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Archiuz [thrawn21]


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So I was banned on the night of 12/23/13 for making incestual jokes about {REDACTED} sister. I take full responsibility for publicly humiliating {REDACTED}. I understand that I was wanred by an admin about doing so and bring up the incestual sister jokes and creating trouble for the admins.


I am sure this breaks one of nerds rules and will reread and reagree to not break them again.

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Ban information:


Ban for Archiuz on c.nerd.nu for Player harrasment after multiple warnings. Appeal at nerd.nu/appeal by thrawn21 on 2013-12-24 00:29:51 (no more bans, 1 notes)


Please be patient and thrawn21 will be with you as soon as they can. If no one has attended to your appeal after 48 hours have past, please feel free to BUMP (Bring Up My Post) your appeal.
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Apologies for the delay. I banned you for repeated harassment of a player (who will be referred to as Player A) after multiple warnings. 



2013-12-21 18:43:01 | <Archiuz> fuck you Player A

2013-12-21 18:43:12 | <Archiuz> go fuck your sister
2013-12-22 00:09:43 | <0cean.Archiuz> Player A don't you have a sister or something to fuck?
2013-12-22 00:10:03 | [Player B -> Archiuz] chill you might get band
2013-12-22 19:42:24 | <Archiuz>  Player A, dw we have sisters too.
2013-12-22 20:14:07 | [Archiuz -> Player C] I coulda fucked him harder than his sister :c
2013-12-22 20:14:15 | [Player C -> Archiuz] fuk him by getting him bannt
2013-12-22 20:14:19 | [Player C -> Archiuz] that'll show him
2013-12-22 20:20:20 | Player A took down Archiuz with a diamond sword
2013-12-22 20:20:23 | <Archiuz> LOL
2013-12-22 20:20:28 | <Archiuz> 5v1 ggggg
2013-12-22 20:20:56 | <Archiuz> 4v1 b/c you'd be busy with mrs Player A
2013-12-22 20:21:11 | <Archiuz> really
2013-12-22 20:21:32 | <Archiuz> no i'm complaining cuz killed by Player A
2013-12-22 22:39:59 | <0cean.Archiuz> ./modreq Player A incest


At this point Player A submitted this modreq:


2013-12-22 22:40:24 | Player A issued server command: /modreq Archiuz Ongoing incest jokes, been told many times to stop. Really sick of this >.>


Which was closed by MrLoud15 with "Discussed via /m"

Here are excerpts from that conversation:


2013-12-23 01:27:26 | [Player A -> Mrloud15] They harassed me for about 2 days on chaos and i asked them so many times to stop.

2013-12-23 01:28:00 | [Player A -> Mrloud15] Instead of banning them like they deserved, Barli was incredibly lenient and gave them a warning
2013-12-23 01:28:13 | [Player A -> Mrloud15] but he basically said they could never say that to me again
2013-12-23 01:30:47 | [Mrloud15 -> Player A] yeah, but when did they start doing it again in the last few days?
2013-12-23 01:31:10 | [Player A -> Mrloud15] Yes. Before the S launch and since it
2013-12-23 01:31:59 | [Mrloud15 -> Player A] Are they doing it in public chat or private msg?
2013-12-23 01:32:11 | [Player A -> Mrloud15] Public.
2013-12-23 01:32:30 | [Player A -> Mrloud15] If you find the logs from this summer, you will see how severe the harassment was


​I will be pursuing logs from that time, but feel that there is a very strong harassment case with just the material from the past few days. 


 Here you were warned by kitcatbar, a Padmin. 


2013-12-23 00:38:53 | <0cean.Archiuz> Player A don't be mad you just got fucked lol

2013-12-23 00:38:55 | <0cean.Archiuz> and this time
2013-12-23 00:38:58 | <0cean.Archiuz> not even your siste
2013-12-23 00:39:18 | [kitcatbar -> Archiuz] Stop with the sister jokes man
2013-12-23 00:39:36 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] i feel harassed
2013-12-23 00:39:41 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] i am defending my lonleyl self
2013-12-23 00:39:46 | [kitcatbar -> Archiuz] And you're harassing hi. Stop
2013-12-23 00:39:49 | [kitcatbar -> Archiuz] him*
2013-12-23 00:40:11 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] i lose control to do huis harassment
2013-12-23 00:40:19 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] it's not ym fault
2013-12-23 00:40:34 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] or atleast that's what my lawyer said to tell you
2013-12-23 00:41:02 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] and tbh
2013-12-23 00:41:07 | [kitcatbar -> Archiuz] Seriously though, it's been going on for awhile. Time to quit the sister jokes
2013-12-23 00:41:11 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] if he wants to get nityygirtty
2013-12-23 00:41:19 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] I have clips of him straight ffing
2013-12-23 00:41:26 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] as well as him doxing me
2013-12-23 00:41:32 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] so if he's gonna bitch to you
2013-12-23 00:41:35 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] so will I
2013-12-23 00:42:42 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] but yes ok mrs admin sir
2013-12-23 00:42:43 | [kitcatbar -> Archiuz] Connection issues. What was the last message you got?
2013-12-23 00:43:27 | <0cean.Archiuz> r kitcatbar the one about you telling me to stop telling Player A to fuck his sisyer
2013-12-23 00:43:31 | <0cean.Archiuz> shit.
2013-12-23 00:43:56 | <0cean.Archiuz> was accident
2013-12-23 00:44:01 | <0cean.Archiuz> am sorry
2013-12-23 00:44:19 | [Archiuz -> kitcatbar] that one :@


You mention being harassed by Player A, but at this point have made no modreqs nor other statements in chat regarding it. You also treat a serious matter in a flippant manner, with "that's what my lawyer said" and "yes ok mrs admin sir." 

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You then file this modreq:


2013-12-23 00:59:31 | Archiuz issued server command: /modreq Player A "maddy baddy" could [ossibly refer to me in which case I feel sad and harassed.

Which was closed by MrLoud15 with "Discussed via mumble with you and thrawn."


I looked into all the instances of Player A saying "maddy baddy" to see if it was possibly a racist or homophobic reference and found no reason to believe so, and in addition it has been applied to multiple people, and so does not seem to be a personally directed insult. 


At this point you mention Player A's modreq, and a Player D suggests you might get banned for it. 


Your second modreq, sparked by this statement:



2013-12-23 01:04:19 | <Player A> It's okay, you got hit with the /ignore :p



2013-12-23 01:06:07 | Archiuz issued server command: /modreq "you got hit with /ignore" made me feel sad and harassed.


Which was closed by cab417 with: "There is the command for a reason. Don't want to hear him, /ignore come in handy."


A couple hours later, MrLoud15 contacts you


2013-12-23 02:07:48 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] Hello, you there?

2013-12-23 02:07:53 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] maybe
2013-12-23 02:08:19 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] Ok, please stop with the incest jokes.
2013-12-23 02:08:41 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] k your what the fifth person
2013-12-23 02:09:00 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] does it take 5 diff headadmins to get the point across?
2013-12-23 02:09:20 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] Looks like since you have not stoped since the first time you were asked.
2013-12-23 02:09:28 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] stopped*
2013-12-23 02:09:28 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] really
2013-12-23 02:09:33 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] what did I say
2013-12-23 02:09:56 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] "Player A don't you have a sister or something to fuck?"
2013-12-23 02:10:01 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] time?
2013-12-23 02:10:04 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] and other things like that.
2013-12-23 02:10:08 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] time?
2013-12-23 02:10:17 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] yesterday
2013-12-23 02:10:25 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] i was told today
2013-12-23 02:10:40 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] around an hour ago
2013-12-23 02:10:50 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] and have not said anything since
2013-12-23 02:10:53 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] but
2013-12-23 02:10:55 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] Ok
2013-12-23 02:11:01 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] now that I have the idea
2013-12-23 02:11:06 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] i mean y not right
2013-12-23 02:11:47 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] so is there anything else ya need>
2013-12-23 02:12:07 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] Nope


"and have not said anything since" -at this point this statement is true, you had not made any more incest jokes after being asked to stop by kitcatbar.

However, you follow this with:


2013-12-23 02:12:13 | <0cean.Archiuz> hey Player A

2013-12-23 02:12:30 | <0cean.Archiuz> i realized why you target me when noone else is online
2013-12-23 02:12:38 | <0cean.Archiuz> cyz you like 1v1s huehuehuehuehue



2013-12-23 02:13:05 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] see, nobody even noticed that innuendo

Again, showing little respect for a matter which we staff take very seriously. 

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Your third modreq was prefaced by this: 


2013-12-23 16:32:38 | [Player E -> Player A] idk man Archiuz is about to join us, don't you two got beef?

2013-12-23 16:34:35 | <DONG.Archiuz> hey Player A why don't you want to ally now
2013-12-23 16:34:40 | <DONG.Archiuz> that hurts my feelings
2013-12-23 16:34:52 | <DONG.Archiuz> gonna modreq that one too sorry!



2013-12-23 16:35:01 | Archiuz issued server command: /modreq Player A harassming me

Which was closed by MrLoud15 with "Discussed via mumble with you and thrawn."


While you have at this point made three frivolous "harassment" modreqs, you mock the one serious one made by Player A:


2013-12-23 21:44:55 | <DONG.Archiuz> what type of dipshit says maddybaddys?

2013-12-23 21:45:11 | <DONG.Archiuz> oh yeah the same dipshit who mods reqs cuz they can't deal with it themselves


MrLoud15 contacts you later (a discussion which leads to a conversation between yourself, him and I in mumble which the closed msgs refer to)


2013-12-23 23:21:26 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] Hello

2013-12-23 23:21:33 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] heyy
2013-12-23 23:22:12 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] About your modreq, how do you feel harassed if you are not even sure he was talking
2013-12-23 23:22:18 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] you?
2013-12-23 23:22:22 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] I cannot talk now
2013-12-23 23:22:24 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] another time
2013-12-23 23:32:07 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] Ready to talk now/
2013-12-23 23:32:14 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] ?*
2013-12-23 23:32:15 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] noooo
2013-12-23 23:32:23 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] why not?
2013-12-23 23:32:30 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] y so
2013-12-23 23:32:56 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] You made these modreqs and I'm trying to find out what is going on.
2013-12-23 23:33:13 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] dw about it, pop a molly or somethinf
2013-12-23 23:34:16 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] If someone is harassing I want to put a stop to it as soon as I can.
2013-12-23 23:34:22 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] same
2013-12-23 23:34:46 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] Then why do you not want to talk right now?
2013-12-23 23:34:51 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] biz eee
2013-12-23 23:35:04 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] ?
2013-12-23 23:35:10 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] !
2013-12-23 23:36:37 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] How is Player A harassing you?
2013-12-23 23:36:45 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] how isn't he
2013-12-23 23:36:58 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] I'm not seeing anything in the logs that looks like harassing.
2013-12-23 23:37:10 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] i feel harassed by his presence
2013-12-23 23:38:14 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] That is not harassment..
2013-12-23 23:38:29 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] That is you trolling /modreq.
2013-12-23 23:38:33 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] no
2013-12-23 23:38:37 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] you are trolling me
2013-12-23 23:38:48 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] it is harassment
2013-12-23 23:38:53 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] How?
2013-12-23 23:38:57 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] don't tell me my feelings
2013-12-23 23:39:22 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] just give him astern warnin ok
2013-12-23 23:39:41 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] I'm not, I'm asking for an example because I'm not seeing anything.
2013-12-23 23:39:53 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] he called me a maddybaddy
2013-12-23 23:40:04 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] harassment at it's finest
2013-12-23 23:40:27 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] you are not even sure of that "possibly refer to me in which case I feel sad and harassed."
2013-12-23 23:40:51 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] are you sure I'm the correct Archiuz
2013-12-23 23:41:22 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] yeah, I am.
2013-12-23 23:41:31 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] nooo
2013-12-23 23:41:36 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] you are not
2013-12-23 23:41:46 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] I have an evil twin named Archiuz
2013-12-23 23:42:12 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] Just to make sure I'm getting this, you want me to warn Player A for harassment because he plays on
2013-12-23 23:42:19 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] the same server as you?
2013-12-23 23:42:26 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] noooo
2013-12-23 23:42:35 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] Then for what?
2013-12-23 23:42:37 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] warn him bc he's a prick
2013-12-23 23:43:03 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] can we talk in mumble for a minute?
2013-12-23 23:43:18 | [Archiuz -> Mrloud15] I can express myself better there
2013-12-23 23:43:24 | [Mrloud15 -> Archiuz] sure


Again, you do not seem serious regarding this matter, with "dw about it, pop a molly or somthinf" and "I have an evil twin named Archiuz." At this point MrLoud15 asks me to hop in mumble with him, and I join the discussion with you two. I sorely wish I had recorded the conversation, for it was filled with what seems to be a pattern of you treating harassment charges in a mocking manner, and using them as an alternate venue for conflict (with phrases similar to "if he starts modreqing me, I'll get back at him"). MrLoud15 and I had both been under the impression that that discussion was to be regarding the current issue, but instead you told us that two months ago Player A outed an alt of yours on another server's subreddit, which was then linked in our mumble. You wanted us to ban Player A for doxxing your alt, but the subreddit link you gave us had been removed, and we do not ban for outing alts. From the rules:


We are not in the business of protecting players' alt accounts - but if a player has made it clear that they don't want their alt accounts publicized, then you need to respect that. Taunting players with the names of their alt accounts, particularly if those players have made it clear that they are uncomfortable with this, will be treated as harassment.

We both told you that it was not okay of Player A to have revealed your alt, but because the link was now empty (and had nothing but yours and a couple other player's word as to what it contained) and there was no further evidence of Player A continuing to harass you, there was not much we could do about the matter.

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You then turned to allegations of Player A hacking. I said that if you had evidence regarding that, I would welcome seeing it and you said that you had a video that showed him hacking while pvping you. I asked to see it, but you said that you would rather post it on the subreddit instead. I asked that you not do that, for a) we do not want to start a witchunt against anyone and b) material related to bans does not belong on the subreddit. You then said that you would post the video anyways, calling it a "Let's Play," to which I advised you not to, and asked again that you send the video to myself or another admin.


This ended the conversation on mumble, but when you returned to the game you continued to provoke Player A and make sexual jokes regarding him and his sister.


2013-12-24 00:20:21 | <DONG.Archiuz> you jumped me with 3 others

2013-12-24 00:20:23 | <DONG.Archiuz> your fucking bad
2013-12-24 00:20:27 | <DONG.Archiuz> you didn't run for food
2013-12-24 00:20:31 | <DONG.Archiuz> you ran to get help
2013-12-24 00:20:37 | <DONG.Archiuz> no you had swords
2013-12-24 00:20:40 | <DONG.Archiuz> don't lie Player A
2013-12-24 00:20:49 | <DONG.Archiuz> it's almost as bad as fucking your sister
2013-12-24 00:21:00 | <DONG.Archiuz> confirmed
2013-12-24 00:21:02 | <DONG.Archiuz> but hey
2013-12-24 00:21:12 | <DONG.Archiuz> still better than pissing in my sisters motuh right Player A
2013-12-24 00:21:48 | <DONG.Archiuz> yeah cuz Player A bitched about it
2013-12-24 00:23:14 | <DONG.Archiuz> you guys just suck at pvp
2013-12-24 00:23:20 | <DONG.Archiuz> I ran in and dropped 5 of you
2013-12-24 00:23:31 | <DONG.Archiuz> you had to get Player A off his sister and drag emercery to fight me
2013-12-24 00:25:33 | <DONG.Archiuz> or could you not hear it over Player A's moans
I witnessed this in-game and messaged you


2013-12-24 00:26:19 | [thrawn21 -> Archiuz] Please stop making sexual references about Player A.


To which you responded:


2013-12-24 00:26:31 | <DONG.Archiuz> and theres thrawn messaging me again

2013-12-24 00:26:33 | <DONG.Archiuz> ok Player A
2013-12-24 00:26:42 | <DONG.Archiuz> can't deal with peers so you get an admin
2013-12-24 00:26:46 | <DONG.Archiuz> good fight kid
2013-12-24 00:27:18 | <DONG.Archiuz> yeah ok
2013-12-24 00:27:24 | <DONG.Archiuz> popped out of the blue then yeah??

At no point here did Player A contact me, and I had said so. 


MrLoud15 then informed me on irc that he had already warned you for your sexual comments towards Player A, and knowing that he was not the only one to have done so, I then banned you.


2013-12-24 00:29:50 | CH: Running original command on player thrawn21 ----> /ban Archiuz Player harrasment after multiple warnings. Appeal at nerd.nu/appeal

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Because I have been friendly with Player A in the past, after these next comments I will be passing on the handling of this ban appeal to another head admin. 


As a side note, our rules state:


No spawn camping.

However, as I was combing through the logs I found strong evidence that you were in fact spawn camping on multiple occasions. 


In addition, I wanted to mention that I do recognise a difference between "standard S banter" and harassing speech. In the logs I found these interactions between yourself and Player A which I would consider normal shit talking between two pvper's. However, the insults and innuendos (especially after being asked repeatedly to stop) you've thrown at Player A are way beyond the acceptable line. A Sadmin is more than welcome to weigh in further on this point if they would like.


My final point is that I did not just look at your side of the conversation. I searched Player A's logs for any returned harassment and found nothing I would consider questionable. I would ask that the head admin who takes over this appeal check that for themselves. 

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Ok. This is a ridiculously biased report.


A. I admitted to all offences, and these were already discussed. There was no need to post these logs as well as my pm's publicly, especially after the ban was in place.

B. I will say it again, it is NOT spawn camping when they hit you back. ie I kill player_1. player_1 respawns and starts whacking me with his fist. player_1 slain by archiuz. S on and so forth. 90% of the time, if they don't hit back, nor do I.

C. While I appreciate you "handing" this over to another head, this report is still biased. "My final point is that I did not just look at your side of the conversation." 

D. I have had an issue on nerd, with MAYBE 1 other person, depending on how Roast wants to think of it. Other than that Player A is the only person I have had an issue with. As I understand, Player A has also had issues with other people. 

E. While player A has maybe not done anything specifically on nerd, he has attempted to harass me in other way. Most of this is on my word, but I havn't lied yet, and a few mods have already backed my claim. 

Player A has used the nerd mumble on an alt in order to get sensitive information about me, and then use it to try to get me banned, on a dofferent server. (verified)

Player A has tried to rub this in ingame and remind me of my "ban"

Player A has blared music in our channel, cursed at us in mumble, and while their may or may not be direct evidence of this, but as I have not lied yet, I see no reason to not believe this. There has DEFINETLY been a 2 sided conflict.

F. Even after all this, the ban has already been put in place and the continuation of the arguement is dumb. This is not a ban arguement forum, as I understood, this is an appeal. I believed I appealed correctly and would like a response to that, rather than for the reason in which I am banned. Thanks!

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I am sure this breaks one of nerds rules and will reread and reagree to not break them again.


We felt it was necessary to post context, in hopes that the ban reason would truly sink in. You were told in the PMs what rule you were breaking, but given this quote here, it still seems like you are trying to brush this off and not take it seriously. At one point you complained "k your what the fifth person". This does no help to your case, because it shouldn't take that many people telling you that you are violating a rule for you to stop. The involved staff members were pretty lenient to give you that many warnings, so having searched the logs myself, I feel that this ban is fully justified. This was taken way beyond the point of normal S banter. You tried to say that Player A was harassing you in different forms, and if that is so, let us know. Getting back at someone for a wrong they've done puts you just as much in the wrong.


I believe you were shown enough leniency in game, so I will not be taking any here. The ban is set at 3 weeks from the original ban date. You are free to reappeal on January 14, 2014.

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