PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
5282 Feb22@2321h Za_Zaa - please fix water flow in canal <3 Closed zburdsal Its flowing, you have some odd mobs there.
5281 Feb22@2319h Aethelstan2 Increase the size of my claim please to that it goes from NW cor of -50, 830 to SE cor of -5, 900. Thx Closed zburdsal Expanded!
5280 Feb22@2123h NastyHabits damaged block Closed zburdsal Done, player was previously warned for similar things, nether was just missed.
5279 Feb22@2107h NastyHabits possible damage Closed XeTrain Nothing in logs :(
5278 Feb22@2051h robr tech request: ItsATrap can be used for indirect PvP against contained/afk players when vexes or any other mob with the ability to go through walls spawns (see shadowstalker death today) Open
5277 Feb22@2040h robr how did shadowstalker die? Closed XeTrain Looks like a vex flew through somehow and killed him! D:
5276 Feb22@2014h Aniomis splish splash splease flow the water in this tunnel (or create a region the size of the tunnel, down to X=1920) Closed XeTrain Water flowed! (also made Aniomis-Tunnel region for future flowz)
5275 Feb22@0133h Omega_Orion please flow the pool thanks <3 Closed cujobear flowed
5274 Feb21@0102h Merp2000 the breeder pigs in the rose slaughter room have been murdered...Can they be replaced? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ pigs reanimated!
5273 Feb20@1353h XeTrain Please claim this fenced off area as "XTTFN" Closed RukiaKuchiki_ FISH (claimed)
5272 Feb20@0150h wyguy2014 please flow this water Closed gk_ryo kersploosh
5271 Feb19@1927h minecat654321 i was wondering what my warning was about thanks Closed TemporarilyAlive You were warned for destroying the trapdoors in the end dragon arena without the builders permission
5270 Feb19@1334h XeTrain where did these children come from? Closed TemporarilyAlive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
5269 Feb19@0341h RukiaKuchiki_ did the pistons here get messed up by a player? Closed XeTrain Looks like pez has fixed it. Can't determain exactly what happened but I suspect button spam. Will keep an eye on it :)
5268 Feb19@0002h minecat654321 can i have a /place for my portal can it be named Many_Forests Closed TemporarilyAlive portal markers added
5267 Feb18@2309h CARnivore_nds I was out strolling about, this area looks griefed, crops and blocks Open portal markers added
5266 Feb18@2059h Aethelstan2 Land claim please from NW -1275,1200 to SE -1100,1275. Corners marked with cobblestone fences and torches. Call it Stairway To Heaven Closed pez252 Claim created
5265 Feb18@1940h Za_Zaa please make amethyst shulker area :) Closed Bluuefuzzy shulked!
5264 Feb18@0257h Layla_Moon and is there a way to get the nether portal here to show up on the live map? Closed TemporarilyAlive Moon_Base added to the live map and /place
5263 Feb18@0257h Layla_Moon can someone rename my region to MoonBase please :D Closed Bluuefuzzy renamed!
5262 Feb18@0228h Za_Zaa please protect layla base builds and obstacle course (if not done so already) thx Closed Bluuefuzzy proteccted!
5261 Feb17@2219h Aethelstan2 Can I remove the north side of this platform please. I think the person who built it has not been online for a long time. On the map the north side is casting an ugly shadow over my temple build. Thanks Closed TemporarilyAlive Build moved to admin storage
5260 Feb17@2128h pez252 Build-allow region covering the cocoa beans please Closed TemporarilyAlive build allow region created
5259 Feb17@0133h XeTrain help Closed cujobear unstuck
5258 Feb16@2320h minecat654321 one crystal isnt going away i think im on the darknees stage but the warden isnt spawning Closed TemporarilyAlive All looks fine now. let us know if it happens again
5257 Feb16@2125h minecat654321 the dragon fight isnt working the stage mobs arent spawning nor is the stge progrees bar diplayed Closed TemporarilyAlive Fight seems to be working and on the final stage now
5256 Feb16@1757h gonkus I'm stuck in a structure and I can't get out Closed XeTrain You escaped all on your own! im so proud of you! :D
5255 Feb16@0944h Citlalin Please disregard, user error was the cause. Sorry D: Closed NastyHabits issue selfresolved
5254 Feb16@0918h Citlalin Not sure if this is modreq material, but my beacons at the northwest of my nether base will not turn on. they are clear up to the bedrock roof so they should be turning on. Can this be fixed, or what did I do wrong? Closed NastyHabits understood
5253 Feb15@1932h LTP1828 At 1844, 2506, Y93, there is a chest left by FiddlersViridian. The land isn't claimed. It's been a few days and I haven't heard back from him. Would like to claim this area if I can. Closed TemporarilyAlive Chest removed
5252 Feb14@2251h Za_Zaa other than me, has anyone access the right elytra barrel? Closed XeTrain just you :)
5251 Feb14@2041h gonkus I want to claim this area Closed TemporarilyAlive Claim created
5250 Feb14@0135h Bobosozeli Please light my portal and place the nether side at the y77 nether road height. Thank you! Closed TemporarilyAlive Portal created
5249 Feb14@0023h Za_Zaa layla will add me as owner but im modreqing for her to extend base claim to new blackstone border to the north west Closed zburdsal Region expanded 65m north, was already west against world border.
5248 Feb13@2011h Za_Zaa looks like this person hasnt been on in 11 months- can all of the locked things be stored and then can i slaughter the farm animals? Closed TemporarilyAlive Build moved to admin storage
5247 Feb13@1918h zburdsal Someone harvested and didn't replant :( Closed XeTrain Rolled back + Player warned
5246 Feb13@1913h RukiaKuchiki_ locked sculk sensor Closed TemporarilyAlive Removed
5245 Feb12@1811h Bobosozeli please create a 1x1x1 area on this spruce slab to allow players to place or remove it. Thank you! Closed XeTrain Slab is now griefable! (hopefully people put it back :P)
5244 Feb12@1810h Bobosozeli please create a shulker spot in this 3x3 floor area Closed XeTrain Shulker spot created!
5243 Feb12@1809h Bobosozeli please create a socondary region to allow players to harvest this netherwart at -3750, 60, -2462 to -3754, 60, -2468 Closed XeTrain Nether wart is now public!
5242 Feb12@1612h minecat654321 oh i read the rules and i have this edit to my modreq can i just make the prtal not the /place Closed cujobear no /place added, portal is ready to go
5241 Feb12@0619h Bobosozeli Please protect the Witch Spawner build! From -3728, 40, -2460 to -3760, 100, -2480 Closed XeTrain Region "Bobo-Witches" created!
5240 Feb11@1943h NastyHabits grief! xetrain, do your thing! Closed XeTrain Fixd'd'd'd'd'd
5239 Feb11@1904h minecat654321 can a portal and a /place can the /place be named many-forests Closed cujobear portal placed
5238 Feb11@1459h Rakson_77 request: i'm stuck Closed XeTrain Looks like you escaped! :D
5237 Feb11@1458h Rakson_77 request Closed XeTrain Duplicate of 5238
5236 Feb11@1359h LTP1828 flow water please, at -1839, -1840, 2500, 2501, y93. Thank you! Closed XeTrain Moistified!
5235 Feb11@0343h Bobosozeli please flow this water too! Closed zburdsal Floweth
5234 Feb11@0343h Bobosozeli please flow this water :) Closed zburdsal Flowing
5233 Feb11@0232h Bobosozeli Please replace the Diorite block ~4 blocks down with the witch spawner :) ty! Closed cujobear spawner placed
5232 Feb10@2156h Bobosozeli Please shrink the protection around the bedrock by 1 y level so that I may build below it Closed cujobear region contracted
5231 Feb10@2154h Bobosozeli 5225 complete Closed Bobosozeli
5230 Feb10@0023h XeTrain should these be barrier blocks? :P Closed NastyHabits no
5229 Feb09@1937h Bobosozeli please flow this water. Thanks! Closed XeTrain MOISTIFIED!
5228 Feb09@1932h XeTrain Who made this? Closed TemporarilyAlive discussed in /msg
5227 Feb09@0330h Bobosozeli please flow this 5th water too! thanks! Closed gk_ryo 5th water flowed
5226 Feb09@0323h Bobosozeli please flow my 4 corner waters Closed gk_ryo 4 corners flowed
5225 Feb09@0322h Bobosozeli please move this glass into the empty spot (I can't place anything there) Closed Bobosozeli
5224 Feb09@0214h Bobosozeli please replace the block under the bedrock with the mud beside it! Closed cujobear done
5223 Feb09@0134h RukiaKuchiki_ rename "rukwood-wooooooooood" region to a more reasonable name not spammy pls Closed cujobear region now ruk-wood
5222 Feb09@0122h Za_Zaa can you flow water please Closed cujobear water flowed
5221 Feb09@0104h Za_Zaa Xetrain said i could be an owner in Valleytown, can you add me please? Closed zburdsal Xetrain should be able to add you. I'd normally say that if he was inaccessible we could do it by him giving permission to in discord, but its xetrain, where else is he going to be, out having a life? naaaaaah
5220 Feb08@2109h zburdsal I literally just need to check current server time and this is the only way I know how sorry for my dumb I promise I'll be better. Closed zburdsal Yerp
5219 Feb08@2020h minecat654321 i logged on to the server and I had died I am really confused how this happen as I was afk in a safe place Closed zburdsal Died in a corner of the frog grinder 9:07 minutes ago from a piglin :(
5218 Feb08@0129h Bobosozeli i can haz witches? Closed cujobear permission to develop witch spawner given by owner in genchat. Please make abother modreq when you are ready for the spawner to be placed
5217 Feb07@2351h Mats1300 can you please let me know or Layla know, what happened here to my nether walkway. Thanks Closed XeTrain would help if I closed this... I checked logs and unfortunately theres no edits that suggest foul play my good sir, sorry for the mild inconvience, and I hope you choose XeTrains Moderation Consulting again soon! email us at XMConsulting@nerd.n
5216 Feb07@2139h Za_Zaa did someone modify this road since I built it? Closed XeTrain no
5215 Feb07@0339h RukiaKuchiki_ who put ice here Closed cujobear discussed via /m
5214 Feb05@1721h Apfelschorle88 Apfelschorle88 Closed gk_ryo https://discord.gg/JyfZmv6E Please message @Moderator whenever you log back in for help.
5213 Feb04@2312h pez252 Griff Closed zburdsal Gixed!
5212 Feb04@1818h Chef_Zuul Can I un-barrier-ify this side section of barriers please? Closed cheezychicken unbarriererd
5211 Feb04@1731h Crambull Hey, i accidently broke a few amythyst crystal cluster blocks, can it be rolled back? it's in a farm. I need silk touched amythyst crystals and the haste II is too strong Closed XeTrain Rolled Back! be careful :P
5210 Feb04@0712h Citlalin cannot kill this zorse. Please get rid of it now. Closed zburdsal If you own the horse, I think you have to be on it for it to die. Try lava while riding it I guess? Or untame it then murder it.
5209 Feb04@0035h pez252 Please protect as "The-Littlest-Mangrove-Swamp" Closed zburdsal Done, per suggested interpretation of the rules by hadmins.
5208 Feb03@2034h Aethelstan2 Expand protection down to Y70 to include the workshop please. Is it possible to add a greeting to say "Welcome To Rose Nether Stables" Closed gk_ryo Make my monster grow!
5207 Feb03@1759h Aniomis two vandalized blocks here it seems, anything else? Closed XeTrain Rolled back - Player warned.
5206 Feb03@1753h Chef_Zuul please //replace glass with barrier blocks at y:22 to create a seamless spectator barrier above the maze Closed cujobear barriers in place
5205 Feb03@0314h Chef_Zuul water flow here please Closed XeTrain moistened!
5204 Feb03@0205h tunfy halp Closed zburdsal Halped
5203 Feb03@0155h Chef_Zuul water flow here please Closed XeTrain the moisture will spread until the moisture is eternal. (flowed)
5202 Feb03@0005h RukiaKuchiki_ protect structure with name "Gefilt_fish_shop" pls Closed NastyHabits protected!
5201 Feb02@2352h RukiaKuchiki_ extend old_solace region a bit to cover this fish house Closed XeTrain EXPAND DUN
5200 Feb02@2130h XeTrain any chance of making the valleytown-claim a protected region? :) Closed Bluuefuzzy reeeeeeeeeeeeeeegioned!
5199 Feb02@1633h NastyHabits was there something inside? Closed TemporarilyAlive nothing in logs
5198 Feb02@1521h XeTrain ValleyTown portal please! shards in chest :) Closed TemporarilyAlive portal createn'd
5197 Feb01@1503h XeTrain seems I accidentally broke a birch log and a sign here Closed Spook6 rolled back
5196 Feb01@1405h XeTrain who made... this? Closed Spook6 discussed via voice channel
5195 Feb01@0303h King_of_queso please turn the dirt box into barrier blocks and make a pvp enabled region inside it! Closed cujobear dirt to barriers done
5194 Feb01@0240h XeTrain can you expand the region 20 blocks east west and south? Closed cujobear region expanded
5193 Feb01@0202h XeTrain can you make these two trapdoors un-open-ablelelele? Closed cujobear I believe it is done
5192 Feb01@0011h PandaDonut85 remove this chest please Closed TemporarilyAlive Password removed from chest. Chest is now locked to the original owner and can be destroyed by them if needed
5191 Jan31@2322h XeTrain What is this stone below me protected to? Closed pez252 Some kind of map wide rail
5190 Jan31@0342h Bobosozeli may i trouble someone to lower the Y level on my region to 139, so that other players may make edits at y140+ for an event? Closed gk_ryo Region has been diminished.
5189 Jan30@2329h RukiaKuchiki_ safebuckets FAIL Closed RukiaKuchiki_ nvm
5188 Jan30@2156h XeTrain I accidentally broke this block on the sticky piston, cant find it. pls halp Closed zburdsal Fixed. I'll not ban you... this time...
5187 Jan30@2052h minecat654321 can I make a claim the copper bolocks are the 2 corners can the claim be named amythest-farm Closed XeTrain Claim created! :)
5186 Jan30@1736h zburdsal anyway this shulker could be removed? last played 3 weeks ago Closed TemporarilyAlive Chest removed
5185 Jan30@1657h Za_Zaa can you fix xetrains water? i oopsed infinite source Closed Bluuefuzzy fixed!!
5184 Jan30@0217h POOTISMACHINE claim this with message "Next Stop: Wickford Junction" Closed cujobear train car protected and greeting added
5183 Jan30@0138h XeTrain any chance of a /place ValleyTown here? :) Closed TemporarilyAlive Place added
5182 Jan30@0120h robr someone Messed with the M Closed XeTrain seems like its out of logs unfortunately :(
5181 Jan30@0109h XeTrain are these supposed to be dandilions? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ Yes.
5180 Jan30@0100h zburdsal hey im stuck and there's no way out Closed XeTrain STAHP IT
5179 Jan30@0056h RukiaKuchiki_ stuck :P Closed XeTrain I saved you, just for you to jump back in. Why do I bother?
5178 Jan30@0039h POOTISMACHINE claim, welcome message: "Next Stop: Wickford Junction" Closed cujobear please re-request with corners of the region marked. there is no claim region here yet
5177 Jan30@0012h XeTrain Please change the greeting for ValleyTown to "Welcome to ValleyTown! Closed on Wednesdays." In Aqua :) Closed zburdsal I made you blue yourself
5176 Jan29@2340h XeTrain Pls expand ValleyTown-claim 20 blocks in all directions pls :) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region fixerated
5175 Jan29@2331h XeTrain Pls expand claim about 20 blocks south :) Closed XeTrain Ignore
5174 Jan29@2213h Za_Zaa please move standish's shulekrs to storage :) Closed TemporarilyAlive Shulkers removed
5173 Jan29@2201h Za_Zaa can you please move MetricBox's shulker to storage...thanks! Closed TemporarilyAlive Chest removed
5172 Jan29@1848h XeTrain regarding 5171, instead of Xeta can it be called "ValleyTown" Closed TemporarilyAlive XeClaim
5171 Jan29@1826h XeTrain Please claim area and call it "Xeta" :) fences are marked! Closed TemporarilyAlive claim created
5170 Jan29@0444h Aethelstan2 The End land claim please. From 530,-15 to 560,15. Corners marked with iron and torches. Call it "AethelTrak End Stables" Closed NastyHabits region protected
5169 Jan29@0322h Chef_Zuul Please help me check the hopper related flags for the dispensers under this game. Maybe toggling the flags hopperin will work? Closed CaptainShivy Try using droppers instead of dispensers. Dispensers cannot feed items into a container
5168 Jan28@2148h grenbug please protect my beach house, marked with red wool, thanks! :) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protrcted!
5167 Jan28@2106h Crambull it looks like this structure in the end got griefed... Closed TemporarilyAlive structure repaired
5166 Jan28@2045h ironcrafter54 I kind of broke the water around my house is you could please fix it that woudl be amazing! Closed TemporarilyAlive water fixed
5165 Jan28@1905h minecat654321 Crambull and I made this villager breeder we logged on to find to villagers let out and the beds broken Thanks Closed TemporarilyAlive Banned & rolled back
5164 Jan28@1842h Aethelstan2 I think there is an abandoned dragon fight in the end...Please assign to me? Closed TemporarilyAlive no dragon fights
5163 Jan27@2232h RukiaKuchiki_ abandond dragon in end pls giv Closed RukiaKuchiki_ nop
5162 Jan27@2123h minecat654321 read coords wrong Closed cujobear glad to hear you found it
5161 Jan27@2108h minecat654321 the lodestone for the world tour location mout amythest is not there the coords provided in the book were -1336 -1279 Closed cujobear see 5162
5160 Jan27@1350h ironcrafter54 if that one annoying item frame that a friend placed could be deleted that would be nice, thanks, (FYI its about 6 blocks above me) Closed TemporarilyAlive Item frame removed
5159 Jan27@0604h zburdsal please protect these 9 wither roses so we don't accidently break them Closed NastyHabits protected for good
5158 Jan26@2019h Mily_5508 claim Closed XeTrain Duplicate of 5157
5157 Jan26@2019h Mily_5508 claim Closed XeTrain It looks like this area is claimed already! like I said, before asking for a claim, I recommend doing /rg i :)
5156 Jan26@0559h zburdsal I think the dragon fights broken :( it won't spawn the next group of animals. Closed TemporarilyAlive The trapdoors you placed are preventing the mobs spawning. Youll have to remove them
5155 Jan26@0238h Za_Zaa did someone let these villaghers out from the build in the overworld? Closed cujobear grief rolled back, player warned
5154 Jan26@0018h zburdsal This player hasn't been on in a year, can it be removed? Closed cujobear arrow turret thing removed
5153 Jan25@2336h RukiaKuchiki_ make a protection region covering the 4 warp signs, and sculk blocks below them Closed zburdsal Yeet'st
5152 Jan25@2335h RukiaKuchiki_ yeet region here Closed zburdsal set! (and i mixed up these two close messages)
5151 Jan25@2242h robr road grief Closed RukiaKuchiki_ re-sculked
5150 Jan25@2025h zburdsal I entered the end dimension with my mouse left click held down and broke this sign :( please revert it, idk what it said Closed TemporarilyAlive Sign rolled back. You have been banned, no appeal.
5149 Jan25@0220h pez252 This region is too low, can it be raised? Closed King_of_queso region bumped up by 25 blocks
5148 Jan24@2018h XeTrain im stuck, and I am afraid. Closed pez252 k
5147 Jan24@2009h Za_Zaa tools found n/m...flow request still open :) Closed pez252 flowed
5146 Jan24@2006h Za_Zaa i think i lost my pick ax and shovel around here???can you confirm? Closed pez252 ignoring per 5147
5145 Jan24@2005h Za_Zaa how can i make this water flow to the right? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5144 Jan23@1556h Rosemary113 claim Closed RukiaKuchiki_ claim region created!
5143 Jan23@0625h zbotsal Can we make a region to not log pigzombie's deaths at this grinder? I've just crossed 20,000 logged deaths here. Closed pez252 done
5142 Jan23@0042h Tierney_P https://nerd.nu/rules/ The hyperlink for the approved client mods does not exist despite being referenced. Open
5141 Jan22@2349h ironcrafter54 fyi there are barrels places by gammadion90 at our town hall, I believe he is the suspect Closed CARnivore_nds repaired, player banned
5140 Jan22@2348h ironcrafter54 FYI someone has vandalized snotown, they placed a bunch of random block in townhall, as well as broke our fireplace, they also places some sno and broke some blocks from the orange cat house, they also spammed glass panes at the montenegro embassay Closed CARnivore_nds repaired, player banned
5139 Jan22@2012h Juliieen there's also a locked furnace too Closed TemporarilyAlive furnace removed
5138 Jan22@2008h Juliieen there is a chest that's locked in my base from another person who hasn't been around for quite a while, is it possible to move or unlock it? it's taking up base space Closed TemporarilyAlive Chest removed
5137 Jan22@0301h cujobear any chance I could get a region here where the beacons have benn started? from this gold corner to the iron block to the SE. Museum-beacons and make pez co-owner Closed zburdsal Protected!
5136 Jan22@0112h King_of_queso please create a region for my arena! corners are marked by netherrack Closed buzzie71 region created!
5135 Jan21@1739h Layla_Moon claim mailbox 126 please :) Closed XeTrain Mailbox created!
5134 Jan21@0406h Azumarill darkness portal place is not actually at the portal Closed cujobear This is the Ancient-City Portal, not The-Darkness portal
5133 Jan20@2253h Jean_de_Patmos flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
5132 Jan20@2215h minecat654321 i Clicked the frog world tour sign with my inventory full and now I have reached the maxium number of uses Closed TemporarilyAlive You can now use that sign again!
5131 Jan20@1829h XeTrain I know its a bit of a longshot but I dont think theres an exit ANYWHERE nearby and I wont make it without starving.... any chance of a teleport? Closed cujobear yeah, that's a no from me dawg
5130 Jan20@1724h Rosemary113 claim Closed King_of_queso claim reigon made!
5129 Jan20@1017h Aniomis grief here too? the redstone circuit used to pulse Closed NastyHabits this area has been rollbacked already, it should work, but please check it
5128 Jan20@0954h Aniomis grief? or did a horde of pigs trample my farm? Closed NastyHabits i've managed to restore that crop field, but other is out of logs, player is banned
5127 Jan20@0339h RukiaKuchiki_ protect redstone lamps lol Closed NastyHabits lamps protected
5126 Jan20@0215h zburdsal help a water isnt watering Closed cujobear fixed
5125 Jan20@0150h Citlalin good morning, the skulk catalyst at -215 77 18 keeps trying to convert my build... may it please be changed to just sculk? thanks :D Closed defiex Road has been updated, please modreq if you have any further skulk issues.
5124 Jan20@0033h tunfy ruk you have doomed me. pls undoom Closed defiex I hath freed you from your blocky prison, but at what cost?
5123 Jan19@2250h minecat654321 turns out I was reading the cords wrong Closed cujobear thanks for letting us know
5122 Jan19@2241h minecat654321 the lodestone for the world tour location frog is not there Closed cujobear see 5123
5121 Jan19@2151h XeTrain who/what attempted to murderise my parrot? Closed cujobear was damamged by a player. player was warned
5120 Jan19@2129h pez252 please /rg sel; //contract 1 d; /rg redefine pez-rail-048 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixd
5119 Jan19@0246h PlNG was this griefed? Closed cujobear edits are out of logs
5118 Jan18@2018h Aniomis grief? the top of my water elevator was blocked with 2 cobblestone, any other changes? Closed pez252 Fixed.
5117 Jan18@1945h RukiaKuchiki_ someone stoll the TOPS to the PLANTS Closed XeTrain this is old, pay more attention. OUT OF LOGS
5116 Jan18@0604h tunfy griff? Closed zburdsal Yis
5115 Jan18@0335h Bobosozeli may I have permissions to edit the corners of my portal frame? Closed cujobear granted
5114 Jan17@2152h Za_Zaa can you see who put the iron armor i just poicked up in this chest and took pumplins Closed cujobear please clarify in with cujo when you are next on.
5113 Jan17@2041h minecat654321 I clicked the world tour book sign while my inventory was full thinking it didnt work I clicked it 2 more times now when I click with space in my inventory It doesnt give me the book Closed cujobear you should be able to hit the sign now, BUT make sure to have room
5112 Jan17@1805h zburdsal xetrain did a modreq that was already done and broke everything :( please roll me forward in this area to make sure this is all closed up and fully mined out Closed zburdsal Gotta do these things yourself I guess :(
5111 Jan17@1454h Za_Zaa please murderize clerics and put perfect in warped wood and skulk brewing building to SE- thanks! Closed cujobear cleric in place
5110 Jan17@0139h zburdsal I accidently dropped sand out of this protected area and can't put it back :( can you please use this pile of sand to patch this hole? Closed XeTrain I broke it some more but ended up fixing it.
5109 Jan16@2209h Chef_Zuul water flow one more time Closed RukiaKuchiki_ watered
5108 Jan16@2208h Chef_Zuul water flow in the hole, por favor Closed zburdsal Flowing!
5107 Jan16@1927h pez252 Grief Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
5106 Jan16@1511h grenbug could you also give grencam permission for my area? Closed XeTrain Grencam added! :)
5105 Jan16@0357h Za_Zaa please protect the ancient debris Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5104 Jan16@0308h FunkMusic the water in the pool must flow please Closed King_of_queso the water hath floweth!
5103 Jan15@2237h Tierney_P Is this water flow grief? Please disregard if not. Closed RukiaKuchiki_ water is water :O
5102 Jan15@2136h Citlalin a ghast bomb blew up one of these horses Closed XeTrain looks like the horse wasnt tamed so, rip horse I guess
5101 Jan15@1546h Chef_Zuul Please light a portal here at about the height of the NW road in the nether, thanks! Closed cujobear portal placed
5100 Jan14@2218h NastyHabits protect this wonder of nature (spawner itself, if not protected) Closed XeTrain Nasty-Spawner created!
5099 Jan14@0410h King_of_queso can i have a hole punched in the roof here? Closed cujobear hole punched
5098 Jan14@0302h Aethelstan2 Nether land claim please. Corners marked with soul lanterns. Call it Rose Nether Stables Closed King_of_queso protected!
5097 Jan14@0113h Bobosozeli please flow this top water Closed RukiaKuchiki_ watr!
5096 Jan14@0040h Bobosozeli please flow this one water, i messed up sorry Closed RukiaKuchiki_ watered!
5095 Jan14@0025h Bobosozeli please flow my last water :) Closed XeTrain Flowed!
5094 Jan14@0023h Bobosozeli please flow this one water :) Closed XeTrain wet
5093 Jan14@0018h Bobosozeli please flow these two waters, this one and the one further west along the ice tunnel Closed XeTrain Flowed!
5092 Jan14@0015h Bobosozeli please flow this 1 water Closed XeTrain WETTIFIED
5091 Jan14@0014h Bobosozeli please flow the 12 waters under this amethyst platform Closed XeTrain Flowed!
5090 Jan14@0014h Bobosozeli please flow the 24 waters here, under the above rail Closed zburdsal It moves
5089 Jan14@0012h Bobosozeli please flow these 192 waters Closed zburdsal Floweth
5088 Jan13@2021h NastyHabits who? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed, discussed in mail
5087 Jan13@1941h Bobosozeli help my lag made me fall through the ground, now i'm under the nether somewhere and can't see a way out Closed cujobear player stated they were saved
5086 Jan13@0325h Za_Zaa can you please stop this water from randomly diverging anbd making source blocks? Closed Za_Zaa
5085 Jan13@0106h RukiaKuchiki_ block spam! Closed NastyHabits rollbacked, player warned
5084 Jan13@0013h RukiaKuchiki_ who mulched up mah lava :O Closed cujobear discussed via /m
5083 Jan12@2310h Bobosozeli please flow this singular corner water on the ground right here Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!