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  1. And yet Here I sweat Somehow familiar with needs that are never met
  2. I'll be out of the country from late May to late June. I'll be looking to get mod training once I return. Sorry for the delay >_<
  3. Is dispossession of material objects necessary to achieve nirvana, or is that just a cop-out?
  4. I think this applies?
  5. When do you think humanity will create a Dyson sphere around the Sun?
  6. Ban for jackrabbit898 on c.nerd.nu for Widespread griefing on C, fire spam, lag machine building. nerd.nu/appeal by jchance on 2014-08-14T08:23:45 (no more bans, no notes) I kicked you on your alt account so we can sort this older ban out. Evading a ban is a punishable offense in our server rules. However, I'm willing to unban your first account. You've stated you've read the rules, and I'm willing to take a chance. Your account jackrabbit898 is unbanned. Welcome back. EDIT: I'd like to amend that I did not ban you on your account xjackrabbit898x. I kicked you and suggested you appeal your other account's ban.
  7. You could argue the same thing about bans.
  8. I'd just like to point out that Skraps was not the first to appeal their note: Eehee was. EDIT: If anyone did it earlier, feel free to correct me. https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3078-note-appeal-eehee-mrloud15/?hl=eehee https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3081-note-appeal-eehee-anyone-other-than-jchancemrloud15/?hl=eehee https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3082-note-appeal-version-30-eehee/?hl=eehee I cannot speak for the admins, but from what I can see the major reason for keeping notes is to highlight behaviors of trolling/griefing etc, and if those behaviors are consistent or unappealed then they will be kept.
  9. On that note, it might be nice to have a subchannel akin to "Listening To Music Type To Me".
  10. Who is your favorite LoL champion and why is it Vladimir? A draining exercise Go ahead. Be negative. You'll be just my type. I could really use a pint.
  11. Duplicate appeal. https://nerd.nu/forums/topic/3281-skrapssparks-note-removal/
  12. There are logs that can confirm parts of what that anon mod is saying and tie it back to someone (i.e the claiming the modreq before an admin took it, etc). He is not pressing you to name the person at all. He knows exactly who it is, has probably talked to him/her privately, and the mod in question has not been named openly (even in private mod chat). He is asking you to consult this anon mod once more and confirm that there was no harm nor foul. To be honest, there are plenty of people that feel the same way as the anon mod, myself included. I've been in a position once or twice where an admin commandeered what I was doing because they had prior experience, more information, etc. I have not done so without protest, and I have requested and gotten followup discussion. Even though I disagreed with the admins in question, I expressed my scruples in a non-inflammatory way. It's like I'm a city police officer and my case gets taken over by the FBI. All I can do is hand over the case work and followup under their terms. That's how any bureaucracy works.
  13. Ban for lukexj on c.nerd.nu for ~600 griefing + block spam nerd.nu/appeal by Boredeth on 2012-03-09T17:44:12 (2 more bans, no notes) Please wait while Boredeth, your banning moderator, responds to your appeal. Please give 48 hours before bumping your appeal.
  14. Ban for aires on c.nerd.nu for Griefing on C. No constructive edits. Homophobia. nerd.nu/appeal by Dumbo52 on 2013-02-04T17:59:00 (no more bans, no notes) If you don't remember joining our servers before, your account may be compromised. I highly suggest changing your password to secure your account. Please wait while Dumbo52, your banning moderator, responds to your appeal. Please give 48 hours before bumping your appeal.
  15. im recieving so many repourts the ceo of itunes is on da fone wid me aski g if he can use baqip servers.
  16. I don't particularly think defining, describing, or defining "toxic" in a painstaking way is going to help much. I would just characterize it as long-term calculated disruptiveness without a reasonable end (I would consider a reasonable end to be pointing out a flaw in a rule or mod decision). To be honest I've only rarely seen what I'd characterize as toxic behavior. I think one remedy to staff/player relations is to avoid overly professional stoic behavior and err on the side of informal sociable behavior. Staff should strive to be approachable so that players can address their concerns to them. This includes being receptive to new ideas and following up on conversations. If what some people have said in this thread is true about toxicity resulting from failure of the staff to talk with players and address concerns, then this would be an obvious solution. On that note, from what I've seen within staff for the past few months, the admins have listened and responded plenty to player concerns. Are there things that we can improve? Sure. But you can't say efforts haven't been made to be accommodating.
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