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  1. And yet Here I sweat Somehow familiar with needs that are never met
  2. I'll be out of the country from late May to late June. I'll be looking to get mod training once I return. Sorry for the delay >_<
  3. Is dispossession of material objects necessary to achieve nirvana, or is that just a cop-out?
  4. When do you think humanity will create a Dyson sphere around the Sun?
  5. Ban for jackrabbit898 on c.nerd.nu for Widespread griefing on C, fire spam, lag machine building. nerd.nu/appeal by jchance on 2014-08-14T08:23:45 (no more bans, no notes) I kicked you on your alt account so we can sort this older ban out. Evading a ban is a punishable offense in our server rules. However, I'm willing to unban your first account. You've stated you've read the rules, and I'm willing to take a chance. Your account jackrabbit898 is unbanned. Welcome back. EDIT: I'd like to amend that I did not ban you on your account xjackrabbit898x. I kicked you and suggested you appeal your other account's ban.
  6. You could argue the same thing about bans.
  7. I'd just like to point out that Skraps was not the first to appeal their note: Eehee was. EDIT: If anyone did it earlier, feel free to correct me. https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3078-note-appeal-eehee-mrloud15/?hl=eehee https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3081-note-appeal-eehee-anyone-other-than-jchancemrloud15/?hl=eehee https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3082-note-appeal-version-30-eehee/?hl=eehee I cannot speak for the admins, but from what I can see the major reason for keeping notes is to highlight behaviors of trolling/griefing etc, and if those behaviors are consistent or unappealed then they will be kept.
  8. On that note, it might be nice to have a subchannel akin to "Listening To Music Type To Me".
  9. Who is your favorite LoL champion and why is it Vladimir? A draining exercise Go ahead. Be negative. You'll be just my type. I could really use a pint.
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