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enable the ability to host polls on posts to the suggestion forums


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  1. 1. Is obsessively clicking the "view new content" button healthy?

    • Yes, it's normal to click it every 25 seconds or so. o_o
    • Yes, but only if there's nothing good on slack
    • Yes, except if Mumber is spamming junk all over the forums
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When we transitioned from the uservoice website to the nerd forums suggestion subforums, it was convenient because it is centrally located, players don't have to create a new account on another site to use it, and we already have familiarity with moderation tools. One of the defining features of uservoice was/is that players/users can vote on those ideas/suggestions that are important to them.


Our forum software provides the ability to host user polls on forum posts, and these are enabled for other subforums on nerd.nu/forums, but are inexplicably disabled on the suggestions subforums - where it would make the most sense to have them enabled in order for the community to more easily offer feedback on suggestions made.


Please enable the ability to host polls on posts to the suggestion subforums here.

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