PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
4841 Aug14@2007h Oxion_ missing block :( Closed Bluuefuzzy replaced! player messaged
4840 Aug14@1920h Bluuefuzzy i have no idea how this works but i've got this book that needs combining... o great ones please assist \o/ Closed cheezychicken enchantededededededededededed
4839 Aug14@1813h CARnivore_nds red sheep missing Closed Bluuefuzzy replaced!
4838 Aug14@1812h CARnivore_nds named cows missing Closed CARnivore_nds
4837 Aug14@1523h Oxion_ looks like someone tried to grief this Closed cheezychicken grief fixed! thanks for reporting!
4836 Aug14@1522h GenghisKhanX Followup to 4798: Could you replace the Barrier Blocks on the sides with Iron Bars? Sufficient blocks are in a chest on the Black Concrete platform on the south side of the build. The Dirt in the roof replaced with Barrier Block also, please! Closed cheezychicken barriers replaced and placed!
4835 Aug14@1249h zedadex wiki.nerd.nu has an expired cert Closed cheezychicken passed on to the techs :)
4834 Aug14@0724h Bluuefuzzy cujo you missed a few enderheads Closed zedadex removed via rollback and player mailed!
4833 Aug14@0318h FallenAgnostic combine book Closed cheezychicken book combined!
4832 Aug14@0114h MrsirwithPuggo claim Closed zedadex it doesn't look like there are any blocks placed or modified by you here - please stand near your fenced area when making a protection request. see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D2HneontSQ. Thanks!
4831 Aug14@0112h Blockyslime claim my giant statue Closed zedadex region created!
4830 Aug14@0050h Muskogee_Red chest removal 20 double chests + item frames Open
4829 Aug14@0047h RukiaKuchiki_ is this player made? Closed cujobear this was a custom structure added to the nether
4828 Aug13@2354h NastyHabits was there torches? it is a mob farm here at night, can I add some torches here? is there owner of this place? Closed zedadex looks like there were torches but they were griffed. replaced, ty for reporting!
4827 Aug13@2343h NastyHabits since we are mid-late into rev, try out 2 hours restarts, be more flexible, test how it performs, then try 4 hours, etc Closed cujobear I will talk with totemo
4826 Aug13@2341h JCS617 Shulker spot on andesite Closed zedadex shulk spot created!
4825 Aug13@2340h JCS617 claim area inside cobblestone wall plz "jcs617_endfarm" Closed zedadex region created!
4824 Aug13@2136h Bluuefuzzy pigs are gone D: Closed tict0c pigs replaced
4823 Aug13@2111h Bluuefuzzy the enderman skulls placed by players don't belong here Claimed cujobear
4822 Aug13@2034h defiex For defi - make sure that this dirt is plantable by the public! Open
4821 Aug13@1927h Zarton_ spruce logs may have been griefed here Closed zburdsal Fixed! Thanks for reporting :D
4820 Aug13@1653h harotaro pls to save the ocean(flow). ty. Closed zburdsal Ocean saved! Who knew it was so easy?
4819 Aug13@1328h olav3118 Flow please <3 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
4818 Aug13@0330h sybergoose Didint realize this was not in my region please add Closed King_of_queso syberstorage expanded!
4817 Aug13@0313h Lilah427 flow Closed King_of_queso flowing!
4816 Aug13@0313h Lilah427 flow Closed zburdsal Nah
4815 Aug13@0312h Lilah427 flow Closed zburdsal Flowing! Zburd needs modreqs too
4814 Aug13@0312h GenghisKhanX Bluuefuzzy, congrats on 400 'reqs! Closed Bluuefuzzy O:
4813 Aug13@0304h Lilah427 more shulker spots on stones Closed Bluuefuzzy shulk zone created! hopefully..
4812 Aug13@0257h Lilah427 shulker spot for stones Closed tict0c Shulker spot created \o/
4811 Aug13@0247h Lilah427 shulker spot for the stones Closed King_of_queso shulker spot created!
4810 Aug13@0247h Bluuefuzzy hey i accidentally killed some chikins when i was fighting som pillbois, pls to fix Closed buzzie71 restored! please be more careful next time :O
4809 Aug13@0241h zburdsal Need me a new sword. Bluue said Solace didn't have enough food, and now I must commence THE SLAUGHTERâ„¢ Closed defiex Behold! Your instrument of terror has arisen!
4808 Aug13@0204h Bluuefuzzy villager death due to raid here Closed cujobear we do not replace villagers due to raids, towns need to make sure to have villagers well protected
4807 Aug13@0145h RukiaKuchiki_ did i break this or am i derpy Closed tadrogers Thieving Endermen Strike AGAIN!!!!
4806 Aug13@0136h Neptoonius may you please claim my house? Closed cujobear Please watch this video to learn about claims and protections, you can claim land on your own by placing fences or walls. We will protect your build when it is complete. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_D2HneontSQ
4805 Aug13@0135h Neptoonius request Closed cujobear see 4806
4804 Aug12@2221h Bluuefuzzy there's a obsidian over this end chest Closed Bluuefuzzy obsidian removed
4803 Aug12@2213h pez252 Maze exit plz Closed pez252 Done
4802 Aug12@2053h HairyChickenLeg7 stuck Closed CARnivore_nds res'qd
4801 Aug12@1419h Ga33eszapor nevermind i fixed it Closed buzzie71 you can also close your own modreqs :O use /check to find the number of your req, then /done ####
4800 Aug12@1322h Ga33eszapor Could you set the dragon fight stage to stage 11 please because it says to kill the dragon but i dont see one Closed buzzie71 closing per 4801
4799 Aug12@0825h FarfallaCC could you combine the magic book with the pickaxe in the lime shulker? ty:D Closed cujobear enchanted
4798 Aug12@0431h GenghisKhanX PVP arena request: Maree Noir Arena, PVP area: 2801-2849x, 30-62y, 551-559z, please replace all dirt with barrier blocks Closed tict0c Done PVP is enabled and barrier blocks in place! Make sure you have PVP notice signs and a bed also :)
4797 Aug12@0428h GenghisKhanX Protection please: Name requested: maree_noir_beacons, Area requested: 2819-2831x 5-28y 569-581z Closed Bluuefuzzy protected!
4796 Aug12@0428h GenghisKhanX Protection please: Name requested: maree_noir_arena, Area requested: 2775-2875x, 29+y, 525-625z The extra area is so I can expand my seating when I get more concrete. Closed Bluuefuzzy protected!
4795 Aug12@0302h FallenAgnostic accidental grief by me Closed buzzie71 restored! please be more careful next time :O
4794 Aug12@0231h OldStoney Can I get my home claimed? Thanks! Closed buzzie71 your home is protected! a little different from claims (fence border around area you want to build on)
4793 Aug12@0209h RukiaKuchiki_ extend protection to cover this totaly not a jail Closed buzzie71 extended!
4792 Aug12@0148h Oxion_ claiming the maze prize. pls replace the lime wool block with a mooshroom spawner :D ty Closed pez252 Done!
4791 Aug11@2337h Suspicious_Mango can i get this water block flowing please? Thanks! Closed pez252 flowed
4790 Aug11@2332h RukiaKuchiki_ is this a wierd lag thing Closed pez252 0 tick cane farm. So yes
4789 Aug11@2301h PinguFire sword enchantment with OP book in sulker Closed pez252 Done
4788 Aug11@2250h Suspicious_Mango can i get this water block flowing please? Thanks! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
4787 Aug11@1913h Chef_Zuul please remove this player's abandoned chest Closed CARnivore_nds that player must play different hours; they were last on 19 hours ago. please work with them on the chest
4786 Aug11@1853h PinguFire combine introduction to mining and diamond pickaxe in sulker Closed pez252 Done
4785 Aug11@1610h Bluuefuzzy is it possible to take didy's protections off these chests? he hasn't been on in forever and i must move chests Closed Bluuefuzzy
4784 Aug11@1547h Zarton_ someone killed the cows that used to be here Closed Bluuefuzzy discussed via pm
4783 Aug11@1518h Yoaru yes sir Closed Bluuefuzzy no need to make a modreq for that lol
4782 Aug11@1405h RiiSolar water flows please Closed Bluuefuzzy repeat modreq
4781 Aug11@1333h Yoaru hello xD i am stuck at Far's cane farm Closed Bluuefuzzy looks like you're unstuck!
4780 Aug11@1331h Yoaru hello xD i am stuck at Far's melon farm Closed Bluuefuzzy looks like you're unstuck!
4779 Aug11@1034h RiiSolar water flows Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
4778 Aug11@0436h Bluuefuzzy please expand protections to where the rail is Closed zburdsal Your rails are now protected. No one will dare rail you now. Also renamed it so your area is now an extravaganza.
4777 Aug11@0418h GenghisKhanX please enchant my Stonegrinder Closed cheezychicken enchanteded!
4776 Aug11@0156h Deadpool1205 Please protect my builds marked with pairs of orange and magenta wool Closed zedadex region 12palms_resort created!
4775 Aug11@0110h pez252 maze exit Closed pez252 done
4774 Aug11@0058h Lilah427 get rid of lava possibly? too scared to find source of it. Closed cujobear doesn't work like that, you will have to get rid of it on your own :(
4773 Aug10@2248h Zarton_ please enchant the item in this chest! Closed cujobear enchanted
4772 Aug10@2036h GenghisKhanX please flow the water along the walls in this room Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
4771 Aug10@1949h GenghisKhanX please flow these five water spots Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
4770 Aug10@1840h Bluuefuzzy derp bridge Closed cheezychicken bridge removed!
4769 Aug10@1734h Bluuefuzzy this is embarrassing... but yet again, here we are... Can the barrier blocks in front of the blue glass be removed? thank you! Closed cheezychicken barriers removed!
4768 Aug10@1616h imaiden_B im stuck Closed Bluuefuzzy you should be able to get out now!
4767 Aug10@1212h olav3118 they've started griefing a stone road with their bare hands ( RunRun_5 & xDrdrs76) Closed olav3118
4766 Aug10@1208h olav3118 xDrdrs76 has joined RunRun_5 in griefing farms and not replanting (even after warning them to replant) Closed olav3118
4765 Aug10@1206h olav3118 RunRun_5 has broken all the crops in ironstar and refuses to replant (also asked to get mod) Closed olav3118
4764 Aug10@1203h mSup Sorry if this is the wrong way - RunRun_5 told me in dms he threatened to grief the server because "minecraftonline must be the oldest", keep an eye out on him, he's a troll Closed Verros situation has been handled
4763 Aug10@1138h Suprinicio land's end at 3000 -3000 is a settlement w 3 people (suprinicio, totteryglint08 and dorkynerd) so can we be on the map? Closed cujobear you are off to a good start, but more building need to be done before we will add it as a /place
4762 Aug10@0256h hansolo112 can you get nyxie and me out of pez's maze thank you Closed Bluuefuzzy rescued!
4761 Aug10@0108h Muskogee_Red chest removal 10 with item frames Claimed tict0c
4760 Aug09@2243h RukiaKuchiki_ pls to flow this lake thingy Closed King_of_queso thingy is flowing!
4759 Aug09@1944h FarfallaCC could you do a magic and combine the op book with the pickaxe in the lime shulker? :D Closed cheezychicken combined!
4758 Aug09@1458h RukiaKuchiki_ bad signs, also out of map boundery Closed cujobear signs removed, player banned
4757 Aug09@0946h EmiXDDD lava flow please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
4756 Aug09@0946h EmiXDDD lava flow please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
4755 Aug09@0946h EmiXDDD lava flow please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
4754 Aug09@0946h EmiXDDD lava flow please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
4753 Aug09@0850h EmiXDDD waterflow please Closed zburdsal Flowing!
4752 Aug09@0710h King_of_queso please protect House on the Block! corners are marked by the iron blocks. there's rooms going down to y-64, may need separate protections Closed zburdsal Protected! Quite an extensive underground, so I just protected it as 1 region.
4751 Aug09@0630h RiiSolar water flows please Closed zburdsal Flowing - however water will not flow from one source block outwards when placed within a block. It will saturate that block and not move out. That part is a vanilla mechanic.
4750 Aug09@0606h RiiSolar The water still doesn't flow Closed zburdsal When you place water, request that it flows. We will make water that has been placed flow. Water that you place, will not flow.
4749 Aug09@0601h RiiSolar waterflow RiiSolar Closed zburdsal You seem to have removed the water?
4748 Aug09@0432h Deadpool1205 I had a full inventory when I found the eiffel tower, is there a way to get the collectable still? Closed tict0c Item replaced all is well in the world again!
4747 Aug09@0406h Nyxie I am stuck Closed pez252 lololololol
4746 Aug09@0147h pez252 maze exit Closed pez252 done
4745 Aug09@0051h FallenAgnostic I didn't get a response on my last modreq? Closed FallenAgnostic
4744 Aug08@2051h Lilah427 grief Closed tict0c Nope no head here. Also they are protected by person who places them :)
4743 Aug08@2013h olav3118 Please make the bottom area of my gold farm a shulker area <3 Closed tict0c Ok Shulker spots should be ready to go !!
4742 Aug08@1601h Suprinicio i finished level 2 of pez's maze but iwhen i resumed to level 2 instead of level 3 Closed Suprinicio
4741 Aug08@1442h RiiSolar flow Closed tict0c DOne !
4740 Aug08@1425h RiiSolar flow Closed tict0c didnt see the water so figured it went with other modreq.
4739 Aug08@1419h Suprinicio fix all water Closed i_c_e_
4738 Aug08@1333h FarfallaCC stuck Closed cujobear saved
4737 Aug08@0640h saberfysh flow water pls Closed Spook6 flowed
4736 Aug08@0447h OldStoney is my house worth of protection? Closed Spook6 your house is protected now :)
4735 Aug08@0315h Bluuefuzzy cujo, pls have a date with me tomorro ;) Closed i_c_e_ Blue!! Cujo is married Bear !!! Mr bear would not be happy with you !! You go and think about what you did ! o_o
4734 Aug08@0308h Bluuefuzzy pls replace this stone block with barrier <3 Closed i_c_e_
4733 Aug08@0307h Bluuefuzzy there's a barrier block here, pls to remove, i've surrounded with slab so easier to find Closed i_c_e_
4732 Aug08@0259h Bluuefuzzy these leaves too please! Closed i_c_e_
4731 Aug08@0251h FallenAgnostic trapped up here Closed zburdsal NOW YOU'RE TRAPPED DOWN HERE WITH US
4730 Aug08@0232h Bluuefuzzy can i get these two leave patches patched up with barriers? Closed Bluuefuzzy
4729 Aug08@0231h Lilah427 stuck Closed zburdsal Man that's unfortunate. Ok bye.
4728 Aug08@0158h Bluuefuzzy please make this grassy area pvp enabled, thank you Closed tict0c Grassy area is PVP enabled !!
4727 Aug08@0004h pez252 maze exit Closed pez252 done
4726 Aug07@2341h pez252 maze exit Closed pez252 done
4725 Aug07@2334h FallenAgnostic can this building be removed? User hasn't come to finish it in a long time Closed i_c_e_
4724 Aug07@1806h shanty_sniper this all needs to come under Dublin WG protections. Claimed cujobear
4723 Aug07@1805h shanty_sniper add to dublin protections Claimed cujobear
4722 Aug07@1742h Suprinicio shanty_sniper and Lilah427 killed me with lava and i lost all my stuff Closed Suprinicio
4721 Aug07@1732h shanty_sniper protect my house please Closed robr shanty protected
4720 Aug07@1529h Suprinicio to get it back cus normally spawners aren't allowed Closed Suprinicio
4719 Aug07@1302h shanty_sniper got stuck and made a little grief :/ Closed zburdsal FYI: since an update or two ago, shift-walking will make you 1.5m tall instead of 2m. We garry's mod now.
4718 Aug07@1217h BaronHarkyn Reporting Neptoonius chat immediately before restart (player did the same thing yesterday, too) Closed zburdsal User has had a talking to. Thank you for reporting this, seems to occur within a few hours where mods have been offline.
4717 Aug07@1154h EmiXDDD waterflow please ty Closed zburdsal Flowing!
4716 Aug07@1059h EmiXDDD waterflow please Closed zburdsal Flowing!
4715 Aug07@0953h Yoaru thanks for keeping the server up for over a decade <3 Closed i_c_e_
4714 Aug07@0855h shanty_sniper crop grief Closed zedadex
4713 Aug07@0634h EmiXDDD flow please Closed zedadex flowed - note it's doing something weird next to the end rods though :/
4712 Aug07@0631h RiiSolar RiiSolar Closed zedadex hi, to make a modreq please type /modreq followed by the details of your request. Thanks!
4711 Aug07@0606h PinguFire Riverside build claim marked by cobblestone fence, pls allow fluid flow Closed zedadex Region created! Use /flow and left click any water you want flowing in the region. Have fun!
4710 Aug07@0306h Bluuefuzzy growth deny please? Closed tict0c Ok growth should be denied. Let me know if it doesnt work tho :)
4709 Aug07@0228h Bluuefuzzy derp bridge Closed zburdsal Removed!
4708 Aug07@0219h Azumarill expand azu_mitespawn down please Closed zburdsal Done! Let's hope they might spawn hahahaha good joke zburd
4707 Aug07@0218h Lilah427 flow pleaseeee :D Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
4706 Aug06@2226h Azumarill protection Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
4705 Aug06@2040h shanty_sniper city region protections espanded to this grassland rectangle, keep having to get chests cleared Closed cujobear expanded region to include completed builds
4704 Aug06@2034h Chef_Zuul Please remove or alter the region containing this score garden zone, as players are unable to alter their signs with /signtext which is the preferred method of updating scores here Closed zburdsal Fixed! Took 17 regions and 3 days, but fixed!
4703 Aug06@1807h Zarton_ someone planted stems where the melons should grow here (crop grief) Closed zburdsal Fixed!
4702 Aug06@1517h Polar_Ted reporting Neptoonius for offensive language. Closed zburdsal Warned! And keeping an eye on him, thank you
4701 Aug06@1517h harotaro check Neptoonius chat logs Closed zburdsal Warned! thank you!
4700 Aug06@1330h Kcurry23 Is it possible to place boats that dont disappar? Closed Norami private msg player regarding request
4699 Aug06@0656h shanty_sniper minor crop grief Closed zburdsal Fixed!
4698 Aug06@0613h Azumarill protecc (go down ~11 plz) Closed Azumarill
4697 Aug06@0513h shanty_sniper pvp area and convert glass into barrier blocks please Closed cujobear done and done!
4696 Aug06@0445h FallenAgnostic this person hasn't been on for over two months to finish their underground entrance. And since i'm trying to make this whole block into a desert, i wanted to see if i can get rid of it Closed cujobear Feel free to close up the entrance
4695 Aug06@0437h shanty_sniper pvp area and glass changed to barrier blocks please! :) Closed cujobear done and done
4694 Aug06@0325h shanty_sniper flow please! :) Closed King_of_queso flowing!
4693 Aug06@0315h shanty_sniper flow please :) Closed buzzie71 flowing!
4692 Aug06@0227h GenghisKhanX please make water flow on the 9 stone pillars that run diagonally under the beacon here... Closed King_of_queso flowing!
4691 Aug06@0141h Zarton_ looks like an accidental edit here Closed King_of_queso fixed!
4690 Aug06@0036h ScuttleBukkit cujobear hi there, can you make this item frame invisible? Closed cujobear We cannot make item frames invisible
4689 Aug06@0035h pez252 maze exit plz Closed pez252 done
4688 Aug05@2335h Zarton_ possible grief Closed cujobear sign removed
4687 Aug05@2320h ScuttleBukkit cujobear hi there, I have a flowreq to make. just go to 805,59,1605 and let the lava around there flow, please! Closed cujobear lava is flowed!
4686 Aug05@2310h shanty_sniper please convert these tokens :) Closed cujobear converted to correct token
4685 Aug05@2305h olav3118 I've got 5 OP books i'd like applied to my tools/armor Closed cujobear enchanted
4684 Aug05@2301h olav3118 shanty gave me some broken event tokens and told me to modreq to exchange them <3 Closed cujobear tokens corrected
4683 Aug05@2157h shanty_sniper uhh can i be able to find out who has been giting me things in my mailbox :o Closed cujobear discussed via /m
4682 Aug05@2155h BlAfricans flow Closed pez252 Flowed!
4681 Aug05@1905h Chef_Zuul I seek a fortune and the only way to get there is with the contents of this chest Closed pez252 Done
4680 Aug05@1803h Bluuefuzzy is already closed Closed Bluuefuzzy whoops
4679 Aug05@1758h olav3118 Would it be possible to add a /place here? (at my gold farm) Closed olav3118
4678 Aug05@1753h Suprinicio turn map in chest at 2952 -2934 to id 3069 Closed gk_ryo There you go.
4677 Aug05@1726h FarfallaCC check Closed Bluuefuzzy repeat
4676 Aug05@1726h FarfallaCC check Closed Bluuefuzzy discussed via pm
4675 Aug05@1647h NastyHabits please restore this tree Closed gk_ryo Woodn't leaf it.
4674 Aug05@1623h olav3118 Please protect my gold farm <3 Closed gk_ryo cregion nethergold
4673 Aug05@1602h Suprinicio turn the map in the chest at 2952 -2934 to id 3069 Closed gk_ryo Use an anvil. https://wiki.nerd.nu/wiki/PvE_Information_Guide#Map_World
4672 Aug04@2244h Charismatix 1 Enchant please! Closed cujobear enchanted!
4671 Aug04@2225h JCS617 didnt get book Closed pez252 fixed
4670 Aug04@2135h FarfallaCC my turtles are disappeared. have no idea since when. could you help to find out the truth of them leaving my base? Closed FarfallaCC nothing matters sorry for bordering, will just breed more
4669 Aug04@2045h CutterWill flow Closed Bluuefuzzy flowin!
4668 Aug04@1833h Polar_Ted please replace scaffolding Closed Bluuefuzzy scaffolding replaced!
4667 Aug04@0243h FallenAgnostic flow, might not see it but i'm still getting block bubbles Closed zburdsal Flowing? I guess... sorry bout the pads
4666 Aug03@1852h NastyHabits possible grief? Closed defiex All fixed, thanks for reporting!
4665 Aug03@1526h FarfallaCC a player called _______v________ is pulishing a lot of junk messages Closed Bluuefuzzy player taken care of!
4664 Aug03@1054h SylvanSamurai protection Closed zedadex protected!
4663 Aug03@0847h PinguFire make water flow pls Closed buzzie71 both flowing!
4662 Aug03@0649h FallenAgnostic flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!
4661 Aug03@0021h Bluuefuzzy there's a barrier block wall here that needs to be moved one block back Closed cujobear completed
4660 Aug03@0013h PinguFire pls make 2x2 lava block flow Closed tadrogers Lava Flowin' Lava Flowin' A1 flow, and the lava's so soothing
4659 Aug03@0000h Lilah427 flow pleaseeee Closed pez252 Done but not gonna do what you want
4658 Aug02@2322h Lilah427 please make the stone blocks in the room so that people can place shulkerrs but can't break them Closed Bluuefuzzy build allow region created!
4657 Aug02@2128h pez252 Maze start plz Closed pez252 Done
4656 Aug02@2010h Bluuefuzzy got a doozy, pls protect this entire space, ty Closed cujobear protected, pls let me know if I missed a spot
4655 Aug02@2008h VarukaSalt protect the redstone so we don't break it swinging at slimes. :) Thanks. Closed cheezychicken protected!
4654 Aug02@1937h buzzie71 were there sheep in here before? Closed Bluuefuzzy discussed via message
4653 Aug02@1927h pez252 maze level restart Closed pez252 done
4652 Aug02@1921h Lilah427 ...flow again...i made a mistake XD Closed King_of_queso flowing!
4651 Aug02@1919h Lilah427 flowwww pleaseee Closed King_of_queso flowwwwinnnnnnggg
4650 Aug02@1855h Lilah427 flow this water pleaseeee :D Closed defiex Splish has been splashed!
4649 Aug02@1608h harotaro flowy stuff pls. ty Closed cujobear flowed
4648 Aug02@1345h NastyHabits lock this switch to member of this region ._. Closed tadrogers Regions created so users can replant instead. Discussed in Msgs
4647 Aug02@0737h Azumarill protection plz Closed cujobear expanded geometric_2 to cover area
4646 Aug02@0729h JamesMcProgger Hello! I offer my pet ravager in sacrifice (again) to have these OP boots crafted! (Also the OP book seems to be missing Protection, thank you! Closed cujobear you can only add 1 book to an unenchanted item. I still don't want the ravager :P
4645 Aug02@0644h Polar_Ted more grief Closed bookey42 User has been banned for other grievances. Rollback complete.
4644 Aug02@0626h Polar_Ted punsh people who don't replant Closed bookey42 Crop grief fixed. User has already been banned for other reasons.
4643 Aug02@0620h Polar_Ted more grief Closed bookey42 Player note added but they have already been banned. Rollback completed.
4642 Aug02@0619h Polar_Ted someone took my beacon stack Closed bookey42 Player has been already banned but I added a note about grief on PVE. Rollback has been done.