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  1. What about something like the multiworld, where you could go to and fight challenging things like this. Wouldn't require preservation of overworld areas, and you could make it so nothing drops. If you die, you lose your items, so it it's a risk to try, but could be worth the effort. Maybe one with the dragon that drops no egg...
  2. Yeah, the one I referenced (for the jungle sapling) was a treasure hunt / obstacle course. We follow clues to a giant jungle tree, and raced to the top. It would be best to say first four players (limit one per town) who make it to the goal get a portal
  3. What about something like this: rev 7 or 8, when jungle trees first were released, there was an event to earn a jungle sapling. Why not do something similar for portals? No portals for the first week, but have an event after a week to earn them, and they can be placed anywhere (with a set minimum distance between them). No solution would be perfect, but this could be an option.
  4. How do you quantify what is the requirements for approval of a portal. You have to have some measurable goal, or you will have some angry players, being subjective does not work. How far apart must a portal be from another portal? If possible, every town would have their own portal. Sometimes, towns accidentally start building next to each other, since there is no live map early game. Players will be mad if they work hard to earn one, but neighboring town already got one. What is considered "establishing themselves"? Roads? Cobble builds? I'm not trying to say your idea is bad, it just needs to be fleshed out before it can be a valid suggestion.
  5. It is me indeed. I went and played a few different games since I left. Life got busy, and I didn't game much, but it is all calming back down. I've not studied the fighting style of Mr Skeltal, but I've seen Ooer and his trusty pistol. I'd like to believe between the pistol and his wife, he can take on anyone he needs to.
  6. Back when I first started playing WoW, I was clicking the Random button on names. It came up with Dendran. I used it to make my hunter, and played for a while. As typical, people just called me Den. To make it easier, I created my other characters with something that started with Den- (e.g. Denidan, Denodar, Denevien). Denevien was the name I ended up using for my Priest, which turned out to be my favorite class, and I also liked that name best. Since then, when I move on to new games, I choose Denevien. Obviously, my first course of action is to eat the strawberry jam. This will help with the empty stomach, until I can find a better source of food. Having eaten the jam, I now have an empty jar, and I'm in a forest. The logical solution is to relieve myself into the jar. Having solved my two immediate problems, I gather as many free handouts that I can from the information desk. If the attendant is willing to allow me to take all of them, I do so, and open up my own shop to sell the spoons and goggles. If the malicious gatekeeper comes around, I always have my trusty piss-jar that I can throw at him. I keep my shop open as long as I am making profits, then I take the unimpeded road in hopes of finding a new adventure.
  7. geg is no molon, he no save. geg is no molon, he no save. In the past year I: Got an internship Got hired on full time Bought a house Proposed to LadyDen (she said "why not") Went to Disney World Got married Went on a cruise for the honeymoon Here I am That being said, I'm doing pretty good too. LadyDen got a new job too, so we're both out of the restaurant industry, huzzah.
  8. I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. But for real, I like to think of myself as someone who is fun to be around. I think I'm fair to everyone (whether they think it is or not), and I'm relatively forgiving. I'm goofy when I can be, but professional when I need to be. I prefer to handle serious matter over text, so that I can respond logically, and not emotionally (I'm not always short tempered, but I can be pushed to be). To put it short: "Denevien is Denevien, and Denevien is Awesome"
  9. It is really hard to say, only because people don't think it be like it is, but it do.
  10. I'll respond to that in the same way I did to my first girlfriend's father when he asked me the same question: "uhhhh............."
  11. 1) The snow never melts in Agua Fria. That is why we abandoned it. 2) His darkest secret is what lies behind the mask...
  12. Hey guys, I have not really been around since I stepped down as a Head Admin, and I've recently started playing again. Something I noticed is that there are some people who know me, and some who do not. I figured I'd make one of these for kicks and giggles.
  13. Since this thread got revived, and it has been a few years since I've done one of these, here is LadyDen and I at our wedding.
  14. I'd say there isn't really a need for it currently. There are only 5 Forum Game threads that I see, 2 of which have not been active for a few weeks. If there was 10+, then I could see it being worth it.
  15. When I submitted something like this for the Server Icon Contest, it was labeled as a "Particularly low quality/effort submission"
  16. Submitted a pull request that should allow /me to be ignored.
  17. Admins have the ability to see what IPs players are connecting from, and can handle that information appropriately. If someone is using an alt to break rules, there is a good chance they will be caught. Be patient, and someone will be around to handle your modreq. You could take this time to set up a mining camp to use a second base, in case you ever need to stock up on gear before heading back to your base.
  18. In game, you need to go to your base, and make a modreq. This can be done by typing something similar to "/modreq My base has been griefed". When a moderator is around, they will see it, and be able to see who griefed it, and take action appropriately, as well as rolling back the edits (aka fixing it). Making a post on the forums is not the way to go about getting the situation resolved. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!
  19. While it can be a problem on the others, so far it has not been. As I said, survival did have one and survival users specifically targeted people, so it was removed.
  20. This^. At one point, all three existed, but it was causing too much trouble. Player A would report Player B by modreq for something (combat logging, grief, etc), which is what is expected of players. Player B would see the report on the portal, and make up false reports against Player A, or do anything in their power to get them in trouble. This is not what we want out of our community, so it was determined it was better to hide it.
  21. Not yet, but you have not given her a chance yet, she just got here and is saying that is what she is going to use to handle issues. If that is where they want these discussions now, if you don't try it, you can't complain about not being heard. I understand they've had issues with it in the past, but she seems to be willing to make the changes. It really only takes one to get it moving. There were many times I had to force other PAdmins and HAdmins to get things done, but they got done. As I said earlier:
  22. No one said "No discussion". To me, the uservoice page seems to be set up for comments and discussion. It gets all issues clearly marked and grouped together. Players can vote for the ones they feel are the most important to them, and those can be the ones tackled first. As much as I prefer the forums over the subreddit, they are not the absolute best place to handle topics like these. Multiple threads get created for the same topic, all thoughts and suggestions are everywhere. The uservoice makes it easier to see what has already been brought up, and you can add your thoughts and suggestions to relevant topics. That was, SAdmins do not need to dig through 10 threads to find all relevant suggestions for 1 topic. All this to me...
  23. Having ran multiple mumble meetings for P, I can tell you what you're asking for isn't truly the best way to do it. Not everyone will be pleased with a decision. When something gets asked, it needs to be discussed by the admins, who then come to a decision and present that decision. I know for a fact, there were many times that the PAdmins didn't agree on something. We basically voted, and went with the majority. Now, this isn't really something that should take place live in a mumble meeting, because the ones who are for the losing side will feel they are being oppressed or have bias against them. If people do what is being suggested here, submit things written down, they can be responded to once it is discussed among the SAdmins. Whether they actually do it or not is up to them, but that is currently how they are requesting it be done. So, my advice: they are saying that is how to get answers, at least try it before you complain about it.
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