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    City titles?

    During the April fools event the tab screen showed the list of players and their caste rank. This lead me to think of having a command like /title which allowed users to pick from a list of mod approved titles for city / town names usage /title <subcommand> You currently have not selected a title. or... Your current title is [ Brom ] to see the list of title use /title list /title list null Brom Yowie Rose etc... etc... /title select <name of title> /title select 2 Your title is now <username> [ Yowie ] I think this would be fine as long as it was only for the tab screen and none of the titles in chat and since its normally crowded enough :P You could have a title name for cities along side the floating usernames above players character models as well. Would looks something like pez252 [ Rose ] Darkskynet [ Metal Mountains ] Zaliek [ Sybercity ] Unce [ Unce Haven ] etc... Anyone have anything to add to these ideas?
  2. Hello friends, I've been looking into somethings on the wiki and need access to the files hosted on the server to make a change. I started the wiki and originally hosted it for a year or two, because of financial issues i passed the server torch off to Deaygo. I would assume Deaygo is still the current host? Any Tech-Admins with knowledge of who is currently hosting the wiki server please point them my direction. Thanks, Darkskynet Redditpublic Wiki Admin
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