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An issue on S


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So heres my issue, There is a protected arena underneath my spawn plot. 


As you can see from this imgur almbum http://imgur.com/a/y3z6p It is directly underneath the fall pit I am digging.


The last block of spawn is at 53 X, My fall pit is at 54X, the blocks extending from the arena underneath spawn are also at 54X. Directly in the way of my fall trap.


The edge of the KOTV land mass is at 50x http://i.imgur.com/ULdOxrI.png


There is a 3 block buffer zone where players can fall into the void. The KOTV arena would still be the same if it was just 1 block to fall into the void in. But to fix our plot, it would work with 2.  http://i.imgur.com/8P9vtYc.png


The wall at X:54 can be moved back 1 block towards spawn and re protected, to X:53 which would allow us to continue our build,keep KOTV enclosed, and only change the falling zone by 1 block, which would have NO effect on KOTV gameplay, but would still fix our plot.


I was told at first this would not be done because it would leave KOTV open, but if you carefully read over my suggestion, you'll notice that is not the fact.





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Ok, I made a mistake here. When I looked at the gap in kotv between the arena and the wall, i counted two empty spaces. I'm guessing my mistake was in using the leaf blocks from the tree that sticks out over the gap as a reference point. In any case, beast, redwall, and I have discussed this and I've added a layer of stone to each wall on the two far ends of kotv, and contracted the kotv worldguard region by one meter on those two ends.


I am sorry for the inconvenience, I'm sorry for my mistake in understanding the situation, and I appreciate you making this post to help clarify things in a way that I was not understanding previously when speaking with avadakedavra03 in mumble and later with both you and avada in-game.


Closing the post now.

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