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  1. If they're in the same time and tempo then they will always seem as if they fit together.
  2. Are you suggesting we ban health pots or ender pearls? Because both would be a terrible idea. Also, about the "better in the old days," in the "old days" there was no pearl cooldown, and it sucked (see: BraydenH).
  3. Pearls dealing increased damage and ignoring feather falling is a horrible idea. They are an integral part of many tactics in PvP and having them deal 2 1/2 hearts in full prot is a recipe for disaster. Also increased pearl damage won't stop people from pearling too much because health potions exist. If increased damage was a better solution then the bigger Minecraft PvP communities would have dropped cooldown and picked up on it already.
  4. Hey, I got banned for doxxing, I'm not sure how it is doxxing when the person already admits their name on the server. I can understand the ban for harassment; I deserved that one. However, I did not dox. Gamergirl said the name, and [redacted] confirmed it was his name in chat. I mentioned his name a couple times, sure, but doxxing should not be taken into account when considering ban length. This one falls under the rule "Don't be a troll," which I admit: I broke. I would also like to mention that when someone titles their video "[redacted]" that they should not use their real name as the name of their YouTube channel. I have read the rules and request to be unbanned. I will respect [redacted] request to not use his name in chat. You won't see it mentioned again. Thanks, Lazee_Boy
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