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Creative Revision 38 Launch Date & Details

— General Info —

Map size: 7000 x 7000, same as Revision 37. The map was generated using World Machine and World Painter, it's the first map to have generated underwater features such as coral/kelp with warm ocean biomes.
We will be launching on Minecraft 1.20.4 (same version as PvE)

Map features include: Large water body with rivers, mountainous terrain combined with superflat plains including low terrain to utilize the full height limit.

— Spawn City —

Yes spawn city is coming back, and in force! The general inspiration for the spawn area is the San Francisco Bay. The city comprises over 400 plots (yes you read that right). It might be the most extensive spawn city to ever feature on !

It comprises :

  • Downtown plots for skyscrapers and other large buildings
  • Shop plots in various sizes
  • Residential plots for : suburban homes, beach mansions, row houses and apartment complexes
  • An industrial district
  • Some park plots within the city
  • A large campground on the outskirts of town in the mountains
  • A marina with boat plots
  • A forested area for cabins
  • Many of our minigame arenas are also integrated into Spawn City.

— Launch schedule —

TNT party beginning approximately 24hrs before launch.

Saturday June 22 at 8PM Eastern Time : Launch of revision 38

Note that there will be no regularly scheduled event due to the launch of the revision. We will resume event schedule the following week!

— Multiverse info —

Redstone, Map World, Testbuild: Builds and plot ownership will transfer to Rev 38 Current Rev 37 map will transfer and be accessible via /warp Rev37. It will be in read-only mode. Make note of your current build coordinates so you can locate it, modreq for ownership and use World Edit to copy/paste to your new claim.

— Warps —

Standard warps will include the classic BigTown and Pixelart, as well as warps to minigames, and warps to districts of spawn city, Warps for player builds will be granted to significant builds as the revision progresses. Send us a /modreq if you think your build is worth a /warp !

— What’s new in Minecraft 1.20 —

If you don’t know already, 1.20 has plenty of new additions which will be useful for Creative:

  • Bamboo: Planks, buttons, doors, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, signs, slabs, boats, stairs and trapdoors.
  • Cherry tree: Planks, buttons, doors, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, signs, slabs, rafts, stairs and trapdoors.
  • Chiseled Bookshelf
  • Decorated Pots
  • New Flowers: Pitcher Plant, Torchflower
  • New pets: Camels, Sniffers (which you will be able to spawn with /pet)
  • Hanging signs
  • Various decorative items

— Teaser Screenshots —

Happy building!

Creative is ready for the Christmas season!

Creative is now ready for the Christmas season with its newly decorated spawn! Festive themed weekly builds are coming back very soon!

Happy Holidays!

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