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SAL Arena Question and Feedback


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The Sadmin team has a question for our Survival community.  Would you prefer to have the SAL arena designed and built by the admins or would you like to have a chance to build it yourselves in a contest?  As a whole we are making an effort to bring the community into the decision making process for the server we all play on.  Please vote in regards to one way or the other.  If you have anything additionally to say, please do not hesitate to reply below.  We will decide on the course of action Friday, March 6th, and act accordingly on the majority vote.  Cheers!  :D

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last time something was admin built a ruckus was made over small details which should not have been there. 


I vote playermade with admin review.


I think that the new Sadmins have learned a valuable lesson from that entire fiasco, so I wouldn't put that on the list of reasons that admins shouldn't build their server's structures.

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I already started building an arena before you announced a contest world, would it be possible to have my build moved to the conest world?



edit: I'm actually done with an arena. And I added something new that I would actually like to see in future arenas on S. One issue I always have is that I'm not able to fit everything in my end chest or on my person, especially if I want to participate in multiple brackets of an arena. This one that I've recently finished comes with a good number of chests that users would be able to freely claim(1 per person) so they'll always be prepared for the weekly arena. I believe this will prevent users from missing out if they find themselves short on potions or gear after losing a bracket. It would allow the user to prepare a week in advance as well.

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