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PvE June Admin Hunt! Saturday June 11th 10PM EST and Sunday June 12th 12PM EST!


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Ahoy lads! I am happy to announce the first admin hunt of Revision 18! It will be taking place on Saturday once speedbuild on C finishes at roughly **10PM EST**. We will also be hosting a second round the following morning to accompany those folks in a different timezone at **12PM EST**.




Each admin will be carrying a different prize for players to collect, who knows what they'll be carrying when you kill them.


The **livemap** will become available later this week so that you can use it to help bring those pesky admins down!


Before the hunt begins on Saturday our first **blog post** will be going up with details on future events, skeleton horses, and some other things. It should give some insight into our plans for PvE.


Now sharpen those swords and prepare those speed potions! The admins have a wreckening coming!


Admins most likely attending: Sapphric, Trooprm32, redwall_hp, Silversunset, ExcessiveToker, Hollifer


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