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  1. That's great. Thanks, man. I'll re-appeal for the other note when the time comes.
  2. Hi guys. I have a couple of old notes on my account. Any chance I can get them removed please? Here they are: http://mcbouncer.com/u/1a023533479c4dbeb722b7809f70a612/notesFor I'd really like to start the upcoming new rev with a nice clean slate. Thank you for your time. *Edit - I'll appeal just the oldest one: http://mcbouncer.com/note/43941 as the other one is only 8 months or so old and the minimum time is one year. Shoulda read the policy more thoroughly. :P
  3. Ok, well, I'll give it a go. Look forward to seeing everyone online again. Thanks for your time Omegaeddon.
  4. They are indeed. http://mcbouncer.com/u/1a023533479c4dbeb722b7809f70a612/ http://mcbouncer.com/u/054402d52711475c8e5b6cf452faaf22/ Give me a shout if you want the link to yours deleted.
  5. No no, I know there is no ban in place. It's just that I don't feel comfortable with the stigma of the note over my head, is all. When I logged on after my ban before, I got some nasty insinuations from certain users (who will remain unnamed). As I am sure you understand, I don't want that. I would like to play in peace and actually be a part of this community. I totally get that you havn't been able to evaluate me. But as I say, it was a one-off silly mistake. As far as I see, the note is unneeded. Still, you're the head admin and I respect that. If you chose to leave the note, so be it. I just can't abide the label, is all.
  6. Hi Zomise. Yeah, I do see your point that I haven't been around on the servers very much. I am well aware of how serious Xray is and the effects it has on the server. However, would you take into account that this was a first offense and I admitted it immediately? I would like to return to the server soon with a totally clean slate. I understand how much you care for the server, and you don't want the community jeopardized by a potential troublemaker. You wouldn't be head admin otherwise. But would you give a player a chance to return and leave a silly mistake in the past? The notes been there a year, Zomise. Isn't that long enough?
  7. Hello. According to this: http://mcbouncer.com/u/1a023533479c4dbeb722b7809f70a612/notesFor There is a year-old note on my account. My conduct for the past year on your server has been spotless and I feel that this note only reflects a one-off slip-up. I would like to appeal this note please. Thank you for your time.
  8. I think this would be a fine idea. However, we should only get back a maximum of say... 25% of the iron, So, pair of boots = 1. Helmet = 1 chestplate = 2 ect.
  9. Hello. I was banned on the 13th of November 2016 for "X-ray on PVE rev19". I was told to re-appeal the ban no sooner than the 13th of December 2016. I broke the rule: "No xraying/hacking/cheating". I have re-read the rules and I state that should I return to any of the nerd.nu servers I will abide by them all. Thank you for your time.
  10. Thank you, Zomise. I was impatient and greedy and it all came back to bite me in the proverbial ass. Well, lesson learnt. See you in a month or so. OmegaEnigma.
  11. Guilty as charged. I broke the rule: No xraying/hacking/cheating. I have re-read the rules and I state that should I return to the nerd.nu servers I will abide by them all. May I ask how long my ban will be for please? Also, out of interest, may I see the evidence of my misdemeanor please? Not that I am disputing the ban. Just a morbid fascination, if you will. Thank you for your time.
  12. Twil, don't worry about it. We all get pissy from time to time. What really counts is that you recognize this and are remorseful for it. There are a few proper assholes on the server. You are not and never will be one of them. So don't worry.
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