PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
5200 Jun27@0455h Treppich Hiya! Is it possible if this arena part of the region could be set to break+build so that spleef can be played here? :D Open
5199 Jun27@0345h Nyxie i was looking for a chest. but then broke an observer. now im not sure how to put it back. Closed robr rolled back just that observer block, hopefully that fixes it?
5198 Jun27@0345h SwitchViewz This should be glowstone... Closed robr damage rolled back, different user warned, thanks for reporting
5197 Jun27@0343h SwitchViewz Missing signs D: Closed robr user edits in area rolled back, warned. thanks for reporting
5196 Jun27@0128h Kvacken Expand Night Raid Border Closed Silversunset region expanded for new build area.
5195 Jun27@0017h ixhi pls protect this ultra-micro underground poem shrine :o plus maybe a block or two of stone around it to keep people from poking in Closed fazaden Good news! Your poem shrine is already part of your protected region ixhi_tall_shrine
5194 Jun26@2302h Kvacken Night Raid is connected to N2! Closed robr signs updated!
5193 Jun26@2117h assasymphoni This top chest has been claimed when it should be unregistered for the system to work. It is empty. Can we have it unregistered? Closed cheezychicken Discussed via /m, do another modreq if you can't contact them :)
5192 Jun26@1849h robr expand alias region 1 block east Closed robr next time pay attention to your coordinates before you start building
5191 Jun26@1723h robr water grief, logging for fixing Closed robr rail damage rolled back, player warned to self report in future.
5190 Jun26@1651h Kvacken W8 rail connection Night Raid Closed robr please hook up rail to available connection first, i might recommend rerouting to attach to n2 which is vacant
5189 Jun25@2138h Shandrew_ will you please make my waterfall flow :) Closed Silversunset your water is flowing!
5188 Jun25@2046h Kvacken connect rail with spawn Closed Silversunset discussed via /m
5187 Jun25@1219h RonB I fell in this hole and can't get out becouse of protection. Closed cheezychicken Saved
5186 Jun25@1215h KulFry theres a bug where you get stuck when you leave the game in a minecart Closed cheezychicken Seems to be a "resolved" minecraft bug that wasn't actually resolved.
5185 Jun25@0559h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc Closed schererererer protected
5184 Jun25@0425h Ruthlesssss flow top water block pls <3 Closed fazaden it's flowing, you might have to update a block if you want it to spill out
5183 Jun25@0334h Treppich I'm digging a tunnel so that a track can be duplicated by there's some region protection at this spot that prevents continuation of the tunnel? Closed Silversunset discussed via /m
5182 Jun25@0223h kmwillia can i get these waters flowed? thanks <3 Closed tict0c Flowing Done Nice Melon Farm :)
5181 Jun25@0030h wyguy2014 tiny bit of grief? Closed Silversunset degriefed
5180 Jun24@2043h cheezychicken wall is empty of cocoa :( someone pushed the button? Closed robr cocoa magically replaced, user warmed.
5179 Jun24@1950h MisticalIllusion flow pls Closed cheezychicken Yup, that's how you do it!
5178 Jun24@1451h Treppich N5 should be labelled as outbound towards Alexandria? Closed Silversunset labelled
5177 Jun24@1417h deliciouscheeze out of carts :( Closed cheezychicken Player filled, not staff filled. I'll go do it in a sec.
5176 Jun24@0332h buzzie71 I used /fs and somehow ended up with these two player heads ._. not sure what they used to be Closed totemo I suspect these were custom heads with skin data but no associated (valid) player identity. It's arguably a bug in /fs to stomp on them, but /fs was written before we made such heads available. Will track on Trello.
5175 Jun24@0214h buzzie71 farmer's collection ready to turn in :O Closed cujobear badge in chest!
5174 Jun23@1756h buzzie71 having trouble replacing chickens; think they were wiped by moblimiter when I timed out here with a bunch of chickens on the floor ._. Closed pez252 Assisted with killing all the rest of the chickens
5173 Jun23@1728h buzzie71 cows griefed? O.o Closed fazaden fixed, user warned
5172 Jun23@1658h Bluuefuzzy i think it's been a few months since the last modreq, so asking again if I could take over this building for solace Closed cujobear discussed via /m
5171 Jun23@0042h Nanew protection Closed Silversunset region night-raid created!
5170 Jun22@2314h Kvacken protection Closed buzzie71 discussed with /msg :O waiting until more is built up to request again
5169 Jun22@2234h Kvacken protection Closed King_of_queso discussed via /msg
5168 Jun22@2110h RDstonetrxz protection Closed cheezychicken Region created!
5167 Jun22@2008h RDstonetrxz protection Closed pez252 Sorry, build needs to be more complete for protection. Don't worry though, we can roll back any issues if something happens until then.
5166 Jun22@1515h sansapants How did my beloved Emperor Red Snapper Charlemagne die? Closed buzzie71 it somehow fell underwater and died...sorry ._. someone should boost their budget in physics modeling...
5165 Jun22@0927h buzzie71 protection please :O Closed cujobear protected
5164 Jun22@0515h robr died here, literally back w/in 10 seconds, only elytra disappeared - anything i can do? Closed cheezychicken Sadly no :( I can see you dropped it in logs, but nothing else.
5163 Jun22@0430h kmwillia can you make these waters flow? thanks! Closed buzzie71 all flowing!
5162 Jun22@0413h tld97 flow water behind pistons Closed buzzie71 all flowing!
5161 Jun21@1640h robr logging for reference, see notes Open
5160 Jun21@1556h Treppich when was this built under my build? also who built it?? Closed robr pico double spawner, there's a sign down near the rail. long out of logs/prior to your build. Claims also don't cover down to that level, for reference.
5159 Jun21@1341h DjentleGiant I tried bonemealing these saplings but, since I don't have edit rights, the saplings disappeared. :( Closed totemo This may be fixed in the next WorldGuard version we use. I found this: https://github.com/EngineHub/worldguard/commit/6dbd731c92bb10e41fd5b826fe3dc8f46566ef15
5158 Jun21@0327h buzzie71 turning in I'd Rather Be Fishing collection :O Closed cujobear badge in chest!
5157 Jun20@1814h PDY2014 flow pls! Closed Norami Flowing \o/
5156 Jun20@0700h KulFry I got stuck in the rails and for some reason my chunks won't load Closed Norami Mailed KulFry.
5155 Jun20@0654h TacoknightIII Could you please Claim my building? I have lapis blocks in place Closed buzzie71 your build is now protected!
5154 Jun20@0252h PDY2014 flow these first two again pls! Closed robr flowed
5153 Jun20@0249h PDY2014 flow pls! Closed robr flowed!
5152 Jun19@2235h Merp2000 my thorns killed boomer! Closed cujobear replaced, please be careful with thorns, they are pointy!
5151 Jun19@2109h PDY2014 Im making a mob trap based on water so could you just flow all the water in this cave area ill leave signs where the water is thx! Closed PDY2014
5150 Jun19@2101h PDY2014 flow pls! Closed cheezychicken Flow'd!
5149 Jun19@1138h KulFry help im stuck Closed KulFry nvm manage to get out from a glitch
5148 Jun18@0958h Treppich Hi guys we had CaptainScarrows fall under the track into the Obsidian/lava lake and monfmonf and I had to rescue him, unfortunately we lost some of the rail - could you WorldEdit this stretch back? thanks :D Closed cheezychicken Rails replaced! Thanks for reporting!
5147 Jun18@0833h CaptainScarrows Hi, it seems that I'm stuck. Help! Closed cheezychicken Seems you got unstuck without my help!
5146 Jun18@0731h Narissis This spot is outside the narissis_tower region; please to expand as necessary to make sure the whole build is within it? Closed cheezychicken Region expanded!
5145 Jun18@0101h PlNG also a vindicator here is missing Closed pez252 LightningStrike killed Vindicator at 2380:62:-2495
5144 Jun18@0059h PlNG I had a named zombie here, what happened to it? Closed pez252 FIRE_TICK killed Zombie at 2360:71:-2473
5143 Jun17@2102h PDY2014 flow pls! Closed tict0c Also Flowing :) \o/
5142 Jun17@2042h PDY2014 flow pls! Closed tict0c Flowing :)
5141 Jun17@1743h TheWightOfThule protection pls! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ please build up the area and then request protection
5140 Jun17@1414h Im_a_Ninja13 someone griefed my wooden planks Closed RukiaKuchiki_ ungriefed!
5139 Jun17@1346h Zarton_ re: modreq ID 5129 sorry I wasn't clear, I meant that the bridge causes suffocation damge for users of the east-west road Closed cheezychicken Ah, I see what you mean now. Road made so it doesn't suffocate!
5138 Jun17@0523h Treppich I needed to rearrange my inventory and used this chest to make space and rearrange but I can't grab my items back D: Closed cheezychicken Items are in your inventory!
5137 Jun17@0037h buzzie71 please create a shulker spot here :O Closed robr shulkerized
5136 Jun17@0027h buzzie71 please create a shulker spot here :O Closed King_of_queso region created!
5135 Jun17@0026h buzzie71 please create a shulker spot here :O Closed King_of_queso region created!
5134 Jun16@1937h assasymphoni please remove this wayward furnace which doesn't belong here Closed cheezychicken Furnace removed!
5133 Jun16@1341h KulFry my shulkerbox with everything I own is suddenly missing? I didn't drop it or anything Closed KulFry
5132 Jun16@1203h Treppich Hi my build has outgrown its region boundaries, could you please expand? :D Closed cheezychicken Region expanded!
5131 Jun16@0801h Treppich who made this really nice build? :D Closed cheezychicken Discussed via /m
5130 Jun16@0053h pez252 Flow Closed CARnivore_nds wetness witness freely flowing
5129 Jun15@1927h Zarton_ the rail at -121,13,221 causes suffocation damage. could it be moved up a y level or two? Closed cheezychicken Line seems to be abandonded/unfinished. Doesn't lead anywhere at the least.
5128 Jun15@1647h buzzie71 requesting protection on this underground build (plus redstoning things under this room) Closed cujobear underground build protected, please let me know if I missed any hidden areas
5127 Jun15@1624h iNerd71 sigh, I leave to play on chaos and this damn bird gets killed again... Closed cheezychicken Parrot returned from the dead!
5126 Jun15@0459h Armas_DSasi /flow not working here? if not please flow, thanks Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
5125 Jun15@0425h PigeonSquared Ok, lets region this bitch finally. Closed cheezychicken Darkroot_farm region created as a child of darkroot!
5124 Jun15@0339h KulFry My Bow disappeared after an anvil got destroyed it was newly fixed and heavily enchanted Closed cheezychicken I can't find anything in any kind of log showing a bow dissapearing, sorry!
5123 Jun14@0451h buzzie71 flow water please :O Closed kumquatmay flowin!
5122 Jun14@0103h polkadottedpuppy land claim please :) just the top of the mountain over here would be great. please give cafemoca1 full rights here too. thanks! Closed Silversunset mountaintop castle protected
5121 Jun13@1730h PigeonSquared afk death. :( Closed PigeonSquared
5120 Jun13@1730h PigeonSquared afk death. :( Closed cheezychicken Slain by a zombie, so no inventory restore I'm afraid.
5119 Jun13@1429h teiz1 flow Closed cheezychicken Flow'd
5118 Jun13@1409h PigeonSquared public Closed PigeonSquared
5117 Jun13@1356h PigeonSquared Accidentally mudered magenta sheep named "frank." Closed PigeonSquared
5116 Jun13@0832h KulFry plz make all chests and hoppers in between 3331 68 -371 until 3331 73 -353 public Closed cheezychicken Discussed and sorted!
5115 Jun12@2141h teiz1 floww Closed fazaden floww'd
5114 Jun12@2042h fazaden the efficiency V and aqua affinity villagers in Solace are missing Closed cheezychicken All killed by illusioners sadly, so we won't replace.
5113 Jun12@1847h teiz1 flow Closed cheezychicken Sploosh!
5112 Jun12@1509h polkadottedpuppy hi! cafemoca1 and i are trying to breed some horses for ourselves and we've bred a few but only one allowed us to tame it. whenever we try to tame it, it just hisses at us but doens't let us actually on the horse at all. any ideas? Closed kumquatmay discussed via /m!
5111 Jun12@0951h Treppich Hey Cheezy was this stop placed earlier than my fix? Closed cheezychicken discussed via /m
5110 Jun12@0921h KulFry I am building a new railway connection from rose to a settlement. Who should I ask for permission to connect the railway? Closed cheezychicken Discussed via /m
5109 Jun12@0359h barneygale no waterfall at se portal? :( Closed RukiaKuchiki_ water restored
5108 Jun11@1143h polkadottedpuppy hey there, looking to create a waterfall just outside of my house. it doesn't seem to be in my region so i can't use the flow comman Closed cheezychicken Splishy splashy!
5107 Jun11@0656h Narissis Please protect this rail line as a child of narissis_tower from the edge of that region to the edge of Solace region Closed cheezychicken Region created!
5106 Jun11@0534h RukiaKuchiki_ tech/padminreq: when entering modmode i cant get out due to error 'no perms" untill i relog Closed totemo I'll have a go at fixing ModMode once the C update is complete.
5105 Jun11@0517h buzzie71 please flow this water, two in the channel that this one feeds into, and another one on the other side :O Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed :D
5104 Jun11@0114h MJKhoi four flows Closed Silversunset flowed!
5103 Jun10@1833h robr waterway blocking bridge Closed cujobear passage area created
5102 Jun10@1715h robr ditto - see 5101 Closed Norami Mailed Treppich re same problem as in 5101.
5101 Jun10@1713h robr possible grief/rail modification, see notes Closed Norami Mailed user re making stop on a direct rail from Pico to Spawn, destroying afk ability on rail and not asking permission. Thanks for reporting robr.
5100 Jun10@1424h shanty_sniper claim these 2 spawners for me please Closed cheezychicken Regions created on the two spawners!
5099 Jun10@1335h slaughtercraft is that a grief? Closed cheezychicken If it is it is out of our logs, could be they just ran out of rails. Thanks for reporting!
5098 Jun10@1042h schererererer build allow region for rail dial Closed schererererer 1 block build allow region created on rail dial
5097 Jun10@0456h defiex Gray Matter Collection ready for submittion! Closed cujobear badge in chest!
5096 Jun10@0153h polkadottedpuppy hi, can you allow cafemoca1 to edit the land on my land claim? he can't build or destroy land currently. Closed Silversunset discussed via /msg
5095 Jun10@0115h buzzie71 flow this water please :O Closed cujobear flowed :D
5094 Jun09@2002h assasymphoni The hoppercart doesn't work anymore and QueenBombus hasn't been seen since April. Can we get mod intervention fix for the grinder, so we can afk? Closed cheezychicken Should be fixed now!
5093 Jun09@1713h SirLyle did someone grief this rail? Closed cheezychicken Grief fixed! Thanks!
5092 Jun09@1647h Eridani would like this water at the coords I sent this message to be flowed Closed pez252 Flowed
5091 Jun09@0454h Mrloud15 "LookMortyImAFag" inappropriate username Closed cheezychicken We'll handle this if we see them on again. Thanks for reporting!
5090 Jun09@0335h Narissis Could this water be flowed so it fills in the gap? :) Closed buzzie71 yes :O it flows!
5089 Jun08@2341h polkadottedpuppy hi! I'd like a land claim. I'm sharing this land with cafemoca so if it's possible i'd like to allow him to edit here. i put fencing around the area. thank you! (ps I'm new, so sorry if i did it wrong haha) Closed cheezychicken Region created! Lovely house by the way!
5088 Jun08@2304h pez252 griff? Closed cheezychicken Griff fixed! thanks for reporting!
5087 Jun08@2204h LongshotLafayete please flow this lava Closed pez252 Flowed!
5086 Jun08@2126h PPGOME who's building this Closed Silversunset discussed via /m
5085 Jun08@2124h Standish_ Can I please have this small grassy area added to the Broughton protection? I would like to make a river going to the SW. TY! Closed cheezychicken Discussed via /m!
5084 Jun08@2055h Gold88ape Two CATT Marked DONE (purple is also done but I haven't unlocked that tier yet) Closed cujobear badges in chests! Welcome to tier 3!
5083 Jun08@2033h oxguy3 would it be possible to get rid of this abandoned horse wandering around here? Closed cheezychicken Discussed via /m
5082 Jun08@1744h AbatedDust Two stone blocks at x2753 y10 z2842 and x2753 y10 z2837 are locked to Firesjin, likely as a result of the ban and rollback. Can you please unlock them? Closed cheezychicken Stone blocks unlocked!
5081 Jun08@1401h cheezychicken arena floor to have a pvp-true region plz Closed cujobear come fight me bro
5080 Jun08@0045h cheezychicken Barrier blocks where the dirt are plz Closed cujobear barrier blocks placed
5079 Jun08@0042h cheezychicken region around the arena plz <3 Closed cheezychicken Region created! And what a lovely arena it is!
5078 Jun07@2249h varj rail griefed. Pls halp Closed cheezychicken Sent a /mail. Thanks for reporting!
5077 Jun07@2233h wyguy2014 crop grief, tree grief Closed Silversunset trees and crops degriefed (i think). Holler if you find more
5076 Jun07@2016h robr tech req, see notes Closed totemo oddly enough /lbrb-r eshonbel 10 works just fine; I'll take it as a reminder to check some other stuff
5075 Jun07@2005h robr multiple cobble/sign spam instances around amazingbrotato's build. logging for reference Closed robr area edits by unauthorized user rolled back, additional note added to user, discussed inappropriateness via /m
5074 Jun07@1959h PigeonSquared ~~~flow~~~~ Closed robr flowed
5073 Jun07@1929h mw24797 i can see it Closed cheezychicken Fixed via /m!
5072 Jun07@1928h mw24797 im pressing t then tyoing what i want but it wont work Closed cheezychicken Fixed via /m!
5071 Jun07@1928h mw24797 how do i speak Closed cheezychicken Fixed via /m!
5070 Jun07@1928h mw24797 nothing is working Closed cheezychicken Fixed via /m!
5069 Jun07@1927h mw24797 i cant do anything Closed cheezychicken Fixed via /m!
5068 Jun07@1924h mw24797 [i cannot speak] Closed cheezychicken Fixed via /m!
5067 Jun07@1916h matthew0571 why is there a ghast outside my house Closed cheezychicken Discussed via /m
5066 Jun07@1843h robr end grief: block removed below here, cobble derp on roadto south, etc.. Closed cheezychicken Grief and derp cleared up!
5065 Jun07@0807h Unce pls flow to make it hard will remove after Closed schererererer flowed
5064 Jun07@0319h buzzie71 possible to protect this too? maybe too little? ._. Closed schererererer appears to be insufficient for a protection - can check with a padmin if there are additional circumstances supporting protection
5063 Jun07@0313h buzzie71 cheezy this wall is missing from prots too :O Closed schererererer buzzie_dungeon_10 expanded 1 block to W to cover wall
5062 Jun07@0309h buzzie71 cheezy need some region magic here for piston to work :O Closed schererererer buzzie_dungeon_08 expanded 1 block to N to put piston fully inside region; should operate normally now
5061 Jun07@0304h buzzie71 cheezy you missed a wall :O Closed schererererer buzzie_dungeon_03 expanded 2 blocks to N to cover wall
5060 Jun06@2325h PigeonSquared now lava flow please Closed cheezychicken Flow'd!
5059 Jun06@2322h PigeonSquared look, its so pretty :o) also SPLOOSH Closed Silversunset splooshed
5058 Jun06@2215h PigeonSquared SPLISHY SPLASHY SPLISHY SPLASHYYYYY Closed cheezychicken Splish has been splashed!
5057 Jun06@1957h Eshonbel this hopper thing for free books isn't working, im desperate for books Closed cheezychicken Discussed via /m
5056 Jun06@1840h Narissis Please to protect this tower to skylimit, and the beacon underneath? Also note the granite posts on the hilltop. Closed cheezychicken Regions created!
5055 Jun06@1800h teiz1 upgrade one spawner to tier 2, souls in chest <33 Closed cheezychicken Spawner upgraded!
5054 Jun06@1439h DjentleGiant Please flow. Thx! Closed cheezychicken Sploosh!
5053 Jun06@1424h Treppich Hi Cheezy could you please connect my track to the spawn station? :D Closed cheezychicken Signs updated!
5052 Jun06@1135h PigeonSquared flow! Closed cheezychicken Sploosh'd!
5051 Jun06@0910h Treppich is this spawn railtrack now available? (just wanted to double check just to not tread on any toes is all :)) ) Closed cheezychicken It sure seems so!
5050 Jun06@0900h LittleGirizly my horse died because of a bug, revive him back Closed cheezychicken Seems to have fallen off a cliff. Discussed via /msg
5049 Jun06@0408h buzzie71 please protect this underground stuff :O Closed cheezychicken Regions created! May be worth you going through and checking I haven't missed a bit
5048 Jun06@0301h Treppich this station-picker appears to be region locked? Closed cujobear pick your stations!
5047 Jun05@1846h KILLER_WHALES_ can you please flow the water at the top of my glass orb (-1201, 55) Closed cheezychicken Ball flow'd!
5046 Jun05@1747h SquaresThere water flow? thanks! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
5045 Jun05@1257h Coniux /mail read sends an error Closed cheezychicken Fixed!
5044 Jun04@0907h phil035 theres a farmer villiger missing from solace trading hall was it a player or a mob? Closed cheezychicken An Illusioner killed the villager apparently. No idea where that came from though.
5043 Jun04@0552h teiz1 think im ready to get my golem spawners moved to my new grinder. spawners located at -2681,105,1377. Replace them with the blue wool on the roof please <3 Closed cheezychicken Golem spawners moved!
5042 Jun04@0450h totemo Did someone have a little accident with /removenear lava here? No lava edits logged. Can't imagine diamonds not being mined while lava was removed weeks ago. Closed cheezychicken No /removenear in any logs, maybe just an odd spawning cave.
5041 Jun04@0056h SquaresThere water flow? under the bridge here Closed defiex SPlish has been splashed!
5040 Jun03@2242h slaughtercraft please refill that one missing water chunk ._. Closed kumquatmay filled!
5039 Jun03@2008h drenahmeti22 I've accidentally broken a bit of the Nether construction Closed cheezychicken Broken stuff fixed! Thanks for reporting! :)
5038 Jun03@1620h teiz1 floww Closed cheezychicken Flow'd!
5037 Jun03@1251h Treppich who put these down xD Closed cheezychicken Discussed via /m
5036 Jun03@1244h Treppich has anyone taken over this area? I'm wondering if its okay to grab something Closed cheezychicken original owner hasn't responded, but at this point the req isn't needed
5035 Jun03@0755h LittleGirizly i wrongly removed some watermelons from spawn area, north road Closed cheezychicken You can just stand on the pressure plates at spawn to regen the melons! It's free food!
5034 Jun02@2315h CARnivore_nds plz protect the Orion tourism building. the newest employee seem volitile. Closed schererererer building protected
5033 Jun02@2228h SquaresThere water flow? all the blocks in each nook here... trying to get flow happening under the bridge just from those source blocks. they aren't flowing on their own. grrrr... Closed CARnivore_nds flowed, let us know if you need moar hep!
5032 Jun02@2129h cheezychicken grief? seems to have been to make the box on the road... Closed CARnivore_nds technically, there is no defined region...so it is open game . I messaged Haven though.
5031 Jun02@2126h Yakkhyl very dangerous hole! Closed CARnivore_nds thanks for reporting, messaged owner
5030 Jun02@2022h tadrogers can you make this water flooooow? Thanks! Closed cujobear flowed
5029 Jun02@1919h MJKhoi flow Closed i_c_e_ let the water flow !
5028 Jun02@1758h tadrogers can you make this water flow? Please? Thank you! Closed tict0c Water Flowing :o)
5027 Jun02@1432h AbatedDust I would like a town greeting set from x2735 y10 z2675 to x2760 y70 z2700. I would like the greeting to read, "Welcome to Darkroot. Anyone using X-ray mods or texture packs will be met with inventory deletion, a week ban, and a six-week rollback." Closed cheezychicken Greeting added to both entrances!
5026 Jun02@1213h teiz1 is it possible to get my golem spawners moved from my old base to my new one? Closed cheezychicken Discussed via /m, make another modreq when you have built the new grinder :)
5025 Jun02@0554h Treppich Hi this part is also just outside my region - could you please flow? :)) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ also flowed!
5024 Jun02@0553h Treppich Hi I've expanded my acqueduct to just a little outside my region - can you please flow the water? :) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
5023 Jun02@0527h AbatedDust There's some funky stuff going on in darkroot. Blocks appear to have teleported at random, and places that no one should have been before are locked under new member's names. I'm not sure what's happening, but please take a look. Closed AbatedDust
5022 Jun02@0343h PPGOME somebody turned teh logs on the message board to stripped. This is a family friendly town, strippers not allowed Closed robr sorry, any changes made to the logs are out of the logs.. you wood need to fix manually at this point.
5021 Jun02@0248h SomeDankIdiot can i get some flows? making a spider grinder Closed cujobear kill all the spiders!
5020 Jun02@0238h SomeDankIdiot flow like all of these Closed cujobear sorry! got caught up in my golf :P
5019 Jun02@0109h SomeDankIdiot flow please? Closed cujobear flowin'
5018 Jun02@0101h pez252 Player gone a month. Can their shulker be moved to their end chest? Closed cujobear removed
5017 Jun02@0058h SomeDankIdiot can i please get 2 flows for an infinite source? Closed cujobear infini-pool created
5016 Jun02@0003h SomeDankIdiot move cave spider spawner at 2806, 17, -1207 to 2819, 17, -1247 please Closed i_c_e_ discussed vie message
5015 Jun01@2239h Eshonbel rainbowbrite's sheep have escaped Closed cujobear thanks for reporting
5014 Jun01@2206h KILLER_WHALES_ can you please flow the water under the walkways in my sphere too? Thanks (-2166, 763) Closed pez252 Flowed
5013 Jun01@2150h slaughtercraft wiki has an error, to spawn a custom head mob you need carved pumpkin -> http://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#How_to_obtain_a_player_head Closed defiex Thank you for reporting. "Pumpkin" has been updated to "carved pumpkin." Please let us know if you come across any other errors. We appreciate the heads-up!
5012 Jun01@2143h KILLER_WHALES_ can you please flow the water inside of this glass sphere? (-2166,763) Closed pez252 Flowed
5011 Jun01@2024h tld97 flow - water behind the trapdoors Closed pez252 Flowed
5010 Jun01@1924h tld97 flow, line of water Closed tict0c Line of awesome flowing waters :)
5009 Jun01@1900h MJKhoi flow Closed i_c_e_ all flowed ;)
5008 Jun01@1624h defiex Farmer's Collection ready for submission! Closed cujobear badge and level 3 book in chest.
5007 Jun01@1112h LukeLuchtloper flow Closed defiex Congrats on learning how to do a water flow! If you need to delete or cancel you modreq you can always type "/done 5007" to complete/cancel it! :)
5006 Jun01@0820h Coniux Nevermind! I got out! I used the stairs above to sit for a while then dismounted. Closed cheezychicken You can close your own modreqs using /check to find the number, then /close [number]!
5005 Jun01@0819h Coniux I'm stuck in a villager spot Closed cheezychicken See 5006
5004 Jun01@0621h Armas_DSasi can i get the cloud's_cradle protection extended a bit downward? thanks Closed cheezychicken Region expanded!
5003 Jun01@0532h SomeDankIdiot can i get a flow please i beg you Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
5002 Jun01@0430h AbatedDust Revive 2 pigs; "Porky" and "Buta" in darkroot. They likely died of suffocation from a faulty rail system. Please revive in the pen at x2817 y10 z2685. Closed cheezychicken Buta is alive and well! Porky suffocated in the rail station somehow...
5001 Jun01@0046h TastyNinja flow Closed cujobear water flowed