PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
3347 Oct21@1728h arneke23 im stuck sorry Closed gk_ryo User locked themselves in the brig.
3346 Oct21@0306h Ashenrayne please expand region to include this building and please add /place for ALGAC at -256, 2266 Open
3345 Oct21@0221h TheAcademician Please also flow these waters :] Closed King_of_queso also flowing!
3344 Oct21@0221h TheAcademician Please flow this water :] Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3343 Oct21@0014h Azumarill expand azu_crater down at least three Closed cujobear expanded per /m 4 down
3342 Oct21@0006h buzzie71 please protect this area (settlement, buildings in west, the tower) under name "zenith", with me and TheAcademician as owners :O Closed cujobear region created
3341 Oct20@2345h Azumarill protecc (azu_crater) Closed cujobear azu_crater protected
3340 Oct20@2343h buzzie71 the floor here doesn't look right...grief? Closed cujobear rolled back and player warned
3339 Oct20@2336h Norami Could this playerhaed be removed please? It is not placed by a Pico player and it is 2 blocks from our nether portal on the nether side... Thank you Claimed cujobear
3338 Oct20@2333h TheAcademician Please flow all the water blocks on this level :D Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3337 Oct20@2251h FallenAgnostic check if my villager was griefed Open
3336 Oct20@2243h TheAcademician Build has been griefed here Closed RukiaKuchiki_ grief ungriffled
3335 Oct20@2211h RukiaKuchiki_ flow [broke my own elevator again! gg] Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed again
3334 Oct20@2204h RukiaKuchiki_ flow [broke my own elevator gg] Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
3333 Oct20@2144h NastyHabits this claim near ambro center by iXzyMiXy (he is afk for 1 months), can I at least add some trees there with a fence to hide this mess? Closed cujobear discussed via /m
3332 Oct20@2138h NastyHabits this is claim by player abitcat not joining for 2 months, is it possible to free it up for other users? Closed cujobear build and chests removed
3331 Oct20@2029h ninti Flow these two water sources pretty please. Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3330 Oct20@1950h Lord_Nunpuncher replant grief Closed i_c_e_ Grief has been fixed player warned
3329 Oct20@1946h Keysandrew Norami Closed Norami Mailed player regarding how to do modreq's and flowed his block of water per question asked in gen chat.
3328 Oct20@1905h water_jet protecc (cant kill animals in area between the two quartz blocks) named something like dalorian_sanctuary Closed tict0c Talked via msg. Region is protected
3327 Oct20@1849h water_jet Cows missing, military assistance required. Closed fazaden cows replaced and player warned
3326 Oct20@1845h UpsideKen please reflow this too Closed Norami Splosh!
3325 Oct20@1725h UpsideKen reflowing please Closed Norami Flowing :)
3324 Oct20@1716h UpsideKen someone grief the runway airport Closed Norami I msg. player not to modify other ppls blds, he/she apologized and I rolled back the 5 missing woolblocks. :)
3323 Oct20@1627h artixlight Grief at squid spawner? Closed fazaden it looks like this is just an exit to the sea floor
3322 Oct20@1551h FallenAgnostic i will like to add protection to my halloween course along with making it a pvp zone Open
3321 Oct20@1543h artixlight Make "drtmv_eice" region child of "solace" region. Closed pez252 Done
3320 Oct20@1512h Omegaeddon who did the tunnel and who did the rails plz :D Closed pez252 Discussed via /m
3319 Oct20@1509h artixlight Please upgrade Tier 2 iron golem spawner to Tier 3. Items in chest. Closed cujobear spawner upgraded. This makes all 4 spawners Tier 3
3318 Oct20@0843h MysticalLizard flow Closed fazaden flow'd
3317 Oct20@0657h artixlight Please make "drtmv_wice" region a child of region "solace" Closed fazaden child region set!
3316 Oct20@0521h MrMinecraft1423 flow and balance water here plz Closed schererererer one water source block flowed; if you mean 'turn flowing water to still water' by 'balancing', we don't do that
3315 Oct20@0348h buzzie71 flow water please :O Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed :D
3314 Oct20@0345h RukiaKuchiki_ flow [prob more soon] Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
3313 Oct20@0258h Azumarill upgrade SE to 2 Closed cujobear SE spawner upgraded to tier 2
3312 Oct20@0248h zedadex who de-rosed my scotrap :( Closed buzzie71 restored!
3311 Oct19@2321h Azumarill can you go down ~15 blocks and tell me how much my next iron upgrade is Closed buzzie71 individual details discussed via /msg - the upgrading requirements themselves can be found at https://imgur.com/a/ZQQI87Y
3310 Oct19@2240h PrefectOfBajor pls extend avalon border to include these builds (-3021, 1720, 90) Closed buzzie71 region extended!
3309 Oct19@2207h Omegaeddon Plz stretch perms to cover basey bits below and too the back ta! Closed buzzie71 region extended!
3308 Oct19@1952h Master_King_ want to check if spawners belong to anyone Closed RukiaKuchiki_ mailed used about spawner
3307 Oct19@1947h Omegaeddon Protection stretched to cover other bits, ta! Closed schererererer expanded region 'the_blood_house' downward and outward to cover other bits; n.b. region omega_labs is also adjacent
3306 Oct19@1919h Krazykev1562 can someone tp me to my death point cause I died far of and spawned at spawn Closed RukiaKuchiki_ sorry, we only teleport players if they are stuck in protected areas with no way out
3305 Oct19@1814h MingusGriswald want to remove this shulker box, minerbuz has been gone for >2 weeks Closed cujobear removed
3304 Oct19@1724h artixlight why was ice harvesting not allowed in this "drt_ice" region? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ mailed user on region
3303 Oct19@1659h Smirkules please protect my tower outpost :) Closed Norami tower outpost bld protected \o/
3302 Oct19@1652h Spartan____ Additional flow is required :I Closed Norami splooooosh!
3301 Oct19@1647h Spartan____ moar flow :) Closed Norami Flowing again \o/
3300 Oct19@1642h Spartan____ more flow \o/ Closed Norami Flowing :DDD
3299 Oct19@1631h Spartan____ Can I get some flow \o/ Closed cujobear why, yes you can
3298 Oct19@1622h ninti One last flow (I hope) please. Closed Norami Flowing :D
3297 Oct19@1543h Omegaeddon Missing text here Closed cujobear fixed
3296 Oct19@1531h Spartan____ there was a fourth cleric here at some point, did something happen to him? Closed cujobear cleric found, visiting his friend
3295 Oct19@1531h ninti Can someone please flow all this water in this trap area? Closed cujobear flowed lots of water
3294 Oct19@0515h FallenAgnostic lava flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3293 Oct19@0314h MrMinecraft1423 I lost my inventory in the end, and there are many mobs. Can you please get my things back? hank you. Mousey regards, MrMinecraft1423. Closed schererererer unfortunately, we do not assist in recovering lost items from normal deaths - this is a part of the pve experience
3292 Oct19@0309h zedadex if this isn't too close to mobius (behind you) can I get it protected as zed-rocket pls? ty! Closed tict0c Protected !! Just fit :)
3291 Oct19@0243h LoneIy Uh spawn's wheat farm didnt get replanted Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
3290 Oct19@0126h FallenAgnostic emeralds stuck! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ they despawned .-.
3289 Oct19@0036h UpsideKen reflowing please! Closed fazaden re-flow'd
3288 Oct19@0019h cheezychicken horse 2 surface plz Closed RukiaKuchiki_ horse teleported to saftey!
3287 Oct19@0011h RukiaKuchiki_ griffle? Closed schererererer appears to be rail under construction - last placement was very recent, so I'd expect it to be extended post haste
3286 Oct18@2212h zedadex can I get this rawket protected from polished dio corner-to-corner as 'zero-rocket' if it's not too close to Mobius or the ship? ty! Closed zedadex making some tweaks one sec
3285 Oct18@2144h zedadex info Closed zedadex whoops
3284 Oct18@2131h Master_King_ grief Closed CARnivore_nds fixed the blocks, cannot restore lost ( unkilled ) animals, sorry.
3283 Oct18@2130h UpsideKen unflow and self-flow water (: Closed gk_ryo Flowing water can't unflow. Use signs or something similar to get the desired effect.
3282 Oct18@2101h UpsideKen can you move this random stuff to other place? it seems to be abandonated Closed cujobear discussed via /m
3281 Oct18@1833h arneke23 can someone tp me out this spawnsecret Closed fazaden rescued ^_^
3280 Oct18@1133h zedadex did something happen to the named invis spider that was here? Open
3279 Oct18@0947h UpsideKen reflowing my ice gen please (: Closed gk_ryo flowing
3278 Oct18@0814h Omegaeddon horse trapped in this protection plz tp horse to center of this structure so I can ride the damn thing out Closed schererererer horse extracted!
3277 Oct18@0647h Saccer flow Closed schererererer flowed
3276 Oct18@0647h Saccer flow Closed schererererer flowed
3275 Oct18@0636h Saccer flow Closed schererererer flowed, see 3274
3274 Oct18@0636h Saccer flow Closed schererererer flowed 2 blocks
3273 Oct18@0312h RukiaKuchiki_ last flow pls Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
3272 Oct18@0310h RukiaKuchiki_ floww again plss Closed RukiaKuchiki_ yey
3271 Oct18@0306h RukiaKuchiki_ floww again pls Closed schererererer flowed!
3270 Oct18@0302h RukiaKuchiki_ floww Closed Norami Flowing \o/
3269 Oct18@0242h RukiaKuchiki_ flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ floweeeeee
3268 Oct18@0218h CaptainDinghole can i haz flow pls Closed schererererer 2 waters flowed
3267 Oct18@0210h LORDCOSMOS waterflow Closed cujobear flowing
3266 Oct18@0200h kitty9293 The twins have a v large baby sister! Can I please get the dollhouse protected as a child of the christmastown region? Closed schererererer ct_dollhouse protected and childed to christmastown region
3265 Oct18@0140h RukiaKuchiki_ flow this so i dont dieee Closed schererererer flowed!
3264 Oct18@0135h munsturs protect please :D if acceptable... lol Closed schererererer house protected!
3263 Oct17@2322h Spartan____ Can I get a lorg flow Closed tict0c Flowing and looking good :)
3262 Oct17@2102h Nyxie water flowz pls. /flow didn't do the thing Closed cheezychicken you can only flow water in your own regions
3261 Oct17@2058h cheezychicken iron grinder protecteded as child of ambrosia Closed cheezychicken protecterized!
3260 Oct17@2053h cheezychicken 4 t1 golem spawners plz, stuff is in a chest upstairs Closed cujobear done
3259 Oct17@2020h cheezychicken missing llama Closed cheezychicken No idea where its gone, tom doesn't seem to miss it though
3258 Oct17@2019h cheezychicken someone logged off in the iron grinder :( Closed RukiaKuchiki_ opened the door :o
3257 Oct17@1938h Omegaeddon Protekshun pluzzoks! Closed CARnivore_nds base protected
3256 Oct17@1025h Omegaeddon Fluz alla dis lava plz Closed gk_ryo https://i.imgur.com/Gnpvv2d.png This is what happens when they flow.
3255 Oct17@0807h Omegaeddon missing sheep? Closed gk_ryo No sheep killed within 100m of the pen since rev start.
3254 Oct17@0652h Ashenrayne please add beacon emerald blocks to ALGAC region. Thanks! Closed Norami Beacon base protected under ALGAC region :)
3253 Oct17@0601h ninti Flow these two water blocks please. Closed Norami Flowing :)
3252 Oct17@0231h pez252 Someone replaced the shulkers I had here with prismarine Closed RukiaKuchiki_ shulkers re-shulked
3251 Oct17@0042h Krazykev1562 i need to get unstuck cause im stuck Closed CARnivore_nds res q'd
3250 Oct16@2056h UpsideKen flow the water (: Closed cheezychicken flowin'!
3249 Oct16@1953h Tin_OS flow lava Closed cheezychicken flow'd!
3248 Oct16@1952h Tin_OS flow water Closed cheezychicken flow'd!
3247 Oct16@1911h teiz1 replace pink wool with golem spawner #2, payment in chest Closed cheezychicken spawner placed!
3246 Oct16@1503h Omegaeddon Griffles Closed gk_ryo rolled back griefing
3245 Oct16@0743h dewe6777 claim the area within the clay block towers Closed Norami Protection made :D
3244 Oct16@0352h aindriahhn stuck Closed Norami Mailed player about how to get out or to modreq if player is still unable to get out.
3243 Oct16@0247h FallenAgnostic flow it NOW!!1!111 Closed cujobear done NOW!!!111!!!1
3242 Oct16@0209h evil_guy12345 flow Closed cujobear flowed
3241 Oct16@0021h FallenAgnostic flow Closed robr pooled
3240 Oct15@2319h Jambone2003 flow water please Closed robr flowed
3239 Oct15@2318h RukiaKuchiki_ scaffold spam? Closed robr edits made by stonemist member (stonemist's road..)
3238 Oct15@0800h Enture Natural-looking water doesn't always flow around these parts... could have a look at it and make sure it does ? Thanks! Closed Norami fixed \o/
3237 Oct15@0347h Mumberthrax please flow these two water source blocks Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3236 Oct15@0335h TheAcademician Please flow this water and the one on the opposite side of the trench :] Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3235 Oct15@0222h TheAcademician Please flow this water :D Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3234 Oct15@0215h cujobear look here Claimed cujobear
3233 Oct15@0200h CaptainDinghole plz protect my rocket Closed buzzie71 protected!
3232 Oct15@0145h FallenAgnostic flow it Closed tict0c Flowing Pool of NOPE!
3231 Oct15@0050h TheAcademician Please flow the water on both ends of this trench :] Closed i_c_e_ the flow is a flowing
3230 Oct15@0049h TheAcademician Please commence the flowing :D Closed cujobear flowing!
3229 Oct15@0041h Bearnor need Aron spawner, items in the purp shulky, place spawner at the dirt location TY... Happy Thanksgiving Closed cujobear Aron is spawning. Congrats on your 4th spawner!
3228 Oct14@2331h NastyHabits flow 3 Closed Norami also flowing :)
3227 Oct14@2330h NastyHabits flow 2 Closed Norami flowing :)
3226 Oct14@2329h NastyHabits flow Closed Norami Flowing :)
3225 Oct14@2326h Smirkules please protect my roadside shelter :) Closed tict0c protected
3224 Oct14@2306h NastyHabits flow Closed tict0c Flowing :)
3223 Oct14@2243h NastyHabits flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
3222 Oct14@2227h Tin_OS flow lava Closed tict0c Hot stuff a flowing! \o/
3221 Oct14@2226h Tin_OS flow Closed tict0c Oh and this one is flowing also
3220 Oct14@2219h Tin_OS flow Closed tict0c also flowing
3219 Oct14@2217h Tin_OS flow Closed tict0c flowing
3218 Oct14@2213h Tin_OS flow Closed tict0c Flowing \o/
3217 Oct14@2206h Smirkules please expand my claim around new buildings Closed tict0c Region expanded and looking good !!
3216 Oct14@2149h NastyHabits can't beat the system, go with the flow! Closed gk_ryo flow
3215 Oct14@2145h NastyHabits go with the flow vvvvvvvvv Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowwwww
3214 Oct14@2051h Yakkhyl my tunnel that i was turning into a road got blocked off Closed gk_ryo Discuss it with Ambrosia since it is in their claim.
3213 Oct14@2039h 01bocha please protect the building (marked with scaffolds) including the basement down to y=40 Closed pez252 Protected
3212 Oct14@2021h teiz1 replace pink wool with one golem spawner, payment in chest Closed cujobear spawner #1 in place!
3211 Oct14@2014h PrefectOfBajor what happened to our sheep? Closed pez252 Fixed!
3210 Oct14@1915h Yakkhyl stuck Closed robr unstuck!
3209 Oct14@1901h Nomasun hiyas! can you please make this grinder a /place ? It's a zombie XP/emerald farm with a fishing station. Nether warts and zombie flesh are the emerald sources with a villager trader Closed cheezychicken We feel this is already covered by the Muffin Valley /place
3208 Oct14@1836h Nomasun HI! may I please have a chest region for Muffin_Valley? thank you! Closed robr discussed via /m
3207 Oct14@1745h Nomasun hello! can you please add this region as a /place? Muffin Valley is the name, thank you Closed cheezychicken /place and dynmap marker added!
3206 Oct14@1728h Nomasun hi can you please protect this beacon pyramid? bottom corner is this emerald block and top corner is a cobblestone block at -1415 +2506 12 thank you Closed Norami Beacon pyramid protected \o/
3205 Oct14@1711h Nomasun hello there, can you please protect this rail station? bottom corner is this cobblestone block and the opposite corner is a cobblestone block at -1464 +2665, 15 thank you! Closed gk_ryo muffrail created
3204 Oct14@1315h Tsawake missing dog. Closed gk_ryo a wild dog appeared
3203 Oct14@1011h Im_a_Ninja13 animal grief? Closed cujobear mooshrooms replaced
3202 Oct14@0947h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed Spook6 fixed
3201 Oct14@0945h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed Spook6 fixed
3200 Oct14@0944h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed Spook6 fixed
3199 Oct14@0944h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed Spook6 fixed
3198 Oct14@0704h Im_a_Ninja13 water flow Closed Spook6 flowed!
3197 Oct14@0703h Im_a_Ninja13 griefed fence and murdered animals Closed Spook6 fixed, animals returned
3196 Oct14@0453h Azumarill just had a trap horse spawn nothing Closed totemo pretty sure that "pretty sure" is not sure enough; found and set off two trap horses: both worked (one vanilla trap, one custom trap)
3195 Oct14@0247h FallenAgnostic lava flow. it should be the block above the ceiling Closed pez252 flowed
3194 Oct14@0032h FallenAgnostic lava flow this bitch Closed cujobear flowed, but next time ask nicely :P
3193 Oct13@2248h assasymphoni sploosh hottub Closed cujobear more sploosh
3192 Oct13@2245h assasymphoni splosh this water in teh wall Closed cujobear splooshed!
3191 Oct13@2153h UpsideKen this place seems like griefed. Maybe check the logs Closed CARnivore_nds farms fixed, thanks for reporting
3190 Oct13@2100h 01bocha flowing please Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3189 Oct13@2023h Tveekie Now I need waterflow again Closed Norami All flowing \o/
3188 Oct13@2020h Tveekie waterflow Closed Norami Flowing \o/
3187 Oct13@1936h 01bocha flowing of 2 waterblocks please. i marked the approx. location with torches :D Closed Norami both blocks now flowing :)
3186 Oct13@1930h evil_guy12345 flow Closed Norami Flowing :)
3185 Oct13@1915h 01bocha those 6 blocks flowing please :) Closed buzzie71 they are flowing now :O
3184 Oct13@1914h Tveekie request waterflow Closed buzzie71 don't see water nearby to flow - please place water first before modreqing :O
3183 Oct13@1757h Tomzski flowing water for this last tank Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
3182 Oct13@1751h 01bocha flowing please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
3181 Oct13@1634h Tomzski did my dolphin drown? Closed pez252 Yes :( Oct12 8pm -125,64,-1896 and Oct10 11pm -125,63,-1898
3180 Oct13@1610h 01bocha flowing of this block please Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3179 Oct13@1610h 01bocha flowing of this one block behind the glass please Closed pez252 flowed
3178 Oct13@1602h 01bocha 3 blocks flowing please Closed pez252 Flowed
3177 Oct13@1431h Treppich unplanted crops from new player :? Closed cujobear crop grief fixed
3176 Oct13@1425h Treppich someone has donated seeds in a minecart+iron donation slot D: Closed cujobear we cannot moderate what players donate in donation chests.
3175 Oct13@1414h assasymphoni did someone release the name zombie that was here? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ mailed user about zombie
3174 Oct13@1258h 01bocha this one block flowing please Closed cheezychicken flow'd!
3173 Oct13@1134h 01bocha two water blocks flowing please Closed cheezychicken Flow'd!
3172 Oct13@0315h dark3lement can i have these two water sources that arent flowing flowed please thanks Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3171 Oct13@0140h Master_King_ need help moving villager Closed cujobear That is not something we will help with using mod magic. You will have to ask for help in chat
3170 Oct13@0118h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc bed-shelter for pvp arena plszz Closed cheezychicken Protected!
3169 Oct13@0044h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc this structure, and if possible 10 blocks under arena [redstone there] Closed cheezychicken Region expanded to cover the new tower!
3168 Oct13@0013h FallenAgnostic lavaaaaaaaaaaa Closed pez252 flowed
3167 Oct13@0011h Sky_Kat Hi, could I get a fancy hat please? Closed cujobear Prize has been placed on head. congrats!
3166 Oct13@0011h MingusGriswald i want to get in on this fancy pez spawn secret hat i'm pretty sure I didn't get it Claimed cujobear
3165 Oct13@0010h PrefectOfBajor i would like a fancy hat Closed cujobear fancy hat given, congrats on surviving pez's secret
3164 Oct12@2251h QueenFlippyNipps hey Azumarill do you still run rose city? Closed CARnivore_nds player repaired, tracking the grief
3163 Oct12@2157h Norami Please elevate the last spawner to tier 5, mats in chest. Thank you kindly :) Closed cujobear 4th spawner upgraded to tier 5!
3162 Oct12@2128h assasymphoni MORE SPLISH SPLOOSH PLS Closed Norami lotsa splooooooosh!
3161 Oct12@2126h assasymphoni sploosh! Closed Norami Flowing :)
3160 Oct12@2121h assasymphoni sploosh pls? Closed Norami splish splash \o/
3159 Oct12@1942h UpsideKen flow the water! Closed Trooprm32 Flowed
3158 Oct12@1847h PPGOME please remove the barriers that the quartz pillars are on Closed cujobear turn back to dirt
3157 Oct12@1827h Tomzski flowing water for this tank :) Closed cheezychicken flowing!
3156 Oct12@1710h UpsideKen Can I remove this random building? Closed cujobear discussed via /m
3155 Oct12@1656h MysticalLizard protect Closed fazaden Main town area is protected, you can modreq for it to expand as you build more
3154 Oct12@1627h FallenAgnostic lavaflow! Closed cujobear flowed
3153 Oct12@1531h MysticalLizard flow Closed CARnivore_nds boxed water on ice.
3152 Oct12@1512h FallenAgnostic lava flow! Closed cujobear lava flowed
3151 Oct12@1501h artixlight Please make "drt_ice" region a child of "solace" region. Owner hasn't been online for more than a month. Closed CARnivore_nds adoption papers signed, region childed.
3150 Oct12@1231h Setantii 3/3 connecting waterway, please fix/flow water thank you. Closed fazaden see 3148
3149 Oct12@1230h Setantii 2/3 connecting waterway, please fix/flow water thankyou Closed fazaden see 3148
3148 Oct12@1229h Setantii 1/3 connecting waterway, please fix/flow thankyou Closed fazaden We can only flow existing water source blocks, not create new ones. Please place some buckets of water in the areas you want flowed, and make another req afterwards.