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Look, I tried to log in, received the message of ban as an xray...

The only thing of which I can think I did to receive this accusation is when I was digging to a strip mine. I did have coordinates noted on a piece of paper next to me. That is how I was able to navigate while mining

Also, I did not receive a warning that I apparently was using an x-ray.


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You were warned not to use xray client mods at spawn, in the in-game help (reproduced here) and in the rules.

You're banned for one month. Your inventory is cleared and all your edits are gone. Open a new appeal on the 20th of April to be unbanned.

Screenshots of your edits follow. In some of them I've marked gold with yellow stained glass and diamond with light blue stained glass (although I didn't fully mark the ore deposits - just the "front" of it as you tunnel in). In others I just rolled the ores you took back into place for the duration of the screenshot.

The last screenshot shows a particular tunnel in the shape of a J where you threaded from diamond to gold to diamond, digging down into the floor to get the expose the final diamond. Most of the other ores are diagonally off pre-existing (made by someone else) tunnels, or tunnels that you made. The last screenshot also shows a diamond in a diagonal side-tunnel off in the distance (below the glowstone) and a gold deposit marked with stained glass on the right, both of which are shown in detail in later shots.

For these holes in the side of tunnels, if not marked with stained glass, then the original block was stone.













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I knew that I gave access to my account to someone else. I came back to discover that they had installed an x-ray resource pack. I know that I did ask them to get resources for me so that I could build more on the server. I did not expect them to use the x-ray to get them. I do not recall me doing any of this.

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That's unfortunate. You are ultimately responsible for all actions performed on your account.

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