PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
3841 Jan26@0233h pez252 Region for the two dialers plz Closed cujobear done and done
3840 Jan26@0143h llyssa Could I add AlliePup to the protections for this area? :) Closed cujobear if you are the owner you can add memebers to the region using /rg addmember regionname playername
3839 Jan26@0125h ghrey303 Adminreq: Please to make perfect butcher behind this chest! desert style (also desert-style for our mason) Closed cujobear in place
3838 Jan26@0123h PlNG superbutcher here is fine Closed cujobear in place
3837 Jan26@0115h XeTrain players that arent on the frontier protection cant spin this rail switcher, any clue why? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dialer should work properly now!
3836 Jan26@0113h ghrey303 Adminreq: Perfect mason please! please place in stall to the immediate SW of this chest (marked with sign) Closed cujobear in place!
3835 Jan26@0101h NastyHabits grief? no 4 Closed ghrey303 rolled back
3834 Jan26@0101h NastyHabits grief? no 3 Closed ghrey303 rolled back
3833 Jan26@0101h NastyHabits grief? no 2 Closed ghrey303 rolled back
3832 Jan26@0100h NastyHabits grief? Closed ghrey303 rolled back
3831 Jan26@0035h RukiaKuchiki_ extend protection here pliz Closed ghrey303
3830 Jan25@2256h CARnivore_nds plz protect "SP_4" as sthe spiders continue thier takeover Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
3829 Jan25@2236h CaptainShivy Change S7 Rail sign to Shilah Closed RukiaKuchiki_ sign set!
3828 Jan25@2043h Muskogee_Red super butcher Closed tict0c Fooood Glorious Foood! *Wooosh* Summoned a Butcher with much food!
3827 Jan25@2024h Muskogee_Red stuck Closed Norami Looks like the glitching stopped and you continued on your merry way in your railcart :)
3826 Jan25@2007h NastyHabits flying blocks (left overs of smth?) Closed Norami These are out of logblocks, so we cannot see who placed them. The three floating soulsand blocks are not in a protected region, so feel free to remove if you wish. :)
3825 Jan25@2003h NastyHabits griefed door Closed RukiaKuchiki_ ungriefed
3824 Jan25@1954h Muskogee_Red rail from spawn to solace is sabotaged Closed RukiaKuchiki_ rail un-derped
3823 Jan25@1918h S_W please extend wisconsin_sw_basement up to Y37 so I can use pistons between regions (hopefully_ Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region expanded!
3822 Jan25@1806h NastyHabits literally who did this? (without replanting) Closed Norami /msg player, who promised to come and finish cutting down the tree and then to play a sapling at the same spot of the same kind of tree
3821 Jan25@1757h LordFatzberry water flow please :D Closed Norami Flowing :)
3820 Jan25@1744h orangethirty could protection be added to this whole area of crops? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ you need to build up the area more for protection
3819 Jan25@1656h NastyHabits protect this machine too Closed Norami TPS_measurer has been protected per name on sign. :)
3818 Jan25@1548h NastyHabits protect this creeper farm room to avoid disasters Closed totemo Darkroom protected as region nastycharger_darkroom
3817 Jan25@1534h NastyHabits protect this redstone machine, make sure protection is 1 block + to all sides to avoid activation by other players Closed Norami COVID_relief_AID redstone machine protected per sign name on contraption. :)
3816 Jan25@1524h NastyHabits protect this building (sheep farm) and make child of ambrosia Closed totemo Sheep protecc.
3815 Jan25@1510h NastyHabits protect this redstone machine Closed NastyHabits
3814 Jan25@1507h Alliepup Alliepup inventory despawned in less than 5 min. Closed cheezychicken Died at 14:59:36, died again at 15:04:30, modreq was at 15:07:08. Think you may have missed the drops by seconds :( sorry!
3813 Jan25@1324h XeTrain somebody broke rails Closed Spook6 fixed, player warned :)
3812 Jan25@1118h MidWizMB i don't know if this spot is claimed or not cuz i died and now i have to restart all over Closed Norami Your build has been protected under your sign on the building: MidWiz_Shop. Have fun! :)
3811 Jan25@1021h MidWizMB i tried to find a place un populated and didn't know nether portals are disabled, the closest portal is 780 blocks away so can there pls be a portal a bit closer so if others also move in next to me they could also save a lot of time Closed Spook6 sorry the portals are predefined at the start of the rev and we dont add more, there are plenty of ways to connect with other players (rail to spawn/ice boat roads/rail to the portal)
3810 Jan25@0914h MidWizMB can i pls have waterflow, i want to make a inf water source (sorry about the name for last one) Closed Spook6 flowed :)
3809 Jan25@0905h MidWizMB assasymphoney can i pls have waterflow, i want to make a inf water source Closed Spook6 assasymphoney is the bot but i flowed it for you :)
3808 Jan25@0722h Armas_DSasi please make these crying obsidian blocks placeable for shulks Closed Spook6 shulker spot created
3807 Jan25@0558h orangethirty someone stole my stuff here :( Closed Spook6 fixed :)
3806 Jan25@0541h Aghe87 flow x4 please Closed Spook6 flowed
3805 Jan25@0440h tadrogers Perfect villager request. No rush! 6 stacks of emerald blocks in the shulker! Can the perfect villager be Savvanah? Can it be placed at 2821, 64, 2468? Thank you! OMG UNLIMITED Quartzzzz Closed tict0c Mason has been summoned and ready for your trades!
3804 Jan25@0343h llyssa flowing water at 55x689 please :) Closed zburdsal Flowing!
3803 Jan25@0250h llyssa Hiya, I'd like to get permissions on the area within the netherbrick boundaries! Playing with friends so also for tizadrienne, reboyo, and thevipermanx if thats possible! Closed Spook6 ive protected just the house once youve built up the area more you can request the protection be expanded! :)
3802 Jan25@0228h tizadrienne hey I think someone killed our animals? we had 4 cows 4 sheep? not sure what happened to them Closed RukiaKuchiki_ cows and sheep restored!
3801 Jan25@0157h Dispatch penned animals have vanished; signs point to grief - not sure if anything else was released Closed cujobear animals replaced
3800 Jan25@0112h Oxion_ missing block :( Closed zburdsal Looks like player was already warned previously, area fixed.
3799 Jan24@2253h XeTrain hope this is okay for me to modreq this, but this sorta look like fullbright client tunnels Closed CARnivore_nds thanks for reporting, players often mine with only a few torches and remove them as they go. all my mines are dark after I leave them.
3798 Jan24@2209h CaptainWolfgang Hello! I think that the flow of this build might be not working properly? The others seems to work, but none of the flowers here end up in the chests! Thanks :) Closed cujobear water flow corrected
3797 Jan24@2101h Muskogee_Red Super Mecha Mason assemble Closed pez252 Super Mecha Mason summoned!
3796 Jan24@2023h Muskogee_Red i'm stuck Closed cujobear saved
3795 Jan24@1715h XeTrain NameChqnge is making jokes about suicide in chat, saying they did it and then saying its "trolling" Closed tadrogers Thank you for reaching out. will discuss with the user
3794 Jan24@1615h VarukaSalt griefing of rail to blaze farm Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
3793 Jan24@1447h Yakkhyl has this been griefed w/ cobble Closed RukiaKuchiki_ ungriefed
3792 Jan24@1432h XeTrain any chance we could get a /place set here? Open
3791 Jan24@1251h Hydralisk flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing
3790 Jan24@1048h XeTrain shulker spot here too pls Closed RukiaKuchiki_ shulker region set
3789 Jan24@1047h XeTrain pls make iron area a shulker spot :D Closed Spook6 shulker spot made
3788 Jan24@1046h XeTrain could you remove this brick area as a shulker area? im moving it Closed Spook6 region removed
3787 Jan24@0544h RukiaKuchiki_ this middle piglin trader seems stuck? Closed tict0c Seems to be working now. Might have been a fluke that was fixed with restart.
3786 Jan24@0402h RedCharlie319 flow water Closed zburdsal Flowing!
3785 Jan24@0356h Rokkuwu Can I get a perfect cleric next to this perfect farmer, if you can take away the rest of the clerics, cool, uh, the emeralds are in the green shulker on the lower floor, pls&ty Closed cujobear 1 perfect cleric in place
3784 Jan24@0338h PLofel ok they just appealed Closed cheezychicken Ban appeals will be dealt with shortly, give it a couple days :)
3783 Jan24@0328h PLofel hey my friend is trying to join but it says hes banned even tho hes never played here. Does he have to appeal? Closed zburdsal Yeah - send him to nerd.nu/appeal
3782 Jan24@0255h Spook6 as discussed with cujo can i please get these chests removed thanks <3 Closed cujobear items removed
3781 Jan24@0239h Norami please remove 2 hoppers and one single chest, all empty, player has not been active for over 6 weeks. Thank you. Closed cujobear player gone over 1 month hoppers and chest all empty, removed
3780 Jan24@0218h Armas_DSasi please make the crying obby blocks on either side of these piglins placeable for shulkers Closed King_of_queso shulker regions made!
3779 Jan24@0134h Siilence Activate Lava blocks. Left & Right sides of the ceiling. TYVM <3 Closed cujobear lava flowed
3778 Jan24@0051h XeTrain if I destroy this composter, will the super trader lose his profession? Closed cujobear no, the super trader is a master and will not lose his trades
3777 Jan24@0043h NastyHabits torch grief Closed cheezychicken fixd
3776 Jan24@0042h NastyHabits more torch grief Closed cheezychicken fixd
3775 Jan24@0042h NastyHabits glass grief Closed cheezychicken fixd
3774 Jan24@0042h NastyHabits torch grief here too Closed cheezychicken fixd
3773 Jan24@0040h NastyHabits ice road general torch breakage grief report Closed cheezychicken fixd
3772 Jan24@0030h Spook6 can i please have a pvp region in here, i would like sitting disabled please and if possible enderman grief turned off just in the pvpv area and the roof and the east wall which are cobble to be barrier blocks please Closed cheezychicken all done!
3771 Jan23@2332h S_W Please create a shulker spot (2 high) on these 3 blocks. Closed buzzie71 shulker spot made!
3770 Jan23@2226h pez252 Destination for perfect butcher from 3769 Closed cujobear butcher in place
3769 Jan23@2225h pez252 Perfect butcher Closed cujobear see 3770
3768 Jan23@2222h NastyHabits 5 master clerics ready (4 in this basement), one above in trading hall, chest ready in hall, sign has more info Closed cujobear new cleric in place
3767 Jan23@2221h Omegaeddon Plz expand region to cover sexy new bits. Ta! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ expanded
3766 Jan23@2221h CARnivore_nds confused. my bubble column started flowing Closed cujobear chalking it up to wacky sb glitch. water fixed
3765 Jan23@2214h RukiaKuchiki_ grief here ded bush Closed CARnivore_nds taken care of , player warned
3764 Jan23@2211h Zomise Private furnace not allowed here. Think I mailed the dude a while ago. Unsure. Closed cujobear player not seen for a month, furnace removed
3763 Jan23@2209h Zomise Sheep gone Closed RukiaKuchiki_ sheep restored!
3762 Jan23@2206h XeTrain am I allowed to put a sign here saying what towns are through the portals? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed via msg
3761 Jan23@2144h pez252 Destination for mason from 3760 Closed cujobear in place
3760 Jan23@2143h pez252 Perfect mason please. Masons marked by terricotta, emeralds in shulker. Destination location in next req. Closed cujobear see 3761
3759 Jan23@2126h FarfallaCC Could you give me a pefect mason (snow tundra biome, place at -2640 68 -2533 next to the perfect cleric)? 10 masons and chest of emeralds nearby at this floor, thanks! Closed cujobear perfect mason in place
3758 Jan23@2119h assasymphoni i dumbed and accidentally placed a wonder block. the stone brick. Closed cujobear replaced
3757 Jan23@2104h RukiaKuchiki_ perfect cleric ploz, desert themed one, emeralds are in this green shulk Closed cujobear perfect cleric in place
3756 Jan23@2038h AceMarconi Please protect my Humble dwelling. Call it marconi_place pls. Tango very much! Corners marked should be accurate. there are signs... Closed Norami Your humble place with garden has been protected :)
3755 Jan23@1954h Azumarill has someone broken my dolphin cage and murdered my dolphin or was that me Closed cujobear the breakage was another player who has been warned, dolph replaced
3754 Jan23@1945h Siilence Protection requested. Magenta Wool block markers (diagonal). TYVM <3 Closed buzzie71 protected!
3753 Jan23@1901h FarfallaCC "The Perfect-ish Mason" introduction did not mention that the perfect-ish mason trades purple terracotta(only see 15 colors for trading). Will it be added? Closed cujobear that was a typo in the introduction, the villager has all 16 colors
3752 Jan23@1854h FarfallaCC one perfect cleric pls (snowy tundra biome, put it in current cleric 1's place), in exchange of all 10 clerics here, and emeralds in box nearby:). thanks in advance. Closed cujobear perfect cleric in place, sorry I broke your sign
3751 Jan23@1807h Difficult1 Difficult1 done Closed Difficult1
3750 Jan23@1803h Difficult1 flow Closed Difficult1
3749 Jan23@1758h NastyHabits requesting a perfect mason villager, read the sign near chest Closed cujobear perfect mason in place
3748 Jan23@1748h pez252 Perfect cleric destination Closed tict0c Yeah what he said !! vvvvv
3747 Jan23@1748h pez252 Perfect cleric please! Clerics marked by drit blocks, emeralds in chest behind req location. Destination for cleric in next req. Closed tict0c -Waves hand- Super Cleric has been placed !!
3746 Jan23@1720h shanty_sniper advocation by me allowed by concerned player regarding https://mcbouncer.com/note/46456 admin escalation. Claimed cujobear
3745 Jan23@1654h RedCharlie319 flow water Closed Norami Mailed player about placing a water block and then resubmitting a modreq for waterflow.
3744 Jan23@1549h AceMarconi Good Day! please flow blocks here. Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
3743 Jan23@1538h Hydralisk flow Closed Hydralisk
3742 Jan23@1507h LTP1828 We want to start a claim around the spider at -13 94 723. Is that someone's claim? We want to just border it to the NW Closed RukiaKuchiki_ mailed user
3741 Jan23@1424h sansapants Couple of players were loitering in the area. Are these three blocks the only mischeif they engaged in? Closed totemo They were rolled back in full and warned for grief. The blocks are gone.
3740 Jan23@1347h FarfallaCC some player digged around and did not slab all these area :o Closed totemo Same resolution as the other modreq about slabbed areas in the nether. Communicate and/or protect where possible.
3739 Jan23@1345h FarfallaCC some player digged around and did not slab all these area, which may cause mob spawning and reducing the wither skeleton farm's efficiency:o Closed totemo Yes, that is called the tragedy of the commons. Unfortunately they are within their rights to do so. You can put up signs, slab or fill in, or make walls worthy of protection.
3738 Jan23@1341h FarfallaCC grief on the wall Closed totemo fixed and warned again
3737 Jan23@1341h FarfallaCC grief on the rail, and the wall Closed totemo fixed, player warned
3736 Jan23@1339h FarfallaCC grief on the wall Closed totemo fixed
3735 Jan23@1131h Omegaeddon Im a dumbass and avvidently threw me netherite boots into this hopper. Dont ask me how. Musta been high. Any way you can scoop em out fer us? Might have ended up in this chest here. Closed cheezychicken boots returned
3734 Jan23@0736h Slimboy_Gamer123 Slimboy_Gamer123 is it possible that the horse in solace that is owned by codeman 5488 be converted to being my horse codeman was my old account but i lost that account because it was hacked Open
3733 Jan23@0712h Siilence Activate the water blocks in the ceiling. TYVM <3 Closed Spook6 activated!
3732 Jan23@0400h sansapants C'mon, man! Closed cujobear rolled back
3731 Jan23@0224h Rokkuwu can I get just the water without the slabs in it made as build allow for thimble pls&ty Closed RukiaKuchiki_ build allow set!
3730 Jan23@0203h Rokkuwu Can I get just the floor made build allow for thimble pls&ty Closed Rokkuwu
3729 Jan23@0056h CaptainShivy stuck under bleachers Closed RukiaKuchiki_ unstuck!
3728 Jan23@0039h Bluuefuzzy bock spem Closed RukiaKuchiki_ blocks unspammed them selves!
3727 Jan22@2254h wightnoise hey someone broke the solace farm Closed ghrey303 looks okay ... :O make a more specific modreq if it's still broken
3726 Jan22@2227h MacMiniUser_702 can you unmute me? Closed pez252 Done. Please don't spam chat with various characters
3725 Jan22@2123h BAG3LJARL flow H20 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
3724 Jan22@1905h Dispatch had an untamed skelly horse here, did it turn into a trap? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed via msg
3723 Jan22@1721h DuckMcQuackinton could you please flow the water near my location? it would be nice Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
3722 Jan22@0934h Azumarill can I make a hole in the side of this tunnel and connect a rail line Closed cheezychicken discussed via /m
3721 Jan22@0540h Difficult1 flow pls Closed Spook6 flowed
3720 Jan22@0529h Difficult1 flow water pls Closed Spook6 flowed
3719 Jan22@0507h SnorlaxMD flow water down hill here Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3718 Jan22@0456h Azumarill can you phase in there and take care of that last empty water space so I don't have to risk a prison break Closed buzzie71 flowing water covered the last space :O
3717 Jan22@0444h Azumarill can you just mash some flows in this tunnel I'm hand placing all the water into Closed buzzie71 the water in there should be flowing now :O
3716 Jan22@0301h RukiaKuchiki_ after looking around this seems to be best area, pls reprotect .-. Closed cheezychicken protecteded
3715 Jan22@0253h Azumarill how close can I get to the claim fence over there with this (it'll be soul soil atop the bricks, with spruce trapdoor guardrails) Closed cujobear we always say a 10 block buffer would be best. you could contact the owner or contact rose to contact the owner
3714 Jan22@0056h RukiaKuchiki_ remove forest region, im redoing area Closed cujobear region deleted
3713 Jan22@0044h BERSERKBABABOOEY steve1112 he found them on the ground Closed cujobear Modreqs are not to be used as a joke
3712 Jan22@0044h BERSERKBABABOOEY steve1112 dont ban him Closed cujobear Modreqs are not to be used as a joke
3711 Jan22@0043h BERSERKBABABOOEY steve1112 has stacked shulkers Closed cujobear Modreqs are not to be used as a joke
3710 Jan22@0015h robr unauthorized build by non-region member inside claim fence, modified bridge, etc.. Closed cujobear build moved and player mailed
3709 Jan21@2357h Rokkuwu this was made by DjentleGiant Closed cujobear Thanks for the info, the sign has been updated
3708 Jan21@2342h NastyHabits (after fixing the grief) protect the creeper charger from grief (incl that explosion hall) Closed fazaden block grief fixed, grinder protected
3707 Jan21@2339h NastyHabits grief, charged creepers killed, same with charged creeper in a hole Closed fazaden all set :)
3706 Jan21@2338h NastyHabits grief, creepers killed Closed NastyHabits
3705 Jan21@2324h XeTrain sorta trapped in a basement lol Closed XeTrain
3704 Jan21@2245h NastyHabits missing powered rail, potential grief? Closed pez252 Just incomplete
3703 Jan21@2245h NastyHabits damaged rail due to waterspill (i plugged the water, but not original digger) Closed pez252 Done by original digger.
3702 Jan21@2235h Dispatch backed away from a hostile mob into this landmine and triggered it, prob should be redeployed Closed fazaden Accidents happen, the town owners said they can put in a new creeper
3701 Jan21@2152h Azumarill same (3700) Closed fazaden flowing
3700 Jan21@2152h Azumarill can you, just, run some water flows down the length of this channel? I placed most of the blocks by hand Closed fazaden flowing
3699 Jan21@1803h Hydralisk flow Closed robr flowed
3698 Jan21@1701h teiz1 can i get the region here expanded to cover these buildings/roads? Open
3697 Jan21@1337h harotaro should these three shulkers in the middle still be left here? hilol not seen in a week +, mousegobrr and waldrick not seen in 2 weeks +. Closed cheezychicken shulkers removed
3696 Jan21@1312h LTP1828 cancel request, please. Donkey somehow let himself back in Closed Spook6 refer to last modreq i moved it in for you cD
3695 Jan21@1310h LTP1828 I cannot get someone else's donkey back into stall at Solace. Can you beam him back in or something? It's harotaro's donkey Closed Spook6 donkey returned!
3694 Jan21@0934h Spook6 block derp in our claim Closed RukiaKuchiki_ de-derped
3693 Jan21@0446h Azumarill did somebody take my button for this trapdoor... Closed Bluuefuzzy last person to remove it was you :( on dec 24th
3692 Jan21@0218h RukiaKuchiki_ le grif Closed zburdsal Le Fixed.
3691 Jan21@0210h CARnivore_nds please make this waterr lavel placeable by players for THIMBLE. thanks Closed RukiaKuchiki_ build allow region set!
3690 Jan21@0140h Muskogee_Red Bob Fox is missing from his bed Closed pez252 RIP Bob. Burned to a crisp 1/13/2021 at 2297, 70, 1464.
3689 Jan21@0041h Rokkuwu this is the second time I have crafter 1186 and it still doesnt seem to work Closed cujobear map ID is actually 1086, I have msg'd defie and we will get the map marker on live map corrected. thanks for reporting, correct map placed in item frame
3688 Jan21@0027h robr pls protect rail area and drop, child of solace. praise sol. Closed zedadex child regions created!
3687 Jan20@2327h NastyHabits stolen torches along the road No 4 Closed robr destroyed by waterflow from grief, rolled back
3686 Jan20@2325h NastyHabits stolen torches along the road No 3 Closed robr destroyed by waterflow from grief, rolled back
3685 Jan20@2325h NastyHabits stolen torches along the road No 2 Closed robr destroyed by waterflow from grief, rolled back
3684 Jan20@2322h NastyHabits stolen torches along the road :/ Closed robr destroyed by waterflow from grief, rolled back
3683 Jan20@2239h pez252 Carrotapple missing maze head Closed pez252 done
3682 Jan20@2236h RealDoggyGaming was I supposed to get a pez dispenser on my head when I finished pezs maze? Closed pez252 Fixed
3681 Jan20@2200h robr grief sign Closed robr user rolled back, warned.
3680 Jan20@2159h RukiaKuchiki_ grief here Closed robr user rolled back, warned
3679 Jan20@2133h DuckMcQuackinton hello i would like to claim some land, and make it protected, can you please not protect the shulker spot? Closed cheezychicken shulkerspot created, was already protected!
3678 Jan20@2045h XeTrain could you fix water pls :) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
3677 Jan20@2039h teiz1 done Closed teiz1
3676 Jan20@2038h Omegaeddon plz fix poxy nether chunk error or at least give us a command or workaround. Ta Closed Omegaeddon Ignore. Im in a pissy mood
3675 Jan20@2029h Omegaeddon these two to flow, and plz extend region to include water chute. ta Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing and region expanded
3674 Jan20@2014h teiz1 anyone know why the minecart hoppers do not pick up items from the chest above? Closed teiz1
3673 Jan20@1912h jjblackbane request pez252 Stuck Closed cheezychicken block placed to get you out :)
3672 Jan20@1821h TenZenLions I would like to flow this water for an infinite source in my base. Closed pez252 Flowed
3671 Jan20@1601h RukiaKuchiki_ techreq lb redo might not be working Closed totemo Seems to be ok still.
3670 Jan20@1011h Treppich deathpile not spawned? Closed cheezychicken Was more than 5 mins before you got to the deathpile, was probably despawned, sorry :(
3669 Jan20@0938h Treppich I believe a water flow broke this? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ done by rail builder
3668 Jan20@0936h Treppich it appears that someone has done a rail grief and placed what looks to be an unwarranted stop Closed RukiaKuchiki_ restored
3667 Jan20@0232h kmwillia can you flow this water, then the lava? thanks! Closed robr flowed, and then flowed
3666 Jan20@0059h Dispatch seems some of the animals here have vanished Closed robr animals restored, user warned, thanks for reporting
3665 Jan20@0051h RukiaKuchiki_ namefix region owner ploz Closed zedadex spy rukia dispatched, real ruk added :D
3664 Jan20@0042h RukiaKuchiki_ sus sign Closed cujobear out of logs. looks like a troll but not against any rules
3663 Jan19@2237h NastyHabits flow this pls Closed robr flowd it like it's hot
3662 Jan19@2200h ItsXet stuck... Closed Spook6 rescued
3661 Jan19@2127h XeTrain will hopper minecarts despawn? Closed Spook6 no they wont
3660 Jan19@2046h Omegaeddon Protection fer grinder plz Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
3659 Jan19@2041h XeTrain pls make brick area a shulker spot :) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ shulker region set!
3658 Jan19@2030h robr and here (see 3657) Closed zedadex reverted!
3657 Jan19@2030h robr please rollback damage done inside claim here by non-solace member Closed zedadex reverted!
3656 Jan19@1945h ZombozoMiner flow pls Closed robr flowed
3655 Jan19@1920h Azumarill protection azu_aetheryte (be careful to spell this fake-ass word correctly please) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
3654 Jan19@1228h Omegaeddon At these coords, I placed sand then dug out to get rid of water however, my placed sand droppen a glistening heart fragment. Is this normal? Closed totemo If you place the sand as a falling block then the plugin responsible for tracking natural/player placed blocks counts it as "natural" and BeastMaster allows the drop. This is normal. Thanks for alerting us, however.
3653 Jan19@0840h CaptainTimis pleasw protect home Closed Spook6 discussed via /msg
3652 Jan19@0652h CaptainTimis MR_trol23 Closed Spook6 discussed in global chat :D
3651 Jan19@0651h Blusilver87 stuck Closed Spook6 saved!
3650 Jan19@0531h OddGeometry please make water flow Closed zedadex flowed!
3649 Jan19@0321h AzulaTheFireLord Someone has put a chest on my road. Claimed zedadex
3648 Jan19@0256h USSFallenAngel protect walled in area pls :) Closed zedadex also a cool build! protecc'd!
3647 Jan19@0249h Spook6 can i get the region here expanded to cover the whole room? Closed King_of_queso region expanded!
3646 Jan19@0233h ZombozoMiner i wanted to build in this area but Shanty_Sniper claimed it on Nov 5th. as far as i can tell the only thing built is a 4x4 house with 3 chests Closed cujobear area claim seems to be abandoned. feel free to tear down the fences. If it's not in the way go ahead and leave the hut in the NE corner
3645 Jan19@0225h USSFallenAngel protect walled-in area please Closed zedadex cute house! protecc'd :)
3644 Jan19@0109h RedCharlie319 flow water Closed cujobear flowed
3643 Jan19@0032h Standish_ i appear the have broken the grinder Closed cujobear seems to be working, but the redstone is a little weird
3642 Jan18@2215h robr pls to make dialer region to allow spinny thing to spin Closed cujobear region created