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  1. Hi unnamed205, I unbanned your account, thank you for your appeal. Please be careful in the future and continue to follow the server's rules.
  2. Hi unnamed205, Please reply saying that you have read the rules of the server and will follow them and we can work on reversing the ban. https://nerd.nu/rules/
  3. Hi unnamed205, Your ban length is set to a minimum of 1 month. At that time please make a new ban appeal explaining that you do not plan on repeating the actions that led to your ban, that you understand why you were banned, and that you have read the rules of the server and plan on following them.
  4. Hi unnamed205, I will discuss the length of your ban with other staff members considering: You've said in your ban appeal that you will do those things listed again, Your recent ban, That you did those things because you did not care, and will update this post with more information at a later time.
  5. -Plot Number 0051 -Plot Owner's: Solace -Group Island -Solace -Most Useful Island
  6. I'll be working on another spawn parkour sekrit! *Silver added me about half an hour ago as a body double for Zomise's video
  7. dat landmass those are some amazing looking sky islands! :) looking forward to seeing what people make
  8. I apologize for the wait! Your in-game name was BlazingMCHD. It's been a while since I banned you, so I will need you to reply back stating that you have read the rules, and explain which rule(s) you broke.
  9. Here's a link to a time convertor!
  10. where do you see yourself in 5 years? what do you think of the recent trend of selfies? do you believe in very trusting region chest permissions, or selective access? who's hotter: librarian, priest, or farmer? what is heisenberg's uncertainty principle, and how does it apply to your candidacy?
  11. I was banned two weeks ago during the P server admin hunt. I abused an unintended trade available to the server by mistake, netting hundreds of illegitimate diamonds. I regret using this villager, my failure to communicate with the admins of the server about the situation, and the resulting harm to the server. I take responsibility for my use of the villager and my lack of communication. I have read the rules of the servers. My actions fall under the rule "No use of bugs or exploits to gain an advantage over other players," as my gathering of so many diamonds was far and above the result of xraying, and it resulted from a bug in the server. I apologize for the trouble my actions have caused the admin staff, particularly the time they have invested in discussing and handling this issue. I hope to return to play on the servers.
  12. Thank you for your in-depth reply, totemo. I again apologize for the situation and wish it had turned out differently. Is a 2 week ban necessary for this situation? I understand the complexity of the situation, but I particularly see it as a one-time, first-time offense that is in no way repeatable. I have not before and have no intentions of further hurting the server in the future, and I have spent time in the past 4 days reading through the rules page and thinking about this situation. I want to express how Rokku and I did not intend to do harm to the server or gain an advantage over other players. First, as I said, I had no intention of using the diamonds, and I have stated how I viewed them as in themselves meaningless. The situation was seeing an unusual and exciting villager, and being carried away by the opportunity to do something as novel as trade dirt for diamonds. Out of context, that action is inherently harmful, as it introduces materials to the server that were illegitimate. In the situation, however, thoughts of future use weren't involved. The reason why I didn't want to grab a double chest of dirt is because that would be excessive, and take me away from this exciting event. It wasn't about accumulating diamonds for me, but actually getting to do the trade. The future thought of traveling all the way back to Whiteoak and back was not in my mind. What was in my mind, however, was the event of being asked for diamonds after the villagers were removed. This made "being caught" far more salient to me than not wanting to travel back to Whiteoak, and I knew when typing that, that it wasn't the case, and would likely be used against me. That's why I brought it up in my appeal ahead of time, so as to address it. This is a good example of how I've not meant to deceive you throughout this situation. I said earlier that the event of the villagers being removed It was not my intention to use the diamonds, as the chat logs should show. I never intended to deceive you as well, thus acting in bad faith, especially considering how I assumed you knew the contents of our inventories. The entire situation felt too good to be true, and I was certainly confused when you asked for 19 diamonds compared to the diamonds I had acquired. At that point, I assumed you were for some reason allowing us to keep the diamonds; I didn't know any differently. The situation was exceptionally unusual, and I didn't have much to go on. I wish you had contacted me in the game before banning the both of us. I would have gladly given the diamonds back if I'd known you misread the logs of the Shopkeeper mod, and actually wanted all of our diamonds back. Despite the number of diamonds we had traded, again, no significant harm was done to the server, as none of the diamonds had been used. Only when we thought you had allowed us the diamonds did we think about what we would even do with that many diamonds. I suggested decoration, since that wouldn't, or at least shouldn't, actually impact the server's economy. It was all a confusing situation, and I felt that the ban was premature before any of us could wrap our heads around what happened. My intention was never to gain an advantage over other players through the use of the Shopkeeper, nor actively harm the server. Many of my actions on the server have been geared towards helping players while not breaking the economy, particularly working to provide a source of emeralds and villager trades for others. I've tried to prevent silk touch books from being abused by closing off our last paper trader, as one that was donated to us was killed while I was banned, likely due to a 1.7 baby zombie. I've tried to be helpful throughout my actions on the server. And by reading through the rules in the past few days, I've seen the rule about preventing excess item drops as it hurts server stability. I plan to install a switch that can turn off the daylight sensor powering the tower, should it become overly full so that items remain on the hoppers. That's the best solution I can think of for preventing excessive demands on the server right now. This was a very unfortunate event, occurring during an exceptionally busy time for the server, with at least 3 admins called away on their responsibilities for the event, and during a time of high server population. I truly wish this could have gone differently, and I ask that you reconsider our 2 week ban. I have read through the rules many times, and hope to return to the server soon. I truly am sorry that this happened. I will certainly communicate with the staff if something like this should happen again.
  13. BUMP; Hope to hear from you soon, totemo.
  14. Thank you for the quick reply, totemo, and for your time. I apologize for not being forthcoming about the amount of diamonds we had. I assumed that you already knew the contents of our inventories. I just don't know what abilities the admins have on the servers. I thought that the amount of diamonds you asked for was somehow correlated to how many diamonds we had on us, as I knew that Rokku had more than me. You requested that we give you diamonds in public chat. This made me believe that the incident was not as severe as it actually was, leading me to believe that the exploit was in some way forgiven, and that we had been reprimanded as you saw fit. I apologize again for exploiting the villager.
  15. During the admin hunt, Rokku117 found a diamond-selling villager and asked in Whiteoak for us to come over. I took advantage of the situation, unsure if it was a bug or a bonus. Totemo deleted the villager and asked Rokku and I for diamonds, and we complied. It was revealed that the villager was an accident. No more was said to us about a ban until the actual event of the ban. I apologize for the situation and would gladly return any and all diamonds. The event was exciting, but the diamonds themselves were meaningless to me. I admit I said I wanted to get diamonds before getting "caught." I was thinking about having been found out, and that language bled in. We were indeed caught and seemingly completely reprimanded. The ban that came afterwards was a sad surprise. I'm thankful for Rokku for helping me with the appeal system. I understand that mods are extremely busy tonight, but the surprise ban and lack of communication has deeply concerned me... I didn't intend to exploit the villager for an advantage over others. I said I intended to just squirrel them away. My actions on the server and this revision have revolved around preparing a one-stop shop for the public through the reed tower and the villager market. Villagers being broken recently have made that difficult. I hope to play on the server again soon. *Edit: I want to include my thoughts about asking Rokku and Switch to turn off dynmap. If it was indeed a bonus, then similar to the admin hunt, the finder would benefit. But if it was a bug, it was important that others weren't involved. It was meant to keep it an isolated event, and it kept the server from making an equally mad dash to abuse the villager as we did.
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