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  1. It has the potential to be annoying, but I don't see it at a high risk of being so. It's much easier to identify when you're in a region, but this doesn't directly address the problems of overly huge claims. I do like this idea. Maybe it could be used in conjunction with the build:allow flag. And another suggestion... because players have the ability to use the WorldEdit wand, they are able to roughly estimate/guesstimate their region. I remember during my time as a mod, there is/was a /region-intersects command that shows regions that intersect your selection – supposed to be used for when creating regions. I think this would be a useful tool for more advanced players when they are planning on claiming a bigger area – just recently I was trying to build a 300x300 claim, but was cursed by the region gods. This command shouldn't be very troublesome to release to a wider player base, I hope? A flatland world does seem like a good idea. I believe the build is basically a big pixel art laid flat instead of vertically. Another thing that has recently occurred to me is the circular map this revision, that is still 6k in... diameter, or 3k blocks out in each direction from spawn. So just some math here... Usually, we'd have a normal square 6k x 6k map. This gives us 36,000,000 blocks of space. But with a circular 6k diameter map, we have pi x 3k x 3k = ~28,274,000 blocks of space. Effectively we have about 25% less space than usual, which is further exacerbated by the fact that it's hard to build at corners of a circle. So, worst case scenario is that we're working with ~60% (thereabouts) our usual space, best case is perfectly utilising space (which I doubt is happening). //math So I'd think a switch back to a square map would be good. Yes, I agree that the circular map looks dope, but in terms of functionality, not so – the only time you know the world is circular is when you load the cartography or the live map.
  2. I feel that a 300x300 claim is more than sufficient to start on the base of a town or a city. If a player wants to expand after that, by all means. If a player wants to get a bigger initial claim area, i.e. 500x500 or larger, build a border around it. I feel that only 300x300 within that claim should be protected until there's enough proof of development/usage. I understand that this might be harder to enforce, so perhaps there's another way? A possible way to decide on this is in the block area it takes, so 3000x10 = 30,000 blocks of area; or 300x300 = 90,000 blocks of area. Again, slightly more troublesome to enforce, but there can be a slight leeway here and there. Another thing to consider, though, is how the longer region may intersect other planned regions. However, I don't see this as too much of a problem; the height can be adjusted.
  3. This has been a recent annoyance of mine, especially since the introduction of worldedit. Region sizes seem to stretch what used to be unimaginable, even with little or no development. It's not outrageous any more to find a 1000x500 block claims, or 700x700 block regions with development only in a 200x200 area or smaller. I understand that worldedit allows much faster creation, but when a land area is empty and you want to build in it, it's stupefying to find out that it's at the corner of a 1000x1000 claim. Is there any policy on a certain hard limit to how big a region claim can be? I understand that there is a 1-month-no-build-no-more-region policy, but is that really enough?
  4. Ban for lexdude1 on c.nerd.nu FOR block spam + ~150 griefing nerd.nu/appeal ON March 31, 2012, 8:13 a.m. Not really 5 years but minor griefing. Unbanned.
  5. Post on behalf of BUTTERMANLY -nerd.nu Olympics- Calling for participants If you are interested in participating, please leave a reply here or /mail BUTTERMANLY on the creative server. Further event details will come soon from BUTTERMANLY.
  6. Good news everyone! Or at least those who like me. I should be online more often than my once every month. On the creative server. Hope to see more familiar names again
  7. Please respond here after reading through nerd.nu/rules
  8. Ban #11731043 for captinbophus for ~80 griefing w/o constructives nerd.nu/appeal on 2013-06-24 05:46:02 Please reply to this thread to be unbanned.
  9. Ban #1461838 for Clubwho for major griefing, block spam. nerd.nu/appeal on 2012-02-03 07:54:31 http://imgur.com/a/REAxL#0 Please reply quoting rule(s)/guideline(s) broken from http://nerd.nu/rules
  10. Sorry about my (unannounced) inactivity lately. Many of the new moderators probably don't know who I am, haha. Must be a side effect of being offline too much. Getting out of the house early and getting home past dinnertime is my current routine, and most likely will be for a while. So I'll just say a few things before I forget. Thanks for the... 2 years and 3 months so far. I think. Should be. I have to admit that the best times I've ever had was within the first year. Such a lively place, I still remember. Perhaps when I can get online more often it'll be back to the way it was. Where every turn was another experience. Maybe learning was the best part of it all. Maybe we'll get back to the days where a call for help in chat gets you a dedicated team of players who stays with you throughout your build. That's what happened for my very first large build. And first warp. Thank you. It felt amazing, even after going offline for 2 hours, that those 7-8 people were still there. I'd just like to mention them right here: yancolucas, GaffEire, danne1999, Cactose, panda_climbs, SirolfUpaw PolarTux, TheDonVito17, snyderchips05, Manytanksforyou, zburdsal, ninja650r, feircedety These were the people who helped to flatten land, who helped to build to the very end. Maybe we'll get more players like them. Who help those they don't even know until the very end. Sorry if it sounds like a rant or anything. Though, it probably kind of is. I miss the times I've had with Veronicron and kedemel. They were amazing builders, of a whole other standard. Far past my own, to tell the truth. They were accepting of me, they were cool, they were awesome. They just knew how to have fun. I miss them. I miss the memories. And John. John was there when I first joined. She was probably what made me stay. She encouraged me, or at least, she affirmed me that my builds were, at the very least, decent. Good, pretty, nice. Maybe it was easy to say when it really was good, pretty, nice. Not to say that things on creative are't good, pretty, or nice. They just seem to occur less and less often. Maybe it'll be back to the days of truly amazing builds at every turn. Sorry, this rant has probably gone on long enough. I'll try to check in every now and then on creative and things. Probably on weekends when I'm free-er. Or late weeknights. maybe i just really needed to write down what i'm thinking. who knows? i don't..
  11. hi please read through the rules at http://nerd.nu/rules and reply quoting the rule(s) broken.
  12. Please reply stating that you've read the rules at http://nerd.nu/rules
  13. Closing due to inactivity. Make another appeal if you want to be unbanned.
  14. You've indicated no reason why you should be unbanned. Please provide one.
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