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Fundraiser #2 - How to get involved


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Hi guys,


In order to make it easier for you to get involved with the Fundraiser 2 project happening on E-dev we'd like to announce the following:


1. We're going to try to make sure that there is an EAdmin on the E-dev server every day (starting today) at 22:00-23:00 UTC. We're hoping you'll be able to join us at around this time, so that we can all build together (its more fun than building alone!). Timezones: http://bit.ly/1kcQw2J


2. We have gone through the list and are pretty sure that every staff member is now whitelisted on E. You should be able to join the server by typing /server event-dev. To get to the plots/build area for Fundraiser 2, just type /mvtp admin. Plots you can build in are all surrounded by purple wool. If you can't find a free plot in the size you want, just copy one, merge some, or make your own.



Build Examples for Fundraiser 2



(So please use materials with fair gameplay in mind e.g. Don't build a whole island out of diamond blocks)


  • Space Rocks (Various Sizes) - Have a look in current plots to see a ton of examples. You can build them out of any common material - but please don't add ores (we'll do that later).
  • Larger Asteroid Fields - groups of rocks would be particularly time-saving for map-builders (No ore yet please).
  • Floating Islands (Various Sizes) - Anything with a flat-ish top that we can use to add builds, materials, animals etc. as required. If you want to make your own island, complete with interesting space relic / alien monster / unexplainable house etc. please do! Think of this as the minecraft equivalent of a strange alien planet.
  • Comets - Want to make a pretty rainbow comet flying through space? Or a lonely ball of ice and rock? Go for it.
  • Satellites, Probes, and Other Floating Technology - If you're feeling like building small to medium scientific looking builds - this is for you!
  • Small Spaceships - ships designed to be scavenged, rather than looted.
  • Anything else of a similar nature.



(So please use any materials you like!)


  • Small Loot Spaceships - Ships designed to be looted rather than scavenged (e.g. contains a loot sign or chest)
  • Larger Spaceships/Stations - Should have a purpose such as containing some kind of challenge, lots of rooms to explore in search of loot, or some kind of involved addition to the general storyline (or any combination of the above).
  • Anything else of a similar nature.


Here's some further info, to help you get going:


The storyline: Lime Team and Red Team settled on opposite sides of the same sector of space more or less at the same time. Both teams are trying to claim the sector for themselves (it's got some pretty nice mining opportunities) and firmly believe they have rightful ownership of the area. War has broken out between the two teams, and all the native inhabitants nearby are pretty annoyed that the two are constantly battling each other and blowing stuff up in their once peaceful space-neighborhood.


It would be great to see builds that reflect the 'current state of affairs'. For example, small lime and red fighter ships locked in combat, or a local colony with a half finished rocket of their own, or a miserable intergalactic sheep-herder with a ball of flames where his farm used to be - you get the idea!


Hope to see you there!



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