PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
5494 Oct22@0437h zedadex creating a quick region here, see notes Closed zedadex
5493 Oct22@0400h R0b0Hobo zedadex buzzie71 can I get help? ... seem to be stuck in this room at spawn Closed R0b0Hobo
5492 Oct22@0356h Deadpool1205 Im stuck Closed zedadex
5491 Oct22@0309h zedadex uhh halp pls! Closed zedadex ty buzzie!
5490 Oct21@2236h RukiaKuchiki_ a grif Closed zedadex ungrif'd!
5489 Oct21@0413h Treppich who made this? :O Closed Spook6 out of logs :/
5488 Oct21@0330h buzzie71 block missing here? Closed zedadex looks like a player was farming at the time. region extended to cover ground, block replaced + player mailed. Ty for reporting!
5487 Oct21@0219h PLofel protect Closed buzzie71 protected!
5486 Oct20@1625h FarfallaCC protect the dome since Y118 to the top, ty:D (not the farm under the dome, so people can still replant) Closed buzzie71 protected!
5485 Oct20@1202h Treppich Could this build be set as a region named EoraMuseum so that I can /flow? Thankyou <3 Closed buzzie71 discussed - renamed existing region to Eora
5484 Oct20@0249h Armas_DSasi could i have the green terracotta here placeable for shulkers? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ shukler region set!
5483 Oct19@2246h R0b0Hobo is there a way to recover my things? I entered spawn nether portal with horse, horse did not appear in nether spawn. So I tried to go back through the portal and ended up dieing via suffocation. Back at spawn, all my stuff is gone including horse Closed R0b0Hobo I just did a bunch of grinding to get most of my stuff back. So all good here.
5482 Oct19@1007h Treppich who made the sign? Claimed Bluuefuzzy
5481 Oct19@0538h saberfysh flow water here pls Closed Spook6 flowed!
5480 Oct19@0049h King_of_queso please protect the thimble drop, but make the layer 1 block above this glass build allow Closed fazaden protected!
5479 Oct18@2356h Spook6 can we remove this derp tower? Closed cujobear removed
5478 Oct18@2304h Jezzzzie protect jez_house plz Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5477 Oct18@2241h Deadpool1205 could you please make some water flow for me? there are 6 blocks of it located at x706, z1670, y23. Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowin!
5476 Oct18@2105h RukiaKuchiki_ derp tower Closed cujobear removed
5475 Oct18@2054h NastyHabits I remember there were some signs for a long time, no idea who took them down, maybe the owner, dunno Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed via msg
5474 Oct18@1848h Deadpool1205 How do I change the signs in railstation in spawn to list the connection i just added on the end of the south line? Closed cujobear Signs updated to The 12 Palms
5473 Oct18@1630h Omegaeddon Who stuck this duck here? Closed Omegaeddon Nvm, mystery solved.
5472 Oct18@0347h Bluuefuzzy pls make the entirety of cascade permed for me and didy and piinkfuzzy and make it decay off ty Closed Bluuefuzzy just forget about it... zburd was supposed to do it but he didn't
5471 Oct18@0228h Muskogee_Red muh cows are dead waaaaaaa \o/ o)) ] Closed RukiaKuchiki_ cows got blasted by lightning :O
5470 Oct17@2246h Spook6 can you please protect this house but on the west side only go to the wall, growth deny as well please Closed King_of_queso protected!
5469 Oct17@0959h Treppich when was this claimed? Closed cujobear so long ago it is out of logs
5468 Oct17@0834h artixlight Bugged ender dragon in The End? No owner, cannot damage dragon. Closed RukiaKuchiki_ Dragon is ded, not big soup rice
5467 Oct17@0209h PlNG Jimbo is dead Closed cujobear poor jimbo, decided not to replace this close to end of rev.
5466 Oct17@0115h PigPoopBalls somebody broke my leaves Closed zburdsal You should have watered them more (out of logs)
5465 Oct16@1526h NastyHabits allow me to create a water pass here since path has blocked it (will add trapdoors there) Closed tict0c Wish is granted build away !!
5464 Oct16@1422h The_TF2_Spy The_TF2_Spy farm issues Closed Bluuefuzzy most likely you need a light source like a torch so the farm area doesn't revert to dirt
5463 Oct16@1421h The_TF2_Spy The_TF2_Spy Closed i_c_e_ no request was named
5462 Oct16@0203h Muskogee_Red access to my PO Box at spawn please Closed cujobear discussed via /m and corrected
5461 Oct16@0130h PlNG there's some missing masons here Closed PlNG zombies got them, by word of mouth
5460 Oct16@0103h AmericanSinner unintentional death pit, needs cover Closed Bluuefuzzy all fixed!
5459 Oct15@2023h Omegaeddon skelly dead again, maybe suffocating? Closed i_c_e_ Skelly has returned from his travels
5458 Oct15@2002h tict0c I need everything in within the lime wool protected as ticnice_fireworks take it down to y:45 Thank you! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5457 Oct15@1357h Omegaeddon Someone moidered the skelly Closed kitty9293 Skelly has been unmoidered!
5456 Oct15@1053h CodeRedStone Managed to escape, however I could have possibly destroyed some of the farms. Please undo all block changes I made since I joined. Closed i_c_e_ found no evidence of destroyed farms
5455 Oct15@1046h CodeRedStone stuck in someones farm again. This time it's Pico's bamboo farm at 1781/28/-168. Closed kitty9293 Glad you were able to get out on your own! You can close your own reqs using /done [#]
5454 Oct14@2325h pez252 Maze exit Closed pez252 Done
5453 Oct14@0226h King_of_queso I need the ends of these 6 fences to be build allow so people can use leads Closed pez252 Done by cujo
5452 Oct13@1338h PixZeru128 The Enderman farm that's lead to by smooth stone is broken again Closed cujobear endermite replaced
5451 Oct13@1209h Muskogee_Red missing villagers Closed pez252 Probably lightning. Villagers on the west side are missing and that's the side with sky access. Strikes affect ~7 block radius from where the lightning hits even through walls.
5450 Oct13@0437h saberfysh flow these 3 waters please Closed zedadex flowin!
5449 Oct13@0026h RukiaKuchiki_ cobble derp in water Closed cujobear out of logs, added openings for boat passage
5448 Oct12@2251h dobreira kind overlords please get me out of this hell Closed CARnivore_nds res 'qd
5447 Oct12@1901h Jezzzzie flow plz :) Closed tict0c Water flowing \o/
5446 Oct12@1437h kitty9293 The owner of this chest will not be returning this rev. Can I get the protections removed so I can finish this build? Closed tict0c Chest has been moved :)
5445 Oct12@0646h AmazingBrotato can i get all the water above the cobblestone floor to flow, thanks Closed tict0c Water all Flowy and stuff !!
5444 Oct11@2348h PlNG please flow, thank you Closed King_of_queso flowing!
5443 Oct11@2224h NastyHabits grief of power rails? Closed Bluuefuzzy powerd rails removed by owner, presuming not grief
5442 Oct11@2130h Stormmblade Protection "Please protect my house and some of the surrounding area, including the redstone underneath. Please and thank you! Closed zedadex region created!
5441 Oct11@2028h PlNG Let's see if this flow works. Trying to catch the puffer in the minecart... Closed zedadex flowed... D:
5440 Oct11@2005h PlNG flow, please Closed Bluuefuzzy well, just cuz you asked so nicely
5439 Oct11@1759h dobreira can I get a tp out of this god forsaken maze Closed zedadex another soul rescued from madness D:
5438 Oct11@1710h drtednelson I ignored pez's advice and immediately lost my maze prize spawner, could that be restored somehow? ty! Closed pez252 Doh! Replaced. It's on your end chest near some of the other maze items. Modreq to move or place it.
5437 Oct11@1447h Stormmblade I messed up my counting. Could you pretty please re-flow this lava for me (x4)? Thanks! Closed tict0c Hot Stuff Flowing !!
5436 Oct11@0936h AmazingBrotato can i get all this water to flow, thanks Closed Spook6 flowed
5435 Oct11@0926h CodeRedStone On /place, it says "Subeterrania" instead of "Subterrania". Is this a mistake, or is Subterrania actually spelled this way? Thanks. Closed cujobear /place fixed
5434 Oct11@0446h Jezzzzie flow plz Closed Spook6 flowed
5433 Oct11@0219h PigPoopBalls Please ban Rokku117 until next rev, as I do not have control of the account anymore, and there are way too many LWC things to bother going through all of the things that need changing Closed cujobear discussed via Discord and player banned
5432 Oct11@0201h PigPoopBalls Please remove Rokkuwu from perms as I do not have the account anymore Closed PigPoopBalls
5431 Oct11@0142h Jezzzzie flow plz Closed King_of_queso flowing!
5430 Oct11@0101h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc my pitiful string farm Closed King_of_queso protected!
5429 Oct10@2353h Jezzzzie flow plz Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
5428 Oct10@2336h Jezzzzie flow both sides plz ^^ Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
5427 Oct10@1950h Standish_ did i place this? Closed cujobear discussed via /m
5426 Oct10@1828h fazaden please upgrade the final t5 spawner to t6, please :) Closed cujobear spawner upgraded
5425 Oct10@1808h Jezzzzie Plz make region jez_house Closed King_of_queso your house will need to be built before we can protect it
5424 Oct10@1805h LTP1828 thank you! Closed King_of_queso you're welcome! you can use /msg <player> to send messages directly :D
5423 Oct10@1704h Jezzzzie flow plz Closed King_of_queso flowing!
5422 Oct10@1348h LTP1828 how do i make a claim? Closed King_of_queso You made the claim fence correctly! Claim protected in modreq 5421
5421 Oct10@1227h LTP1828 LTP1828 may I make a claim Closed King_of_queso o'donnell has been protected!
5420 Oct10@0533h AmazingBrotato can i get this water to flow, thanks Closed fazaden flow'd
5419 Oct10@0501h King_of_queso please protect this stable and set the flag for trapdoor deny! Closed cujobear protected and trap-door use denied
5418 Oct10@0200h PPGOME allow players to build and break in this region please Closed tadrogers And with that, they said "Let them build" and so they shall be able to
5417 Oct09@2351h pez252 maze exit Closed pez252 done
5416 Oct09@2340h Minagreste Help plz, it seems I'm stuck under this sign Closed Bluuefuzzy rescued!
5415 Oct09@2246h dobreira lava flow Closed cujobear flowed.
5414 Oct09@2146h pez252 maze exit Closed pez252 done
5413 Oct09@2055h NastyHabits possible grief? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ out of logs
5412 Oct09@1611h FarfallaCC sorry, could you add this iron door to my protection? Closed tict0c Door Added :)
5411 Oct09@0422h Deadpool1205 My two bee spawn eggs didn't work and dissapered when the thing lagged and three doors reappeared in my inventory in their place... I had tried to place the door ontop of leaves moments before... i think combined with lag something happened. Closed cujobear discussed via msg.
5410 Oct09@0232h RukiaKuchiki_ flow lava Closed King_of_queso flowing!
5409 Oct08@2203h NastyHabits flow this lava Closed CARnivore_nds Dat Lava doh
5408 Oct08@2129h Chef_Zuul please flow all the water sources inside the bottle, bottom to top Closed zburdsal Flowing! well... flowing in place anyway
5407 Oct08@2039h FarfallaCC could you protect my build from Y5 to above and 9*9 square? If possible Closed zburdsal Proteccted!
5406 Oct08@1426h NastyHabits flow this Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
5405 Oct08@0720h Oxion_ someone filled the hopper with non-compostable items Closed tict0c Items have been moved to chest and composter is composting !!
5404 Oct08@0312h Deadpool1205 Im stuck Closed RukiaKuchiki_ not stuck :D
5403 Oct07@1900h NastyHabits flow again Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
5402 Oct07@1650h NastyHabits flow this Closed pez252 flowed
5401 Oct07@1547h AndyJF could have been player carsonflynn that crashed C Closed zedadex (see 5400)
5400 Oct07@1546h AndyJF C is down, i think player INO1111 crashed it deliberately Closed cujobear Thank you for reporting
5399 Oct07@1437h he1l0 somone killed the skele in record mode at the creeper farm Closed cujobear killed by grinder owner. They will have to replace the skeleton
5398 Oct07@0433h CDC_Garm flow Closed zedadex flowed!
5397 Oct07@0411h CDC_Garm flow Closed zedadex flowin!
5396 Oct07@0304h Lilah427 nyxie broke my rain shelter Closed Bluuefuzzy
5395 Oct07@0254h Bluuefuzzy protec and pls if possible put growth deny on prots? Closed King_of_queso protected and vine growth flag added!
5394 Oct07@0253h Lilah427 protect Closed King_of_queso protected!
5393 Oct07@0229h Lilah427 ice stole the golfball from the event XD Closed pez252 Stolen property returned
5392 Oct06@2357h RukiaKuchiki_ flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing
5391 Oct06@2346h RukiaKuchiki_ floww Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowd
5390 Oct06@2137h NastyHabits protect this car I made and also add Smirkules as co-owner Closed CARnivore_nds Nasty_Bunny_Van created, smirkules co owner.
5389 Oct06@2000h Lilah427 halp stuck Closed Bluuefuzzy Discussed via Discord, she's unstucked \o/
5388 Oct06@1509h FarfallaCC flow Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
5387 Oct06@1457h FarfallaCC flow pls Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
5386 Oct06@1359h FarfallaCC flow pls Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
5385 Oct06@1344h FarfallaCC flow pls! Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
5384 Oct05@2338h NastyHabits trader is gone Closed cujobear poor trader, decided not to replace this close to end of rev.
5383 Oct05@2059h NastyHabits this is clearly a grief (also on opposite side) Closed cheezychicken fix'd
5382 Oct05@1400h FarfallaCC I went to creative server, east of the /warp 2049, then the server just kicked me out of the creative and transfered to the lobby. Cannot rejoin creative server. Several player reported the same problem after _W32 invited people to visit him there. Closed FarfallaCC solved
5381 Oct05@0657h Polar_Ted The council of ightoak humbly requests that Nightoak be incorporated into the upcoming end of rev event.. PLease with honey on top? Closed cujobear I have sent you a message on discord so we can discuss
5380 Oct05@0050h King_Aiden flow Closed robr no water to flow at location
5379 Oct04@1927h NastyHabits was there smth that got griefed? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ out of logs :<
5378 Oct04@1426h FarfallaCC grief. Someone break my rail tunnel Closed buzzie71 restored!
5377 Oct04@1425h FarfallaCC griefw Closed FarfallaCC close
5376 Oct04@1336h he1l0 guys i dropped my sword and it just dissapeard plese help Closed he1l0
5375 Oct04@0354h Rich_Boys05 dlow plz Closed King_of_queso flowing
5374 Oct04@0313h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc Closed King_of_queso protected
5373 Oct04@0117h Stormmblade lava flow - sorry to keep asking - last one got missed lol please and thanks Closed cujobear lava flowin
5372 Oct04@0114h PlNG didn't there used to be a mooshroom in here? Closed cujobear mooshroom and cat replaced
5371 Oct03@2324h NastyHabits is this unfinished tunnel belongs to someone? I want to finish its melo-pump design Closed cujobear tunnel is ok to complete, you might hit a region in the ceiling though
5370 Oct03@2322h Rokkuwu somebody stole mah vines D: Closed RukiaKuchiki_ seems to be out of logs .-.
5369 Oct03@2257h Stormmblade LAVA FLOOOOOOOOOOOW please and thank you Closed cujobear 1 lava flowed
5368 Oct03@1703h PixZeru128 help iam stuck underground in the creeper farm Closed buzzie71 extracted!
5367 Oct03@1605h Stormmblade Let the lava flow! Closed fazaden flow'd
5366 Oct03@0249h Armas_DSasi protecces ples Closed Spook6 protected :)
5365 Oct03@0117h zburdsal Help we got a groundpez infestation Closed zburdsal Infestation alleviated.
5364 Oct03@0009h R0b0Hobo I fell into a ditch in a protected area and can't get out.... as hilarious as this is, please help me. Closed R0b0Hobo
5363 Oct02@2315h olly_909 could I please have a horce bacl it had level 13 speed and 6 jump power I dont care what it looks like Closed cujobear players bred and gave new horse to olly
5362 Oct02@2121h olly_909 im stuck Closed RukiaKuchiki_ looks like you got unstuck!
5361 Oct02@2054h Stormmblade flowing waterfall please thanks! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
5360 Oct02@2008h GenghisKhanX Heads in the shulker area. Again. Closed cujobear player was just notified yesterday
5359 Oct02@1731h NastyHabits someone killed the nametagged skeleton, he is needed for a contraption Closed tict0c Skelly has been replaced and back and ready to make Records !!
5358 Oct02@1320h AndyJF C is down again. User Don_Jackle deliberately crashed it somehow. How is this happening? Closed zburdsal It is being worked on and observed. Server is back up.
5357 Oct02@0141h Rokkuwu someone removed the logs here Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5356 Oct01@2329h TehWither_ Need build protection for the claimed area, x:1002 , z:2580 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5355 Oct01@2107h RukiaKuchiki_ some greef here Closed robr users warned, rolled back, noted. thanks for reporting!
5354 Oct01@2057h Marco2124 sorry to modreq so many times, but my fox shop has been griefed. theres no protection on it, anyone could do it Closed RukiaKuchiki_ grief fixed
5353 Oct01@1904h shmoogin molon grief :< Closed RukiaKuchiki_ theiving enderman is cause :O
5352 Oct01@1653h RukiaKuchiki_ ded skely in creeper farm Closed cheezychicken skeleton replaced!
5351 Oct01@0856h AndyJF C is down, can anyone help? Thanks Closed Verros pinged the Tech Admins about this
5350 Oct01@0300h WasteAway More ender heads in the shulker area :( Closed cujobear skulls removed after no response from owners
5349 Oct01@0142h pez252 Maze exit Closed pez252 done
5348 Oct01@0051h NoobSaibot protect please! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5347 Oct01@0036h Minagreste I've noticed it's possible to hit villagers here, and 2 of the villagers are missing, maybe someone killed them? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ villagers got ate by some zombs
5346 Oct01@0034h Bluuefuzzy is this door supposed to stay open? Closed cujobear not sure why that is staying open, not a big deal either way
5345 Sep30@2330h Rokkuwu can someone move this horse outta here, how do you even get a horse on an island in the first place Closed RukiaKuchiki_ horse was T(eleported)
5344 Sep30@2111h Stormmblade Yeah, definitely stuck lmao Closed Stormmblade
5343 Sep30@2110h Stormmblade I may be stuck inside someone's build. Having trouble finding a way out. Please and thanks? Closed Stormmblade
5342 Sep30@1918h Marco2124 the dragon fight glitched and wont continue after we killed the bee nest, it happened after a reset Closed cheezychicken seems to have fixed itsself?
5341 Sep30@1436h Marco2124 someone stole all the crops at ironstar Closed Bluuefuzzy crops replaced!
5340 Sep30@0227h RukiaKuchiki_ is this a light glitch? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ nvm it cleared itself up
5339 Sep29@2142h R0b0Hobo protect my build please. red wool markers, built approx 15 blocks down Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5338 Sep29@2050h FarfallaCC grief Closed zburdsal Already being worked on :)
5337 Sep29@1648h NastyHabits protect my shop within this room (the one with villager and gift machine) Closed zburdsal Protected!
5336 Sep29@1644h NastyHabits was there a bed here? was it griefed again? Closed Bluuefuzzy as far as i know, there isn't a bed here, but if there was, it's out of logs :( I *did* replace an enderchest though.
5335 Sep29@1639h Chef_Zuul OP book dealer missing? Closed cujobear replaced thanks for reporting
5334 Sep29@1605h NastyHabits revert this part with redstone, was trying to get out and accidently washed it with water Closed Bluuefuzzy looks like everything is still in working order!
5333 Sep29@1439h Marco2124 i think someone stole 2 foxes from my fox shop in the mall near spawn. They were inside a glass area, imposible to escape, unless you break the glass and put it back. I dont think there was griefing protection in the mall Closed Bluuefuzzy discussed via PM
5332 Sep29@0357h R0b0Hobo please protect my build please. Built into groun, red wool markers at top. Closed R0b0Hobo
5331 Sep29@0253h zedadex please protect this beacon+conduit. ty! Closed zburdsal IDK man, doesn't look like a completed build to me /s protected :p
5330 Sep29@0223h zedadex my named mod-mob 'Evil Zed D:' appears to have been killed again :( Closed cujobear replaced
5329 Sep29@0003h NastyHabits someone did not replant properly Closed CARnivore_nds Chorus flowers singing again
5328 Sep28@2306h Verros accidentally placed torch in water elevator and attempted to fix it but still doesnt work plz help Closed cujobear water fixed, thank you for reporting
5327 Sep28@2208h NastyHabits was it griefed? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5326 Sep28@1737h FarfallaCC Could you protect the beacons and the iron block base? Add to Region "Jenseits", only up to Y69 (so farm stays public), no need for a sub region. Thank you! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region set as child of jenseits!
5325 Sep28@1729h FarfallaCC protect the beacon area pls Closed FarfallaCC cancel
5324 Sep28@1413h PhantomLIVE_YT hello the patato farm at ironstar hasnt been replanted please check who it was Closed fazaden fixed
5323 Sep28@0638h PlNG please replace that stone block with a rabbit spawner. Thank you! Closed cheezychicken bunny spawner placed! could do with an auto-kill though...
5322 Sep27@2332h NastyHabits i think someone griefed this part Closed RukiaKuchiki_ msg player about logs
5321 Sep27@2029h Sofistication223 fade_3 has not been seen in 5 months, could his builds be removed? Closed cheezychicken this is a finished build, so no. The one that was a victim of a rollback I can look at?
5320 Sep27@1757h PlNG (Build planning) Is it ok to put the rabbit spawner here at this stone block? Closed cheezychicken sure!
5319 Sep27@1718h Rich_Boys05 flow plz Closed pez252 Flowed
5318 Sep27@1611h Jezzzzie close #5317 Closed pez252 closed
5317 Sep27@1609h Jezzzzie who made this cute lil thing? Closed pez252 closed per 5318
5316 Sep27@0246h Armas_DSasi could we get these ruins/terraformed areas aboveground protected as part of subterranea? Closed cheezychicken protected!
5315 Sep27@0058h GenghisKhanX Please to be replacing the dirt above my lamps with barrier blocks so minecarts don't get stuck up there again Closed cheezychicken barrier'd!
5314 Sep26@2320h FarfallaCC Could you protect this bunny basket to Y59, add it to region "Jenseits" (no need for a sub-territory) pls! Thank you:D Closed cheezychicken region expanded to conver bunny basket!
5313 Sep26@2033h Bluuefuzzy pls to unlock these chests? Closed cheezychicken chests removed :)
5312 Sep26@2032h Bluuefuzzy pls to remove these chests, player hans't been on in over 3 weeks! Closed i_c_e_ tucked away safely
5311 Sep26@1720h RukiaKuchiki_ grief? Closed Bluuefuzzy flixed!
5310 Sep26@1639h NastyHabits protect this dino Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5309 Sep26@1514h Enture Hey there! Could these furnaces and chests from the player named "shrinemaster" be moved, or unprotected, so that we could lay down rail lines here? Shrinemaster hasn't been on in 3 months, but I'll happily move the chests' contents for them. Closed i_c_e_ all neat and put away
5308 Sep26@1430h FarfallaCC call for a rabbit spawner(could it be one that spawn different colors of rabbit) at Y268 Y 70 Z-793 (inside the tail of the rabbit statue). Thanks! Closed tict0c Done! It is reproducing like ummmm rabbits !!!
5307 Sep26@1259h NastyHabits protect this dino Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5306 Sep26@0320h GenghisKhanX Please enchant my helmet! Thank you! Closed i_c_e_ Helmet all new and improved
5305 Sep25@2355h RukiaKuchiki_ flow Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
5304 Sep25@2355h NastyHabits protect this dino Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5303 Sep25@2234h RukiaKuchiki_ watr flo Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing
5302 Sep25@2214h Andromeda4210 who made this build? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ msged user about chest and shulker
5301 Sep25@2212h PhantomLIVE_YT can you please bring back my friends 2 foxes they died by a creeper explosion and its my fault :C i dont want him to hate me for an accident so could you please bring them back if possible? Closed PhantomLIVE_YT
5300 Sep25@2105h NastyHabits protect this dino Closed RukiaKuchiki_ proteccted (uwu)
5299 Sep25@1926h NastyHabits protecc this dino Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5298 Sep25@1350h FarfallaCC when i put the spawner i got from finishing pez's maze in hotbar and choose it, it is deleted from the system, saying that i am not allowed to acquire spawner:( could you do something to return it to me? i won't put it in hotbar anymore Closed tict0c See req 5308
5297 Sep25@0401h GenghisKhanX Please extend gkx_homebase east to z2430 and replace the dirt in my stadium with barrier blocks! Thank you! Closed i_c_e_ all is ready to go !
5296 Sep24@2036h NastyHabits protect this Solace Dino Closed zburdsal Protected :D I like it!
5295 Sep24@2000h JCS617 Enchant plz Closed cujobear enchanted