PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
5253 Apr21@2230h RukiaKuchiki_ who made this? Closed cujobear discussed via /m
5252 Apr21@1957h MackSaffron flow the 2 water blocks on the N and S sides, and the 5 water blocks on the E side. thx! <3 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
5251 Apr21@1809h Kapouille I gave one of my horses called 'Dinnerbone' to a player called ironcrafter54 and i was wondering where it is now. I want to check something with it for a moment: that's why im asking. Closed CARnivore_nds discussed in message chat
5250 Apr21@1127h NameChqnge endermite killed/gone I went up and checked Closed RukiaKuchiki_ builder msged about it
5249 Apr20@1921h NastyHabits UMC upkeep Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
5248 Apr20@1921h NastyHabits daily wheat reminder Closed RukiaKuchiki_ crops restored
5247 Apr20@1153h MackSaffron flow this water block and the 7 along the East wall pls <3 Closed CARnivore_nds flowwing smoother than poetry
5246 Apr19@2135h RealDoggyGaming stuck in a spawn secret again... Open
5245 Apr19@2015h NastyHabits crop grief, as well on opposite side of the river Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
5244 Apr19@2015h NastyHabits glass grief Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5243 Apr19@2013h NastyHabits crops at UMC again ._. Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
5242 Apr19@1704h NastyHabits derp tower Closed RukiaKuchiki_ removed
5241 Apr19@1649h NastyHabits damage Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5240 Apr19@1543h NastyHabits is smth wrong with this? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ looks normal, also out of logs
5239 Apr19@1540h NastyHabits missing leave Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5238 Apr19@1538h NastyHabits chorus fruit as usual Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5237 Apr19@0158h HoldieStEpDoG I killed the dragon it was abandoned and I and I finished it off and got nothing Closed cujobear prize box given
5236 Apr19@0025h dbut can i get 'dbutbuild' extended to Y=27 Closed cujobear region expanded
5235 Apr18@2353h cujobear I think I used to have a parrot here Closed RukiaKuchiki_ no parrots seen here :o
5234 Apr18@2144h NastyHabits wrongly rotated slab at solace Closed cujobear player with edits is on perms.
5233 Apr18@2022h NastyHabits minor bamboo not replantal Closed RukiaKuchiki_ bamboo fixed!
5232 Apr18@1913h adamnorcott is this claim active... just starting a build but don't want to crowd Closed cujobear discussed via /m
5231 Apr18@1820h Kapouille i've looked all over, and i cant find it Closed Kapouille
5230 Apr18@1820h Kapouille where is my elytra? Closed Kapouille
5229 Apr18@1740h Kapouille i have collected all the resources for a golem spawner; what do i do now? Closed tict0c Discussed with player via Msg !!
5228 Apr18@1554h harotaro stuckreq. pls halp. ty Closed RukiaKuchiki_ unstuck!
5227 Apr18@1520h SkyblockDev dragon fight is broken miniboss wont spawn Closed cheezychicken fix'd
5226 Apr18@1520h wightnoise we broke the dragon Closed cheezychicken dragon fix'd
5225 Apr18@1450h Bendoe_ stuck in an obsidian pillar in the end Closed NastyHabits rescued!
5224 Apr18@0248h Oxion_ enderman farm broke... there should be an endermite in a minecart of top of the cobblestone Closed NastyHabits player was notified via mail
5223 Apr18@0009h wyguy2014 looks like grief Closed NastyHabits fixed, player reminded about replanting
5222 Apr17@2345h NastyHabits very high probability of iron beacon grief Closed i_c_e_ players seem to be working together in different locations
5221 Apr17@2344h NastyHabits investigate this grief (?) as well Closed i_c_e_ appears to be a joint effort
5220 Apr17@2342h NastyHabits has iron blocks removed by other player, needs investigation Closed i_c_e_ this appears to be a joint effort
5219 Apr17@2331h tunfy broken glass if you want to warn Closed NastyHabits fixed, player warned thanks for report! Appreaciate that.
5218 Apr17@2317h Andromeda4210 someone griefed my pillar Closed NastyHabits fixed, player warned, please recheck if i fixed it correctly
5217 Apr17@2306h NastyHabits potential grief Closed i_c_e_ all appears ok
5216 Apr17@2305h NastyHabits griefed berries Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
5215 Apr17@2302h Lilah427 ded spookia Closed tict0c Sadly we cant replace him. But let Penergy know about it so she can spawn another dopple in it's place.
5214 Apr17@2302h NastyHabits grief around UMC like clockwork Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed, user banned
5213 Apr17@2300h NastyHabits crop grief :) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
5212 Apr17@2259h NastyHabits just a little bit of crop grief Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
5211 Apr17@2032h buzzie71 please flow remaining diagonal waters in this quadrant (8) :O Closed NastyHabits flowed!
5210 Apr17@2019h buzzie71 please flow the six diagonal waters in this quadrant Closed cujobear flowed
5209 Apr17@0328h Lilah427 can't move in obstacle event cours Closed cujobear rescued
5208 Apr17@0305h sansapants What is this doing here? Closed NastyHabits seems fine
5207 Apr16@1854h CARnivore_nds plz protect spider_pyramid_7 thanks Closed NastyHabits spoider have been protected
5206 Apr16@1736h Kapouille in the cost list for a golem spawner it requires 20 workstations, what are workstations? Closed cujobear Workstations are what villagers need to restock: barrels, cauldrons, brewing stands, loom, etc.
5205 Apr16@1639h buzzie71 flow water please :O Closed CARnivore_nds odd place for a drinking fountian.....
5204 Apr16@1447h RukiaKuchiki_ this looks griefed, cows can escape Closed NastyHabits restored, player warned, thanks for report!
5203 Apr15@1831h Kapouille is it normal that there are rails missing here Closed cheezychicken Doesn't look right, but nothing in logs :/
5202 Apr15@1728h CodeRedStone Lost all my stuff in the End within 5 minutes, with nobody in the chunk. Lost gear includes full ench netherite gear, 3 totems, 8 shulkers, 2 extra pairs of boots Closed cheezychicken death was at 17:17:43, seems you got there around 17:25 ish
5201 Apr15@1624h CARnivore_nds crop grief Closed NastyHabits crops restored, player warned, thanks for reporting!
5200 Apr15@1609h zenohudek flow Closed CARnivore_nds flow'd
5199 Apr15@1506h Penergy Hi! I'm going to need some help with a large protection for my course - it involves some portions with PVP enabled and sitting disabled and others without those flags, so whoever's protecting it will need to walk through it with me. Thanks! Closed cheezychicken 40 regions later... all done!
5198 Apr15@1248h MackSaffron One 'perfect farmer' please! You can put them in the trading hall under the Perfect Farmer sign. Thanks <3 Closed cujobear perfect farmer is in place!
5197 Apr15@1202h Kapouille pls help my stuff is stuck in a place thats impossible to get into Closed NastyHabits discussed
5196 Apr15@1201h Kapouille help im stuc Closed NastyHabits discussed
5195 Apr14@2022h NastyHabits griefed gold blocks? needs deeper look Closed cheezychicken fix'd
5194 Apr14@2017h NastyHabits griefed gold blocks and such Closed NastyHabits reopening newer one
5193 Apr14@1930h RukiaKuchiki_ grief? Closed cheezychicken fix'd
5192 Apr14@1441h zenohudek flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!
5191 Apr14@1410h Zomise habitat broken Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5190 Apr14@1400h Bot_melker claim Closed buzzie71 you look like you have a good start - recommend reviewing /help claims (use /help claims 2 and /help claims 3 to see the rest) - once your claim border is done, your land claim is set; you don't need to let staff know
5189 Apr14@1234h MackSaffron is there an eviction process i can begin on these two chests and horse? Closed i_c_e_ items removed safely and stored
5188 Apr14@0258h Dispatch lost my the most recent tic's trivia trophy when i suffocated while on the rails coming out at the end Closed tict0c Head has been replaced !! :)
5187 Apr13@2148h NastyHabits original block replaced by cobble Closed i_c_e_
5186 Apr13@2141h NastyHabits missing stonebrick Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5185 Apr13@2133h NastyHabits grief of glass Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5184 Apr13@2125h NastyHabits missing block with sign Closed RukiaKuchiki_ also fixed!
5183 Apr13@2123h NastyHabits more grief here Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5182 Apr13@2121h NastyHabits missing ice Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5181 Apr13@2112h NastyHabits griefed glass panes Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5180 Apr13@1820h NastyHabits missing animals? Closed i_c_e_ player warned animals replaced
5179 Apr13@1604h blue_man1066 check Closed robr duplicate of 5169
5178 Apr13@1538h kmwillia something weird happened and these got reverted back to ice, if i could get them reflowed, thanks Closed kmwillia it did it itself somehow, thanks
5177 Apr13@1527h kmwillia and broke this letting out my buns Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed with /msg
5176 Apr13@1525h kmwillia and stole my stuff Closed RukiaKuchiki_ rolled back, user dealth with
5175 Apr13@1525h kmwillia and the let out my cows Closed RukiaKuchiki_ luckily cows are still nearby!
5174 Apr13@1524h kmwillia someone stole my glass up top and the green to color the beacon, aint no reason for that Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5173 Apr13@1245h Eishaar managed to ban myself from creative for trying to put chests inside a chest, didn't know it was gonna ban me :( Closed cheezychicken fixed ish
5172 Apr13@1245h MackSaffron flow these 2 blocks pls <3 Closed Norami flowing :)
5171 Apr13@1244h MackSaffron flow this one block pls <3 Closed Norami flowing
5170 Apr13@1233h MackSaffron flow pls <3 Closed CARnivore_nds flow iza go !
5169 Apr13@0949h blue_man1066 please help, stuck Closed robr unstuck
5168 Apr12@2337h LongshotLafayete Can i get water turned on here? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
5167 Apr12@2027h NastyHabits griefed wheat field (as usual) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
5166 Apr12@1957h NastyHabits griefed tower Closed NastyHabits player banned, did it with help of other moderator
5165 Apr12@1739h Zomise Dude took all shulker spots and logged off... Closed NastyHabits seems like he cleared them up
5164 Apr12@1506h Zomise Crop grief. Pls check the other UMC stuff too, chorus back there and berries on other side of road Closed NastyHabits fixed, players warned
5163 Apr12@1346h MackSaffron flow pls <3 Closed NastyHabits flowed!
5162 Apr12@0320h LongshotLafayete please turn this water on Closed NastyHabits flowed!
5161 Apr12@0159h buzzie71 did something happen to this snow golem O.o Closed cujobear snowman was killed by a spider
5160 Apr11@2358h Eishaar am stuck Closed cujobear player found way out
5159 Apr11@2353h NastyHabits it? Closed NastyHabits oops
5158 Apr11@2353h Eishaar looks like somebody forgot to replant Closed buzzie71 restored!
5157 Apr11@2334h NastyHabits is someone releasing the bees into my cabinets? Closed buzzie71 no evidence found to support this :O
5156 Apr11@2318h NastyHabits more unplanted crop Closed buzzie71 restored!
5155 Apr11@2315h NastyHabits crop "grief", just rollback him entirely since he broke some more serious stuff Closed buzzie71 restored!
5154 Apr11@2252h NastyHabits more crop grief Closed cujobear rolled back
5153 Apr11@2246h Eishaar more grief of em Closed NastyHabits fixed, thanks for reporting
5152 Apr11@2246h Eishaar more grief of the troublemakers here Closed NastyHabits fixed, thanks for reporting
5151 Apr11@2231h Eishaar somebody forgot to replant here >:( Closed NastyHabits thanks for reporting, 3 players warned, fixed
5150 Apr11@2212h NastyHabits unacceptable within city (unprotected while spook away) Closed buzzie71 restored!
5149 Apr11@2125h tunfy the tunnel got protected but now the piston isnt working. i assume it has to be protected too so it can interact with the glass? Closed cujobear Issue fixed, I think. Let me know if it didn't work
5148 Apr11@2041h NastyHabits protect this ice road made by me from spawn to world end Closed cujobear protected
5147 Apr11@2021h dogo1005MC Hey, can I get help, I got stuck. Closed NastyHabits unstuck
5146 Apr11@1947h NastyHabits grief Closed buzzie71 restored!
5145 Apr11@1815h buzzie71 grief? Closed NastyHabits player warned, thanks for reporting!
5144 Apr11@1559h dogo1005MC I need some help, I got stuck into a light and I cant kms. Closed i_c_e_ repeat of 5143
5143 Apr11@1529h dogo1005MC Help me, Im stuck Closed NastyHabits unstuck
5142 Apr11@1451h MackSaffron flow these 2 water blocks pls <3 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
5141 Apr11@1440h MackSaffron flow again pls <3 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
5140 Apr11@1320h Kapouille correction: i found him: sorry for the inconvienience Closed NastyHabits closed
5139 Apr11@1319h Kapouille i bought a trader and i named him Jacques and when i came back he's gone no trace of him left Closed NastyHabits discussed in game
5138 Apr11@1317h Kapouille i cant find my trader i bought where is he? Closed NastyHabits discussed ingame
5137 Apr11@1241h Kapouille if i buy a pet will they despawn? Closed i_c_e_ discussed via msg
5136 Apr10@2333h NastyHabits possibly not replanted Closed CARnivore_nds if there was harvest without replant, it's not in /lb going to leave it.
5135 Apr10@2236h CutterWill flow Closed NastyHabits flowed!
5134 Apr10@2210h NastyHabits protect this house and add me and chef_zuul as coowners Closed cujobear protected as icehouse with 2 owners
5133 Apr10@2105h RukiaKuchiki_ missing endermite+cart Closed NastyHabits natural death, mailed player about the farm
5132 Apr10@1843h Eishaar button stolen ;( Closed NastyHabits fixed, player warned, thanks for reporting
5131 Apr10@1812h RukiaKuchiki_ grif Closed NastyHabits fixed, players warned, region protected, thanks for reporting
5130 Apr10@1810h wyguy2014 looks like grief (please also check the plants just to the left of this row) Closed NastyHabits fixed, thanks for reporting!
5129 Apr10@0050h Azumarill dispenser flows Closed cujobear flowed
5128 Apr09@2323h NastyHabits remove derp-path? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ removed!
5127 Apr09@2308h NastyHabits dead perfect villager? Closed tict0c Sadly Zombie Killed Villager :(
5126 Apr09@2222h MackSaffron flow pls <3 Closed NastyHabits flowed!
5125 Apr09@1830h RukiaKuchiki_ need pistons to work in this region Closed RukiaKuchiki_ nvm i fixed it
5124 Apr09@0536h tunfy btw would it be possible to protect the road since it gets pretty regularly griefed? Closed cheezychicken ice road protected :)
5123 Apr09@0535h tunfy someone spammed cobble all the way from the ice road to my base. most of it is cleaned up but i left some here to check logs Closed NastyHabits rolled back, thanks for reporting!
5122 Apr09@0246h RukiaKuchiki_ did this house like get griefed? Closed cujobear most edits done by builder. Will wait to see if builder modreqs
5121 Apr09@0208h cujobear here Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
5120 Apr08@2311h PlNG herpfish is gone Closed cujobear herpfish replaced. Let me know if it doesn't look right
5119 Apr08@2207h RukiaKuchiki_ turn the blackstone blocks where this door is to barriers too it looks bad Closed cujobear changed
5118 Apr08@1618h Eishaar looks like a dick Closed CARnivore_nds removed, thank you for repoting
5117 Apr08@1605h joshcarls please flow my spring thank you :) Closed CARnivore_nds flow'd
5116 Apr08@1507h RaulKJ I accidentally killed someone's cat, and I'm so sorry. Closed cujobear Cat replaced, thanks for letting us know
5115 Apr08@0712h covertbagel please protect my build marked by purple shulkers down to 46 (I built deeper underground) Closed NastyHabits region created (size a bit smaller than requested)
5114 Apr08@0038h RukiaKuchiki_ can i get enderman picking up grass blocks disabled for arena? Closed cujobear IT is not someting we have done in the past, but will add it to things we will consider
5113 Apr08@0027h 9ornHub what is my protection name for my rich house? Closed tict0c Explained in Msg!
5112 Apr07@1851h RukiaKuchiki_ move shulker region here to the warped log blocks pls Closed NastyHabits moved
5111 Apr07@1834h RukiaKuchiki_ flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing
5110 Apr07@1753h joshcarls please flow my spring thank you :) Closed NastyHabits flowed!
5109 Apr07@1305h Kapouille pls flow lav mote Closed kumquatmay flowin
5108 Apr07@0031h PlNG please make the red terracotta a shulker region Closed kumquatmay shulker regions created \o/
5107 Apr06@2224h 9ornHub claim pls Closed NastyHabits protected!
5106 Apr06@2222h 9ornHub claim pls Closed cujobear Please see this video regarding land claims & protections. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D2HneontSQ
5105 Apr06@2141h NastyHabits missing named bee again :/ Closed cujobear bee was killed by CUSTOM and I am unable to locate that whatever CUSTOM was was caused by a player, so I cannot replace
5104 Apr06@2137h RukiaKuchiki_ i busted a sign here on accidient Closed NastyHabits Restored!
5103 Apr06@2104h RukiaKuchiki_ i plopped this shulk here and it locked to someone else Closed cujobear discussed via /m and removed
5102 Apr06@1953h Dispatch had 1 of each rabbit variety in here, don't know how/when they disappeared Closed RukiaKuchiki_ mailed user about the wabbits
5101 Apr06@1915h Chef_Zuul please flow only the source block adjacent to the solid stone block here Closed CARnivore_nds x clusivly flow'd
5100 Apr06@1842h Eishaar i forgot chorus fruit and am stuck pls help Closed Eishaar
5099 Apr06@1828h CARnivore_nds please prtoect spider_pryamid_6 thanks Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected the spooder
5098 Apr06@1806h 9ornHub flow Closed CARnivore_nds flow'd
5097 Apr06@1800h 9ornHub flow Closed CARnivore_nds flow b a go
5096 Apr06@1711h robr decorative wheat grief all around area Closed NastyHabits tried to restore, but soil needs proper hydration and manual replanting, player warned
5095 Apr06@1650h Penergy I'd been saving a handful of custom mobs from the winter event for use in my event, and one of them was killed by a player, it appears. Is there a way to restore it? Closed cujobear mob replaced
5094 Apr06@1634h Penergy I accidentally just placed Egg #3 from the easter event while trying to deposit it into a shulker - is there any chance I could get it replaced? Closed cheezychicken egg re-fancy'd
5093 Apr06@1406h Chef_Zuul water flow plurz Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
5092 Apr06@1406h Eishaar claim house please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
5091 Apr06@0927h Azumarill cujo: stick that fancy floating microblock reward atop this wool, please. remove the wool after! if it doesn't float can you... do something about that? Closed cujobear trophy added and wool removed
5090 Apr06@0926h Azumarill cujo: stick that fancy floating microblock reward atop this wool, please. remove the wool after! Closed Azumarill
5089 Apr06@0925h Azumarill protection -- "azu_microblockdisplay" Closed cujobear protection added
5088 Apr06@0314h buzzie71 please flow all the water diagonals in this quadrant Closed kumquatmay flowin!
5087 Apr05@2237h NastyHabits my cat on this bed have been killed by player Closed cheezychicken cat restored!
5086 Apr05@2228h Eishaar one of my parrots is gone (probably dead) and the other one is hurt (2/6 health points) Closed cheezychicken parrot restored :)
5085 Apr05@2156h Eishaar this trapdoor opens the wrong way Closed Eishaar
5084 Apr05@2155h RukiaKuchiki_ lol is this what i think it is Closed NastyHabits removed emerald thing according to rules about inapp builds
5083 Apr05@2132h RukiaKuchiki_ is this grief? Closed cujobear out of logs
5082 Apr05@2037h joshcarls the players who started this build above haven't been on in 4 months, can it be removed? i keep crashing into it on my flights to/from solace lol Closed cheezychicken I don't really want to remove a valid build for convenience. Sorry :(
5081 Apr05@1459h buzzie71 halp Closed cheezychicken inv restored :)
5080 Apr05@1458h Eishaar who spawned this wither???? Closed buzzie71 staff will talk to them, but thanks for reporting
5079 Apr05@1227h Eishaar i got bored here and decided to build this house, can i get this claimed? Closed Eishaar
5078 Apr05@1217h Eishaar still stuck here Closed Eishaar
5077 Apr05@0312h Zarton_ i clicked a minecart here and it instantly disappered, please restore it Closed cheezychicken No idea, seems like a weird bug to me.
5076 Apr05@0303h buzzie71 please flow water :O Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
5075 Apr04@2240h kmwillia can i get another 2 golem spawners, replacing the hanging concrete blocks, payment in each chest. thanks! Closed cheezychicken spawners placed!
5074 Apr04@1600h NastyHabits crop grief as usual Closed buzzie71 restored!
5073 Apr04@0943h Eishaar raid here, shouldn't be here Closed cheezychicken should despawn eventually
5072 Apr04@0123h RukiaKuchiki_ possible grief? Closed cheezychicken sorted apparently :o
5071 Apr03@2256h Zarton_ a lot of ppgome's villagers are wandering around free and making it outside.. maybe someone griefed an important block? Closed tadrogers Thank you for your modreq, we will get this solved!
5070 Apr03@2247h NastyHabits wheat you know the drill Closed RukiaKuchiki_ ungriefed
5069 Apr03@2234h Willravel looks like a griefed lantern, tyvm Closed NastyHabits thanks for reporting, player warned
5068 Apr03@2059h XeTrain who built this house? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ mailed user of house owner
5067 Apr03@1850h RukiaKuchiki_ grif Closed NastyHabits repaired
5066 Apr03@1705h Ecclesiastes3_1 Am I building in an area that is okay? I just want to make sure :D Closed pez252 Discussed via /m. Underground where you are digging is fine. Leave as much space as you are able with your plans between the nearby build. Across the river for above ground would be better but not required.
5065 Apr03@1612h xxminimohxx i need help im stuck√ł Closed cujobear saved
5064 Apr03@1529h NastyHabits missing sheep from this room as well Closed buzzie71 restored!
5063 Apr03@1344h dogo1005MC flow this water please :D Closed NastyHabits flowed
5062 Apr03@0711h Lilah427 flow da waitweasr am typon at 3am pls fill Closed NastyHabits flwd, but you need more effort to smooth it out
5061 Apr03@0423h Vanraaz please flow this Closed buzzie71 flowing!
5060 Apr03@0051h MisterGort unstuck pls Closed Verros teleported
5059 Apr02@2213h NastyHabits killed farm animals in this and another room deeper Closed RukiaKuchiki_ animals restored
5058 Apr02@1949h RukiaKuchiki_ missing redstone torch Closed NastyHabits out of logs, repaired manually
5057 Apr02@1836h NastyHabits road damaged by crafting bench Closed buzzie71 restored!
5056 Apr02@1609h NastyHabits protect this building Closed NastyHabits protected
5055 Apr02@1415h S_W pls flow water along road. Closed tadrogers all done! You missed a waater over the fence. let me know if I missed any water!
5054 Apr02@1406h RaulKJ help, I'm stuck, Closed fazaden unstuck;d