PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
3867 Dec08@1937h RukiaKuchiki_ pls to turn this into spleef arena, make endstone blocks barriers plszsz Open
3866 Dec08@1658h FallenAgnostic flow the water on top of this thing Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3865 Dec08@0501h FallenAgnostic ok sorry, I messed up my water flow Closed Norami
3864 Dec08@0451h FallenAgnostic ok flow for the last time Closed Norami flowing \o/
3863 Dec08@0427h FallenAgnostic flow Closed i_c_e_ flowing :)
3862 Dec08@0420h FallenAgnostic flow Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3861 Dec08@0233h Elizabeth_Nox Can you please flow this water for me? Thanks! Closed cujobear flowed :D
3860 Dec08@0028h Tin_OS please protect my square from -2061 8 -2372 (white wool) to -2067 18 -2378 (second white wool) Closed cujobear wither cage protected
3859 Dec07@2358h _Inder_ Requesting to add player silverslightning to this region. Thank you Closed defiex silverslightning added to the region.
3858 Dec07@2354h RukiaKuchiki_ flolololo Closed defiex Splish has been splashed!
3857 Dec07@2342h Dmitri defiex Closed defiex Indeed I am! Discussed via msg.
3856 Dec07@2244h wyguy2014 grief? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ crops de-griefed
3855 Dec07@2118h MysticalLizard please may you inform me who has done this signs as i am confused who has said this Closed Norami /pmsg re. sign
3854 Dec07@1947h Spartan____ I just lost 9 stacks of carts after putting them in a shulker and renaming it, anything that can be done? Open
3853 Dec07@1750h Smirkules please protect the area marked with cobble walls down to y40 Closed buzzie71 discussed via /msg, protected spawner underneath, please modreq for prots again after more is built - it looks cool so far though :D
3852 Dec07@1740h X_Pyke_X flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed
3851 Dec07@1502h Caia_ water flow please <3 Closed Norami All flowing :)
3850 Dec07@1310h Yakkhyl stuck Closed schererererer appear to be unstuck now
3849 Dec07@0428h buzzie71 please make buzzie_aquarium child of zenith region :O Closed tict0c Zenith is now the proud parent of a bouncy baby aquarium !!
3848 Dec07@0414h FallenAgnostic land protection expansion also have a question about it Closed tict0c Protected and Question answered :)
3847 Dec07@0229h PrefectOfBajor i am stuck Closed tict0c Freed !!
3846 Dec07@0225h FallenAgnostic idk what else i lost from my inventory but i know i had a fully upgraded diamond sword Closed FallenAgnostic lol nvm i found it
3845 Dec06@2338h theclefe flow this lava please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed the lava!
3844 Dec06@2135h X_Pyke_X flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
3843 Dec06@1946h theclefe I may have killed a pet slime here. Can you check and replace? Closed cheezychicken Slime restored!
3842 Dec06@0304h fazaden protection, region name Fort_Luzz Closed fazaden region created
3841 Dec06@0253h fazaden crop grief happened here, modreqing for notetaking purposes Closed fazaden fixed
3840 Dec06@0006h _Inder_ flow water plz :) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ req canceled per user request!
3839 Dec05@1827h Caia_ lost inventory in server crash :c Open
3838 Dec05@1805h NastyHabits i've lost my inventory (including echest) Open
3837 Dec05@0530h buzzie71 please protect aquarium :O Closed tict0c Aquarium Protected \o/
3836 Dec05@0529h buzzie71 please make spleef floor build allow :O Closed tict0c Spleef Floor Spleefable !
3835 Dec05@0415h SquaresThere water flow? thanks! Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3834 Dec05@0405h buzzie71 please expand/cast Zenith protections on the new buildings (this one is the southern most) Closed tict0c Protection expanded :)
3833 Dec05@0329h EkkotheGekk0 EkkotheGekk0 Closed i_c_e_ discussed via mail
3832 Dec05@0300h WitherB0SS398 protect this small island my builds are on please Closed i_c_e_ island is protected
3831 Dec05@0157h RukiaKuchiki_ grief, prob more nearby Claimed totemo
3830 Dec05@0146h RukiaKuchiki_ lost stuff lol Closed totemo restored from backup
3829 Dec05@0121h CARnivore_nds this space is a trap during a raid, it is in spawn region? if so plz fill Closed cheezychicken Seems to be fixed?
3828 Dec05@0054h i_c_e_ and everything from my enderchest is gone as well- its like ive never existed o_O Closed totemo restored from backup
3827 Dec05@0052h i_c_e_ when i came back i was at spawn and all my gear, wings and stuff are gone from inventory Closed totemo restored from backup
3826 Dec04@0524h username2088 water flow please Closed bookey42 Water flowin
3825 Dec03@2218h NastyHabits flow dis Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
3824 Dec03@1939h silverslightning need lava to flow Closed cheezychicken flowing!
3823 Dec03@0152h TreeNinjaInATree grief Closed TreeNinjaInATree
3822 Dec03@0117h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed RukiaKuchiki_ ungriffled!
3821 Dec03@0050h the_poodleo flow this Closed RukiaKuchiki_
3820 Dec03@0035h RukiaKuchiki_ lava floe Closed pez252 flowed
3819 Dec02@2255h SquaresThere water flow? thanks! Closed i_c_e_ there be flow :)
3818 Dec02@1915h shanty_sniper fookin help tp me oot Closed cheezychicken Seems you got out!
3817 Dec02@0654h SquaresThere water flow? thanks! Closed SquaresThere
3816 Dec02@0509h tadrogers can you make this flow? thanks Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3815 Dec02@0501h Minagreste Public Region: I would like to make it so everyone can take this middle water block (similar to a shulker spot) (I think the coords for the middle water block are: [x:5 y:67 z:236])). Closed buzzie71 should be set now(?)
3814 Dec02@0442h Minagreste Water Flow: I would like a /flow on these water source blocks, please. Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3813 Dec02@0255h Minagreste Region Expansion: I would like to expand (extend) this region to the north to protect the new beacon, please. Closed tict0c Expansion complete :o)
3812 Dec02@0154h Tin_OS flow again pls Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3811 Dec02@0153h Tin_OS flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3810 Dec02@0040h silverslightning lava pool flow plz Closed buzzie71 it flows!
3809 Dec01@2138h buzzie71 check here perhaps Closed buzzie71 checked
3808 Dec01@2129h Norami Please remove part of this tunnel and birchplanks that are inside Pico claim fence for here as well. He didn't ask for permisiion to build this tunnel. Thank you. Closed cujobear rolled back and mailed player. It was easy to see how the claim fence was missed.
3807 Dec01@2127h Norami pls remove this tunnel dug by BennyBoy508, it's inside our claim fence and he didn't ask for permission Closed cujobear tunnel removed and player messaged.
3806 Dec01@2118h Spartan____ Who tunneled through here? Closed Spartan____
3805 Dec01@2041h VarukaSalt flow water please. :D Closed pez252 flowed
3804 Dec01@1857h FallenAgnostic flow Closed pez252 Flowed
3803 Dec01@1726h Smirkules please make these farms harvestable Closed pez252 Done
3802 Dec01@0344h SquaresThere water flow? thanks! Closed pez252 flowed
3801 Dec01@0343h SquaresThere water flo? thanks! Closed pez252 flowed
3800 Dec01@0211h silverslightning i need water to flowdown Closed tict0c flowing :)
3799 Dec01@0114h RukiaKuchiki_ liquid hot m a g m a Closed pez252 flowed
3798 Nov30@2310h ocelotpotpie Hello! Could I have a region created for our town please? Thank you! Closed pez252 Region "nova" created. Protections cover builds + some but don't go all the way to the fence East/West.
3797 Nov30@2241h Minagreste Region Protection: I would like to protect this Beacon Pyramid with a region, please. Closed pez252 Protected
3796 Nov30@1437h Tin_OS replace pink wool with iron golem spawner Closed cheezychicken Spawner placed!
3795 Nov30@1156h kikoko_2 flow pls Closed buzzie71 you can modreq water you place for flowing when you're out on the playable map :O this is just the demo at spawn ._.
3794 Nov30@0656h Tellephone can we have the pillager that was here replaced please? Claimed cujobear
3793 Nov30@0613h silverslightning i need to water to flow Closed schererererer duplicate req, see 3791 and 3792
3792 Nov30@0613h silverslightning i need to water to flow Closed schererererer no water at this spot; water flowed previously at modreq 3791
3791 Nov30@0605h silverslightning i need to water to flow Closed schererererer water flowed
3790 Nov30@0557h silverslightning i want to flow down some water Closed schererererer water flowed
3789 Nov30@0522h SquaresThere lava flow? it's the one up in this nook here. thanks :) Closed schererererer 1 lava flowed
3788 Nov30@0519h SquaresThere lava flow? it's the two up in the nooks behind the killspot. thanks! :) Closed SquaresThere
3787 Nov30@0339h jakeg001 jakeg001 can i have lots of yellow wool and a pair of sheers Closed i_c_e_ discussed vie message
3786 Nov30@0333h jakeg001 jakeg001 Closed i_c_e_ discussed vie message
3785 Nov30@0247h jakeg001 jakeg001 Closed i_c_e_ discussed vie message
3784 Nov29@2334h buzzie71 check this one out Closed CARnivore_nds Sign removed, player informed.
3783 Nov29@2326h Minagreste Region Claim: I would like to claim this farm + fenced area, please. Closed buzzie71 discussed via /msg, protected :O
3782 Nov29@2322h jeagle7247 flow Closed pez252 Flowed
3781 Nov29@2214h pez252 griff Closed buzzie71 looks like it was repaired :O
3780 Nov29@2214h pez252 please protect the sea lanterns Closed tict0c Laterns of the Sea Protected
3779 Nov29@2210h pez252 griff Closed CARnivore_nds rolled back player(s) warned. this is not a protected space
3778 Nov29@1915h NastyHabits water flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3777 Nov29@1818h RerunGamer Spartan____ can I have a piece of land granted to me? I can show you what I have accomplished Closed buzzie71 you probably want to direct this sort of query to Spartan____ instead of modreq :O
3776 Nov29@1610h NastyHabits please flow all of this lava Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3775 Nov29@0130h FallenAgnostic flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
3774 Nov29@0047h cujobear more grief? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ degriffed!
3773 Nov28@2353h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed buzzie71 restored!
3772 Nov28@2352h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed pez252 Fixed! (some notes added to req about how/why)
3771 Nov28@2035h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed buzzie71 restored!
3770 Nov28@1925h PipersDad I haven't been on for a few months, but the message on this sign wouldn't have been tolerated, iirc Closed CARnivore_nds no, indeed a bad sign. taken care of, thanks for reporting
3769 Nov28@1703h PheonixFury127 slur on sign Closed CARnivore_nds thank you for reporting, sign fixed player taken care of
3768 Nov28@0728h Slugger13579 can i get protection for about a 20 block radius around (-1414,26,-1571) its a spider spawner i want to build a grinder for Closed Norami Please go to spider spawner and make a modreq to have the spawner protected. When you have built the grinder, we can protect the grinder. Thank you :)
3767 Nov28@0615h Slugger13579 can i get this turned into an iron spawner? Closed cujobear spawner in place!
3766 Nov28@0548h Slugger13579 flow please Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3765 Nov28@0548h Caia_ water flow again please Closed schererererer flowed
3764 Nov28@0542h Slugger13579 flow please Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3763 Nov28@0537h Caia_ water flow please Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3762 Nov28@0340h _Inder_ Protect area within cobble fence boarder please :) Closed i_c_e_ Protected :)
3761 Nov28@0253h FallenAgnostic re adjust my land borders Closed schererererer region expanded
3760 Nov28@0214h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed tict0c ^^
3759 Nov28@0214h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed tict0c ^
3758 Nov28@0213h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed tict0c Player was warned and grief has been fixed! :)
3757 Nov28@0140h BRIARCRAFTER i need help with the minecart dropper. Closed King_of_queso discussed via /msg
3756 Nov27@2332h Tin_OS i tried summon the dragon and i destoyed 4 crystals because dragon wasnt spawning, could i get those 4 crystals back in my inventory? Closed cujobear pez found wayward dragon, crystals replace, good luck on your fight!
3755 Nov27@2326h Tin_OS can't find the dragon Closed cujobear dragon found
3754 Nov27@2156h FallenAgnostic protection of pyramid beacon Closed CARnivore_nds previously protected with fallen_area
3753 Nov27@0427h Slugger13579 can i get some water to flow Closed buzzie71 discussed via /msg :O was flowing though
3752 Nov27@0221h Smirkules please flow these two water blocks Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3751 Nov26@2143h ieuweh I am having trouble using worldedit in mapworld, it says I don't have permissions! :o Closed cujobear Please check your /mail
3750 Nov26@1149h Zomise Who did this modification? Closed Norami Mailed Zomise.
3749 Nov26@1145h Zomise Can this weird mark be removed please? Claimed cheezychicken
3748 Nov26@1145h Zomise Tree vandalism? Closed cheezychicken Trees restored to logs
3747 Nov26@1137h Zomise User has not come to pick up their endy chest as asked. Pls to remove. Open
3746 Nov26@0458h FallenAgnostic killed a pillager inside this ice cream in a middle of a raid, without realizing if it was a decor or now Open
3745 Nov26@0344h FallenAgnostic flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3744 Nov26@0306h Minagreste Stuck: I got stuck in here could a staff help me, please? Closed King_of_queso freedom!!!!!!
3743 Nov26@0300h cujobear was hamlet murdered or just freed? Closed cheezychicken Can't find any kills in adminlogs, so he's probably still haming it up somewhere still.
3742 Nov26@0212h Nyxie water flowz plz Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
3741 Nov26@0208h King_of_queso grief going all the way down to y-11 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ de-griffled!
3740 Nov25@2338h Tin_OS flow Closed buzzie71 there's no water nearby to flow ._. please refile the modreq next to the water you would like flowed :O
3739 Nov25@2235h sybergoose 4th golem spawner - Items in shulker box Closed cujobear 4th spawner in place
3738 Nov25@2007h Slugger13579 also the water in my fountain please! Closed CARnivore_nds duplicate
3737 Nov25@2006h Tin_OS flow Closed CARnivore_nds flowed
3736 Nov25@2003h Tin_OS flow Closed CARnivore_nds flowed
3735 Nov25@1955h Slugger13579 can i get some water flowing Closed CARnivore_nds fountian flow'd
3734 Nov25@1800h Slugger13579 can i get some water to flow please Closed CARnivore_nds flow'd for farmin!
3733 Nov25@0542h Slugger13579 water please :) Closed fazaden flowing ^_^
3732 Nov25@0505h RukiaKuchiki_ flow watr Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed
3731 Nov25@0451h RukiaKuchiki_ flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed
3730 Nov25@0430h RukiaKuchiki_ flo Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
3729 Nov25@0424h Slugger13579 can i get some water to flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
3728 Nov25@0406h FallenAgnostic protection of land. please message me first Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
3727 Nov25@0301h FallenAgnostic flow water! there would be a few spots that aren't too noticeable Closed cujobear water flowed!
3726 Nov25@0245h FallenAgnostic flow Closed fazaden flowing!
3725 Nov25@0240h Slugger13579 can i have permission to build at this zombie spawner near my base? i want to make it look better since it has nothing on the part above ground Closed cujobear discussed via /m
3724 Nov24@2237h fazaden protect this baby turtle please! Closed fazaden protected!
3723 Nov24@2050h X_Pyke_X flow Closed fazaden flowing, but the pillagers drown before they reach the top
3722 Nov24@1641h buzzie71 came out of End, ended up in holodeck arena, send help! Closed schererererer escaped from arena
3721 Nov24@1527h Norami Could you please make this Pico on livemap and also Pico on /place? Thank you! Closed cujobear done and done
3720 Nov24@0611h MangoBlender <what are the 5 icons on the top right of the screen?> Closed cujobear Those icons show beacon effects, you are within range of some beacons. go into your inentory screen and close the recipe book to see the names.
3719 Nov24@0559h TheAcademician Please initiate flow of this water block :D Closed buzzie71 it's flowing :O
3718 Nov24@0534h Slugger13579 are we aloud to have personal nether portals? Closed buzzie71 no ._. player creation of nether portals is disabled here; nether access is through the existing portals on the map :O
3717 Nov24@0519h TheAcademician Please also flow the 7 water in this other tunnel :D Closed buzzie71 all flowing!
3716 Nov24@0518h TheAcademician Please flow the 7 water in this tunnel :D Closed buzzie71 all flowing!
3715 Nov24@0436h TheAcademician Please flow this block and the one on the opposite side of the ring :] Closed buzzie71 both flowing O.o
3714 Nov24@0141h tadrogers i paid good spesos for a dolphin, then i name tagged it and it's gone! is there a maximum volume of water they hold in? Closed cujobear discussed via /m
3713 Nov24@0038h Jambone2003 water flow Closed fazaden no need for multiple reqs unless the water sources are kinda far apart
3712 Nov24@0034h Jambone2003 flow Closed fazaden water's flowing :)
3711 Nov24@0012h flupmakintosh plz can you flow the lower water as well Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3710 Nov24@0000h Slugger13579 can i get somemore water to flow? Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3709 Nov23@2339h flupmakintosh flowing water for my grinder plz Closed King_of_queso flowing!
3708 Nov23@2250h Slugger13579 can i get some water to flow at my base Closed cujobear why, yes you can!
3707 Nov23@2134h Tin_OS flow Closed cujobear flowed
3706 Nov23@2058h X_Pyke_X flow Closed cujobear I think this request was done in error? please re-request if not
3705 Nov23@2043h X_Pyke_X flow Closed cujobear please place a water source block and re-request
3704 Nov23@1940h X_Pyke_X flow Closed fazaden flowed
3703 Nov23@1935h X_Pyke_X flow Closed fazaden flowed
3702 Nov23@1917h X_Pyke_X flow Closed fazaden flowed ^_^
3701 Nov23@1158h NastyHabits is this intentional? Closed cujobear discussed via /m
3700 Nov23@0825h buzzie71 please flow all the water in there :O Closed cujobear water flowed
3699 Nov23@0413h RukiaKuchiki_ extend protection here plsz Closed buzzie71 extended!
3698 Nov23@0249h RukiaKuchiki_ liquid hot magma Closed RukiaKuchiki_ lava flowed!
3697 Nov21@1644h Tin_OS flow water Closed CARnivore_nds further on down the line
3696 Nov21@1643h Tin_OS flow water Closed CARnivore_nds flowin'
3695 Nov21@1603h buzzie71 please flow water in there :O Closed CARnivore_nds that water box rocks! (and flows)
3694 Nov21@1442h X_Pyke_X flow Closed fazaden flowed
3693 Nov21@1431h X_Pyke_X flow Closed Norami dup. request
3692 Nov21@1431h X_Pyke_X flow Closed Norami dup. request
3691 Nov21@1356h Tin_OS flow water Closed Norami duplicate request for flowing water
3690 Nov21@1356h Tin_OS flow water Closed Norami flowing
3689 Nov21@0200h El_Gato_Felix03 El_Gato_Felix03 Closed Norami Please be more specific in your modreq of what you want done. Thank you.
3688 Nov21@0155h Tin_OS replace black wool with golem spawner Closed cujobear spawner #3 in place!
3687 Nov21@0039h Tin_OS replace yellow wool with iron golem spawner Closed cujobear spawner in place
3686 Nov20@2243h Yakkhyl flow Closed fazaden
3685 Nov20@0255h RukiaKuchiki_ flo plz Closed pez252 flowed
3684 Nov20@0239h Tin_OS flow water Closed pez252 flowed
3683 Nov20@0239h Tin_OS flow water Closed pez252 flowed
3682 Nov20@0239h Tin_OS flow water Closed pez252 flowed
3681 Nov20@0239h Tin_OS flow water Closed pez252 flowed
3680 Nov20@0235h Tin_OS flow water Closed pez252 flowed
3679 Nov20@0235h Tin_OS flow water Closed pez252 flowed
3678 Nov20@0235h Tin_OS flow water Closed pez252 flowed
3677 Nov20@0235h Tin_OS flow water Closed pez252 flowed
3676 Nov20@0233h Tin_OS flow water Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dupe req
3675 Nov20@0233h Tin_OS flow water Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
3674 Nov20@0225h Tin_OS replace green wool with iron golem spawner Closed cujobear congrats on your first spawner!
3673 Nov20@0214h Tsawake create a region, I'd like mytrading post like a small town? Closed King_of_queso Looks like a region has already been created for the whole trading post
3672 Nov20@0204h Tsawake Need help with untaming my horse Closed cujobear horse is now free
3671 Nov19@2001h Tin_OS flow water Closed robr flowed
3670 Nov19@1822h Tin_OS flow lava Closed cheezychicken Flow'd! and you only burnt a little bit
3669 Nov19@1603h Slugger13579 check Closed buzzie71 if you are looking to check your open modreqs, use /check
3668 Nov19@0735h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed kumquatmay fixed