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[2/27/15] Public Chaos Arena Announcement (GEAR PROVIDED). All are welcome; tell your friends!


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I'm very happy to announce that the new S admins have given Avadakedavra03, Veltoss and myself permission to host the first official player ran arena of Chaos. The arena will be hosted Friday night at 9:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). At 9:00 PM you will be able to warp to the arena with a command, and at about 9:05-9:15(depending on player turnout) we will begin the first round.


The Current Fights Are Planned as Followed:

  • Itemless FFA
  • 2v2 Kitted Tournament
  • 1v1 Kitted Tournament
  • 1v1 BYOG (Bring your own gear) Tournament
  • 4v4 Kitted
  • Kitted FFA

How the fight schedule will work:


You can sign up now by commenting on this post with what bracket you're interested in participating, or you can opt in before the actual matches themselves. Note: players who have signed up in advanced will have priority over those who opt in before a match. That doesn't mean you won't get to fight though! We will do our best to work in anyone who is interested in participating, even if it means we end up being your opponent! And you better believe, with three of us running this, we'll be fighting along side you.

The winners of each bracket will be awarded with a special prize!

This being an official arena, the sadmins have agreed to provided prizes to the winners of each bracket! So thanks kindly sadmins!


About the Arena:


The arena is completely new and somewhat different, and we're really hoping you'll enjoy murdering your friends on it! A lot of love went into crafting this map. It has a diverse biome theme, with 4 platforms in the center for flat oriented pvp. There will be a few hidden chests throughout the arena with some items, that may or may not aid in your fight, but to balance the advantage you may put yourself at a disadvantage when attempting to get to the chest. Note: you will not have this "advantage" in the bring your own gear bracket.

We'll be hosting an arena once a week during chaos, and hopefully if this is successful, even during Survival Revision 28. Fingers crossed. We really hope to have a good attendance for this arena. All are welcome, so if you wanted a fun activity in-between the chaos of Creative, or planning on the new PVE map please consider us at 9:00 PM EST this Friday. We look very forward to seeing you fight!




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As a teaser for this weekend's new arena design, I've spent a few hours trying to get the best single screenshot possible. After getting the lighting and angle just right, I present to you a small preview of the arena. Screenshot taken from the Creative server.



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