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  1. I don't know what the point of this would be. Portals are already limited to the same people who always find the portal signs in the first day anyway; introducing player-requested portals but limiting them only to people who stick around longer would essentially make sure that nothing changes. I'm with wyguy in that I'm confused as to why there's so much opposition to this change. As long as people aren't stacking portals on top of each other and rules are set to prevent griefing, what exactly is the harm? I'm all for letting smaller builds/towns have a chance at portals too. There's really no need to guard them so jealously. Edit: Maybe make it so that portals have to be modreq'd inside established claims? I think that's a fair compromise that would cut down on portal spam.
  2. Adding my suggestion to the pvp toggle idea: Have pvp be strictly opt-in only, similar to War Mode in World of Warcraft. Players can only enable/disable their pvp flag inside towns. As per robr's suggestion, this could work by using easysigns inside towns to toggle pvp on and off, potentially having individual towns modreq for the signs OR by using a toggle command that only works inside town regions. By using this implementation we could enable pvp outside of arenas for people who wish to partake, while also preserving the pve experience for those who don't. Additionally this has the added benefit of not only giving pvp some teeth, but also curbing combat-logging or afking to avoid combat AND incentivizing exploring other towns all at the same time. I believe this is a happy middle ground that allows players to tailor their own experiences on P without stepping on anyone's toes.
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