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Some temporary changes for Creative...

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For the past few months on Creative, we've been having some problems relating to politics. Specifically modern politics. It seems to have become more frequent since our latest revision launch. Some players on Creative can't seem to handle these types of discussions and it seems to be an every day issue now. We've also had a problem with political builds. Builds that some players find "patriotic" others seem to find offensive or hateful. Some players have been involved in constantly trying to "1-up" each others political builds and report each others builds to try to get them removed. At the start of the rev we had a conversation about this and decided that we would just remove things that people were offended by or builds that were causing problems. Lately it seems that almost all of the political builds cause problems. A significant amount of time in game now for cadmins is talking about and dealing with these political issues.

Because of all this we've decided to enact a temporary ban on political speech in general chat, as well as a ban on political builds. We think it will be good for the community to take some time to cool down. This ban will stay in place until we as a team feel people can handle political discussion without letting it get out of hand. We will also be cleaning up the map the best we can. Builds won't be destroyed. We'll store them safely, I promise. If you see builds that you believe break these temporary rules please make a /modreq.

For the most part we'll be using our best judgement about monitoring chat and builds, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Anyone discussing politics in general chat will be asked to move to a clanchat. Anyone who refuses will be muted or warned at staff discretion. (We think talking about history is okay, as it hasn't caused any heated arguments so far.)
  • Any builds related to prominent political figures/logos/slogans etc. will be removed. 


We hope this helps everyone calm down a bit and hopefully we'll be able to allow political builds and discussion again in the near future. If anyone has any comments or concerns you can comment here or PM a Cadmin or talk to us in game. Whatever you prefer. 

- Cadmin Team

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