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We're very happy to announce two additions to the head admin team: Silversunset & Sir_Didymus!

Both have been shadowing Barlimore and myself for a little while now to give them some time to adjust into the role.

Silversunset has primarily been involved with P and has been helping to lead some of the changes we see today. She initially joined the community around August 2014 and has been a p admin since July 2015.

Sir_Didymus' focus has been on our next fundraiser which he picked up the mantle of and has taken the helm. He found his way into our community around fall 2013 and has been an event admin since September 2015.

The addition of these two people to the head admin team will allow us to achieve more of our goals. Being able to divide tasks between four of us rather than two will let us be more visible in the community which is important for us as we would like to make it a little clearer what we do by being more interactive.

All four of us will be looking to take a fair and firm approach to concerns and suggestions.

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