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  1. Hello! The other day on the PVE server I had spent a few hours grinding away trying to get an Fortune 3 book, or pickaxe. Every once and a while I would ask in chat if someone had one to trade because I had spent over an hour and 16 books trying to get fortune. After about my 3 or 4th time asking (when a decent amount of people would log in) someone messaged me telling me how to do this exploit. I will take the blame for using this exploit, I should've asked someone else if this was allowed, and I really do regret using this command. I would be perfectly happy if you threw the pick in lava (I would like the diamonds though :3). Thank you for your time, and I wish you a happy new year!
  2. Hello, Today on S I joined and was being spawn killed by someone in diamond armor. After a few times of this I stated something along the lines of "this guy in his gay blue armor is using hax". I was then kicked from the game. I then rejoined the game, citing the version of the definition of the word gay I used, I was then banned for this. I understand where they are coming from thinking this was homophobic, but it wasn't I was simply using the proper definition of the word gay. I actually found the chat logs 15:54:10 [CLIENT] [iNFO] [CHAT] <Mosmodre> he just got dis blue gay armor (was kicked here) 15:55:34 [CLIENT] [iNFO] [CHAT] <Mosmodre> Gay-bright or showy (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/gay) 2013-07 (was banned here)
  3. heres me and the band, I'm second on the right
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