PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
1577 Jul23@2054h EggyEgg who made this path Closed cheezychicken road removed
1576 Jul23@2053h Aethelstan2 West of X4705 (The Conservation Claim). Can the leveling edits be rolled back on the entire biome please to return the isle to its former glory. Thanks Claimed TemporarilyAlive
1575 Jul23@2027h Setantii please protect my build BlomsterFjordSlott. Corners marked with white wool at -3265,93,2740 and -3329,60,2787. Thank you ever so much! Closed Spook6 protected
1574 Jul23@1840h KingBirdz Is it possible to get this minecart locked so I can keep it within a loop? Closed XeTrain Unfortunately, the only way to lock things like that is with bolt, so if it doesnt allow it to keep existing, theres nothing we can do :(
1573 Jul23@1630h dubuquehottie1 I'm on the island at -1430,,2068. Can I claimthe area within the four stone bricks in the ocean? Closed XeTrain Island claimed! enjoy paradise :D
1572 Jul23@1544h RukiaKuchiki_ extend protection to cover hecc Closed Spook6 expanded
1571 Jul23@1520h RukiaKuchiki_ who made le path? Closed XeTrain discussed via /msg
1570 Jul23@1137h XeTrain Please claim this stone platform as "XeTropica" (Marked with birch fences) Closed gk_ryo We will rule over all this land, and we will call it... "This Land."
1569 Jul23@0256h orangethirty please protect my build including the horse stable Closed Bluuefuzzy protgected!
1568 Jul23@0239h username2088 perfect farmer sacrifice please, jungle variant, info on sign Closed cujobear perfect farmer in place
1567 Jul23@0216h Omega_Orion okay it's enclosed, going to work on signage but could you get a pvp arena here? we can play! Closed cujobear discussed and created pvp areas for testing. let me know if you need anything changed or updated
1566 Jul23@0018h XeTrain this STUPID soulsand is locked... Closed PPGOME Unlocked, despite losing my eardrums.
1565 Jul22@2254h Oxion_ i believe this build is by someone who isn't in our claim Closed TemporarilyAlive Build removed by player
1564 Jul22@2127h Aethelstan2 Plz protect the rails from sw cor x-70, z210 to ne cor x10, z190. Corners marked with netherack and shroomlites. Plz add cheezychicken as owner as well. Thx Closed ghrey303 I can't add a protection region directly under spawn, sorry, this needs coordination with padmins
1563 Jul22@2012h XeTrain Pls remove this derptower in the tiernscraper claim Closed TemporarilyAlive removed
1562 Jul22@1944h CARnivore_nds I guess I don't undersatnd bolt, can you tell me who removed multiple stacks of honeycomb fromthe mobdrops chest? Closed XeTrain Discussed via /msg - Player contacted by Modreq-er
1561 Jul22@1701h KingBirdz help Closed XeTrain dont... dont do that...
1560 Jul22@1400h antlermagick Please could you let me know who placed these planks? I wank to get their permission to replace it with the new road. Thanks Closed Spook6 discussed via /msg
1559 Jul22@1107h Ulyn_ scrap my previus modreq, had to do /bold:unlock Closed CARnivore_nds closed per request
1558 Jul22@1045h Ulyn_ bug: hopper minecarts don't break when touching lava Closed CARnivore_nds closed per request
1557 Jul22@0427h Emizzon Perfect Cleric please. Payment in chest. There 4 clerics on third floor and 1 on first floor by scaffolding. Location for new guy: 1175, 1444 y:86. Savana biome skin. Thank you Closed TemporarilyAlive perfect cleric summoned
1556 Jul22@0122h RukiaKuchiki_ extend protection to lava room pl0x Closed XeTrain orfgokfdghlkghlkgh;lkh;slkdgdfgkdpfkeds;lkgjro;tfj;lfgh;lskfgh;lk (expanded)
1555 Jul21@2339h Bluuefuzzy can i get axlotls on the terracotta? Closed TemporarilyAlive Axolotl spawner created
1554 Jul21@2242h J4bble i was trying to figure out who owned this parrot and a creeper blew up on me and killed it. it was ghrey's Closed XeTrain I've glued the little guy back together as best I can, seems fine now! please report any defects to the NCP (Nerd Containment Personel)
1553 Jul21@1924h XeTrain there was an axolotl somewhere here in the water, what happen? :( Closed RukiaKuchiki_ ded, suprise big not!
1552 Jul21@1804h XeTrain Please expand XeCane protection to also cover this new room Closed Za_Zaa expanded!
1551 Jul21@1725h XeTrain uhhh... im stuck :( Closed Za_Zaa rescued!
1550 Jul21@1421h Aethelstan2 Claim plz from sw cor x-70, z210 to ne cor x10, z190. Corners marked with netherack and shroomlites. Call it "Y-6 Rail Switch Station" Closed cheezychicken You can't claim other people's builds. I've explanded the spawn drop region down so the drop rails can't be griefed.
1549 Jul21@0724h GHDpro On the rail between the dirt blocks were 2 villages in minecarts. What happened to them / who killed them? Closed TemporarilyAlive no logs of any villagers being killed in a 100 block radius. The minecarts were likely broken and villagers freed. This isnt logged unfortunately :(
1548 Jul21@0537h KingBirdz I have no idea what I did, but I accidently broke the dirt block and then fucked up this whole farm and so I'm sending this in to let y'all know I'm not a griefer, I'm a fuckin idiot Closed TemporarilyAlive fixed by builder
1547 Jul21@0500h Omegaeddon This spawn sekret... There appears to be no clickable sign... Am I missing a trick here? Is something else clickable? Closed TemporarilyAlive there is no sign in this area, just a nice decorated area :)
1546 Jul21@0048h Azumarill I went in here with thorns without realizing and downsized a few slimes accidentally Closed TemporarilyAlive Slimes restored
1545 Jul20@2350h Za_Zaa who replaced the cherry leaves w/ azalea? Closed XeTrain Discussed via modchat
1544 Jul20@2257h wyguy2014 part 4: i am just curious how i died, if it is acceptable for you guys to tell me that. P.S. if there is a way that i can put longer messages in modreqs, please let me know Closed Za_Zaa see 1541- it is fine to ask ' how did i die?' next time
1543 Jul20@2256h wyguy2014 part 3, sorry for all the reqs (if only the wordcount limit wasnt so short): i was able to recover my stuff, which indicates that no one was in the vicinity for very long, making it less likely that any player killed those shrooms. anyway, i am jus Closed Za_Zaa see 1541
1542 Jul20@2254h wyguy2014 a continuation of my previous modreq: i now have wheat in my inventory, which i dont think i had before, which would indicate that a mooshroom died near my death pile (i was able to recover my stuff, which means no one had been in these chunks long Closed Za_Zaa see 1541
1541 Jul20@2253h wyguy2014 i was afk yesterday or thenabouts somewhere around here (i thought up there by the bed and the chests), but ended up dieing down here. i know i am vulnerable to phantoms if i dont stay under the dirt to prevent them from spawning, but i now have wh Closed Za_Zaa A phantom killed you.
1540 Jul20@2246h XeTrain please expand creeper_shulker region over by 1 east Closed Za_Zaa region expanded
1539 Jul20@1953h XeTrain Please protect this room called "CreeperCane" (or something similar) Closed buzzie71 protected!
1538 Jul20@1924h XeTrain SOULSAND IS LOCKED! AHHHH Closed TemporarilyAlive unlock'd
1537 Jul20@1847h Bluuefuzzy pls clear inv of trophies Closed TemporarilyAlive removed
1536 Jul20@1735h pez252 Can the claim region above my head be lowered by 2 blocks? When sprint jumping down this road it spams chat. Closed zburdsal Expanded with owner's permission.
1535 Jul20@1611h assasymphoni Please make public region on spruce fences for horse hitching, and an mirror on the spruce fence across the hall. Closed zburdsal Regions created and set to build allow!
1534 Jul20@1549h XeTrain Please shrink shulker spot to find new area with stripped logs (currently extends to other side of wall) Closed zburdsal Region modified!
1533 Jul20@1536h RukiaKuchiki_ shulky spots on le crying obsidion Closed XeTrain Shulker spots created (with priority higher than protection so... should work)
1532 Jul20@1536h XeTrain Pls protect this stand? (Permission to build from aethelstan) Closed Bluuefuzzy protected!
1531 Jul20@1536h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc Closed XeTrain Lava_farm created!
1530 Jul20@1528h Aethelstan2 Please move and store this stand. The person that placed it has not been online for a month. Thanks Closed TemporarilyAlive build removed
1529 Jul20@1519h Za_Zaa can this be removed? been here since the beginning Closed TemporarilyAlive furnace removed
1528 Jul20@1452h Omegaeddon who the hell made this? Its genius! Closed Bluuefuzzy discussed via pm!
1527 Jul20@1437h Aethelstan2 Just a FYI, I have started to stub in the north / south rails at the y-6 switch station :) Closed XeTrain Thanks for letting us know! :)
1526 Jul20@1416h El_Scorcho97 claim extension due to partner joining server. posts at 120 95 534, 56 95 534, 56 95 470, 121 99 471. Elevated dirt will be removed when request is updated. Just added so it can be easier to spot. Closed Spook6 region expanded
1525 Jul20@1410h TheNightsKing Please protect my island, I've marked the NW and SE corners inside my claim using shroomlights to help. y=55 and above would be good Closed XeTrain Region created under SakuraIsland :D
1524 Jul20@1404h bluey_chloe I would like to claim this plot of land here, so please name it Hypernina Closed Bluuefuzzy region claimed!
1523 Jul20@0451h Aethelstan2 May I claim these two spider spawners please thanks Closed Aethelstan2
1522 Jul20@0448h KingBirdz Finally got enough for my portal. I've built the frame, and if you could please name it EmCity Closed TemporarilyAlive portal created
1521 Jul20@0446h Aethelstan2 Have these spider spawners been claimed yet? Closed Oxion_ the spawners are not claimed!
1520 Jul20@0423h Aethelstan2 Just a FYI. As a member of the nerd infrastructure workers I re worked this rail drop and it appears to be working properly at this time :) Closed Aethelstan2
1519 Jul20@0158h Mats1300 Pefect Mason Summoning if my ritual is correct. Snowy Variant at coords 378, 57, 128. Payment is in the Barrel, Thanks. Closed TemporarilyAlive mason summoned
1518 Jul20@0119h Bluuefuzzy can i get region allow perms to move the thingie Closed XeTrain uhhhh public region created? i think?
1517 Jul19@2217h Bobosozeli Please remove this shulker spot and create a new one over top of the 18 blue glass. Thanks! Closed XeTrain Shulker spot moved!
1516 Jul19@2133h Omegaeddon This is barren because of rollback? Closed Spook6 discussed via /msg
1515 Jul19@2122h Omegaeddon griff... Why is my ice road filled in? Closed TemporarilyAlive discussed in /msg
1514 Jul19@1822h dacracot Light my portal please. If it needs a name, use Dacracotia. "Correct" payment in the chest. Closed TemporarilyAlive portal created!
1513 Jul19@1808h dacracot Light my portal please. If it needs a name, use Dacracotia. Payment in the chest. Closed TemporarilyAlive portal shards not provided. Please convert the nerd tickets to portal shards at spawn!
1512 Jul19@1609h Za_Zaa my tadpole was named FEESH and he still grew up into a frog...is that supposed to happen? Closed PPGOME Thanks for reporting! Fix should be in place soon.
1511 Jul19@1608h StepsonofEvil i did not mean to commit to a challenge as long as this if i could please be tp'd out of pez's world tour of insanity ;_; Closed assasymphoni Freed from hell. Be careful what you commit to next time!
1510 Jul19@1522h RukiaKuchiki_ grif? Closed Spook6 fixed
1509 Jul19@1353h NastyHabits please protect this geode and make it child of ambrosia Closed TemporarilyAlive geode protected
1508 Jul19@1215h CARnivore_nds who altered the road - and built this cobble "bridge" Closed TemporarilyAlive Build rolled back, played mailed
1507 Jul19@0658h Azumarill protection MountRokkon (-1930, 4750) (-1764, 4607) Closed TemporarilyAlive protected
1506 Jul19@0542h Piinkfuzzy pls also make this a shulker spot Closed Spook6 shulker spot made
1505 Jul19@0542h Piinkfuzzy pls protect this entire facility, including the various animal exhibits ( pls use Bluuefuzzy and Piinkfuzzy as owners) Closed Spook6 protected
1504 Jul19@0308h Armas_DSasi could we have this portal lit please? mats in chest Closed TemporarilyAlive portal created! Be careful in the nether, its over a lava lake. I have made a small safety platform for you
1503 Jul19@0039h Mats1300 Perfect Butcher Summoning Please! Exchange is in Barrel and make it the Snowy Variant in location of 378, 57, 126 thanks Closed TemporarilyAlive butcher summoned!
1502 Jul18@2159h nels_nelson Uh, I don't know what to click here. I'm completed the thing. But now I can't exit? I don't know what's going on. Closed nels_nelson
1501 Jul18@1758h NastyHabits please protect this spawner farm Closed Spook6 protected
1500 Jul18@1633h XeTrain Who planted these cherry trees? Closed NastyHabits discussed in private
1499 Jul18@1525h El_Scorcho97 possible abandoned claim at X 28 Y 94 Z493. Messaged claim owner on Discord yesterday, message has been seen but have gotten no reply. Owner hasn't been seen on server in over a month. No alterations or additions have been made to the claim. Closed TemporarilyAlive Build not abandoned
1498 Jul18@0808h Ruthlesssss for fazaden? these instructions are very unclear on how the password needs to be ordered, some more clarity would be nice(from Lily and me) Closed fazaden clearer instructions added! Click the new sign for more details
1497 Jul18@0537h StepsonofEvil nvm cancel that, i figured it out Closed Spook6 glad you sorted it :)
1496 Jul18@0536h StepsonofEvil i'm stuck inside and can't figure this secret out Closed Spook6 got out yourself
1495 Jul18@0251h SirLyle is there a reason this water isn't flowing down? Closed defiex Region shenanigans defeated by buckets of water!
1494 Jul18@0248h StepsonofEvil the froggy here is stuck under tha bridge Closed defiex Froggy rescued from hidey hole.
1493 Jul18@0205h PlNG I'd like to claim this plot, please. Closed Za_Zaa claimed!
1492 Jul18@0158h Za_Zaa i dunno whose road this is,k but its in my base :) Closed TemporarilyAlive Mail sent to player
1491 Jul18@0117h ZaZaBot uhh halp i successfully managed to get trapped Closed XeTrain screenshotted and saved
1490 Jul18@0110h King_of_queso time for the squid spawner! (please don't hurt me pez :D) Closed pez252 Placed, but maybe it needs to be 3 blocks lower so the full spawn box has some water?
1489 Jul18@0056h XeTrain Cujoreq (I think) is this up to date? wanting to go collect event tokens from events ive missed Closed cujobear updated, completely forgot after last weekend
1488 Jul18@0010h Aethelstan2 Why the F would somebody mess with the rail tracks at Y-6 so that they do not work? Im gona fix em I just wanted to report it Closed PPGOME Rails un-grif'd
1487 Jul17@2331h Za_Zaa i cannot place anything in this open block- seems like protection is there still? i believe it is where the sign was Closed PPGOME Somewhat fixed!
1486 Jul17@2251h Za_Zaa may I please have this plot for Flowerworks? Closed XeTrain Claimed for Flowerworks!
1485 Jul17@2215h XeTrain this shulker is owned by Sw1chyboi, I have messaged play ingame and also /mail them, and still hasnt been removed Closed TemporarilyAlive removed
1484 Jul17@1957h Piinkfuzzy who made this tunnel? was it me? Closed Spook6 discussed via /msg
1483 Jul17@1921h Piinkfuzzy ... did one of my foxes die or despawn? Closed TemporarilyAlive no logs of any foxes being killed in this area. must have despawned. (not named)
1482 Jul17@1825h KingBirdz let me out pls Closed Spook6 you are free
1481 Jul17@1824h Piinkfuzzy how idd my fox die? Closed Spook6 it didnt know how to swim :(
1480 Jul17@1613h charsarg Hi, I use distant horizons and i was wondering if I could have a copy of the map, or even the map converted into the distant horizons format, so It dont have to run around generating it myself Closed Spook6 sorry wee dont give out copies of the map for players until the rev is over. Its vanilla to go exploring and loading the map, you could always try a different mod if youre not happy with that one :)
1479 Jul17@1558h charsarg Hi, I have claimed postbox number 57 Closed Spook6 mailbox is yours now :)
1478 Jul17@1534h Ruthlesssss placed an empty shulker down, shulker box is immediately locked and assigned to azumarill for some reason?! Closed TemporarilyAlive Shulker removed and placed in hotbar
1477 Jul17@0258h Omega_Orion hey can this be turned into a pvp arena with the boundaries of the two cobble blocks so we can launch people with fishing rods thanks Closed TemporarilyAlive PVP regions must be enclosed, and accessed through clearly marked iron doors. You could box this in with dirt and modreq to have it replaced with barrier blocks to comply
1476 Jul17@0216h CivilizationLord Is it possible to modreq a /place? I've never had a place worth /place'ing before but I'm getting a fair amount of traffic now with my skellie grinder. Closed TemporarilyAlive "/place StonemistSkeleGrider" created
1475 Jul17@0204h bookey42 There are a number of blocks that are locked. I am guessing due to the rollback grass block here and a few others I can point out Closed PPGOME Protections cleaned up!
1474 Jul17@0204h Za_Zaa please protect this lil machine- name doesnt matter but its for poppies Closed King_of_queso protected!
1473 Jul17@0156h Smasherman99999 Please make a claim marked by the soul sand named Smasherman99999 Closed King_of_queso i made a protection for your house since you've already built it up :)
1472 Jul17@0116h Za_Zaa can you move the /place for flowerworks to here? thanks! Closed TemporarilyAlive /place relocated
1471 Jul17@0025h OleToothless pls to protecc pompeii claim. Also please disable Rifle stairs, in vinyard/winery specifically but whole region if that is easier. Closed Za_Zaa winery claim created and protected and sitting is denied- please modreq for additional building protections/ build up claim some more for the full claim to be protected
1470 Jul17@0015h TheAcademician Please protect building as Itamashi Moss Farm. Also please create region in this 2x5 space for public placement of blocks/shulkers. TYVM! Closed Za_Zaa both regions created!
1469 Jul16@2342h TheNightsKing One portal please, with the name SakuraPortal Thanks! Closed cujobear portal placed!
1468 Jul16@2251h dougdimmadong69 i got stuck in this grinder and neededbreak a few slabs to get out, but they went into lava i think ;_; im so sorry Closed PPGOME Fixed!
1467 Jul16@2201h NastyHabits please protect two spawner rooms with drop shaft from grief Closed XeTrain 1467 Spawner rooms, dropshafts and kill room protected under "NastyKillRoom" :)
1466 Jul16@2149h NastyHabits please protect this spider spawner from grief Closed XeTrain Protected!
1465 Jul16@2024h bookey42 can we get these chests aand furnaces remove since the person has been banned and removed from Avalon as well Closed cheezychicken removed :)
1464 Jul16@1448h Aniomis I accidentally killed Ranarith's dog for the wither farm :( Closed cujobear respawned in while owner was online. Thank you for reporting the error
1463 Jul16@1114h BloomingLily i accidentally placed a spawn secret item! korok :( could i get a replacement? Closed TemporarilyAlive Item replaced :)
1462 Jul16@0749h StepsonofEvil ok this time i am in fact stuck. Closed PPGOME Forgot to close ;-; Saved!
1461 Jul16@0614h StepsonofEvil I cannot change the sign to say my username on the mailbox I claimed/locked. Keeps saying "don't make me call security" but also says it's unlocked (?). Weird. Closed Oxion_ name added!
1460 Jul16@0408h BloomingLily accidental grief? came down to a broken tinted glass. pls protect the double skele grinder :D Closed Oxion_ Protected!
1459 Jul16@0225h ghrey303 just in case it could help this silly farm, could the cull limit on shulkers be increased to 4 per chunk? Closed cujobear I have sent this request to techs
1458 Jul16@0213h Aethelstan2 The player that placed this stand has not been seen for a month. Can the stand be removed from my claim and placed in storage please. Thanks Closed TemporarilyAlive Build removed
1457 Jul16@0148h RukiaKuchiki_ extend protection to cover unholy basement of DEATH Closed Oxion_ extended!
1456 Jul16@0128h CivilizationLord Dumb question but I can't find online: how does getting padmin heads for a nether portal work? Do you name a pumpkin in an anvil? Don't remember the details :/ thanks! Closed PPGOME Discussed via /msg
1455 Jul16@0028h XeTrain grief? Closed PPGOME Discussed via /msg
1454 Jul16@0018h TheExselsior I used to have 4 or so cows in here, do you know what happened to them? there is just one now Closed XeTrain Somebody upset thor....
1453 Jul15@2012h ZaZaBot i think i asked who placed this before- id like to remove it; can you let me know who to ask Closed TemporarilyAlive Out of logs. derp build removed
1452 Jul15@1806h NastyHabits i would like to claim this area and name it nastyspawnerfactory Closed Spook6 claim made
1451 Jul15@1613h ZaZaBot is this block spawm? Closed XeTrain Discussed via /msg
1450 Jul15@1559h XeTrain what happened to door chicken on this door? Closed gk_ryo It flew the coop.
1449 Jul15@1506h StepsonofEvil Could I get this new bedroom area of my Hobbit Hole protected? Danke! Closed Za_Zaa region covers the room already :)
1448 Jul15@1458h Za_Zaa please rb this grief Closed Za_Zaa grief was rb- thanks :)
1447 Jul15@1451h Za_Zaa please protect this building as floweworks store- thanks! Closed Spook6 protected
1446 Jul15@1450h Za_Zaa please move flower_5 machine protection from this location to the machine i am looking at- thanks! Closed Spook6 region moved
1445 Jul15@1415h StepsonofEvil Darkam1976 killed my dog Nod and logged off. Closed CARnivore_nds pup restored, player warned by another moderator
1444 Jul15@0955h Ruthlesssss for PPG eyes only - as discussed(wierd patterns) Closed PPGOME PPG eye'd only. We did discuss!
1443 Jul15@0320h Smasherman99999 I claimed mailbox #49 Closed King_of_queso name added to mailbox!
1442 Jul15@0250h ghrey303 could you expand the solace_wood_collection build allow region to include the corner over the redstone torch? Closed cujobear discussed and fixed
1441 Jul15@0224h Ruthlesssss pls protect this small grinder/area and make the bricks shulkerable <3 Closed PPGOME Protected farm and shulker region made!
1440 Jul15@0214h Smasherman99999 Can I get out of pez's world tour it's too long lol Closed PPGOME Rescued from the evil nasty cobwebs!
1439 Jul15@0205h bluey_chloe I would like to expand my plot and I woul like it to be covering the farm i'm standing at please Closed King_of_queso claim expanded!
1438 Jul15@0157h fibop I would like claim this plot of land, please name it fibop Closed King_of_queso claim region made!
1437 Jul15@0038h RukiaKuchiki_ should beds not be allowed in end lol Closed PPGOME Beds already disabled!
1436 Jul14@2306h ghrey303 Could you protect this wood machine as a child of the solace region, with two build allow regions? One for the bulk log collection (oak logs currently) and another 1 wide region including the line of logs and space above the dirt by the pistons Closed King_of_queso protected with build allow regions!
1435 Jul14@2152h XeTrain who made this armadillo? Closed NastyHabits Armadillo made by XitizenZ on roughly 24.06.2024
1434 Jul14@2123h kalasalad pls claim this as KalasDementiaHouse Closed bookey42 KalasDementiaHouse Claim created Kalasalad as owner
1433 Jul14@2106h OleToothless I put down all the pavillion/event heads not knowing it would get rid of their names/flair text. Possible to get replacements? Closed cujobear prize skulls have been replaced
1432 Jul14@2105h SirLyle someone griefed this water drop with ice Closed buzzie71 looks like frosted ice; lights were laid down around the drop and should melt them quickly
1431 Jul14@2103h defiex Pls to allow the privelidge of Claim by the name of WRBC -marked with the birch fence posts. It will overlap with the West Road and west roadrail. Closed buzzie71 claim set!
1430 Jul14@2100h Piinkfuzzy pls restore my ultimate flower girl to her former aliveness Closed RukiaKuchiki_ used blood magic to restore mobs!
1429 Jul14@1603h cheezychicken Testing Closed XeTrain &4No
1428 Jul14@1558h XeTrain Please change the Blackmesa-researchfacility-claim greeting to "Welcome to the BlackMesa Research Facility, Please ensure you have your Research Facility ID on hand before entering" (In orange) Closed cheezychicken &6changed
1427 Jul14@1516h XeTrain Please claim fenced area as "BlackMesa-ResearchFacility" (Coords: -3093 70 -19, -3291 104 -192) Thank you! Closed cheezychicken claim region created
1426 Jul14@1419h Omegaeddon Sjulker spot on nbricks plz! Closed ghrey303 shulker spot made!
1425 Jul14@1415h Omegaeddon plz make these campfires lightable/putoutable, Ta! Closed XeTrain Campfires are now Lightable/Putoutable!
1424 Jul14@1241h Omegaeddon Plz stretch protection to cover drop chute/elevators as well ta! Closed TemporarilyAlive protection embiggened
1423 Jul14@1111h artixlight Grief? Logged in to some repeaters, redstone dust and redstone torch popped out and on the ground. Closed TemporarilyAlive player warned & rolled back
1422 Jul14@1003h NastyHabits possible glass grief Closed Spook6 glass returned, player warned :)
1421 Jul14@0542h Mats1300 Perfect Cleric Summoning sacrifice is in the barrel here in Kill chamber. Requesting it at 378, 57, 124 Snowy Variant please Closed TemporarilyAlive Cleric summoned
1420 Jul14@0536h Charismatix halp, stuck Closed bookey42 unstuck!
1419 Jul14@0515h dougdimmadong69 im real dumb, can you TP me out because im stuck Closed Bluuefuzzy unstucked!
1418 Jul14@0505h Omegaeddon These two blocks of rack... can their regions be moved plz? Closed PPGOME Protections removed!
1417 Jul14@0504h dougdimmadong69 I used a silk touch pick on this glass and its disappeared ;; I dont want to grief Closed Bluuefuzzy fixed!
1416 Jul14@0212h Emizzon could emizzon-claim be extended down to y:43 to match emizkyo-city to stop the welcome message from popping up as you swim up and down through it? Closed Bluuefuzzy expanded!
1415 Jul14@0048h bluey_chloe How do you add people to your claimed land Closed King_of_queso you can add people to your claim by doing /rg addmember hyperninja-claim <playername>
1414 Jul14@0014h Bluuefuzzy can i get the area in granite turned into barrier blocks? Closed TemporarilyAlive barrier'd
1413 Jul14@0014h Bluuefuzzy can i get the area in granite turned into barrier blocks? Closed TemporarilyAlive barrier'd
1412 Jul14@0013h bluey_chloe Am I able to claim this piece of land as well(marked with cobblestone) Closed XeTrain Region expanded to new area :)
1411 Jul13@2351h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc glorious tunnel from ground dwelling shnorfs Closed XeTrain Tunnels protected from ground dwelling shnorfs (what.)
1410 Jul13@2334h bluey_chloe I misaligned my posts, could you please fix it Closed Bluuefuzzy expanded so claim is at post!
1409 Jul13@2330h bluey_chloe am I able to expand a little bit Closed Bluuefuzzy expanded!
1408 Jul13@2300h CivilizationLord Can I get my alcazaba-claim region extended about 40ish blocks to the east to include my treasured pumpkin farm and new rail infrastucture? x=-3730 is good. Thank you sm! Closed CaptainWolfgang region extended :D
1407 Jul13@2244h RukiaKuchiki_ who does be mining this Closed XeTrain You'll never guess what.... discussed via /msg (I know! so predictable!) anyway, enjoy your day, whoever is reading this <3
1406 Jul13@2241h bluey_chloe I would like to claim this piece of land if that's okay, I'm not sur if it's already claimed. If it isn't, please name it hyperninja. Closed PPGOME Claimed! Happy building :)
1405 Jul13@2126h Four_Down I have claimed deposit box #116. I would like to renumber it to #420 and have my name on the line below. Thank you Closed TemporarilyAlive mailbox claimed, sign updated. box numbers arent shown on claimed mailboxes
1404 Jul13@2111h RukiaKuchiki_ who placed dis sign Closed XeTrain Discussed via /msg
1403 Jul13@2052h TheNightsKing I portalled here from the main end island, it looks like a chorus fruit has destroyed the portal back Closed TemporarilyAlive chorus removed. portal working as it should now
1402 Jul13@2016h XeTrain Please make the campfire a public region so users can put it out/relight it Closed buzzie71 region set!
1401 Jul13@1957h Mats1300 Perfect farmer summoning please! This is your Slaughter room with Emerald blocks in Barrel. I would like the Snowy variant and placed at coords 378, 57, 130. Please be nice to Randy thanks! Closed TemporarilyAlive farmer summon'd
1400 Jul13@1956h Omegaeddon ...and this one! Thanko! Closed Spook6 protected
1399 Jul13@1956h Omegaeddon ...and this one... Closed Spook6 protected
1398 Jul13@1956h Omegaeddon ...and this one... Closed XeTrain Protected!
1397 Jul13@1955h Omegaeddon Prots plz for beacon stack... Closed Spook6 protected
1396 Jul13@1945h Bluuefuzzy ok i need all the granite here turned into barrier blocks i added some gold blocks at hopefully good points to make selection easier.. hopefully Closed TemporarilyAlive barriers placed
1395 Jul13@1940h Azumarill how about let me get a screenshot of how it used to be and then put it back Closed XeTrain Nope, sorry. Rolling back edits is only reserved for grief edits.
1394 Jul13@1938h RukiaKuchiki_ ecaloS nether portal here pls Closed TemporarilyAlive portal created
1393 Jul13@1936h Azumarill can I get a like two minute rollback on my edits Closed XeTrain Sorry, we won't roll back own edits in a players own build
1392 Jul13@1854h Spook6 grief Closed TemporarilyAlive Fixed. was an admin accident :P
1391 Jul13@1828h RukiaKuchiki_ portal with name "ecaloS" Closed TemporarilyAlive no padmin head provided
1390 Jul13@1800h ToddChavay Im stuck :( sorry Closed Bluuefuzzy unstuck!
1389 Jul13@1730h SirLyle who's amythest bridge is this? Closed TemporarilyAlive discussed in /msg
1388 Jul13@1623h defiex Who extended our wheat 'field'? Closed XeTrain Discussed via /msg
1387 Jul13@1611h SirLyle can i get this slime grinder protected as a child of solace Closed Spook6 protected as child of solace
1386 Jul13@1603h XeTrain stuck Closed TemporarilyAlive unstucc
1385 Jul13@1504h Omegaeddon Protection for this useful horror plz! Closed ghrey303 protected!
1384 Jul13@0505h Emizzon where the iron golems her culled or killed? Closed PPGOME Golems were culled :(. Name all of them with nametags to make sure it doesn't happen again!
1383 Jul13@0147h EggyEgg help everyone is stuck Closed defiex This is where you live now.
1382 Jul13@0117h RukiaKuchiki_ grief? Closed PPGOME Done by road/portal owner
1381 Jul13@0042h XeTrain im stuck... Closed PPGOME Fool.
1380 Jul13@0010h DaisyDuchess im stuck help pls Closed PPGOME Unstuck'd!
1379 Jul12@2336h WinterWeaver Please shrink the west_bathhouse_road region to x:11 so that it no longer covers the underground carbon rail tunnel. Closed TemporarilyAlive Region smallen'd
1378 Jul12@2324h Spook6 no sit region here to stop pez Closed PPGOME Lol no git gud