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Discussion/poll on kit hotbar rearrangement on Division/Artifact (Minigames)



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  1. 1. 1. Should the red/blue (depending on team) blocks be removed from the hotbar?

  2. 2. What should the kit hotbar look like on Division/Artifact (aside from colored blocks)?

    • [sword | bow | - | - | - | - | debuff potion | buff potion | food ] (more in line with kit arrangements on other maps)
    • [ - | - | buff potion | bow | sword | food | debuff potion | - | - ] (the current arrangement)
    • Other (please specify below!)

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After talking with some of you on Minigames about Division/Artifact, I've noticed enough requests that the sword should be moved to the leftmost slot to give hotbar rearrangement for those maps some thought.  


I'll be honest - I consider weapons in the middle of the hotbar to be the most optimal arrangement for my own PvP (I can't fight well with the sword on the left), which is why the player kit is arranged the way it is.  However, for other maps in the rotations, the weapons are placed on the leftmost end of the hotbar, and I get the impression that most players are accustomed to that arrangement instead.


So to gauge opinions informally, I've opened this poll to see what you think the hotbars on Division/Artifact should look like (as well as to ask if the colored blocks are useful).  Please take a moment to weigh in - and feel free to suggest another arrangement in the comments if you don't believe the ones listed are great.  I won't guarantee any sort of action based on the poll results or thread comments, but if there seems to be a clear consensus in the poll results and/or the comments I can certainly look into submitting an edited config to redwall for incorporation.

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I haven't played so I don't want to put in a vote for the first question (and it won't let me vote overall without doing so) so just to comment instead:


This is genuinely the first i'm hearing of anyone pvping with their weapons in the middle of their hotbar, so i'm not at all surprised if most people favour having the sword to the far left. It's kind of intuitive (sword is a left-click action, most people are inclined to read from left to right, the sword is your primary pvp tool and should be at the "forefront" of your kit) and in pvp if you're micro-managing between weapons and potions you're kind of wanting it close to your WASD keys in terms of hotkey slots.

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It's been about five days and a FFS Friday since the thread opened, and I realized partway through editing my local copy of the config that I didn't have everything in the live version -  so I've submitted a request to redwall for reordering the kit hotbars for Division and Artifact (changes not live yet, but will be when redwall gets around to it).  


At time of writing the poll and comments show somewhat divided opinion on removing the colored blocks (poll: 3-2 against) and clear support (poll: 5-0 for, plus Tharine's comment) on changing the hotbar gear ordering to the first option.  To that end:


1. Hotbar order is intended to be rearranged to [sword | bow | - | B | B | - | debuff potion (Division only) | buff potion | food] (B denotes the colored blocks).

2. Colored blocks are intended to be moved from the ends of the hotbar to occupy the otherwise empty spaces near the middle.


If, after the changes are live, you find other suboptimal aspects of this new kit arrangement, let me know - further adjustments may be explored then.


Thanks everyone for responding - hope this makes the maps more enjoyable!

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