PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
3690 May26@2331h Rich_Boys05 I need all this water flowed Closed cheezychicken Flow'd!
3689 May26@2123h Mr_CTA My horse is on a roof that I cant get up. Please help me! Closed robr horse moved from roof,try not to jump up there again.
3688 May26@2114h robr possible xray Closed cheezychicken Definite xray!
3687 May26@2103h robr torch grief here too. Closed RukiaKuchiki_ torch restored
3686 May26@2102h robr torch grief Closed RukiaKuchiki_ torch restored
3685 May26@2100h goblin5687 can i be unmute please Closed ttsci Yes, but please don't spam chat anymore.
3684 May26@2025h water_jet pls ban goblin5687 so it looks like I'm the owner and I didn't lie Closed robr no, impersonating staff is a bannable offense.
3683 May26@2007h olav3118 Please make the emerald blocks a shulker area Closed robr shulker area created
3682 May26@1933h olav3118 if possible please protect my precious enderman farm from nasty people ;-; Closed Bluuefuzzy protected from the nasties!
3681 May26@1905h cheezychicken who brok this block? Closed ttsci discuss via msg
3680 May26@1856h olav3118 flow please <3 (only this 2x2) Closed zburdsal Flowing!
3679 May26@1807h olav3118 if you could please flow the dispenser with the carpet around (only one not flowing) Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin probably!
3678 May26@1724h Troll_OP flow pls Closed robr flowed
3677 May26@1627h Suspicious_Mango can i get the 4 water blocks on the top of the towers flowing please? Thanks! Closed robr flowed
3676 May26@1611h olav3118 flow this 1x1 source please so I can move down Closed robr flowed
3675 May26@1536h artixlight Please protect this NE to spawn nether tunnel. Closed robr regions created, tunnel protected
3674 May26@1535h artixlight Please protect NE portal (Nether side) build. Closed robr solace nether region moved to portal area
3673 May26@1533h olav3118 flow the water below the dead corals please, and the dispensers. Closed robr dispensers unsafe
3672 May26@1447h olav3118 flow my dispensers & water please <3 Closed olav3118
3671 May26@1419h olav3118 flow please Closed olav3118
3670 May26@0224h Mr_CTA help! im stuck with my horse here! please get me out Closed Bluuefuzzy good job
3669 May26@0214h ttsci this lantern shouldn't be here, who broke this mushroom block? Closed Bluuefuzzy rolled back and discussed via messgae!
3668 May26@0037h Rich_Boys05 unflow this Closed zedadex msg'd
3667 May25@2313h zedadex I can't remember if I nametagged this one to prevent despawning, could you check pls? :o Closed cujobear There is no way to tell, best to tag him again
3666 May25@2240h DiscoKing region protection now that I've added more to the cobble walk ways Closed robr island protected
3665 May25@2106h olav3118 flow please <3 Closed zedadex flowin!
3664 May25@2043h DiscoKing can you fix the wateR? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ water fixed in fixable areas
3663 May25@2039h tallungulate I'm stuck, could you get me out please? (I probably look funny right now.) Closed zedadex jaws-of-life'd
3662 May25@2008h olav3118 possible to remove the chests mumberthrax has claimed at the pumpkin garden in the end? (have permission to move & improve the thing) Open
3661 May25@1927h Omegaeddon What happened here? Rollyback? Closed Bluuefuzzy yep :(
3660 May25@1924h Mr_CTA Get me put please Closed Bluuefuzzy rescued
3659 May25@1803h Rich_Boys05 flow this water please Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
3658 May25@1539h monfmonf my bed is gone? Closed defiex Bed replaced! Thanks for reporting!
3657 May25@1449h PlNG there is a bridge on the livemap here that isn't ingame. can the livemap be updated? Closed cheezychicken Livemap will autoupdate over time. Can take a few days to update occasionaly.
3656 May25@1131h Rokkuwu missing block pls fix Closed defiex Block replaced! Thanks for reporting!
3655 May25@1047h olav3118 got a dragon thats immune in the arena Closed cujobear unable to find any dragons, things look clear for now
3654 May25@0508h GumyFish please remove chest and furnace placed by little brother who isn't coming back Open
3653 May25@0505h 10000000watts I got stuck again. I was given more bad instructions. Closed Bluuefuzzy rescued, try not to get stuck again D:
3652 May25@0456h 10000000watts I'm stuck. Closed robr player rescued
3651 May25@0253h DiscoKing region protection Closed Bluuefuzzy protected! (i did not protect the cobble pathways, please build that up a bit more before requesting protections there)
3650 May25@0159h Rokkuwu grop crief Closed ttsci crief rixed, grops festored
3649 May25@0147h teiz1 grief Closed zedadex discussed via /m
3648 May25@0120h King_of_queso please protect the thimble drop as a child of The Cube! Closed zedadex region thecube_thimble created!
3647 May25@0118h King_of_queso please protect the traders here as a child of The Cube! Closed zedadex thecube_ravine created!
3646 May25@0118h King_of_queso please protect the iron cube as a child of The Cube! Closed zedadex created!
3645 May25@0118h King_of_queso please protect the rail cube as a child of The Cube! Closed zedadex thecube_rail created!
3644 May25@0118h King_of_queso please protect The Cube from here up to the top! Closed zedadex one down :o
3643 May25@0042h Armas_DSasi could we get the subterranea region expanded? the W, N, and E hallways and areas between have been developed, from somewhere around -25,-610 to 165, -500 underground Closed buzzie71 I think all the developed bits are protected now!
3642 May25@0029h CutterWill unflow Closed Bluuefuzzy glad it's sorted out!
3641 May25@0007h Rokkuwu can this one stone be changed to a spruce log so it fits in with the build pls&ty Closed cujobear done.
3640 May24@2348h Rokkuwu Can I get this whole area, including the bunny to the NW of this spot, protected and added as a child of whiteoak? Closed zedadex done!
3639 May24@2343h Rokkuwu there's a couple spots that flowed weirdly Closed Trooprm32 Should be fixed now
3638 May24@2336h Rokkuwu pls flow this entire pool Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
3637 May24@1949h JamesMcProgger regarding my last modreq, its not 50x50, its actually close to 50m radius around that coords, its delimited by bamboo, its going to be an arena for raids, cheers! Closed Trooprm32
3636 May24@1945h JamesMcProgger Hello mods, Im sorry I was killing you. Can I get a 50x50 area protected from removing blocks or breaking ladders but that people still can operate levers and place their own blocks anywhere? its a set of 5 towers centered at -2030, -1680, cheers! Closed Trooprm32 Protected the bits that shouldnt be touched!
3635 May24@1812h Rich_Boys05 I need one last flow flow above me Closed Norami aquarium all filled in :)
3634 May24@1806h Rich_Boys05 I need one last flow flow above me Closed Norami flowed \o/
3633 May24@1801h Rich_Boys05 more water needs to be flowed Closed Norami all flowing
3632 May24@1757h Rich_Boys05 I need flow above me Closed Norami flowing above you
3631 May24@1752h Rich_Boys05 more water needs to be flowed Closed Norami splish splash :D
3630 May24@1743h Rich_Boys05 flow the water please Closed Norami flowing again :)
3629 May24@1736h Rich_Boys05 I need water flowed Closed Norami flowin' \o/
3628 May24@1719h Rich_Boys05 can you flow the water around me please? Closed ttsci flowing!
3627 May24@1453h PhantomLIVE_YT i got stuck down here trying to kill a mod Closed Trooprm32 Rescued, please be careful
3626 May24@1446h PhantomLIVE_YT allow me to break through this wall so i can kill kitty Closed PhantomLIVE_YT
3625 May24@1340h theclefe flow lava please Closed tadrogers Death Trap Enabled
3624 May24@1337h NastyHabits flow this Closed Spook6 place a block behind and remove to make it flow fowards?
3623 May24@1300h artixlight Please upgrade iron golem spawner from Tier 3 to Tier 4. Closed cheezychicken spawner upgraderized!
3622 May24@1217h Rokkuwu flow pls Closed Spook6 flowed
3621 May24@1044h Treppich crop grief :O Closed Spook6 crops fixed, player warned :)
3620 May24@1041h Treppich this trapdoor seems to be broken in the wrong state Closed Spook6 fixed
3619 May24@0944h Treppich who made this? :O Closed Bluuefuzzy olav3118 did!
3618 May24@0505h FallenAgnostic remove this shulker region, and make the large stripe of sea lanterns and purple wool a shulker region Closed King_of_queso shulker region expanded!
3617 May24@0414h Rich_Boys05 flow this water around me Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin
3616 May24@0407h Rich_Boys05 flow this stuff above me please Closed zedadex flowed!
3615 May24@0406h Rich_Boys05 flow this please Closed zedadex flowed!
3614 May24@0340h The_Pagemaster flow this water too please, thanks. Closed zedadex ...win
3613 May24@0340h The_Pagemaster flow this water please, thanks. Closed zedadex flo...
3612 May24@0133h 10000000watts I'm stuck Closed zedadex whoosh
3611 May23@2338h Rich_Boys05 flow these please Closed cujobear flowed
3610 May23@2119h GumyFish please make a chest region called po_town with Vanraaz and myself and Akuniya as owners Closed cujobear chest region created
3609 May23@2028h Azumarill whose dragon is this Closed ttsci Dragon transferred
3608 May23@2012h water_jet pls abandon or whatever this claim Closed ttsci Owner removed
3607 May23@1833h Rich_Boys05 I need the 6 waters in front of me flowing please Closed robr flowed
3606 May23@1817h Rich_Boys05 I'm stupid and I need these 2 waters flowed again Closed defiex Splish has been splashed!
3605 May23@1809h Rich_Boys05 that one too, please flow it Closed pez252 flowed
3604 May23@1808h Rich_Boys05 can you flow this? Closed ttsci flowing
3603 May23@1807h Rich_Boys05 can you flow this? Closed ttsci flowing
3602 May23@1803h water_jet is there a way out at this point? not asking to know it, just if there is one Closed water_jet
3601 May23@1656h water_jet someone disgraced my shop D:< so pls greeting: Do not return empty shulkers and do not return rockets in the gunpowder chest Closed King_of_queso Greeting message added to region!
3600 May23@1621h Zarton_ griefed sign? Closed pez252 Fixed. Thanks for reporting
3599 May23@1607h barneygale water flow Closed assasymphoni waterflowed
3598 May23@1403h NastyHabits needs repair Closed assasymphoni Repaired, player warned
3597 May23@1326h Rokkuwu hole Closed assasymphoni no hole no longer
3596 May23@1304h assasymphoni grief Closed tadrogers reeeeewinnnnnnnd! <<<<<< back to stone bricks
3595 May23@1215h varj pls register chest region mobius for me Closed Trooprm32 Chest region made
3594 May23@1152h GHDpro Can I get this build protected? Thanks! (note that it extends almost down to bedrock below) Closed tadrogers your amazing glass pyramid has been protected
3593 May23@1151h water_jet are tiny piston bolts allowed? (going less than to around 100 blocks)? Like a future-ey transport system to get between places in a build Closed cujobear No. we have a cart plugin that increases cart speed, there would be no need for piston bolts
3592 May23@1035h water_jet I removed the hoppers, could I have a protection for the craterville region either for the already dug out area y0-256 or the whole area marked by gold + lapis? Closed i_c_e_ Discussed via email
3591 May23@0851h Halinah someone killed all the sheep along this wall, sorry, thought we protected them, can we set up pretections on the breeders? Closed tict0c Sheep have been replaced and player was dealt with.
3590 May23@0501h FallenAgnostic take away protected region Closed Bluuefuzzy removed mart-stairs1 and ambrosia_cavespider!
3589 May23@0343h FallenAgnostic plz make this little room and along with the opposite side public for people to place shulkers Closed zedadex regions created
3588 May23@0319h shanty_sniper minor crop grief Closed Bluuefuzzy fixed!
3587 May23@0053h SquaresThere can you give that guy a warning, please? especially the gay perjorative Closed defiex already done, thank you for reporting.
3586 May22@2319h Rich_Boys05 my box of stuff dissapeared Closed Bluuefuzzy all resolved
3585 May22@2258h PPGOME stucc Closed Bluuefuzzy unstucc!
3584 May22@2156h Zarton_ looks like accidental grief here Closed zedadex looks like player made a couple minor grief edits similar to this one, but otherwise constructive. player mailed and griefs rolled back. Thanks for reporting!
3583 May22@2119h zedadex investigating grief Closed zedadex one player msg'd for crop grief, traced another's edits which were all griefing; banned
3582 May22@1728h Tidusblue accidentally placed a named player head and it reverted to just 'player head' anyway to revert that? Closed tict0c Head back to Normal :)
3581 May22@1703h StepsonofEvil cancel that, it appeared once I logged out and logged back in Closed ttsci canceled by request
3580 May22@1703h StepsonofEvil tried to place a sherererer mod head i just killed and it glitched out and disappeared when I broke it to re-place it down Closed ttsci canceled by request
3579 May22@1134h water_jet grief? all the iron in the door is gone and the pistons are messed up Closed totemo talk to your town mate about what he's thinking
3578 May22@1039h MrCrispy don't know if grief or what but still Closed Spook6 firefighters have come and put out the blaze :) but it would have burnt out on its own anyway
3577 May22@0811h FarfallaCC I am trapped, could you teleport me out? Closed Bluuefuzzy rescued!
3576 May22@0808h USSFallenAngel somebody underneath my land claim started punching me and I took damage. I hit them back and they also took damage. why was pvp enabled? Closed Bluuefuzzy That is actually a zombie mob for this weekend's event! https://www.reddit.com/r/mcpublic/comments/gnn51i/summer_stacation/
3575 May22@0807h Bluuefuzzy pls can i have sign 7 changed for Cascade Closed Bluuefuzzy sign changed!
3574 May22@0619h Bluuefuzzy protec Closed Bluuefuzzy protecc'd
3573 May22@0559h Azumarill HALP Closed Bluuefuzzy unstuck!
3572 May22@0537h Bluuefuzzy I don't know if it's worth mailing this person to move this, it's been almost two months since they've played, can i get it removed for rail line? Closed cheezychicken furnace removed!
3571 May22@0424h Armas_DSasi im a derp... how about instead of a 5th t2 spawner, the first t3? thanks! Closed i_c_e_ we have an upgrade :)
3570 May22@0345h harotaro pls fix (flow) fake ocean. thanks. Closed robr oceans fixed, world saved
3569 May22@0314h Penergy Could I get the area of my arena that's enclosed within the glass set to pvp enabled? Thanks! Closed tict0c PvP is enabled and remember to add your beds !! :) Looks great!!
3568 May22@0301h ttsci This could really use an autokill. AFKing here builds up mobs. Closed cheezychicken on/off switch has been added to the spawner :) thanks for reporting
3567 May22@0230h Bluuefuzzy who took leaves from trees? Closed ttsci discussed via /m, trees fixed
3566 May22@0223h Spook6 what happened to the nametagged skele that was in this glass box? Closed ttsci discussed via /msg
3565 May22@0155h Mr_CTA Horse not going thru the portal. Help! Closed defiex Discussed via message!
3564 May21@2306h Rich_Boys05 flow please Closed robr flowed
3563 May21@2254h Rich_Boys05 flow this water Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
3562 May21@2158h Master_King_ got this stuck by accident Closed ttsci all fixed
3561 May21@2115h Mr_CTA Killed a bat, foundd out it was namedd at the last second. Please roll back! :( Closed cheezychicken bat restored!
3560 May21@2110h RukiaKuchiki_ protecinate this new area pl0x Closed zburdsal Expanded rukias-base to cover whole area
3559 May21@2031h NastyHabits needs repair Closed RukiaKuchiki_ repaired!
3558 May21@1934h Mr_CTA Can you please put the item frame back on this chest with the nerdcoin? Thank you. Closed cheezychicken fixed!
3557 May21@1925h Serval hoping to get this chest removed, player has been offline for over a month, I dont know who they are Closed cheezychicken chest removed
3556 May21@1900h NastyHabits was this done by ironstar members? Closed CARnivore_nds NOT done by ironstar denziens, taken care of player also taken care of
3555 May21@1856h mattgorecki My bottom chest has been registered as a donation chest by someone not part of our group. Can that be removed? Claimed cujobear
3554 May21@1839h NastyHabits griefed rail Closed robr grief rolled back, user warned, thanks for reporting.
3553 May21@1757h NastyHabits Protect my man-made beta 1.7.3 island by creating a region named "BetaIsland", corners coords: 1) 665 50 -2650 2) 920 255 -2420 Closed robr island protected!
3552 May21@1737h Serval looking to get a flow region as marked by the two redstone blocks, pool time! :) thanks! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
3551 May21@1639h Mr_CTA test Closed Mr_CTA Test complete.
3550 May21@1210h Omegaeddon Flox plox Closed buzzie71 flowing!
3549 May21@1045h StepsonofEvil may I please get the remainder of my base protected? i finished a wall around / signs around the areas I'm building / plan to build. thx!!! Closed cheezychicken region expanded!
3548 May21@0848h Treppich hiya could Eora be added to W5 on this station dial? Thank you :)) Closed zburdsal Done!
3547 May21@0806h Treppich could Eora please be added to W5 on the dial and selection? Thank ye :D Closed zburdsal Done! Enjoy the new rail!
3546 May21@0805h Treppich could W5 be claimed for Eora? Thankyou :) Closed zburdsal Done!
3545 May21@0805h Treppich could W5 be claimed for Eora? Thankyou :) Closed zburdsal Done!
3544 May21@0554h FallenAgnostic make this arena pvp Closed cheezychicken pvp arena created!
3543 May21@0542h zburdsal portec spanner Closed Bluuefuzzy protected for me!
3542 May21@0354h Narissis This river seems to be having issues with its flowing. Can make flow? Closed zburdsal That uh... may have been me. I had terraformed that river and was lazy. Fixed now!
3541 May21@0109h Serval looking to get a flow region as marked by these two redstone blocks, ty! :) Closed tadrogers we only allow regions for mostly complete structures, please resubmit region request when you're further along or modreq individual flows. sorry. Thanks!
3540 May21@0055h Serval need this water flowed, ty! :) Closed robr flowowed
3539 May21@0029h shadowstalker test, pls ignore Closed robr test complete
3538 May20@2235h Bluuefuzzy i've lost my pet pig named Gary, just wondering if there was murder afoot Closed ttsci Gary appears to be alive but MIA
3537 May20@2224h JamesMcProgger Hello, Was fighting endermites here at +248, -1808, 68 and accidentally killed a dog that was sitting, help! Closed cheezychicken Can't find any dog kills from you, may have teleported away
3536 May20@2119h Bluuefuzzy Can we get a /place for Cascade ? pls and ty Closed cujobear Place granted.
3535 May20@1620h dark3lement can i get this water block flowed! Closed robr flowed
3534 May20@1618h Fissh flow here plz to join up the two bits of river. thx Closed robr flowed
3533 May20@1612h Mr_CTA My pickaxe just disappeared without me ddoing anything. I didn't press Q. I saw it im my inventory and now It's gone. Please help. Thanks! Closed Mr_CTA I crafted a new one.
3532 May20@1541h Treppich who made this? Closed robr created by region member, sent via /m
3531 May20@0855h Treppich who made this? :OO Closed Trooprm32 Told via /msg!
3530 May20@0509h robr admin opinion.. Closed cheezychicken Doesn't look too bad, I'm ok with it
3529 May20@0458h Suspicious_Mango can i get these water blocks flowing please Closed robr flowed
3528 May20@0412h Azumarill how is this block gone Closed robr enderstolen
3527 May20@0402h Azumarill what was the damage source on that villager death I heard while out of window in the last minute Closed Bluuefuzzy Looks like villager deaths from fall damage and fire damage
3526 May20@0342h itscairns flow on my river pls :) Closed zburdsal Flowing!
3525 May20@0314h TedKing_MC can you make this water flow please? Closed zburdsal Flowing too!
3524 May20@0300h TedKing_MC can you make this water flow as well, please? Closed zburdsal Flowing!
3523 May20@0251h TedKing_MC can you make this water flow, please? Closed Bluuefuzzy
3522 May20@0226h Suspicious_Mango can i get the top water block of this column (the one above the dirt block) flowing please Closed zedadex flowin!
3521 May20@0222h Suspicious_Mango can i get the top water block of this column flowing please Closed tadrogers that should do it. Bubble bubble bubble
3520 May20@0209h Suspicious_Mango can i get the two water blocks in this channel flowing please? Thanks! Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
3519 May20@0105h StepsonofEvil could a padmin look at the build next to mine - they're building right up against me and clearing forest right against my claim, it's a bit frustrating as i'm pretty remote. don't meant to be an ass. Closed tict0c You do not have a valid claim to this area. When you build you must put up a wall or fence around your area with signs to "Save" your spot you have not done this. I would suggest talking it out with the other player.
3518 May19@2331h Jezzzzie please unlock frame to switch tracks Closed Jezzzzie
3517 May19@2328h Suspicious_Mango can i get the top water block of this tower flowing please? Thanks! Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
3516 May19@2324h Suspicious_Mango can i get this water block flowing please? Thanks! Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
3515 May19@2241h Suspicious_Mango can i get these water blocks flowing please? Thanks! Closed Norami Blocks inside the contraption flowed \o/
3514 May19@2225h Suspicious_Mango can i get these two water blocks flowing please Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
3513 May19@2157h Chef_Zuul Please alter the local region to have a public shulker area in this 2x1x3 space (exposed stone area) Closed Bluuefuzzy shulker region made!
3512 May19@2151h Suspicious_Mango can i get the water blocks in this channel flowing please? Thanks! Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
3511 May19@2148h Setantii heres the opposite corner Closed robr dup of 3510
3510 May19@2146h Setantii please protect "Yedikule Fortress" corners marked with stone here and... Closed robr fortress fortified!
3509 May19@2004h Suspicious_Mango I'm having some water issues and would love some help. I have a bunch of flowing water, but not all of it seems to be flowing correctly. Can you come and make sure all the blocks are actually flowing blocks? Closed zedadex repaired!
3508 May19@1941h Suspicious_Mango can i get all the water blocks on the surface flowing please? Thanks! Closed zedadex flowed, happy farmin!
3507 May19@1836h Oxion_ Water at the top of the trapdoor tower flow (for bubble elevator) Closed CARnivore_nds flow'd
3506 May19@1832h Chef_Zuul Just an inquiry, if the SW end portal is deemed abandoned, could we remove the pyramid and I take over the end portal build area? Closed cheezychicken build is fairly substantial and the end portal is functional, so we won't change ownership
3505 May19@1557h TemporarilyAlone Please make shulker region over the obsidian blocks. (for ease it can all be 1 region) Closed assasymphoni Shulkered
3504 May19@1556h TemporarilyAlone Please make shulker region over the obsidian blocks. (for ease it can all be 1 region) Closed assasymphoni Shulkered
3503 May19@1352h StepsonofEvil also please protect my back entrance thankyooooou Closed CARnivore_nds protected also
3502 May19@1351h StepsonofEvil please protect my lil dock over here Closed CARnivore_nds Dock region created
3501 May19@0800h Treppich did somebody leave this behind? :O Closed Bluuefuzzy it's out of logblock so i have no idea :(
3500 May19@0418h Bluuefuzzy please can i get these boneblocks changed into barrier blocks? Closed cheezychicken barriers placed!
3499 May19@0300h FallenAgnostic add protection to this whole building even topping the dragon on top Closed zburdsal Protected!
3498 May19@0229h 10444music water please Closed zburdsal Flowing, will need some filling in.
3497 May18@1903h FarfallaCC I had some named fish in the pool in front of my house, today only several left, the rest are gone. Have no idea what happened. Could you have a look? Closed zburdsal So uh... you had a lightning strike. 5/16 14:40 server time, killed a turtle, 3 tropical fish, and 4 cod. Unfortunately the only way to protect against this is to make a very large roof :(
3496 May18@1723h CodeRedStone Grief of bed road at 1/70/-85 Closed ttsci repaired, thanks for reporting
3495 May18@1717h TemporarilyAlone Please set vine growth to deny in the upper and lower regions of the pvp area. thanks! Closed ttsci Vine growth denied! >:(
3494 May18@1651h robr //stack cujo Closed ttsci Ceiling repaired, you saw nothing ;)
3493 May18@1623h Suspicious_Mango can i get these water blocks flowing please? Thanks! Closed robr flowed
3492 May18@1559h itscairns someone cut down my oak trees :( Closed robr discussed via /m
3491 May18@1455h water_jet pls make a protection for the craterville region encompassing preferably the entire 128x128 are, corners marked by gold + lapis, but if not then the dug out area, to a bit below the floor and build limit Closed cujobear Region denied. Please see your mail inbox for further details or contact a padmin with any questions.