PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
1808 Aug24@1704h Norami Please upgrade another iron golum spawner to tier 4. Mats in chest. Thank you! Open
1807 Aug24@1625h UpsideKen fix the griefed sugarcane building please Closed Silversunset degriefed
1806 Aug24@1623h assasymphoni Sploosh Closed defiex Splish has been splooshed!
1805 Aug24@1617h UpsideKen stuck Closed pez252 unstuck \o/
1804 Aug24@1555h Singitqueen its not that big of a deal, but ive been getting sand from right here and the water is all goofy looking, can you fix it Closed Silversunset water has been flowed - you may need to fill in some holes for it to fill properly however
1803 Aug24@1544h UpsideKen protect all my town claim please Closed Silversunset protected under "daloria"
1802 Aug24@1429h UpsideKen protect my city please Closed UpsideKen
1801 Aug24@1425h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed Spook6 fixed thanks for reporting :)
1800 Aug24@1321h Zomise Please protect this bridge as part of UMC Closed iNerd71 Protected!
1799 Aug24@1321h Zomise Someone destroyed this terraformed hill and then apparently made a derp dirt bridge Closed totemo fixed; player warned
1798 Aug24@1301h Zomise Blockspam by the new people Closed Spook6 delt with :P
1797 Aug24@1249h Zomise I think "Golem Patrol G-002" might've been killed by a player. No need to replace, but maybe tell whoever it is, it's not something to do. Closed Silversunset looks like a rogue wither killed it. player has been msg'ed to be more careful with their friends in the future
1796 Aug24@1244h Zomise Crop grief, unless it's Trepp again >_> Closed Spook6 fixed!
1795 Aug24@1243h Zomise Someone stole my lilac. D: Closed Spook6 rolled back (along with some other grief) player warned :)
1794 Aug24@1016h Spook6 what happened to slater? Closed gk_ryo Zombies like the taste of villagers.
1793 Aug24@0813h Azumarill protecc skelegrind Closed gk_ryo azu_bonezone created
1792 Aug24@0810h Azumarill flow (1x1 inside trapdoors) Closed gk_ryo fluw
1791 Aug24@0810h Azumarill flow Closed Azumarill
1790 Aug24@0803h Ashenrayne request to extend algac protection to Z+2315 Closed gk_ryo algac expands
1789 Aug24@0437h Jezzzzie flow plz Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
1788 Aug24@0408h SlugNamedDev water flow please! all of these block Closed King_of_queso flowing!
1787 Aug24@0356h Sir_Didymus Please could I have my second Tier 2 golem spawner. Bribe in chest :D Closed cujobear spawner #2 upgraded to tier #2!
1786 Aug24@0323h BloomingLily pls upgrade the 4 spawners to lv 2 :D offerings are in single chest :D Closed cujobear 4 spawners upgraded to tier 2
1785 Aug24@0319h countfizix water flow auto sugar farm Closed defiex Splish has been splashed!
1784 Aug24@0150h username2088 water flow please Closed buzzie71 flowing!
1783 Aug24@0140h drtmv flow please Closed cujobear flowed
1782 Aug24@0128h defiex The floofiest of kitties hath been murdered! Prithee, resurect mine kitties post haste! Closed cujobear floofies re-floofed
1781 Aug24@0101h Tellephone I recently modreq'd for a panda that I thought might have been killed, it was a worried panda named Annie. It was replaced but not with the right panda :( Closed cujobear Annie is worried once more
1780 Aug23@2346h kumquatmay pico end chest region pls! Closed kumquatmay done!
1779 Aug23@2338h shanty_sniper uhh is this a thing for someone? i was underwater cave exploring Closed ttsci Resolved via /msg!
1778 Aug23@2227h slaughtercraft ambrosia needs some nutripaste posters, how can we get them? Closed Norami /msg player re it
1777 Aug23@2157h AmazingBrotato i did pez's challenge but i had a helmet on so i didnt get the dispenser could i please get it thank you Closed kumquatmay New hat given!
1776 Aug23@2148h HumanBeingPerson i was wearing a helmet when i finished pez's maze, i have the completion item in my inventory and i don't want to do it again. i need the dispenser hat please. Closed kumquatmay New hat given!
1775 Aug23@2110h Omegaeddon Mob griff? Closed gk_ryo owner left his barndoor open
1774 Aug23@2039h Zomise Shanty shot my cat dead after I warned him not to shoot arrows... Claimed cheezychicken
1773 Aug23@2009h Darwinosaurus flowing water Closed gk_ryo ready set flow
1772 Aug23@2004h Norami Could you pls update one of the iron golum spawners to tier 4? Items in chest. thank you! Closed cheezychicken Spawner upgradeded!
1771 Aug23@1836h zedadex please restore, zine accidentally broke some blocks inside my claim Closed CARnivore_nds explained rules, will discuss with block breaker
1770 Aug23@1814h totemo test Closed totemo done
1769 Aug23@1753h RukiaKuchiki_ extend protection here plsz Closed Trooprm32 Protected
1768 Aug23@1712h AmazedCrayfish AmazedCrayfish Flow water by polished granite Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
1767 Aug23@1637h Chef_Zuul may i have the zuul_island region extended to cover the underground base and the tower above please Closed gk_ryo we must go deeper
1766 Aug23@1621h AmazedCrayfish nvm! i thought we needed them up always for a land claim Closed gk_ryo question answered
1765 Aug23@1617h AmazedCrayfish do i need to keep these cobblestone borders up? AmazedCrayfish Closed gk_ryo question answered
1764 Aug23@1523h buzzie71 can't use splash healing on myself here? Open
1763 Aug23@1426h water_jet pls flow the water for my concrete converter :) Closed cheezychicken Flowing!
1762 Aug23@1356h Treppich players can't sit in this region Closed cheezychicken No they cannot, we were having issues with people un-sitting and going through walls
1761 Aug23@1352h Treppich didn't get my participation award :(( Closed cheezychicken Added to you inv! Make sure you have space before hitting signs that give you stuff :)
1760 Aug23@1304h Treppich no permissions on the button D: Closed cheezychicken Perms seem to be fine, not sure what happened for you.
1759 Aug23@1226h P4TRIK50N Could i claim this area? i will explain in msg Closed cheezychicken Temple protected!
1758 Aug23@1205h putridp I've just had a console message telling me to turn off my schematica printer. I don't know what this is, am I doing something wrong? Closed cheezychicken discussed via /msg :)
1757 Aug23@1107h 32ndFlava Can you see what happened to all our sheep? Thanks! Closed Spook6 a creeper seems to have blown them all up :O
1756 Aug23@1103h CaptainScarrows Wow this redstone. Is this fine? Closed cheezychicken We haven't seen an impact on tps from these. We're keeping an eye on it though. Thanks for reporting!
1755 Aug23@1045h zedadex right clicked this donkey and my horse w/ golden carrot, bred but didn't spawn, moblimit doesn't say high mobs Closed zedadex
1754 Aug23@1033h Zomise Flow pls Closed Spook6 flowed!
1753 Aug23@0939h zedadex flow pls! Closed kumquatmay flowing
1752 Aug23@0933h Treppich can the two fountains be flowed? Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
1751 Aug23@0925h Treppich people have been donating trash items into my donation chests that ask only for iron :(( Closed kumquatmay Discussed via mumble
1750 Aug23@0925h CaptainScarrows I found an odd thing and I think it should be fixed. A missing light block there. Thank you my friend. Closed kumquatmay fixed!
1749 Aug23@0913h Treppich could the region be extended so the fountains are included for /flow Closed iNerd71 Region extended!
1748 Aug23@0814h AzulaTheFireLord Please flow these source blocks Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
1747 Aug23@0742h water_jet grief, someone broke a villager's minecart and let em loose Closed kumquatmay discussed via /m!
1746 Aug23@0733h Tellephone We're missing a panda called Annie and I found XP in the pen, is it possible someone killed her? Closed cheezychicken Panda replaced!
1745 Aug23@0710h Zomise Protect this zombie grinder under UMC pls. Note the room below too. Closed iNerd71 Protected!
1744 Aug23@0656h Zomise I've mailed Shandrew_ but he hasn't been on. Could his chest be removed, so I can make use of this space? Closed cujobear chest removed
1743 Aug23@0640h Ruthlesssss pls make these dispensers all flowy :D Closed iNerd71 Dispensers should be ready to sploosh!
1742 Aug23@0623h Zomise Realised. My bed is stolen! Closed iNerd71 Bed restored!
1741 Aug23@0612h Minerbuz check Closed iNerd71 Duplicate of 1738
1740 Aug23@0607h Ruthlesssss pls make dark prismarine area a shulker area :) Closed iNerd71 Shulker spot created!
1739 Aug23@0550h AmazedCrayfish water flow AmazedCrayfish Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
1738 Aug23@0545h Minerbuz check Closed iNerd71 If you want to check the status of any standing modreqs you've filed, just run /check
1737 Aug23@0529h Minerbuz please protect lighthouse build at -3100 73 1746 unless already protected by Avalon. Closed iNerd71 Lighthouse protected!
1736 Aug23@0515h zedadex didn't this used to have torches? Not sure if griefed Closed iNerd71 Torches restored, thanks for reporting!
1735 Aug23@0515h Zomise Crop grief Closed iNerd71 Crops restored and player warned
1734 Aug23@0450h countfizix protection golden CARTS station Closed Silversunset the fanciest of stations is now safe from griff!
1733 Aug23@0334h Halinah 4th tier one IG spawner for Ironstar, replace blue wool please, ty! Closed kumquatmay spawner placed!
1732 Aug23@0306h Silversunset expand protects to this room Closed Silversunset expanded
1731 Aug23@0227h KRwisty help I dropped through the floor Closed Silversunset rescued
1730 Aug23@0206h PlNG upgrade two golem spawners to T2, please Closed cujobear 2 spawners upgraded to tier 2
1729 Aug23@0154h pez252 Dead? Closed pez252 nevermind....
1728 Aug23@0148h LORDCOSMOS waterflow Closed ttsci Sploosh! Hydration delivered
1727 Aug23@0028h Azumarill protecc west-east portion of tunnel, at least Closed gk_ryo azu_tunnel created
1726 Aug23@0027h gk_ryo tier 2 Closed cujobear spawner #2 upgraded to tier 2
1725 Aug22@2319h PPGOME clock? Closed Silversunset no-tick clocks shouldn't cause issues.
1724 Aug22@2240h Zomise Flow Closed Silversunset flowed
1723 Aug22@2225h Silversunset protect this grinder Closed Silversunset yep
1722 Aug22@2107h AmazedCrayfish flow AmazedCrayfish Closed gk_ryo water for the water god, skulls for the skull flow
1721 Aug22@2059h zedadex battle flow please! Closed Silversunset flowed?
1720 Aug22@2059h AmazedCrayfish AmazedCrayfish needs water flow Closed gk_ryo moistened
1719 Aug22@2052h zedadex flow, we're gonna need one in a bit for the battle too, thanks! Closed gk_ryo see beflow
1718 Aug22@2051h water_jet flow Closed gk_ryo h2flow
1717 Aug22@2033h Omegaeddon Plz protect this spawner plz Closed gk_ryo protected zed
1716 Aug22@2011h Azumarill flow Closed gk_ryo flo, re, mi
1715 Aug22@2008h LORDCOSMOS waterflow Closed Silversunset flowed
1714 Aug22@1956h Chef_Zuul please set a region greeting for zuul_island in green text "Welcome, to Zuul Island!" Closed gk_ryo Your island welcomes.
1713 Aug22@1945h Zomise Flow... again :P Closed gk_ryo yup
1712 Aug22@1849h Zomise Lets try this way... Please flow the top block. Closed gk_ryo tried that way
1711 Aug22@1843h Zomise Flow top water please. Closed gk_ryo omg, the bubbles
1710 Aug22@1832h Zomise Please protect under UMC the area you see fit for protection out of the unprotected UMC builds. (From here to the cacti build on W. Closed Silversunset cactus and enchanting setup protected.
1709 Aug22@1813h AmazedCrayfish AmazedCrayfish Did i fence off my area correctly Closed Mooshrax Looks good!
1708 Aug22@1804h Zomise Crop grief Closed gk_ryo region owner can't grief themselves
1707 Aug22@1803h Zomise Griefed parts of the build and stolen bookcases. Please also check other possible grief. Closed gk_ryo Rolled back and griefer warned.
1706 Aug22@1748h LORDCOSMOS waterflow Closed Trooprm32 Flowed - oof sewage backup
1705 Aug22@1723h PPGOME who placed these cobble walls? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed via /msg
1704 Aug22@1721h jermicide water flow please Closed gk_ryo oh my flow
1703 Aug22@1718h Symic <stuck in a protection> Closed RukiaKuchiki_ unstuck :D
1702 Aug22@1650h Tronxx please add protection to my current location, adding creeperlady too! Thx! Closed Trooprm32 Protected!
1701 Aug22@1513h iamdarb I thought that I'd get berries, but I didn't I'm very sorry! Closed gk_ryo berry bush replaced. Right click to get berries and replant.
1700 Aug22@1245h DetectiveDupond Hey, I was mining and broke part of this contraption that I didn't build. Could the grief be reverted? Thank you Closed iNerd71 Fixed!
1699 Aug22@1102h olav3118 cancel Closed olav3118
1698 Aug22@1100h olav3118 flow Closed cheezychicken Flowing!
1697 Aug22@1005h Treppich my chest went the way of a Russian journalist Closed cheezychicken Dissapearance solved!
1696 Aug22@0958h olav3118 flow 1 block <3 Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
1695 Aug22@0957h water_jet flow Closed Kirstae Flowing
1694 Aug22@0954h olav3118 Flow please <3 Closed Spook6 flowed!
1693 Aug22@0854h MysticalLizard protect Closed iNerd71 Protected!
1692 Aug22@0839h MysticalLizard protection Closed MysticalLizard
1691 Aug22@0834h putridp Hi, could I have water flow, please? At 3178 87 1824 to 3193 87 1824. Thanks! Closed Kirstae Flowing
1690 Aug22@0833h MysticalLizard protect Closed iNerd71 Protected, thank you for your patience
1689 Aug22@0831h MysticalLizard protect Closed MysticalLizard
1688 Aug22@0825h LORDCOSMOS waterflow Closed iNerd71 Water for transporting demonic hellspawn has been flowed
1687 Aug22@0718h Spook6 can i have my last tier 2? Closed kumquatmay upgraded
1686 Aug22@0524h RukiaKuchiki_ seems like dragon is bork Closed kumquatmay Dragon made a return
1685 Aug22@0501h totemo test pls ignore Closed totemo tested
1684 Aug22@0432h Olsonic flow water Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
1683 Aug22@0351h LORDCOSMOS waterflow Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
1682 Aug22@0332h b00ds expand this region so my piston can work. Closed iNerd71 Region extended!
1681 Aug22@0302h Tomzski the ender dragon is missing! :O Closed cujobear dragon is in the arena area
1680 Aug22@0248h SirLyle is the missing rail here grief? Closed cujobear no grief. discussed via /m
1679 Aug22@0050h JacquiPotato any chance of a sneaky /fixwater on this pool? Closed Silversunset pool flowed, that seems to have fixed it
1678 Aug22@0035h cujobear Did we lose a villager here? Closed ttsci Killed by a zombie, sorry! :(
1677 Aug22@0004h Silversunset pls protect spawner Closed Silversunset protected
1676 Aug21@2343h DetectiveDupond pls moisten me Closed ttsci Splash!
1675 Aug21@2241h UpsideKen griefing ): Closed pez252 Looks like it was done by a player who built other parts of this building.
1674 Aug21@2156h Tronxx nevermind it works,,, sorry! Closed robr no worries
1673 Aug21@2155h Tronxx cannot plant seeds here, howeveri get no warning message Closed robr duplicate modreq
1672 Aug21@2154h Tronxx cannot plant seeds here, however Closed robr looks like y'all got it working
1671 Aug21@2036h RydliSilverlake I'm afraid my building caused someone's horse to wonder off the road. Can you put it back on the road? Closed gk_ryo Horse nudged back onto road. Told horse owner why it is fenced in.
1670 Aug21@2010h Omegaeddon Griff? Closed Norami Looks like the player who dug this tunnel in the first place also dug down in this tunnel. I'll mail the player re. this. Thanks for reporting. :)
1669 Aug21@1942h aindriahhn I'd very much like someone to go over my chatlogs with cheezychicken Claimed ttsci
1668 Aug21@1924h aindriahhn An explaination as to why a whole city being against a road isn't enough to get it removed Claimed ttsci
1667 Aug21@1805h Sir_Didymus Please protect this spawner if it is not already protected. Thank you! Closed Silversunset so sorry, its already been protected to someone named "sir_didymus" try again!
1666 Aug21@1747h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc wierd end base Closed RukiaKuchiki_ proteccc
1665 Aug21@1741h aindriahhn Investigation into inconsistant moderation on PVE Claimed ttsci
1664 Aug21@1646h MysticalLizard flow Closed gk_ryo flow
1663 Aug21@1645h MysticalLizard flow Closed gk_ryo flew
1662 Aug21@1639h MysticalLizard flow Closed gk_ryo flaw
1661 Aug21@1632h MysticalLizard flow Closed cheezychicken Flow'd! I'll stay while you fix it
1660 Aug21@1532h JacquiPotato this border claim blocks the river for boaters Closed cheezychicken Claim fence moved up a bit!
1659 Aug21@1445h Olsonic flow water Closed gk_ryo flowing, how does it work
1658 Aug21@1422h JacquiPotato water flow please! Closed gk_ryo unnaturally everflowing pool created
1657 Aug21@1340h JacquiPotato water flow please Closed gk_ryo so flows the current
1656 Aug21@1138h iridium247 Is the mod "VeinMiner" allowed? Closed gk_ryo VeinMiner would not be allowed. For an idea of what would be, https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/2640-list-of-approved-pve-mods-and-macros/
1655 Aug21@1103h MysticalLizard greif Closed Kirstae Duplicate
1654 Aug21@1103h zedadex area relatively secured! that was scary af =D protect spawner pls :o Closed iNerd71 Spawner protected!
1653 Aug21@1059h MysticalLizard greif Closed Kirstae Discussed via /msg
1652 Aug21@1042h MysticalLizard flow Closed Kirstae Flowing!
1651 Aug21@1039h zedadex flow pls Closed Kirstae Flowing!
1650 Aug21@1032h MysticalLizard flow Closed cheezychicken flowing!
1649 Aug21@1003h Weird_Grim make water flow Closed kumquatmay flowin
1648 Aug21@0913h Azumarill sherp rergion (above plus here) Closed iNerd71 Sherp proterctered
1647 Aug21@0836h Narissis Can please flow the bottom layer of this pool? Closed iNerd71 Sploosh! I think.
1646 Aug21@0755h DagV5 in defi's room i put 1 item "coded message" paper in a barrel an i cant take it back, help please Closed kumquatmay dupe req
1645 Aug21@0747h DagV5 help i can takea back an item from a barrel, code message paper Closed kumquatmay returned!
1644 Aug21@0659h Jellypants please be flowing Closed iNerd71 Thar she flows!
1643 Aug21@0636h Norami could you pls remove 2 empty itemframes that are protected under Hinterlandz, thank you. player not active and no longer part of Pico Open
1642 Aug21@0609h Azumarill expand region to include mooshroom pit and spruce tree enclosure Closed Mooshrax Expanded!
1641 Aug21@0550h archelon I believe that BanjoIsMyDog may have also dug out this hidey hole (see modreq 1624) Closed cheezychicken Feel free to fill it in.
1640 Aug21@0520h Mooshrax This is in my claim, please remove it. Claimed cheezychicken
1639 Aug21@0507h countfizix need to be unstuck Closed RukiaKuchiki_ player unstuck
1638 Aug21@0426h fazaden gk_ryo req: flow water please Closed gk_ryo infinite flowing tears
1637 Aug21@0412h Willravel newbie added a new layer to my farm w/out permission, rollback pls&ty Closed Herr_Fawkes grief undone!
1636 Aug21@0349h Im_a_Ninja13 grief? Closed Im_a_Ninja13
1635 Aug21@0327h Halinah 3rd ironstar IG tier 1 spawner, replace wool, ty! Closed kumquatmay spawner placed!
1634 Aug21@0320h obere please flow (4 corners) Closed King_of_queso flowing!
1633 Aug21@0256h Azumarill hey the other day I died right about here and definitely came back within five minutes, and my stuff was nowhere to be found and nobody else was on /who in this dimension loading it Closed cheezychicken Not much we can do about this, even if it was in under 5 minutes.
1632 Aug21@0243h llyssa flowing water :) Closed cujobear flowing
1631 Aug21@0040h Olsonic flow water Closed ttsci Only one request necessary :)
1630 Aug21@0040h Olsonic flow water Closed ttsci Duplicate of 1629
1629 Aug21@0038h Olsonic flow water Closed Kirstae Flowing!
1628 Aug21@0023h aindriahhn Please protect the non-contested portions of mu claim. I have marked it with bamboo Closed cujobear once you build more we will protect more. Note that bamboo signifies a claim, might help to add some signs. If anyone builds inside, please modreq.
1627 Aug20@2232h aindriahhn Can you protect my build please, I'm not liking that they've built a road into it Closed cujobear build protected discussed road via /m
1626 Aug20@2227h PyroAvok i did a booboo and broke the silvermite spawner at the end portal Closed cujobear welp guess that's one less endermite spawner
1625 Aug20@2033h PPGOME I can hear dispensers in this area. I also crashed here earlier. Not sure if the dispensers are the cause. Closed cujobear we reviewed the redstone in the area and it is acceptable. It does not appear it would cause a crash
1624 Aug20@1833h archelon player "BanjoIsMyDog" was mailed approx 1 week ago about removing builds from within my claim, has not been seen since Closed cujobear derp pole removed, no other build found
1623 Aug20@1811h CaptainDinghole flow Closed Trooprm32 Flowed!
1622 Aug20@1729h ucragingbull please make this water flow Closed Norami flowing \o/
1621 Aug20@1723h P4TRIK50N makE it fLOW! make it FLOW! Closed cheezychicken Flowing!
1620 Aug20@1711h Zomise Flow please. :) Closed cheezychicken Flowing!
1619 Aug20@1708h StarMinion1 Can I have my beacon protected? Thanks XOXO Closed Norami Beacon region created
1618 Aug20@1701h DetectiveDupond Are splash potions of healing not allowed here? I got a warning from Padmin9000 when I tried using one. Open
1617 Aug20@1651h Im_a_Ninja13 grief? Closed Norami about half on the 10 unplnted crops were by you Ninja, the other half was from player who apparently harvest and replant here. So I'm thinking an oversight from that player as well.
1616 Aug20@1649h Zomise Please flow only the top sourceblock of this water Closed Norami flowing :)
1615 Aug20@1618h Symic <stuck in a protection> Closed Trooprm32 Player offline
1614 Aug20@1615h P4TRIK50N water_flow only this one Closed kumquatmay flowin
1613 Aug20@1605h P4TRIK50N flowing Closed kumquatmay flowin
1612 Aug20@1527h P4TRIK50N flow water Closed Norami flowing \o/
1611 Aug20@1517h P4TRIK50N flow water Closed kumquatmay flowin
1610 Aug20@1349h P4TRIK50N let if flOW! let it fLOW! Closed Trooprm32 Was flowed already?
1609 Aug20@1320h P4TRIK50N makE it flOW maKE IT flOW Closed iNerd71 Thar she flows!