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  1. S pls ty xx 

  2. Is obesity an issue in America? Is obesity an issue in Russia? Who, then, is winning the clearly ongoing Cold War?
  3. Is this subforum even needed anymore? IIRC we did away with the CS:GO server, correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Sort each category by play-times, with something indicating whether a staff member is online.
  5. EmpireDidNothingWrong

  6. Comedic genius. That aside, this sounds pretty fantastic. I'm disappointed that there hasn't really been much action on any of your recent ideas, you're throwing it all out there.
  7. This actually looks really viable. The scene from the trailer with the base covered in military units looked fucking awesome, and it could perhaps even lead to the sort of rivalry atmosphere that Survival once had, with different factions all vying for power. I'm actually going to give it a try myself, so even if this never becomes a nerd.nu thing you'll have perhaps convinced me to get a great game - cheers for that.
  8. Wil geg save us all? Who is geg? How're you doin'?
  9. Would play/10 A test run on this for like a couple weeks or something in the future would be sweet
  10. I can wholeheartedly say that CS:GO is a pretty poor foundation to build any sort of social environment. I currently run a CS:GO Surf server and the social aspects are very minor outside of the well-known players trashtalking each-other in-game. Straight-up shooters aren't usually a good foundation for what we seem to be aiming for in general, but there are exceptions, such as TTT in Garry's Mod. However, that succeeds because the entire premise is to interact with one another rather than just shoot each-other and yell insults. Games that don't really put an emphasis in talking to each-other, I would recommend we avoid if we really want to have any sort of 'sense of community'.
  11. legit why didn't you fucks make this thread already Anyway, spoilers will obviously result in gulag time with dreaded prison guard Dmitrov, so keep that outta here. To get started, how rock-solid are your genitals for the movie?
  12. I agree with everything in this post, especially faster promotions. Going back to the whole "why isn't Zomise an admin" line of reasoning has a lot of credit to it. If one person believes that being moved to moderator is overly tedious for what it is, it's me - not to imply I was ever fit for moderator, which I now see I wasn't. As someone pointed out earlier, the server seems to be treated like the big community it was a few years ago, whereas now it's far smaller in scale. Let's be honest with ourselves, people don't need to be hardcore, non-stop helpful players for months to moderate nerd.nu as it is. Some leniency would go a long way. I'm very surprised temp-bans aren't a thing yet. That was being discussed many, many months ago, likely over a year ago; why hasn't any decision been made on it? The proposed idea in this thread of 'temp-bans for newbies/first-time offenders' is very solid.
  13. Shame, would've been awesome if something got rolling with that.
  14. Just curious as to whether the CS:GO server has been having regular players or not, a chart showing player activity would be great. The few times I've checked the server in my server browser, it's been empty.
  15. I agree with this. S would get a kickstart of the crazy people that it used to be home to, and I think that would go a long way.
  16. I even extended my butterknife armory to ingame, shit's outta control
  17. Was wondering if all of you are complete scrubs. I'm MGE myself, close to DMG. I generally play at DMG/LE level, but I haven't played in 3~ weeks after the theft of my PC.
  18. oh my god please yes sign me up i swear
  19. fuck me in the gutter like the classy woman I am

  20. Ducky Shine 3, MX Cherry Blues for switches.
  21. See you around, amigo. Have a good one.
  22. I agree with everyone in this thread in one way or another. cdmrtbeok brings up the point that discussion political/religious facts is in no way offensive, but kittypuppet raises that someone is always bound to be offended. Personally I believe everything Mumber said here is spot-on; To directly quote the rules; Excessively negative comments or disruptive arguments/discussions in global chat are not tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, discussions concerning politics, religion, issues with staff/policy, issues with specific other players, or validity of bans. Any and all such conversations should be conducted in/moved to private channels, such as /msg, clanchat, or /mail. It's as clear as day; if the discussion is actually "excessively negative", it should be moved to clanchat. Take note that "negative" doesn't mean the same thing as "excessively negative". I appreciate that zburdsal queried for the opinions of other staff when dealing with political discussion earlier, as this does a lot to remove the idea of someone being politically/religiously biased and silencing discussion for their own purposes. What it ought to come down to is a short, simple discussion amongst present staff when political/religious discussions take a turn for the negative in order to decide the best course of action. However, as the rules very clearly imply, discussion about politics/religion is not banned; only excessively negative forms of it are.
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