PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
1736 Aug01@1228h Kapouille why is there just a source block of lava above snotown Closed NastyHabits resolved
1735 Aug01@0611h LavaBather Requesting a perfect farmer, Jungle Biome at +889,+2191,34 payment in the chest @2195. Thank you!!!! Open
1734 Aug01@0559h LavaBather We are ready for our Iron spawner, redesigned for hoglins instead of golemns. +819,+2196,42 payment in the chest please replase redstone with spawner. Open
1733 Aug01@0554h Azumarill had a bunch of withers escape containment, can you check for them and I guess kill them for me if I missed them Open
1732 Aug01@0502h FallenAgnostic claim a mailbox from this red wall Open
1731 Aug01@0357h USSFallenAngel i accidentally placed my phantom head as a block instead of in the item frame, can i get it back as an item with its certification? Open
1730 Aug01@0335h Dinostorm flowing water Closed ocelotpotpie Flowin'
1729 Aug01@0230h UncleTito1 could i get this ghast farm and the ice boat road leading here protected in a child region under solace please Closed buzzie71 protected!
1728 Aug01@0106h adamnorcott this pillar blocks access by horse. Closed cujobear player stated they were still working on that area, cleared path
1727 Aug01@0105h NerdNu flow these two pieces of water Closed cujobear water flowed
1726 Aug01@0002h NastyHabits every time Closed cujobear I half blame Mojang really
1725 Jul31@2332h VarukaSalt Please place 2 more slime flavored iron spawners right in front of these two. Thanks. :) Closed cujobear spawners 3 & 4 in place! thanks to you ice is now in second place
1724 Jul31@2302h cujobear what happened to other sheep here? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ lightning killed a sheep, and converted 2 pigs to pigmen .-.
1723 Jul31@2251h MackSaffron flow these two blocks, pls <3 Closed Norami Flowing :)
1722 Jul31@2015h Omegaeddon Erm, wasnt there a villager here? Closed cujobear replaced
1721 Jul31@2008h Oxion_ hi can this event token sign be removed pls? Closed tict0c Sign Removed!
1720 Jul31@1948h Oxion_ someone sheared these rainbow sheep Closed pez252 Sheep sheering is not logged sorry
1719 Jul31@1941h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc new part of base Closed pez252 Done
1718 Jul31@1931h Penergy I had a named chicken inside this container that was killed, could it be restored? Closed pez252 Let loose by solace member. Died 18 hours later to a fox. :(
1717 Jul31@1925h NastyHabits ambrosia rail line has a problem (i talked about it on discord), somehow I started exiting here and not on my way to ambrosia Closed SirLyle suspected user error
1716 Jul31@1706h buzzie71 wasn't there a merchant here? O.o Closed cujobear replaced
1715 Jul31@1648h CodeRedStone at <<closure>>:place.msa:260.62 [newline] at <<main code>>:place.msa:326.30 [end]. This is not the only text the command outputs, beforehand it prints "Closest place" and then the place data of the nearest nether portal, as well as the "Event" data Closed cujobear appearently I was thinking of something else. Try now?
1714 Jul31@1646h CodeRedStone While doing /place Event at -275 62 -1423 (Solace), an error is thrown into chat. It reads: ms.lang.IndexOverflowException: The element at index "null" does not exist [newline] at <<closure>>:place.msa:156.52 [newline, continued] Closed cujobear for /place you need to be in the same world. that error is telling you there is no /plave event in this dimension
1713 Jul31@1631h MackSaffron flow these three water blocks, pls <3 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
1712 Jul31@1519h VarukaSalt grief. Someone took the other 3 redstone blocks that were the shulker spot Closed NastyHabits restored (in multiple places) and player warned, thanks for report
1711 Jul31@1518h SisigWithRice perfect cleric -1067, 90, -2863 Closed cujobear perfect cleric in place!
1710 Jul31@1457h defiex Missing me a sheeple. There was two, and now Orange-y is all alone. Again. D: Closed NastyHabits one orange sheep restored (player already banned), one sheep died to natural causes (fire)
1709 Jul31@1456h defiex The enemy gate is down! Someone removed my pressure plates and gates. Halp. Closed NastyHabits player banned and fully rollbacked
1708 Jul31@1454h defiex Well this isn't a very polite way to greet players on the West Road. ::tsktsk:: Closed NastyHabits player warned and rollbacked
1707 Jul31@1453h SisigWithRice perfect cleric -1067, 90, -2863 Closed cujobear perfect cleric requires 5 clerics and 3 stacks of emeralds. I only see 3 clerics here
1706 Jul31@1321h LTP1828 Oops, y for nonflowing water is 71 Closed NastyHabits flowed
1705 Jul31@1320h LTP1828 I can't get water to flow. I can turn it on, but it doesn't flow. -244, -243, -139, -138, Y71 Closed NastyHabits flowed
1704 Jul31@0418h Norami Please remove the 3 hoppers, 3 dispensers and 3 double chests here, player has not been in game in over 2 weeks. Thank you. Closed cujobear removed
1703 Jul31@0332h FallenAgnostic rename the greeting of this region to " Welcome to FallenAgnostic's Swimming Aquarium" with yellow font Closed King_of_queso greeting set!
1702 Jul31@0151h 8bitc4t replace netherrack inside glass room with spawner, payment chest is next to the bed Closed tict0c Spawner Placed thank you for using my head and not ice's :)
1701 Jul31@0015h Tidusblue flow please Closed Norami Flowing :)
1700 Jul31@0006h TemporarilyAlive please protect this area to just me (not as child of berrybury region) and disable noteblock changing please :) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
1699 Jul30@2346h Willravel a flow would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you. Closed ghrey303 flowed all of the waters
1698 Jul30@2309h Andromeda4210 someone griefed my rail Closed Andromeda4210
1697 Jul30@2215h shanty_sniper refer back to last, grief check it Closed RukiaKuchiki_ no grief here
1696 Jul30@2209h Andromeda4210 someone didn't replant here Closed NastyHabits repaired, mailed the player
1695 Jul30@2112h FunnyBald could i have on this mailbox pls? Closed assasymphoni Duplicate Req. Please be patient about modreqs.
1694 Jul30@2100h FunnyBald i claimed this box can my name be put on the sign pls? Closed assasymphoni you need to make sure to /cprivate the shulker. Your name has been added to the sign
1693 Jul30@2024h AlmightyNighty stuck Closed Norami Mailed player to make another modreq if still stuck, but it looks like player got unstuck on his/her own
1692 Jul30@1938h larry190991 Hello. Someone put some random chest and furnace a while ago and I just found some barrel in the ceiling of one of my houses. Could you remove them please? (In moshpit, house identified as farmhouse) Closed i_c_e_ grief fixed player warned thanks for reporting
1691 Jul30@1722h shanty_sniper idek Closed CARnivore_nds we are going to need more information than that.
1690 Jul30@1425h Omegaeddon griff Closed gk_ryo ungriffed
1689 Jul30@1234h CARnivore_nds request for a chest region named Retina. thnks Closed tict0c Chest region created !!
1688 Jul30@0112h Spook6 can i please get this protected and use deny or whatever it is to stop people changing the blocks, dont make it a child of berrybury just to me please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
1687 Jul30@0038h splendor Can I get this portal added to the live map and have it called "Nostento"? Closed cujobear portal added to /place and map
1686 Jul29@2318h Azumarill uno mas Closed i_c_e_ uno mas completado ;)
1685 Jul29@2034h UncleTito1 could you tell me who built this platform i'm standing on with all the rails please? Closed SirLyle msged then user logged out without acknowledging
1684 Jul29@1946h TemporarilyAlive please can the berrybury welcome message say "Welcome to Berrybury!" in the "" light red colour. thanks Closed tict0c Greeting has been changed :)
1683 Jul29@1935h gk_ryo hyrule_claim, SE of this corner Closed SirLyle claimed
1682 Jul29@1844h NastyHabits make this ambrosia rail connection selectable on spawn rail selector wall Closed tict0c All Hooked up!
1681 Jul29@1825h GHDpro Sorry for wasting mods' time, but... can the greeting text color for the "ambrosia_farms" region be changed to Orange instead? Closed tict0c Lookie I made it Orange !!! :O
1680 Jul29@1737h GHDpro Please change the greeting for the "ambrosia_farms" claim to "Welcome to Ambrosia Trade Hall & Farms" -- text color Red, thanks! Closed tict0c Greeting Changed :)
1679 Jul29@1626h RukiaKuchiki_ can all the region greeting spam be killed on this road lol Closed tict0c Removed !!
1678 Jul29@1617h blue_man1066 unlock top chest? it's supposed to be open but someone locked it Closed tict0c We cant do that for a player who is current. Best bet is to wait till they come back on. :)
1677 Jul29@1606h LavaBather please cancel the last request. I think I misunderstood how the spawner will work and need to redesign. Thank you!!! Closed tict0c Ok I had placed the spawner glad you caught it I will leave everything just remodreq when ready to place spawner
1676 Jul29@1443h Willravel I think this chest may not belong here. Thank you! Closed tict0c Removed thank you for letting us know!
1675 Jul29@0922h blue_man1066 flow please! could you flow all the water from here to the end of the ice pipe? Closed gk_ryo
1674 Jul29@0901h LavaBather Requesting an Iron Golem Spawner at +890,+2193, 48 (replace iron block), payment chest @ +835, +2225, +85 Closed tict0c Placed! You will have to redo your kill feature because we use hoglins for iron.
1673 Jul29@0552h FallenAgnostic add the greeting FallenAgnostic's Aquarium to this region Closed NastyHabits done!
1672 Jul29@0422h robr people have been spawning chickens on the track, may want to prevent that in spawn? Closed i_c_e_ There should be a chicken shortage in spawn now.....
1671 Jul29@0415h robr derp towwer up to rail Closed gk_ryo underped
1670 Jul29@0405h FallenAgnostic can't destroy this scaffold cuz of overalpping regions Closed FallenAgnostic
1669 Jul29@0314h CaptainWolfgang Would it be possible to make my house a vine-growth-free zone? :o Thank you! Closed tict0c Vines shall not Grow !!
1668 Jul29@0214h FallenAgnostic please flow all those waterblocks above me. There's a lot of them like a lot Closed tict0c Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink !!
1667 Jul29@0200h SirLyle can you tell me the last person to access this chest (and the one on the other end)? Closed SirLyle nvm
1666 Jul29@0113h FallenAgnostic i_c_e_ tried it again, exploit still there Closed i_c_e_ thank you for bringing it to our attention
1665 Jul29@0112h JudgeDread My bed was moved and a bird is missing Closed cujobear rolled back and birb replaced
1664 Jul29@0044h Oxion_ can there be a solace chest region in the nether pls? Closed cujobear solace region created in the nether, Oxion_ as owner
1663 Jul28@2151h Oxion_ can the claim region here be removed now that there's a protection region? Closed cujobear baleeted
1662 Jul28@2142h Azumarill hey can you get someone to test my drowned farm in a dev environment to see whether it's a weird erroneous mob spawning issue or that I just haven't lit enough caves around here Closed i_c_e_ World generator and the server does not always play well together and spawnrates seem out of the norm but your spawner seems to be doing ok - several have spawned while I was here
1661 Jul28@2044h FallenAgnostic accidentally came across an x-ray exploit. thought you all should know Closed i_c_e_ was an accident all fix now
1660 Jul28@2014h RukiaKuchiki_ le portle Closed i_c_e_ your portal to hell is open ;)
1659 Jul28@2003h cheezychicken protections for my docks plz thx <3 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
1658 Jul28@1712h Tidusblue flow water at my location please Closed gk_ryo kersploosh
1657 Jul28@1704h Lilah427 flow water here please Closed gk_ryo kersploosh
1656 Jul28@1704h Lilah427 flow water rpls Closed Lilah427
1655 Jul28@1547h Tidusblue flowith thy water please Closed cheezychicken flow'd
1654 Jul28@1457h Chef_Zuul more grief, someone destroyed all the crops & not replanted Closed gk_ryo rolled back grief
1653 Jul28@1456h Chef_Zuul definite grief here, someone stole the beacon blocks Closed gk_ryo abra kadabra, beacon reappear
1652 Jul28@1451h Chef_Zuul minor grief here? Closed gk_ryo rolled back grief
1651 Jul28@1300h gk_ryo Thinking with portals. Closed cheezychicken portal placed, plz say if you want a place and dmap marker
1650 Jul28@0737h factic flow pls! Closed gk_ryo kersploosh
1649 Jul28@0628h Oxion_ could the area here be made into a shulker region? (corners are marked by the shroomlights) ty! Closed cheezychicken shulker region created
1648 Jul28@0621h Oxion_ hi, could this region be upgraded to a proper protection & be given the allow-seating: deny flag? Closed cheezychicken protecteded and de-seated
1647 Jul28@0509h FallenAgnostic please rename this region fallenagnostic_aquarium Closed gk_ryo Nomenclature enacted.
1646 Jul28@0406h Tidusblue light portal and flow lava in room please Closed cheezychicken portal placed!
1645 Jul28@0200h gk_ryo kersploosh Closed King_of_queso splooooooosh
1644 Jul27@2128h Oxion_ could i have allow-seating: deny in this region pls? Closed robr discussed via /m
1643 Jul27@2111h FallenAgnostic extend my claim of one of these towers so it covers the aquarium bridge Closed gk_ryo Make my monster grow!
1642 Jul27@2106h cheezychicken protections for my station plz thx <3 Closed CARnivore_nds Ambrosia_station created
1641 Jul27@1742h GHDpro Please upgrade one of our iron spawners to tier 2, thanks! Upgrade cost in the chest to the right of the chamber. Closed tict0c Completed! More Iron for you!!
1640 Jul27@1204h harotaro i think a glass block is missing from this shulkers cage. if so was it a pico person? Closed kumquatmay fixed
1639 Jul27@0533h FallenAgnostic please flow all those water blocks above me Closed kumquatmay flowin
1638 Jul27@0326h FallenAgnostic make this into a region Closed kumquatmay protected
1637 Jul27@0235h FallenAgnostic can I make a building that goes over the N Road? Closed Norami You need to contact cheezychicken regarding if you can build over the N road, since he built it. Also msg Fallen re this in game. :)
1636 Jul27@0226h splendor May I have this portal lit? Shards are in the chest next to the portal frame. Closed tict0c Portal is up and running! Make sure you dont accidently break your portal or you will have to rebuy shards! :)
1635 Jul27@0159h RukiaKuchiki_ who made this floaty machine? Closed tict0c Discussed via msg and it was removed
1634 Jul26@2319h pez252 Hmmmmm Closed cujobear noted, thanks for reporting
1633 Jul26@2309h EvilStepDad Can my region from above this box, be extended down to include this structure? Closed CARnivore_nds region claim expanded
1632 Jul26@2219h RukiaKuchiki_ safebuckets derp Closed cujobear fixed, do not place any blocks adjacent to the water
1631 Jul26@2206h PixelFox64 water is flow? Closed gk_ryo flowed water at modreq location
1630 Jul26@2123h Lilah427 stuck Closed Bluuefuzzy FREED
1629 Jul26@2122h XeTrain help Closed Bluuefuzzy FREED
1628 Jul26@2026h RukiaKuchiki_ missing carpet? Closed NastyHabits restored!
1627 Jul26@1959h XeTrain has this villager escaped from somewhere? trapped so he didnt run anywhere else Closed cheezychicken Dunno where he came from, or where did he go... cotton eyed joe
1626 Jul26@1945h dogo1005MC I would like to claim this box Closed cheezychicken dun
1625 Jul26@1932h Oxion_ can i claim the area outlined in glass as "solace-goldfarm" pls? (will extend up to y255) Closed NastyHabits claim added, make sure to request protection after it is done
1624 Jul26@1925h Oxion_ hi! i req'd for a gold road region here but am not a owner or member of it... there also doesn't seem to be any flags, which seems odd, but maybe appropriate? not sure. could this be fixed pls? Closed NastyHabits fixed!
1623 Jul26@1912h NastyHabits would like those to be removed, seems like random block spam Closed CARnivore_nds indeed looks like random block spam, no worldgaurd, removable by any player.
1622 Jul26@1901h dogo1005MC flow Closed NastyHabits flowed
1621 Jul26@1738h robr please add message to alias-claim - was created before that was added to the command Closed NastyHabits greeting added!
1620 Jul26@1712h splendor Random sand on the NE nether road? Grief? Closed Bluuefuzzy removed!
1619 Jul26@1632h UncleTito1 could i get all four spawners upgraded to tier 3 please? mats are in the 4 barrels. Closed cheezychicken spawners upgradered
1618 Jul26@1556h harotaro remove the entering claim greeting from "pico-claim" and "pico_autofarms-claim" please. thanks. Closed NastyHabits greetings removed, please test
1617 Jul26@1428h harotaro flow pls. ty Closed CARnivore_nds flow'd !
1616 Jul26@1409h dogo1005MC Hey, do you mind removing these floating chest? I checked and the owner hasnt been online in a month. Closed cheezychicken chests removed
1615 Jul26@1300h Oxion_ could this ice boat road be protected pls? preferably (x-41, y128, z-183) to (x-701, y130, z-181) as "solace-gold-road" Closed gk_ryo Follow the ro-o-oad. Follow the road.
1614 Jul26@1154h Kapouille pls light portal i relocated the shard chest its next to the frame now] Closed cheezychicken portal placed
1613 Jul26@1047h USSFallenAngel i had a bunch of tropical fish in my aquarium, unnamed bc i heard fish that had been bucketed dont despawn but now a bunch of them are gone from moblimiter. is there any way to get them back? Closed cujobear Unfortunately I can't find anything in the logs to show what happened to the fish. I see you are naming them now which should stop any despawns.
1612 Jul26@0346h Norami Could you please expand the Pico claim downwards so as to include sansapants build below here? Thank you! Closed gk_ryo expanded
1611 Jul26@0150h harotaro pls extend the pico_autofarms-claim rg to -790z please. thanks. Closed gk_ryo Make my monster grow!
1610 Jul25@2325h SquaresThere water flow? thanks! Closed ocelotpotpie Flowin'
1609 Jul25@2324h SquaresThere water flow ? thanks! Closed ocelotpotpie Flowed!
1608 Jul25@2119h NastyHabits could this be gome? Closed cujobear furnace removed
1607 Jul25@2006h buzzie71 griefing? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
1606 Jul25@1959h FarfallaCC could you flow the block of water on the top for me? the one at -2374 160 -779? Closed buzzie71 flowing!
1605 Jul25@1946h Eishaar stucc Closed Norami unstuck!
1604 Jul25@1837h NastyHabits connect this gray concrete line to ambrosia line on spawn side Closed cujobear done
1603 Jul25@1747h covertbagel is it possible to rename this portal to "Riverside" on the map? Closed cujobear now listed at riverside
1602 Jul25@1656h SirLyle who spammed this wool in this shulker area? Closed CARnivore_nds player warned for blockspam
1601 Jul25@1636h Kapouille could you also make a chest region for all snotown members in the same hall as the portal is in pls Closed CARnivore_nds you have a region, /type rg i, then use that name to add member to the region. then add the region to the chest
1600 Jul25@1635h Kapouille activate le portal (pls Closed NastyHabits dupe of 1599
1599 Jul25@1635h Kapouille activate le pls Closed cujobear same as 1598 I did not see a chest with portal shards at the portal frame location
1598 Jul25@1634h blue_man1066 portal light please Closed cujobear Please add a chest near the portal frame and include 6 portal shards for portal payment. then re-request
1597 Jul25@1607h Kapouille where did my spuds go Closed NastyHabits problem resolved by player
1596 Jul25@1605h dogo1005MC flow Closed NastyHabits flowed
1595 Jul25@1604h dogo1005MC flow Closed NastyHabits flowed
1594 Jul25@1559h Kapouille pls help am stucc Closed NastyHabits helped
1593 Jul25@1311h TheNightsKing Protection please for AmbrosiaAnimals, yellow wool corners, just from y=66 up Closed NastyHabits protection added
1592 Jul25@0643h harotaro i think someone watered my grey concrete powder around here? Closed harotaro nvm is probs water elevator broken water
1591 Jul25@0308h usoofaz usoofaz having a hard time locating zombie villagers. requesting 2 villagers at location 2392 63 15 inside the sandstone hut Closed buzzie71 sorry, but you will need to find these on your own ._. there is a rare chance for zombie villagers to spawn naturally (in the dark); nametagging (or giving them something to hold if they can) is recommended if you cannot convert them immediately
1590 Jul25@0258h PokimanesTopMod can i get help making infinite water source? i have 2 water sources in my compound next to my bed. thanks Closed buzzie71 flowing!
1589 Jul25@0046h adamnorcott not replanting grief.... not a bid deal but wanted to document Closed robr rolled back, users warned, thanks for reporting
1588 Jul25@0033h FallenAgnostic remove protection of this stone structure Closed King_of_queso region removed!
1587 Jul25@0028h RukiaKuchiki_ not replanted Closed ocelotpotpie Warned player for griefing.
1586 Jul25@0019h robr please protect end arena and 5 blocks below, as well as decorative platforms at y254-255 as child of solace Closed cheezychicken protedcded
1585 Jul24@2307h SirLyle are these blocks someone's attempt at a claim? Closed ocelotpotpie Messaged player. Blocks do not seem to be a claim.
1584 Jul24@2218h Charismatix Had some new players kill most of the named charged creepers I had stored here. Could they be replaced? I believe there were about 23 Closed cheezychicken creepers restored
1583 Jul24@2204h Spook6 i cant build in this region..... Closed RukiaKuchiki_ should be fixed
1582 Jul24@2042h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc Closed NastyHabits protected from grief!
1581 Jul24@2034h robr pls remove blocks placed by non-solace member on end island so we can finish arena pls Closed cujobear moved to abandoned builds
1580 Jul24@2018h Norami please make a claim region for Pico, including all the floating islands and the areas below them and the airships already built. Thank you. Closed NastyHabits claim created
1579 Jul24@2002h SisigWithRice perfect farmer -1067, 90, -2861 Closed cujobear bribe accepted, perfect farmer added
1578 Jul24@1740h Kapouille something weird has occurred, so 1.) the named Zvillager in my mess hall escaped througha hole made in something and 2.,) the villager me and iron were transporting is gone Closed pez252 Looks like the sun got it :(
1577 Jul24@1738h TemporarilyAlive Please protect this to just me (not berrybury) so nobody can edit the notes or redstone Closed i_c_e_ Music makes you lose control......
1576 Jul24@1737h TemporarilyAlive Please protect this to just me (not berrybury) so nobody can edit the notes or redstone Closed i_c_e_ Let the music play....
1575 Jul24@1736h TemporarilyAlive Please protect this to just me (not berrybury) so nobody can edit the notes or redstone Closed i_c_e_ play that funkymusic....
1574 Jul24@1728h TemporarilyAlive please infill the 2 blank areas in this plot with white wool thanks Closed pez252 Done
1573 Jul24@1641h LTP1828 Who built this little fort at -292, 123? It's been here for a couple of weeks, no chest or anything. It seems to be a covering for a vertical shaft, unexplored except (now) by me. Is it abandoned? Can I remove it? It's kind of an eyesore . . . Closed tict0c Discussed via msg!
1572 Jul24@1615h SisigWithRice perfect farmer -1067, 90, -2861 Closed cujobear see 1579
1571 Jul24@1614h SisigWithRice perfect farmer Closed ghrey303 duplicate req
1570 Jul24@1349h Weird_Grim make water flow Closed NastyHabits flowed
1569 Jul24@1337h NastyHabits derp block? Closed NastyHabits wrong modreq
1568 Jul24@1337h NastyHabits derp block? Closed ghrey303 it's the player's own plot
1567 Jul24@1315h GHDpro is it possible to extend the ambrosia_farms claim to include the river (up to trade hall/pumpkin farm island)? And extend down to y=20 please, thanks! Closed ghrey303 it is!
1566 Jul24@1225h NastyHabits missing block Closed ghrey303 warned and rolled back
1565 Jul24@0956h Oxion_ looks like someone didn't replant Closed NastyHabits dupe of 1564
1564 Jul24@0928h Omegaeddon M M M.... MULTIGRIFF!!! Closed NastyHabits warned two players (one got banned), thanks for reporting!
1563 Jul24@0712h Oxion_ whose bamboo farm is this? Closed ocelotpotpie Messaged player, talked about the weather.
1562 Jul24@0607h FallenAgnostic add protection to this stone buidling so it'll be easier to manage water flows on my own Closed NastyHabits protection added
1561 Jul24@0553h FallenAgnostic flow Closed ocelotpotpie Flowed
1560 Jul24@0339h Muskogee_Red flow Closed ocelotpotpie Flowed
1559 Jul23@2241h NastyHabits leave clean up operation Closed RukiaKuchiki_ leaves poofed
1558 Jul23@2232h Azumarill one more spawner tier 1 plzx Closed i_c_e_ :)
1557 Jul23@2147h Muskogee_Red flow Closed ocelotpotpie flowing
1556 Jul23@2110h Nyxie i'm stuck and dying pls help Closed ocelotpotpie Moved player
1555 Jul23@1819h Kapouille am stucc pls rescue Closed Kapouille ah well nm
1554 Jul23@1745h UncleTito1 and can i get the water and lava in these three dispensers to flow please Closed tict0c water and lava all set
1553 Jul23@1738h splendor May I claim the area marked by the cobble walls and call the region "Nostento"? Closed tict0c Claim has been made :)
1552 Jul23@1728h UncleTito1 can i get this sticky piston to work or no? Closed cheezychicken fixed it!
1551 Jul23@1620h Enture Same question one final time: who dug out this third section of tunnel along X=0? Looking for their OK to retrofit a rail line into it :) Thanks again! Closed buzzie71 discussed via /msg
1550 Jul23@1606h Enture Same here: who dug out this tunnel? Is it HouseBolton, who owns the base to the south? Looking for their OK for a rail line. Thanks! Closed buzzie71 discussed via /msg
1549 Jul23@1603h Enture Could you tell me who dug out this tunnel along X=0, going north? Looking for their OK to retrofit it into a rail tunnel :) Closed buzzie71 discussed via /msg
1548 Jul23@1115h GHDpro Please create claim region here "GHDpro Art Project", border = spruce fences (ignore birch fences), thanks! Closed tict0c Region has been regioned!
1547 Jul23@0905h factic Could you please show my portal on live map, create /place and name them both Ravendel Closed cheezychicken dmarkers added
1546 Jul23@0835h Itz_Water Can you claim my brige plz :D Closed cheezychicken discussed via /m
1545 Jul23@0823h FallenAgnostic please remove this water block Closed ocelotpotpie Player was mistaken.
1544 Jul23@0351h FallenAgnostic the spawn rate of tropical fish seems off. I've gone to 15 different coral reefs and only came across 6, in which three of those are just pufferfish, not really tropical fish. Open
1543 Jul23@0346h CaptainShivy claim region as shivy_thimble Closed King_of_queso protected!
1542 Jul23@0326h buzzie71 missing bushes? Closed buzzie71
1541 Jul23@0229h larry190991 Someone Greived the rest area in front of Moshpit (Took some sings and the bed there) Closed buzzie71 restored!
1540 Jul23@0223h Azumarill grief (down) Closed cheezychicken fixed
1539 Jul23@0208h Azumarill was this hole me Closed King_of_queso this hole was you!
1538 Jul23@0121h RukiaKuchiki_ le 3x3 hole of the punching thru bedrocc pls Closed cheezychicken bedrock removed!
1537 Jul23@0107h ghrey303 could this interior area of the arena be made into a pvp region? Closed cheezychicken oops, made the region too small!