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I got a message saying I was banned for x-ray use on p.nerd.nu.  I don't have an x-ray mod that sees through blocks installed. I do have something called "Scenter" installed.  It detects block types within a certain distance of the player and lets you know if you're hot or cold.  I had only used it a bit and had it set for very close-range detection, current chunk only.  I have no problem disabling this.  Please let me know and I'll happily comply.

Edit: Alright, I went back and just re-read all the FAQs/rules/etc. and this was clearly not OK.  I had played here before (r. 13 or so) and thought it might be "gray area" since it's not specifically an x-ray viewer, but I now realize that not only is it illegal as per the rules, but also very much against the spirit of the PvE server.  Sorry for the abuse - it won't happen again.  If its not too much to ask, can you please consider reducing the stated 1-month ban and rollback to something that will allow me to return and continue to play this rev?  Perhaps removal of my diamond blocks (but not weapons/armor - those were either given to me or traded with villagers as far as I remember), would be something you could consider.  Regardless, thanks for thinking about it either way.


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Hey sorry for the late reply, totally forgot to respond. First of all thanks for fessing up to it. While yes this mod you were using doesn't use traditional xray'ing methods, it produces the same results thus classifying it under the same rulings. Xray bans have historically been our most strict first offense bans, and unfortunately you will receive the full brunt of it.

You are banned until the 13th of March, and all of your edits have been reverted.

Link to screenshot album for anyone interested

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