PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
2607 Oct24@0035h R0b0tacus light my nether portal please. Whenever. Open
2606 Oct23@2033h NastyHabits please move those chests to admin space, player afk for 2 mo and said he quits more or less for now, also 4 more chests to the right Closed i_c_e_ all moved and tucked away safely
2605 Oct23@1920h NastyHabits please teleport me out of the arena while keeping my inventory Closed NastyHabits solved by pez
2604 Oct22@1607h ControlOptional I am brand new and unsure how to claim land. I am at X16 z2088. Closed TemporarilyAlive Please clearly mark an area to claim before making a modreq
2603 Oct22@1605h ControlOptional ControlOptional claim Closed TemporarilyAlive duplicate of req #2604
2602 Oct22@0050h larry190991 honor is breaking my stuff again... plz Closed schererererer fixed, see modreq 2601
2601 Oct22@0043h larry190991 Honor 555 is destroying my stuff Closed schererererer fixed, thanks for reporting
2600 Oct21@0737h Vykoden please annex in the newly-fenced-in area to my claim (and tunnels beneath?) Closed NastyHabits expanded
2599 Oct19@0330h _Failburz_ flow plz Closed buzzie71 flowing!
2598 Oct19@0259h buzzie71 was there sugar cane here before :O? Closed TemporarilyAlive Played banned & rolled back
2597 Oct19@0122h pez252 Protection please! Closed King_of_queso protected!
2596 Oct18@1906h NJY200 additional land claim next to my original claim, please expand :) Closed TemporarilyAlive Region expanded!
2595 Oct18@1537h LTP1828 I have created a region (not that it matters this late in the rev.). Calling it "Gothic Towers." It's at 869N, -67W, 941S and 55E. It crosses the South Road. I don't want protection but can I get a name on a map without a portal? Thx. Claimed cujobear
2594 Oct18@0904h Omegaeddon these two horses (skelly and black) have been abandoned here for an age. Can we send them off to the knackers yard? Closed cujobear horses moved to spawn lost & found
2593 Oct18@0311h iNerd71 Reflow the fountain please. Had to remove water to fix an overflow Closed cujobear reflowed
2592 Oct18@0232h iNerd71 Flow this fountain please <3 Closed cujobear flowed a pretty fountain
2591 Oct18@0024h PigeonSquared Im stuckkkkk Closed assasymphoni you've been freed
2590 Oct17@2230h Yakkhyl portal missing? Closed NastyHabits edits by town members
2589 Oct17@1927h Omegaeddon This a player build? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed in msg
2588 Oct17@1252h LTP1828 I really can't figure out the gold farm. I got it to produce a little bit but it stopped. The rotten meat hoppers are full, so I tried moving some over to the 3rd set of chests - maybe I screwed it up? Closed NastyHabits it should just work, i will check it out
2587 Oct17@0036h RukiaKuchiki_ i do believe im trapped? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ nope im blind
2586 Oct16@1907h Omegaeddon Griff Closed cujobear Not grief. The overworld portal was removed during a rollback
2585 Oct16@1830h TheUnstableLink I have a question about upgrading this spawner, such as, what is needed to upgrade this spawner? Do I need to have all 4 before I upgrade, etc Closed cujobear check this post https://nerd.nu/mc/pve and this image https://imgur.com/a/YCt7Qhc you do not have to have all four spawners before upgrading
2584 Oct16@1711h a_speedruner a_speedruner Closed TemporarilyAlive Please do not spam modreqs
2583 Oct16@1433h Omegaeddon griff here? Closed NastyHabits looks ok, builder edits
2582 Oct16@1413h NastyHabits protect this ambrosia station Closed TemporarilyAlive Protected
2581 Oct15@2250h NastyHabits please make this public? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ farm set to public!
2580 Oct15@2152h NastyHabits improperly mined chorus Closed RukiaKuchiki_ chorus plants fixed!
2579 Oct15@2115h NastyHabits crop grief Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed!
2578 Oct15@2106h larry190991 the bed from the southern rest area (in from on moshpit) is missing Closed NastyHabits bed restored, player warned, thanks for report!
2577 Oct15@2103h NastyHabits crop grief, be sure to /trace Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
2576 Oct15@1511h NastyHabits flow this lava source Closed TemporarilyAlive Flowed
2575 Oct14@2208h NastyHabits give me permission to add missing wall to this unfinished house (by iichoppz I believe who is afk for 2 mo), if he ever joins he can modify it the way he likes it Closed cujobear already gave cheezychicken the ok to finish this. So, feel free to finish it
2574 Oct14@2122h Azumarill expand azutunnels 3 west please Closed NastyHabits expanded
2573 Oct14@0111h RukiaKuchiki_ who mangled fence? Closed cujobear out of logs
2572 Oct13@1718h Azumarill put this box in my inv Closed cujobear I need more info. the shulker is not registered and out of logs.
2571 Oct13@1658h Smirkules Please can you make this station item frame public? imodify isn't working for me Closed NastyHabits can be rotated now
2570 Oct13@0230h adamnorcott please flow lava Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2569 Oct12@0511h JamesMcProgger Hello, Can a kind mod please come and lit my portal up? the shards are in a shulker in front of it.Thank you. Closed cujobear portal lit. please make a new request with the portal name if you would like your portal added to the live map
2568 Oct12@0305h King_of_queso can i get a portal here? payment is in the chest Closed cujobear portal lit!
2567 Oct12@0120h King_of_queso please change the htown-claim greeting to "Welcome to Halloween Town!" with "welcome to" in red and "halloween town" in orange Closed cujobear greeting updated
2566 Oct12@0118h King_of_queso can i get a protection on my plot with vine-growth deny? Closed cujobear vine growth denied
2565 Oct11@2218h TheUnstableLink flow Closed NastyHabits flowed!
2564 Oct11@2207h TheUnstableLink flow Closed NastyHabits flowed!
2563 Oct11@0015h TheUnstableLink I would like to set up a PVP zone please! Closed cujobear pvp enabled inside arena walls
2562 Oct11@0003h TheUnstableLink flow Closed cujobear flowed
2561 Oct10@2310h adamnorcott this shulker blocks exiting the water elevator. Closed cujobear chest moved
2560 Oct10@2213h TheUnstableLink I need helping with this claim, its covering a bit of the towns road and I cant finish it, the owner dosent live in the town anymore, so I was wondering what I needed to do to have it removed/trimmed. Closed cujobear you should be able to finish the road now
2559 Oct10@2108h Nosirrom this shulker is in a very inconvenient spot for people who don't sit on carpets Closed buzzie71 looks like it was moved!
2558 Oct10@0901h Omegaeddon Got kicked twice while trading with this villager: "too many packets" What gives? Closed TemporarilyAlive known issue, reported to techs
2557 Oct10@0536h Vykoden please mark my claim which is fenced in at my location. Thx :) Closed schererererer land claim created
2556 Oct10@0337h pink_not_sus please flow Closed cujobear flowed
2555 Oct10@0337h pink_not_sus please flow Closed cujobear flowed
2554 Oct10@0334h pink_not_sus please flow Closed cujobear see 2555, 2556
2553 Oct10@0318h adamnorcott haybales destroyed. grief? Closed cujobear fixed!
2552 Oct10@0024h TheUnstableLink Hey Cujo, I made that roof for the barrier block placement Closed cujobear barrier roof created
2551 Oct09@2310h Azumarill can I get another 20 north and let's call it 7 down on azutom_house so I can do some flowing water, redstone, and piston work in here Closed cujobear region expanded
2550 Oct09@2306h Azumarill can I get another 20 west and let's call it 7 down on azutom_house so I can do some flowing water, redstone, and piston work in here Closed Azumarill
2549 Oct09@2206h NJY200 please flow, thank you :) Closed cujobear flowed
2548 Oct09@2149h NJY200 Needs to flow, please & thank you! Closed cujobear flowed
2547 Oct09@2045h Stormmblade May I have regional protection for this tower/chamber please? We've got some new town members that find it funny to keep digging in here through the roof. Please and thank you Closed King_of_queso protected
2546 Oct09@1650h tobylane Last I remember I had chests here, could have been more than two weeks ago Claimed cujobear protected!
2545 Oct09@1428h TheUnstableLink I need to talk to someone about adding barrier blocks around my arena and setting up a PVP zone. Closed cujobear see 2563
2544 Oct09@1404h ironcrafter54 flow this water for elytra tower Closed buzzie71 it looks like it would make a mess with crops now underneath it ._. - please modreq again if you would like it flowed
2543 Oct09@0711h Vykoden never mind. i found it. thx. Closed NastyHabits issue resolved
2542 Oct09@0708h Vykoden sorry, stan brought me to the end/solace and I don't know the way out. Closed NastyHabits issue resolved
2541 Oct09@0555h Standish_ can i have the spawn mail red shulker box below Armas_DSasi's as my mailbox? thank you!! Closed cujobear name added to sign, make sure to do /cdonation and punch the shulker
2540 Oct09@0554h Azumarill I don't want to "press charges" but I'm curious: who's put this tiny bridge here and... seemingly (maybe) pushed my horse over to this basalt area? Closed NastyHabits out of logs unfortunately
2539 Oct07@0151h NJY200 land claim Closed CARnivore_nds claim region created
2538 Oct06@0826h Azumarill we seem to have that old bug again where a restart makes safebuckets water susceptible to becoming flowing when it receives a redstone update Closed cujobear It is a known issue and tehs have been looking into possible solutions
2537 Oct06@0221h King_of_queso can i get htown-claim expanded down to this level so i can do more flows? Closed fazaden expand'd
2536 Oct05@2141h XIROCRONIX XIROCRONIX water flow Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2535 Oct05@1814h NastyHabits make this rotatable Closed King_of_queso i will try reaching out to smirkules as she is the owner of the rail station
2534 Oct05@1809h NastyHabits damage by griefer Closed King_of_queso rolled back and player warned
2533 Oct05@0520h Azumarill expand azutom_icefarm 30 east, 34 west Closed NastyHabits region expanded
2532 Oct04@0254h Azumarill gimme a region on this please -- azutom_icefarm Closed King_of_queso region made!
2531 Oct04@0053h 2ba I bought 3 request books for custom heads about a week ago. Put the unsigned books in the chest, never heard anything back. Did I do those wrong? It was requests for light blue 2, B, and A blocks. Closed cujobear discussed via /m
2530 Oct03@0333h cujobear did a bee die in here? Closed TemporarilyAlive Logs show no bees killed in this area in the last 2 weeks
2529 Oct02@2050h LTP1828 I need water to flow at -38 & -39, 911 & 912, Y63. Thanks! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
2528 Oct02@1904h Standish_ i placed my award head like a dummy, is there any way to get the name back now that i broke the head? Closed cujobear medal fixed :D
2527 Oct02@1656h JamesMcProgger Hey I accidentally got i nside a traders booth, can you get me out please? Closed cujobear saved https://imgur.com/a/8liHVg1
2526 Oct02@1637h Oxion_ griff Closed cujobear fixed.
2525 Oct02@0618h buzzie71 missing block? Closed TemporarilyAlive rolled back
2524 Oct02@0125h Nosirrom pls allow starminion to build in this single block on top of this pumpkin Closed cujobear Done!
2523 Oct01@2330h RukiaKuchiki_ who yeeted hoars Closed cujobear discussed and replaced
2522 Oct01@1821h artixlight Please create 2x6 region of shulker spots on top of the lime concrete. Closed cheezychicken shulkerspot created
2521 Sep30@2359h Azumarill portal, please, I want to say it was y91 that I wanted? you'll spot a clear hole dug out atop/behind the staircase running up to smirk brewery portal Closed cujobear portal lit!
2520 Sep30@1615h artixlight Can you please check the logs for who flipped the leaver before? Closed NastyHabits mailed
2519 Sep30@0028h 2ba flow water in pico jack-o-lantern field Closed cujobear flowed
2518 Sep28@1713h TemporarilyAlive Please inv reset on Yeeshoee and erikcarlson (confirmed xraying alts) Closed cheezychicken inv cleared
2517 Sep28@0020h shanty_sniper sub region protection Free_Derry_Corner please :) Claimed cujobear
2516 Sep27@1711h cheezychicken can I complete this build plz? owner has dissapeared Closed cujobear go ahead and complete the build
2515 Sep27@1701h artixlight Please create build allow region on top of this dirt block Closed NastyHabits region added
2514 Sep27@1655h artixlight Please create a build allow region within the corners marked by 8 diamond blocks. Closed NastyHabits region created
2513 Sep27@1632h artixlight Please extend solace_market region eastward (163 255 345 to 246 255 345). Closed NastyHabits region expanded
2512 Sep27@0227h RukiaKuchiki_ who did this and pls fix Closed TemporarilyAlive Rolled back
2511 Sep27@0023h covertbagel does this count as griefing? messed up this bamboo, didn't replant, broke part of the wall in my house, maybe more? Closed TemporarilyAlive Rolled back and player warned
2510 Sep26@2159h Chann haha im stuck please help Closed cujobear saved
2509 Sep26@1943h Stormmblade let the lava floooooow Please and thank you Closed NastyHabits flowed
2508 Sep26@1032h USSFallenAngel please expand my claim + protections to the archery range, leaving jungle wood surfaces as shulker spots Closed TemporarilyAlive Claim expanded & shulker regions made
2507 Sep26@0954h MabESUA House is ready, could I have the delicate strider back? Thanks :) Closed TemporarilyAlive undeaded
2506 Sep26@0905h MabESUA Ohh no, what happened with the strider that was happy here?? Closed TemporarilyAlive re-alivened
2505 Sep26@0338h sybergoose greef someone killed sheep and took out a wall Closed King_of_queso discussed via /msg
2504 Sep25@2324h Stormmblade The spice must flow! Ehh I mean lava. Please and thank you! Closed cujobear flowy spice!
2503 Sep25@2246h Azumarill can I get a region down while I'm on and you can have me show you the two corners Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
2502 Sep25@2155h sybergoose Portal for SyberCity please thank you Closed cujobear portal is lit!
2501 Sep25@1413h XIROCRONIX XIROCRONIX water flow Closed Norami Flowing :)
2500 Sep25@0039h JHowellGaming Hello, mods! If someone could come activate my portal, that'd be great. I have the shards ready. Closed cujobear I do not see the nether portal shards. Please place in a chest near the obsidian and make a new request
2499 Sep24@2327h XIROCRONIX XIROCRONIX water flow to make concrete Closed NastyHabits flowed!
2498 Sep24@2303h TheUnstableLink I cant place seeds here for some reason, help? Closed NastyHabits try again
2497 Sep24@2203h sybergoose Add this area to sybercity claim please thankyou Closed TemporarilyAlive Couldnt complete as no area has been marked & i dont know the full name of "sybercity claim" region
2496 Sep24@2028h joshcarls i appear to be stuck in a hole... Closed RukiaKuchiki_ unstuck!
2495 Sep24@1859h NastyHabits protect this building from grief including asphalt around it Closed TemporarilyAlive Protecc
2494 Sep24@0111h RukiaKuchiki_ grif? Closed cujobear rolled back
2493 Sep23@2359h RukiaKuchiki_ has anyone been messing with redstone here? Closed King_of_queso probably bugged, penergy will fix
2492 Sep23@2209h MackSaffron a golem sacrafice fit for tict0c! Replace one of the planks with a spawner, please! <3 Closed cujobear spawner #3 in place
2491 Sep23@2052h Azumarill ummm flow again? it broke. also I guess protect "azu_coralpit" Closed NastyHabits flowed and azu_coralpitted
2490 Sep23@2044h Azumarill flow Closed Azumarill
2489 Sep23@2044h Azumarill flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
2488 Sep23@1746h Azumarill ...separate region for this road probably Closed Azumarill
2487 Sep23@1745h Azumarill protecc "sharlayan_public_library" Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected!
2486 Sep23@1744h Azumarill flow so I don't have to carry more ice out here Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
2485 Sep23@0418h JamesMcProgger Hello mods, can I please have these 2 block of water flowing? thank you Closed Norami All flowing :)
2484 Sep23@0010h USSFallenAngel admin help theres an abandoned dragon fight started by Bendoe_ /seen says they havent been on for ~11 hours, i'm going to finish the fight so can i please have the prize box? Closed cujobear looks like the dragon fight has been finished.
2483 Sep22@0449h Polar_Ted please fill boxes with matching color border blocks. Cujo said it was ok to ask. Closed cujobear filled
2482 Sep22@0232h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc tower on my nether base ploz Closed King_of_queso protection expanded!
2481 Sep21@1858h Lilah427 im stuck Closed RukiaKuchiki_ lilah the villager is unstuck
2480 Sep21@0131h RukiaKuchiki_ missing carpet Closed cujobear fixed
2479 Sep20@2121h NastyHabits was there some mob here that was killed? Closed CARnivore_nds nothing was killed in that box for the last 25 days.
2478 Sep20@1646h RukiaKuchiki_ this busted farmlant Closed TemporarilyAlive player already banned & rolled back
2477 Sep20@0042h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc sneaky base and have /place blue-mushroom-portal Closed cujobear protected, was already a place.
2476 Sep19@2339h Bendoe_ can you relight my portal :/ Closed cujobear fixed
2475 Sep19@2243h RukiaKuchiki_ make portal, offering is in this shulky Closed cujobear portal lit, pls modreq when you are ready to have it added as a place
2474 Sep19@2219h shanty_sniper extend shantyhome subregion please to include new builds :) Closed CARnivore_nds region elastified to new size
2473 Sep19@2042h RukiaKuchiki_ non-replant Closed NastyHabits rollbacked all his wheat grief, he is banned already
2472 Sep19@2012h King_of_queso please protect htown_spleef (down to y-85), turn dirt into barrier blocks, and make the soul sand layer build allow! Closed cujobear done, done, and done. let me know if I missed anything
2471 Sep19@1926h NastyHabits protect this building Closed TemporarilyAlive Protecc
2470 Sep19@1856h shanty_sniper removal of conatiner player has not logged in again Closed cujobear removed
2469 Sep19@1806h shanty_sniper tell toby he has 3 days to remove all his builds out of the frontier town claim, including roads, thank you. Closed cujobear moved build and chests. player has been gone over 1 month
2468 Sep19@1424h MackSaffron I accidentally let Florence out of her booth. D: sorry! Closed cujobear Florence has been returned to their booth
2467 Sep19@1235h Omegaeddon claim stretch to y0 plz for flowwy purposes, ta! Closed TemporarilyAlive expanded!
2466 Sep19@1201h Kapouille i may have accidentally tried to cover an exposed lava drip and spilled it all over the highway, approx x 835 and z 2 Closed TemporarilyAlive all safe!
2465 Sep19@1154h Spook6 flow Closed TemporarilyAlive Flowin
2464 Sep19@1101h LTP1828 Also, as to my nether portal request, if it can connect in a NW direction versus straight north, better, because the goal is to get quickly to Spawn. Thx. Closed cujobear see 2463
2463 Sep19@1059h LTP1828 Please light nether portal at 2208, 325, y67? I know it's a game day so if this takes a couple real days, that's okay. Please just message me. I want to connect to the east road somehow. Thx. Closed cujobear Portal lit
2462 Sep19@0006h MackSaffron A cujobear sacrafice for an additional golem spawner! Replace one of the wooden planks with the spawner, please & ty! <3 Closed cujobear spanwer added!
2461 Sep18@2232h covertbagel could i finally make a claim for my area? from this cyan wool to the one in the river behind my house? Closed TemporarilyAlive claim region made
2460 Sep18@2023h TheUnstableLink Can you see who shaved these trees please Closed TemporarilyAlive player warned, edits rolled back
2459 Sep18@1551h Stormmblade Flowing Water please and thank you! Closed Norami flowing :)
2458 Sep18@1353h Stormmblade Flowing water please? I don't have permission in my own region lol Closed TemporarilyAlive flowing
2457 Sep18@1339h Bendoe_ someone griefed my town at 191 -773 can you help me? Closed TemporarilyAlive Discussed in /msg
2456 Sep18@1330h Omegaeddon claim plz. Can you make it say... 30x30 centered on these coords? Would put up claim fence, but Im sure you can understand how impractical it is here. Thanks! Closed TemporarilyAlive 30x30x30 claim region made!
2455 Sep18@0415h harotaro need the 2 hoppers and the 2 double chests here beloning to isirami to be /cremove'd please. ty Closed cheezychicken protections on chests removed, feel free to reprotect :)
2454 Sep18@0128h Oxion_ allow-seating: deny pls? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ seating disabled!
2453 Sep17@2254h TheUnstableLink flow Closed TemporarilyAlive flowed
2452 Sep17@2231h TheUnstableLink Can you see why he is here? He's been here for like over a week. Closed TemporarilyAlive Discussed in msg
2451 Sep17@2045h USSFallenAngel i dont i think i have protections for my nether plot yet, please protect Closed TemporarilyAlive Protected!
2450 Sep17@2042h MackSaffron I'm trying to fix my spawner, but this wooden plank seems to be protected now. Can you unprotect it pls <3 Closed TemporarilyAlive block replaced !
2449 Sep17@1846h shanty_sniper premeditated grief Closed TemporarilyAlive Played banned & rolled back
2448 Sep17@1846h USSFallenAngel coco9342 is a theif Closed TemporarilyAlive Played banned & rolled back
2447 Sep17@1841h shanty_sniper intentional mob grief. Closed TemporarilyAlive Sheep restored!
2446 Sep17@1840h USSFallenAngel somebody killed the pigs in this pen, pls replace Closed TemporarilyAlive Pigs restored!
2445 Sep17@0215h JamesMcProgger hey guys, There is a loose wither close to my position, cheers and thank you Closed cujobear wither killed
2444 Sep17@0152h twilexis missing a sheep :( Closed RukiaKuchiki_ sheep re-animated!
2443 Sep16@2204h RukiaKuchiki_ who tilled the ground here? Closed NastyHabits discussed
2442 Sep16@1658h sybergoose flow water please ty Closed TemporarilyAlive flowin'
2441 Sep16@1632h sybergoose region sybercity please thankyou Closed TemporarilyAlive Claim region created
2440 Sep16@1632h sybergoose flow water please ty Closed cheezychicken flowd
2439 Sep16@1629h sybergoose flow water please ty Closed cheezychicken flowd
2438 Sep16@1308h MackSaffron I'd like to claim this spawner pls <3 Closed TemporarilyAlive All yours!
2437 Sep16@0806h covertbagel i got stuck in the money exchange in spawn Closed TemporarilyAlive You should be able to get out now by crouching and going up the stairs :)
2436 Sep16@0241h sybergoose waterflow infinite water source please ty Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
2435 Sep15@2333h Oxion_ hi, it looks like someone smelted some ancient debris in this public smelter & never picked it up... is it possible to tell who left it here & return it? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed in /mail
2434 Sep15@2326h Oxion_ missing piglins again :'( should be 30 total, 15 of each side... there's only 21 here. all missing were named Closed cujobear replaced as best I could. will speak with player
2433 Sep15@2210h RukiaKuchiki_ unintentional player trap? Closed NastyHabits looks like ordinary hole, player can dig down or to the sides or call for help
2432 Sep15@2204h shanty_sniper hey, can you tell me who made this? has been sitting here a bit and dont really know who built it, left it to see if it would be developed but ig not Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed in msg
2431 Sep15@2203h RukiaKuchiki_ random barrier blocks here O.o Closed defiex The barriers to the sekrit of life has been removed. Good luck.
2430 Sep15@0308h FallenAgnostic help! Closed buzzie71 extracted!
2429 Sep15@0137h FallenAgnostic whos spamming chickens in ambro? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ animal spawning is not logged
2428 Sep14@2228h LTP1828 Can I please get a rename from "Dolphin Fishing Resort" to "Dolphin Bay Fishing Resort" or if that's too long, just "Dolphin Bay Resort." As is, makes it sound like I fish dolphins out of the water, LOL Closed cujobear updated region greeting
2427 Sep13@2245h MackSaffron All hail cheezy! One iron golem spawner pls! Just replace one of the wood planks. <3 Closed cheezychicken spawner placed!
2426 Sep13@2004h Omegaeddon Ok, this is wierd... In reference to 2425, piglins missing again? They have only just been replaced, so I doubt its griff... What gives? Closed cheezychicken fix'd... again
2425 Sep13@1849h Omegaeddon Multiple piglins missing here Closed cheezychicken piglins restored
2424 Sep13@1738h XeTrain what happened to like almost all our librarians? Closed TemporarilyAlive Likely turned into witches by a lightning strike and killed eachother
2423 Sep13@1634h NastyHabits seems like this locked skull blocks entrance into Dan_Thrax house Closed TemporarilyAlive Player warned & rolled back
2422 Sep13@1043h LTP1828 I've created Dolphin Fishing Resort. I don't want to protect it. Borders are 318 (north), 450 (sough), 2174 (west), 2300 (east). Do you need coordinates of corners? I will fence it now. Thx. Closed TemporarilyAlive Claim region created
2421 Sep13@0111h XIROCRONIX XIROCRONIX water flow for elevator Closed cujobear water flowing
2420 Sep13@0020h Muskogee_Red flo Closed buzzie71 flowing!
2419 Sep13@0015h JamesMcProgger Hello, can a kind and not busy mod help me put my name on this sign, I claimed the shulker in the middle of the column in front of the enderchest, thank you Closed RukiaKuchiki_ sign labeled!
2418 Sep13@0009h JamesMcProgger Hey guys I think this airlock at Solace broke Closed RukiaKuchiki_ it was fixed!
2417 Sep12@2251h RukiaKuchiki_ missing piglins Closed cujobear replaced as best as possible
2416 Sep12@2050h RukiaKuchiki_ extend protection to soon to be strider hole Closed TemporarilyAlive Its already protected!?
2415 Sep12@2037h NastyHabits protect this nanostructure #2 Closed TemporarilyAlive protecc
2414 Sep12@2035h NastyHabits protect this nanostructure Closed TemporarilyAlive protecc
2413 Sep12@1828h NastyHabits please protect this nanobuilding Closed TemporarilyAlive protected
2412 Sep12@1735h Stormmblade Could I please request that these bottom layer stairs in the arena be made into a no-sitting zone just like in End Solace? If people try to sit there then they suffocate in the barrier blocks lol. Thank you! Closed TemporarilyAlive no sit. only stand
2411 Sep12@1707h i_c_e_ claim please tiC & ice Firework arena fence is around the claim Thanks Closed TemporarilyAlive claim region created
2410 Sep12@1643h TheUnstableLink flow Closed TemporarilyAlive flowed
2409 Sep12@1608h Eishaar forgot shears Closed TemporarilyAlive Go and get some shears then :)
2408 Sep12@1546h Eishaar Sign saying "Error: Message could not be sent." Closed i_c_e_ seems to be working fine