJF region claimed!
460 Sep20@2053h ZakeTheDragon claim Closed Bardidley Duplicate.
459 Sep20@2033h ZakeTheDragon claim Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
458 Sep20@0506h Heartshine DD/MM/YYYY Closed Bardidley Thanks, date added.
457 Sep19@0231h Andromeda4210 can you turn item drop off in region skyscraper_0189 pls? Closed AndyJF Drops disabled!
456 Sep12@1938h Fluffhead555 also protect the area while you undo the griefs Closed fazaden the area needs a region border. if there is one, make a modreq near where the border is
455 Sep12@1936h iceberg76 someone greifed here Closed fazaden grief is fixed
454 Sep12@1752h Fluffhead555 actually, can you see if i can be added as a member to every cta region? this is getting annoying at this point Closed Bardidley If I'm making new regions for cta ill make sure to add you.
453 Sep12@1745h Fluffhead555 add me as owner/member so i can clean up the rail line a bit pls Closed Bardidley Added to green line
452 Sep12@0043h Andromeda4210 minigame_1_planning Closed Bardidley Protected!
451 Sep11@2049h Fluffhead555 tnt spam here Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
450 Sep11@2037h iceberg76 its long but, can this be claimed for cta to build in? Closed Bardidley Protected!
449 Sep11@1913h Fluffhead555 can i also get perms for this part of the red highway? i need to complete the beams that are under it Closed AndyJF status changed to owner
448 Sep11@1846h Fluffhead555 can you expand the region to the magenta? Closed AndyJF region expanded
447 Sep09@2248h JamesTDG claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
446 Sep09@0029h iceberg76 can this be claimed for cta with 7 blocks wide Closed Bardidley Protected!
445 Sep07@2338h Heartshine minecart mess Closed Bardidley Minecarts nuked. Thanks for reporting.
444 Sep07@0647h Heartshine You ever have to build 2 statues because one of them went into the other plot? Protec pls. Closed Bardidley Protected!
443 Sep06@2042h Fluffhead555 protect this region of the yellow highway pls :> Closed Bardidley Protected.
442 Sep05@0159h Poxl3 save this Closed fazaden as the round winner, it's already saved in the winner's gallery around the arena
441 Sep05@0020h Fluffhead555 clean up this spam pls :) Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting!
440 Aug29@0513h schererererer requesting a 312x401 claim region Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
439 Aug21@0223h Heartshine did someoen greif the rails? Closed Bardidley I think this is wip by CTA.
438 Aug21@0142h Heartshine this area is kinda sus Closed Bardidley Maybe so, but it checks out.
437 Aug20@2154h wytewydow flood this area with water. 1 block deep Closed Bardidley Water filled. Nice place!
436 Aug17@1520h Fluffhead555 this looks sketchy too Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
435 Aug17@1517h Fluffhead555 this is also a bit sketchy to have here, ngl Closed Bardidley Agreed.
434 Aug17@1515h Fluffhead555 someone might have griefed this a little bit Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting but unfortunately it's out of logs.
433 Aug15@0228h TheDeadlyEagle can u make my build unbreakable thanksssss Closed Bardidley Build area protected.
432 Aug11@2032h iceberg76 i knows its alittle big but can this claim be extended Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
431 Aug10@2135h Oak_Craft creat new regin (-1684 137 -2260) Closed cheezychicken createded
430 Aug09@2254h Oak_Craft protect around -2117 104 -1593 Closed Bardidley Protected!
429 Aug09@0056h Oak_Craft i would like my claim at 136 117 9 in space expanded to the new boarder Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
428 Aug08@1703h Nosirrom claim test area marked by gold blocks Closed Bardidley Protected!
427 Aug08@0051h iceberg76 this tunnel to the claim, can it be claimed for the green line? Closed Bardidley Protected!
426 Aug07@1809h Oak_Craft i would like a claim created at 148 115 0 in the space world Closed Bardidley Protected!
425 Aug07@1447h Fluffhead555 can the red highway be protected here? try to make multiple regions if you can so it doesn't take up much that much of the grass surronding it Claimed Bardidley
424 Aug06@1906h iceberg76 can this green line be claimed for cta? Closed Bardidley Before protecting this I thought I would mention that I talked to Radphoenix the other day and said you could go under their build with cta if you want. Let me know if you still prefer this route.
423 Aug06@0800h Eishaar claim pls (hay block border) Closed Bardidley Protected!
422 Aug05@2324h ElectroTheDragon I would like the sponge blocks in this area to be replaced with barrier blocks please. Closed Bardidley Barriers set.
421 Aug05@2236h Fluffhead555 can i be added as an owner for both these regions so i can continue to work on the red line? Closed Bardidley Added!
420 Aug05@1918h Eishaar claim pls Closed Bardidley Protected!
419 Aug05@1820h Fluffhead555 more griefing here by the mall Closed cheezychicken fixd
418 Aug05@1756h Mehlsuppe so, me and kap were doing a 1v1 here and he dropped his worldedit shovel, me and kap experimented a bit and rolled back everything. but then worldedit bugged and this happended. please roll it back Closed cheezychicken can't rollback worldedit stuff once //undo is lost, sorry :(
417 Aug04@2038h Fluffhead555 griefing here too Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting but unfortunately it's old grief out of logs.
416 Aug04@2037h Fluffhead555 griefing here and in the area around it Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
415 Aug04@1535h Fluffhead555 the outside is blue now, use that for the border Closed Fluffhead555
414 Aug04@1524h iceberg76 can this red line be claimed from here to the border with the outer red being the width Closed Bardidley Protected!
413 Aug04@1315h ElectroTheDragon I'd like these 3 melon blocks to be replaced with barrier blocks. Closed Bardidley Barriers placed!
412 Aug03@1944h ElectroTheDragon I've also got 4 more sets of mushroom blocks in this shaft I would like replaced with barrier blocks, thanks. Closed Bardidley Barriers set.
411 Aug03@1929h ElectroTheDragon I've got 2 mushroom blocks in this area with ladders on them that I would like to be barrier blocks. Closed Bardidley Barriers set.
410 Aug03@1922h ElectroTheDragon I'd like this mushroom block to be a barrier block, please. Closed ElectroTheDragon
409 Aug03@1910h ElectroTheDragon I'd also like these melon blocks to be barrier blocks too. Closed Bardidley Barriers set.
408 Aug03@1910h ElectroTheDragon I'd like the melon blocks replaced with barrier blocks. Closed Bardidley Barriers set.
407 Aug01@2136h Fluffhead555 lots of carts are along the red line. i tried to clean some of them up, but theres still some left (such as here) Closed Bardidley We'll see if we can catch them putting more on the tracks.
406 Jul31@0532h texb protect : ) Closed marting11 protected
405 Jul30@1840h Fluffhead555 expand this region 128 blocks east so i can clear out these trees pls :> Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
404 Jul29@2345h Fluffhead555 this one had a bigger grief too Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
403 Jul29@2345h Fluffhead555 this had a minor grief Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
402 Jul25@2331h Fluffhead555 can you protect my statue? theres stuff inside that i know at least one person with come along and mess with without me knowing Closed AndyJF statue protected!
401 Jul24@2210h Oak_Craft I would like a new claim created at -2998 67 -980 Closed Bardidley Protected!
400 Jul23@2003h Fluffhead555 and theres even more of it here ._. Closed RukiaKuchiki_ cleaned up
399 Jul23@1957h Fluffhead555 a ton of spam here, it goes for quite a while Closed RukiaKuchiki_ cleaned up
398 Jul23@1719h 80thh claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
397 Jul23@1344h TheCakeIsALie3 request Closed AndyJF Could you be more specific as to what you need? Please resubmit, thanks
396 Jul23@1243h iceberg76 can this red line be claimed for world edit? Closed AndyJF region claimed!
395 Jul22@0942h Tuggie2000 i want to protect my build Closed AndyJF protected!
394 Jul21@2032h Fluffhead555 replace the wet sponge in this cube with barriers pls Closed AndyJF sponges replaced!
393 Jul21@2004h 80thh claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
392 Jul21@1603h cjCH claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
391 Jul21@1457h 80thh claim Closed AndyJF region claimed!
390 Jul21@0222h Fluffhead555 i also found this on the cartograph a little while ago and forgot to report it Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
389 Jul21@0220h Fluffhead555 this might have gotten griefed, or its just an intentional mess (also, srry for my modreq spam lately) Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
388 Jul20@2347h OBlazzen can i have this claimed please? Closed AndyJF please make a border showing the area you wish to claim and resubmit. Thanks
387 Jul20@2220h iceberg76 can this tunnel be claimed for red line? Closed AndyJF region claimed!
386 Jul20@0036h Fluffhead555 same thing with this region, too Closed Bardidley Added.
385 Jul20@0026h Fluffhead555 can i be added as a member to this red line region so i can continue to work on the red_elevator region right ahead of it? Closed Bardidley Added.
384 Jul19@1736h WarWolfFloof land claim Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
383 Jul18@2249h Fluffhead555 also, looks like theres a griefed build in the testworld here Closed AndyJF thanks for reporting
382 Jul18@2249h Fluffhead555 claim this area pls :) Closed AndyJF region claimed!
381 Jul18@0213h Fluffhead555 actually, just expand it to the red_elevator region here pls Closed Challenger2 Region expanded 14 meters.
380 Jul18@0111h Fluffhead555 i need this expanded just 5 blocks north, pls and thank you Closed Fluffhead555
379 Jul17@1331h Lilarborg request Closed AndyJF region protected!
378 Jul15@0841h cjCH /warp Leuctra? Closed Bardidley Warp granted!
377 Jul14@2244h Aaaarrrrrr can I have a region for an air strip here? Closed Bardidley Claim granted.
376 Jul14@2240h Aaaarrrrrr can I have a region for a road through this space? Closed Bardidley Claim granted.
375 Jul14@2105h FourleavedLuck flow Closed Bardidley I think the water is fixed now? If you need flowing water placed indicate with a wool block where you want it placed.
374 Jul14@1736h Fluffhead555 more of it here Closed Bardidley Thanks. I have extended the protection of Blue Line. cheers
373 Jul14@1736h Fluffhead555 someone griefed the blue highway Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting
372 Jul14@1056h AndyJF claim this area Closed AndyJF protected
371 Jul14@0110h Fluffhead555 another anoter grief. Closed AndyJF Thanks for reporting
370 Jul14@0047h Tin_OS i think there is a bug with /rulebook command, when you take 1 book and you lose it you need to wait 2880 mins to get new Open
369 Jul13@2314h Aaaarrrrrr protection Closed Bardidley Claim protected. Nice spot!
368 Jul13@2313h FourleavedLuck claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
367 Jul13@2114h Fluffhead555 another grief here Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting! cheers.
366 Jul12@2202h Fluffhead555 srry for the modreq spam from me lately, but this got griefed Closed Bardidley Thank you for reporting!
365 Jul12@1837h iceberg76 can this tunnel going to springfield be claimed for red line? Closed Bardidley Protected!
364 Jul12@1148h cjCH final FINAL claim expansion i promise :) Closed AndyJF region expanded!
363 Jul12@0909h Adurmaster i think i've found a lag machine on the redstone park, near my plot Closed Bardidley Seems to be a legit redstone build. Did not observe any lag. Thank you for reporting regardless.
362 Jul11@2023h SnappyKooper flow Closed Bardidley Water flowing.
361 Jul11@1619h Fluffhead555 expand the region "fluff_claim" to rouge's highway so people cant destroy the red line and part of my base Closed AndyJF region expanded!
360 Jul11@1148h cjCH i am the owner of the center claim but i need it expanding Closed AndyJF region expanded!
359 Jul11@0739h cjCH claim Closed AndyJF You are already the owner of this region
358 Jul11@0237h SnappyKooper claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
357 Jul11@0159h SnappyKooper claim Closed marting11 you have already claimed this plot ;)
356 Jul11@0019h iceberg76 can this tunnel be claimed Closed Bardidley Protected!
355 Jul10@2341h SnappyKooper claim Closed Bardidley Protected!
354 Jul10@1319h Adurmaster hi, i cant use the dispensers. Can u fix Closed AndyJF Dispensers are not allowed on this server I'm afraid
353 Jul10@0245h iceberg76 can this wool and border be claimed for red line Closed Bardidley Protected.
352 Jul10@0245h iceberg76 can this tunnel be claimed for red line Closed Bardidley Protected!
351 Jul10@0236h Fluffhead555 put this block at x=-39 and put a iron pressure plate over it pls (cant do it since it goes through another region) Closed Bardidley Block placed.
350 Jul10@0131h iceberg76 can this red wool be claimed for cta Closed Bardidley Protected!
349 Jul10@0124h Andromeda4210 someone griefed my building Closed Bardidley Grief is out of logs. They got away with it. This time...
348 Jul09@2108h Fluffhead555 roll back everything that TheVirusNVGM did, since they joined and started making swastikas Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting.
347 Jul09@2104h Fluffhead555 nazi joined :/ Closed Fluffhead555 same as above
346 Jul09@0109h cjCH check Closed Bardidley Duplicate.
345 Jul08@2346h cjCH check Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
344 Jul08@0007h cjCH i will fill i promise :) Closed Bardidley Sorry but I am not sure what you are asking for in this modreq.
343 Jul07@0032h TheLacondeguy i need a plot Closed Bardidley Duplicate
342 Jul06@1731h TheLacondeguy i need a plot Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
341 Jul06@0217h Fluffhead555 finishing off the highway, connect it to the base here Closed Fluffhead555 continuation
340 Jul06@0216h Fluffhead555 continuation of previous modreq, this is where the highway turns Closed Fluffhead555 continuation
339 Jul06@0216h Fluffhead555 claim for highway, use the purple as a border of the outside, and blue as the center of the highway (also, make the claim height go from y level 19 to y level 30. i don't want to prevent people from building ontop of it) Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
338 Jul05@2128h cjCH request sup! my build needs protecting Closed marting11 protected
337 Jul05@1919h ElectroTheDragon I'd like all 19 leaf blocks in this larger room replaced with barrier blocks. Closed marting11 replaced
336 Jul05@1907h ElectroTheDragon I'd like this leaf block to be a barrier block, please. Closed marting11 replaced
335 Jul05@1901h ElectroTheDragon I'd also like 5 leaf blocks in this room to be barrier blocks. Closed marting11 replaced
334 Jul05@1848h ElectroTheDragon I'd like the 6 leaf blocks in this room to be barrier blocks. Thanks :) Closed marting11 replaced
333 Jul05@1835h Kapouille could you please protecc the overhang in my concert arena Closed marting11 region extended
332 Jul05@1714h Fluffhead555 claim this area in the tesbuild world pls Closed marting11 protected
331 Jul04@1712h Fluffhead555 claim this, and name the region "water_base_2" Closed Bardidley Protected!
330 Jul04@1546h iceberg76 sorry for the mass modreqs but can this be claimed for green line? Closed Bardidley Protected!
329 Jul04@1511h iceberg76 can i have access to this part so i can connect this Closed Bardidley Added to spawn perms for cta work.
328 Jul04@1404h iceberg76 a bit longer but can this be claimed for red line (it goes through the other claim i think) Closed Bardidley Protected!
327 Jul04@0107h Fluffhead555 replace the sponge in this sphere with lava Closed Challenger2 Lavafied!
326 Jul03@2245h Fluffhead555 expand region to yellow blocks pls :> Closed Bardidley Region redefined!
325 Jul03@0247h iceberg76 from here to spleef is a planned route for cta red line, can I have it claimed to extend it? Closed Bardidley Protected!
324 Jul02@1906h Kapouille please could you set a warp point at -522,-852,66 that warps you to 2346,2470,21 Closed Bardidley Warp point set!
323 Jul02@0614h Zomise Gimme starter block here pls. Closed AndyJF starter block placed!
322 Jun30@1619h cjCH protect my build ty Closed cjCH
321 Jun29@1521h Free_Memes request I need to claim a piece of land Closed Bardidley Duplicate.
320 Jun29@1520h Free_Memes request Closed Bardidley Build protected! if you feel like having it moved to PixelArt Valley let me know.
319 Jun28@1846h Flame623_ rename claim to [Flegham_Towing] Thanks! Closed Bardidley Region renamed!
318 Jun28@1618h Oak_Craft protect a build at -2745 66 2793 Closed AndyJF build protected!
317 Jun28@0128h Poxl3 didnt mean to claim this plot Closed fazaden your empty plot has been unclaim'd
316 Jun27@2103h cheezychicken protections between the pillary thingies plz <3 Closed NastyHabits region creted
315 Jun27@1615h unnamed205 the community hates me so i shall go Closed Bardidley Removed from build.
314 Jun26@1737h Fluffhead555 lots of lava/tnt here Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting!
313 Jun24@1906h Manimanocas request Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
312 Jun24@1837h Manimanocas request Closed Bardidley Claim protected!
311 Jun24@0113h Oak_Craft yes, i allready have a new build to be protected at -1879 171 -2366 Closed Bardidley Protected!
310 Jun24@0049h Oak_Craft new claim at -1896 186 -2335 Closed Bardidley Protected!
309 Jun23@2141h Fluffhead555 for some reason, the ice that spawns from the frostwalker enchantment just doesn't go away sometimes? I tested it before multiple times and the ice still got removed. just roll back the changes in this area Closed Fluffhead555 nevermind, it disintegrated 10 mins later
308 Jun23@2128h Fluffhead555 lag machine Closed Bardidley Thanks for reporting!
307 Jun22@2304h Fluffhead555 protect this pls :> Closed Bardidley Protected!
306 Jun22@2241h Fluffhead555 some flag spam in the nether. im not sure if this is allowed or not, but its just annoying to walk through Closed Bardidley Cleaned up. Thanks for reporting.
305 Jun22@1107h venom20078 Grant me Lordship over this land Closed AndyJF tis done my lord
304 Jun22@1036h ElectroTheDragon May I have the purple wool replaced with barriers? Closed AndyJF barriers placed!
303 Jun20@1142h Kapouille can a region allow tnt explosions without it being an and of rev chaos party Closed Bardidley Unfortunately not.
302 Jun20@0035h 8bitc4t took bard's advice, expand claim to new blue border Closed Bardidley Claim granted!
301 Jun18@1000h AndyJF claiming this area for a group build Closed AndyJF protected
300 Jun17@1644h TheLacondeguy unnamed205 has been harrasing me as in calling me a griefer, trying to trap me in places i cant get out and violating rule number 1. hes also cussing at me and sending me untrustworthy links. Closed Bardidley Duplicate.
299 Jun17@1632h TheLacondeguy pls help Closed AndyJF Please don't spam modreq
298 Jun17@1632h TheLacondeguy andy Closed AndyJF Please don't spam modreq
297 Jun17@1556h TheLacondeguy the guys name is unnamed205 Closed Bardidley Duplicate.
296 Jun17@1554h TheLacondeguy this guys is using unsuportive conduct Closed Bardidley If you are not getting along with another player you must part ways and work on something else. You are a new builder here at this build so please follow the direction of the owners.
295 Jun16@1210h Myrtxlle claim beginning 3164/256/-1197 along red border Closed AndyJF region claimed!
294 Jun16@0312h buzzie71 worldedit doesn't seem to be working in my plot Closed Bardidley The permissions are correct in your claim, what command are you trying to use?
293 Jun15@1650h unnamed205 lonely Closed NastyHabits fixed
292 Jun15@1434h unnamed205 redstone_0414 worldedit owners group enable Closed AndyJF WE enabled
291 Jun14@2317h unnamed205 claim redstone_0414 Closed Bardidley Added to plot.
290 Jun14@2140h RukiaKuchiki_ region here, up to y40 ploz Closed NastyHabits region have been created
289 Jun14@2057h RukiaKuchiki_ extend region Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region expanded
288 Jun14@2047h NastyHabits create a region, see those 4 granite block corners (4 chunks) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region created!
287 Jun14@1748h unnamed205 claim redstone_0414 Closed unnamed205
286 Jun14@1705h unnamed205 check Closed unnamed205