PvE requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
4318 Jan28@0448h JamesMcProgger Hello dear mods, cann I please have the glass sphere at -3279, -659, 80 protected? I locked downn a Wither and Im afraid someonne might free it, cheers! Closed tict0c Protected! Impressive builds :)
4317 Jan28@0409h TreeNinjaInATree someone killed our villager Open
4316 Jan28@0359h Smirkules please protect my little tower in the end Closed King_of_queso protected!
4315 Jan28@0342h tadrogers could you make this water flow? thank you! Closed King_of_queso flowing!
4314 Jan28@0300h wyguy2014 there used to be a villager, here. was he moved by the owner, or killed by someone else? Claimed cujobear
4313 Jan27@1857h MysticalLizard accidental greif Closed gk_ryo Stonemist Storage labeled again
4312 Jan27@0936h OddGeometry please make water flow Closed gk_ryo flowed
4311 Jan27@0935h Treppich cropgrief in all 4 farm floors :c Closed gk_ryo note added, player warned, edits rolled back
4310 Jan27@0835h TreeNinjaInATree grief Closed iNerd71 Crops fixed, player was already banned earlier today
4309 Jan27@0515h OddGeometry please make water fall (sorry if duplicate, i don't remember if i already modreq'd it) Closed gk_ryo
4308 Jan27@0351h OddGeometry the water is flowing in the pond but won't flow down the side for a waterfall Closed gk_ryo water flows
4307 Jan27@0345h OddGeometry please make water flow Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
4306 Jan27@0343h pez252 Cat and villager kills by 217alexmm Claimed cujobear
4305 Jan27@0114h Rokkuwu Can I get this statue protected and added as a child of my house region pls&ty Closed iNerd71 Protected as a child of rokku_base!
4304 Jan27@0032h wyguy2014 more grief Closed cujobear rolled back and player warned
4303 Jan27@0032h wyguy2014 grief Closed cujobear crops rolledback and player warned
4302 Jan26@2240h Crambull Could I get flow permissions for this section of "river" ? I'm continuing it. Also, it's near my base anyway Closed cujobear You will just need to request when you need water flowed for now
4301 Jan26@1723h VarukaSalt flow water please Closed cujobear flowed
4300 Jan26@0439h VarukaSalt please flow water in this tank Closed Sapphric Flowed!
4299 Jan25@2354h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc mini-nether Closed tict0c Nether Protected !!
4298 Jan25@1256h TreeNinjaInATree grief Closed gk_ryo magical reappearing block!
4297 Jan25@0435h l3roski Chest region name: Deerside Users: me, Sean_McIntosh, ShDynasty; thanks! Closed cujobear chest region created
4296 Jan25@0218h RukiaKuchiki_ this almost looks like xray tunnel Closed cujobear old tunnel was out of logs, everything else was from the event
4295 Jan24@1952h gk_ryo cregion hyrule_farm Closed gk_ryo created
4294 Jan24@0514h Armas_DSasi could i get this lil shrine here protected? Closed buzzie71 protected!
4293 Jan24@0217h RukiaKuchiki_ lava flow Closed tict0c hot stuff flowing !!
4292 Jan24@0008h tict0c is it not possible to make this stand invisible? Closed cujobear Sorry, we do not allow invisible armor stands in the wild.
4291 Jan23@2335h gk_ryo 16 cregions for homes with redstone blocks. hyrule_01, hyrule_02, hyrule_03... Closed tict0c All protected... I think I got all 16 hehe \o/
4290 Jan23@0333h Sean_McIntosh Flowing Water Please? Closed pez252 flowed
4289 Jan23@0310h EkkotheGekk0 I was storing a villager at -3112 70 -426, but today i got on and he was missing. We had traded with him before and he was safe from mobs so he couldnt have despawned. Also the cage around him was broken and no one in town knows anything about it. Closed cujobear villager was killed by a zombie @ -3114, -431. Looks like the open stall is a bit too open and dark at night
4288 Jan22@0239h cujobear 4242 Closed cujobear I am still not smart
4287 Jan22@0237h cujobear 4242 Closed cujobear I am not smart
4286 Jan22@0133h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc Closed cheezychicken proteccded
4285 Jan21@2110h pez252 pez_pvp_ba as pvp region Closed cheezychicken pvp'd up!
4284 Jan21@2109h pez252 Outside box from cobble to barrier blocks except these 5 blocks Closed cheezychicken Barrier'd up! (By cujo, not gonna steal credit for her good work just clearing the queue)
4283 Jan21@2108h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 Done
4282 Jan21@2102h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 Done
4281 Jan21@2055h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4280 Jan21@2054h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4279 Jan21@2053h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4278 Jan21@2051h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4277 Jan21@2050h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4276 Jan21@2049h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4275 Jan21@2047h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4274 Jan21@2046h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252
4273 Jan21@2045h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4272 Jan21@2036h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4271 Jan21@2036h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4270 Jan21@2035h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 Done
4269 Jan21@2035h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252
4268 Jan21@2035h pez252 3 shulker spots on these shulkers Closed pez252 done
4267 Jan21@2009h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252 done
4266 Jan21@2009h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252
4265 Jan21@2009h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252 done
4264 Jan21@2009h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252 done
4263 Jan21@2009h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252 done
4262 Jan21@2008h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252 done
4261 Jan21@2008h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252 done
4260 Jan21@2008h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252 done
4259 Jan21@2008h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252 done
4258 Jan21@2008h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252
4257 Jan21@2007h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252
4256 Jan21@2007h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252
4255 Jan21@2007h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252
4254 Jan21@2007h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252
4253 Jan21@2006h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252 Done
4252 Jan21@2006h pez252 Protect this bit Closed pez252
4251 Jan21@2006h pez252 build allow this bit Closed pez252 Done
4250 Jan21@1952h pez252 protect Closed pez252 Done
4249 Jan21@1947h pez252 protect Closed pez252
4248 Jan21@1655h NastyHabits please restrict this switch to ambrosia region members only Closed cheezychicken Switch restricted!
4247 Jan21@0230h wyguy2014 were these turned off redstone lamps griefed to the off position? Closed King_of_queso switched turned back on, player warned
4246 Jan21@0210h silverslightning help me release me ice from a chest Closed pez252 returned
4245 Jan21@0032h RukiaKuchiki_ lava flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
4244 Jan21@0028h RukiaKuchiki_ lava flow Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing
4243 Jan20@2209h UhhBrock flow top block please :) Closed gk_ryo flowed
4242 Jan20@1739h EkkotheGekk0 this guy purkinkot built a concentration camp at -3136 63 -180 Claimed fazaden
4241 Jan20@0138h Treppich someone griefed the rail Closed tict0c missing rail was outta logs so replaced rail :)
4240 Jan20@0117h RukiaKuchiki_ griff? Closed pez252 Done by builder
4239 Jan20@0018h purkinkot if I put a trap warning in front of the trap i can get ban? Closed defiex DIscussed via msg
4238 Jan20@0003h PPGOME spleef region where leaves are, please! Closed pez252 spliff
4237 Jan19@2356h kitty9293 Can I please get this area protected as "olympic_spleef"? It's marked with birch logs Closed pez252
4236 Jan19@2340h purkinkot can you made water flow here? Closed pez252 flowed
4235 Jan19@2250h purkinkot please flow this cool lava!* Closed defiex Danger splish has been splashed!
4234 Jan19@2249h purkinkot please fliw this cool lava! Closed defiex duplicate
4233 Jan19@1956h PPGOME couple days ago somebody broke one of my foxes out of this cage. Fox was running around and I patched up the hole. Now the fox is gone. It was named. Closed cheezychicken Seems like your fox was killed by a skele :(
4232 Jan19@1841h dotThen help i accidentally just broke this thing Closed dotThen Fixed it
4231 Jan19@0814h kitty9293 Please convert the cobble to barrier blocks Closed pez252 Done
4230 Jan19@0628h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed defiex Thank you for reporting! Grief fixed and player warned.
4229 Jan19@0405h TheAcademician Please set up public shulker regions at the 8 2x1 purpur spots around the ring here! Closed tict0c Shulker spots created :o)
4228 Jan19@0208h silverslightning acidently put my ice in a locked chest would like it back Closed pez252 done
4227 Jan18@2336h PipersDad this tunnel, possible xray, odd connections, other areas nearby where ores seem to have been xrayed Closed RukiaKuchiki_ mailed user about tunnel
4226 Jan18@2130h VarukaSalt flow water please. Thank you.:) Closed iNerd71 Sploosh!
4225 Jan18@2045h VarukaSalt flow water pls. :D Closed pez252 Flowed
4224 Jan18@2044h PPGOME Somebody let my fox out of the cage Closed PPGOME Got him back in
4223 Jan18@1905h tict0c I would like this armor stand to be invisible please :o) Closed cujobear unfortunately, we do not allow invisible armor stands in "the wild" Reach out to me if you want a longer explanation
4222 Jan18@1835h buzzie71 missing glass here Closed defiex Looks to be an uncompleted build! Thanks for letting us know.
4221 Jan18@1835h _Inder_ Looks like someone messed with the flow of the river, unsure if this was a greif from a player outside the cities protection; not sure if water flow is protected under avalon's region Closed _Inder_
4220 Jan18@1833h buzzie71 check this spot Closed buzzie71 checked :O
4219 Jan18@1737h dotThen flow pls Closed pez252 flowed
4218 Jan18@1302h Im_a_Ninja13 grief Closed buzzie71 restored!
4217 Jan18@0312h assasymphoni for some reason these blast furnaces are locked to not me? And I can't place the ladder back on it. help Closed assasymphoni
4216 Jan17@2238h PPGOME banner spam at Olympics Closed gk_ryo banners cleaned up
4215 Jan17@1519h RokkuCXVII flow lava pls&ty Closed RokkuCXVII
4214 Jan17@1431h CephalonOrdis please protect this single obsidian to me pls&ty Closed gk_ryo since it's Rokku's region and block placed, ask Rokku to place a modreq for that.
4213 Jan17@0525h CaptainDinghole can i haz flow Closed gk_ryo yes, you can
4212 Jan17@0126h RukiaKuchiki_ protecc very ugly spider farm Closed fazaden proteccted!
4211 Jan17@0038h RukiaKuchiki_ flow these waters pls Closed pez252 Flowed
4210 Jan17@0034h RukiaKuchiki_ flow lava Closed RukiaKuchiki_ nvm
4209 Jan16@2310h assasymphoni is this grief or did I not build this properly? Closed tict0c grief fixed player has been warned
4208 Jan16@2250h wyguy2014 is this grief, or did somebody just not get around to planting it for the first time? Closed tict0c The guy who owns the property took it up. So nothing to see here :)
4207 Jan16@2239h wyguy2014 grief Closed gk_ryo rolled back, player warned
4206 Jan16@2012h wyndysascha I accidentally broke a sign on the other side of this wall! :S Closed tict0c Fixed :) Thanks for letting us know!
4205 Jan16@0310h RokkuCXVII flow pls Closed King_of_queso flowing!
4204 Jan16@0229h RukiaKuchiki_ flow again :o Closed cujobear pool filled
4203 Jan16@0223h RukiaKuchiki_ flow Closed cujobear flowed
4202 Jan16@0214h RukiaKuchiki_ flow Closed cujobear flowed
4201 Jan16@0154h RukiaKuchiki_ region here in this tube, cus /flow is being dumb Closed RukiaKuchiki_ nvm i was being dumb lol
4200 Jan16@0151h pez252 Please protect this lapis block Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected the bloo block
4199 Jan16@0044h RukiaKuchiki_ smells griefy here Closed cujobear any edits made here are no longer in logs, though it does look like possible grief there is no way to tell
4198 Jan15@2354h CaptainDinghole check Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dupe req
4197 Jan15@2337h CaptainDinghole check Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dupe req
4196 Jan15@2327h CaptainDinghole flow plz Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowing!
4195 Jan15@2210h Derpness12 can i get this lava flowing for my hallway Closed gk_ryo fliwed
4194 Jan15@2154h ieuweh more flow here too :D Closed gk_ryo flowed
4193 Jan15@2154h ieuweh Pls flow water! :3 Closed gk_ryo fluwed
4192 Jan15@2145h dotThen Can i get my land prot widened please Closed gk_ryo expanded to y=5
4191 Jan15@2123h dotThen Help i qccidentally broke these scaffolds Closed gk_ryo
4190 Jan15@1941h dotThen can you give my friend build perms for my land Closed dotThen found out how to do it
4189 Jan15@1613h dotThen Can i get my home protected, cheers Closed gk_ryo dotthenhome protected
4188 Jan15@0512h dotThen Claim please Closed gk_ryo
4187 Jan15@0208h wyguy2014 grief? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ discussed via /msg
4186 Jan15@0143h wyguy2014 grief Closed tict0c Plants replanted and player warned !! Thank you for letting us know!
4185 Jan15@0047h Medoria my travelling villager named Pete is missing. :< Closed cujobear Wandering Traders and their llamas will despawn, Regardless of being named and / or tamed.
4184 Jan15@0043h OkayMillennial Stuck Closed RukiaKuchiki_ unstick!
4183 Jan14@2310h assasymphoni am trapped help meeeeee Closed gk_ryo freed
4182 Jan14@2052h Tomzski flowing water for the stream in the middle of this reed farm Closed tict0c Flowing :)
4181 Jan14@2017h wyguy2014 two random pieces of obsidian? is this grief? Closed gk_ryo rolled back, player warned
4180 Jan14@0336h flupmakintosh please irigate my farm Closed King_of_queso flowing!
4179 Jan14@0158h WaywardLlama water flow Closed pez252 Flowed
4178 Jan14@0115h EternityOfDeath missing block here. whodunit? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ mailed user about missing block
4177 Jan13@0610h fawkes01 killed a stem, can someone fix? thanks Closed buzzie71 restored!
4176 Jan13@0517h Medoria please expand nova region out to this corner Closed gk_ryo it grows!
4175 Jan13@0504h shanty_sniper and protect alll of dis, please and thank you :) Closed cujobear see 4172
4174 Jan13@0504h shanty_sniper protect and dis too Closed cujobear see 4172
4173 Jan13@0503h shanty_sniper protect and dis Closed cujobear see 4172
4172 Jan13@0503h shanty_sniper protect dis Closed cujobear protected all areas as one region under shanty_hidden_base
4171 Jan13@0424h OddGeometry please extend protections for bamboo hut and mushrooms Closed King_of_queso protection expanded!
4170 Jan13@0157h EternityOfDeath Can you tell me how many stone brick blocks I have placed today please? Closed cujobear 16495 stone bricks :O
4169 Jan12@2138h nolanater5711 im stuck and i need to be TPd just one block k thx <3 Closed tict0c Saved
4168 Jan12@2110h tict0c ice added my alt to her horse and when you give someone horse access and they leave the game and come back they no longer have access Closed cujobear passed on to totemo. for now trying granting access and not logging out before a restart
4167 Jan12@2042h nolanater5711 this sign is grammatically incorrect, it should read "Is a cube". This has been a message from the old fart on the block Closed cujobear sign corrected
4166 Jan12@1624h PrefectOfBajor map world plots are not labled. maps are clear but warp takes me to used plots Closed cujobear there have been some issues with mapworld that we hope to have fixed before next rev.
4165 Jan12@0414h nolanater5711 protect this end rod pls Closed cujobear that is not enough for a protection
4164 Jan12@0413h ocelotpotpie Can you flow this water please? Thanks! Closed King_of_queso flowing!
4163 Jan12@0356h WaywardLlama region protection please Closed buzzie71 protected!
4162 Jan12@0344h PrefectOfBajor pls expand avalon to include these builds ty Closed buzzie71 protected!
4161 Jan12@0320h ocelotpotpie Hi! Can you protect this build please? Can be connected to Nova if that's easy. Closed buzzie71 protected! it's set as a child region
4160 Jan11@2136h KRwisty waterflow pretty please :) Closed cujobear water is flowing :D
4159 Jan11@1744h LavaCakeLover shulker spots for jump tower Closed tict0c 2 Shulker Spots Created and ready to go!
4158 Jan11@1614h assasymphoni splooshy? Closed tict0c Closed didnt need it anymore :)
4157 Jan11@0508h shanty_sniper why was i kicked, global prompt did not work? Closed gk_ryo discussed via msg
4156 Jan11@0457h shanty_sniper nolanater5711 pvping me as im trying to keep downstairs chests organised, Closed pez252 Discussed via /m
4155 Jan11@0448h UhhBrock flow water please :) Closed gk_ryo flowed
4154 Jan11@0415h shanty_sniper if im about to get shiited on in global you may give me the ability to defend myself Closed pez252 Unmuted a while back and discussed via /m and mumble
4153 Jan11@0407h shanty_sniper Nyxie spamming shh player has been notified that /ignore exists Closed pez252 Enough.
4152 Jan11@0350h nolanater5711 if you read this, you lost the game Closed tict0c If you see this you lost the game!
4151 Jan11@0347h UhhBrock please flow these 2 water blocks Closed i_c_e_ the flow has flowed
4150 Jan11@0200h RukiaKuchiki_ flow all water in this area pls Closed cujobear I think I flowed it all?
4149 Jan11@0135h RukiaKuchiki_ region inside this area so i can flow water ez xd Closed RukiaKuchiki_ protected
4148 Jan11@0130h RukiaKuchiki_ flo Closed tict0c All is flowing :)
4147 Jan11@0051h PPGOME please make all adjacent blocks to the wool here and on the other side public Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flag grabbable!
4146 Jan10@2355h zedadex @ruk help to kill this guy pls Closed RukiaKuchiki_ liquid hot m a g m a
4145 Jan10@2352h fawkes01 following up my Discord request, i'm requesting modperms be moved from my old herr_fawkes account to this one Closed cujobear perms should now be all fixed up
4144 Jan10@2344h KRwisty flow water next to acacia trap door and top layer of water bubbles/column. Pretty please :) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ flowed!
4143 Jan10@2227h KRwisty waterflow, pretty please Closed gk_ryo
4142 Jan10@1804h KRwisty could you reflow this water source and the one on top of water column. I think the water glitched out when i was standing in its path when you did the flowing Closed gk_ryo
4141 Jan10@1740h KRwisty could you flow water marked with acacia trap doors. This one and three more around chests :)) Closed gk_ryo 4 flows
4140 Jan10@1654h KRwisty waterflow, thanks Closed gk_ryo flawed
4139 Jan10@0357h zedadex someone didn't replant :o Closed gk_ryo rolled back, player warend
4138 Jan10@0350h EkkotheGekk0 I request one gold star on my town. Closed cujobear marker added to map
4137 Jan10@0226h RydliSilverlake flow please Closed cujobear flowed
4136 Jan10@0208h BigNateUAH this chest place date, been looking for it all rev Closed pez252 2019-07-27 14:56:02.543
4135 Jan09@2237h Siilence Activate lava above the broken glass. Also the 1 on opposite side. Closed King_of_queso flowing!
4134 Jan09@2227h Im_a_Ninja13 Chest removal Closed cujobear chest removed
4133 Jan09@2223h Im_a_Ninja13 Someone has replanted carrots with wheat on the farms, could you replace Closed King_of_queso carrots replaced!
4132 Jan09@1339h RokkuCXVII I'm pretty sure there was an arch here Closed gk_ryo user warned, rolled back grief
4131 Jan09@1130h Treppich there was a block update and the water flowed D: could it be reverted? Closed cujobear please check your /mail inbox
4130 Jan09@0329h assasymphoni SPLASH splish splease? Closed pez252 done
4129 Jan09@0224h Merp2000 can this random locked furnace be removed? Closed cujobear removed
4128 Jan09@0219h ocelotpotpie Can you flow this water please? Thank you! Closed CARnivore_nds that flowing square is no there
4127 Jan09@0147h assasymphoni sploosh again pls Closed pez252 much sploof
4126 Jan09@0140h assasymphoni splooshsplash pls Closed RukiaKuchiki_ splashed!
4125 Jan08@2020h PrefectOfBajor pls upgrade golem spawner to level 3 Closed cujobear spawner upgraded
4124 Jan08@2020h PrefectOfBajor clear Closed gk_ryo
4123 Jan08@2020h PrefectOfBajor pls upgrade one to level 3 Closed gk_ryo
4122 Jan08@1440h Treppich crop grief D: Closed gk_ryo user warned, crops rolled back
4121 Jan08@0432h RokkuCXVII can I get this water fixed so that it's all flowing pls&ty Closed RukiaKuchiki_ water fixed!
4120 Jan08@0127h wyguy2014 looks like there is another griefed one here Closed RukiaKuchiki_ also ungriffled
4119 Jan08@0124h wyguy2014 this rail is unpowered. looks like grief Closed RukiaKuchiki_ ungriffled