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  1. Wow, if I'd known we could've done this it would've saved so much time on the majority of forum threads.
  2. Are you really gonna do this? Cus it's looks to me like you're not gonna do this. No one has shown any committed enthusiasm for this new survival, why bother?
  3. there's a loud crash from behind cyotie as Mrloud kicks down his door and RKOs him.
  4. So is there anything you can tell us about your current plans or is there nothing to tell?
  5. But it was meant to be a prize for the previous revision's SAL, which did run for a few matches iirc. Why didn't it get given as a prize as promised?
  6. What events have you run so far as event admin and are you planning any right now?
  7. goob riddance i say!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I would say yes since I haven't played it too much since getting it but I'm busy this weekend, maybe some other time this summer though would be good.
  9. That's classic Tropical Storm Bill right there, he's never here on fridays.
  10. The admins don't need to get involved with this. The other team is capable of fighting against it, and they should learn to do so if they don't want to lose. If the other team is attacking via skybridge, tear down the skybridge. There's nothing wrong with either of those tactics that you listed. If the teams are very unbalanced then the admins could switch some players over, however that shouldn't really be needed. You should be able to PvP and capture the flag whenever, allowing that only to certain timezones is an awful idea.
  11. Having 3 different rounds was very disappointing. Poor solution to a very 1 sided event, more should have been done to even it out - disabling strength and regen buffs as was suggested numerous times during the first round, having a deathstreak buff etc. Apart from the surprisingly large amount that was donated, I think we've always done better in the past. Take a look at these posts that previous admins had made in the lead up to and after the event. The information post beforehand has already been mentioned, but I used to love the wrap-up posts that concluded the events and stated the winners. I don't think we even have a post anywhere saying who even won the event, and for a lot of players part of the fun of this is the competition. Not having one makes the event seem a lot less special and not a big deal, which it really was, or at least should have been.
  12. In the current setup we have, the head admins don't really have a clear role. What is their current role?
  13. Hi nickey is unavailable right now so i'll answer on his behalf. If you have anymore questions don't ask them nickey will never be available as a lion got him goobye
  14. Imperials because I refuse to side with twilexis.
  15. GTA V is released on PC on the 14th and I'm assuming there'll be a lot of people from nerd getting that. GTA V channel?
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