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  1. taking a page from Borderlands, I propose we call Deneviens idea the Exploitation Reserve
  2. that aint even an update youve had that for months now
  3. im the top of the tower, should you build it upside down good ol silver 1
  4. m8 it will be sad to see you go, just dont be a stranger around here yeah
  5. Buffalo Steak Sandwich works wonders with this method
  6. also i would assume since youre willing and able to compete and he has disappeared, you would get a round one bye and move up.
  7. try /mailing him ingame, seeing as this is Harlock's first and only post here, he might not be on the forums too often, or even know who he's facing.
  8. Some things ive said before about P revisions that have gotten some support: Pre-defined revisions, Start with 15-week revs, with a vote to extend to 20. It keeps things fresh, and the eternal "new-rev when" question will be answered. With revs lasting approx 3 1/2 months, its not too short to be cut, but not too long to fizzle. Here's where I first brought it up Also a 5x5 nether portal arrangement would work best, a good round number, easily dividable into military alliances when the late-rev wars begin, and has midway points so you dont have to travel too far.
  9. This is the official Petition that the Loser's Bracket of the Tournament on August 1st be determined solely through the use of the Negev weapon. Server settings should be changed to provide enough money to purchase one every round. Use of any other weapon shall be prohibited, with exception to a Knife only when out of ammo.
  10. time to see just how thin i can get smeared all over the scoreboard
  11. im in if you need someone to round out the lists, but if you have enough im ok sitting out
  12. can i have steve austin as my qb
  13. gross the past couple TT games have been ass, no engine improvements, no really affectable story, and theyve gotten so big and spread out that any chapter has to wait too long for another. plus MC really doesnt need a story, at least make it a bit more MC-like without the small facial details etc etc.
  14. its not just one, its a whole stack of them
  15. man you are just drooling over this arent you
  16. I've been going through my backlog and came across this game. It's great and all but the playerbase is either shite or elitists. Does anyone else here play GW and would be interested in getting a few games in?
  17. three reasons why lego worlds is the best game ever http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=454160629 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=454160660 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=454160691
  18. Anyone else have it? This honestly is the first LEGO game in years to really have the old-school Travellers Tales vibe, not like the WB assisted ones. $15 on Steam, Early Access, 550MB, but needs a decent CPU to do the world generation. http://store.steampowered.com/app/332310/
  19. its in early access for a year at least, confirmed by devs. Multiplayer is not the main focus of development right now, currently they want more variation, better AI, and better optimization. The first "multiplayer"-esque thing you will see is IRL sets and/or Steam Workshop compatibilities.
  20. best beer is usually the one in largest quantities
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