Skyblock requests

ID Request Time Player Name Request Status Handled By Close Message
225 Oct24@0655h bchoister12321 request Open
224 Oct23@1601h AppleIPhone13 help Open
223 Oct10@2322h LBJacobs i need a claim in skyblock Open
222 Oct10@1945h LBJacobs can i have a plot/sign next to R0b)tacus Open
221 Oct10@1929h LBJacobs how do i claim a plot for skyblock Open
220 Oct10@1920h LBJacobs help i cant find my plot Open
219 Sep28@1038h Shuaicai_114514 Shuaicai_114514 Open
218 Sep20@2249h _Fiji_water_ _Fiji_water_ Closed NastyHabits hello, /modreq are for certain requests to mods, like flow water and such
217 Jul29@2144h Watchitcreeper22 help me find my plot Closed defiex Unable to find your claim! To make a claim, pick a sign to click the concrete walls and then once you're on the plot itself, use "/nerdplot claim" to claim it! Pop over to /pve if you need any help!
216 Jul19@1940h RagingMahad pls add plot Closed defiex Duplicate
215 Jul19@1939h RagingMahad pls add plot Closed defiex Duplicate
214 Jul19@1937h RagingMahad pls add plot Closed defiex More information required! Which plot did you want to add your name to?
213 Jul12@1922h zbeyralp how can ı make skyblock island ? Closed defiex Duplicate for 212 Check out or use /pve to pop over to PvE server to ask for help!
212 Jul12@1922h zbeyralp helpp me Closed defiex Check out for more information or use /pve to pop over to PVE server to ask for help!
211 Jul10@1056h dbut flow me water Closed dbut
210 Jul10@0640h dbut flow me lava Closed dbut
209 Jul10@0318h iamdarb can I claim this plot please :) Closed pez252 All set and sign done too \o/
208 Jul02@0931h RoseChqnge why is this not claimed Closed defiex Not sure what you mean. Please be more specific. Spawn is not claimable by players.
207 Jun20@1743h CodeRedStone Lost all my stuff somehow? The game logged my death point at -1157 69 -2686, where there is no conceivable place to fall onto and die of fall dmg. Also I lost my water bucket, could I please have a new one so that I can get to mining cobble? Closed totemo Your death drops are now in a chest on top of your workbench and there is a new water bucket there.
206 Jun15@1741h unnamed205 claim plot Closed fazaden sign updated!
205 Jun02@2248h PvtSnowball971 can i have this plot to start? Closed fazaden it's all yours, I'll update the warp sign with your name on it
204 May30@1314h Ringes how to claim a skyblock plot Closed defiex Check out It has all the info you need for claiming an island! Once you do, enter a modreq while you are in your plot to let us know to label your sign at spawn!
203 May19@2027h FireEnderEye7 help me find my plot Closed fazaden you need to claim a plot by clicking a warp sign to an empty plot, then type /nerdplot claim
202 May17@0404h FallenAgnostic please make my sign Closed defiex Sign made! You're on Board E. 1st row, fifth over from the left. :)
201 May16@1717h CodeRedStone I can't find my island. When I run "/nerdplot info" in spawn it shows "0220" and that it's owned by Notch Closed defiex Found your plot! Check out Block A second row down second sign! I've put your name on. Cheers!
200 May11@1512h unnamed205 ok wtf its happening in creative now im in skyblock hopefull i wont crash Closed defiex Looks like it's been fixed. Check in with discord if you are still having issues!
199 May09@0823h Eishaar water flow and if cobblestone not creating then also lava pls Closed Eishaar
198 May09@0726h Eishaar water flow pls Closed Eishaar
197 May09@0447h kiiro1503 i cant find my claim Closed defiex You're sign is on BLOCK H third row down, fifth over. Look for your name. The Block names are at the top of each block on the black concrete. Or go to -55, 63 and face north.
196 May08@0421h Wozdaka my nether spot is hooked up to nether_0380 but it is owned by ttsci not me - cannot build Closed fazaden all fixed! Sorry about the delay
195 May08@0255h defiex defiex is the best of all the moderators. Defi promises to bake everyone cookies. Closed defiex Indeed.
194 May08@0224h kiiro1503 i cant find my plot Closed defiex You're claim is on Block H, 3rd row down, fifth over. It now has your name on the sign. :)
193 May04@1812h Wozdaka pls light netherportal tyvm Closed defiex Portal has been lit! Congrats and watch that first step!
192 May03@1118h CodeRedStone Island chests locked, perms private and set to Notch Closed CodeRedStone
191 May03@0017h Sled_DogPlayz Sled_DogPlayz Pls add my name Closed defiex duplicate
190 May03@0009h Sled_DogPlayz Sled_DogPlayz Closed defiex duplicate
189 May03@0009h Sled_DogPlayz Sled_DogPlayz Closed defiex duplicate, please do not spam modreqs, you can pop over to PvE if your modreq isn't taken care of in a timely manner.
188 May03@0007h Sled_DogPlayz Sled_DogPlayz Closed defiex If you wish to be added to this plot, you need to have the owner request the addition. We cannot add you to anothe rplayer's plot. Use /rg i to find out the owner. Thanks!
187 May02@1957h Wozdaka pls put my name on warp board for plot 0380 (2 below D block sign) Closed defiex Name added!
186 Apr30@1526h Type_Z94 help me Closed fazaden it looks like you haven't actually claimed a plot yet, just pick an empty sign, click it to warp to an island, then type /nerdplot claim
185 Apr29@2112h SouthClaim hello how can i claim this island ? Closed fazaden while standing on that island, just type /nerdplot claim
184 Apr24@2127h Halinah light my portal please Closed fazaden portal is lit, watch your step on the other side :)
183 Apr24@2036h Halinah Could I please get my name "Halinah" on my sign plot? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ name set!
182 Apr15@1909h Wozdaka pls remove 1 double chest with sign on saying remove - i can't remove it Closed pez252 Done!
181 Apr15@0245h Halinah how do I claim a plot? Closed RukiaKuchiki_ do /nerdplot claim on a empty island
180 Apr14@1453h Bot_melker claim Closed RukiaKuchiki_ do /nerdplot claim in your island to claim it!
179 Apr14@1432h Bot_melker claim Closed RukiaKuchiki_ you can only claim untouched islands
178 Apr13@1815h Kapouille what do i do here Closed RukiaKuchiki_ do /nerdplot claim on a empty island, warp signs are at +4 -62
177 Apr13@1815h Kapouille hey Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dupe req
176 Apr04@1619h YesFactor I don't know how to claim a plot. Closed Console by email
175 Mar27@0119h RukiaKuchiki_ pls relight portal(i moved it over) Closed totemo Lit af.
174 Mar26@0646h Blusilver87 light my portal please. :D Closed totemo Lit a.f.
173 Mar24@0103h Dj_masterPhoenix Dj_masterPhoenix Dj_masterPhoenix Dj_masterPhoenix Closed fazaden once you're standing on an island, just type /nerdplot claim and you'll be able to build there :)
172 Mar21@0135h Chef_Zuul Please look into permissions to build in the nether. I am unable to place blocks through the portal Closed fazaden permissions added! ^_^
171 Mar20@1533h Awesomeacc help me find my plot Closed fazaden see above
170 Mar20@1533h Awesomeacc Awesomeacc Closed fazaden see above
169 Mar20@1530h Awesomeacc help me find my plot Closed fazaden you're on the Pink Wall, bottom row. Your warp sign has been updated with your name :)
168 Mar18@2053h Chef_Zuul tried to light a portal & pieces of obsidian disappeared. working as intended or no? Closed defiex POOF! Behold! A portal! Just watch that first step....
167 Mar17@2319h xredamancyx My island sign is gliched out (A1 I believe, xredamancyx) Closed defiex The warp sign has been fixed, please let us know what the additional issues are in a future modreq! Thank you!
166 Mar17@1520h xredamancyx How do I get to spawn Closed defiex I have updated your warp sign! You should be able to click on the sign in your plot to be teleported back to the spawn tree. Also, you're name is now on your sign in the plot-warp sign area. Cheers!
165 Mar16@1650h 4twenty000 help Closed defiex Please let us know what the issue is! You can always pop over to Pve or Creative (type /lobby and then go through the C or P warps!) and ask for help from a moderator and they'll come over and help!
164 Mar16@0300h Blusilver87 flow request from dispensers. I have tried /flow but if a dispenser dispences the water it still does not flow. correct behaivor can be seen on Rose island. Is there something i am missing? or are you able to help it to flow? Thank You Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dispensers now flow!
163 Mar15@1523h joshcarls help me find my plot please Closed RukiaKuchiki_ your island warp sign is at "5 -62 63"
162 Mar14@0754h Blusilver87 How do i get dispensers to flow? are you able to allow them to flow? I tried to /flow but they revereted back when activated. I see working dispensers on Rose island. Thank you! Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dupe req
161 Mar14@0600h TheBanRemover how do i claim a plot Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dupe req
160 Mar14@0600h TheBanRemover how do i claim a plot Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dupe req
159 Mar14@0600h TheBanRemover how do i claim a plot Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dupe req
158 Mar14@0600h TheBanRemover how do i claim a plot Closed RukiaKuchiki_ dupe req
157 Mar14@0557h TheBanRemover how do i claim a plot Closed RukiaKuchiki_ stand in a unused plot and type /nerdplot claim
156 Mar13@2151h Blusilver87 im stuck :( Closed RukiaKuchiki_ unstuck!
155 Mar11@1502h 2dk My water and lava doenst flow on Skyblock Closed fazaden to flow liquids in your plot, type /flow and then right click the fluid you want to flow
154 Mar10@1309h NameChqnge help me find my plot lol I frogat where it is haha Closed fazaden I updated your warp sign, check the white wall (Block A), bottom left corner
153 Mar10@0223h TenZenLions Not sure how to make a claim - standing by the sign @ J block Closed fazaden Just right click an unclaimed sign to warp to an empty plot, then while in that plot type /nerdplot claim
152 Dec14@1623h crusader_000069 i can't type in chat Closed assasymphoni try relogging
151 Dec14@1211h Oxion_ Can my "warp back to spawn" sign be replaced? I managed to accidentally break it with an eff5 diamond axe... There's another one by my bed, but I'd prefer it if the sign was in its original location Closed fazaden fixed!
150 Dec13@2306h Azumarill unclaim 390 for me please Closed fazaden discussed via /m
149 Dec13@2156h Medoria my build partner isn't able to log on and i need to break these hoopers / chests Closed defiex Discussed via msg
148 Dec13@2101h kalasalad completed the scavenger hunt pls check Closed fazaden Congrats on finishing the scavenger hunt! prize has been placed in the chest
147 Dec13@2100h Norami pls change plot number 0299 name to Pico, thank you Closed defiex Please have the plot-owner make this modreq to update the sign name!
146 Dec13@2030h wyndysascha I'd like my discretionary once-only nob-up lava replacement plox Closed defiex Don't nob it up again!
145 Dec13@2021h NastyHabits light the portal please Closed defiex Danger Rectangle has been lit! Watch that first step, it's a doozy!
144 Dec13@1952h Waldrick Can you please light our nether portal? Thank you. Closed defiex Danger Rectangle has been lit! Watch that first step, it's a doozy!
143 Dec13@1932h iNerd71 Oh goodness me, it appears Event isn't aware of my retirement yet (still have perms) Closed Console Permissions reverted to default.
142 Dec13@1927h Yakkhyl hi i broke my spawn sign by accident, could it be fixed please? :) Closed pez252 Fixed!
141 Dec13@1920h guspolly i bedrocked my lava, apparently I can modreq that back? Closed pez252 Here are some hints!
140 Dec13@1905h Bluuefuzzy can i move my portal? Closed fazaden fix'd
139 Dec13@1900h katherineoverman request Closed defiex Discussed via /msg!
138 Dec13@1747h pez252 tp horse to owner's island? Closed pez252 Done by faz
137 Dec13@1746h pez252 tp horse to owner's island? Closed pez252 done
136 Dec13@1746h pez252 tp horse to owner's island? Closed fazaden looks like it's been moved
135 Dec13@1742h Aniomis I lost my lava, could you please replace it? This is my second time, hope that's okay Closed fazaden fixed!
134 Dec13@1624h thrawn21 Apparently I suck at even the most simple builds, third lava's the charm? Closed fazaden Last free lava is a go!
133 Dec13@1607h thrawn21 One more lava block for my dumbass please! Closed fazaden fixed :)
132 Dec13@1603h UpsideKen can you change siraiso's claim to "Daloria" please? Thank you! Closed fazaden changed :)
131 Dec13@1454h thrawn21 Well I seem to have misplaced my plot. Would appreciate a pointer Closed fazaden you're in block H, top row. Your name is now on your warp sign :)
130 Dec13@1429h thrawn21 I appear to have gotten stuck on an island with a broken spawn sign. Closed fazaden that sign is fixed!
129 Dec13@1347h Zomise Lily trade by stack locked? Closed fazaden Proper trades have been restored
128 Dec13@1309h Zomise Why these trap trades? Closed fazaden The previous flower villager was The Impostor
127 Dec13@1040h ImagineSteve I forgot where my plot's sign was after I tried to mine the "Go back to spawn" sign. Closed fazaden your sign's been updated with your name on it - the lime green Block, right next to DantesDame
126 Dec13@0850h FluffyBoizz I died in krwisty's plot and my stuff is stuck in a tree and I have no way of getting it (its gonna despawn soon) Closed RukiaKuchiki_ seems it did despawn :<
125 Dec13@0719h FluffyBoizz it won't let my build in the nether... Closed pez252 Fixed!
124 Dec13@0712h FluffyBoizz light my portal pls :) Closed pez252 Lit!
123 Dec13@0658h twilexis portal please Closed pez252 Lit!
122 Dec13@0507h ultramana stuck in test Closed zburdsal You're on the spawn island, travel NE
121 Dec13@0434h AzulaTheFireLord There was piggy, and now it's gone and I've found porkchops around this location. Am I able to know what happened? Closed fazaden discussed via /m
120 Dec13@0428h tadrogers can you light this portal (at your leisure) Closed fazaden lit!
119 Dec13@0408h Oxion_ did someone steal the spawn endchests? there used to be one in each corner but now there's only one... if they weren't stolen but just removed by admins, is there any chance we could get them back? Closed defiex ::Waves Hand:: It was all in your imagination. >.> (all fixed! They were removed while we were upgrading the villagers!)
118 Dec13@0349h kalasalad light my portal please Closed defiex Doom Rectangle has been lit! Watch that first step, it's a doozy!
117 Dec13@0345h Flumper the bulk potato trade is locked Closed Flumper
116 Dec13@0340h Aad_ light my portal please Closed defiex The owner of the plot needs to place the portal lighting modreq. :D
115 Dec13@0220h RukiaKuchiki_ delete wither, idk about drop Closed RukiaKuchiki_ it fell in void
114 Dec13@0140h AmazingBrotato can i get this lava and water to flow, ty Closed fazaden /flow is your friend :)
113 Dec13@0119h AmazingBrotato help, turned my lava into obsidian Closed fazaden fixed, sorry for getting distracted
112 Dec13@0114h UpsideKen light up the portal please, thanks! Closed fazaden lit!
111 Dec13@0048h AzulaTheFireLord Request with updated perms. Is it possible to get lit now? :) Closed fazaden lit!
110 Dec13@0023h AzulaTheFireLord Requesting that this nether portal be lit. Closed defiex Only plot owner's can request to have the portals lit!
109 Dec13@0019h FluffyBoizz I accidentally covered my lava and now I don't have any lol Closed fazaden looks like you've found some more
108 Dec13@0010h buzzie71 light portal please :O Closed defiex Doom Rectangle has been lit! Watch that first step!
107 Dec12@2256h ocelotpotpie I fell into the void but somehow teleported back here, death pile didn't appear Closed fazaden discussed via /m
106 Dec12@2245h The_Hero27 i claimed the island next to Bluuefuzzy, please change the sign Closed defiex Sign has been named!
105 Dec12@2217h KRwisty lavaflow pls Closed zburdsal Try /flow!
104 Dec12@2203h DantesDame can I have infinity water here? Closed fazaden infinite water!
103 Dec12@2145h RukiaKuchiki_ region has player i did not add as owner Closed fazaden fixed
102 Dec12@2123h Medoria when i spawn in my island i spawn inside the obsidian Closed fazaden Your warp sign now places you in a safer location
101 Dec12@2104h FishyWishyEF flow and hope it works Closed defiex Danger splish has been splashed!
100 Dec12@2101h FishyWishyEF water lava pack; assasymphoni told me i can do this Closed fazaden fix'd
99 Dec12@2034h Stormmblade Portal, please! Thank you Closed defiex Portal lit! Watch that first step, it's a doozy!
98 Dec12@2031h King_of_queso i have completed the scavenger hunt! Closed fazaden Congratulations! Prize is in the chest
97 Dec12@2015h Chef_Zuul lava oopsie Closed fazaden Your bucket has been filled with lava :)
96 Dec12@1956h Chef_Zuul please add my name to my claimed sign BLOCK I, bottom row, 4th from right Closed fazaden sign'd!
95 Dec12@1935h perceptivemath a couple issues, the sign at spawn doesnt have my name on it, I have a chest I cant destroy and lava that wont flow Closed defiex Discussed via /msg and your spawn sign now has your name!
94 Dec12@1859h Bobosozeli can i get this nether portal taken down since it's the wrong shape? If i can have the blocks back I'll put up one that's the right shape Closed fazaden portal's lit!
93 Dec12@1845h Siraiso is there a way to make it so when i dispense a bucket of water with dispensers the water flows Closed defiex Sorry! On our servers we have water/lava flow off to prevent grief. If you type in /modreq Please flow my water/lava" then a mod will pop over and flow it for you. :)
92 Dec12@1736h MJKhoi flow Closed assasymphoni Flowing! Happy blocking!
91 Dec12@1709h XBlaiseX can you add my name the the plot i claimed beside UpsideKen's plot Closed defiex Duplicate, closing!
90 Dec12@1708h XBlaiseX can write my name on the plot i claimed beside UpsideKen? Closed defiex Name added! Congrats on your plot!
89 Dec12@1642h UpsideKen I lost valuable items when I fell into the void Closed ghrey303 sorry that happened, but it happens
88 Dec12@1627h pez252 Scavenger hunt done Closed fazaden Your first-completion prize (16CC instead of 8) is in the chest
87 Dec12@1610h CharlotteOverman thanks Closed fazaden you're welcome :)
86 Dec12@1607h CharlotteOverman can you put my name on the base I can not find it Closed fazaden look near the left side of the pink wall, you're the third sign from the right, 2nd from the top. Your name is now on the sign :)
85 Dec12@1601h RedEleven please flow my lava and water. Closed defiex Dangersplish has been splashed.
84 Dec12@1558h Siraiso i fell off and lost my stuff can i get it back Closed defiex Discussed via msg!
83 Dec12@1534h Aniomis sorry I'm super bad at this :( I lost my water because I have torches in my right hand and right clicked on it, could I please have it back? Closed fazaden replace'd
82 Dec12@1527h Aniomis Hello, I've lost my lava, could I get it back please? Closed fazaden replace'd
81 Dec12@1516h WaterBucket1 how to claim this plot, please and thank you Closed fazaden looks like you've got your plot started :)
80 Dec12@1428h Aniomis I have covered my island in lava (accident), is there anything to be done? I'm fine if everything can be reset Closed fazaden your lava has been un-flowed, and your water bucket is returned to your chest
79 Dec12@1328h Setantii messed up my cobble generator and now have moist obsidian, can it be reset orcan i grab a new plot? Closed pez252 Fixed!
78 Dec12@1233h dogo1005MC So I uh need the water now. Closed ghrey303 fixed!
77 Dec12@1227h dogo1005MC I was dumb and lost my og block of lava Closed ghrey303 all good
76 Dec12@1219h MysticalLizard lava pls Closed pez252 Be careful
75 Dec12@1217h MysticalLizard please flow the water then the lava Closed pez252 flowed
74 Dec12@1211h MysticalLizard i lost my lava source Closed ghrey303 lava replaced 1 out of 2
73 Dec12@1210h dogo1005MC I had claimed a plot, but I cant find my sign to get back into my plot. Closed ghrey303 found! second from the left, third from the top
72 Dec12@1145h phoenicopy help me find mu plot Closed fazaden your plot is number 112, the bottom left corner sign on Block C (pink). Your name is now on the sign :)
71 Dec12@1144h Azumarill portal Closed pez252 Lit!
70 Dec12@1127h Setantii stuck in hole in trader hall tree Closed pez252 saved and hole patched
69 Dec12@1126h Oxion_ make the dispensers on each floor have water flow pls! (10 in total) Closed ghrey303 it appears everything is darn near unsafe
68 Dec12@1122h Waldrick Can the chest over the obsidian be removed? Both sides removed if possible. It is interfering with teleporting back to the island. Thanks! Closed pez252 Chest over obsidian removed. Other needs to stay for turning in items for things
67 Dec12@1118h ghrey303 One nether portal please :D Closed pez252 Lit!
66 Dec12@1014h UpsideKen can you flow this water please? the owner is offline and not planning to be back online until a few hours later Closed ghrey303 flowed :O
65 Dec12@1012h totemo light my portal please Closed pez252 Lit!
64 Dec12@0940h Bobosozeli light me up baby! Closed pez252 discussed via /m
63 Dec12@0834h ocelotpotpie Could you light my portal please? Closed pez252 Done!
62 Dec12@0749h Bluuefuzzy hey i think this is the right size.. man i sure hope it is.. can i get a light pls? Closed pez252 All set!
61 Dec12@0741h CaptainScarrows pleas help im stuck Closed pez252 saved \o/
60 Dec12@0648h PPGOME portal ples Closed fazaden Portal achieved!
59 Dec12@0616h PlNG light me up, baby Closed fazaden You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of violent nethery death
58 Dec12@0611h King_of_queso light my portal! Closed defiex Portal lit! Watch that first step, it's a doooooozy.
57 Dec12@0605h UncleTito1 light my portal plz Closed defiex Portal lit! Watch that first step, it's a doozy!
56 Dec12@0557h Verros yarr, light me portal plz Closed fazaden Portal's lit, watch your step!
55 Dec12@0552h SirLyle help me find my plot Closed fazaden plot found!
54 Dec12@0544h SkrapssparkS Could you light my portal? Cheers :D Closed fazaden portal is lit!
53 Dec12@0542h SkrapssparkS portal facing wrong way can't break bottom obsidian Closed SkrapssparkS
52 Dec12@0532h Lilah427 FUCK accidentally destroyed lava DX Closed fazaden fix'd
51 Dec12@0524h RukiaKuchiki_ light portal pls Closed fazaden Portal lit, watch your step!
50 Dec12@0522h assasymphoni Rose Nether Portal pls Closed defiex Portal lit! Watch out for that first's a doozy.
49 Dec12@0519h ghrey303 skyblock_0051 -> child of solace Closed fazaden Solace is now a child of skyblock_0051. You can add members to the skyblock plot, and that'll also make them part of the Solace chest region
48 Dec12@0502h ghrey303 chest region solace :D Closed zedadex solace created!
47 Dec12@0454h Cr4shMyCar Can I have the left half of this double chest removed please? I didn't know it would block my spawn and be unremovable because I made it with the spawn chest Closed fazaden fix'd
46 Dec12@0419h Comrade_Rokkuwu accidentally broke lava am sorry pls2fix Closed fazaden fix'd
45 Dec12@0411h venom20078 Need replacement lava Closed fazaden fix'd
44 Dec12@0410h venom20078 Sploosh Closed zburdsal /flow is enabled.
43 Dec12@0401h DorkyNerd messed up my lava, can i pls have a bucket of lava? Closed fazaden fix'd
42 Dec12@0358h DorkyNerd need this to flow pls Closed fazaden you can type /flow to flow liquids in your own plot, just click them with an empty hand
41 Dec12@0356h assasymphoni pls disable these trapdoors Closed zedadex trapdoors glued!
40 Dec12@0346h ghrey303 Lava flow? Closed zburdsal /flow silly :p
39 Dec12@0340h Dunan_Minebrow Can you get a mulligan on turning lava to obsidian? Closed zedadex lava mulligan'd!
38 Dec12@0340h Azumarill um, Closed fazaden fix'd
37 Dec12@0338h ghrey303 Hello, I was a bad ghrey and made obsidian out of an innocent lava block Closed Verros fixed, lava replace #1
36 Dec12@0311h Smirkules my lava turned to obsidian :'( Closed pez252 \o/
35 Dec12@0309h Flumper i dun broked the lava :x Closed pez252 shame
34 Dec12@0259h Dunan_Minebrow flow Closed fazaden now you're flowin'! :)
33 Dec12@0232h Spook6 can this sign say melaleuca Closed fazaden adjusted
32 Dec12@0232h _SpaceDust claim Closed fazaden just type /nerdplot claim on an island
31 Dec12@0230h pez252 reset and unclaim Closed pez252 Done
30 Dec12@0222h RealDoggyGaming i hope this is the last time i ask for this... Closed fazaden fixed, check out this video for some tips:
29 Dec12@0218h DancingBolt lost lava to water Closed fazaden lava'd
28 Dec12@0217h twilexis am bot and turned lava into obsidian again. please help. Closed Verros replaced #2
27 Dec12@0217h RealDoggyGaming lavas obby. again. Idk how to make cobble gen Closed fazaden fix'd
26 Dec12@0217h Lilah427 help, lava turned to obsidian Closed fazaden replaced