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Clan Mix-up Suggestion


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All different types of suggestions are welcome, we are all just trying to make the server more enjoyable. 




Although it's still fun and an enjoyable experience, I'm sure many of us will agree that Survival isn't as good as it used to be. Things like the Survival Arena League have made a big impact on the PvP this revision, and that is really great. But I'm certain there are more things that could change to make Survival better than ever!

One thing that me, GetaFever and a couple others think could be a nice change is to mix up the clans a little. Often having the same clans every map can be a little repetitive, and if we were to mix up who we are in a clan with, it could change the builds and PvP for the better, and hopefully strengthen our community!

I also think that limiting the size of clans could increase the amount of PvP, and stop the big clans from ruling over everything.

I'd love to hear your feedback to this idea. Would any of you want to shake it up a bit too? :D Any other thoughts and suggestions to help Survival are welcome!

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I would like to point out,  primarily in response to your point on reddit rcub,  that I think people would be extatic if they had the chance to be with four or lazee and being with people like that would make them improve and make the whole server just better at pvp. 

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