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  1. I was walking down the blue road and saw that someone had posted this sign (it's new, wasn't there Saturday) Always a fan of the risky link of the day, I drilled it into a browser and found that it is a griefing team, which is a thing? Sorry I've owned minecraft since alpha, but after playing through to beta, I didn't really play a huge amount, mostly to other cool games and free time sucks. Have been playing on s.nerd and enjoying, I read server rules and understand griefing is on honor system, there is no protected land plots, just locked chests, furnaces, etc. so didn't know if this was something the admins would be interested in. Please feel free to throw me a stfu noob if such is warranted, I'd just hate for someone's hard work to be trashed. From website: -and a post by admin maybe? So who pissed off Robin Hood?! Sign wasn't in front of my house so I didn't investigate to see what was done, if anything?
  2. Appreciate it, that was it. Was kinda bummed to see that actual cost was 31 levels and not 4 (or 5) LOL
  3. Go to combine two diamond pickaxes, all lit up, good to go as in pic: Click result and it won't pull out of the window, makes a little tug animation like its gonna, then flashes to this: each time I try to combine, it drains me of levels, thus why it's now in red, but also notice that the cost went up as well. Am I being a noob or something wrong? I can state that I was able to repair my pickaxe yesterday with a diamond, once I get another level or two will try and update findings. Thanks!
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