PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
2860 Feb06@0432h blueskiesonly flow pls :) Closed CARnivore_nds flowed
2859 Feb06@0336h minecat654321 claim Closed cujobear claimed
2858 Feb06@0305h J4bble actually i got the coords to my last modreq. please protect x:2227 to 2209 y:61 to 109 z:-2398 to -2416 ish Closed King_of_queso see 2857
2857 Feb06@0156h J4bble id like to get my lighthouse in solace protected. It's a mostly finished build and i dont want people to break blocks/mess with restone. do i need to give exact coords? Closed King_of_queso protected!
2856 Feb06@0128h pez252 Please protect this section of rail (from here south) as pez-rail-067 (1 block of ceiling, 1 each side of rail, 1 block below rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed King_of_queso protected!
2855 Feb06@0120h RukiaKuchiki_ grif Closed King_of_queso floor fixed!
2854 Feb05@1946h RukiaKuchiki_ slap safebuckets to fix derped waterfall\ Claimed cujobear
2853 Feb05@1917h Cizeta8088 griefing Closed CARnivore_nds repaired, player warned
2852 Feb05@1829h NastyHabits expand this protection by one block to the west Closed tict0c Region redefined !! \o/
2851 Feb05@1733h YoshiBoyAdvance claim mailbox 113 Closed tict0c You've got a Mailbox !!
2850 Feb05@1230h Australican Not sure if this is the protocol to request a /place, but could I please have: /place Hotel-Helix Closed tict0c Hotel-Helix has been added to /place :)
2849 Feb05@0022h LilyTheBeth can I trade these emeralds for a perfect cleric and butcher, 5 masters of each are on the back side <3 Closed cujobear both perfect villagers in place!
2848 Feb04@2115h NastyHabits what happened to scare blocks underneath? they stopped working Closed NastyHabits not interested in this anymore, maker will probably notice this in the future
2847 Feb04@2025h NastyHabits please restore this terrible water elevator to normal state Closed TemporarilyAlive rolled back
2846 Feb04@1926h LongshotLafayete broke here, too Closed NastyHabits repaired
2845 Feb04@1922h LongshotLafayete I broke this block, but it didn't drop to repair. Closed NastyHabits repaired
2844 Feb04@1504h Mrkalaszek request plss flow me water Closed NastyHabits flowing
2843 Feb04@1455h NastyHabits crop grief Closed TemporarilyAlive warned & rolled back
2842 Feb04@1453h Mrkalaszek request plss flow me water Closed NastyHabits please make another modreq while looking at water to flow
2841 Feb04@1449h NastyHabits addition grief + other in trace Closed TemporarilyAlive rolled back
2840 Feb04@1445h DantesDame griefing netherrack Closed NastyHabits player banned for grief, rollbacked
2839 Feb04@1430h NastyHabits addition grief? Closed TemporarilyAlive Rolled back
2838 Feb04@1339h Juliieen please ignore the last 3 modreqs from me they're a mistake Closed totemo This is really pumping up my productivity metrics. I can smell that raise!
2837 Feb04@1338h LTP1828 someone griefed the west road in front of Canterbury by laying a trail of netherrack Closed totemo fixed and I will have a look at the player's other edits
2836 Feb04@1336h Juliieen remove Closed totemo To close a request, do /check, then do /done <number>.
2835 Feb04@1329h Juliieen accidentally mined through the gate, didnt realise it wasnt protected, sorry! Closed totemo No worries. Undone.
2834 Feb04@1329h Muskogee_Red check out Darkroot nether portal possable player trap please. Closed NastyHabits another similar modreq opened
2833 Feb04@1328h Juliieen darkroot's portal has been gated from both sides, but the overworld side has a gap big enough for a player to go through. this is an issue as the nether side is fully gated. so basically accidental player trap Closed TemporarilyAlive Portal broken to prevent future players being trapped. Owners can contact admins to have it reinstated
2832 Feb04@0937h Ignotiou Ignotiou THERES A DOG MURDERER ON THE LOSE THEY KILLED MY DOGS Closed cujobear dogs weren't murdered....they were on a nice trip. but now they are back from the farm
2831 Feb04@0233h RukiaKuchiki_ fix water(waterfall) Closed TemporarilyAlive fixed
2830 Feb04@0159h RukiaKuchiki_ derped water flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed via bludgeoning with blocks
2829 Feb04@0156h RukiaKuchiki_ someone neutered the screamers here(missing 2 sensors?) Closed totemo rolled back
2828 Feb04@0026h pez252 Please protect this section of rail (from here east) as pez-rail-066 (1 block of ceiling, 1 each side of rail, 1 block below rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed NastyHabits 066 added
2827 Feb04@0025h pez252 Please protect this slope up of rail (from here east) as pez-rail-065 (1 each side of rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed NastyHabits slope 065 protected
2826 Feb04@0025h pez252 Please protect this section of rail (from here east to the slope) as pez-rail-064 (1 block of ceiling, 1 each side of rail, 1 block below rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed NastyHabits 064 protected
2825 Feb04@0024h pez252 Please protect this slope down of rail (from here east) as pez-rail-063 (1 each side of rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed NastyHabits 63 slope protected
2824 Feb04@0024h pez252 Please protect this section of rail (from here west) as pez-rail-062 (1 block of ceiling, 1 each side of rail, 1 block below rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed NastyHabits 062 protected
2823 Feb04@0015h pez252 Please protect this section of rail (from here south) as pez-rail-061 (1 block of ceiling, 1 each side of rail, 1 block below rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed NastyHabits 061 protected
2822 Feb03@2347h MemeStorm1111 Can I have this part of the land claimed? Closed NastyHabits claim added
2821 Feb03@2147h MemeStorm1111 I need water to flow on my farm please Closed CARnivore_nds all flow'd
2820 Feb03@2026h NastyHabits expand nasty_mossfarm to cover second floor as well Closed CARnivore_nds em biggin'd, congrats to your growth !
2819 Feb03@0230h RukiaKuchiki_ expand this region up to surface ploz Closed cujobear region expanded
2818 Feb03@0217h wyguy2014 who made this? Closed pez252 Out of logs except the torch on top made by nasty.
2817 Feb03@0054h RukiaKuchiki_ delet rukia-anti-moss region Closed RukiaKuchiki_ nvm
2816 Feb02@2141h minecat654321 unprotecting region Closed NastyHabits unprotected, made claim region instead so anyone can edit
2815 Feb02@1258h Mrkalaszek request ej uzyj polskiego tlumacza i wyloej mi wode z bazie plss Closed CARnivore_nds per instruction, please stand near the water that you placed and want to flow. also, if possible please state your request in english for ease of use.
2814 Feb02@0544h nels_nelson I am seeking an expansion for this region nels_mansion. Could I please have the y coordinate of the bottom boundary set to y=10. Thank you! Sincerely, -Nels Closed Spook6 expanded
2813 Feb02@0543h LilyTheBeth there's three master clerics on the back side of this, can i trade them for a perfect? emeralds in the chest, thanks! Closed TemporarilyAlive 5 master clerics are required, only 3 provided (that i can see)
2812 Feb02@0503h nels_nelson I am seeking the creation of a region called nels_mansion defined by these four yellow wool blocks, and y=178 to y=10. Thank you! Sincerely, -Nels Closed Spook6 regions made :)
2811 Feb02@0332h XIROCRONIX copy and paste out door vegetation decor for other side of base lol prolly vant happen thats fine thought i ask Closed cujobear sorry, you'll have to built it all
2810 Feb02@0237h CorgiLiam645 help i dropped my sword in the enderman farm hoppers Closed cujobear discussed via /m
2809 Feb01@2032h Roomba5000 Someone killed my red parrot Closed cujobear new parrot in place
2808 Feb01@2021h Roomba5000 Someone stripped my logs and tore up my floor, and who knows what else. Closed NastyHabits everything restored, player banned, check if any pets are missing
2807 Feb01@1820h NastyHabits possible rail grief? Closed cheezychicken no changes logged, might be someone couldn't work out a junction?
2806 Feb01@1651h NastyHabits remove those derptowers Closed TemporarilyAlive removed
2805 Feb01@0348h pez252 Please protect this section of rail (from here east) as pez-rail-056 (1 block of ceiling, 1 each side of rail, 1 block below rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed cujobear after discussion 056-060 created
2804 Feb01@0347h nels_nelson May I please have the coordinates [x=0, y=130, z=3154] added as a /place called "Southgarden"? Thank you! Sincerely, -Nels Closed cujobear Southgarden now has a portal marker on the live map
2803 Jan31@2101h NastyHabits is this grief? Closed TemporarilyAlive rolled back
2802 Jan31@1904h CARnivore_nds please expand the Car-Fie claim to the expanded fences, and make it a protected region with myself and Defiex as owners Closed TemporarilyAlive Claim expanded. claim region now also a protection
2801 Jan31@0435h buzzie71 missing line of crops? Closed TemporarilyAlive Not in logs
2800 Jan31@0030h RukiaKuchiki_ i want flow region from this ylvl down to -59 for anti-moss reasons >_> Closed Spook6 region made :O
2799 Jan30@2239h Agediho flow Closed NastyHabits /modreq flow is used while pointing at water source you wanted to flow
2798 Jan30@2238h NastyHabits crop grief Closed TemporarilyAlive warned & rolled back
2797 Jan30@1944h Azumarill this feels illegal Closed CARnivore_nds well, no region or claim boundaries crossed, other than looks I saa nothing wrong.
2796 Jan30@1816h LilGamer5706 flow Closed CARnivore_nds flow'd
2795 Jan30@1150h 2ba check Closed CARnivore_nds check check, loud and clear, however, not sure what your request is about?
2794 Jan30@0633h absoluteperson pleas help stuck thank you :) Closed Spook6 not stuck anymore
2793 Jan30@0547h 2ba underwater area Closed totemo farm and room protected as 2ba-sealab
2792 Jan30@0335h LongshotLafayete Please make all this water be wet. thank you! Closed pez252 Flowed
2791 Jan29@1939h i_c_e_ Could this small build be removed, player hasnt been on for a month Closed TemporarilyAlive Build removed
2790 Jan29@1815h LongshotLafayete I was teleported by the spawn random teleporter into the wall at Millhouse Manor. Can I get a restore or return of lost stuff? Closed tict0c Players items were restored all is good :)!
2789 Jan29@1757h Crambull who's the current dragon fight "owner"? And if they're offline, can i have it? Closed i_c_e_ owner is there fightging now
2788 Jan29@1655h LongshotLafayete The Random Teleporter at Spawn teleported me into a wall. That seems unfair. Can I have my stuff back? Closed tict0c Inventory has been replaced!
2787 Jan29@1622h NastyHabits wither not killing endermen at the farm? Closed totemo This turned out to be a vanilla 1.19.3 bug: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-258561
2786 Jan29@1545h Crambull there's an abandoned dragon fight, can i take over ownership of it? Closed cheezychicken fight is yours!
2785 Jan29@1505h Muskogee_Red kill abandoned dragon please Closed cheezychicken crambull is taking care of it
2784 Jan29@0937h Omegaeddon Minor griff... but check around... found a golem that had spawned outside, so there may be more damage. Closed NastyHabits thanks for report, fixed, player warned
2783 Jan29@0457h Muskogee_Red pvp region inside arena Closed cheezychicken pvp'd
2782 Jan29@0344h RukiaKuchiki_ flow water Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2781 Jan29@0307h nels_nelson Thanks for taking a look, Totemo. I'm going crazy. Closed NastyHabits you are welcome
2780 Jan29@0233h nels_nelson Oops, I think I need to raise the y level of my nels_creeper_farm region to about 120. Sorry for the trouble. Closed King_of_queso region expanded!
2779 Jan29@0044h S1im_ help i stuck Closed King_of_queso rescued!
2778 Jan29@0035h SquaresThere water flow? thanks! Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2777 Jan29@0009h RukiaKuchiki_ missinb purpur pillar and ladders >_> Closed King_of_queso rolled back and player warned for grief (for this and the previous modreq)
2776 Jan29@0007h RukiaKuchiki_ missing block here Closed King_of_queso block restored!
2775 Jan29@0006h RukiaKuchiki_ ded cube here O.o? Closed cujobear could not find evidence of a named pet, magmas can't be on a lead, and I see no trace of any kind of animal pen. No grief determined.
2774 Jan29@0003h CorgiLiam645 help i broke a sculk block Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
2773 Jan28@2309h nels_nelson Oh, sorry, could the region name be nels_creeper_farm, please? Thank you. Closed King_of_queso protected!
2772 Jan28@2309h nels_nelson I'm seeking to have the region protected bounded by these yellow wool blocks between y=85 down to y=10. Thank you. Sincerely, -Nels Closed King_of_queso protected!
2771 Jan28@2150h nels_nelson Sorry, may I also have this block made to flow naturally? Thank you. Closed buzzie71 flowing!
2770 Jan28@2149h nels_nelson May I please have these water blocks made to flow naturally? Thank you! Sincerely, -Nels Closed buzzie71 all flowing!
2769 Jan28@2149h Horsejerky stuck Closed buzzie71 unstuck!
2768 Jan28@2146h Horsejerky jammed my finger in door... Closed buzzie71 unstuck!
2767 Jan28@2106h Omegaeddon griff Closed King_of_queso rolled back!
2766 Jan28@2037h LilyTheBeth there's 10 master masons on the back side of the wall, can i trade them and the emeralds in the chest for a perfect? Closed tict0c Mason has arrived !!
2765 Jan28@2033h pez252 Can this be poofed yet?(see req 2577) Closed TemporarilyAlive Overhead obstruction removed. Signs placed on post at side of road instead
2764 Jan28@1702h Aniomis For a techadmin: player Gofret was teleported into solid blocks and suffocated when using the teleport sign a spawn, around an hour ago Closed totemo Fixed by v2.4.1 of EasySigns, which will be loaded when the server next restarts. https://github.com/NerdNu/EasySigns/releases/tag/v2.4.1
2763 Jan28@0211h RukiaKuchiki_ put shulky spots on these sculker squares Closed cheezychicken shulky shulky
2762 Jan28@0211h RukiaKuchiki_ protect bed room, and tunnel to end portal from here and end portal room with Crambull and me as owners Closed cheezychicken protecteded
2761 Jan28@0207h RukiaKuchiki_ set floor inside here to shulkerspots Closed RukiaKuchiki_ am change nvm
2760 Jan28@0154h RukiaKuchiki_ what this blocked for Closed cheezychicken removed weird blocks
2759 Jan28@0112h RukiaKuchiki_ a grief Closed CARnivore_nds rolled, thinking possibly accidental
2758 Jan28@0108h Rich_Boys05 i need some flow... again Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
2757 Jan28@0055h SquaresThere water flow? thanks! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ watered
2756 Jan28@0024h Rich_Boys05 please flow the topmost water block Closed cujobear flowed
2755 Jan27@2244h Rich_Boys05 please flow the topmose water block Closed cujobear I think I flowed the right water
2754 Jan27@2042h Akron1 Please can you make the water flow. Closed NastyHabits flowing, also try /flow and clicking in your region
2753 Jan27@2041h Akron1 ty Closed NastyHabits you are welcome
2752 Jan27@2041h Akron1 I have marked out and can u make water work Closed NastyHabits water is flowing
2751 Jan27@2040h Akron1 Hello, could you please claim my area with the name "Akron1's Town" thanks! :D Closed NastyHabits claim region added
2750 Jan27@2007h Rich_Boys05 could you flow the topmost water source please? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
2749 Jan27@1926h omjamal Is it possible to protect a non-rectangular region? We'd like to claim and protect this whole island. The outline is roughly marked with banners, and the claim area should be called "Pawnee." Thanks in advance! Closed pez252 Nope, cuboid regions only. I was able to get the whole island except 3 blocks on the north end and a few on the east by the bridge. You also now have a claim covering a bit of savana to the SE and that ravine to the NW.
2748 Jan27@1842h RukiaKuchiki_ grif Closed NastyHabits fixed, reminded the player
2747 Jan27@1629h LilGamer5706 flow Closed TemporarilyAlive flown
2746 Jan27@1624h LilGamer5706 flow Closed TemporarilyAlive flown
2745 Jan27@1620h LilGamer5706 flow Closed TemporarilyAlive flown
2744 Jan27@0647h minecat654321 a guy camcamthedude came on the server and said he was a admin along with his friend Krypto14 he acused me of "'raping villagers" Closed TemporarilyAlive Players banned. thanks for reporting
2743 Jan27@0404h Shakshuk what happened to darkroot it looks closed down Closed cujobear The edits were done by you and other darkroot members
2742 Jan27@0230h pez252 Please protect this room Closed cujobear spider spawner protected
2741 Jan27@0224h pez252 Please protect this section of rail (from here north) as pez-rail-055 (1 block of ceiling, 1 each side of rail, 1 block below rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ E
2740 Jan27@0221h omjamal Flow these two waters? Thanks in advance! Closed cujobear flowed
2739 Jan27@0208h pez252 Please protect this section of rail (from here west) as pez-rail-054 (1 block of ceiling, 1 each side of rail, 1 block below rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed cujobear pez-rail-054 created
2738 Jan27@0138h Rich_Boys05 flow please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ watered!
2737 Jan27@0050h robr someone kill our snowman? Closed cujobear discussed via /m poor snowman
2736 Jan27@0041h mrsmagpie claim mailbox 112 Closed buzzie71 mailbox claimed!
2735 Jan27@0026h robr pls remove - user was mailed but hasnt been on for a month Closed cujobear shulker moved to storage
2734 Jan26@2220h NastyHabits is it possible to protect this gravel from falling down via protection? Closed cujobear this is in the Ambrosia region. so it is under a protection
2733 Jan26@2032h Omegaeddon can you tell me please if the plugin "Beastmaster" has been updated to 2.18.0 yet? Thanks. Closed totemo It has, but it won't solve your problem yet. I only had time to work on DragonFight features this week. I'll work on the grinder problem this weekend, ok?
2732 Jan26@2021h Omegaeddon What the hell is this? Closed pez252 Done by region owner.
2731 Jan26@1902h LilGamer5706 flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!
2730 Jan26@1859h LilGamer5706 flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
2729 Jan26@1852h LilGamer5706 flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
2728 Jan26@1723h XIROCRONIX XIROCRONIX check out darkroot was closed theres iron bars all over the portal and market Closed cujobear edits were done by town members
2727 Jan26@1310h YoruJp where is the wither grinde? pls coords Closed CARnivore_nds discussed in game
2726 Jan26@0648h LilyTheBeth could i get this one flowed? Closed totemo flowing
2725 Jan26@0331h nels_nelson May I please have these four water blocks made to flow naturally? Thanks! -Nels Closed cujobear water flowed
2724 Jan25@2359h RukiaKuchiki_ who made this "thing" Closed cujobear discussed via /m
2723 Jan25@2338h minecat654321 my trident isnt working Closed cheezychicken fix'd!
2722 Jan25@2208h Aniomis Please protect this geode, with a ~10 block buffer around it (to flow water for a farm) Closed cujobear made a claim region for water flows, will update to full protection when farm is finished
2721 Jan25@2107h NastyHabits please make ambro-pump-farm a child of ambrosia region Closed cujobear Congrats! Ambro is the parent to a pump-farm!
2720 Jan25@2055h Outlawkidd4349 Region please Closed tict0c Region is Created !!
2719 Jan25@1953h Omegaeddon Griff? Closed tict0c Removed debris !!
2718 Jan25@1944h Estelore flow Closed bookey42 Thy water doth flow!
2717 Jan25@1912h DantesDame I'd like to expand my claim from this wool to meet up with the "other wool" that is still in place. Does that make sense? Closed NastyHabits already protected!
2716 Jan25@1849h NastyHabits please protect this beacon Closed tict0c Beacon Protected !!
2715 Jan25@1741h Estelore Somehow this top furnace got locked against me after I placed it. Help? Closed tict0c Msg player and to it sorted !!
2714 Jan25@1705h YoruJp is this base left alone ? Closed tict0c Player who owns the base was on today.
2713 Jan25@1704h RukiaKuchiki_ make these lava cauldrens useble by anyone(public) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ looks like the water turned into ice .-.
2712 Jan25@0547h LilyTheBeth could you flow these for me, thanks again! Closed bookey42 Flowing. There was ice, but not sure if that was water that should have been flowed
2711 Jan24@2258h DaisyDuchess the torch portal in the SE isnt marked on livemap Closed cujobear added marker
2710 Jan24@2105h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc smelt_pyramid Closed NastyHabits protected!
2709 Jan24@1800h Fouce land claim Closed NastyHabits claim added!
2708 Jan24@1517h egboi69_420pm I need to make this water source flowing Closed NastyHabits flowing!
2707 Jan24@0650h LilyTheBeth can i get these 4 waters flowed, thanks! Closed CARnivore_nds flowed
2706 Jan24@0420h CorgiLiam645 my second plot isnt allowing me to place on it Closed cujobear should be fixed now.
2705 Jan24@0411h cujobear Please fill in letters A & B with black concrete, and letter C please fill in backgroung with white concrete Closed cujobear nevermind
2704 Jan24@0302h pez252 Please protect this section of rail (from here south) as pez-rail-053 (1 block of ceiling, 1 each side of rail, 1 block below rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed NastyHabits protected
2703 Jan24@0302h pez252 Please protect this section of rail (from here east) as pez-rail-052 (1 block of ceiling, 1 each side of rail, 1 block below rail is plenty) Thanks! Closed NastyHabits protection added
2702 Jan24@0139h SquaresThere i just broke the ladder on this trap door thing here :( can youi fix it? thanks :( i can't replace the ladder because i don't have perms, sorry :( Closed cujobear fixed
2701 Jan23@2050h RukiaKuchiki_ missing horse Closed TemporarilyAlive Horse respawned
2700 Jan23@1735h PrometheusIsFree Teleport spawn has trapped me. Closed RukiaKuchiki_ unstuck!
2699 Jan23@1350h LTP1828 My original name of Claireborne Beach should be called Womangrove Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region replaced with Womangrove region!
2698 Jan23@1246h LTP1828 I want to extend the northern wall of the Womangrove claim to -3080. Closed CARnivore_nds I expanded the only region there, Claibornebeach. if you would like that renamed, just let us know with a new modreq
2697 Jan23@0454h robr grief here? Closed totemo fixed
2696 Jan23@0318h ghrey303 minor grief along this road :O Closed tict0c Blocks fixed and had a talk with player
2695 Jan23@0309h ghrey303 looks like minor grief in the road :O Closed tict0c Block Replaced!
2694 Jan23@0235h minecat654321 my villager isnt turning into a farmer Closed tict0c He appears to be a farmer now !!! \.o./ yay!
2693 Jan23@0122h CorgiLiam645 can one of you guys take my shulkers in my inventory and put them in admin storage? thx Closed cujobear We do not do that, you will need to store your own shulkers
2692 Jan23@0106h XIROCRONIX XIROCRONIX water flow Closed cujobear flowed
2691 Jan23@0058h XIROCRONIX XIROCRONIX water flow Closed cujobear flowed
2690 Jan22@2159h YoruJp please get me out of this maze Closed cujobear saved \o/
2689 Jan22@2155h YoruJp please help me out of this infinite maze Closed cujobear see 2690
2688 Jan22@1957h TheUnstableLink I didnt get a prize from this folly Closed cujobear fixed!
2687 Jan22@1759h NastyHabits protect this machine Closed buzzie71 protected!
2686 Jan22@1458h egboi69_420pm I need to make a water source flowing so i can get obsidian Closed NastyHabits source can flow now
2685 Jan22@1348h DantesDame can you tell me what happened to the bat I had in here? I named it Closed cujobear discussed via /msg
2684 Jan22@1337h NotableJacob Can you make my waterfall flow? Closed NastyHabits flowed
2683 Jan22@1315h minecat654321 help with getting my stuff back Closed NastyHabits stuff is back!
2682 Jan22@0353h FourPurse270219 plese make the water flow should be the last time Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2681 Jan22@0339h FourPurse270219 please make water flow Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2680 Jan22@0337h FourPurse270219 please make water flow Closed King_of_queso flowing!
2679 Jan22@0309h FunkMusic someone broke the farm Closed cujobear fixed, thanks for reporting
2678 Jan22@0140h fijt WATER again :/ im sorry but stay a bit bc were doing it again Closed cujobear this was completed
2677 Jan22@0116h fijt i need all this water to flow ;) Closed cujobear flowed
2676 Jan22@0107h fijt can you make my water flow ;) Closed cujobear flowed
2675 Jan22@0102h Omegaeddon Grass block... Endergriff? Closed King_of_queso endergriff removed!
2674 Jan22@0038h RukiaKuchiki_ grief Closed buzzie71 restored!
2673 Jan21@2326h UpsideKen please make a claim called "Daloria-outskirt" from -800 207, -755 465. Thanks! Closed NastyHabits claim region added
2672 Jan21@2323h Azumarill missing piston, somehow Closed cujobear I blame temp, fixed and thanks for reporting
2671 Jan21@2200h NastyHabits grief in ambrosia Closed RukiaKuchiki_ ungriefed
2670 Jan21@2144h NastyHabits expand ambrosia region to cover most of the island builds Closed RukiaKuchiki_ region expanded to cover island buildings
2669 Jan21@1751h RukiaKuchiki_ its a wool blocc :o(grif?) Closed cujobear thanks for reporting
2668 Jan21@1728h WinterWeaver Light portal at Birch Closed pez252 Portal'd!
2667 Jan21@1639h buzzie71 wrong blocks? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ fixed
2666 Jan21@1528h minecat654321 mailbox claim 4 Closed RukiaKuchiki_ mailbox'd!
2665 Jan21@1354h absoluteperson stuck pleas, thank you :) Closed NastyHabits unstucked
2664 Jan21@1319h YoruJp is this claimed ? Closed NastyHabits looks like it is
2663 Jan21@1236h NastyHabits please restore this tree back to my custom tree Closed defiex smol tree removed, tall tree is back!
2662 Jan21@0947h Zomise Sigh. Our chorus has vanished. Closed Spook6 chorus has reappeared
2661 Jan21@0454h XIROCRONIX XIROCRONIX water flow Closed buzzie71 flowing!