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  1. Hi and Hola We wanted to take down The TownDump by purpose, because we feel we must do that. We did build the building with many different names but in the end, lorkileta decide to do the last job on the Revision 24 build, that we have imitated from other player. Also, we wanted to have some activities on the server to the building that we had imitated. We know that it is a quite useful building, but we need to take it down and see from a different perspective, since Minecraft is a constant changing. All the items and building materials will be kept in the same area. Basically, we wanted to change the shape of the building and it might take us more login time. We are very sorry to not inform about the change and as always, Thank you. Have an awesome time everybody. 2/13/2020 lorkileta Minecraft Player
  2. Hi, We really love the Villager Costume Trading both The Nether and The End. And love the idea of unlocking Spawn Trade together as the whole PVE player. Congratulation on the revisions. Lastly, surprise us! Cheers.
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