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  1.  Hello XXX10TACTION,

    Thank you for your patience.  Since the ban was from three years ago, I've gone ahead and removed it.  Please take a moment to review the rules and have fun.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.




  2. September 2021 Staff Meeting

    • Head Admins
      • New Mod Voting
      • Fundraiser Discussions
      • Next Staff Meeting Dates (current conflict with holidays)
    • PvE Admins
      • Nothing new to report
    • Creative
      • Spleef tonight!
    • Chaos/Snapshots
      • Back and Running on 1.18!
      • Branding shifting to "snapshot server" rather than "chaos server" as many people think Chaos means racism/hacking is OK.
    • Open Floor
      • Updates on Carto?
        • Deaygo is working on it
  3. August 2021 Staff Meeting

    • Head Admins
      • Staff Updates & how stepping down/inactivity works
      • Welcoming new moderator TemporarilyAlive
      • Discussed pending moderator
      • Fundraiser Planning
      • Discord - discussed specific rules for moderation


    • PvE
      • Dragon fight - amazing!
      • Rev 26 Download: Soon(tm)
      • Discussed PvP
      • Discussed Xray


    • Creative
      • Nothing new to report
      • Speedbuild is this weekend!


    • Tech Admins
      • Discussed Tech updates


    • Chaos & Skyblock
      • Chaos - still down for now
      • Skyblock - still up! defi does pop over during restarts.


    • Open Floor
      • Cross Server Chats
      • S-Revival Talks
      • Request to keep servers on the same version in future
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  4. July 2021 Staff Meeting

    • Head Admins
      • Reminder that we have an inactivity page
      • Voting threads for new moderators
      • Defi's bi-annual - Slack vs Discord vs Forums question
        • everyone has their preference, not planning on changing how things are done atm.
      • Staff Activity Page
        • defi is just about done reviewing and will be reaching out to inactive moderators/etc.
        • Mumble permissions - defi is coming for you for updates
      • Fundraiser - info for moderators coming soon
    • PvE
      • Headmart is open!
      • Dragon Fight 99$% done. Coming Soon
      • Mapworld Update
        • is updating slowly
        • if you see that a marker hasn't/isn't updating, please let Defi know!
        • /petfinder is back!
    • Creative
      • Spleef tonight!
      • Discussion on build contest
    • Tech Admins
      • LadyCailin has been doing All the Things behind the scenes. Send her some love!
    • Chaos
      • We need a stable launch, not just snapshots
    • Open Floor
      • Give defi your pictures for instagram/twitter!
      • Looking for a good 1900x250 type images for the subreddit header, too.
  5. June 2021 Staff Meeting

    • Head Admins
      • LadyCailin returning to tech admins
      • Fundraiser discussions beginning/starting/plotting
    • PvE
      • New Rev launched. On time! Going well!
      • discussion about further plans for new revision down the road
      • New region claim processes
      • Leaves not decaying issues - being looked into
      • Eyes of Ender issues -  can be modreq'd
    • Creative
      • Weekly Build has resumed!  This week's theme: Patriotism
    • Open Floor
      • Watch out for Spawn rails, make sure they doing get too tangled up/borked/etc.
  6. May 2021 Staff Meeting

    • Head Admins
      • Discord discussions
      • New Tech search ongoing, interested has been expressed
    • PvE
      • New Rev announced (mojang is being rude so plans have changed)
      • PaVe - will discuss
      • 1.16 vs 1.17? Probably 1.16
    • Creative
      • New Revision launch went well
      • Speed build tnight at 9pm eastern
  7. April 2021 Staff Meeting

    • Head Admins
      • Wholesomememes channel on Discord and Rules discussion
    • PvE
      • Mods are awesome and the Padmins love you!
      • Rev 26/27 discussions and details
    • Creative
      • New Revision SOON
      • Discussion about new map
      • discussion about chaos at end of revision
    • Chaos
      • Discussion about resetting and working out details
    • Skyblock
      • Unless there are issues, don't plan on taking it down for now or resetting
      • Plenty of empty plots to go around
      • defi does check for modreqs at least once every day or so.(mostly new players asking for help finding signs)
    • Lobby
      • lobby issues: it's haunted.
    • Tech Admins
      • Issues with modmode being weird discussed, let admins know if it happens to you.
    • Open floor
      • discussion about inactive/past staff
      • Survival - keeping an eye on the channel, discussion in channel and the doc they've started
  8. March 2021 Staff Meeting

    • Head Admins
      • Keep on keeping on!
      • Wholesomememes channel is live
    • PvE
      • still reviewing possibility of 1.17, nothing concrete
      • Trivia updates coming! Hopefully will update every two weeks
    • Creative
      • Looking at New rev Stuff
        • Map is nearly finished
        • still no launch date as of yet
      • Speed build tonight!
    • Chaos
      • waiting on Mount Terrain to be updated before bringing back
      • will be starting with a fresh new map
    • Open Floor
      • issues with the lobby -seems to be timing people out at restarts -being looked into
  9. February 2021 Staff Meeting

    • Head Admins
      • New Lobby is live!
      • New Moderators: NastyHabits, Ocelotpotpie, AndyJF - accepted and one player declined.
      • two pending moderators to go to review
      • Survival Discussion - Discord channel made to discuss
    • PvE
      • Reminders about modreqs
      • Rev 27 planning is on going, more info to come
      • mid-rev community build (Behold the Anti Cube!)
      • St. Patrick's day event being worked on
    • Creative
      • New Revision in April?
      • Saturday night events going well, Speedbuild is getting more players in
      • Crashes - we know, it's being worked on
    • Chaos
      • updating the map
      • putting up a fresh map
      • discussion on keeping/resetting/nuking the map
      • disussion about chaos and stability of 1.17
      • Reminders that Chaos is a temporary server! (Don't plan on retiring there!)
  10. August 2021 Changelog

    • Trooprm32 has stepped down from staff - August 11, 2021
    • schererererer moved to inactive moderators - August 1, 2021
    • zedadex moved to inactive moderators - August 11, 2021
    • ttsci has moved to inactive - August 1, 2021
    • No new Lobby Suggestion Box entries
    • February - July Public Staff Meeting Notes posted - August 16, 2021
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  11. Hello,

    I'll be taking care of your appeal since TheNightsKing is no longer on staff.

    You were banned due to griefing other player's builds, killing farm animals without rebreading them up and trying to kill player pets. As it has been some time since the ban, please read the rules at https://nerd.nu/rules/ and msg back here when you have read and understood them. I will then unban you.

    Thank you,


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