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St. Patrick's Day(weekend) on PvE

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Come one, come all! Try your luck on PvE this weekend during our St. Patrick's day event!

This weekend [Friday Evening ET 17th - Sunday Morning ET 19th March] we're running a St Patrick's Day themed texture pack on PvE, made by Zaliek.

Leprechauns will be roaming PvE, armed with enchanted shillelaghs and shamrocks. I suggest you armour up and pack a water bucket or some fire-resistance potions; some of the shillelaghs are quite nasty. Death messages are 27% greener and custom mobs with very special loot!

The leprechauns drop gold and alcoholic beverages, and occasionally they drop treasure maps. A looting sword will work in your favour.

If you run to the coordinates on the treasure map, you will find a pot of gold under a fractured rainbow that may contain various valuable gold items.

But you need to be quick, or the pot of gold will disappear before you find it!

Good luck!

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