PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
1300 Mar29@0003h Rokkuwu add portal to livemap? Closed cujobear added :D
1299 Mar29@0000h saberfysh please flow both waterfalls Closed King_of_queso flowing!
1298 Mar28@2334h saberfysh I can't seem to fix the flowing water in this pond before I seal it up Closed Bluuefuzzy hopefully fixed!
1297 Mar28@2324h Nyxie water flowz plz and thank you! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
1296 Mar28@2302h FallenAgnostic trapped lol Closed cujobear saved
1295 Mar28@2236h MackSaffron flow please <3 Closed Trooprm32 Flowed!
1294 Mar28@2232h Sir_Didymus Please make this liquid liquidy Closed Trooprm32 Flowed!
1293 Mar28@2226h CARnivore_nds what happened to my region here for sizzlin' Sams ? can I have it back to fill the dispensers please. Closed Trooprm32 Shrunk botched region that covered yours
1292 Mar28@2115h artixlight Upgrade one of the Tier 1 iron golem spawner to Tier 2. Items in the chest. Closed cujobear spawner upgraded
1291 Mar28@2006h theFacebook claim to this here spider spawner Closed cujobear spawner protected
1290 Mar28@1956h Darkskynet can this sign be removed? its part of the rainbow_road region. Thanks :) Closed defiex Sign has been removed!
1289 Mar28@1940h Emizzon could you add this building to the the house region if it's not all in it, thank you Closed defiex region expanded to include the wee house!
1288 Mar28@1934h NastyHabits is this a grief? in case it is mumbertrux it is not grief then Closed RukiaKuchiki_ ungriffled
1287 Mar28@1926h RukiaKuchiki_ pls to release me from hell (pez maze) Closed Bluuefuzzy released!
1286 Mar28@1921h Carrotapple flow pls Closed buzzie71 flowing!
1285 Mar28@1918h buzzie71 grief? Closed Bluuefuzzy ungrieffed!
1284 Mar28@1851h dacracot May I have protection please, -147,184 x -147,255 x -224,255 x -224,184 Closed i_c_e_ safe and sound
1283 Mar28@1757h CutterWill flow Closed i_c_e_ let the water flow
1282 Mar28@1751h dnynumberone and one last one up top here thanks! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
1281 Mar28@1750h dnynumberone and these 4 thanks Closed cujobear and those 4 too!
1280 Mar28@1750h dnynumberone flow pls and thanks Closed cujobear flowed
1279 Mar28@1747h shmoogin /help is bronken in the lobby Open
1278 Mar28@1737h Tidusblue flow issues with this area of the river Closed cujobear water fixed
1277 Mar28@1736h PlNG please create a public build allow region for the tree machine - the dirt and air blocks above it. Closed cujobear regioncreated
1276 Mar28@1652h Medut please add Zenv4 as the owner of my region at x:150, z:-1080, i had made this request before Closed cujobear you can do this with /rg addowner regionname player
1275 Mar28@1629h Medut please protect this region at (x:152, z:-1083) and register it under Medut , Zenv4 , EdenHazad Closed buzzie71 protected!
1274 Mar28@1626h CutterWill flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!
1273 Mar28@1625h CutterWill flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!
1272 Mar28@1543h Smirkules please expand this claim down to y70 Closed buzzie71 region expanded!
1271 Mar28@1542h kalasalad help i cant change the permissions on chests Closed defiex Discussed via msg! (Try /cremove before /cpublic or /cdonation!)
1270 Mar28@1523h kitty9293 I need help out of this minecart ;-; Closed defiex Freedom from the chains of your Minecart Overlord!
1269 Mar28@1345h MysticalLizard flow Closed cujobear flowed
1268 Mar28@1338h water_jet please protect the wheat platform (: Closed cujobear wheat field protected
1267 Mar28@1328h MysticalLizard flow pls thanks ill be afk Closed Spook6 flowed
1266 Mar28@1315h Jean_de_Patmos flow Closed Spook6 flowed!
1265 Mar28@1241h UpsideKen someone tried to transform area within my fence claim. I don't know who did it Claimed cujobear you can do this with /rg addowner [region] Zenv4
1264 Mar28@1048h 32ndFlava Please make farms here public. Thanks! Closed Spook6 farms are now public :)
1263 Mar28@1041h Spook6 owner of the portal hasnt come back. how long until we can claim the portal and fix it up? asking for a friend Open
1262 Mar28@1035h TreeNinjaInATree sign grief? Closed cheezychicken signs fixed :)
1261 Mar28@1024h water_jet can vehicle destroy be off in my grinder? Open
1260 Mar28@1011h twilexis can I get this protected as Seneca please? I terraformed the whole area. Closed Spook6 land protected :) <3
1259 Mar28@0940h iNerd71 Protect hotel as Argoth pls Closed Spook6 glorious region created!
1258 Mar28@0930h monfmonf can we also get this protected? <3 <3 Closed Spook6 protected
1257 Mar28@0930h monfmonf protections here too pls Closed Spook6 beacon protected
1256 Mar28@0929h monfmonf Protections pls <3 Closed Spook6 hole protected
1255 Mar28@0848h nolanater1735 pls flow <3 Closed Spook6 flowed
1254 Mar28@0844h nolanater1735 pls claim the area outlined (mostly flat there is a fence) for Bromland please <3 Closed iNerd71 Bromland region redefined!
1253 Mar28@0841h seburoh protect build? idk how this works make it safe from badmens? Closed Spook6 your build is now protected :)
1252 Mar28@0803h Spook6 do i have enough for 2 tier 2 spawners? :) ty Closed cheezychicken Spawners upgraded!
1251 Mar28@0643h monfmonf can i have this plot? no one seems to be building on it Closed cheezychicken Sent a mail to the owner, I'll give them another few weeks
1250 Mar28@0510h fazaden one final T3 spawner please :) Closed cheezychicken spawner placed!
1249 Mar28@0501h Rokkuwu pls help I literally cant stop crying Closed Sapphric Please only use modreqs for actual modreqs.
1248 Mar28@0456h twilexis this area hasn't been claimed, what's the statute of limitations for requesting unclaimed builds be removed? Closed cheezychicken Generally it'd be a month or two of no progress.
1247 Mar28@0417h panda_boy91 FLOW please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
1246 Mar28@0414h shmoogin this well is a player trap Closed defiex Player trap made safe and player mailed to fix! Thanks for reporting.
1245 Mar28@0404h AzulaTheFireLord I believe that this area is a continuation of the landscape decimation grief from the other day. Please investigate and rollback. Thank you. Closed King_of_queso rolled back!
1244 Mar28@0332h Rokkuwu griff? Closed defiex Looks to just be an accident, but thank you for reporting!
1243 Mar28@0312h Mumberthrax Could this bottom layer of water be replaced with dirt? I am going to cover it with dirt anyway, just feels weird having a protected puddle here 1 layer under. Closed defiex Splish has been dirted!
1242 Mar28@0307h Spook6 plz protect the two spawners here so no one breaks them Closed RukiaKuchiki_ spawners protected!
1241 Mar28@0234h twilexis Can I have a chest region called SenecaChests please? Closed cujobear chest region created
1240 Mar28@0159h Nyxie Will_527 has not come back to remove his furnace from neather spawn. I mailed him a week ago and he hasn't been on since. would you please remove it for me?? Closed cheezychicken furnace removed!
1239 Mar28@0149h zedadex did my mule just die? hgps is pointing to it here but I can't see it Closed cujobear looks like horse glitched out. Replacement given.
1238 Mar28@0144h twilexis player trap,. can't escape without breaking their build Closed RukiaKuchiki_ unstuck!
1237 Mar28@0051h Tidusblue need to expand protections to this building and the 'lumbermill' to the west Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protection extended!
1236 Mar28@0038h Hanstra flow pls ty I love you ver much we should go out for food sometime after plague over Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
1235 Mar28@0004h Smirkules villagers here are gone (2 farmers), possible someone killed them? Closed robr sorry, killed by the zombie apocalypse
1234 Mar27@2359h termanator553 Idealy this is the last lava flow for this build Closed robr 5678 flowed
1233 Mar27@2326h Bearnor water flow the 1 water source in the middle of the acacia trapdoor water tranportation sysytem Closed cujobear water flowed!
1232 Mar27@2259h robr make a dialer region here Closed robr it's about time.
1231 Mar27@2249h teiz1 replace wool block with golem spawner please, payment in shulker Closed cujobear spawner placed
1230 Mar27@2245h Hanstra flow pls I love u Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
1229 Mar27@2241h olav3118 flowing water in the glass tubes Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
1228 Mar27@2224h teiz1 flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
1227 Mar27@2218h Roadie_MC 1 teir 2 iron golem spawner Closed cujobear spanwer #1 upgraded to tier #2
1226 Mar27@2214h Bearnor water flow the 2 source block in the acacia trapdoor water transportation system Closed SirLyle after much troubled flowed
1225 Mar27@2209h Zarton_ please protection my mountain_lodge ; corners marked with red wool. if reasonable, maybe add the road leading up to it as well? Closed kumquatmay protected!
1224 Mar27@2138h BloomingLily requesting 4 golem spawners please! all items should be in double chest, Please place spawners in place of netherrack under the water Closed cujobear 4 spawners placed! :D
1223 Mar27@2133h BloomingLily pls flow Closed Trooprm32 Flowed
1222 Mar27@2133h olav3118 flowing the water in the trapdoors in the purple & orange squares of glass Closed Trooprm32 Flowed
1221 Mar27@2047h dark3lement hey, so, we have a large border, we want to get protection. weve built on a large portion of the area, from 100 100 to 600 600, could we protect at least some of it for avalon? Closed bookey42 Region Updated to include Giant World tree.
1220 Mar27@2029h Zomise Flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
1219 Mar27@2014h katiewills make it flow! :) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
1218 Mar27@2009h dark3lement can i get this turned into a beautiful waterfall by flowing some of the water here Closed bookey42 Water doth flow!
1217 Mar27@2006h Medut please flow this liquid Closed bookey42 Water doth flow!
1216 Mar27@2001h Medut please grant me my own region so that i can use flow command Closed RukiaKuchiki_ msged player about /flow :D
1215 Mar27@1951h dark3lement pls make this flow so i can has infinite water pls Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
1214 Mar27@1934h olav3118 flowing water in the glass boxes (not the white one, already done) Please Closed Trooprm32 Flowed
1213 Mar27@1853h olav3118 flowing water in 3 of the glass cubes (not the white one, already done) Please <3 Closed Trooprm32 Flowed
1212 Mar27@1835h Medut please make my flow command functional Closed robr home and farm protected
1211 Mar27@1835h katiewills im stuck? Closed fazaden congrats on your escape!
1210 Mar27@1830h fazaden one more Tier 3 spawner please :) Closed cujobear spawner #3 upgraded to tier #3
1209 Mar27@1750h CARnivore_nds did someone kill Luckybird? my parrot was right here I believe Closed cujobear parrot replaced and player warned
1208 Mar27@1707h Xyloto_ Who blocked this? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed via /msg
1207 Mar27@1704h rand0m9 can you tell me who griefed this sign? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed via /msg
1206 Mar27@1639h olav3118 flowing water please. (at the trapdoors & the other side pistons) Closed fazaden flowed
1205 Mar27@1608h kalasalad make this top water block flow please Closed fazaden flowed
1204 Mar27@1551h kalasalad make my water flow please. also the one in the corner Closed Spook6 flowed
1203 Mar27@1530h Carrotapple pls flow whatevers on this glowstone tyvm in adv. Closed buzzie71 flowing! missed this earlier >< sorry
1202 Mar27@1445h Spartan____ Can the pico portal (E) be added to nether livemap please? Closed cheezychicken Marker placed!
1201 Mar27@1443h MrCrispy accidentally clicked on this dude with the souvenier key wring. sorry. Closed cujobear Hank is back to being good old Hank
1200 Mar27@1356h AceMarconi please flow the top block. TY! Closed gk_ryo kersploosh
1199 Mar27@1326h Greymore1234 Hey can I be tped out of the maze im kinda stuck Closed gk_ryo Ironstar's close enough.
1198 Mar27@1241h AceMarconi I thought I had a region here for the grinder build, so I could flow,etc. Did something go sproing? Closed fazaden expanded
1197 Mar27@1205h Treppich the station dial appears to not work and this is a public station (end portal + link to spawn) Closed robr yeah, yeah, i'll get to it, totally didn't forget to do that
1196 Mar27@0827h Azumarill protection Closed robr region protected
1195 Mar27@0724h mrblakee was just wondering..did my cow die or just escape out the door? Closed kumquatmay discussed via /m
1194 Mar27@0712h Caleb__Smith flow please Closed kumquatmay flowin!
1193 Mar27@0709h Bearnor list Closed Trooprm32
1192 Mar27@0707h Caleb__Smith flow please Closed fazaden flowed :)
1191 Mar27@0659h Bearnor water flow the 2 source block in the acacia trapdoor water transportation tube PLZ Closed Trooprm32 Flowed
1190 Mar27@0658h Azumarill 2x2 flow in the center here (don't touch the rest of the build yet) Closed Trooprm32 Flowed
1189 Mar27@0654h BloomingLily pls flow Closed fazaden flow'd
1188 Mar27@0637h iNerd71 Looks like these statues have been griefed Closed iNerd71 Grief fixed and player warned
1187 Mar27@0635h BloomingLily pls flow Closed bookey42 Flowin!
1186 Mar27@0623h Jezzzzie plz extend region jez_crops up 10 blocks Closed fazaden expanded
1185 Mar27@0608h Zarton_ the water source blocks need fixing here Closed bookey42 fixed up
1184 Mar27@0556h mrblakee could I get joint protection with my partner "Phinigin" for my build. 4 corners marked with signage Thanks Closed fazaden protection created :)
1183 Mar27@0457h Wizard_Council flow my water spring please Closed bookey42 Flowin!
1182 Mar27@0426h Bearnor water flow of 6 source block for water transportation system Closed buzzie71 all flowing!
1181 Mar27@0358h BloomingLily pls flow :D Closed King_of_queso flowing!
1180 Mar27@0326h Emizzon maybe if I could get a region around all three spider spawners so I can use /flow? Closed King_of_queso region has been expanded
1179 Mar27@0322h Emizzon water flow please: block in small tunnel, and 2 blocks in 3x3 pit, repeat for other spawner pit Closed King_of_queso flowing!
1178 Mar27@0319h Ruthlesssss pls protect small 3x3x3 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
1177 Mar27@0159h AceMarconi Please protect this spawner, Also please protect the basic grinder structure to permit flowing water. Make child of Marconi place. Thanks again! Closed King_of_queso protected!
1176 Mar27@0125h AceMarconi Please extend protection as required to contain the wall & stuff.. Tango Mucho! Closed King_of_queso protection expanded!
1175 Mar27@0055h Zomise Flow water inside floor. Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
1174 Mar27@0053h Yakkhyl fence not permeable Closed King_of_queso discussed via /msg
1173 Mar27@0047h Azumarill graf Closed RukiaKuchiki_ ungref
1172 Mar27@0037h kalasalad make my water flow please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
1171 Mar27@0017h robr update n8 to NE End Portal Closed robr rail signs updated
1170 Mar27@0004h Azumarill I tried to fix the water on this shore and it didn't work :/ Closed i_c_e_ water fixed -
1169 Mar26@2353h theFacebook can I claim this monstrosity? Closed robr devil spawner protected for you, may god have mercy on your soul.
1168 Mar26@2352h Zomise flow Closed i_c_e_ flowed finalllly shush pez
1167 Mar26@2351h dacracot I doubt there is anything you can do, but someone is strip mining right up to the edge of my claim. Kinda sucks. Closed cujobear It's not a nice thing to do, but it is also not against the rules :( Hopefully the signs added will make players think twice
1166 Mar26@2303h Bearnor i had a skeleton trap in the dirt hut name Dave and now he is gone help Closed fazaden discussed via /m
1165 Mar26@2251h kumquatmay Please give the east portal the purple sparklies! Closed tict0c Portal is lit and ready to use!! Congratz!
1164 Mar26@2245h Rokkuwu Was this glass griffd? Closed kumquatmay ungriefed! thanks for reporting
1163 Mar26@2218h Zarton_ please revert this block to powder Closed zburdsal Reverted.
1162 Mar26@2143h Wizard_Council please protecc my slime platform/spider spawner Closed kumquatmay protected!
1161 Mar26@2138h Armas_DSasi two t2 golem spawners please! sacrifical mats in shulker Closed tict0c Two Tier_2 spawners added :)
1160 Mar26@2012h VarukaSalt please remove my personal protection from the area marked by the slime blocks. Thank you. Closed kumquatmay region removed!
1159 Mar26@1944h Ruthlesssss when the portal got moved up, the region below was left, could I have sw_portal_frame redefined to actually be the SW portal only? :) Closed zburdsal Done!
1158 Mar26@1857h CARnivore_nds plz protect sizzlin' Sams 4 blocks deep 4 high,4 wide. thx Closed zburdsal Sizzlin sam's is sizzlin safe
1157 Mar26@1828h Tin_OS replace red wool with iron spawner( i forgot to put composters here too) Closed cheezychicken spawner placed!
1156 Mar26@1827h Tin_OS replace red wool with iron spawner( i forgot too put composters inside) Closed cheezychicken spawner placed!
1155 Mar26@1818h olav3118 flow top block please Closed cheezychicken flow'd!
1154 Mar26@1801h IInsani_Ty May I ask someone to protect the circle i am working in so its Easier for me to flow water! Don't want to waste staffs time Closed Trooprm32 Protected!
1153 Mar26@1754h IInsani_Ty May i ge this whole circle protected so it is easier for me do flow water and I don't have to keep /modreq it Closed IInsani_Ty
1152 Mar26@1744h mrblakee Ive marked the 4 corners of my claim area with 4 signs and the required fencing Closed Trooprm32 No modreq required when declaring a claim!
1151 Mar26@1744h Xaerim I wish to make the sugarcanes harvestable by the public :o Closed Trooprm32 Set to build allow also!
1150 Mar26@1743h mrblakee is it possible to make my land claim with a partner"Phinigin" and which also encompass his claim? Closed CARnivore_nds yes, once you get your builds protected, you can both be on the p[rotection also.
1149 Mar26@1742h VarukaSalt Flow water please. Thank you. :D Closed robr flowed
1148 Mar26@1731h IInsani_Ty Can someone please flow all my water sources! Please and Thank Yous Closed Trooprm32 Flowed
1147 Mar26@1730h Xaerim I wish to make the farms harvestable by all players within this protected area Closed Trooprm32 4 farms set to build allow.
1146 Mar26@1653h Polar_Ted Part 2: Jax_Games28 has again claimed new land inside the Avalon claim. We has agreed to let him stay as long as he stayed inside his original claim. he has broken that agreement. please roll back this area. all Mayors of Avalon has discussed. Closed cheezychicken Build removed :)
1145 Mar26@1647h Yakkhyl what the FLIP.... [I dont think this needs describing here but it's a hole in east road] Closed cujobear road builders have been talked to, thank you for reporting
1144 Mar26@1633h olav3118 flow please (just 1 block this time) Closed Trooprm32 Flowed!
1143 Mar26@1632h GHDpro please allow water bucket inside dispenser to flow when enabled, thanks Closed Trooprm32 Flowed!
1142 Mar26@1621h AceMarconi stuck in stalled mminecart again. cant move or exit car. Closed Trooprm32 Unstuck ._.
1141 Mar26@1602h olav3118 flow please (the water in the trapdoors) Closed Trooprm32 Flowed!
1140 Mar26@1554h kalasalad make my water flow please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
1139 Mar26@1522h Suspicious_Mango can i get this water block flowing please Closed Trooprm32 Flowed!
1138 Mar26@1514h joshcarls please flow water blocks near 994 49 -982 thnks Closed Trooprm32 Flowed!
1137 Mar26@1512h Suroz im stuck in the big potato Closed Trooprm32 Showed the way!
1136 Mar26@1511h Suspicious_Mango can i get these water blocks flowing please Closed Trooprm32 Flowed!
1135 Mar26@1502h Greymore1234 We have someone named Jax_Games28 who has been building within Avalons borders despite being told to stop. Recently placing landclaims in our claim, 390 63 154 Closed cheezychicken Build removed :)
1134 Mar26@1241h Rokkuwu I believe there was a spruce leaf here Closed Rokkuwu
1133 Mar26@1206h Tin_OS replace red wool with iron spawner Closed cheezychicken Seems to be missing 20 workstations, sorry!
1132 Mar26@1206h Tin_OS replace red wool with iron spawner Closed cheezychicken Seems to be missing 20 workstations, sorry!
1131 Mar26@1052h MackSaffron Can you add this area to my region? I'm going to be /flow'ing a lot in here :\ Closed totemo region machsaffron_house expanded to include this build
1130 Mar26@0945h Zomise Can you please fix this special bow's name to the original coloured one? Enchanting took it away. Closed tict0c Color was restored!! Tell all your friends :o)
1129 Mar26@0707h Ruthlesssss protect spawner pls ,3 Closed Trooprm32 Protected!
1128 Mar26@0621h monfmonf flow water pls Closed Trooprm32 Flowed!
1127 Mar26@0532h monfmonf pls can we get our protections expanded. Thanks. mods are best <3 Closed zburdsal Region redefined
1126 Mar26@0427h Randomdoor uhhh someone griefed my stuff? Closed Bluuefuzzy fixed!
1125 Mar26@0418h FallenAgnostic a study ban for 12 hours starting now? Closed buzzie71 you are banned!...good luck on your studies and see you soon :D
1124 Mar26@0401h ocelotpotpie Please ignore last modreq! Closed Spook6 do /check to see the modreq number then do /done #### to close it
1123 Mar26@0401h JamesMcProgger Found a small error in a death message https://i.imgur.com/AHNFtlg.png Closed cujobear thank you for reporting. We will get that corrected
1122 Mar26@0400h ocelotpotpie I think I just dropped a shulker here and it vanished. Closed ocelotpotpie
1121 Mar26@0332h tadrogers can you make this water flow? thank youuu Closed King_of_queso flowing!
1120 Mar26@0257h SnorlaxMD flow water plz Closed buzzie71 flowing!
1119 Mar26@0220h Standish_ Could we please have our name added to the N1 sign? It's on the dialer but not the light. Thanks! Closed King_of_queso Sign updated!
1118 Mar26@0201h Willard flow Closed i_c_e_ ya flow has been flowed
1117 Mar26@0138h GentlemanCrafter flow please for safe obsidian mining Closed defiex Splish has been splashed!
1116 Mar26@0124h Xyloto_ Is there anything I can do about items not droping after death bc of lag? Closed Xyloto_ Needs to die less, to avoid lag :/
1115 Mar26@0115h FallenAgnostic make this area where the shulker and anvil is at be public plz Closed buzzie71 area set!
1114 Mar26@0052h PigeonSquared Study Ban from tonight until 3:30pm EST on Thursday 3/26/2020 c: Closed Trooprm32 Someone else study banned you but didnt close.
1113 Mar26@0022h Phinigin landclaim Closed i_c_e_ House is safe and Snug as a bug in a rug
1112 Mar25@2355h Medut please flow this liquid Closed robr flowed
1111 Mar25@2311h Mumberthrax i did not realize this protected region was here when I made this land claim. Is there any way the build can be world-edited lower so that i can have reasonable floor/basement modification in my claim? its literally one block below the ground... Closed cujobear the region under you is the spawn rail. I cannot lower the build or change the region size.
1110 Mar25@2308h Polar_Ted who caused all this dmage to my floors and torches? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed via /msg
1109 Mar25@2242h AzulaTheFireLord there seems to have been incidental melon stem grief here Closed AzulaTheFireLord Nevermind I got a hoe and fixed it.
1108 Mar25@2237h Tellephone Can I get protection for this bee house please? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
1107 Mar25@2230h Muzelle i have 3 cubes of water in each of these glass rooms, please flow. ish much gratefuls Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing :D
1106 Mar25@2150h robr shulker spot on top of this quartz slab pls Closed robr done, sorry you had to wait so long!
1105 Mar25@2109h RukiaKuchiki_ tp me outta here, game wont load chonks Closed cheezychicken I fixed it without doing anything!
1104 Mar25@2103h AzulaTheFireLord The terrain in this area has also been heavily messed with. Who done it Closed robr rolled back, user warned, let us know if anything got missed
1103 Mar25@2102h AzulaTheFireLord Someone has destroyed a large part of the terrain in my land claim here. Please assist. Closed robr rolled back, user warned, let us know if anything got missed
1102 Mar25@2026h Jezzzzie i think my tree region is preventing some of our sugarcane from being public. Closed robr contracted tree region in 2 blocks, but can't do anymore or it will be out of protection.. suggest moving cane to more contained location that can be public without overlapping your protections
1101 Mar25@2000h Reylah flow please <3 Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!