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Survival Arena League: Arena #4 in 30 minutes!

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Arena #4






The Survival Arena League is a series of weekly arena nights on to encourage top-tier PVP, all the time. In addition to the usual prizes given out for arena fights, we'll be keeping score throughout the revision. The top-scoring players at the end of the revision win fabulous prizes:


  • Top 3 scorers get special subreddit flair!
  • Top scorer gets a monument built in their honor in the next S spawn!

There will be four different types of fights that you can earn points in:

  • 1v1 (duels)
  • 1v1v1v1 (4-ways)
  • Free-for-alls
  •  Mob free-for-alls

We will not be supplying any gear for these fights, so you must bring any items you would like to use (you will have access to an enderchest). For information about the rules and scoring, check out the SAL spreadsheet


Can't wait to see you guys there!


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