PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
2568 May23@0305h starvagabond let's try that water flow thing again pls Closed cujobear flowed, but not what you want I assume
2567 May22@2254h pez252 Missing glowdtone here Claimed cujobear
2566 May22@2239h NastyHabits this problem is region related, can you fix it? thanks Closed cujobear fixed
2565 May22@2042h starvagabond hello - can one pls flow the water at the top of the shaft above me? I am trapped until that happens pls Closed cujobear flowed
2564 May22@1915h NastyHabits enlarge this arena region to include soulsand Closed tict0c region expanded !!
2563 May22@1722h NastyHabits I would like to book this arena for event called "Nasty Football", it is almost done and will be ready by this Friday (May 27) Claimed cujobear
2562 May22@1713h NastyHabits make shulker spot on those lime shulkers (also so you can put them on glass above too) Closed tict0c Shulker Spots Placed Here Also !!!!
2561 May22@1713h NastyHabits make shulker spot on those yellow shulkers (also so you can put them on glass above too) Closed tict0c Shulker Spots Placed !!
2560 May22@1608h NastyHabits protect this complex from grief and give it welcome message Welcome to Nasty Football Closed tict0c Protected and greeting set!
2559 May22@1224h NastyHabits replace this stone with barrier block Closed tict0c Blocks Replaced !! :)
2558 May22@0334h Denevien check Closed Denevien
2557 May22@0300h Azumarill fazaden Closed tict0c Piglin Replaced! Hopefully this time it sticks :)
2556 May22@0011h i_c_e_ can this be removed - player not been on since feb 5th Closed cujobear items and glass enclosure moved to abandoned builds
2555 May21@2044h Dinostorm flowing water Closed NastyHabits flowing
2554 May21@1909h NastyHabits can't scoop my powder snow from here Closed NastyHabits problem solved
2553 May21@1837h NastyHabits please restore my powder snow on top of this slime block Closed buzzie71 restored!
2552 May21@1836h NastyHabits please restore this hole with my powder snow on top Closed NastyHabits one sec
2551 May21@0259h Denevien request Defie/Cujo Req: Copy the 5 tiles of my window from (-8460, -7875) over to this section (or really anywhere together, I don't care). Any empty tiles can have me removed from them at that point. Open
2550 May21@0238h Nyxie i am stuck Closed buzzie71 unstuck! :O
2549 May21@0147h defiex Widespread grif (see note) Claimed fazaden
2548 May20@2305h Bluuefuzzy this is my rail, innit? Closed buzzie71 discussed :O
2547 May20@2252h Bluuefuzzy MY COW Closed buzzie71 ghast killed it :( sorry
2546 May20@1853h LiL_Dorfbewohner The nether portal to hysteria is kinda broken (LEONbackward┬┤s) Closed fazaden please make another modreq when you've collected the number of portal shards for a portal of that size
2545 May20@0300h starvagabond check Closed starvagabond oops
2544 May19@1905h NastyHabits one more lished goat missing Closed buzzie71 restored!
2543 May19@1647h Azumarill supposedly fazaden respawned my pigman but there sure isn't one here Closed fazaden named mob restored
2542 May19@1408h LEONbackward LEONbackward connect to the overworld portal Closed fazaden discussed via /msg
2541 May19@0056h LordFatzberry here too please Closed cujobear see 2540
2540 May19@0056h LordFatzberry please expand protections :) Closed cujobear expanded to cover new builds
2539 May18@1822h Azumarill someone's killed my pigman, can you warn them and respawn it Closed fazaden Piglin replaced, and player warned
2538 May17@2031h NastyHabits grief? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ out of logs :/
2537 May17@1724h Megatron555 Nether Portal. Livemap name: Midgoth. Many thanks. -Mega Closed cujobear portal placed, enter nether carefully, you are floating above a lava lake and will need to bridge to the road
2536 May17@0632h scarl30 garden of eden region pleas Closed TemporarilyAlive garden-of-eden claim created
2535 May17@0108h PigeonSquared Flow please. :D Closed cujobear since you said please :D
2534 May16@1208h heegemcgee I forgot to ask for a portal name - this is ReedFarm Closed cujobear portal added to place & map
2533 May16@0828h scarl30 remove and rollback region pleas Closed TemporarilyAlive - Protection removed. Please note that we can only only rollback grief, so your edits remain.
2532 May16@0211h scarl30 Pleas change Snow-on-planetminecraft-com claim to The Garden of Eden claim pleas Closed cujobear claim renamed
2531 May16@0113h heegemcgee portal please! xoxo <3 Closed cujobear Portal lit. Please modreq with a portal name if you would like it added to /place and live map
2530 May15@2124h Smasherman99999 can u pls flow some water? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowin!
2529 May15@1932h NARFFFFFFFFBAT im stuck Closed NastyHabits that was close
2528 May15@1815h LongshotLafayete Can you please turn the water on in the ceiling Closed NastyHabits le water flowing
2527 May15@1756h sybergoose Grief all villagers gone 12 missing Closed pez252 Pillagers did it :(
2526 May15@1222h NastyHabits protect my property from grief marked by this brick fence Closed cujobear added claim region with greeting after discussion
2525 May15@0609h scarl30 The Garden of Eden region pleas Closed TemporarilyAlive Protected
2524 May14@2142h Smasherman99999 do u know if its ok for me to do a a small build here? Closed cheezychicken sure :)
2523 May14@1915h buzzie71 did someone scrape the copper blocks? O.o Closed TemporarilyAlive Rolled back. player warned
2522 May14@1656h NastyHabits add shulker spot on this granite Closed pez252 Done!
2521 May14@0041h starvagabond can I take down this dirt bridge? it's really harshing the vibe Closed TemporarilyAlive Cant roll it back as its out of logs. However, feel free to remove it yourself
2520 May13@1827h Megatron555 may I have these four waters flowed please? Also is this mob grinder good for now? Closed TemporarilyAlive flown!
2519 May13@0019h LilyTheBeth can i get these waters flowed, thank you! Closed buzzie71 flowing!
2518 May12@1950h NastyHabits protect THIS from grief Closed cheezychicken protected <3
2517 May12@1922h cheezychicken split cheezy-spleef-build-area into individual build-allows for each layer plz Closed NastyHabits 5 build allow regions created for each layer
2516 May12@0022h Smasherman99999 can u pls flow some lava? its for some detail next to my build Closed cujobear you're welcome!
2515 May11@0232h Sprizz Flowing water please -4109 / 5 /-4318 THANK YOU Closed cujobear flowed :D
2514 May11@0230h King_of_queso please fill in this map and the one to the right of it with yellow terracotta Closed cujobear filled!
2513 May11@0223h Sprizz Flowing water please -4105 / -15 / -4325 Closed cujobear flowed
2512 May10@0100h LilyTheBeth may I have these waters flown? Closed cujobear pond looks more pondy
2511 May10@0043h Jezzzzie flow plz :) Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2510 May10@0008h VarukaSalt please light this portal and place the nether side on the roof please. No hurry. Whenever. Thank you. :) Closed pez252 Done!
2509 May09@1539h Chef_Zuul Please add the Isla Zuul portal to the live map tyvm Closed cujobear portal added to live map
2508 May09@0350h LordFatzberry water flow pls Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2507 May08@1703h PigeonSquared the new guy killed a named mob on accident Closed pez252 fixed
2506 May08@1330h NastyHabits missing goat Closed RukiaKuchiki_ seems it has escaped
2505 May08@1202h NastyHabits wrongly broken end plants Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fix'd
2504 May08@0037h WaterBucket1 WaterBucket1 #65 Closed pez252 Done
2503 May07@1636h NastyHabits I would like to build chicken's fried creeper at event place Closed NastyHabits nevermind
2502 May07@1609h RukiaKuchiki_ did someone flip this lever Closed buzzie71 discussed :O
2501 May06@0618h tapcap claim mailbox #71 Closed cujobear Make sure to use /cdonation and click the barrel
2500 May06@0618h LordFatzberry claim mailbox #70 Closed cujobear Make sure to use /cdonation and click the barrel
2499 May05@0458h LordFatzberry protection for tapcap and my house please Closed NastyHabits protected
2498 May04@2208h Nyxie mod aboose Closed cheezychicken should just stay in the box then >:(
2497 May04@2123h starvagabond this island is a work-in-progress, have I done sufficient work on it to qualify for protection Closed cujobear I have created a claim region to include the island and your nearby house
2496 May04@1538h Azumarill looks like ice built my portal here, cut it out and pasted it 30 blocks higher? leaving a hole? I wanted it connected to this frame that's here already Closed cheezychicken portal moved
2495 May04@0311h Nyxie water flowz pls and thank you Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2494 May03@1905h Azumarill portal, please (it's a little north but this was the nearest chest) Closed i_c_e_ Happy Nethering
2493 May03@1744h MasonBees can you please remove the trapdoor in my base idk who place it their Closed cheezychicken was due to someone being rollback'd. fixed now :)
2492 May03@0145h Standish_ ban CARnivore_nds Closed CARnivore_nds after commitee review NYET.
2491 May03@0134h artixlight Tried again. Still breaks :(. Repeat of request #2482 Closed cujobear fixed fixed
2490 May03@0024h wyguy2014 who made these edits Closed King_of_queso discussed via /m
2489 May02@2130h Smirkules please protect the cow shed! Closed NastyHabits protected!
2488 May02@2128h Smirkules please protect this building Closed Smirkules
2487 May02@2128h Smirkules please protect this building Closed NastyHabits protected!
2486 May02@2058h YoruChan i accidentally broke somthing but cant lace it back Closed NastyHabits problem solved
2485 May02@1743h Azumarill protecc azu_sugarfarm Closed NastyHabits protected
2484 May02@1603h LiL_Dorfbewohner i wanted to extend my claim Closed NastyHabits extended
2483 May02@1240h NastyHabits please restore this campfire Closed cujobear fixed
2482 May02@1240h artixlight Please replace budding amethyst at -516 25 -2969 and protect it from breaking. Other budding amethyst was protected. Closed NastyHabits done and done
2481 May02@0250h Standish_ Could you please make a /place and a livemap marker, with the name "Ker Ys & Lyonesse" Closed cujobear portal added to /place and live map
2480 May02@0024h J4bble the dragon fight was left going. talked to cujo and the person hasnt been on for 2 hours. could you reset it please and thank you Closed cujobear dragon fight ownership has been changed to you
2479 May01@1859h tict0c Same as 2478 :) Ty Closed cujobear moved to storage
2478 May01@1824h i_c_e_ player not been on for a few months can this be removed? this will be the fwork arena Closed cujobear chest moved to storage
2477 May01@1543h SammyisGreat98 can you do my mail box? Closed NastyHabits already done
2476 May01@1539h SammyisGreat98 can you do my mailbox? Closed NastyHabits done!
2475 May01@1502h NastyHabits broken sign? Closed tict0c Doesnt appear to be broken and is outta logs! :)
2474 May01@1452h NastyHabits is this farm broken? Closed i_c_e_ carts are now moving but there are no sheers in the dispensers to sheer the sheep
2473 May01@1127h NastyHabits protect the beacon at the bottom and make a child of ambrosia Closed i_c_e_ protected and done :)
2472 May01@0114h Jezzzzie flow plz Closed buzzie71 flowing!
2471 May01@0043h Muskogee_Red 1 more time please i'm makin a fish tank Closed cujobear flowed
2470 May01@0042h Muskogee_Red flow please Closed cujobear flowed
2469 Apr30@1915h tunfy flow top water pls :) Closed ghrey303 flowed
2468 Apr30@1912h tunfy flow pls! Closed cujobear flowed
2467 Apr30@1715h NastyHabits can you add a shulker spot above the granite real quick? Closed ghrey303 ok
2466 Apr30@1652h unnamed205 help i accidentally killed a cat at x -140 z -3376 i was spamming right click with a bow on (stupid of me) becuase i wanted to see cat info :( Closed cujobear not killed, but damaged. cat tp'd to owner
2465 Apr30@1555h unnamed205 region please, meet me at x -392 z -3408 Closed buzzie71 claim region set!
2464 Apr30@1340h Penergy Could this furnace be removed in preparation for the event today? thanks! Closed cujobear removed
2463 Apr30@1332h Smasherman99999 im stuck Closed NastyHabits unstuck
2462 Apr30@0301h YuwasKitten pez252 Closed pez252 Done
2461 Apr30@0301h YuwasKitten pez252 Closed pez252 Done
2460 Apr30@0301h YuwasKitten pez252 Closed pez252 Done
2459 Apr30@0301h YuwasKitten pez252 Closed pez252 Done
2458 Apr30@0301h YuwasKitten pez252 Closed pez252 Done
2457 Apr30@0300h YuwasKitten cujobear Closed pez252 Please DO NOT spam troll reqs
2456 Apr30@0259h YuwasKitten buzzie71 hey Closed pez252 Please DO NOTspam troll reqs
2455 Apr30@0034h pez252 protect spawner Closed buzzie71 protected!
2454 Apr29@2302h Penergy Someone griefed the Real Bob (TM) D: Closed RukiaKuchiki_ mailed player about villager
2453 Apr29@2226h pez252 portal plz Closed cujobear portal lit
2452 Apr29@1906h Azumarill is this one dirt sticking out an enderman or did tom misclick Closed NastyHabits misclick
2451 Apr29@1330h NastyHabits as ambrosia coowner I request moving to admin space of unfinished build marked by glowstone by player Astro101YT, absent for 1 month Closed cujobear build moved
2450 Apr29@0413h Azumarill missed a string Closed TemporarilyAlive fixed
2449 Apr29@0248h Bluuefuzzy is this supposed to be here? Closed cujobear out of logs
2448 Apr28@1951h Chef_Zuul Please update the map & portal name to "Chef_Zuul's Polar Preserve" Closed cheezychicken place place'd
2447 Apr28@1904h Smasherman99999 nvm Closed NastyHabits by player request
2446 Apr28@1843h Smasherman99999 can you pls claim the part of my base I marked out? (not the part that is under the minecart tracks) Closed NastyHabits see 2447
2445 Apr28@1133h CarbideTip i'm stuck. please move me..\ Closed Bluuefuzzy you should be able to get out now
2444 Apr28@0257h LilyTheBeth can you protect the area between the lapis blocks? thanks Closed Bluuefuzzy protected!
2443 Apr28@0057h ExplodingGirafe please make me a region, corners are cobblestone towers Closed RukiaKuchiki_ claim region set!
2442 Apr28@0050h Bluuefuzzy can we get the region for north road extended here? for some reason its not Closed pez252 Done
2441 Apr27@2138h LilyTheBeth can i get these waters flowed please, thanks! Closed NastyHabits waters flowed!
2440 Apr27@0300h Denevien request To Whom it May Concern: I dun goof'd. I need this whole area shifted North by 1... Closed cujobear shifted
2439 Apr27@0052h unnamed205 check Closed unnamed205 accidental
2438 Apr26@1930h Roomba5000 Flow please, thanks! Closed NastyHabits floed
2437 Apr26@1550h Smasherman99999 is there a way u can update the live map for my house? Closed Bluuefuzzy updates automatically
2436 Apr26@0721h scarl30 Snow-on-planetminecraft-com region pleas Closed gk_ryo claimed
2435 Apr26@0330h buzzie71 please also flow this too :O Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
2434 Apr26@0326h buzzie71 please flow this water :O Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
2433 Apr26@0205h LongshotLafayete Please flow this water. And thank you Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2432 Apr26@0138h unnamed205 check out x -266 y 72 z -2813. looks griefed Closed cujobear no signs of grief
2431 Apr25@2144h Chef_Zuul portal please! preferably with the same shape on the nether side thaaaanks Closed cujobear portal lit, request to add to /place and map when ready
2430 Apr25@1921h LEONbackward LEONbackward make water flow in hysteria claim Closed NastyHabits problem solved
2429 Apr25@1407h LEONbackward claim hysteria with members LiL_Dorfbewohner cookie_nekromace Closed TemporarilyAlive players added
2428 Apr25@1303h LEONbackward rename portal to Hysteria Closed cujobear I think I have the /place and live map markers fixed now
2427 Apr25@1302h LEONbackward claim name Hysteria Closed TemporarilyAlive claim'd
2426 Apr25@0536h LongshotLafayete please make all this water flow Closed bookey42 water flowin
2425 Apr25@0523h Azumarill flow six water dispensers Closed bookey42 Dispensers be dispensing
2424 Apr25@0509h LongshotLafayete Please turn on these two waters. Thank you Closed bookey42 Water Flowin
2423 Apr25@0329h J4bble I would like a region made within (2175, -60, 2738) and (2367, 0, 2903) and can you name it J4bble's Workshop? Thanks :) Closed King_of_queso claim region made!
2422 Apr25@0308h LongshotLafayete Please make this water flow. Closed cujobear flowed
2421 Apr25@0258h Nyxie was this glass pane grieffed? Closed bookey42 looks like it might have been done by accident. I have restored the pane and messaged user to let them know to be more careful.
2420 Apr24@2035h buzzie71 strangeness? Closed cujobear indeed
2419 Apr24@1825h Azumarill protecc azu_mossfarm Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protecccc
2418 Apr24@1806h Creeper_g0_b00m pls could you make my claim bigger so i can do more builds thank you Closed buzzie71 this modreq is made in someone else's claim region - please have the claim owner modreq, and indicate to where they would like the region expanded
2417 Apr24@1658h winthethings I accidently hit one of the egg signs while my inventory was full:( Is there anyway I could manage to get Egg #26 again? Closed pez252 Sign reset
2416 Apr24@1656h winthethings help Closed Bluuefuzzy I think see 2417?
2415 Apr24@1549h RukiaKuchiki_ need 6 more hole punches here, guilders are in shulker pls Closed cujobear holes punched
2414 Apr24@1236h scarl30 how do i start playing in here? thank you. Closed NastyHabits it is plyr vs monster server, read the signs, find some free untouched land and start living
2413 Apr24@1023h Australican Claim protect the fenced area; Name - Hotel Helix Closed NastyHabits Protected from grief region established, you can take down the fence around it
2412 Apr24@0909h djtrogy can I get this water flowing so it works as an infinite water source Closed NastyHabits flowing
2411 Apr24@0249h Bluuefuzzy can we change my claim name to the House of Bluue's claim? Closed cujobear greeting changed.
2410 Apr24@0129h pez252 "Bluuefuzzy fell for &z's magic trick!" Closed cujobear I think this is fixed, but will need to watch for the death message to occur
2409 Apr24@0031h Standish_ could i have this chest removed please? I emptied it and Stormmblade hasn't been on in a long time, so can't remove it. TY! Closed cujobear chest removed
2408 Apr24@0019h Bluuefuzzy villager die? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ got ate by a dragon
2407 Apr23@2137h J4bble i need a portal lit at 2337, -41, 2845. thank you in advance :) Closed pez252 Done
2406 Apr23@2133h Smasherman99999 can someone light my nether portal? i have the shards Closed pez252 done!
2405 Apr23@2122h Omegaeddon LiL_Dorfbewohner Is messing with the machines via redstone here Closed Bluuefuzzy after looking into it, doesn't seem like he's doing anything nefarious.
2404 Apr23@2118h Smasherman99999 can I get a portal? Closed pez252 Done!
2403 Apr23@2011h TemporarilyAlive im stuck Closed NastyHabits blame cheezy
2402 Apr23@2002h RukiaKuchiki_ nether hole punch, 10 here, guilders are in nearby shulker Closed cheezychicken hole punched
2401 Apr23@1742h i_c_e_ ugh im stuck Closed cheezychicken unstuck?
2400 Apr23@1530h Omegaeddon Sorry to be a pig pain... Sign does not display the "you have found..." message. Closed cheezychicken sign updaterd
2399 Apr23@1424h LiL_Dorfbewohner i have a problem with a minecart. I need it to be on a pressure plate but it keeps despawning. So i request to turn the auto-despawn off for this single block if its possible Closed cheezychicken sadly we can't turn despawn off individually. Try using a hopper minecart?
2398 Apr23@1403h Smasherman99999 can i get a claim? Closed NastyHabits claim region created
2397 Apr23@1339h artixlight Request to revert some broken blocks due to incomplete protection. Refer to: #2288 request. Closed cheezychicken Think I got them now.
2396 Apr23@0930h Omegaeddon Egg sign borked. RG I shows its in the global region, so maybe accidently broken/replaced? Closed cheezychicken sign fixd
2395 Apr23@0745h LavaBather Please reflow the waterfall down to the egg. I froze it with my boots and it didn't start to flow again when it thawed. Sorry! Closed TemporarilyAlive re-flowed!
2394 Apr22@2337h Chef_Zuul make this a shulker spot please Closed cujobear created
2393 Apr22@1948h Chef_Zuul please create a region titled RRRRlobby encompassing the starting area of the track and including the double spider spawners glass cage Closed TemporarilyAlive Region created
2392 Apr22@1742h CARnivore_nds please protect my crafting table. I got BIG plans...thx Closed NastyHabits Big protection for BIG plans
2391 Apr22@1508h Kcurry23 is there water flow all the way through this tunnel out the other side to the ravine Closed NastyHabits flowed all I can
2390 Apr22@0547h LavaBather I accidentally broke this Egg sign! Sorry!!! Closed NastyHabits fixed
2389 Apr21@2003h Aniomis I'd like to take over the abandonned goatfight started by Smasherman99999 Closed cujobear sorry I was unavailable to change ownership of the fight. If you completed the fight and cannot get your prize from Smasherman99999 please contact me and I will try to talk to them
2388 Apr21@1904h NastyHabits please protect this one too ._. Closed King_of_queso protected!
2387 Apr21@1854h NastyHabits protect this building from grief Closed TemporarilyAlive protecc
2386 Apr21@1854h NastyHabits protect this shop from grief Closed TemporarilyAlive protecc
2385 Apr21@1853h NastyHabits protect this shop from grief Closed TemporarilyAlive protecc
2384 Apr21@1853h NastyHabits protect this shop from grief Closed TemporarilyAlive protecc
2383 Apr21@1853h NastyHabits protect this armor shop from grief Closed TemporarilyAlive protecc
2382 Apr21@1834h Aghe87 waterflow Closed NastyHabits flowed
2381 Apr21@1725h Omega_Minion MOTD is a wee bit out of date, Closed cujobear Thanks for the reminder
2380 Apr21@1706h Smasherman99999 can u do my portal? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dupe req
2379 Apr21@1703h Smasherman99999 can u do my portal? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ preivous portal req has been passed to admins
2378 Apr21@1542h Smasherman99999 can u do my portal? Closed pez252 Sorry, you need 1 portal shard per internal portal block! For this portal it would be 6 shards so you need 5 more.
2377 Apr21@1527h Smasherman99999 can u do my portal? Closed pez252 Sorry, you need 1 portal shard per internal portal block! For this portal it would be 6 shards so you need 5 more.
2376 Apr21@1333h gk_ryo scaffolding from water destroyed Closed NastyHabits fixed, player mailed
2375 Apr21@0655h LavaBather I placed Egg #40 and broke it and now it's just called 'player head' will it still count? It's in the one of the shulkers here if you can see it... Closed cujobear Egg #40 has been fixed :D
2374 Apr21@0220h Smasherman99999 nvm Closed cujobear ok then :D
2373 Apr21@0219h Smasherman99999 can u tp me back to spawn? Im trapped Closed cujobear see 2374
2372 Apr21@0051h tunfy please make a region from the stone brick corners in the ocean called tunfy deathmatch island or something. also, i know you usually dont make the region below the surface but can it go to like y40 so i can still flow water underneath my arena? Closed NastyHabits region created!
2371 Apr20@2358h Bluuefuzzy unauthorized player added oak planks, pls remove Closed cujobear rolled back, mail sent to player
2370 Apr20@2109h teiz1 is this dripleaf supposed to be stuck? cant get down Closed TemporarilyAlive discussed in /msg
2369 Apr20@2019h NastyHabits please remove this stray chest and workbench to admin space, asked player via mail, via msg, not responding to me Closed cujobear Looks like player came and moved the chest and bench