PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
3153 Sep28@2252h Oxion_ grief ._. Open
3152 Sep28@2251h Effendi May you please fill the swimming pool in my basement? @231 121 3274 Open
3151 Sep28@2101h LTP1828 May I flow water please at 2478 - 1120 y100? Closed TemporarilyAlive flewn
3150 Sep28@2023h NastyHabits NOT replanted Closed TemporarilyAlive warned & rolled back
3149 Sep28@1519h nels_nelson I wonder if someone griefed this candle? Closed NastyHabits out of logs, so I i've added candle myself
3148 Sep28@0518h buzzie71 griefing Closed NastyHabits banned, rollbacked
3147 Sep28@0424h buzzie71 grief? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
3146 Sep28@0407h buzzie71 clean this up later Closed buzzie71 cleaned up
3145 Sep28@0344h buzzie71 grief? Closed TemporarilyAlive duplicate of #3144
3144 Sep28@0342h buzzie71 grief? Closed TemporarilyAlive rolled back
3143 Sep28@0330h Oxion_ can the build around this portal be protected pls? "sol-portal", child of "sol" Closed buzzie71 protected!
3142 Sep28@0329h Oxion_ grief! Closed buzzie71 restored!
3141 Sep27@2353h RukiaKuchiki_ more grief Closed buzzie71 restored!
3140 Sep27@2348h RukiaKuchiki_ grif Closed buzzie71 restored!
3139 Sep27@2220h RukiaKuchiki_ who done mined this Closed TemporarilyAlive Discussed in /mail
3138 Sep27@1924h nels_nelson May I please have this water block made to flow naturally? Best regards, -Nels Closed TemporarilyAlive flown
3137 Sep27@1807h FarfallaCC my donkey burrito is trapped at -23 152 86, can you bring it down? thank you Closed FarfallaCC
3136 Sep27@1801h ninti check chat at 10:50a.m. pst and see if that is anything you want to address Closed fazaden discussed via Discord
3135 Sep27@0956h Treppich Could a claim region please be added for this island uner the name Jacques_Lapin - thank you :D Closed CARnivore_nds claim region set
3134 Sep27@0050h pez252 minor unauthorized change Closed CARnivore_nds rolled back area, informed player
3133 Sep26@2025h nels_nelson I dropped my emeralds behind this lectern! :-O Closed CARnivore_nds sorry, it looks as though they have despawned. I believe Farmer Bob has more for you though
3132 Sep26@1756h Tiny_yens tict0c Closed tict0c Portal has been placed !!
3131 Sep26@1746h MrFancyPig Please replace the dirt up here with barrier blocks Closed tict0c Closed!! Talked to player in PM,
3130 Sep26@1544h Tiny_yens nether portal Closed TemporarilyAlive Duplicate of #3124
3129 Sep26@0218h ThePengyKnight ThePengyKnight Claimed Bluuefuzzy
3128 Sep25@2228h wyguy2014 stupid me wound up in an iron grinder. i was able to grief myself out. i patched the lava-leak that i created by doing so, but i am not sure if i did it correctly. i apologize Closed fazaden grinder is fixed, thanks for the report
3127 Sep25@2153h RukiaKuchiki_ who made the book here? Closed Bluuefuzzy discussed via pm
3126 Sep25@2143h Pebnuasda ObsidianExploder Closed fazaden when making a modreq, please type out what you'd like assistance from the mods with
3125 Sep25@2051h RukiaKuchiki_ extend le region up like 10 blocks for water flowing Closed RukiaKuchiki_ expanded
3124 Sep25@1433h Tiny_yens nether portal Closed TemporarilyAlive Not enough shards provided. 12 Are required for that sized portal (each block of purple portal = 1 shard)
3123 Sep25@1047h NastyHabits grief? Closed TemporarilyAlive out of logs
3122 Sep25@1046h NastyHabits grief? Closed TemporarilyAlive Out of logs
3121 Sep24@1841h NastyHabits please rescue me Closed TemporarilyAlive already rescued
3120 Sep24@1832h Ruthlesssss please remove this chest monster and baby farm(player last seen almost 3 months ago) Closed TemporarilyAlive Build & chest removed from claim
3119 Sep24@0946h Yakkhyl can this part of my base be protected too please :D Closed NastyHabits expanded
3118 Sep24@0440h ninti Please clear and release these plots (405) in mapworld, I am not going to use them after all. Closed TemporarilyAlive plot reset and unclaimed
3117 Sep24@0326h addablelink may I claim this area? Closed buzzie71 Please mark off a rectangular area that is not claimed or built on, and modreq again for a claim to be set on it :O see /help claims for more information
3116 Sep24@0318h tunfy this one too? :P Closed buzzie71 it looks like you own this plot actually :O
3115 Sep24@0314h tunfy can i claim this plot? it was claimed in 2019 but hasnt had anything built since. Closed TemporarilyAlive Plot is now free for you to claim!
3114 Sep23@2341h artixlight Grief? Closed TemporarilyAlive grief rolled back
3113 Sep23@1726h PigeonSquared oh, and pwetty pwease flow this one rogue block Closed TemporarilyAlive flewn
3112 Sep23@1639h PigeonSquared Please unlock the old glass dispenser items, as Varuka forgot to unlock them before he left yesterday. I need to replace them with the loaner armor and wings. Closed TemporarilyAlive added to dispensers
3111 Sep23@1528h Tiny_yens nels_nelson my stuff was recovered by someone but the chest is locked Closed nels_nelson
3110 Sep22@1646h RukiaKuchiki_ blockspam in end lol Closed TemporarilyAlive Player warned, block spam removed
3109 Sep22@1643h RukiaKuchiki_ grif? Closed TemporarilyAlive ungriffed
3108 Sep22@1316h Modlich_303 It have came to my atention that my plot is ending where it shouldn't, i have biuld a large underground base but at some point it ends, i would like to get my plot extended deeper underground Closed TemporarilyAlive Claim expanded!
3107 Sep22@0101h nels_nelson May I please have this portal lit up? I hope I have enough shards. :D Closed TemporarilyAlive Portal created!
3106 Sep21@1723h RukiaKuchiki_ extend region to cover all water im placing plz Closed TemporarilyAlive expandededededededededededededededededed
3105 Sep21@0347h SoulDust hug? Closed buzzie71 hug :O
3104 Sep21@0150h PigeonSquared Remove the watercave region, please! Closed cujobear region removed
3103 Sep20@2219h TheRedCreeper29 Sry if this is not how u do it but can u plz add my portal to the live map. I noticed that it's not on there ever since I got the portal. Closed TemporarilyAlive /place and dynmap markers added!
3102 Sep20@1943h SquaresThere somebody removed all the green from the copper in frontier, and killed the perfect farmer Closed TemporarilyAlive Copper seems ok to me? villager already reported by player who killed it by accident
3101 Sep20@1924h Yakkhyl flip!!!!!!! I just killed the master farmer by accident Closed TemporarilyAlive Farmer restored!
3100 Sep20@0320h TheProGamer_01 i am stuck Closed cujobear saved!
3099 Sep20@0131h pez252 Ummmm ok... Closed cujobear yeah, that's no longer a thing
3098 Sep18@2007h RukiaKuchiki_ why tree netherrack Closed Oxion_ looks like minor grief - rolled back & player warned
3097 Sep18@1959h Comfortable_Andy make the water @ 2151 118 860 & 2152 118 859 flowing (need an infinite water source), ty Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
3096 Sep18@1537h Tiny_yens I was jusping from a high place to use my elytra but when i used the firework nothing happend and i died Claimed cujobear
3095 Sep18@1513h nels_nelson May I please have these four water blocks made to flow naturally? Thank you very much! :D Closed TemporarilyAlive flown!
3094 Sep18@0838h Tiny_yens TemporalilyAlive Closed TemporarilyAlive Goat-boy located! dragon fight mobs teleport back to the arena when they get too far away
3093 Sep18@0613h addablelink can i claim this area please? Closed TemporarilyAlive Claim too big
3092 Sep17@2301h Comfortable_Andy back to death point @ 2125 -49 894 Closed buzzie71 sorry, but you will need to return to your death point on your own ._. staff will not teleport you back to where you died in the course of normal gameplay
3091 Sep17@2239h Comfortable_Andy request skele spawner Closed Oxion_ Spawner protected!
3090 Sep17@2239h Comfortable_Andy request Closed Oxion_ duplicate of 3091
3089 Sep17@2208h Smasherman99999 someone went into my house and killed my pet chickens named "Egg" and "Egg Jr" I saw broken leads and raw chicken. Closed fazaden thanks for the report, user has been warned
3088 Sep17@1528h buzzie71 this region Closed buzzie71 never mind
3087 Sep17@0203h Chef_Zuul did an oopsie & placed a water trying to figure this mystery cave out Closed cujobear water removed
3086 Sep17@0127h pez252 Griff Closed buzzie71 restored!
3085 Sep16@2204h SoloSharpeye SoloSharpeye Closed Bluuefuzzy please /cdonate a barrel and then we'll put your name on it!
3084 Sep16@0411h tunfy flow pls Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3083 Sep16@0310h pez252 protect whole field plz Closed TemporarilyAlive Wheat were so preoccupied on whether or not wheat could, wheat didnt stop to think if wheat should
3082 Sep16@0203h pez252 tp home plz (*2) Closed cujobear tp'd to last spawn point
3081 Sep16@0201h pez252 tp home plz Closed cujobear tp'd to last set spawn
3080 Sep16@0201h pez252 remove plz Closed i_c_e_ tucked away safely
3079 Sep16@0201h pez252 tp home plz Claimed cujobear
3078 Sep16@0201h pez252 remove plz Closed i_c_e_ safely tucked away
3077 Sep15@2058h RukiaKuchiki_ busted a amethist budding block here(unprotected) can it be restored and protected? Closed TemporarilyAlive Rolled back
3076 Sep15@1846h MuralTugboat238 "can i take over this island" Closed TemporarilyAlive Yes! This island is unclaimed
3075 Sep15@1646h MrFancyPig I'm still not sure if my claim was created if not could tou create it? Closed TemporarilyAlive Area already claimed & protected
3074 Sep15@1635h Tiny_yens Tiny_yens Closed TemporarilyAlive Player trap reported
3073 Sep15@0618h ninti Can you rename my Clockwork Manor rail line to "East Network" please? Closed TemporarilyAlive Sign changed
3072 Sep15@0249h pez252 Please remove ty Closed TemporarilyAlive Chest removed
3071 Sep15@0136h Oxion_ grief? D: decorative tree where the rooted dirt is + missing block in the floor Closed TemporarilyAlive player warned and rolled back
3070 Sep15@0108h ObsidianExploder I died, and would like to know why/how. Closed cujobear Items recovered and player dealt with.
3069 Sep14@1752h NastyHabits player placed heads at shulker spot, has sus trace overall Closed TemporarilyAlive heads removed. player banned
3068 Sep14@1738h MrFancyPig Nether Portal Please Closed TemporarilyAlive Portal created!
3067 Sep14@1320h Devilk100 Need an area claimed. Closed NastyHabits claim region created!
3066 Sep14@0435h Oxion_ player trap / griff :( Closed TemporarilyAlive Player already warned for this, i mustve missed this when rolling back last time sorry!
3065 Sep13@2358h RukiaKuchiki_ who dug this? Closed Oxion_ discussed in /msg
3064 Sep13@2233h TheRedCreeper29 Can I please have a claim. My "fence" is leaves surrounding a crazy looking mountain Closed Oxion_ Claim region created! (please try to be mindful of blocking off waterways! it seems fine here, but it's generally frowned upon)
3063 Sep13@2211h Razerac claim, the corners are the stone with sea lanterns, lmk if i need more of a fence too Closed Oxion_ Claim region created!
3062 Sep13@1753h Devilk100 Oops, did not mean to do that, was expecting to see how to use the command on the last one, it was meant to ask for something to be claimed. Closed tict0c Is ok no problem :)
3061 Sep13@1752h Devilk100 help Closed tict0c Is ok no problem :)
3060 Sep13@1627h MrFancyPig Nether Portal please Closed TemporarilyAlive Superseded by req 3068
3059 Sep13@1625h ninti Oh hear me masters of this domain, I beseach you to grant me a perfect mason. I have thy 10 sacrifices and thy precious gemstones. Place the chosen one here and I thank thee. Closed i_c_e_ :) Your perfect Mason is waiting on you
3058 Sep13@1201h CARnivore_nds please restore tree , amopngst other things Closed NastyHabits restored one log
3057 Sep13@0728h ninti Someone didn't replant Closed CARnivore_nds potatoes restored, player warned
3056 Sep13@0331h Smirkules missing moo here :( Closed zburdsal There were no mob deaths within 25m of this room within 42 days. Maybe the cow logged off :)
3055 Sep13@0212h wyguy2014 managed to get stuck in a protected area Closed Oxion_ unstuck!
3054 Sep12@1852h MrFancyPig claim Closed tict0c Your place has been Protected!! \o/
3053 Sep12@1742h Fir3z_ how to give perms to a friend in your house Closed TemporarilyAlive explained in /msg
3052 Sep12@1655h Fir3z_ Please i need to make my water move Closed TemporarilyAlive flown
3051 Sep12@1338h MrFancyPig claim plz Closed TemporarilyAlive Duplicate of #3050
3050 Sep12@1227h MrFancyPig claim Closed TemporarilyAlive Duplicate of #3039
3049 Sep12@0552h ninti Could I have a perfect farmer please. Closed i_c_e_ Your Perfect Farmer has arrived safely :)
3048 Sep12@0231h wyguy2014 accidentally placed a shovel of mine into a donation chest Closed cujobear added back to your inventory
3047 Sep12@0136h Razerac i died on the top of my tower and my bed is in the village next door. quickly towered up and there is no way it took longer than 5 minutes, but all my stuff was gone Closed cujobear more than five minutes passed between logged time of death and modreq. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do
3046 Sep12@0118h TheRedCreeper29 Can I please have portal, I am desprate, I have a wife and 2 kids that just NEED to go into the nether. Thx! Closed cujobear duplicate of 3042
3045 Sep12@0027h TheRedCreeper29 Can u please light my portal? Thx! Closed cujobear duplicate of 3042
3044 Sep12@0006h Xa4r flowing water please Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3043 Sep11@2342h fazaden just realized I never actually got my claim protected :P protection please! Closed buzzie71 protected!
3042 Sep11@1958h TheRedCreeper29 portal Closed cujobear portal placed, in the future please be patient as there are only a few staff that can place portals.
3041 Sep11@1948h TheRedCreeper29 can I plz have donation box #40, I just remembered i made a mistake when doing it before and now it says that I already registered the barrel. Thanks! Closed TemporarilyAlive mailbox claimed!
3040 Sep11@1945h nels_nelson May I please have this block of water flowed? Thanks in advance! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
3039 Sep11@1708h MrFancyPig claim Closed TemporarilyAlive Claim created!
3038 Sep11@0848h cn77 HELP IM TRAPPED AT SOLACE TRADING HALL ITS BEEN 4 DAYS Closed TemporarilyAlive Player no longer stuck
3037 Sep11@0433h Bluuefuzzy for some reason sybercity's claim is in my area, pls fix Closed TemporarilyAlive Sybercity protection has now been lifted above the hole. Surface is still protected howver
3036 Sep11@0330h Razerac i found this retrofuturistic build thing and i placed it and the name went away, pez said i could put it in a chest and modreq and someone might fix it, it said 16/16 if that helps .-. Closed cujobear item replaced
3035 Sep11@0121h Fir3z_ i need to protect my house please protect it it is in -48 -2918 Closed pez252 Protected!
3034 Sep11@0058h RukiaKuchiki_ did someone change this sign? Closed defiex technically, this sign never was! Thanks for reporting. <3
3033 Sep11@0057h ghrey303 looks like vine grief Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fix'd
3032 Sep10@2350h cn77 can you make a portal where I am right now? -cn77 Closed pez252 Portal added!
3031 Sep10@2312h cn77 cn77 can I make a portal? Closed Bluuefuzzy closing this modreq, player doesn't have the items ready yet
3030 Sep10@1549h TheUnstableLink I had a pet in this tank and its no longer here, is there a way to see if anyone took it or if/how it died? Closed TemporarilyAlive No logs of any mobs dieing or being killed in this area. If it wasnt named then it probably despawned :(
3029 Sep10@1505h StubblyTuna6589 StubblyTuna6589 Closed TemporarilyAlive Please claim a mailbox with "/donation" and inform us which number you claimed with /modreq
3028 Sep10@1313h Darkshadow2913 Flow this please Closed TemporarilyAlive flewn
3027 Sep10@1228h LTP1828 is my build protected? I see missing blocks in a group. Either someone being silly or a really clever enderman . . . Closed TemporarilyAlive Played banned, edits rolled back, area now protected!
3026 Sep10@0458h addablelink ninti i am stuck Closed nels_nelson Player got stuck. Teleported to player assessed situation, offered advise to help exit.
3025 Sep10@0457h addablelink addablelink nels_nelson i am stuck Closed nels_nelson
3024 Sep09@2356h RukiaKuchiki_ is this chest grief? Closed cujobear chests removed
3023 Sep09@2323h PPGOME make red wool in floors near doors shulker areas please! Closed Oxion_ shulker regions created!
3022 Sep09@2256h TheRedCreeper29 Speaking of water flowing, can you plz make water flow? Closed NastyHabits flowed
3021 Sep09@2241h BaconLover07 Hey I took an axolotol for an achievement, but I cant return it. wat do? Closed TemporarilyAlive axolotl returned!
3020 Sep09@2152h cn77 claim SpruceCity Closed NastyHabits claim region created!
3019 Sep09@2144h BaconLover07 flow pls senpai Closed TemporarilyAlive flew'd
3018 Sep09@2126h Supersryan claim The Cabin (btw can you add ZeroTheSeagull) Closed NastyHabits protect your home from grief and added zerotheseagull as member of region
3017 Sep09@1931h Modlich_303 I would like my claim expanded, i have two towers that are cinda outside the wall and i would like them seperatly Closed TemporarilyAlive Region expanded!
3016 Sep09@1736h ilikechips7 Summon a portal mighty admins! Closed TemporarilyAlive portal created!
3015 Sep09@1650h RukiaKuchiki_ who did this Closed Bluuefuzzy discussed via pm
3014 Sep09@0126h SubsonicFoil126 protect the area between the cobblestone pillars Closed Oxion_ not ready for a full protection, but claim region created!
3013 Sep08@2248h BaconLover07 flow pls Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
3012 Sep08@1948h OctagonGamer end batlle transfer no one is there Closed TemporarilyAlive Fight owner changed
3011 Sep08@1730h OctagonGamer how to unprivate a storage container? Closed Bluuefuzzy /cremove removes all protections, do /cremove and hit the chest
3010 Sep08@1645h RukiaKuchiki_ wat this derp build? Closed TemporarilyAlive rolled back. Discussed issue with player previously
3009 Sep08@1624h enderguy319 was wanting to make a claim at this area. Closed TemporarilyAlive region claimed
3008 Sep08@1432h BaumJeremy09 Sorry to disturb you again but i just noticed my claim is 1 and ahalf cu Closed TemporarilyAlive Claim boundary updated
3007 Sep08@1334h OctagonGamer why can people break blocks in my claim? Closed TemporarilyAlive Discussed in /msg. Claim now protected.
3006 Sep08@1233h BaumJeremy09 claim outline finished please aproove this Closed TemporarilyAlive claim created!
3005 Sep08@1158h ilikechips7 Summon a portallllll the shards are in the ches Closed TemporarilyAlive Unfortunately we cannot create end portals
3004 Sep08@1141h BaumJeremy09 Claim Closed CARnivore_nds please review the claim requiremnets and primary rules regarding build areas. we' ll gladly get your claim going , once defined
3003 Sep08@1003h Darkshadow2913 Grief/Missing blocks No.2 Closed TemporarilyAlive Player banned. edits rolled back
3002 Sep08@1003h Darkshadow2913 Grief/Missing blocks Closed TemporarilyAlive Player banned. edits rolled back
3001 Sep08@0445h Oxion_ pls to protect vines Closed TemporarilyAlive vines protected
3000 Sep08@0331h Oxion_ griff? technically a player trap? pls to fix D: Closed TemporarilyAlive Played warned, edits in solace rolled back
2999 Sep08@0248h DSPhat i accidentally broke a glass block at -22 / 75 / 1129; malcontents has offered to replace it for me but just making sure that the mods are aware so i don't get in trouble Closed Bluuefuzzy all patched
2998 Sep08@0203h cujobear griff? don't think this water was always here Closed Bluuefuzzy looks like griff, rolled back, player warned
2997 Sep08@0147h pez252 That's a Closed cujobear sure is, but now it is gone
2996 Sep08@0139h Bluuefuzzy did someone kill the cow? Closed Oxion_ discussed in /msg
2995 Sep08@0053h AdmiralAntilles can have Toddler Brawlerâ„¢ pvp region please Closed cujobear pvp region created
2994 Sep08@0010h Bluuefuzzy someone took out the inside of this beacon too Closed cujobear rolled back and warned
2993 Sep07@2348h Bluuefuzzy someone did this too Closed Bluuefuzzy out of logs ig
2992 Sep07@2336h AdmiralAntilles can the white wool on the walls please be made into barrier blocks, and the barrier blocks in teh tables inside back into red wool lol Closed cujobear done and done
2991 Sep07@2331h Bluuefuzzy hahaha, someone thought they were being sneaky Closed cujobear duplicate of 2990
2990 Sep07@2321h zburdsal player broke a beacon here (block standing on) and I could roll him back but he would still have the ill-gotten gains in his inventory. Please to do. Closed cujobear rolled back and warned
2989 Sep07@2012h BaconLover07 request someone killed all my villagers. Coords are -76 66 -288 Closed cujobear villager replaced and player warned, however you will need to get the discount back on your own
2988 Sep07@2004h The_Canadiac can you flow the water only the water under me pls thanks Closed TemporarilyAlive flown!
2987 Sep07@2000h Razerac ready for my portal to be lit :) Closed TemporarilyAlive - portal created!
2986 Sep07@1651h Bluuefuzzy i think there's been some grief by this player if someone wants to check Closed RukiaKuchiki_ stuff appears to be outta the rb timeframe .-.
2985 Sep07@1541h ilikechips7 Transfer me da dragon Closed TemporarilyAlive fight owner changed
2984 Sep07@1520h Jumly plot is unclaimed but it says claimed Closed TemporarilyAlive New plot found!
2983 Sep07@1515h nisio_yt ilikechips7 Closed TemporarilyAlive I can only teleport players who are stuck in protected areas (as you were before)
2982 Sep07@1514h ilikechips7 Abandoned dragon fight Closed TemporarilyAlive fight owner changed
2981 Sep07@1511h Buildpig stuck Closed TemporarilyAlive unstucc!
2980 Sep07@1509h nisio_yt stuck Closed TemporarilyAlive unstucc
2979 Sep07@1448h nisio_yt stuck Closed TemporarilyAlive unstucc
2978 Sep07@1126h UpsideKen please make these lake and river flow! Closed NastyHabits flowed as much as possible
2977 Sep07@0609h Razerac can someone light this portal for me please Closed TemporarilyAlive Portal not lit. Player deciding on new portal location
2976 Sep07@0346h Funkles_ flow this water please Closed Oxion_ Flowed!
2975 Sep07@0259h ObsidianExploder Hello! I believe that when I last died, a player may have picked up my bow, crossbow, and my Elytra. The names of the bows, I believe, was Obsidian Bow, and the elytra I believe was named Obsidian Wings. Thanks! Closed TemporarilyAlive Unfortunately we cannot track who has picked up the item, unless you know who was nearby at the time
2974 Sep07@0205h cla7997 flow Closed cujobear reflowed
2973 Sep07@0141h cla7997 flow Closed Oxion_ flowed!
2972 Sep07@0125h Andromeda4210 extend claim to those 2 islands pls Closed Oxion_ region expanded!
2971 Sep07@0053h RukiaKuchiki_ flo region around my sekrit area Closed King_of_queso claim region made!
2970 Sep07@0007h VarukaSalt could you check these 3 chests for possible diamond pilfering? Thanks Closed cujobear discussed via /m
2969 Sep06@2315h RedLunatic ender dragon fight broken Closed cujobear fixed
2968 Sep06@2256h Bluuefuzzy mobs were killed here too Closed Oxion_ mobs replaced to the best of my ability! can help replace any others as needed
2967 Sep06@2251h Bluuefuzzy pls protect my tower Closed Oxion_ Protected!
2966 Sep06@2251h Bluuefuzzy i have had a griefer Closed Oxion_ grief fixed!
2965 Sep06@2243h VegMonsterPro VegMonsterPro please can you exend my land to the 4 dirt pillars i places thank you very much :) Closed Oxion_ extended!
2964 Sep06@2228h UpsideKen please flow these water, thanks! Closed Oxion_ flow'd!
2963 Sep06@2142h UpsideKen the enderdragon fight seems abandoned. I'm not sure who summoned it Closed Bluuefuzzy discussed via pm
2962 Sep06@2124h OctagonGamer Im making a big claim. Its borders are defined by 4 big sandstone pillars. If the shape is not right make it a square but make sure it includes my house and the island im terraforming for the last few hours. Thanks in advance! Closed Oxion_ Claim region expanded! Try to be mindful of the road to the south - it seems quite old and maybe abandonded, but try to find its owner and reach out before modifying or destroying it
2961 Sep06@2020h ninti griefing Closed TemporarilyAlive fixed!
2960 Sep06@2008h The_Canadiac make water flow pls thanks Closed TemporarilyAlive flown!
2959 Sep06@1955h Minetheground flow Closed TemporarilyAlive no water provided
2958 Sep06@1923h Aurorabreeze Hello! I am really sorry, but I broke a campfire on the North road. When I tried to place it back however, it is not letting me place it on the wall where it was. Is this due to some sort of claim thing or am I doing it wrong? Closed TemporarilyAlive All fixed, thanks for reporting it :)
2957 Sep06@1643h RukiaKuchiki_ griffles? Closed TemporarilyAlive out of logs :(
2956 Sep06@1634h PotatoNotHere botorfj Closed TemporarilyAlive Further information not provided
2955 Sep06@1353h OctagonGamer someone started the dragon fight but he is no longer here Closed TemporarilyAlive fight owner changed
2954 Sep06@0842h Ge0rgeWashington I would like to claim this area please, I have it surrounded with fence posts x 305 y 63 z -530 Closed TemporarilyAlive Claim region created!